156: Making Decisions From Your Higher Self - Betsy Pake

156: Making Decisions From Your Higher Self


Episode 156

Today I talk about making decisions from your soul or from your mind.


You’re listening to Episode 156 of The Art of Living big. Hey, everybody, welcome to today’s show. All right, so I’ve got a good show for you, although it’s taken me a little while because I sat here and sat here and sat here. And I thought, I’ll be able to bang this out early this morning. But it just wasn’t coming to me. And then all of the sudden, I was like, oh, duh.

So we’ve got our show,

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So I just want to remind you that we do have a Facebook group, and you can find it where you can find it on Facebook, or you can just go to the art of living big calm, it’ll actually pump you right into the Facebook group. I just think it’s easier than searching, but you do whatever you like, The Art of Living big. If you search for that, that’ll probably come up too. So anyway, I will see you guys inside the group. And now let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host,

Betsy Pake. I’m an international expert

in manifesting from your subconscious. And this podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Good morning, everybody. Okay, I just recorded the whole show, but my mic wasn’t on. So we’re gonna do it again. It’s totally fine. It’s like a good warm up.

And actually, I only got like partway through. And then I realized that the little, you know how the little things that show your speech, you know, like little sound waves seemed really tiny. And so I was like, maybe I should listen. And I listened to it sound like I was talking through a tin can. So anyway, this is been the story since I came back from the beach. So let me tell you, if you listened to last week’s episode, you know, I was at the beach and it was like heaven, it was like heaven. I have to tell you that. I got home. Well, while I was there.


I felt like I was vibrating so high. I almost felt giddy like I was drunk or something. Do you know what I mean? Like I was so just everything was great. Like, everything was great, everybody, I thought I went and saw my dad and like, everything was so great. And I just felt like super connected, I would sit and meditate.

And I felt like I could truly hear the things I’d been wanting to hear. And I just felt so good. And I saw a little article recently on the internet. And it was on the internet. So I don’t know if it was true. But it said that there are like a percentage of the population that feels like they’re floating, when they’re around all the negative ions that are available at the beach. And that with the ocean and the water and the salt and all that stuff. It creates a different atmosphere basically, right?

So the negative ions in the air. Some people have a reaction to it. And when I read that, I was like, I don’t know if that’s true. But if it is, I’m one of those people that has the reaction because I felt like I was floating. So I came home on Monday, and I actually kept the good vibes go in till, like probably like Wednesday, I noticed it started to fade off.

And, you know, part of me was like, well, is that just real life? You know, you come back from, like a space where you don’t have the same responsibilities, right? Like, I know, my dogs looking at me and have all that stuff. But I am of the belief that it was something more so just extra clarity, right? So anytime we have contrast, which is like the things we don’t like, and we have the clarity, which to me is like the things we do like and so it was just really clear about that that’s a place for me.

And that’s where I can operate at my highest peak. And that’s where I’m supposed to be so you know, continuing down the path so I feel like that’s coming fast and furious. So with all that said, I came back and on Saturday, I I had on Instagram there is a metaphysical store that I love called modern mystic. And they had posted something on Instagram about

like what does a modern mystic mean to you?

I wrote whatever it was, and they messaged me and asked if I would be in a commercial. So I went on Saturday and was in the commercial and I said like I’m Betsy and I am

a modern mystic.

He said like what I thought it was to me

was really fun

and you know, they gave me a big old gift cards. So I’m gonna go back with my daughter this week and, you know, do a little shopping. But it was just really fun to be a part of somebody else,

building something really

cool that they love. And that is totally in alignment with who they are, right. So the owner of that store was there. And it’s just, it’s so her. And she’s really cool. And like it was just really fun to be a part of so

good things,

good things, even back here in the landlocked area of Atlanta, Georgia. So you may notice that there is new cover art for the show. So just sort of keeping it all in line, the picture that I had was, you know, the picture that I started out with a show with three years ago, and it is like a three or four year old picture. And I feel like I’ve changed and evolved so much that the picture might look like me, but internally, it’s not me and I just felt good needs to be upgraded. So they’ll notice some little changes. And that is one of them.

So today, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about

decision making. Because I am recognizing like when I was at the beach, how great I felt and then there becomes a decision, right. And you may have this too, like you may be at work and you notice how bad it feels. And you realize that there is upcoming a decision. Or with your help, right, you’re walking up the stairs and you realize you’re huffing and puffing and you realize there’s the decision.

So whatever area of your life, there’s going to come this point where it almost feels like the tipping point where you’ve been dealing with it, you’ve been walking up the stairs, and you’ve kind of noticed that your breath is getting heavy just walking up the stairs. And then there’s a day where you do it and you’re like, Oh, I’m not doing that anymore. Right? Oh, all of a sudden, I’m done. And so I wanted to talk about that, and about actually making decisions and about changing things.

You know, I talk to people almost every day that are trying to make really huge decisions, like big decisions, changes in their life, decisions on whether to stay in a relationship or go decisions on whether to stay in a job or move someplace new or stay in a relationship and or whether to coach with me. Right? So decisions.

There have been a couple times in my life recently. I mean, a lot of times in my life, but recently where I felt propelled forward, there was a decision to make. And I felt compelled to make the decision, even though rationally I knew that the decision made zero sense. And if I told somebody else, this is the decision I made, they’d be like, what,

why? Why would you do that.

And in those moments, I knew that it was my inner self

that was moving me forward, it was my

inner self that got big enough in my body to override what my mind was saying. And so in those moments, I felt this excitement and overwhelming place of peace. But here’s the reality, I have to make decisions every day where that doesn’t happen. I make decisions every day. And you probably do too. Where your mind is going do this, or should I do this? Or should I do that? or What should I do? And here’s the reason that that’s happening when we make decisions, and this is going to go against everything that you thought, but just hear me out for a second. When we make decisions.

We’re actually making decisions through this huge filter. So it is the filter of what would my what would I What have I learned what did I learn from zero to seven? What did I learn about the world? And what is right? And what are the right decisions to make? Right? So my dad used to always say, Get your act together. I often think I gotta get my act together. like is this getting my act together? Would this be if I make this decision? Is this getting my act together? Or is this not?

And that is a filter from my dad. That’s a filter that’s probably from his dad and from his dad before him. And so we have all of these filters. So when we’re making decisions, we’re not necessarily making decisions based on what’s right for us. We’re making decisions based on what is right for all of the people that told us what is right. So I want you to notice, as you’re as you’re moving through the world, and you’re going throughout your day today, and you’re starting to see places that you could make choices, and can you can you recognize and see the difference and lots of times people call this a gut feeling and I think that feels better to people.

But can you recognize where there is a gut feeling? And where you’re using your mind. And when you’re using your mind, almost May, I’m gonna say like, 90% of the time, if I’m not using my gut at all, then I’m not making decisions that actually propel me in the place I want to go. When I make decisions from my gut, they seem, you know, where someone else would say, like, Oh, my God, that’s crazy.

Why would you do that? Those are the decisions that start to move me forward, because those are the decisions that my soul is making, and my soul has come here to expand. So it makes sense. So this week, in our group coaching, I did a training on how to actually recognize what your soul is saying, you may, you may get clear, this is

what my soul is saying, This is what my body is saying.

But I’m still going to choose to use my mind, because I am scared. I’m, I don’t want to make the wrong decision, right? So you start second guessing yourself. You You feel like there’s this huge fear. If I make this decision, then this bad thing is going to happen.

But what if,

what if you could move through the world, and every time you made a decision, you could connect to your inner self, you knew that that was the right decision, because you knew that it was coming from a place


wholeness and growth, and not from a place of fear and scarcity and lack, which is what your brain is doing? Right? Your brain is designed to keep you safe. It’s designed to keep you small, it’s designed to keep you exactly right where you are. So as you’re making decisions, and you’re having that feeling, it’s doing its job, it’s exactly right. But you have to decide where you want to propel yourself forward from. And honestly, there may be times where you’re like, I’m gonna play it safe. That’s what feels right right now.

And that’s what I want to do.

But if you want to grow and take leaps, and become that version of yourself that’s in your head of who you want to be, you’ve got to start relying on your inner Knower, you’ve got to start relying on your gut feeling, you’ve got to start taking risks, I put that in quotes, risks, that I don’t believe are truly risks, because they’re coming from a place

of knowing.

Now, I took one of these risks.

When I have taken these risks, let me say this, and I already kind of mentioned this, but I feel like propulsion like I am Oh my God, I’m frantic almost to do the thing that I had held back from doing.


I’m going to tell you one of them.

Although this may seem really silly to you, but

I don’t know, it’s probably

a year over a year ago, too. It was Oh, it was over a year ago was like a year and a half ago, I had followed by a coach and wanted to take her course. And, you know, I followed her. And I don’t follow her anymore, although it’s just you know, it just kind of, you know how things come in and out of your awareness, right. But I wanted to take her course, but I had an issue because I thought I already know everything she’s gonna teach. Like, sometimes we do that, right.

We’re like, I need to know more, I need to know more about really, we don’t we already know. But she was where I wanted to be in my business. And so I thought she must know something that I don’t know. And so I want to get closer to her. So let me go ahead and take this course. And I, I my ego was fighting with me, Betsy, you already know it, you’re not going to learn anything, why would you pay all that money and you’re not going to learn anything.

And finally, the course closed. And the next day, I was walking through my bedroom, and I felt this, like you have to sign up for that course. Which is so silly. So I actually went in, and I was able to see where she had sent a link,

you know, in an email.

And I was able to get in, where I could find the old page she had sent for the signup page, even though if you went to her website, it was closed, and I signed up. So I signed up like a day late, but I was still able to get in. And the course I didn’t learn

really anything new.

But I met

my very best friend through that process. And that best friends I have talked to every day and has

we have coached each other through loads

of hard things. And it essentially propelled my whole evolution forward. I believe that people come into your life for a certain reason. And I believe that my inner Knower knew there’s a path that has to happen and this is going to be the fastest way to get there. There may have been another way for me to meet her. Sounds like I’m really in love with her. I am But there may have been another way for me to meet her or to meet somebody, right, that would have had that kind of impact.

But that was the way the universe saw as the very fastest way. And so it made me sign up. Again, the information was great. I mean, enjoyed the class. But I don’t know that I totally expanded my knowledge. But I totally expanded myself. Because I came into contact with other people and lots of other people in that class that expanded my awareness, expanded the books, I was exposed to expanded, like other podcasts, other teachers, other ways to learn, like, all of that stuff, other healing

modalities like

all of that. So I talked about my friend, Laura, she’s been on the show before, and I talked about that. But it’s not just to her, it was a whole evolution, right, it was a whole, it was a whole way of thinking about things and seeing new opportunities, by having a group of people, like a variety of people that were influencing me.

So the reason I tell you that story is because if I had made that decision with my mind, I never would have done it, I never would have, I would have made a decision with my mind, which would have been the things I could have seen, right. Um, I already know this content. I don’t know, you know what I’m saying, like, I would have gone through and made all these decisions from my mind, but I didn’t, I made a decision from a different space.

And that changed everything.

There was another time recently that I have made a decision that seemed crazy. And, but and again, I felt propelled to do it. It didn’t even make sense. And you’ve probably heard me talk about this, this was last. Like, last summer, at the end of the summer, I joined a coaching group. And I always have a coach, I believe in coaching. But this particular coaching was, like, way more money than I’d ever spent on myself, other than a vehicle in my life.

And if I had used my brain, I never would have done it. But it It literally changed the course of my life. It changed things for me. And so, you know, now looking at it, and I’ve had so both of those courses, right? Both of those times, were times where I was making a decision. It didn’t make sense. It scared the crap out of me.

You know, I got off the phone. I was like, Oh my god, what have I done. But it changed everything for me because I was making a decision based on this expansion and this feeling. And so when you can learn how to do that, and when you can take those risks. And when you can silence your mind that’s just rerunning patterns and trying to keep you safe and small, that I believe is when you start to expand way more rapidly, right. So like I look at my life over the past year,


So many things are different. I started the podcast what like two and a half years ago, if I went back to that first episode, you know how they say if you sit down at a table with yourself today, and yourself, like at 25, and yourself at 15. And you talk about something that happened when you were 15, all the versions of you would explain a totally different experience, right, you would remember it differently, you would have thought you would be processing it differently, the things that would be important would change.

So you would be telling a story to each other that would seem unrecognizable. And I feel like that when I just go back to the very first episode of this show, I’m like, that’s so funny that that’s what I thought like that feels so different than the energy around how I think and how I process things and how I make decisions and how I move forward in my life is so different.

And it shows up in my life in a big, big, huge way. So this week, I would just encourage you to start to notice it doesn’t mean you have to start taking crazy leaps in your life or just listening to your gut, if that feels so foreign to you. But it might be where you just start to notice I am making a decision right now based on my mind. I’m making a decision right now based in scarcity. I’m making a decision right now based on what my mother would have said to me, right or what my parents would want me to do.

All of those things are going to be influencing you. You know, one last little story when I was in college, I started college. And the summer before I went to college, I traveled and I went to Finland and Sweden and Norway and visited some friends there. So I traveled by myself but visited some friends and I came back and that rest of the summer. Well, while I was there, I was reading right and then the rest of the summer I read read read, read read and do you know what i was reading?

I was reading Stephen King. I had never read Stephen King before and for whatever reason, it felt fun to like get out of my brain and just be in a story. And you know, my mom had died the year before and I think it was a little bit of an escape and So I started my freshman year of college. And one of my very first classes, which you know, starting college anyway is like, it’s all new and everybody’s new. And it’s, you’re nervous and you don’t want to be. You don’t want to be not be liked, right?

So like, I start my freshman year. I mean, it’s one of my very first classes. And the professor, I can still see him. He said, who has read this summer? And I raised my hand and he said, Would you read and I said, Stephen King, and he said, garbage, garbage, like, literally to an 18 year old that spent their summer reading, anytime you’re reading anything, like as a kid, especially like, give me a break. As an adult, I say that, but at the time, I felt so terrible.

And I couldn’t pick up a book for fun for years, because it felt indulgent and stupid and wasteful. Why would you listen to that crap, and that garbage? You know, so I couldn’t even read anything for fun. Everything I had read has to be like work related or growth related. And I still struggle with that sometimes. And I know that that’s a decision that comes from that experience, highly emotional. I was in a vulnerable state and it imprinted. So notice this week, when you’re making decisions, where are you making the decisions? Do you feel it in your body? Are you following that? Are you thinking in your mind?

And are you following that? Because I think when you can start to make more decisions from your body, and more decisions from your higher calling, and your soul, that is how you live a big life. I’ll see you guys next week. Thanks so much for listening to this episode. If you found it a value please share it with your friends, tag me on Instagram or leave a review on iTunes or any of your listening apps. If you take a screenshot and you message it to us at support at Betsy pake.com. We will send you a self hypnosis audio on how to change and transmute your limiting beliefs. Thanks so much for listening and keep living big


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