125: Reprogramming your Subconscious


Episode 125: Todays episode is part two of last weeks, understanding your identity. This episode takes it one step further to understand how to reprogram your subconscious with a new identity that serves you.

In the episode, I talk about my spotify play list and you can find it here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5dbqjFuFQkiOGH9k7eWpYE

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You’re listening to the art of living big. And this is Episode 125. All right, last week, we talked about identity and what comes after the words, I am for you. If you haven’t listened to that episode, this episode will really have a lot more context if you do that. So sometimes I listen to podcasts, and I hate that when I’m like, I want to listen to this podcast, you can is okay. But it might not make total sense. Or after you listen to this one, you might want to go back, okay, all of that to say last week, we talked about the I am like, really what’s your identity, and not what you want it to be. So if you have a goal or a dream, and you want that to be, but I’m talking about what you are right now, because what you’re seeing around you right now is what your unconscious believes you truly are. And so in this episode, I’m going to start to talk about how to begin the reprogramming of that. Okay. Okay, but first, I just want to read I got some new reviews on iTunes, you guys. You know, it’s I know, it might seem silly, but it makes me really happy. So Georgie s w said, Betsy, you are so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. Betsy has a great way of explaining the law of attraction, and so much more in a really down to earth way. I love her examples and how she relates the rules of her life to her everyday experiences. I listened to her podcast while on the treadmill and the time flies keep on keeping on. Thanks heaps, Betsy. Yay, thank you so much, Georgie. So this might seem like a little silly thing to you guys. But to me, it really means a lot to me. So and when people review or rate it, it, let it like start to have it show up more for people that are just like scrolling through the podcast app, trying to decide like what to listen to. And my goal is to have people learn the stuff that I’m teaching, hopefully from me, but if not from somebody else. And so having you leave the reviews means a lot to me just because it helps me keep on keepin on and because it helps people find me. So thank you. Thank you. I am honored that you took the time to do that, truly. All right. Now let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big.

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Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. We’re going to talk today about reprogramming. And its reprogramming of your I am what you really think you are. This past week, I was reminded of a boss that I had years ago. I mean, I think it was it probably was one of my very first jobs ever. at a college, I lived in the Washington DC area. And I worked at a place that that where I had to get on the phone. Okay, so I had to like answer the phone and talk to people and try to get them to come into the center where I was working. Now, that all sounds like Easy enough, right. And I always felt like I was good on the phone. Like I didn’t ever have an issue with that. But I remember going through the training, and we had to partner up and then go through, like exercises and then give feedback. And I remember the feedback, I had partnered up with this man. And there were people from all over the country. So this was like a franchise that I was working at. And so people from all over. And so I get partnered up with this man. Now I was like 23, maybe, right? 24. I mean, it was early, early, right? And the man that I was partnered up with was, you know, probably in his 40s. Maybe he was in his 50s. But I just remember he seemed old and I was 23. So, but much older. And we did the exercises. And then we had to give like are things we could improve on and things that we did really well. And I remember he said her voice is so like awful. Like, I can’t even listen, like I don’t know how she could even improve that. Like, I don’t know what she could do. But it’s so bad. Like, it’s hurts me to listen to it. I remember my boss got really concerned because I had to answer the phone and be on the phone and try to get people to come into the center. And if my voice was that cringy and awful, what was I going to do? And I remember I mean, I remember that so clearly. And many times I’ll get messages from people or when people leave reviews about the show. And they’ll say she has a really wonderful voice. And I bring that story up to you because this week I got an email from somebody and they said like I love listening to you on the show. What if What if I had really absorbed that person’s feedback

as truth?

And so then I was afraid to ever talk to ever talk on the phone to ever speak up in a meeting maybe, or to ever start a podcast, like I’ve had so much fun doing this, I would have, I would have denied myself like this a really fun experience in my life. And all because I took something and made it as my AM, my I am. Now thankfully I didn’t, I just thought that guy’s like an old loser. Like, my voice is fine, it’s fine. He’s just old. Like, that’s really what I thought I remember that. But I do remember being afraid I was gonna get fired because my boss was very, like paying attention to that. Anyway, I have tried to find her on Instagram, in case you’re wondering. I’m sure she’s like 70. Now, so but I have tried to find her so that I can say, Hey, I just wanted you to know, you might not remember me. But people like my voice. Here’s the thing. What you believe you are is going to start impacting the actions that you take and the decisions that you make. And so it’s super important that you get your I am to a place that supports you and supports your dreams. So you probably have taken the time if you listen to last week’s episode. And you took an inventory, right? So you looked around at your life, and you were like, Okay, this must be what I believe this must be who I am. I don’t want this area of my life to be this way. Or maybe you found some areas of your life, you’re like, you know what, that’s always gone really smoothly. Like that’s always gone really easily. I have a girlfriend, who is just always thin, naturally thin, and she had babies. And I remember her joking. Like I don’t I just I just pop right back, like I’m wearing the same jeans like two days later, or like out of the hospital, you know, and silently killed her and my dreams. But that’s who her I am is. That’s what she totally believes. And so that is her experience. So when you look around your life, you might find things that are really working well. That’s awesome. And those are really good things just to notice. But if you have the things that aren’t going well, that aren’t going the way you want, we need to change them, right? Because you deserve more, you deserve to have this big life that you want. And so when you’ve identified the thing, and maybe let’s say it’s your finances, right? And so you’ve gone I must have an unconscious programming running around money that’s not supporting me. So what we want to do is we want to shift the I am now you know, because you’ve heard this before, but what is it that my subconscious actually implants? Right? What is it that it’s that makes the impact on it is if something is repetitive, like super repetitive, not just like repeated like four times, right? So super repetitive, and something that has high intensity. So like a lot of emotion. So you know, when people go to Tony Robbins, have you ever even if you’ve never been to see Tony Robbins if you’ve ever seen, like videos of his, you know how he has Everybody jump up and down and get like in this frenzied state, right? Have you seen it? It’s funny, because I would see those videos. And I would be like, I would just feel stupid doing that. But I’ve seen him and you don’t feel stupid, because the energy in the room is such that it really gets you like caught up in it. Well, what’s he doing?

He’s actually purposely putting you in a high intensity situation and a high intensity state, it raises your brainwaves. So that you are super absorbing information. So how can you take that and start to move it into your life every single day? Well, one way that I have done that I think is really, really efficient and really fun, is I pretend I’m at a Tony Robbins event, I shut the door to my office. And in the morning, I will put on a song that makes me feel amazing. I have a playlist and I’m gonna put a link to the playlist, my Spotify playlist inside the show notes just in case you’re into that thing, that kind of thing. But I there are some songs that really get me fired up, right. And it’s the music and the chorus and like the Yeah, you know, and so I put those songs on. And I literally put my hands above my head, and I jumped around now putting my arms up above my head actually starts to change my brainwaves. And so I want to put myself in that state much quicker. So I’m gonna get into my office, I’m going to shut the door so nobody thinks I’m crazy or and I put on music that makes me feel alive and I jump around and I get myself into this super conscious state. Okay, and then what do I do? Well, I’ve got the I AMS that I want to run. So I want to start to run what I call is a mind movie. So you have the things that you want to change and you know what you want to change those to create a movie in your mind You doing those things. And of you watching you do those things. So I want you to start out with a movie where you’re in it and whatever it is like with me like it’s speaking to people. And hugging hugging is my thing. So like hugging people, and like getting to talk to people and like feeling like I’m like it. It matters, like the words that I say matter to people. And I can tell because they’ve, they’re telling me that they’ve changed my life, like, here’s nothing would make me happy. Like I have goosebumps right now. Nothing would make me happier than having somebody come and tell me that they were listening to my stuff. And then they became, like, what I am, but way better. Like they became Tony Robbins like to have somebody say like, but I started listening to you. And that’s what propelled me on the path. Oh, like, that makes me crazy. Happy. So I, to me, that’s what I think about like people doing amazing things. And that I maybe started them on that path, right? So I imagine that what that looks like what that feels like, all the things and I’m jumping up and down. And I’m imagining that. So my I am is that I am like insanely impactful transformational coach that people’s lives. When they meet me and they work with me one on one, it is never the same, like their lives are never the same. So how do I get into that state? How does if if I believe that about myself? What are the kinds of things that I’m doing? So think about that, we’re gonna bring it back down to my actions. If I was the kind of person that was like an insanely amazing transformational coach, if I was Tony Robbins, and Wayne Dyer had a baby, and it was me, what kinds of things would I be doing? I would be constantly learning new things. I would be constantly sharing those new things. I would be unafraid of anybody taking something from me, right? Because sometimes I’ll hear that from people like, well, I don’t want somebody to copy me, oh my god. Not like, if this impacts you. And you can share it with somebody share it with somebody. Right? So I would be

learning I would be taking risks that I may not if I didn’t think I was a transformational coach, if I didn’t think I was amazing, right? So like I would be okay, planning a retreat. I recently, in the last couple weeks, I hired a coach, who was the retreat planner. For Don Miguel Louise, do you know who that is? He wrote the book, The Four Agreements, which is a really amazing book. But she was his retreat planner for years and years. And I hired her to help me plan retreats because I don’t want to have just regular retreat, I don’t want to have just like a workshop, I want to have like this amazing retreat. Now, if I want to be this transformational, amazing coach, then I have to be okay, taking risks like that, I have to be okay. Like, putting my money where my goal is, right. And so having that moment where that’s who I am, I’m a person that does that. And it works out 1,000% because I create something that helps more people. And that’s my goal in a bigger way and a bigger impact. So to bring it all back down, I’m in my office, I put on some really crazy happy music, put my arms above my head, I jump around and I imagine the actions I imagined myself doing a mind movie doing the actions of somebody who is that person? Okay, so that is your first thing. All right. So that’s the first way that you can begin to reprogram. I also talked a little bit more about reprogramming in Episode 117. So there’s more ideas and other things in there too. Now, affirmations absolutely work. And you’ve probably heard like, you know, get up in the morning and as soon as your feet hit the ground, start to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Like I think all of that can be really impactful. I also think you have to do it a long time. So repetition and high intensity. So the repetition of it is it’s going to take longer if you’re in your conscious mind. So leverage the time first thing in the morning, like when you very first realize you’re awake. your brainwaves are still not all the way up to beta brainwaves, which are our conscious brainwaves. your brainwaves are still in that. I’m accessing my subconscious that window is open brainwaves. And so the second I wake up with before I’ve even shut off my alarm, I am aware that I have a window open and I begin to say to myself, the things

I am super fit and healthy. I have any this day is going to be magical. This is one that I’ve been doing a lot lately and it’s really been working but I tell myself The things that are going to happen today are going to blow my mind. Because everything that I’ve ever wanted is coming together and I’m going to start to see signs today that lead me right down that path. It’s going to be so obvious to me. Now, I like to tell my subconscious to be obvious. Because, y’all if it’s not, then I, I sometimes will start to go and say coincidence, right? Like, do you ever do that something happens to you like, I don’t know. But it’s not. It’s not a coincidence. And in. In reality, I don’t believe there are coincidences, I think our brain is picking up stuff for a purpose. Okay, so I tell my brain what it is I want it to pick up. So I use that window in the morning. There’s also a window at night as you start to get to where you’re almost asleep. And so sometimes I will run the mind movie at night. Okay. Now, the interesting thing is, these mind movie things, I’ve been doing this, like, since I was a little kid, always running mind movies, and I would put on good music. I didn’t, at that point, jump around, and like, put my hands over my head and all that. But I definitely used music to evoke emotion and create the movie. And so you may have done that before. Like, think back if there, I used to say I’m making a video in my head. And so think back, maybe you’ve been doing this and you just haven’t done it as an adult. And so there’s a clue there, right? So bring some of this stuff back into your everyday and it doesn’t have to be like this can take you know, how long is a song like three and a half minutes, it can be that simple. Okay, another way throughout the day that you can begin to reinforce this. So if you know who you want to be what you want your aim to be, and you know what the actions of that person, the kind of person that is that what kind of actions they take, I want you to begin to notice throughout the day, when something happens that is that something happens where you have done that action, you’ve had that outcome, you have become that person, and I want you to celebrate like crazy. So I’m going to explain what I mean with a really odd story, but I’m going to share it anyway. I shared it on my Instagram Stories last week, but

this weekend, I was driving. And I was listening to a Spotify playlist that was put together by the lady that’s doing my retreat coaching, okay, so she has a Spotify playlist with all this really cool music, like from all different parts of the world. And there was one song in particular that made me think of a song that I listened to when I was in college. And I remember like, it couldn’t, I remembered the feeling. And I was like, Oh, what is that? What was that music? Like, what was the name of that guy? And I mean, college. for him. This was like 25 years ago, it’s probably 1990 I’m guessing. So 28 years ago. And I honestly, I don’t think I’ve thought of it since but it came into my mind when I heard that song because that song must have had beats that were similar. It was sort of like African kind of song. And, and so I was driving and I was like, Oh my god, I can’t What was it? What was it? What was it? And then I was like, Wait a second. Like, I’m all about my subconscious. And my subconscious knows. So I’m just going to command my subconscious to tell me so I’m driving in the car by myself, just so you know, nobody, nobody else with me. And I said, subconscious, you know, the band and the name of the song that I want to bring forth. And I want you to bring it into my awareness now. And as soon as I said that I went Johnny Clegg and self Luca. That was the name that was the name of the band Johnny Clegg and said Luca, how could I have goosebumps just right now. It was the, the weirdest moment where I realized, and this is not special, I’m not special. You can do this too. But I realized, like, wow, we have this vast like I can tap into and bring forth anything that I want. And ask and you shall receive, right? I mean, this is the old concept, y’all. But ask your subconscious what it is you need to know now when that happens, and that came forth. Like I was like, Oh my God. And I immediately have this feeling like, I want to cry because I think that this is so amazing. How quickly like as soon as I said now Johnny Clegg and Luca, that’s how it came out, like all at once. And so I felt like I’m gonna cry because this is so beautiful and amazing. And then I thought, I’m not gonna cry that stupid. And then I thought, No, because I want to add the intensity to it. I want my body to know that was exactly right. And that’s it. exactly what I want. And I want you to do that again and again and again and again and again. Because that’s who I am. I am the kind of person that can just pull stuff out of their subconscious. And so I bawled and I said, Yes, yes. So the word yes can be something. If y’all I’m hoping that this isn’t your first episode. You’ve listened to me, you’re gonna be like, she’s off her rocker. But I just went, yes, yes, yeah. And I was crying and driving safely. And yes. And I had full goosebumps. And that has been implanted that has an imprint now in my subconscious. Absolutely. Because I created all of this excitement around it. Now, if you do something really great at work, you don’t have to, like start crying and screaming. Yes. your coworkers are like What’s wrong with her? But I want you to celebrate it however that feels for you. Maybe that’s in your head where you just go Yes,

yes, yes, yes.

Or like, Oh, my God, the power I have, like, it’s okay to say that to yourself. reinforce that this, that you have done something that you are seeing if you work out. And that’s one of your things you’re trying to work out. As soon as you start working out, go, yes, I’m doing it. Like I am doing it. This is exactly right. subconscious. This is exactly right. This is what I want to do all the time. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes, yes. So don’t start working out and go, Oh, my God, I hate this. This is gonna suck. How much time left? Do I have? Do you see the difference? What’s your subconscious going to bring to you? It wants to bring it wants you to be like, yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay. So celebrate those little things, all of your successes. Now, the other way is, your subconscious actually runs a lot of things just from memory. And so I read something recently that talked about like, if you ride the same route to work every day, your subconscious might actually be just pulling from a memory of that route. So you’re not actually seeing the road. And what’s happening. Your subconscious knows the route. And so your subconscious is pulling that memory and you’re driving through the memory. And yeah, you can see cars and all of that, because that’s coming into your conscious awareness. But otherwise, all the things on the sidelines, like all the other things, that’s what comes sometimes you’ll know, you’ll be like, Oh, my god, they’re building a building there. I didn’t even notice that. How did that go up so fast?

Does that ever happen to you? It

didn’t probably go up so fast. But it could just be you were running through life on a memory and not on what was actually happening. So I know that that can seem like sort of a strange thing. But here’s what I do some days. So some days when I’ve been in a rut, or I feel like I’m stuck, I decide I’m going to be an alien today. Now, have you guys ever read that book, you are a badass by Jensen. cero years ago, Jen was the very first coach I ever hired. So back then she did coaching. And she was the very first coach that I ever hired. And so she did this thing where it she would say, be an alien. And so I would walk around as if I had never experienced this life before. And it is remarkable the different things that you’ll notice. Now, when you do this, you’ll start to really notice where you’re hung up, you’ll start to notice what happens that makes you automatically think the old view when you’re trying to shift to the new you. So it may be like you walk into your office and you realize the way your office is set up is really set up for somebody that is right where you are instead of where you want to be. Now, I’m using this as an example. But it could be you walk in and you realize that your desk is really low and your chair is adjusted so that you’re looking down onto your computer, right? You’re always kind of looking down and hunched over. And it’s pretty drab. I know I worked in a cube for a long time. And it can be really drab, right? So how do you change that? How do you create something different, so maybe it’s like you, you walk through your life as an alien, and then you’re like, Wait a second, I could really make some small tweaks here. Maybe I get like a stand up desk or I throw a couple boxes underneath my laptop so that I’m standing. And that feels different, right? That’s the person I want to be maybe they are like, on the go. Maybe they’re like have to be, you know, they’re just like, I don’t know, fidgety and standing up or whatever that is right. So just be conscious walk through your whole day as if you’re an alien and start to notice the places that you could change. Alright, so now one of my very favorite ways of reprogramming is By doing hypnosis now, I’m a hypnotherapist and I’m I have some girlfriends that are hypnotherapist. And so that makes it easier for me to be hypnotized when I need to write because I can call one of them and we help each other. And so I get that being hypnotized by a hypnotherapist might not always be like an easy thing. Now I do it, you can go to my website, and and you can see the packages there that I have. But that’s, here’s my point. You can do it by yourself. So all hypnosis is self hypnosis, you might have somebody guiding you like a hypnotherapist. And I do think sometimes the very first time that’s helpful because it kind of lets you know like how it feels and what it’s like. But you can do this yourself. And I talk a lot more about hypnotherapy in Episode 117. no self hypnosis? No, I’m sorry. 121. On Episode 121, I talk about hypnosis. So here’s the thing, when you go into hypnosis, if I’m working with somebody, here’s what I do. That way, you’ll know you can do it yourself. So I get I, I have an interview with them where I would find out if we’re working on changing there I am, for example, where I find out exactly what are the actions, the actions, actions, actions, okay, so this is really what I want to focus on. So you know, where you are, you know, who you want to be? What are the actions of a person who is that? So someone will say to me, I want to be a successful Coach, what are the actions of someone that is a successful coach, and they’ll start to come up with things. I want to be a better partner. What are the actions that somebody is somebody takes? That is a really good partner. And then they’ll say things like, well, they listen to their partner, and they spend time together, when they spend time together, what kinds of things are they doing? So when you start to think about your actions, I want you to really drill it down. So keep asking yourself questions. This is the part where I think it can be helpful to have somebody walk you through it the first time just to kind of see how this works. But if you’re curious, treat yourself like you’re an alien, you’ve never met you and start to ask yourself, because your version of being a good coach might be different than my version of being a good coach might be different from somebody else’s version of being healthy might be different from somebody’s mind version of being healthy. So you have to really define this for you, and not take somebody else’s version of it. Okay. So when I’m working with somebody, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll really drill down into what they want their I am to be, and what that really means to them. Okay, so now I have all these action items. And now I get them into a hypnotic state. You can do this yourself on my website, under Tools, there is a free, it says, hypnotic induction only. And it is like 20 minutes of music probably. And in the beginning there is an induction so it will get you into a hypnotic state. Now, when someone is in hypnosis, they’re not asleep. They’re actually totally aware. And they just feel really, like lowly. You know how when you’re about to fall asleep that like good, sleepy, almost asleep, but not really, that’s what it feels like, feels really good. And so when you do this yourself, you can get into a hypnotic state, you’ll feel it where all of a sudden, you’re you go through the you go through the induction that I’ve got there, you’ll feel it, were you all of a sudden you’re like, Okay, I’m super relaxed, like, I do it many times laying on my bed, I’m super relaxed. And then I start to just say all of the things that I want to be. So all of the actions. Now, I don’t read it. Typically, if you’ve made the list, you know, and when you make the list, make like a mind movie out of it, it’ll help you remember it, because we’re very visual, our subconscious is visual. So your subconscious if you’ve created the list already knows the list. Right? Then your subconscious can pull Johnny Clegg and sell vuca out of the thin air so your subconscious will be able to remember this list that you just made. So I just want you to start going through and saying the things. So I created

one for myself this past week that I have been doing. I’ve done it three times now and I’m shocked honestly how well this one is working. I was very detailed and specific. And I did a lot of things like I said that I was consistent and I am very organized. I used a lot of words around, like being aware of all the different opportunities, I see opportunities constantly. And when I see those opportunities, and they come into my awareness, I’m able to save them, and to think on them and to be able to come up with something that I can create, that impacts people in a much larger way. That is my special gift that I’m able to do that. Now, I want to say, I would like that to be my special gift, I’m not sure that it totally is that I get ideas, and then I’m quickly able to turn them into something incredible. But that’s what I would like. And so that’s what I start to tell myself, okay, so I get my list, I do my own interview, I get my list of the things that I’d like to believe to become the I Am, I use a hypnotic, I get myself into hypnosis, right. So however I do that, with the induction that I have there, or you can just breathe, I mean, you can do this a lot of different ways. One way, another way that we learned when I got my hypnosis certification was that you could do self hypnosis by simply squeezing and going all the way up your body. So if you start like by squeezing your toes, and release, squeeze your feet, and release, squeeze your calves and your feet and your toes release, squeeze your thighs, your cat, you know, and like go up your whole body. But that is a relaxation technique. So that’s something you can try to. And then you go through the mind movie of telling yourself, specifically, all the things that you want to be do have become what would be your I Am, and this is not the time to be modest, Okay, tell your subconscious what it is you really want. And then when you’re ready, just start to wiggle your toes and your fingers and then just come back into the room, you’ll feel really refreshed. And here’s the thing is that right off, you’re not going to go oh my god, like I feel like working out. But what you will notice is little subtle things that it might be like a couple hours later, where you’re like, oh my god. So one of my things was that I’m really organized, and that I have a system. Now I have been using the panda planner recently, which I really, really like. But I have a lot of ideas and projects and things that are just floating around in my head. And the panda planner doesn’t really have a place for me for like long term thought things, lists and stuff. And so I’ve been thinking, like, I got a brain dump and get all of that out. Anyway, that was you know, put those suggestions into my, into my hypnosis, and I’ve done it now three times. And last night, I was home alone, and I was working on some stuff. And all of a sudden, I thought, Oh, I’m gonna pull open an app I have on my computer called OmniFocus that I haven’t used in years. And I was like, I’m gonna put together a whole plan and a system and organize all my thoughts and brain dump. And after I was done, I was like, Oh my gosh, like, I have had this program on my computer for three years. And I haven’t used it. But I told myself that I was like, super organized and laid out and that I had everything in place. And and now I do. And so you’ll start to notice that you will begin to have actions in your life that might be subtle, it might hit you after, but then you’ll be like, Oh my goodness.

So how I do my reprogramming

is I record myself. And so sometimes people will see me on Instagram and ask about my reprogramming. So I just want to make that clear, all I do is I use an induction, which is like the one that you can get that’s free, and that I have on my download, then there is the portion of all the things that I want to believe. And then I have a section of me coming out of that. And so I simply record that, and then play it and listen to myself. Now, if you’d like to do a hypnosis with me, and you mentioned this, I will record I will record you a recording so that you can have it after as well. So I’m only going to do that. But what’s today, today, September 24 is when this will be live. So I’ll do it for a week for seven days after that, that offer will be there. So just so I don’t have it because somebody might watch this, listen to this in like two years, right? So. So in the next week, if you listen to this, and you want to have that done, you want to have a hypnosis with me. I will do the hypnosis and then I will afterwards record a special hypnosis, individual CD or digital recording for you. Okay, all right. So those are the things Oh, let me give you one last one. So another way to implant is to use something like EFT or theta healing we’ve talked about EFT I haven’t a video on how to do EFT on my YouTube channel. You can get to All this from my website so on my YouTube channel if you want to learn about EFT but theta healing is also a way you know a couple episodes ago we had Audrey Wentz on and we talked about Body Code. Anytime you are changing, you are impacting your subconscious by using these energy healings it’s shifting things so you can absolutely use EFT to change your I am and your beliefs and so you know start to leverage some of those tools you can use a variety of these things you know you don’t have to use them all you can you pick one or you can do a couple different but using those energy modalities also can help you to shift your your I am and what you really think you are so so there are a bunch of different ways that you can begin to impact your subconscious begin to shift your I am into something that supports you and helps you reach your goals. Now, if you liked this episode, please share it with your friends. Take a screenshot and tag me on Instagram stories because Instagram is sort of like my go to place just not during my meditation time anymore,

so you can find me there. I’m at Betsy Pake, and I’ll see you next week as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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