112: This is the real reason you're not manifesting quickly - Betsy Pake

112: This is the real reason you’re not manifesting quickly


 I saw a post the other day about manifesting and your vibration. It bothered me because I felt like it was oversimplifying and even had an element of shame in it if you weren’t manifesting what you want in life or things aren’t going the way you expected. 

You’re doing all the right things, watching your thoughts, focused on the good, but you still seem to get a similar life experience over and over again. Why?

I believe we’re not just getting what we are vibrating as much as we’re vibrating what we think we deserve. 

So until you can upgrade what you think you deserve, what you think and believe deep down in your subconscious, it will take you a long time to make any profound shifts in your experience.

This episode is great for anyone who is struggling with manifesting, someone who wonders why things take so long or someone who is just ready to make a huge shift in their life and are ready to do the work in a whole new way.

Thanks for listening, I hope that it serves you!



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