135: What is Your Intention - Betsy Pake

135: What is Your Intention


Episode 135: Have you ever had a dream so real, you felt like it was sending you a message?

In today’s episode, I share that dream and the lesson I was sent to become more aware of in my day to day life.  I hope that the lesson serves you as well.


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So all right. Let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to today’s show. Okay, so I just got up. Do I still kind of have the sleepy voice? I have my coffee though. And I had a really interesting dream. And that’s how come I wanted to come. And quick record this. Well, it was all

quite fresh on my mind.

Now, if you listened, I had a dream episode with like a dream person that was like a educational dream person, like at a university. So I have tried to dissect my dream,

as I Oh,

as I tried to do now every day. But this dream, I think was like, I think this dream was a message that I was supposed to tell you. I know. So I’ve had a few dreams in my life that were like very, very vivid and real.

And I don’t mean like I don’t mean like I really remembered them. I mean, like, I had dreams that had such intense feeling that I felt like I wasn’t really let me just explain because now this is just sounding weird. You’ve heard me talk on the show before about how my mom died when I was in high school. Right? So she was in a car accident when I was in high school was a long time ago because I am 47.

So I was 16 when she died. So it was a long time ago. And after she died, those like probably five or six years after, were so difficult for me because I was going to college. And you know, those are difficult years anyway. And like it all just was very,

you know,

hard. And so I had

always been close with my grandmother, which was my mother’s mom. And I think I became even closer to her. Like I would go to her for things that I normally would have gone like to my mom for. So anyway, when I was like 27 or 28 she died. And I remember I just had that moment, you know, like you’ve probably had to where you’re just like you miss something that you know doesn’t even exist anymore. And so, in that time, I ended up having this dream that I will share with you.

So I had this dream that I was underwater. And there were these two eels. So we I will we even air this episode era we might. Okay, so there’s these two eels one was like this beautiful blue. And when I say beautiful blue, this is how I described it at the time was that it was so beautiful, the blue that I can’t even it made my eyeballs feel good.

Okay, so like I could, it felt good to look at it. And then there was like a maroon one. And that one the same thing the color was I can’t even explain it. And now this was like, I don’t know what how 2730 like 20 something years ago, and I remember it like so clear, like the feeling of it, right? So it was so super clear. And those It felt good to look at them

and then they like brushed up against me.

And when they would touch me,

it almost makes me emotional now 20 years later, so this is how this is my backbone. This was it. Like I felt a love that didn’t have any holes in it. And I know that probably sounds really odd, but that’s like the only way I could describe it. It was like a hole. It was like, like full like there was nothing missing. And so I was like sitting swimming around and these seals were swimming around. And when they would touch me, I would get that complete feeling. And then they would go away. And then I remember the moment that they were like, We have to leave and they swam away.

And I was like, Oh, my God, don’t leave. And then when I woke up, I was like, so almost done, like four days. And now at the time, I didn’t have like a lot of friends that I could like, talk to this stuff about. So I never really told anybody and I think I’ve probably tried to tell a few people. And it like, they just, it was just too hard to comprehend.

Right? So like, I would be getting emotional trying to describe me swimming with the eels. And people were like, huh, yeah. Okay, Betsy. So, anyway, over the years, I’ve had, I don’t know, maybe two or three other dreams like that, where I felt that like, complete total love thing happen. And it’s always really amazing when it happens. And I always like, when I wake up, I’m like, Oh, my God, I had it again.

So years later,

let’s go back to the ield dream, because I want to finish my thoughts on the old story, even though I didn’t even know I was going to tell you the real story when we started this. But years later, I read like an article or something, one of those books came out about people that die and go to heaven, and then come back, right.

And one of the things that they said in the article was that the colors you couldn’t describe it like it the way they described Heaven, I was like, holy crap, like, I went to heaven. And I visited, I, I’m just, I’m gonna say it here. I totally feel like I went somewhere like the what I experienced was not anything that I could describe or relate to, like an experience that I’ve had, like, you know, as a human. Okay, so that so then a few other times, I’ve had these dreams where I’ve been in this like total love thing that’s really magical and amazing. So, which is why I’m drinking my coffee now and recording this for you.

So last night, I had kind of a similar dream, it wasn’t the love thing, but it was that real thing. And so this is what I was shown. I’m going to explain it in the way that makes sense to me at this moment, just so that I can capture it in the way that it seemed.

Okay, so I was in this complete blank space. And somebody was something some thing was showing me like a squiggly line imagine, like us sparkler. You know how, like when you do a sparkler in the night, and it kind of like, draws but like you can see it sparkling. And you can see, it’s like this glowy line, right? So somebody was drawing, and it was like big swoopy like a straight line, but curvy line. Do you know what I mean? So like not circles, but like going in a line, but curvy. And then it would show me the end result. And then it would do this

curvy line in a different way.

And then it would show me a picture of a totally different result. Then it was showing me I don’t even know how to describe it. Here’s what here’s what I think it was, here’s what I know it was and so this is what I’m going to tell you. Our intent, the intent that we have Well, we’re on the journey

is what creates the totality of what we get. So I could be doing the same actions and on that same path. But if my intent is be grudging and my, my, my intent is like I’m doing this because I have to, and my intent is I hate this, but I have to do it anyway, what we get at the end, even if our actions are exactly the same, it’s different than if Well, we’re on the journey, our intent is clear.

And that’s what I kept hearing about my intent being clear the word clear. Okay. So I remember years ago, I listened to a podcast and you should find this because it was really good. And it was called Making Oprah and it’s only like four or five episodes. But in that she actually talks about when things started shifting for her business, for her show is when every time she had like a bunch of she had like some white supremacists on and she realized that this show was not what she wanted.

And so she decided before every single show, she was going to set an intention of what they wanted people to get from it. And when she started doing that, that’s when everything shifted. Okay, so as I’ve been making my coffee this morning, I was remembering that I was like, Oh, you know what Oprah did that right? So As I’m like, looking at my day and looking at, like how to move forward in my life, and right now I’m working on some really big projects.


you know, if you’ve listened to the show, if you always listen to the show a few episodes back, I talked about how I hired a coach, a coaching program. And I’ve been moving through it, and like,

simultaneously being, like, joyous

and excited, and also being really frustrated, right, which is totally normal for anything that’s pushing you outside your comfort zone. But what I’m realizing is that I have to set up the intent, every moment, I have to have an intention for what I want to have happen. Because even if I’m taking the same steps, you know, in this coaching program, if I’m doing the steps that they tell me, but my intent is not clear. If my intention is, I just got to get through these steps.

The result I’m going to get is I got through the steps. But if my intention is super clear that I want to bring that feeling of those eels touching people as best that I can on a physical plane, like how can I create that, like, every day? How can I move through the world and do the things I have to do with the intention of making people get like a glimpse of that? Like, wow, like that would be like so now when I’m going through. Now, it’s if you might even hear in my voice right now.

It’s different. So my intention, right now, as I’m speaking to you is, it’s a little different than when I was first starting. Because I didn’t even do the intention. Like I’m learning it, as I’m saying it like I literally am fresh off the dream. And so if I am focused on what’s the what, what is it I really want? How do I really want to impact the world? So you have this in your life, right? So you don’t have to be a coach to have this. But like, you might have this like in the morning with your family, like, what’s the intention?

What do I want them to actually get from this interaction with me? And you know, we, we train people how to react to us, we train people how to how to treat us, right. I mean, you’ve heard that before, like, you train people how to treat you. But I know for me, when I get a little stressed, I have been really short with my husband, like really short and like, cut him off. And like sort of naggy it. And I noticed it. And I apologized, apologizing isn’t enough, though. I knew I had to change my actions.

And I knew that I was stressed about other stuff. And so I was bringing it to like who you’re closest to, right? So you let it out in different ways. But what’s my intention, because I’m training him to avoid me. I’m training him to, like not to, to, like be on guard, like he’s about to get yelled at, because he didn’t, like put the salt and pepper shakers in the right place, or whatever it is, right?

So I’m training him to like, want to go to the basement and not be so then then what? Like, then you have a situation you don’t even want but if my intention as I go downstairs, and I hear him down there, and I know he’s down there getting ready for work or whatever. Like, my if my intention is I’m going to make him feel really loved. Like, I’m going to make him feel like he doesn’t even have to do anything to be really loved. Like how would I act? How would I? How would I come into the world differently?

Like how would I react to things that he does? You know, when I’m doing this podcast, like if my intention is for you to feel a certain way, or you to feel inspired or to know that you’re loved just like I was in that eel, as weird as weird as that sounds, you’re loved like an eel. But you’re, you know, that you too, just because maybe you haven’t had that experience, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And so how can I like share that in a different way?

You know, how can I when I walk my dogs, like how can I share love to my neighborhood? Like are people driving to work? Can I waive? Can I be kind Can I open the door for people when I’m out at Target buying food later or dog food or you know, whatever that is? Like what can the intention be? As you’re creating as you’re at work today.

So I offer that to you as just a different way to be able to see things because the way that you’re moving through things, you know, we talk and I’ve talked a lot about having a vision having a really clear vision, holding the vision Doing what you have to do to manifest the vision. But what if manifesting, the vision is actually just having a clear intention for how you want to feel on the path.

So I have a really clear vision, and I have this clear vision of what, you know how, what I want to do with the world and in my life. And so what if every morning when I get to work, and when you get to work, you’re like this, you don’t want it to just be a paycheck, right? So how could you Really? How could it shift for you today? Like, how could you be at work and have a totally different intention? Like how could you What are your real values? And how could you infuse your day with those values in a totally different way than you ever have before.

And so I think that that might be a clue on how we really live a life that we want, and really live big, and really share the gifts that we have with the world in a totally new way. Anyway, I hope that this episode helps you. I hope that it serves you in some way.

And I hope that you can start to shift the way you see your outcomes, because you have a whole new intention that is lit up and ready for you to create something new in the world. So thanks so much for listening. And, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.


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