117: Directing Your Subconscious - Betsy Pake

117: Directing Your Subconscious


Continuing on our series about how to influence our subconscious, today episode we get into actionable steps to create new programming.

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You’re listening to Episode 117 of The Art of Living bag. Okay, so listen, you don’t have to do what I’m about to suggest. But I think it would make a lot more sense if you did. So last week was Episode 116. And we started a series on the subconscious. So it’s really about using your subconscious to start to influence and change your life. But there are, you know, like steps to the thing you know, so you can listen to this episode, but I just want to suggest that you start back with Episode 116. First, if you haven’t already, so do at least one night of the exercise that I described, and then come back to this one to really start to create what you want with your subconscious mind. I think that this work can really be life changing if you dive into it, but you’ve got to be caught up on where we are for it to all snap into place. Okay, so go back and listen to Episode 116. If you haven’t already, and then meet me back here. And if you’ve already listened to 116, then hey, we’ve got some new places to go today. So let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Welcome to the show, everybody. All right. Last week, we started exploring our subconscious, and how it works, why it works and how to understand and begin to communicate with it. So today, what I want to get into is how you can start to tell it what you want to believe in a way that it’ll actually take action on it. And that way, you can start to shift your life a whole lot faster. Because that’s the thing, you can totally shift your life without messing around with your subconscious. I mean, you’ll be messing around with your subconscious without really realizing it by taking tons of action, right. So you can really effort through lots of things if you want to. I’ve done it that way. So I know it can be done. And I actually know it’s not always miserable. Sometimes efforting can feel really good, especially if you feel like you’re making progress. Or if you feel like you deserve to effort. But that’s probably another show. But if you can try and leverage this giant computer that you have running in the background behind the scenes, then we can start to really influence things in a much quicker way. So we can start to shift our lives a whole lot faster. And that’s what today’s show around show is around. So let’s just see how we can start messing around in there. All right. Okay, you game. Okay. So last week, you discovered that you can find out what you need to know by asking your subconscious and getting to the root of your beliefs, so that you can begin to shift those beliefs into something that supports you. So you know, your subconscious, it’s like soil, it’s gonna grow anything that your conscious mind gives it, it doesn’t reason like your conscious mind does, it just simply accepts what it’s given and begins to act upon it. Now, your subconscious also cannot take a joke. So it takes you at your word, it thinks what you are saying is a request, and it will work to manifest those things. So don’t like when you get all your bills, and you put them all together, and you’re about ready to pay all your bills Don’t go, oh my god, I’m never gonna be able to pay all these bills. Like your subconscious doesn’t get that it’s a joke or just you going, right? It goes, Oh, we’re never going to be able to pay all these bills. How can we make that happen? Do you see what I’m saying? So then what’s gonna happen is, as I’m going about my day, or I’m doing things, I’m not going to notice the things on sale, I’m going to notice the

higher priced stuff, even if the thing on sale is right there. So hear me out. It’s not it is changing my reality simply because it’s changing what I’m seeing. You know, remember in Episode 100, when we talked about NLP, my mind is constantly deleting stuff, my brain deletes stuff, because otherwise there’s too much to take in. So if I throw my bills on the table, and I go, I’m never gonna be able to pay these bills. Then my mind my subconscious goes, Oh, we never gonna be able to pay these bills. How can we make that happen? Ignore the sale, right? Like, don’t get the shampoo that’s on sale to shampoos over make sure she only notices the one that’s really expensive. Okay, do you see how this can start to manifest to create a life You don’t want so no more joking around? For one thing, unless it’s something you really like. So I just want you to be aware of that, that your subconscious mind is taking everything very literally, your conscious mind gets it that it’s a joke, or that you’re being sarcastic, subconscious, not so much. So how we talk about ourselves in times like that, it absolutely matters but there’s also something else that I want you to be aware of. And then we’re going to get into actual actionable things that you can do. So the other thing I want to talk to you about is something called hetero suggestion. This is when you get influenced by other people. So when people are saying things around you, or you’re reading a paper, that hands you like headlines full of fear, and worry and anxiety, or you can be influenced by headrow suggestion by having someone that really believes in you, a mentor, or somebody that you can confide in, or having someone help you make the shifts that you need in your life, so a really good coach, or if you have friends or family that don’t believe in you, or they constantly cut you down. This is really, really powerful. And it is important for you to be aware of what influences are in your life, because your subconscious hears these commands, too. So I want you to take an inventory


of what’s happening around you, what influences you’re having in your life. What are the impressions, you know, if you think of your subconscious as Plato, and every time you grab the Plato, you’re leaving in indentation? What are the other outside influences that are indentations? And are they indentations you want in your playdough? So do you need to protect your space a little bit from the news, or from people or environments that make you question yourself? Maybe they make you maybe they said somebody around you that belittles you constantly. So if you start surrounding yourself, with more people with one, even one more person who reinforces what you really want to believe that’s important, too. So making a choice, being aware of what your suggestions are around you what’s imprinting your playdough, consciously choosing to if you can be constantly aware of what is imprinting on your playdough, and then making a choice. I used to always get ready in the morning with the news on you know how the morning news shows. And I liked him because I liked having the noise and I liked but pretty soon I realized different news stories would happen. And I would stop and walk over and stare at the TV, right? Like as I’m buttoning my shirt or whatever, like just listening. And before I realized it, all the thoughts that were in my head, were really based around a lot of fear and a lot of worry and a lot of things that I could not impact. So for me, that was a choice where I was like, I’m not going to have that imprint my playdough first thing in the morning when I’m most suggestible, I wanted to make sure that I was being a conscious creator and a conscious gatekeeper for my subconscious. So I wanted to make sure that I was really consciously choosing, I wanted to choose joy, I wanted to choose help. And I wanted to choose love. Okay, so now you’ve got some solid ideas about what your subconscious really is and how it works, how it’s affected, or how it creates your reality. So now let’s get into some practical techniques to help to shift your beliefs. So hopefully, you did the exercise in the first episode of the series, Episode 116. And you have a belief in your in mind that you’d like to shift, right? So maybe it’s like, you’d like to shift your thoughts or views or beliefs about money. And you know, that you have an belief that’s not serving you around money, because you’re not living the money story that you want to live. And maybe it’s about health. And you know that you must have a track running about health, that doesn’t support you because your health isn’t where you want it to be. Or maybe it’s relationships, it doesn’t matter what it is, but we’re going to heal it in the same way. And I’ve got different options for you. So you can do any of these options. You can do them in any order or on any particular day. And you don’t even need to use them all, you could just use one if you really like one in particular. Or you could use none of them. That’s okay, too. You could just keep going about it the way you’ve been doing. It’s all good by me. But I will tell you that I have used these and I continue to use these to reprogram myself every single day. And I know how profound it can be when you activate them in the right way. I got some questions on my Instagram because I’d posted a picture in my stories, and I was doing my daily reprogramming. And that’s what I posted. It was like, you know, my legs in my headset because I was about to start my reprogramming. And so I’m going to talk about that a little bit and how I actually do that and share some of these techniques with you.

So the first technique that I want to talk about is a visualization technique. Now, I know you’ve already heard a visualization and so you probably already know that that impacts your subconscious but I want to offer this up to you in a in a different way. First of all to really have an impact. Use visualization after you’ve gotten yourself in a trance like state. So all of these, anytime you want to access your subconscious quicker, then I want you to get trancy. And in really being in a trance like state is really, when you are sitting when your body is sitting, your mind can start to relax. So when you just relax, if you have a meditation that you’ve used before that you really like that puts you in a good hypnotic state, sometimes just turning on my sound machine will help me because I can just focus on the sound machine, and nothing else, focus on your breathing all of those things. Now, if this is all super new to you, or if you’re just like, I don’t have a way to get into a super trancy state, I will create a free download for you like a hypnosis induction, that will have music. So what it’s going to be is just I’m going to just do an induction that will get you in the trance state. And then I’m just going to have like sort of music for like 20 minutes, so there won’t be anything else. So you don’t have to, if you’re done with it, you don’t have to keep listening until it’s over. It’s not It’s Just Music, okay. And then so you could do that you could listen to that, get in your trancy state and then do any of the things that I’m going to suggest. Okay, so the first one is this visualization technique. And we’re going to do this a little bit different than you may have done this before. So when we do it, we’re going to actually use all of our senses, and we’re going to use them to create a really full picture. So you know, if you were building a house, you’d have a blueprint, right. So basically, what we’re doing is we’re creating the blueprint with everything, we would want to know when we’re there in the end result of what we want. So as an example, and I’m going to use this example, for all of the different techniques, I’m going to tell you just to keep it consistent, and to make it simple to understand. But don’t worry if this is not your goal, that that doesn’t matter. I’m just using it as an example. So let’s just say that I want to lose weight.

And so I have a vision that I spend time imagining where I am at my ideal weight. So I get really trancy. And then I create this vision in my head of myself, at my ideal weight. Now what I want to do is I want to go through all my senses. So how does the ideal weight feel in my body? How do my arms feel? How do my legs feel? What about my middle? How does it feel when I sit? Can I jump up? How does that feel? I want you to move around inside it. And then just notice how it all feels inside your body? And then when you look in a mirror? What is it that you see? So imagine yourself actually looking through your own eyes? and looking in the mirror? Can it be a full length mirror? Now when you see the picture? Can you make it really bright? Can you make it a lot bigger, more compelling? So the bigger and brighter is typically more compelling to people. So if it’s an image or a thought you really like blow it up, make it really huge and big and bright. Notice Is there a frame around it? Or is it panoramic. So many times if you can take the frame off and make it panoramic, it makes it that much more of a feeling. And remember, my body and my mind are constantly talking to each other. So as I’m creating all this, it’s creating a feeling in my body, which is really what we want, right? But many times people find that really hard to do. Like I don’t know how to get into the feeling. Well, this is how you’re going to just go through each of your senses to just notice it all. Is there a taste? So when I imagine this, do I have a taste of like fresh food? Or the feeling that I’ve just eaten fresh food? Like is there any kind of taste? Or is there a smell to it? Is the smell good? Can I make that bigger, more pronounced? Do I feel anything on my skin? So is there a breeze or a tightness or looseness in my clothing? Notice where you’re located. And ask yourself if this has anything to do with your path and how you got there. One question that I really like to ask when I meet a different version of myself is what’s your name? I know that seems so weird. I find a lot of clues there. Now I’m going to tell you a little bit of a vulnerable story. But I asked myself this a few years ago in meditation, and I asked myself the other day and I heard an interesting answer to but a few days ago a few years ago when I did this in meditation, and I met myself and I asked what’s your name? And I heard Beloved, and that was so embarrassing to me at the time and I heard myself Like, who do you think you are? Beloved, that was like with a name like that, like, you must think you’re really something which was a total clue into my belief system, right. But I realized that that is exactly what I had to believe, to be able to push past my block, and to move on from where I was. So it was a total clue. So ask yourself, what’s my name, and see what clues you get from your subconscious about what you need to believe about who you are. Now, all of this visualization, and probably any visualization you’ve done in the past has been fully associated, that means that you’re in the picture. So you’re looking out, like through your own eyes, and you’re seeing all the things as if you’re yourself, right, so like, you’re looking in the mirror and you see yourself through your own eyes, you look down, and you see your own arms and hands. So

this is really important. But it’s also

very important that both for you’re done before you wrap up this visualization, I want you to disassociate meaning, I want you to step out of yourself and see yourself as if you’re watching a movie. So you’re watching a movie of yourself in the state that you want to be in having the experiences that you want to have. So maybe it’s it is the vision of me at my perfect healthy weight, and I’m vibrant, and I’m just worked out and I’m in a beautiful location. And you know, whatever that is, I want you to see that movie. Now what this actually does is this sends a really powerful message to my subconscious. First, this is how it feels when I get to where I want to go. That’s how I’ll know I’m there. Because my subconscious wants to know, how am I going to know? How am I going to know when I’m there, okay, this is how you’re going to feel like this, then you step out of it, you see yourself and it sends the message. We’re not there yet. So if I left my visualization fully associated my brain, my subconscious would go, whoo, that’s cool. We’re already there. It doesn’t know the difference, right? That’s the power of visualization. But if it doesn’t know the difference, you have to tell it that you’re not there yet. So you have to back up and see yourself as if you’re watching a movie. And that’s going to say, say to your subconscious. All right, planting the trellis, go climb up the trellis, how are we going to get there? Because it’s remember it, it just wants to do what you tell it to do. All right. All right. So that’s one way. The next way to access your subconscious is by using something called the Buddha technique. This was developed back in the early 1900s by a man named Charles burdwan. In France, he talked about getting into this drowsy state, right. So really, he was talking about this hypnotic state. And then to take one idea or belief that you want to have and condense it down into a memorable statement, which can be replayed, almost like a lullaby. It reminds me sort of of having a mantra, you know, like own right. So the idea here is that it’s something that you can repeat and fall back on. So that you’re repeatedly telling your subconscious over and over and over what you want without having to rethink of how to phrase it each time. So that’s sometimes where we get a little, a little skipped up, right. So if we can have this phrase. So an example, if we go back to that losing weight example is my body knows my perfect healthy weight. So this is really simple. This is something that I can do. Remember, we talked about in the morning, or in the evening, when I’m in bed is already when I’m changing brainwave states. And so it’s already where I’m gonna be like, naturally trancey. So repeat that to yourself, my body knows my perfect healthy wait 1015 times before you go to bed. It’s that simple. And it will have an effect on your subconscious. And what happens your body knows your perfect healthy weight, you’re not saying I have to be 110 pounds, like you’re not giving, you’re just saying it needs to be and it knows my perfect healthy weight. And so come up with a statement that you could use, you know, think about that today, is there a statement that you could use that would sum up the belief that you want to have because if my belief was my body knows my perfect healthy weight, then I wouldn’t have to effort at all, my body would do exactly what it was supposed to do. And I would have energy and I would be thriving. Like that’s the perfect technique in terms of the statement write the perfect statement. Okay, the next one. The next one is something called the thank you technique. So this is just as simple as it sounds. You simply make your request with praise and thanks. So we already know that if we’re really thankful or grateful that that brings us really close to creative forces. And so We will use this again like in that sleepy hypnotic state, and just say how it is done with a vacuum attached. Thank you for making me my perfect weight. So these two, these last two really I think can be used interchangeably, you could add a thank you to the mantra that you that you use. And just continue to say it, thank you for my Thank you body for having the perfect healthy weight. So these are just simple ways. The other thing that I really like about this is that as you begin to notice that you’re saying, Oh my god, I never lose weight,

right? Like if that’s your thing, and you start to notice that, you can simply turn it around by using this technique as well. So remember, I talked about it in the last episode, you just keep going with the sentence. So if I catch myself, because we’re not perfect, right, we’re not going to hear all this and go, I’m immediately going to be doing everything correctly to properly influence my subconscious, like, I’m still gonna have moments where I’m going to go, I cannot lose weight, yet, but I know that my body knows my perfect healthy weight. Do you see how I can just use that to add on. And if it’s something that I say a lot, it’ll just come to you. Like, it’ll just come to you. And it’ll make it so much easier. And you won’t have to think so it starts to take the thinking out of it, right, which is really what our subconscious brain really likes, right? Okay, the next one is an affirmation method.

So this method is

just simply affirming something that’s rooted in truth, and the truth of your being universally.

So this practice is really built with,

it’s built with the belief that there is a universal truth. So like three plus three equals six, right, three plus three does not equal nine. So if we’re saying it’s nine, then we can just simply adjust. reaffirm that it isn’t in fact, six, and then have our lives reflect that truth. So I want to explain this a little bit deeper. So let’s go back to the losing weight example. So this is assuming. And what it is, is I’m having a belief that something is true, three plus three equals six. I’m assuming that homeostasis for my body is a healthy, vibrant weight that brings me energy and joy. Okay, so if you can get to that, where you’re like, yes, that is truth. That’s universal truth. Right, that’s my three plus three equals six. So if I can believe that, a healthy body weight for is a six, but if I’m overweight, if I’m not the weight I want to be, then that’s a nine. And so I’m simply affirming the truth. And if I can believe that one is true, if I can believe that, that it homeostasis for my body is this vibrant, healthy weight, then I know that I’m not living in homeostasis, I know that I’m not living in truth. So instead, I can just simply affirm I am healing and balanced and thriving, every cell in my body wants to create a healthy life for me, and welcome that change and know that it is truth. So here’s the whole trick to the affirmation method is that you have to come up with something that is truth, like a universal truth that will connect to your belief system, and then continue to go back to that. So every time you look at yourself in the mirror, and you go up, I’m not the universal truth. So I know that this must not be, this must not be right. And I can get back to what’s right. Because nature and the universe wants to be in homeostasis, right? So it wants to make everything right. So the affirmation method is real. That was a little confusing, I think, sorry, guys, that was really about finding a universal truth. That’s what you got to do is find a universal truth, and then connect your affirmation to that. So there are lots of methods to influence your subconscious. But the last one that I want to go over with you is an argumentative method. So this one I find really helpful if I’m stuck, and I just can’t bring myself to believe anything that I want. Because it like no matter what, it just doesn’t ring true for me, even though I know the way I’m believing might be harming me. So this one is really helpful to have someone else help you like a trusted friend or a coach. And sometimes this can be a little uncomfortable, because basically, it’s challenging something that you believe is true, and that you’re holding on to so tightly. But if that belief is not supporting your dreams, if it’s not making you happy, then it must not be true in the way that you are thinking of it. I like to write my belief down so that if I’m doing this with somebody else, we both see it because what’s going to happen is my belief is going to start to change in our conversation. And and if We have that initial belief in writing, which is good. I want my belief to change as we go through this conversation. But I want to have my initial belief in writing. So let’s just say that my belief is that my body doesn’t lose weight easily.

Alright, so you might be thinking, this is true for you. And you might be thinking like, yeah, duh, Betsy, like my, but my body really doesn’t lose weight easily. So you can say that that’s not true. But I know it’s true, right? If that’s what you’re thinking, like, this is perfect. That’s exactly where you want to be. And that’s when you need this method. So let’s do this together. Okay. So obviously, it’s going to be a little more in depth, but I want to give you like the rundown in the overview, so you can kind of see. So if you came to me, and you said, my body doesn’t lose weight easily, I would write that down. So we’re both looking at it, my body doesn’t lose weight easily. And then I would say to you, would it be helpful for you if your body did lose weight easily? So now I’ve got really what I do want, which is I want my body to lose weight easily. So that would be a better belief to have, right? Would that feel better? My body loses weight easily? And no, it feels better, then that’s probably closer to the truth. So then I simply ask questions to start poking holes in the belief. So you can think yes or no as we go and see if you start to think differently about your own weight loss. And I’m sorry, if weight loss isn’t your thing, but you can replace this with anything. I just want to use it as an easy example. So I would ask, have you ever been able to lose weight easily? Was there ever a time where you had one or two days where you felt like you weren’t focused? And you felt good? And your body felt good? When you were young? Were you overweight? When you were young? Or did you were you lean as a youngster? Did you find it fun to move around as a youngster? Did you like to play on the playground? Have you ever felt good in your body? Was it good playing on the playground? Did you feel? Was it fun? And you felt good in your body? Then? Do you think that some people lose weight easily?


well, do you think our DNA is that different from person to person?

Do you believe that you could lose weight faster if you ate a

little different? What do you think would happen? If you moved a little bit more? Do you think that would have an impact? Do you see where I’m going with this? So I’m trying to create a case to shift toward the belief that you want to have so by saying Do you think some people lose weight easily? Oh, yeah, I do. So I can believe that. So my brain is going Yes, I believe that. Well, do you think our DNA is that different from person to person? And then you’re like, Wow, well, wait a minute. Because I don’t I believe that, that’s how you start to poke holes. Now, when you do this with somebody, you can do it yourself too. But I do believe that it’s simpler to do with somebody that you trust or have a coach or somebody that can help you shift a little bit quicker. Once you poke the holes in the belief, it is absolutely not the same. Now, even just this little bit, I might not have shifted the person to the belief they want to have. But I bet I put some holes in the belief that they did have. And anytime you do that, it’s not the same belief. So it can now more easily be impacted by some of the other techniques that we talked about. Because then you can move on to those tactics, and it feels a little bit more with ease. So there are many different ways to start to shift your subconscious. But what you need to know is that you need to do it daily, and you already are doing it daily, whether you mean to or not. What I like to do is I have actually created my own recording of myself, and I listened to it and I’ve created based on what it is I want to believe. And I get myself in a trance state. And I listen to my reprogramming. And it becomes very, very real for me. Now, I found that when I did this, I started having to redo them every two to three days, because my beliefs were shifting so fast. And I was starting to see that things were actually manifesting and changing the results. were shifting much more quick, much quickly, much more quickly. Now, if you remember my example before about finding the shampoo, right? So I’m telling myself, I, I’m never going to have enough money to pay these bills. And so my brain deletes certain stuff. Well, the opposite is true. As I’m telling myself in my daily reprogramming, all the things that I want. my subconscious is trying to find ways to make that happen. It’s trying to pull together resources and show me avenues that I may not have noticed before, because my brain was doing the natural thing of deletion. So this can be incredibly impactful when you start to do it and you start to do it with regularity. So The time is right now to start thinking about this process and starting to take control. our subconscious is so powerful, and so powerful, in fact, that it already knows what’s going to happen to you next year, in the next five years. Next week. Yeah, I know it’s true, it already actually has a map. And I’m going to prove that to you in the next episode. So it’s really important that you get clear on what belief it is you want to have and what your goals would be. So now that we know what beliefs are holding us back, and how to start to shift those, then in the next episode, I’m going to take you on this journey to create a goal in your in a way that your subconscious really likes. So you may have heard of smart goals. But it’s not that I don’t like smart goals. But that’s another story. But this is a way that your subconscious really grabs on to. And then we’re going to implant that into your future so that it starts to increase your chances of success. Now, here’s the thing is that we have a very close relationship with time. And time is something that we have created in our minds. And the subconscious has a visual representation of this time. And so do these exercises this week, because next week, I’m going to take you on a journey forward in time, and we’re going to implant those goals you really have in the special way that I have to put them together, okay? Because when you can start to do that, that’s when you start to live a big life. Thanks for listening to the show. Don’t forget, you can grab that hypnosis induction if you need it on my website in the show notes, or I’ll put it in the tools page too. And I’ll see you guys next week. And as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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