120: If I don’t feel aligned, is it not for me?


Episode 120: Last week on the show we finished our series on the subconscious and this week I want to answer a question I got a lot over the past few weeks; Can I work on more than one thing at a time?

I take this deeper and offer you some questions about your own alignment, where that is coming from and how it works to create a life you love.



You’re listening to Episode 120 of The Art of Living big. Before we get started, I just wanted to congratulate the people that joined no limits, if you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you know, kind of how I work. And we just completed the series on the subconscious. And at the end, I talked about a new course that I’m going to offer, which I really think is going to grow and become the work that I do in a much larger scale. And if you got into no limits, you’re going to be included in all those future classes as well, you’ll have access to all that stuff. So thank you for trusting me enough to get in there. I’m wildly excited about the transformation we’re gonna have, we’re gonna really do the processes in class so that when you get finished the class, you don’t just say, Oh, that was like interesting work today. You go, Oh, my God, I feel different. That’s my goal. So thank you for trusting me enough to get in there. I’m super pumped. If you didn’t get in there. I’m going to be running it again in January. So if you go to Betsy Pake comm backslash, no limits, you can put your name on the list just to be notified early. So you’ll get an early notification and maybe some extra stuff in there if you sign up. So go ahead and put your name in on the early notification list. And now let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for

your life. Now,

let’s go live big. Hey, everyone, welcome to today’s show. So okay, we just finished the series on the subconscious. And like, wow, I’m so excited because I got so much feedback from it. I feel like you guys really liked it. And I feel like when we talk about listening to our intuition, sometimes that can be a real block for people, because they’re trying to hear something that doesn’t totally make sense to them. Like what is intuition? What’s it gonna sound like, how’s it going to come to me. And I think when we do the work that I talked about in Episode 116, where you’re actually just accessing your subconscious through your dreams, that is something that you’ve interacted with, like your whole life, you’ve probably had moments where you’ve, you know, recognized or remembered your dreams. And maybe it comes and goes, some people recognize or remember them a whole lot clearer than other people. But the point is, is that you’ve had this time where you’ve been able to connect with that. And that makes sense. And so I feel like this, like pulled the plug and dislodged a plug for a lot of people, and ideas and thoughts and memories and belief systems started to come to you, which is amazing. I’m super excited about that. Keep doing the work. But here’s the question that I got from a lot of people. And it was asking me if they could work on more than one thing at a time. And I get it, like we have things in our life that like multiple things that we want to work on. So it’s not just that we want better relationships, but we also want to feel a little bit better. And we also want to have money blocks cleared. And we want to get clarity on a career. Like those are all normal things. And it’s normal to have more than one thing to access. And so I wanted to talk about that on today’s show and just clarify some things and give you a little bit of a new way to look at this and to look at what the structure and what the purpose of it really is. So to answer the question, can I work on more than one thing at a time? I’m going to say yes and no.

So yes, absolutely, you’re going to want to be focusing on more than just one thing. But when you start to do this work, where you’re asking the question before you go to bed, I’m going to ask you to just pick one topic, because what’s going to happen if you ask two different things, and then you go to bed and you have a dream that you have to decipher? Well, now you have to decipher it not only looking back on your past, and what this stream could actually mean for you. But it also is going to have to decipher which topic it’s talking about. And Intel you get really good at this process that is going to be really hard to separate. So you could ask a question one night about one particular thing. And then the next night about a totally different topic. But my suggestion to you would be to keep them separate so that it becomes clearer what you’re actually working with. Now, here’s the thing is that you’re gonna have a dream and you’re gonna have that moment where you wake up and you remember if you get up to brush your teeth, it’s gonna go away. For the most part, even if you remember the moment you get up. So what I what I like to do is just lay there for a minute, and just Try to actually decipher it while I’m laying there. So this can be a practice if you have just a couple minutes, I am not a snoozer, like, I don’t press snooze. And typically, I hit the alarm and I get right up, I jump right up out of bed. That’s just been my habit, probably my whole life. But what I’ve been doing is I hit that, and I lay there for just a second. So I’m not going back to sleep. But I’m still laying there. And I’m processing What was I just thinking. And this has been powerful for me to actually start to identify the limiting belief in the process, I’m going to describe one that’s happened to me just to help give a story to this, so that it might get a little clearer for you. So I’ve been working a lot over the past, like three years, probably on, I’m gonna, I’m gonna say money blocks, but it’s not really money blocks, because I’ve had times in my life where I’ve made a tremendous amount of money, but I think it was more wordiness. Those two things, I think, are very combined. So I have been working on that. And I can’t remember times where my parents talked about money, like I just don’t remember them. They never fought about money. We didn’t have a ton of like, we weren’t, like jetting off going on vacations, but we never lacked for anything, and my parents didn’t fight about it, or it was not something that really came up. And so I really, over the years, I’ve thought like, you know, money is the root of all evil like no, I don’t ever remember thinking that I don’t remember thinking people that had money, were bad or greedy, or any of that. And so I’ve struggled sometimes trying to identify what a block for myself could be. And if it was just a story, I was telling myself that I had a block at all. And so I decided that I wanted to just put this to bed, like I was just kind of done thinking about it. And I was ready to change my story. Whether or not it was true or not, I was ready to let it go and move on and create a new story. But I wanted to know if there was anything else that I needed to know. And so last night before I went to bed I just wrote on I have like a notepad where I just write every night I write the question that I want to ask. So I think that the writing of it and the seeing of it. And that action is actually really helpful to help my subconscious. Get the direction and know what it is I want to do. So I simply asked like, Is there something else that I need to know about what I think about money? So I went to bed and I fell asleep pretty quick. And I am not one that typically remembers my dreams unless I asked a question. So I woke up like a couple times with this wild crazy dream. Basically, I was being chased. And I was the police, I think but it wasn’t, they didn’t look like police officers. But they were running after me. I was in a panic. I woke up at one point like with adrenaline running. And what I decided to do was jump out the window of a house and into the bushes. I slid through the bushes there was like a forest behind the house. And they had a blue tarp, there was a blue tarp down so I could slide under the blue tarp and not be seen. Okay, so people are chasing me I’m running, I jump out the window under slide through the woods and under a blue tarp. So any other time I would have woken up and gone. Like that’s just really weird. Like, that makes no sense. I have no idea. But I laid there for a minute. And I was like I was being chased. And what does that mean? Why was I being chased? And why would I be chased? What would that mean? And all of a sudden, it just came to me. And again, remember, here’s my my point, I’m going to tell you what it meant to me. But here’s my point is that it doesn’t have to make sense to the adult you. So most of these beliefs that are limiting us that we’re trying to access when we go to bed and ask our subconscious a question is a crazy story that we created when we were little, or that we picked up from someone else when we were little. So up to like the age of seven. So the story that I get isn’t going to make sense. It isn’t going to seem rational to the adult me. It’s a story that was created by the child me. And so it’s, it’s gonna seem it’s not gonna seem normal. That’s okay. So all of a sudden, it came to me that I was like, Oh my gosh, I remember hearing my mother say, you don’t want to be a slave to money. And if I could get away from that, what would I be doing? And this is awful. But if I was a slave, what would I be doing? If I got away I’d be chased. And all of the sudden, like I was like, Oh my god, I don’t want to be a slave to money. Like the whole reason that I work and do. The things that I do is so that I can have freedom and so Am I really getting freedom? No, I’m getting chased it and being a slave to it, which isn’t how I feel, when I logically look at it when I logically look at my day to day life, like, that’s not how I feel. But remember, when I’m trying to manifest the life that I want, and I’m trying to create the business that I want, I’m not creating it from what I consciously think, like, Yeah, it’s great to have these moments where I have my affirmations or my visualization. And all that is really great and powerful, and absolutely makes a difference. But in terms of a logical, huge impact, what I’m really vibrating from is that story that I, if I have money, I’m just going to be a slave to money. So I want you to think about that. Because as we think about what is overriding, like, what is overriding the way I’m thinking logically, the way I’m thinking in my conscious body is that I can have a lot of freedom, I can help pay for these kids club feet through that program that I love to give the money to, I can work from anywhere, like I have these things that mean freedom to me. But if the moments where I’m not concentrating on that, I’m those moments I’m not consciously thinking, What am I doing? I’m subconsciously vibrating, that I will not, that’s not my reality, I will be a slave to it. So I’ll get a bunch of money, and then I won’t, and then I’ll get a bunch of money, and then I won’t, because it’s these two opposing forces, right. So I’ve had times in my life where I’ve made, you know, as much money in a month, as a lot of people make in a year. And then I’ve had times where I haven’t hardly done anything. So it’s this push and pull this push and pull. And it’s because it’s my consciousness and my unconsciousness, conscious and unconscious. So my consciousness is pretty powerful. I can create some amazing things. But when I when my when my subconscious sort of takes over when I want to go with the flow, what’s my flow? My flow is this belief underlying that it’s not freedom at all. It’s, it’s running, and it’s terror. Right? So I realized that when I woke up, I was like, Holy smokes, I have to work on that. So here’s the power in what you’re doing, as you’re thinking through this is a really the the point is to get answers, right, the point is to ask your subconscious questions, to get the answers and to access what the underlying belief system is, because the underlying belief system is something that was put there when you were a little kid, and it does not make sense to your adult you. And that’s why it’s hard to see. Now you could look around your life and say, I know I must have a pattern that’s running, that is not good. Because my relationships aren’t good. Or, you know, my financial situation isn’t where I want it to be, or I don’t live where I want to live, or whatever that is, you can look at your outside life and go oh, well, that’s, I know, I must have a pattern running. So that’s going to be your first first clue, just look around and what doesn’t seem good to you. That’s where you have a pattern running. And what happens is, when it’s in congruent, you know, we talk a lot about, I want to do things that feel in alignment, or I want to do things that feel in flow. So all that is, is if it feels in flow, it’s because it matches my consciousness matches my unconscious. That’s what makes it feel in flow. So if you want to go out and do something, you want to be a public speaker, but you’re like, that doesn’t feel good. So that must not be what I’m supposed to do. No, like, I think that is faulty thinking. All that is, is that your subconscious has a belief system that’s different than your consciousness. And so you have to clear that and then you can take the steps that you want to take. So it’s not about my alignment is just about being able to sense where everything’s congruent. It’s not about what’s right for me from the universe, what’s right for me in the universe is anything that I want. So if I want to become a huge public speaker, but I’m definitely afraid of public speaking, it doesn’t mean that’s not what I’m supposed to do. If I want to travel the world and you know, build a business, that’s how, you know, I can work from anywhere. But I’m having these other feelings like that. That’s just in congruence. If I’m not feeling aligned to do that, that’s just because something’s in congruent if you want to have a family, but every time you go to go out on a date, you have like this weird we’re like, I’m not a lot and that’s not right. He’s not right. That’s not right. And it’s pattern, then it’s just an incongruence. It’s not because that thing isn’t for you. It’s not because you can’t it’s not aligned to you. It’s not aligned. To you, because your subconscious belief system is running something underneath. And that’s all you got to do is you got to get to the bottom of that. And that’s how you actually start to change your life. And then things seem in flow, because they’re aligned to your subconscious. So there’s two things here, there’s identifying what that unconscious belief is, is looking at your life, look at your life and see where you don’t feel balanced, where you want things to be different, right? That’s the first step. The second step is to uncover the belief system that’s running. That’s, I think, the hardest part of the whole darn thing, right? So that can be by asking your subconscious that can be aware of the pictures that show up in your brain as you go along. That can be you asking your subconscious during the day seeing what you’re thinking about. So uncovering what that belief system is, and it might take a while. It might be something that you work on for a while, that’s okay. I’ve been working on this thing for a while, where all of a sudden, I’m like, Oh my gosh, like that’s not right. Now, I just have to clear that belief system, whoop dee doo, I can do that in 10 minutes. So. So there’s that. And then there’s also understanding that if I don’t feel aligned to something, it’s not because it’s not for me. It’s not because I, I find, and we’re allowed to change and grow. And I probably felt like that at one point like, well, if I don’t feel aligned to it, it’s probably not right. Well, yeah, it’s probably not right, just because it doesn’t, it’s not aligned with your subconscious beliefs. It’s not because it’s not right for you. So start to think today about where you can, what doesn’t feel good, and where you can start to make shifts. Now, these shifts are not going to be conscious shifts. So don’t beat yourself up. Just become aware. So maybe you make a list, right? So maybe you make a list of like, five things that I noticed that just don’t feel good to me about my life. Right? It doesn’t have to be big, major things might be something little, like maybe your office is always a mess. And you’re like that just doesn’t feel right to me why I don’t like that I do that. Why do I do that? You know, something small, you can start to uncover the reason for it.

You know, the other day, my daughter and I were driving and there’s a house in our neighborhood that has really terrible front lawn, like I mean, weeds. It at one point, I was like, does anybody live there? Like the weeds are so tall. And it doesn’t look like they mow the lawn, like it just kind of weird. And I said to her, they’re outside matches, they’re inside that looks like what their brain must look like. And she looked at me like i’d totally lost my mind. But as we kept talking, she was like, Oh, I get it. So your outside matches your inside. So just look at your outsides, and you can figure out what’s going on on the inside. So to answer the question that I’ve gotten so often can I work on more than one thing at a time? Yes, but not at the same time. So separate it just so you can get to the bottom of it and you don’t get confused. Once you get a whole lot better at this, then you’ll start to become clearer. And you can ask more than one question and you can understand. And the reality is once you get really good at this, you don’t always have to get the answers when you’re sleeping. You know, I got the I was asking, What do I do this podcast on this week? then it came to me this morning. So things will come to you at other times that are little peeks into what’s running in the background, what feels like the right thing. So you can do it, you can make changes, there’s so much more for you than you think. If you’ve been running your life based on if it doesn’t feel aligned, it must not be for me, I’m want to break that belief in you. and say if it doesn’t feel aligned, it just means it’s not for you right this minute. And all you have to

do is access your subconscious and break that belief.

And then you can have whatever life you want. And that

my friends is what I

think is living a big life.

I’ll see you guys next week.

That’s it.

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