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121: Exploring hypnotherapy & how it can help you


Episode 121: On today’s show, I talk about hypnotherapy and what it is! This past week I took a class to get my certification in hypnotherapy so I can help people make quicker significant changes in their life and as I talked with people, I realized there was a lot of misconception about hypnosis and what it really is.

Today I hope to clear up some of the misconceptions and help you make better decisions about if hypnosis would work for you!

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You’re listening to Episode 121 of The Art of Living big, don’t fast forward, I have a really good story to share with you. Now. I feel like more and more, more often I’m getting messages from people that have been listening to the show. And they have some like really great manifestation story, which always makes me so, so happy. But I got one last night. And I asked, Can I share this on the show? And she was like, Yes, absolutely. So I want to share with you this little story. And the reason that I’m sharing it is because it might make you think a little bit differently. If you’ve been here for a while. And you’ve heard a lot of the episodes, this might help you see how you can actually implement it, what I’ve been talking about, but also give you hope that it can actually be done. And that you can make changes in your life and manifest some crazy crazy stuff. Okay, so let me not delay anymore. All right, so I got this message. I’m scrolling you guys. Alright. So this person had reached out to me a few weeks, maybe I don’t know, five or six weeks ago and said that they had basically gotten laid off. So their job was going away. And you know, that’s always like a panicky time, right. And so, I got this message, and it said, so you already know that I semi lost my job about six weeks ago, I was pretty freaked out when it first happened. But like we discussed, I knew it was for the best. I was always fine. During the daytime, I kept busy and worked my behind off applying for jobs, tailoring my resume, writing really good cover letters and reaching out to every recruiter I knew. Had a few great interviews but no offers. All right. So let me pause. So action, right. So anytime you’re confused about something or anytime you don’t know what direction to go, just take some action because when you take some action, that’s when you start to get clarity, right. So that’s when you start to go, this feels good. This doesn’t feel good. Okay, so now back to it. So around week two, anxiety really started to set in, my heart would race and I’d get that burning feeling in my stomach, as soon as my head would hit the pillow. After a couple of nights, I finally said screw it, it’ll work out the way it wants to work out. So instead of racing thoughts about how negatively This was impacting my life, I decided to take all of that energy and think of exactly what I wanted to happen. I asked the universe for a new job that would challenge me that paid a certain amount, OR gate $55,000 a year is what she wrote that paid 55 K a year and gave me three weeks of PTO or something better. And I asked for it all to happen in three weeks or less. Okay, so I’m loving this because what’s happened at night is when she notices that she’s starting to have this like crazy anxiety, you know that feeling right? So it’s when things get settled. That’s when your brain isn’t super busy with all the other things you have to do that it goes like oh my gosh, remember this awful thing. But what’s the power in that is that when you’re drifting off to sleep, or you’re waking up in the morning, that’s when you start to just naturally get into those lower brainwave states, like we’ve talked about. So it’s a really good time to tell your brain what you really want, what you really want to have, how you really want to feel what you really want to be doing. So she was specific also. So she said, I want $55,000 a year. I want three weeks of PTO. But then what’s the magic word? What do I always say this is the magic word or something better? Because you don’t even know what kind of magical stuff the universe can dig up. So why why limit yourself right or something better? Okay. So

it goes on. So at this point, I messaged her and I’m like, Oh my god, I’m really loving this so far. Keep going. So she’s like, okay, so I was applying to some freelance stuff on Upwork to supplement income for the time being when I got a message from a business owner. He found me. He asked to have a quick interview via the phone The next day, the phone interview went well. He asked me to come into the office the day after that for an in person with him and his see, oh, it went so well. He asked what I was looking for for compensation and without hesitation. I said 60 K a year. I had no idea where that had come from. Now remember she said she wanted 55 k right? But she says it was like someone else spoke up through me. So I did some part time contract work for them last month and it has been amazing. I love their team. I love their culture. And last week I signed on for a full time w two employee status at 60 k per year with three weeks PTO and a kick ass bonus drive. Sure, and my first day as a full time employee is tomorrow. Ah, you guys, this is literal proof that the universe will deliver in ways that would never come up on your own. Those are her words, by the way. kailyn, you are awesome and amazing. And I’m so excited for your new gig. I know that there is so much that you can teach people, by the way that you’ve handled this situation. And so thank you for sharing it with us, so that we can learn from you too. So you guys amazing things. All right, let’s, let’s just get on with the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. So we finished our series last month on the subconscious. And so many people were so interested in that, and it really seemed like it really resonated with you guys. Well, here’s the thing this past weekend, I noticed that there was a live training to become a Board Certified hypnotherapist in my area. I already had my hypnotherapy certificate, but I had never attended a live class where I could really interact with people and practice. And so that was something that I really wanted to do. So that was this past weekend was three full long, hot days in a hotel room, hotel conference room in Atlanta, and I just finished last night. So I wanted to talk to you a little bit about hypnotherapy. Because what I realized was that a lot of people have this idea about what it is, that seems a little scary and a little maybe out there and weird and out of control. And so I wanted to talk to you today about what hypnotherapy is, what it isn’t, and how it might be able to help you with maybe some things that you’ve been struggling with. When I got home the very first day from my class, I asked my daughter I said, Are you gonna let me like I want to practice on everybody. Now everyone in my family, you know, my ex husband, I messaged him, I was like, when am I going to hypnotize you? But my daughter said I would never do that. And I was like, What do you mean, you would never you’d never want to be hypnotized. And she was like, now I don’t want to be at a control. And so it made me think like it there is a misconception about what hypnosis really is. And maybe it’s because of those shows that you can go to, like at the fair, where they do a stage hypnosis, right. So they call a bunch of volunteers up onto the stage. And then they hypnotize them all when they hypnotize them. They are like floppy rag dolls. And then they proceed to have them do like crazy. What to me would be embarrassing things like dance around or, you know, act like a chicken or whatever it is to entertain everybody. So here’s what I want to say about that, because that is so many people’s experience with hypnosis. But really, those people are volunteers like they are the kind of person that wants to be the, the, you know, the light of the party, they want to be the one that’s the center of attention, and entertain, and they’re just like fun people that like to do all that stuff. So there isn’t any suggestion that you could give to somebody that’s volunteered and gone up on stage that they didn’t want to do anyway. So when this is why when somebody finishes one of those shows, you don’t hear like this awful. Like, I didn’t want to do that. Like you never hear that people laugh and they think it’s fun. And it’s entertainment, and they volunteered to do it. So really, when you’re in hypnosis, you’re totally in control. Like you can hear everything. You can choose to accept or reject anything that said to you. It is really just a state of trance, and you go in and out of trance every single day. So have you ever driven your car and you’re driving to work, and then you pull into the parking lot at work and you’re like, Holy smokes, I don’t even remember getting here. Right? everybody’s done that. And it’s because you have gone that route so many times that your subconscious knows exactly how to get there. And your consciousness doesn’t even need to be engaged. It’s a trancy state. Did you know that you actually go into a trance like for a split second when you’re walking on the sidewalk? Have you ever like stepped off the edge of the sidewalk and you have that woozy feeling like whoa, like I stepped off the edge of the sidewalk you actually go into a mini trance like just for a moment when that happens. Now if you’re ever daydreaming, you sit at your desk. And you’re like, Oh my god, I’m so zoned out. trance. It’s all the same exact thing. And so even meditation, right, so if you ever go into a meditation, or what about when you do those guided meditations, that’s a really a hypnosis. Now, here’s the other thing that you might not realize is that every single hypnosis is self hypnosis. Yeah, so even if I’m helping you, and I’m the hypnotist, and I’m going through this process with you, you are still hypnotizing yourself, because you’re following along with my instruction, you could choose not to follow along, I could sit you down to do some hypnotherapy. And you could like just block out anything I’m saying and not go along with it, and never feel very trancy or into it. So it is not like the crazy chicken dance on stage at a fair unless you want it to be. But you’re totally in control. And you’re totally with it in terms of making decisions with good fruit, good for you or not good for you. Now, the number one thing that your unconscious mind does, is that it always will, number one, preserve the body. So its whole purpose is to keep us safe. Now, if you think about this, from a biological perspective, and we’ve talked about this so much, what is that fast thinking brain? What does that actually designed to do is to keep us safe, right? That’s what comes so many processes run without us knowing it. Because it needs to be automatic. Like, I’m not thinking like, Oh, my God, I gotta breathe, I gotta breathe, I have to think about breathing. It just sort of happens. It’s unconscious, because the number one directive of my unconscious mind is that it’s going to preserve my body. So if I, if somebody put me in a trance, and then they told me to do something weird, like, you know, run over my own legs in the driveway or something like I wouldn’t do it because my body would actually my unconscious would actually wake me up out of those, those lower level brainwave states and bring me back into full consciousness and awareness. So we’ve talked on the subconscious shows the the series that we did, which was 116 17 1819. We talked on those about the different brainwave states, but like right now, while you’re listening to this, you’re in beta, just a slower brainwave state is alpha, and that you feel when you go daydreaming, that’s what you’re in when you’re in hypnosis, that’s when you’re in when you meditate or do a guided meditation. And then there’s theta. And then there’s Delta, theta, and delta are more sleep states. Although monks, monks that meditate, they found can actually be in delta, which would be very deep sleep state for somebody like me, but they can actually be awake state, and be in delta in their meditation. So you can train yourself to get into different different brain states, and change your level of awareness. Now, most of us aren’t monks, and don’t have the time to be focused and spend that much time in meditation. But my point is, is that those different brainwave states are there to allow you to have rest, it’s, it’s there to allow your brain to rest, like your brain goes in and out of trance all day long, simply to give your brain a rest. So it’s totally natural state. And it’s really comfortable. And I actually think it feels really good. So I am, and I’ve talked about this on the show before, but I’m a big meditator like I can meditate and just have on my sound machine and just be focused on my sound machine and meditate for like an hour or two. But I also really love guided meditations, which are simply putting myself into hypnosis and listening to a story or having a new way of imagining something about my life. So to go back to hypnosis, then if I were to work with you and put you into a hypnotic state, it would really just be helping you to relax enough where your brainwaves slowed down, you were able to get into the alpha brainwaves while you were you know, awake and conscious and sitting there next to me and just allow yourself to relax to get in that daydreaming feeling. And then at that state, that is when your subconscious is much more adapt to listening to what you tell it. So just like I talked about before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning, you’re in those those different brainwave states that alpha brainwave state and so what you tell yourself first thing in the morning is so vitally important, right because if you wake up and go, this is going to be an awful day. You’re subconscious is much more imprinted with that because of the brainwave state that you’re on. So you need to wake up in the morning go, this is going to be incredible, something magical is going to happen. I can’t wait to see all the great cool things that are going to happen to me. Because what does your subconscious do? it? It, it sees that as if it’s a trellis planted in the ground, and then it wants to grow up the trellis, right? So it wants to create whatever it is you told it, it wants to prove you, right? So when you’re in hypnosis, all that is is somebody helping you to get into those lower brainwave states where you slow down your brainwaves where you’re more susceptible to hear the suggestion. Now, why is that important? Well, the reason is because so many times we want to change things in our life. And like, affirmations are really great, or visualizations, visualisation, those things are all really good. But if you could do them, when you get trancy, first, it’ll have a much larger impact. So my, my consciousness, thinking about something is almost like if you could think of it like, bumping up against a wall bumping up against the wall, like if you did it enough times, it’s gonna get through, right, if you’re knocking on the wall, knocking on the wall, knocking on the wall, knocking on the wall, pretty soon, you’re gonna build a, you know, a hole through the wall. But if you could imagine that you just open the door, and then you tell it what you want, how much easier that is. and simpler, that is less effort, it takes less time. So the benefit of hypnotherapy is that it opens that door to your subconscious. And it allows you to be much more susceptible to the things that are said. Now, here’s where I think is the really cool thing about being able to hypnotize people and being able to be hypnotized myself is that if I can get very clear on what it is, I really will want to believe. And that would be something that I would do as part of a session with somebody is really understand, like, what is it that you’d like to have in your life, you know, maybe it’s that you want to quit smoking or you want to lose weight, or, you know, for me when we did a session on each other before we completed our certification, I wanted to reinstall the feeling that I was an athlete, and I’ve talked about this on the show before but I’ve been a competitive weightlifter doing the snatch and the clean and jerk. And when I was that person, I made different choices because my I am an athlete, right? So if you are an athlete, do you do you eat Twinkies and ho hos like probably not right? Because my whole goal was being ready the next day for my workouts and being at optimum, optimum, you know, health and energy to be able to do those. And I knew if I was eating Twinkies and ho hos then I would not be now I still work out and I still lift but it’s not like it used to be. And that’s okay. And in some respects. But I really wanted to get back to believing that who I was. And I realized that when I was would talk about it, I would say I was an athlete. And so that’s something that I think is really because I was an athlete, I am I am making decisions that are decisions that I wish I wasn’t making, right. So like I’ll automatically do things and I’ll go Why am I doing that? Like, I don’t really I don’t that’s not what I want to do. And so when we got to the very final thing where we had to be able to hypnotize somebody and go through this process, the woman that was hypnotizing me, she said, What do you want to feel? What is it that you want to have? And I said, I want to be an athlete. Again, I want to believe I’m an athlete. And so, you know, what that meant for me was, I could feel how that felt different in my clothes, right? my workout clothes were different the kinds of workouts that I did how I felt when I was doing my workouts where I did my workouts, what that what I would see. And so, you know, she went through this whole process and created a vision for me, put me into hypnosis, created a vision, and then spoke that vision to me. So then she closed up and finished everything out. And this morning, I’ve been busy and running around and doing things. I kept thinking about the garage, which is where I used to work out in the garage on lift, I kept thinking, I gotta get out to the garage, I gotta get out of the garage. And it actually didn’t even occur to me, for some reason, just because I think I’m tired from the weekend, that that’s absolutely related to the visualization that she implanted in my subconscious when I was in trance so absolutely can have a huge impact and what that’s really doing, changing that little piece of who I see myself as is going to change my behavior. It’s going to change my schedule, it’s going to, it’s going to change so many things. Whereas, if I just said to myself, I’m going to start working out more. Like I’m gonna, I’m gonna put a note on my door. So I don’t forget that I got to go down and lift, it would feel different, right? Sure, I would be able to do it, I might be able to do it for a couple weeks, or maybe even a month just because I’ve had that process in my brain before. But now I’m coming at it from a totally different perspective, because now I’m coming at it is that’s who I am. And if that’s who I am, that’s not something you have to think about. That’s not something I have to like, go, I have to do that thing. Right? Have you ever said that, like I should go work out. When you’re an athlete. It’s not you don’t have to should, I don’t, I don’t ever, I would never say I should work out I say I get to work out tomorrow at nine. And when I was competing for the Pan American Masters, I would work out again sometime in the afternoon. So I would, I would schedule my day around that in a fun way. It felt light and fun. And I was excited about it. It wasn’t like I should work out, right. So it changes the way that you’re viewing the world. And instead of me trying to do an affirmation every day, and, you know, not poking on the wall poking on the wall poking on the wall till I can finally get through. Well, now that I mean less than 12 hours later, and I was like, Oh my gosh, I need I got to get out to the garage, right? So total change in my behavior. So that is what I think is really the powerful thing about hypnosis. So it’s not the crazy stage shows that you might see at the fair it can be but those people choose to do that and they want to do it and it’s fun for them. And it’s entertainment for everybody. But on a real life day to day basis. Hypnosis is really a powerful way for someone to assist you to go into those lower brainwave states, and be able to make an active change in your life, a change where you start to take different directions, different actions every single day. So really, really powerful. If you’re interested in this work, and you want to connect with me to do this. I’m going to be putting some information up on my website. If you go to Betsy Pake comm backslash tools. It’ll be under the Tools and I’ll put some stuff up there today and you can see how you can connect with me and I can help you and your hypnosis journey too. Thanks so much for listening and don’t forget you deserve to live a big life.

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