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Episode 161

Today we talk about changing your vibration! In this episode I referenced these things:

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Episodes referenced:

121 with Audrey Wentz

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You’re listening to Episode 161 of The Art of Living big. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the show today. So we’re going to talk today about raising your vibration. And as I did the show, I gave like a ton of resources. And it’s not until late in the show that I say, just go to the show notes. I’ll just put them all there. So as you’re listening, don’t be like, Oh my god, I got to remember all that. If you go to the show notes, which is just the my website, and you’ll see right on the front page, the link the picture of today’s show, if you click on that, it’ll bring you right to the shownotes.

Okay, if you’re in the Facebook group, which you can find by just typing in your browser, The Art of Living big calm, it’ll bring you right to the Facebook group. If you’re in there, I will link to it. That way you can get to it easy, too. If you haven’t checked out the self hypnosis library that I have available, you can go to my website, just go to the menu and you will see the link for self hypnosis library and check that out.

I’m adding to it there’s a few more that are coming out hope every month that we’ll be adding some to it. So if you get in there, you’ll see coming soon, those will be the ones for the next month. So I’m adding adding adding and it’s been a lot of fun. So join us in there if you are interested in learning a little bit more and getting some audios. Also, there are two subliminal audios. That’s just the ocean sounds that I recorded when I was at the beach last month, and embedded underneath our wealth and health.

And so you can just play those in the background like in your office or at night when you sleep. All you’ll hear is the ocean sounds. But underneath, I’m talking and telling you positive things. So if you’re into that, you can check that out on my website. So all right, let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host Betsy Pake. I’m an international expert in manifesting from your subconscious. And this podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life.

Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers, welcome to the show today. It’s funny because I always say to my coaching clients, we’re just adventurers. So when things are bad, or when things are good, it’s just part of the adventure. And I believe that we came here to have an adventure, we came here, like, I believe we go back to this place of pure love and absoluteness and truth. And that’s great. But I think that gets a little boring. And I think we come here to have the adventure.

And I am telling you when I could switch my thinking to thinking more like life was this adventure that I chose to come on. I chose to have the ups and downs and I actually enjoy them. It makes things a whole lot easier. So Hello, and welcome, fellow adventurers. Alright, so today we’re going to talk a little bit about raising our vibe. So I got this question recently. And it’s actually something that I guess I get asked about a lot is how do I go from like feeling low and not feeling that great to raising my vibration? Right, we always hear like stay high vibe, and, you know, being positive?


am of the belief that forcing positive isn’t the answer. So this is something that I know goes against what a lot of coaches would say. And so I want to tell you a little story, and then I want to explain it. And then I want to tell you some ways that you can raise your vibration without feeling like you’re lying to yourself, or trying to avoid or trying to disregard the negative feelings that you might be feeling, right? Because when we have a negative feeling, or we’re feeling down or we’re feeling low, what’s the very worst thing that anybody can say is like,

cheer up, at least it’s not

Monday, or whatever they say, right? It’s the worst. And so when we are in that space, where we’re feeling low or struggling, things aren’t moving in the direction that we want in our reality. Like that’s fair, it’s fair, to not be super high vibe about it and to be disappointed and to be struggling and to be fearful. Like, all of those things or fear are fair, but we don’t want to stay there. Right. So we want to actually have a moment where we accept that this is where we are and this is what’s happening.

And then we can do some clearing and then we can move forward. So I want to tell you a little story. So a few years ago, when my daughter was sick, I had like just a really bad day. Like one thing led to the next thing you know When you you wake up and something goes wrong, or you get bad news, or, you know, my daughter was struggling, and I was late for an appointment, and something didn’t work out the way I wanted.

And it became like a wave of like more and more and more, and I was already stressed out. So I was already at like, it’s sort of like a seven or eight in terms of my stress level. So when those things started going wrong, it became like, all of a sudden, like, Oh, my gosh, I am now I’m at like a nine or a 10. And I didn’t have the escalation that you would typically have, right. So if like today, I started my day at like a one or a two stress level. There’s an escalation period, there’s like more room, right? So what happens when our stress

rises, it leaves

less room for us to escalate. And so the tippy top of our stress becomes closer, right? So it becomes more palpable. So as I wake up in the morning, out from already at a seven or an eight, something goes wrong. Now all of a sudden, I’m like, Oh, my gosh, right. So this is what happened to me. And I have a lovely friend, who was doing her very best. And so this story is not about her not saying the right thing at all. It’s just an example.

So I had all these things go wrong. And she said, petzi, don’t focus on it, don’t focus on it, just focus on the good focus on the good, keep bringing it back to the Good, keep bringing it back to the good. And I remember that day. So clearly, because I could not bring it back to the good. And it made me feel more and more like a failure. And the more she would try to encourage me out of the goodness of her heart. Again, this is not about her, she was trying to be a good friend.

But it made it worse and worse. And it was that day that I decided that it was okay to acknowledge where we are, in fact, it can actually help us to move forward on this scale of moving to a higher vibration. So here’s what I did was I paused, and I felt all the things I was feeling because what’s our reaction right, is we do one of two things, we wallow in it. And I do believe this is a circle. So our emotions are a circle that either spiral up or spiral down.

So the more that I had things happen, and the more I was like, Oh my god, this is this is awful. Like it spiraled down and down and down and down. Her point was focus on the positive. So you start spiraling up. But I believe you have to acknowledge where you are. And go, this is where I am. Now I’m going to go up. Because if you don’t acknowledge it, if you don’t say all this crap just happened to me today, like I’ve had a bad day, my life isn’t working out the way I wanted, and I’m suffering.

If we don’t do that, all it does is gets packed away in our emotions in our in our body, right. And I believe that this avoidance of acknowledging where you are, is what leads to making us sick, chronically stressed, like overdone. Okay, so I want to talk about getting to high vibe, but I also want to just start by saying, acknowledge where you are, you know, this can be by journaling, this can be stopping and having a minute, and you don’t need 10 minutes to meditate.

Maybe you need, like 30 seconds or two minutes, where you just sit and you’re quiet for a minute, right. And you just acknowledge, this is how I’m feeling. Now this is different than you going I’m really stressed. This sucks, like, my life is over. But I’m overwhelmed. Like this is different. So I want to explain how it’s different. So this is a time where you actually check in, and you check in with what you’re feeling I’m feeling and, you know, I find it really helpful.

And I found this really helpful in the beginning, especially to get a list of emotions, because we really define our emotions by a very short range. And the range of emotion is is is vast. And so if the better we can get at identifying what actual emotion Am I having, you know, am I having sadness? No, maybe that’s longing? Is it longing, right? So identifying what it is can actually help you to go, Oh, yeah, acknowledging that,

and having a moment where you’re acknowledging, yeah, I am struggling, this is where I am. This isn’t perfect. This isn’t what I want. Now that I’ve acknowledged it, now I can move forward to what I do want. Now, if you’re a coaching client of mine, we would do some clearing to be able to clear that emotion and then move forward.

So as you move forward, then what do we do then we have to start to think we don’t have to go from like, you know that De that I was having an awful day and I started the day on a seven with my stress, I was not going to joy. I wasn’t like having that moment where I was like, I’ve got to acknowledge where I am and be like, this is okay.

My life experience right now is showing me this. And this is okay. Okay, so I don’t have to go. Alright, so now that I’ve acknowledged it, now I’m going to move to joy. That is just not real life, right? So, Abraham Hicks, and if you’re not familiar with Abraham Hicks, you can go to Episode 70 and 71. That’s like hopping in the Wayback Machine.

But if you go way back, I talk about the law of attraction and I talk about Abraham Hicks. So I’m just going to assume that you know who abraham hicks is. But Abraham Hicks has an emotional scale. And there’s some others you know, David Hawkins has a really good scale of emotions and consciousness. But I’m going to talk about Abraham Hicks.

We’ll talk about David Hawkins maybe next week. So the emotional scale is something like this. It’s like joy at the top passion, optimism hopefulness, right? So all of these, what we would think of is really high vibe, emotions. And then you know, it starts moving down into boredom, being overwhelmed or disappointed, way down, anger, revenge way down at the bottom is jealousy, and then insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, and the very last one is fear, fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness.

So, when you’re in fear, you’re at the very bottom of the scale. If you’re worried about your money, and you’re in fear, and you feel that tension, it’s the very bottom of the scale, if you feel fear about your relationships, or you feel fear about your career, to the very bottom of the scale, so we want to move out of that. But we don’t want to move to joy, immediately, because it’s just not possible if you could do it great. But for most people, that’s just not possible.

So when we look at the scale, and you can just Google it, Google, Abraham Hicks emotional guidance scale, okay, so Google that, and I’ll put it inside the group too. So if you’re in my group, on Facebook, you can get to it. So what I want to do is I want to just move up the scale, you know, if I can move from fear to anger, that’s actually a higher vibration.

Right? You don’t think of it because you’re like, I don’t want to be angry. But I’d rather be angry than in fear. If I can move from anger to worry, that’s actually a higher vibration. So if I can get up to due to frustration, actually, now I’m almost moving into the high vibe, area of the chart, right? So when we look at moving to a high vibration, don’t believe the hype, you have to move and suddenly be like, blissful, and it’s just not real life, like I wish it was. And you know what, some days it is, some days I wake up, and I’m like,

Ooh, this is like, easy, breezy. Life is good. I love my life, right? Usually, there’s the sound of the ocean behind me when those days happen. But it doesn’t mean everyday can’t be good. Because if I’m moving up the scale at all, it means it’s a good day. And it means I’m growing. And it means I’m changing. And it means I am impacting what’s happening in that I am affecting my vibration. So if your life right now is the crapper.

And you’re like, everything sucks, like I’ve been there, I have so been there, everything sucks. I don’t know what to do. All you have to do is move a little bit up and a little bit up. And I am here to tell you that if you do this, and you do this consistently, oh my gosh, your whole life can change. So it doesn’t have to take a long time. It doesn’t have to take years and years. It might take a year. Like I know that I have done it. I came from a place where I was so chronically stressed, right?

You know, and I’ve talked about that with my kid and all the things and that made everything hard, right? made everything hard. So everything was more stressful. I mean, made my having my dogs more stressful, right? Because I already started the day at a seven or an eight. I mean, my relationship more stressful. I mean, my work more stressful.

So as we move up little by little by little things start to change. Now, here’s what the whole like second part of this is, the whole second half of this is going to be now that you’re moving up and you’re changing your vibration. Then what do you do, then how do you actually change your events, okay, so I’m going to jump to that to just talk about that for a minute.

And then we’re going to go Back to actually ways to increase the vibration. Okay? So once I’ve got my vibration higher, I’m going to be seeing different things in my awareness, I’m going to have different things happen, I’m going to notice things. Here’s what happens when you have a different vibration, you have a different story about things that happen.

So if I am in fear, grief, depression, like, really low, and my husband says, Is that a new dress? I’m making this up. But my husband says, Is that a new dress? And I might be like, Well, why do I not deserve a new dress? Right? But if I am in contentment, hopefulness, optimism, and he says, Is that a new dress, then I’m like, Yeah, do you like it? Do you see how the story is different. So my reaction is different. When my reaction is different. Other people react differently to me.

When people react differently to me, my experience changes when my experience changes, my vibration continues to rise, when my vibration continues to rise, I have different stories continuing. And that’s when I start to see what I call the breadcrumbs. So the vision for what I have for my life. And I go back to how I’m acting every day and where my vibration is. My opportunities, the breadcrumbs are different. And it’s getting me to that vision, what much faster, right?

It’s creating a path, that’s easier for me to see. Because my stories are different. So you know, it was interesting, because I used to write I had journals and journals now. Then last year, I bought iPad, with the Apple Pencil, last summer, and, and then I would write every day, but I used to write in a journal. So when my daughter was really sick, I literally had a stack of journals that came up to like my waist, I’m not even joking. And I would write every day what it was I wanted, I wrote the future that I wanted every day.

And it was nothing like my life. Like it was nothing like my life and almost felt like kind of stupid, I would even want that, like be thinking this. But my life was so stressful. It was a way for me to escape that. And just think about what I wanted, what I wanted what I wanted. And that vision was so so clear, you guys, now I have a new vision. But I almost want to cry because I picked up those notebooks because I was importing everything to my new iPad, because I’m very fancy and technologically advanced right now. And the story is my life minus the beach, but the beach now comes to me every three, four weeks, I go to the beach, and I can move to the beach.

Now we’re just trying to figure out the details of it. So like, everything about my life is that vision that seemed totally, like out of control, like, but one part of my vision was that my daughter was thriving and graduated high school and like was like having a plan for a future. And that’s true. Like that just happened. Like, and that might seem like of course she most kids grow up and graduate high school, but not my kid. So she was really sick. And it wasn’t, that’s not the way the path was going right? She couldn’t even go to school. So this is like she’s not even in school, like the school would come here to try to teach her at home.

And that wasn’t even working. She was so depressed. So like, I’m like my story. My vision was very far fetched at the time. But I just wrote it out every day. This is what I want. This is what’s going to happen. This is what my business is going to look like. These are the kind of clients I’m going to have. This is what my relationship with my husband is going to be moving towards. And you know what, everything isn’t perfect, but my relationship with Greg is not perfect, but we’re working on things.

My business isn’t perfect, but I’m working on things. Like I don’t live at the beach, but I’m working on it like it’s an adventure. I’m an adventurer, and the adventure has swung to the vision that I had. And it is because every day, I felt the feeling that I was feeling I cleared the emotion and I tried to move up the scale. I didn’t try to be perfect. I didn’t try to pretend Everything was perfect. I just did what I felt and tried to get higher and higher and higher. Okay, so then how do we get higher?

Really? Because that’s the question, right? So in Episode 85, if we go into the Wayback Machine, there is an episode on the to do list. And that was something that I used to do pretty often I did at that time and I did the episode on it and then I would use that a lot. Which you can listen to that to hear more about that. Abraham Hicks has a lot of different ways that we can move up the scale. Here are the things that I do so meditation and being quiet.

I have a couple of guided meditations that I really love. That help me move my vibration. There is one on beliefs that I did. It’s kind of weird because it’s my own voice. But now I’m sort of used to hearing my own voice on my hypnosis. But there’s a, if you leave a review of the show, like on iTunes, or whatever listening app, and you just screenshot it, and you email it to us, we will just email it to us at support at Betsy pake.com. Or you can just go to the website and submit it there, we will send you that audio. So we’ll send you the belief hypnosis for free.

So I use that often, because it helps me identify the beliefs, which is what I’m thinking, right? my beliefs are just things I’m constantly thinking and shift those things. So meditation, being quiet, having time where I was just reflecting in even having that time where I was just sitting and feeling my feelings and identifying my feelings, that was extremely helpful. So identifying my feelings using a huge chart with all the emotions on it.

So if you’ve ever heard we did an episode on the emotion code with Audrey Wentz, I’m going to go and see if I can find it. But I love Audrey, I use, I use her often to to be able to help me kind of clear my energy. But if you go with the emotion code there, so that that episode was 122 with Audrey Wentz, and it was called removing your heart wall with emotion code. So I use Audrey all the time to clear emotions now

that are stuck, like in my energetic field. But if you go emotion code, if you just Google that there is a free download with 60 emotions on their website. And, you know, that’s a great place. That’s a great chart to use. So you can just use that chart, look at the emotions, and it is sort of validating, right. I remember the first time I met with Audrey, and she was saying the emotions she was picking up on. And they were so specific, you know, they weren’t happy, sad, hopeful, but they were specific. And it it validated it for me. It was like, Oh, yeah, that’s totally it. And so that I find to be really helpful.

So Google that and get the list. And then identify your emotions. So that’s one way meditating. Having that quiet time. That’s another way switching your beliefs. I also have another one that I use for a long time. I haven’t used it probably in a couple years, but I used to use it a lot. And it is a Bob Proctor all this stuff. There’s so much stuff I’m telling you. I’m gonna put it all in the show notes. Okay, so let’s make it easy. Just go to the show notes on my website, and you will see it.

Okay, so Bob Proctor has a really great guided hypnosis meditation that is called What’s it called? I’m going to link to it. But it was provided by mind Valley and the online app, but he has it for free on YouTube. So that one, I actually found really, really helpful. And I used to do it every day, like multiple times a day.

And that one really helped me too. So I’m going to link to that in the show notes. And I’ll put it in the Facebook group if you’re in there, too. Okay, so those are a couple ways the to do list, meditation, guided meditations, just acknowledging your feelings just sitting in acknowledging your feelings. So there’s four ways. The other thing that I want to tell you about is that

Abraham Hicks has a book and it’s called asking it is given I use this book, I’ve used this book for years, it’s so great, you can get the audio book, and I have that, but I find the book much better because it’s almost like a cookbook, with I don’t know, maybe twice they’re like 20 different things in here. 20 different processes that can help raise your vibration.

Okay, so I’m going to put that on my favorite things list so you can find it. Now you might be wondering, what’s your favorite things list, if you go to my website, Betsy Pake calm and just go to the menu, you’ll see Betsy his favorite things, and I’ll just link it there. So you can find it easy, so you know which one I’m talking about.

So that one can really, really help. Now the cool thing is that Abraham has a chart. And it is a chart that says Like, if you’re in worry, do these processes like do for 719, right, so it actually can guide you. So this can be really helpful because you don’t have to like look through them, it’ll give you like, go right to this one, go right to that one.

So I think that those can be really good. So I want to leave you that I’ll let you explore that on your own and I won’t go over those specifically. But the other thing that I do is I use music a lot. So it’s a really hard to stay low vibe. If you have music on I have been bawling my head off and put good music on and then I’ll be bold.

My head off, but like standing up and kind of dancing, do you know what I mean, but still bawling my head off. So releasing the emotion, but I can feel it releasing, which allows me to move forward right to raise up. So I have on Spotify, some lists that are like my high vibe lists, right, so my high vibration list my go to anytime I’m not feeling great, I will just turn that on. And typically it takes one song, I will shut the door to my office and I will turn on a song and I will put my hands in the air.

So when I put my hands in the air, it changes my brain chemistry. And that can help raise my vibration too. So I turn on music, brain chemistry, like get a high vibration, like I just let it flow through me. And it, it really does help. Now there is a point where if you’re really low, it feels uncomfortable to change, it almost feels good to be stuck.

And if you’ve ever been really low or really stressed or chronically, you know, chronically stressed, you’ll know what I mean. Like it just it almost it feels hard to make the jump. So music can be a way that you can make that leap, and it doesn’t feel so forced, it doesn’t feel so difficult. And once you make the leap and you get out of where you are, then it’s a natural movement, right because you have momentum. So use music to your advantage, you know, make some playlists when you’re in a high vibe place.

If I’m ever out and I hear a song and I think Oh, I love this song I immediately opened my phone and Shazam it so that I can save it right? So I want to have like something that I can go to when I’m low that I don’t have to think and go what songs do I really like because when I’m low I’m not gonna know. So I have multiple lists, right?

So lists that make me feel like I want to work out was that make me like all these different things to help put me in the space of moving into a higher vibration. So I hope that those things help you if you have ideas or things that you do, I would love to hear head into our Facebook group you can go to the art of living big.com just type that into your browser and it will push you right to the Facebook group so you can find us and share there. I’m gonna put all the details for all of the things that we talked about today inside the show notes so you can find it easily. And I don’t want you to forget that

if you are

looking to change your subconscious and you want I have a free training if you want to learn a little bit more about that. You can just go to my website you can go to Betsy Pake Jett calm, and right there, there’ll be a free training, turn your crisis into your transformation, you might find that helpful. It gives the five steps that I use with my

clients to help move them

from where they are into where they want to go. So I hope to see you guys all soon. I hope you have an awesome week and I will see you next time. Thanks so much for listening to this episode. If you found it a value please share it with your friends, tag me on Instagram or leave a review on iTunes or any of your listening apps. If you leave a review and you take a screenshot please email it to us at support at Betsy Pake calm and we will send you a self hypnosis audio that will help you break down any limiting beliefs that you have. So thanks so much for sharing. Thanks so much for leaving your review. And don’t forget to join us inside our Facebook group by going to the art of living big.com and I’ll see you there


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