093: Becoming Impatient in Manifesting Your Big Life: Mini-Edition - Betsy Pake

093: Becoming Impatient in Manifesting Your Big Life: Mini-Edition


Ah, Impatience! Something we all struggle with from time to time, and if you’ve got big dreams it can be even more annoying.

There are times when things move slower than you may want. I tend to think that all things are happening at the right time at the right pace and it is matching my development and growth.  But it’s still a struggle!  In today’s episode, I share a practice I use with my clients to refocus and help ease the mental struggle of the process.

I hope that it serves you!


Welcome to the art of living day. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. All right, we are doing our next edition of the mini Additions for this week. So this has been really fun. What I’ve been doing is just sharing a process or a question that commonly comes up with my one on one clients. So everybody’s issues and challenges are specific to them. But there’s generally an underlying theme, and something as humans we all just struggle with. And so I wanted to take this week to share five of those common themes that I see with my one on one clients. So today, I want to talk to you about getting impatient on manifesting your big life. Now, if you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know, the big life is sort of a theme with me, I have a book called start small, live big. And of course, the podcast is the art of living big. And living big is not living perfectly or living

like a Kardashian life for whatever that means. It’s not this outstanding, perfect life, but it’s what feels good for you right then, right now in this time of your life. So there are times in my life where living big feels getting to go and talk to a couple hundred people on stage and share my message. And sometimes living big for me feels like having everybody together at the dinner table to have dinner during the week. So living big is really the point where you feel joy. And many times if we’re working towards a specific goal, or an outcome that we want for our life, we can tend to get really impatient, we can start to think like, why is this taking so long? Why is this? Why isn’t this working out the way that I want. And this is something that I see in my life to where there’s something that I’m working on or a goal that I have, and it’s taking so dang long. You know, I saw this a lot with my coaching clients when I coached just specifically with my precision nutrition and my nutrition clients. And so that’s sort of a good example, because it’s something most of us can relate to. But when you’re working so hard, you’re focused on your food, you’re exercising, you’re doing all these things. But then you keep jumping on the scale and comparing and saying why isn’t it working? Why isn’t it working? Why isn’t it working. And so using that example, I just want to say maybe it is working, but you’re measuring the wrong things. And so let’s back that up and take that into our lives for something else that maybe you’re working on. Maybe you’re working on a specific project at work, or you’re working on creating a really wonderful relationship with your partner. Or maybe you’re looking at finding a partner or whatever that is for you. But you’re starting to feel like this is never gonna happen. Like, why is this not working? I’m doing all the right things, why is it not working? And so what I would say when I work with my one on one clients is maybe you’re just looking at the wrong things. So how else could we focus on what’s working and how things are coming together in perfect harmony for you? Now, I tend to believe that and you may believe differently, but take take what have parts of this that you will that work for you. But I tend to believe that all things are working for my greater good. All things are working for my greater good. And so although I may not be able to see it in that moment, as I get past it, right, and I get that hindsight, and I look and I go, oh my gosh, now I totally get it. I totally get why that was happening in that way. Now, one of the things I talked about, and I talked about it in the last episode was just keeping my vibration high, even if there was negativity around me or even if people were struggling around me, because the best way that I can help them the best way I believe that I can help people is by maintaining a high vibration. Now, I went through a lot of struggles with my daughter who was really struggling with depression and being sad and those kinds of things. And when I was really in it, I was like, Oh my God, why is this happening? Why is this happening? And then I got to the point where I was really good at keeping my vibration and a high spot even when things when she was struggling, which I love her dearly. So I wanted to like come down to where she was and be like, Oh no, right. But I found if I could stay high, I felt better and I was much better able to take care of her. And pretty soon she started to come up to match where I was. Now that is I think that was a huge turning point. For me, and when I look back, I realized that I can teach people alignment and staying in their alignment. So much better now, because I went through this like awful test every day of trying to stay in alignment. So although and I don’t, you know, she’s got her own reasons why that was the best thing that could have worked out for her at the time. But for me, I see the value in that. So perhaps at the time, I was measuring the wrong things, right? Really, I was learning a ton. I was learning how to help her. She was learning by watching me there were so many things going on. And so if you’re struggling with something, if there’s something you want, so freaking bad, and you’re like, why isn’t this working? I’m going to, I’m going to ask you to take a step back. And I want you to pull out a notebook or journal, and start writing down all the little clues you see throughout the day, that show that it is working. Now, when you first start to do this, and maybe even when you just heard me say that you’re gonna go like it’s not working, though, like there’s not going to be any clues because it’s not freaking working. But there are little clues. And there are little ways that it’s starting to work. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight. Maybe you’re on that, or you’re really focused on eating healthy, and you’re exercising every day. Well, did you exercise today? And was it easier than the first day you exercised? I mean, that’s a clue it’s working. Did you eat less sugar today, because you just didn’t crave it. That’s a sign that it’s working. Are you working on a big project from work, and you find that you have to work with a team, and you find that you guys are, you’re not done the project. But you’re meshing better with the team, that’s a sign that it’s working, are you finding that you’re getting little clues on how to do things a little bit easier, or getting new ideas, that’s a sign that it’s working. So start noticing all of the good stuff, start noticing all those little tidbits because it is there, I promise you. And when you start to do that, it’s going to start to shift your focus. And when it starts to shift your focus, it’s going to start to relieve you of the frustration and the feeling that you’re spinning your wheels, and it’s not really working and it’s not coming together for you. Because it is you’re just focused on the lack. So this is a moment where I say like look in the rearview mirror and see how far you’ve come. Like this is a moment where you could say, you know what, this was easier, I can see that this was easier. So take a second, grab a journal or grab an index card. You know, lots of times I do this without any kind of project like this, where I just have an index card because it’s easy to keep with me. And then all day long, I can use it to jot those things down. You know, if you’re working on manifesting something really good. Are you starting to see the signs? You know, I talk obsessive Lee about the beach house. I’m manifesting on this podcast, which I think about it a lot, but I don’t think I think about it as much as I talk about it on the podcast. But when I start to see little things, you know, I saw a beach ball in the street the other day and I don’t live near I mean, it’s the middle of winter, you know, little things like that I start to jot those down little signs. You know, I keep seeing people with I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and I keep seeing sweatshirts where it says California by a went to go buy my cat cat treats the and I only buy the ones on sale. And the only ones on sale were two kinds. One was California, dreamin and one was beach life or something cat treats, right? It’s the party snack ones that were on sale. And so those to me are little signs, those are little things that make me happy. I mean, you could probably hear in my voice just me talking about it. And what that does, is it shifts my focus, it changes my mood, it moves me up the guidance scale, the emotional scale, and brings me closer to manifesting what I really want. And what I really want is what I think that manifestation will bring me. I think that manifestation will make me feel a certain way. And if I’m already feeling that way, before I even get it, then get I’m getting closer and closer and all the better. Because then I don’t even really need it. So if you’re frustrated, know that you are taking steps however small, start focusing on those and write them down because it’s fun to look back, you know, six months from now and go oh my gosh, I remember that. I remember that little thing, that little thing. And now look now it’s all come together, like more perfect than I ever could have imagined. So I hope that that serves you. I am going to be taking one on one clients. If you’re interested in applying at the end of the week, I’ll be opening that up. But you can go to my website, Betsy pake.com and simply apply and we can see if it’s something that works for you. You, I love all my one on one clients and I would be excited to get to talk with you and discover more. So thank you so much for listening. Thanks for sharing the episodes with your friends. I’ve seen you guys doing that and I love it so much. I appreciate you for subscribing and leaving me a review. It means a lot. So don’t forget this week especially you deserve to live a big life. Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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