174: Manage Overwhelm & create the change you desire - Betsy Pake

174: Manage Overwhelm & create the change you desire


On todays show Betsy talks about overwhelm and managing things so you can continue to move forward toward your desires.

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You’re listening to Episode 174 of The Art of Living big. Hello, everybody I missed last week, I’m sorry. And I’m going to talk about it on today’s show, talk a little bit about overwhelm, and schedules and all of the things. So a couple quick things. Before we get going, I wanted to let you know that one of the things that I have been working on, and you may have heard me talk about Audrey in Episode 122. She is the emotion code practitioner that I met with and I still meet with all the time and I love her. But I have had such shifts using emotion code that I decided to get certified myself. And so I’m just about finished that process. It has been really remarkable and really, really fun. Emotion code is the idea that emotions from different events get lodged and stuck in our bodies. And if we don’t process them, and for whatever reason, maybe it was a big trauma, or maybe it was just an emotion that we kind of shoved down, it can actually cause an imbalance and cause some trouble, either right off or later on down the road. And so I have found such a big shift myself with this. And if you listen to Episode 122, I have said, like, I don’t know why it works, but it works. So it’s so amazing. So now I do understand a little bit more about how it works going through this process. But what I wanted to tell you was that I have been doing, I have been doing some practice sessions on people. And they’re they’re pretty short sessions like 20 to 30 minutes. But I have been putting a link inside the Facebook group and I did one round where I got a bunch. And I think I’m going to be needing some more people to practice on. So if you want to jump in the Facebook group, it’s the art of living big.com will take you right to the Facebook page. But you can jump in there. And I’ll let you know when I’m going to be posting the link. I’ve got it. I’m going to figure that out here in the next week what I’m missing and add those those spots so that you guys could get those spots if you want them. So it’s been really fun. And it’s been so fun to connect with people. And to get to do this work. It really is. It is honor to be able to do the work that I do so. So again, you can get there by going the art of living big.com will pump you right into the Facebook group. And if you haven’t watched my training yet, you know you can go to my website, Betsy Pake calm. There’s a free training there that you can watch. It’s a masterclass on five shifts to help you move from overwhelm to move from your crisis into one of the greatest transformations. I believe that we are here as growth seeking beings, and that we can use our crisis and our trouble and our overwhelm, to be able to create something really incredible for ourselves. So check that out. And now let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an international expert in manifesting from your subconscious. And this podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Good morning, fellow adventurers. Welcome to today’s show. Today, we’re gonna get into a little bit of like overwhelm,

and how to create the change that you really desire. I think being in overwhelm is a issue that happens. I mean, it happens to all of us, right? But it happens. And then we get that feeling that like, Oh my God, I’ve got to change my life, but then you’re in overwhelm. So it’s like, even harder to start to shift and change, because you’re totally overwhelmed. So that was me the last couple weeks, which is why you didn’t have a show last week. But I I’ve had some interesting things happen. So I wanted to share with you and and some of the new things that I’ve been implementing, to be able to conquer that so. So today, instead of like the storytime episodes that we’ve had the last couple weeks, it’s gonna hopefully be a little bit more strategy and stuff that you guys can implement to if it helps you. So, you know, you know when we’re in the weeds? Well, I mean, I suppose we use that term in the weeds because we feel like we can’t see, right, we’re in the weeds and we cannot see anything to the front and to the side. And we’re just overwhelmed. And typically, when we get in that state, it’s really hard to be able to make adjustments or to even see what needs to be done until we sort of get a hold of our schedule. And I think in our world, we’re super over scheduled. There’s not a lot of time, where we’re just downtime. Where we just like can be you know This past weekend, I watched Eat, Pray, Love. It’s such a good movie. And I’ve seen it before. And I’ve read the book and but I was like, trying to relax,

I was trying to relax.

And so I was like, I’m gonna watch that. But they talked about that about how Americans are. So have such a difficult time just being, like just relaxing and enjoying the moment. And I look at my schedule, and I look of my lists of things that I want to do and accomplish. And it can feel really overwhelming. And sometimes, you know, I’ll look at other people, you know, we’re scrolling on Instagram or talking to friends. And we’re like, how do they have time to do all that. And what I have come to believe, is that they have systems.

So I’m going to talk about that.

So you know, we’re in the weeds, we don’t see how things could get better where we could shift. And for me, interestingly, over the last month or so, I have felt almost as if I’m like a flying above the weeds, I can see that I’m in the weeds, I can see that the weeds are there. But I can actually I can I have a different vantage point where I feel like I have a pretty good overview, like I can see what challenges might be coming ahead. And I can see where things might be better if I shift or focus energy in a different space. So although I have been in the weeds, I have felt pretty calm for the most part. But I can see that things are starting to like pick up and shift. And I knew that coming up, I was going to have a challenge where I was going to drop rate down into those weeds and not be able to see which way to go if I wasn’t careful. And so I decided that I needed to implement some new ways of doing things. So I wanted to talk to you about those new ways and some things that I found that might help you so that you don’t end up in the weeds either. So for me, I was starting to notice that I would have these really good ideas, things that I really wanted to do. And some of them were small things inside my business or do for my coaching clients. And some of them were larger things making larger shifts in the business, providing a better experience for my clients, and creating. And you’ve probably heard me talk about it, but creating a retreat, and having that time where people could get away from real life, and really work on themselves and have some fun, right. So like a little mini creating the balance weekend. And so those have just been things that have really been on my mind. And because of the busy ness of day to day life, right? We all have busy within our work, and then also some challenges in my personal life. So just different things that have been going on. I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram, but you saw that I I bought a new car last week. And I have promised my daughter that I would give her a car. And so when she, you know got her license, and she’s 17 so she’s about to get her license. And I have a Prius and so I’ve always told her I would give her the Prius and I love that little car, y’all, it gets the best gas mileage ever. And so I was sort of delaying because I didn’t know what else I would ever buy and I just liked it and I like consistency for the most part. So finally, I was like I’m gonna give this to her and I’m gonna just find a car that’s really good. So long story short, I found this little spider fiyat that was so cute. I named her Sophia she’s white. And I got her from carmax she had super low mileage and I like car max because I don’t like to buy a brand new car unless I know I’m going to keep it forever like the Prius I did. So

I got it. I got it home. I bought it

and 10 minutes after I bought it the key fob started beeping you know how if you step out of your car when the car is running, it’ll beep so it was doing that while I was driving. And I drove around for 24 hours. replaced the batteries in the key fob. It wasn’t that that called could not find a dealer to work on it. There’s one dealer in all of Atlanta that works on Fiat’s and they were not very customer friendly. So I was like, I don’t want to deal with this. carmax lets you bring the car back for seven days. So I was like I’m returning it. And so I mean, I had her 24 hours and I returned her. So in all of that took a chunk of my time. Do you know what I mean? Like it was it was hours and hours of buying the car, riding in the car, changing the bringing her back to get the batteries changed. Calling dealers. Like all of this stuff, I was like, I can’t do this, I don’t have the time, which I think was the tipping point. having that experience that made me go, I don’t have a good structure right now or a good system, because having that experience threw me off. And like, we didn’t have a podcast last week, like I just, I really didn’t have any time to be able to do it. And so and so it kind of made me look at things. And it made me look at things in a little bit of a different way. And one of the main things that I noticed was that it was imperative that I have a morning routine. And I have been off and on with my morning routine, we did a morning routine challenge in the Facebook group, if you’re not in there, you can jump in there, if you just type in your browser, The Art of Living big.com, it’ll forward you right to the Facebook group. But inside there, there’s the videos that I did for the five days. And I really have a good structure for a morning routine. But I wasn’t consistent. And it was because I didn’t have the time. And I knew that I needed to have this, this block of time where I could feed into myself. Because the rest of the day we’re feeding into everybody else, right? You’re you’re producing work for your boss, for working with your coworkers, you know, being just interacting with people, right? Taking care of your family making dinner, you know, all of these things with your kids and driving, and you’ve got to be able to carve time away for yourself. And I think there’s part of me that thought, Well, my kids, like, you know, she’s already moved out and going to school, and I don’t have her at home. So I can, my schedule is more flexible. And I work from home. So my schedule is more flexible. So I could meditate at three o’clock in the afternoon if I wanted and I don’t have to do it in the morning. But here’s the reality, right. And we both know, and I’m, I know I need I’m, I’m being honest with myself, I got to do it, I’ve got to carve out the time in the morning, or else it doesn’t get done. It’s way too easy to push that stuff off. And so having that moment where I was like, Okay, I can see now I have this overview of what’s happening. And if these hours, these few hours with the car, like threw me off, I’ve got to buckle down and figure things out now, even as I just am the word police, so I just use the word buckle down. But I’ll tell you that buckle down doesn’t feel bad. To me that actually feels good having structure I have, I love the flow. But I also have a real masculine side to me in terms of liking lists, and the energy behind that. So buckle down felt really good. I was like, I’m gonna buckle down and I’m gonna get things organized. I love to organize clean stuff out. So that’s me and how I am. So I really took another look at my morning routine and created space for myself. And for me, that really meant setting my alarm and getting up earlier. Now, I like going to bed early. And I am I always get like eight hours of sleep. So I just go to bed earlier so that in the morning, I could get up and do my morning routine. And I bet if you look at your life, you’re probably up like I was, you know, I’ll go up and I’ll be up in my room, like I’m going to bed. But really I’m like scrolling on Facebook for 20 minutes or whatever. And honestly, that was 20 minutes that I could get to get more sleep so I could get up earlier and be focused. Or also like read reading I’ve been doing lately at night and it’s really helping me to wind down I moved to the plug for my phone so that it’s not next to my bed. It’s across the room. So I plug it in and then I get into bed and then I can’t even just grab it to like quick google something you know, which ends up being like then checking my email and checking. So moving it across the room was really helpful for me.

I use my phone for my alarm though, right and i don’t like having an alarm going off and having it like beeping forever like that. I I’ll jump right up when the alarm goes off, but I don’t like the beeping. So for me, I have an Alexa and I have it in my bedroom. And so I set up Alexa so that she plays a song at the time I needed to get up. So that sort of was my workaround, if you have those tools or you have a way to be able to use a different method so that you can put your phone away from you. I really think it helps me get a better sleep and I think it’s helping me to lessen my screen time during the day right because I’m not spending like an hour at night on the phone. So really the first thing is creating that morning routine creating the time for myself space to Fill my cup space to pour into myself in the morning. I have gotten up and done Morning Routine this morning, I’m recording really early, because that’s the timeframe that I could see where I could fit this in right now, as I’m restructuring stuff. So I’m going to talk about that. And so creating morning routine, creating the space for yourself. Now, if you have kids, or you have little kids, this can be really hard, because when they hear you get up, they might get up. And so you might have to be creative with it, it doesn’t matter when you do it, or how you do it. It’s just that you do it. So see what works right for you, and create that space for yourself. The second thing was I needed to get really clear, I’ve got a lot of goals and dreams and ideas and things I wanted to do for my coaching clients and things I wanted to do for my business and some reorganization and retreat planning and all of these things. And I could see that having some of those things dangling out there without moving on them or not having a resolution was taking up my brain power. And know this sounds kind of odd. But you’ve probably heard me talk about the retreat before. And I still will, it’ll come up in my head, I thought I had sort of closed the loop that I need to do the retreat once I am clear on where we’re moving to. Because having both of those things out dangling around was overwhelming. And so

I have,

I realized I was still thinking about the retreat about the retreat. So I was like, it must be that I there’s something in me that really wants to plan that and get that going. And so I started to look at that. So I started to look at all the things that were dangling all of the things that I have going through my head, and I did a brain dump and made a list, right? Like I said, I’m a big list maker. So I like that, so that I could really look at it and say these are the things what are the things that I could really do? And where am I being inconsistent? Right? So I’m I’m getting clarity, these are the things I need to do. I’m being inconsistent, that I keep thinking about the retreat, but I haven’t taken action and moving on it. What would I need to do? So really think through what would I need to do to take action on that? What are the steps? And then when I looked at the steps, can I do those? Or could I delegate those to somebody else. So anytime we have overwhelmed,

being get getting that clarity, and really mapping it out, you know, writing it out, and sometimes when I’ve done this in the past, I’ll take like a big, they sell those big coloring book pages for kids at like Target. And they they’re the kind of they have a handle in the paper. So they’re just these big blank pages and their coloring pages. And it’s this like book that has a handle, you know, so a little kid or me could walk at a target holding it in their hand. So I really like using that and using like colored pens or colored markers because color will let me just describe what I do. So I write out all of the different issues or things that I’m working on. And then I can kind of see how to group them together. So what happens is when we’re writing things out, and we use colored markers, or colored, colored markers, or colored pens, is that it makes it more visual, our brain sees it as a picture. And so I’m going to process it in a different way. And it can help me to problem solve, it can also help me to remember things. So it could be that I’m writing out retreat in red marker. And then I’m remembering something else that could go with that, because I’m seeing it more as a picture. And my subconscious works in picture and emotion. So if your kids are having trouble in school, have them take notes with colored pens, because it creates a picture for your brain. So your brain actually interprets it a little bit differently. So just a little side note. So lots of times I like to do this with a big, blank sheet of coloring paper and colored markers and kind of map out things and see where things could connect or where I could get help. Where can I delegate things. So clarity is huge. And when I had this clarity, I could see that the biggest one of the biggest issues for me was that my, my overwhelm was creating this pattern of inconsistency. So you know, missing the podcast last week, and I missed it for vacation, which is fine, but I missed it in February because I was sick. And when we start to create space for us to not do the thing. It makes it easier and easier to not do the thing, right. So I did it in February, and then I did it here last month, and then all of a sudden I could do it again. And I don’t want that. I like that. I like the consistency, right, and you guys want to be able to know that the podcast is coming out. And so when I started the podcast way back for the first two years, probably every single Wednesday, it came out, I had it done, it was ready to go. So I wanted to be a little more in flow with that, which is why I started doing it, like when the thing would come to me that I wanted to share. But I realized that, that creating this like inconsistency or allowing myself the space to skip was causing me some trouble. So I started to see if that pattern, whenever I spot a pattern like that, I go, where is it in other places, right? Is it with my workouts is it with. And so here’s what I decided. And this might help you is that I want to keep, I only want to make promises to other people and to myself that I know I can keep. So as I look down at in my overview, and I look at the weeds, am I making promises that I can’t keep. And that’s starting to overwhelm me, because I have these things rolling around in my brain. We’ve talked before on the show about how our brain chunks information. And we can only handle consciously, seven chunks, seven plus or minus two, so five to nine chunks of information. And if I’m trying to remember all of these different things, these different chunks, there’s this chunk for the podcast and this chunk for, you know, for the consistency I want to have or this chunk for all of these different chunks. And my brain has to keep track the retreat chunk, right, the eating

good chunk, the working out chunk, the being present junk, like I can only handle so much. And so this is why what happens is we go through our whole day, we have really good intentions, I’m gonna work out at 6pm. I go through my whole day, and by the time I get home, I’m like I can’t, I have nothing left, I don’t have the decision making capability to keep that promise to myself. Because I have left I have so many things that are open chunks. It’s like too many open tabs. And my brain can’t do it. So it has to close tabs, right? So it closes down the tab of like, I’m going to eat really good at lunch, and you go out with your friends. No, I’m just getting a hamburger because I can’t, it’s too many tabs. So you might not even consciously realize that’s what’s happening. But there’s a level of overwhelm that’s happening if you have too many things that you’re trying to keep track of. And so I realized that I needed to only make promises to myself and to others that I knew that I could keep. And so in that I started to rank, what are the things that are the most important? What are my non negotiables? What are those things? And then can I number one, can I schedule it?

So I scheduled the podcast this morning, I could fit it in at 6:30am. That’s when I decided to do it. And I decided next week, I would be better with that. Right. But I wanted to begin creating that consistency. So where can I schedule it? And then as I look at things, where can I build a system around it, I really like systems, and I realized I’ve gotten a little bit away from having a system. So where can I create a system? Where can I set it up so that I am batching things together. So maybe I get like the next two or three pictures together for the podcast, little graphics, and I create those for the next month. And then all I need to do is go in and put in the title. And that makes it way faster and easier. So by batching them and doing them all at once. I’m sort of doing one set of tasks at once. So I don’t want to batch the podcasts because I want to bring you whatever it is that I’m thinking through or going through. So that’s not a possibility for me, but I can batch the pictures because my pictures are sort of like generic BG pictures that I use on those. So I’ll batch the pictures or batch the number of the episode on the graphic. And then we’ll just go in and change the title. Right? So creating these systems. How else could I do this? Like, could I create a system where every single Sunday I make a list of things that I’ve thought of lots of times I’ll put notes in my phone of things I’ve thought of for the podcast. So I make a list and then I have this huge running list. And then it’s easy for me to do a podcast because I have a variety of subjects of things I’ve been thinking of right. So how can I start to create systems so that that’s the thing I do. I always write it here and I always review it here in the schedule and then I can see it now. You might be thinking this doesn’t sound like a lot of flow. And again, I think we’ve got to have the flow is the feminine and the hustle. Is the masculine. And I think in everything in everybody men and women, we have to have a combination, a combination of flow and a combination of hustle. And the reality is, for me, I have things I really want to do be having experience in my life. And I can’t do those if I’m not also doing the things to create that, yes, absolutely, I can look for flow, I can look for things that make it easy to do the podcast to make it easy to come up with ideas. Absolutely. But I also want to be in alignment with doing the work that it takes to be able to move things forward. Right? I believe that the most successful people out there are people who are working both this masculine and feminine energy together. So number one is schedule it. And then my second thing is to build a system around it. And my third thing is to find the wins in everything. So this is, for me, was a little bit of a challenge at first. But every single day, after every single segment of my life, I will find what was great about that. And when I talk about segments, I’m talking, you may have heard me talk about this on the show before but I set an intention for each segment. So if I’m about to get on the phone with somebody, I set the intention for what is it that I want to happen? What is the feeling I want them to have? How do I want to, to show up for this call, and I i it takes it takes 10 seconds, y’all this set for this segment for doing the podcast, 10 seconds, maybe not even this is what I want. This is how I want it to be this is what I want people to feel like universe come and help me to create this. And then at the end, what do we do typically after we do something or do a task or do a job or having experiences, we come up with all the reasons in our heads that that was, oh god, I can’t believe I did that. Or I can’t believe I said that. We go to the negative. It’s It is our brains process. It’s doing that to keep us safe. And says that we don’t really need it to keep us safe in all the ways that we use it now, right? So we have to force ourselves, we have to consciously change that. In my coaching group. We are constantly celebrating, we start out every call celebrating we talked about in the Facebook celebrating, like we are constantly celebrating. Because that’s how you start to change your experience. You start to change what you see as the reality. So your reality now maybe for for you, I don’t know. But it might be like, Oh my god, I can’t believe I did that or nothing. That was the day feels so hard,

right? But you can win every single day by finding all the things you do right and write it down. You know, write it down. I have a client that i guess i x client, they’re never x clients. They’re always my, I love them. So anyway, she messaged me and had a really big struggle with something she was trying to create in her business, and was really upset and I understood it so well. But I was like find the winds, there are so many winds in what you’ve done. And we’ve got to shift the focus. So I share that with you to say that that happens every day to amazing people that they’re that we turn towards the thing that went wrong, right? I do it. So I’ve got to find the wins. And so I make that a practice. And now I do shift quicker. I do think of the win pretty quick. I’ll get off the phone sometime. And I’ll say this was great. This was great. This was great. You know, there are things I can improve on. Absolutely. So I don’t ignore those things. But I don’t say those things were awful. I did so bad. Like that’s not it. I have places I can improve because I’m growing. That’s my I am an adventurer, right. So these are the things I did great. These are the things I get to grow. So cool, everything can be a win. So that can help us feel better in the overwhelm. And better when we’re in the weeds. How can I win? I’m in the weeds right now. But how can this be a win? How can every single thing I do be a win. And then the fourth thing is to not share everything until you’re on a clear path. So I know that this sounds a little odd, but when I get a really good idea now i i have in the past wanted to share it. That was my thing like because I was excited and I wanted to share it. But what I found was because most people look for the negative, out of biological habit and they haven’t trained themselves to look at the positive or When I would share my plan,

they would go, Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen.

Oh, look out for that. Right? I had posted something about moving to the beach. And about QoS. When we were in QoS, I was like, Oh, my God, this is it, this is it. And right off, I got a message from somebody, there’s only one road out, look out for hurricanes. So when you share something, you have to be so solid, in your belief about it, your belief about the ability to do it, your belief about the outcome you’re going to get, and your ability about being able to move through the challenges. And when you have that, then when somebody says something, it just glides right over. You know, when you have that, then then things people say you, you see it very clearly as their own limitations, right. So even if it’s a small thing, I wait until I’m and this is a practice for me because I’m a sharer, right. So this is a practice for me that I’m trying to learn. But I wait until I have it so clear, until I feel so solid in it that when I share and somebody says something like, oh, but have you ever thought of that, like, I’m like, Don’t put your limitation on me. Right? So that’s in my head, that’s what I’m saying, Oh, look, I can see one of their limitations, that’s really cool. We all have limitations. So I’m not judging, but I’m I can see it. And sometimes I think I wonder if they want to know it. Now, they probably don’t want to know it. So just be super clear on where you are, so that nothing can derail you. And then you can get out of the weeds and you can create something new and and i believe sort of rise above the weeds, right? When you’re so clear, you’re like the weeds are going to happen, the overwhelm is going to happen, that’s cool, I know that I can make adjustments, I know that I’m strong enough to be able to shift things that I can have control over this. And then the very last thing is that what you do every single day, is what creates your identity. So you know, I’ve talked a lot about identity. And that’s one of the things that I really strive to shift with my coaching clients. Because when you have an identity of the person that’s doing the things that you want to do, if you have a goal, and you have a dream, and then you create the identity of the person who does that thing, who has that dream, then having the dream is a no brainer. You know, we talk a lot about manifesting and creating. But that’s all that is, is that when you have the identity of the person who is doing the things that you want to do, it’s easy. Because you’re in flow, you’re making micro adjustments, your subconscious and your consciousness are in congruency. And so everything feels an alignment and feels good and easy. So what you do every day starts to impact that identity. It’s what you’re telling yourself, right? It’s what you are believing.

And so watch what that is, watch what you’re doing, because you’ll get a really clear view about your identity. And when you can get a clear view about your identity, again, clarity is when you can start to shift things. So as I look at my overwhelm, and I look at the things that I could see coming, good things and challenges, how can I deal with that I needed to have a morning routine, I needed time for myself, I needed time to fill my cup. And then I needed to get clarity, what what are the weeds what is really going on. And when I laid it all out, then I could see the places where I really needed to shift and the places that would be easier for me to get ahold of right work with the easy stuff first, right? Get a hold of the things that you can. And so moving forward, I knew when I looked at that overview that I need to just schedule things, I needed to build systems around it, I needed to find the wins in everything. And I needed to not share some of those things on my path until I had a plan so that nobody could throw me off kilter. And then when I looked at all that, and I looked at what the goals were, who’s the version of me, who’s the version of me that creates that? What’s the identity that I need to have? And I create that identity. There are lots of different ways, but one of them is by being that consistent person that does that. So I’m a podcaster that is my identity is that I have this awesome community, right, this awesome community that’s been built through this podcast, and I do it every week and weekly. And so when I when I failed last week when I did not do the podcast, it shook up my identity which caused the overwhelm. Do you see that So that led into some of the overwhelm, because I wasn’t there was an incongruence between what I thought I was and what how I was acting. So this is a really important piece. This is something I work on. And we talk about so much inside my coaching program. But this piece is huge to be able to create your dreams to be able to create them easily, and to feel good when you go along the way, right. So if you want to hear a little bit more about shifting about doing those shifts, I have a free training on my website. If you haven’t been to it, you can just go to my website, Betsy Pake calm and it’s right there on the cover, you’ll see free training, how to turn your crisis into an your overwhelm right into a really amazing transformation, it can be done, and there are steps that we can take to do it. So before I go, though, I do want to, I do want to say one little app that I found this week, that sort of gamifies things, and I thought that you might like it. So it’s called productive. And it’s like a dark gray app with like, it looks like a little to do list on the picture just so you know which one it is. So it’s called productive. And it almost gamifies your schedule. So I set it up. And I really liked it. I bought like a year subscription, I think it was like 14 bucks or something. But it creates these really cool graphics for all of your different routines that you need just to help create consistency. And it keeps track of things so that you can see how many days in a row, you’ve had a streak, and how many days you’ve been keeping those commitments to yourself. So I created mine, I only put things in here that I was able to commit to myself and I knew I’d be able to keep those promises. And then I will add to it as I get better and better. Right. So starting off small, adding little steps.

And then I can add more and more and more. So

I really found yesterday, it helped me.

There was a time where I was like, I’m not gonna do that.

And I was like, No, no, I’ve got to go do it. And you know what the thing was, it was take my vitamin, I know that’s so silly. But I was like, I don’t want to take it from me gives me a belly ache, I got to go downstairs. But I was like it’s on my list, I’m going to do it. So it really did help to propel me and push me forward. So you might want to check that out. It’s called productive. And it’s a cool little app, and I got it on.

I have an Apple phone.

So I’m not sure if it’s on Android. But

that is my last little tip, my last little app Tip of the day. So anyway, thank you guys for listening this week. Thank you for sending this episode to a friend that you have that might be in the weeds, you know, that you might sense is getting into some overwhelm. And maybe some of these tips might help them think a little bit

differently and get control over things. So I

welcome them into our group and appreciate that so much. So thank you for listening. keep living big and I will see you guys next week. Thanks so much for listening to this episode. If you found it a value please share it with your friends, tag me on Instagram or leave a review on iTunes or any of your listening apps. If you leave a review and you take a screenshot please email it to us at support at Betsy Pake calm and we will send you a self hypnosis audio

that will help you

break down any limiting beliefs that you have. So thanks so much for sharing. Thanks so much for leaving your review. And don’t forget to join us inside our Facebook group by going to the art of living big.com and I’ll see you there

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