149: Clarity Gives Hope: Thoughts from my guides


Episode 149

In this episode I talk about some wise words I heard in meditation – which I believe were from my guides, trying to help me along the path.  I share how I took the guidance I was given and turned it into action.

I hope that it serves you as well!

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You’re listening to Episode 149 of The Art of Living big. Alright, Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. So today I am going to be sharing a little download that I got when I was in a meditation and was really struggling and got some what felt like very wise information. And that’s why I say download and not like I had a thought in meditation because it felt like something much wiser than I could have ever come up with. And so I share it with you and explain it to you, and in the way that I understand it and share what actions I took. And I think that if you all relate, I think it will all make sense. And then I also share something at the very end that I’m going to tell you about right now.

But I I talked about Should I just tell you know, just listen, it’ll just make more sense after the whole thing. Okay, because it came out of this whole thing. So I won’t tell you just listen, just go all the way to that go all the way till you hear that you’re about to hear. Whoo. That’s it, right. So listen all the way through. All right, you guys have a killer week. And

let’s go to the

show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the


All right. So today I have a story for you.

Well, it’s a sad story really,

not totally sad. But it is that okay, so I’m going to tell you the story. And then I’m going to tell you a thought that I had and then like some action that I’m taking. So, you know, I’m a fan of stories in that I believe that we’re also connected. And so I am thinking as I tell the story,

you’re gonna go, Oh, this kind of thing has happened to me.

Okay. So here’s my story. You might not know this about me, but I love the beach. So if you’ve listened to the show for a long time,

you know, it’s like a weird obsession, right.

And a few episodes ago, I think it was

maybe like 145 or 146, I talked about the three questions. And really getting down. It was from a George Kindle book about asking yourself these three questions and really digging down into what you really wanted for your life. And like, what you really wanted when you stripped away, what society thinks you should have, and your parents think you should have, you know, all of those things, right. And so I did that exercise. And it was really profound for me. And then I had my husband do it. And we made some decisions to make some

pretty big changes in our lives. And

one of those things was to sell our house. And we had a plan. This isn’t the sad story, by the way, but we had a plan to have it on the market by the end of March. And it’s we’ve lived here for a long time, and it’s a big house. And so we’ve just found that we need more time. And we know that there’s a window of like, where it’s easier to sell your house or, you know, people are buying and so we are aware, we might miss that window. And we decided that that was going to be okay. And that we had to like we didn’t want to be stressed about this, like we wanted to work through it and have all the timing work for us. And that if everything worked for us, then the universe would have our back. And it would sell to the right people. And I’ve been walking around the house, just telling it how excited I am for the new family that’s going to come in and how grateful I am for everything that it has done for me. But when that decision first came about, I was really sad about it, I think, like, profoundly sad, like a moment of like being like, like, No, no, no, no. And then knowing that’s the right thing, and then being really sad. So what I decided at the time was that I was going to go to the beach, like my business is such that I can work from anywhere. And most of my clients would probably be really excited

to see the ocean behind me

while we’re doing a coaching call, right? So I was like, I’m going to go to the beach, I’m going to go down and I picked a specific day, I was going to go down on the 17th, which is the anniversary that my mom died. And you’ve heard me talk about that. So you see all of the emotional things going on here. So I’m like, I’m gonna go on the 17th, which would have been 31 years since my mom died. And I was like, I can put my feet in the ocean on that night. And that would make me happy. And then I thought I’ll spend the week I’ll spend I’ll go Sunday to Thursday and let’s begin the week and I’ll do my coaching calls and all right, and I’ll meditate I could meditate for hours because the dogs wouldn’t be looking at me and like so like all the things okay, so you get how this whole thing is

very, very emotional

like on multiple levels. So I was really excited. I hated about it. And I was like, pumped up to go. Anyway, my ex husband came by remember my, my daughter, 17. She’s living with him. He came over and, and walked in the door and said, Hey, just so you know, we’re going to the beach on this week. And I said, Well, I’m going to the beach on that week, because like, when she lived with me, this was my thought process when she lived with me, I would check with him before I would make plans to make sure he could take her or he would be around. So I said, I can’t take her that week, I’m gonna be gone. And he said, Well, we’re gonna be gone. And I said, Well, I’m gonna be gone. He was like, well, she could probably stay alone, which you know what? She’s 17, she probably could, but I didn’t feel right about us both being out of the state at the same time. So in the end, I decided not to go. And I was pretty mad. And I was pretty heartbroken about it.

And so, you know,

after I called a couple girlfriends and cried, and got angry and felt bad for myself, all the things I decided, you know, if everything is always working out for me, and if the universe has my back, which is what I keep telling myself, right, like, the house thing didn’t go exactly the way I wanted. It’s okay, there must be a better plan. This thing didn’t go the way it’s okay. There must be a better plan, right. But I was starting to get a little annoyed with that, because I was starting to feel like, you know, what, like, something’s got to bend for me. I have, I have needs, I need the beach. Right? So. So I, I decided I was going to just be quiet. I was going to sit in a meditation. And I was going to wait to hear the answers.

And so what I heard

kind of shifted the way I was thinking about things. And it made my actions change. And so I wanted to change to share with you the words that I heard. And then I want to tell you about the actions that I took, because I do believe that this, this download that I got, and if that download makes you uncomfortable, this thought,

oh my god,

it just feels much more, it felt much more profound than I thought I would actually

have. So I feel

like this can really, like it can apply to anybody clearly. But I feel like it can improve everybody’s life. Okay, so I was remembered, like, in the desperate beach place, very, very thirsty for the beach, and very thirsty for change. And so I got in my meditation, and I heard and when I say I heard, like what I typically do, if I’m asking, and I’m asking a question, I actually have an app that I use called day one, which is like a journaling app. And I actually am like, in a meditation with my laptop on my hand and my hands on the keyboard. And then I just ask and I type. And it’s sort of interesting, because at the end of my meditation, when I go back, I don’t remember the first things that I wrote. So you know, like, when you wake up from a dream, you remember the dream for a second, and then it’s gone. So I from asking for clarity on something or asking for something, I want to make sure that I’m, like, documenting it sort of, I have done this for years. And in the beginning, it felt really weird, but now it really flows and it’s easy. And so, yeah, so So I sat and I asked, like how is all of this working for me? like really? And I and I was a little angry. I’m not gonna lie. I was like, universe like, this sucks and how, like, I don’t see how this is working for me and why is nothing working out for me? Right? Because that’s how I saw it.

And this is what I heard.

Be calm,

be still

be organized in your thoughts for organized thoughts give the most clarity, clarity gives hope, hope leads to right action, right action leads to truth, you are all you are meant to be already, there is nothing more but you must believe that to see more, experience more and have more be excited because it is now nothing is but now and all is now. All right. So when I came out of my meditation, and I read that,

I was like, oh, would that be calm? Be still

okay, well, I was being calm and being still. But do you feel the energy of the story I just told, like not calm or still, like very agitated, very like I can find an answer like Fran Dickey sort of feeling. And even if I wasn’t acting outwardly frantically, frantic, it definitely inwardly felt frantic. And like, like lots of like swirly emotions, right. So be calm, be still be organized in your thoughts and when When you’re frantic feeling like that you’re not organized in your thoughts.

So I was not like,

I was all over the place Really? Like, do I go? Do I not go? Do I just bring her but then that changes the whole dynamic of what I wanted to experience at the beach? Does it matter?

Could I have a different dynamic? Why

is it Why is he going, he should change? Like, that’s not right, he should change. Why am I always the one to change? Then why am I always the one to change? Like, why aren’t we moving? I wanted to move like, do you see what I mean? So very frantic, he thoughts.

So be organized in your thoughts? And

so I thought about that, and like, how do you actually get organized in your thoughts. And it was really troublesome for me, because there was so much emotion, it felt really difficult to get organized in my thoughts. But here’s what I know, is that our brain really likes when loops are closed, right? This is why

your subconscious will present a thought to

you when you’re driving in your car, or you’re in the shower, or you’re brushing your teeth. That is a thought that is an experience that you had 15 years ago,

it’s because the loop is not closed,

and it wants you to close the loop. So your subconscious wants loops closed, your brain wants these loops closed. And if you have to, it’s like having too many tabs open, everything slows down, you can’t remember what tab you’re supposed to be on. And the whole thing looks really cluttered to you. Right, which adds to how it feels. And so I decided to just start becoming aware of the loops that weren’t closed. And how I identified those was by going to my space. So most of the time I’m in my office in my home office. And I just went through and cleaned up. So cleaning out clutter really can help clean out your mind and clear out that space. But what I realized was when I was cleaning things up, I had a lot of lists, little things with papers written on it, post it notes, these are all pieces of like unclosed loops, they’re all over the place. And I think that for me, I like to when I have a thought I want to write it down. But I realized that writing it down all over the place just was opening more tabs. So I did some real clean out, I use Trello a lot for things if you don’t know what that is Trello tr e Ll o.com, it’s free. And I use Trello for my to do lists for things. And so I just went into Trello, and just brain dumped all of the things that are on my mind, all of the things that I wanted to get out. And then I combined all the lists and little pieces of paper that I had into whatever category they needed to go on my to do list. So having that moment where I was like, actually, remember, for organized thoughts give the most clarity. And I was starting to get some clarity, I was starting to feel better. And so then I just started asking, like what loops need to be closed? And I am one. I believe that there’s power in words, right? I mean, I’m an NLP coach. So the power of your words, but I also and more and more, and I should do a show on this. But more and more believing in the power of actually saying things out loud. Maybe that’s why they say people that are really intelligent, speak to themselves talk to themselves out loud. That seems that seems possible. But what I did was I started asking, and I give directive to my subconscious, subconscious. I have cleaned out my space. And now I would like you to start showing me the other places where I need to close the loop. And I started remembering other things that I’d started or other things that, Oh, I remember I have to go in and change that one little thing inside my course. Or, you know, I meant to get back to that person, like really like updating some of those things in my brain and going oh, that’s another thing. That’s another thing. So now I’m building out this huge list, right? Which, you know, visually the to do list was getting really large, but it felt freeing because I was getting it all outside of my brain, right? So I’m clearing up those tabs. And I noticed I started feeling a lot more creative. And that’s when I really feel good is when I’m being creative. And I noticed that I was starting to have a lot more creative thoughts.

Now remember,

the the point, the reason I was so mad and frustrated about the whole trip to the beach, was because I thought like, like if I knew I was moving to the beach in six months, and then I found out next week I couldn’t go to the beach. I’d be like, oh, that stinks. But you know what? It’s fine. I’ll try to get there another time before we move. Right? It would feel different. And so I realized that as I was getting this order agonized thoughts give you the most clarity, I realized that, you know, clarity gives hope, I realized that I hadn’t, I had no hope. It was my hope that was missing. And that’s what was making me so sad. Like sad and desperate feeling right, really thirsty for the thing. So there’s a really good quote in a course in miracles. And it’s in if you’re a course in miracles person, it is in the manual for teachers. And it says

this, it says those who

are certain of the outcome, can afford to wait and wait without anxiety. And I realized that I was the clarity I was getting was that I was really upset about it. Because I, I was having anxiety because I was having to wait because I didn’t have the hope, because I didn’t believe it was really going to


So I realized that there was a faulty belief in me. And when we talk about the law of attraction, and we talk about manifesting, what’s the one thing you have to do? You have to believe, right? So let’s go through this again. So we’re in the right spot. So be calm, be still be organized in your thoughts for organized thoughts get give the most clarity. So now I’ve cleaned up my thoughts have gotten a ton of organization to stuff, right, I’ve asked my subconscious to bring me things that need to be closed loops that need to be closed, and so that I can live in this place of clarity, because clarity, gives hope. And then I remembered that Course in Miracles quote, and I was like, oh, and then what’s next is hope, leads to right action. So if I’m trying to manifest something, and I’m not in the right place, I don’t really believe it’s gonna happen. I’m not seeing the little signs, right, I’m not seeing the next right actions that would get me to that place, because I don’t really think I’m going to that place. I think I’m staying right here. So what I would actually see is the next right actions to stay here. So right action leads to truth.

And I believe that that is truth

for who we are, and what we are as in our souls, right, the truth of who we are. And then the last little part, you are all you’re meant to be already, there’s nothing more, but you must believe that to see more experience more and have more, what do we do? Like when we want to have another experience we think like, like, Okay, so here’s how I’ll explain it. So like, have you? Do you have any friends right now that are going on spring break? And you

see them on Facebook? And what do you do you go,

that must be nice. Or like somebody gets I’m not a car person. But I know some times some people are car people, right? So you see your neighbors getting really nice new car, and you’re like, well,

that must be nice. How’d they do that?

Right? That is truly, that is truly the point where you are not believing that you are meant to have that thing that you are already everything you’re meant to be. And that you just have to step into that, to believe that I have somebody that I’ve listened to a few of her podcasts. And I really, I’ve liked her. I’ve enjoyed listening. And she calls herself like she’s a teacher, let’s just say so she calls herself an international teacher. And I was like, Why did she say that international? Like, why did she say that? I got like, where I was like, what does that mean? And then I was like, I have clients all over the world. I have clients in London I have in Ireland, I have Australia, all over the country all in Canada,

like, and then I was like, I’m International.

I’ve just I’ve just taken myself International, you guys. But listen, you’re all and I have somebody in Turkey that messages me and listens to the show. And I think she’s super cool. So do you see like, we are all we’re already meant to be already. There’s nothing more because in my mind, what did I think I have to be here because I’m not enough to actually be the kind of person that would have a big enough business where I can just move to the beach,

right? But I

already have everything that I need. Sometimes we need something that makes us go whoa, wait a second. I am already that

I already can do that.

Everything you want to do and be and have is already all around you. You’re not born in a deficit. But you have to believe so that you start to see the path. And you start to see the next right action so that you can get to your truth. And the truth is that you’re already that you’re already there. You’re already you have everything in you that you need to get to where you want to go and what you want to have them be and the impact you want to have on the world. And then the last part, be excited because it is now Okay, so I had heard two different downloads about be excited because it’s now and look first time it was just that one sentence. It’s a combination, a mixture of that and something else. And I was like, but I’m not excited, not excited. I mean, I am in a subdivision in Buford, Georgia, not excited. And then I was like, You know what? I could live in a really safe neighborhood. And I know this is so basic, right? Because you’re like, it’s still not the beach. But am I missing something? Like the things that I love at the beach is that it makes me calm, right? It allows my brain to chill out. I believe that’s what it is. I get in a really calm meditative, like space Zen like space, like immediately when I’m there, and I sort of live in that space. I don’t live in that space when I’m here. So can I like, Can I can I get outside every day and these in a Zen like space, meditative space. And so yesterday, it was nice. It’s rained all year here in Georgia all winter. It’s rain. I mean, like rain, rain rain, we made like, every day, I feel like it’s every single day. And there’s jokes about it, right? We all need to live on boats. But yesterday, it was beautiful. And I went outside, and I watched my dogs. And I had a moment when I was walking when I was like, I just felt like I was at the beach. Like it was like three seconds. So I know it’s possible. And what if I could get in that space? If I could get in that space, I could get to where I wanted to be because I wouldn’t need to get there. Right? So I offer all of that to you to just maybe look at your own situation in a different way. Something maybe that you’ve struggled with or wished was different, or need clarity on, become, be still be organized in your thoughts.

For the organized

thoughts give the most clarity and clarity gives hope. And hope leads to right action, and right action leads to the truth. All right. So I have one more little thing before we go. years ago when I started the podcast, and I started with it, a Facebook group. And it was the art of living big community. And I was really excited about it. And I did a lot of lives and shared a lot in there. And we built a little community in there. But when my daughter got really sick, like a year and a half ago, I was really overwhelmed. And so I archived the group, because I just couldn’t keep it up. And I tried to unarchive it a few months ago. But I think because it had been archived Facebook, didn’t show the messages to anybody unless you were a friend of mine on Facebook. So I was posting stuff, but like there was like, nobody was even seeing it. You know, as the group owner, you see how many people actually see it. And nobody was even seeing it. And I was getting frustrated. And, you know, I’ve done, like the pop up group for platform to profit here recently. But I was feeling more, you know, I like to I like in that group talking about the business stuff. But I feel like there’s a wider calling of what I really teach, right. And if I’m really being calm and still and organized in my thoughts, it is it is it is a much more, it’s a much bigger message, right. And so I decided to create a new group so that Facebook wouldn’t penalize me for having archived it. And so if you’d like to find me, it’s the art of living big community, you can actually go to the art of living big.com, it’ll actually push you right into the Facebook group. So nobody is in there yet. It is just me. I this morning, there were a couple people requested, but I haven’t announced it yet. So I wanted to invite you guys to join me, I’m thinking maybe I’ll start doing the podcast live from there, you know? Yeah, so maybe do some fun stuff and really build a really good community. That’s really was my intention when I started. And when I started this whole show, it wasn’t just for me to be talking to you. But it was to have like a much deeper connection to each other. Because I think that all of us that listen, are on this same path together. And when we come together, that’s when the power really happens. So I invite you to join me over there. The art of living, Greg calm and, you know, I’ll see you guys next week regardless. All right, as always,

here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.


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