176: Everyday Magic: an interview with Heather Filipowicz


Today is an interview with Heather Filipowicz and she shares some hardship and some magic that is all mixed together!

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You’re listening to Episode 176 of The Art of Living big. Today I have a guest on the show who I have known for many years, Heather and I met through some entrepreneurial channels several years ago and just kind of kept in touch, you know, online like you do. And then back in the spring, she became a client of mine, we’re going to talk a little bit about that and what happened to her because sometimes life gets really difficult. And Heather will tell her little story when she finished coaching with me what happened.

And I believe that if you can see it in the way that Heather’s sees it, which is that there’s purpose for things, that there are lessons and things that there is a little strain of gold through all of the muck, and yuck that you have to go through. So her her story has been unfolding over the past week. And I asked her this morning, if she would jump on, and just sort of share with us because I just I just think it is such a hopeful story. And the way that she sees the world, I think is is really great.

And it’s part of what I teach, you know, to help people to see, like, just like last week, we were talking about, is the universe testing you or is it training you so you can choose which one it is. So anyway, we’ll we’ll get to the show. But if you want to hear a little bit more about how I actually work with clients, what the five shifts are that I use to help them make these shifts in their life and go from like, where they’re kind of feel stuck and kind of mediocre to a life where they are really growing and living and becoming something more. So you can find that just by going to my website, just go to Betsy pake.com.

And if you have been there, or you’ve been following along for a long time, and you think that you’re ready to make some shifts, you can jump on my calendar, we can talk about it, I can see if I can help you get some clarity and if I might be able to help you do that. My you can find my calendar just by going to Betsy Pake comm backslash, let’s talk but I think a great place to start is by watching the training, just so you kind of see how I work and what I do.

All right, y’all, without any more noise. We’re gonna go right to the interview. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an international expert in manifesting from your subconscious. And this podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live. Hey, everybody, okay, so I’m excited today for today’s show, because I have a really special guest. And I’m gonna just, I’m just gonna introduce her. I’m just gonna tell you her name, and then we’re gonna just start talking. So this is Heather. Philippa wits.

Hello, Heather. Hi, friend. Hi, Betsy.

Hey. Okay. So I wanted you to come on today, because you have a really crazy story. I don’t even know where we should begin. Where should we begin on this?

No, I guess maybe. Let’s just start by you. And I right. So okay, yeah, we’ve known each other just sort of on the interwebs and each other’s inboxes for a couple years now. Right? And then yeah.

And you were a guest on the show, like I was early on. I was

and in. Yes. And at that point, you were doing something like a little bit different than you’re doing now.

Right? Would you say it’s better writer? Yep. I was the theme of my writing and the theme of my website. And what I was doing with it is very different from today. But it’s all part of the process right of figuring out or, yeah, oh, yeah, that was that was still a fun interview. I mean, it’s still meet right? Oh, yes. Totally.

Yeah. Pretty much I am. And then a couple months ago, no, I had my breakthrough. a breakthrough call with you. And I signed up for coaching with you for for that month. I don’t even remember what month it was. Right. It was a yes. Something like that.

Yeah. The magical weeks together.

Yes. It was a huge leap for me, but it was oh my gosh, so smart. I just sort of had that feeling that that was the thing I needed on a hotter. First call together. Right. Her call? Mm hmm.

Yeah. And that’s really I think that’s really where this story begins. Yeah, it was our very first week together. And we did a one on one call. Yeah. And we do this really magical implantation into your subconscious of what it is you want to manifest. I’m literally

getting goosebumps now just listening to talk. And

yes, it’s so Powerful. And I remember we just had such a really good session like it felt so energized. And like next level like we were moving beyond, right beyond doubt, really were. And in that I asked you to pick a date because I wanted to implant a date where you knew everything’s basically moving forward, like everything’s falling into place. And so we picked the date. And now you kind of tell,

yeah, so you pushed, you know, this dream, this vision, this, which I know will come true with all my being is seems really far away. And then you said to me, Well, I want you to pick a date, five months from now. And I thought that was nuts. But you pushed and I was being coachable. Right?

Yes. October 17 2019, just off the top of my head, because it’s my parents wedding anniversary. And it You said October. So I thought, All right, we’ll pick that date there. Sure. Let’s just see what happens. And then from there, I put it on. Some of the things we had worked on that date. My key phrase of who I am, on my mirror in the bathroom, I had a note on my on my desk and just, you know, kept doing the work and showing up and doing Yeah, right. supposed to do. Right.

Right. And you did you were showing up for everything and doing all the work. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. And then all hell broke loose.

And then you finished coaching. And then I’m not even sure if how I first found out if it was like Instagram, or if it was like, you might have come into the private Facebook group for the coaching clients. But you were like, there’s this bump in my floor and it keeps getting bigger.

Yeah, and it

a bump in my office floor turned into

close to $50,000 home renovation, pack up your family in a week. Have to pull up all the floors not covered by insurance. Yeah. So like

it was totally disorienting thing. So you kept finding this seeing this bump. And then you were like, We got to figure out what this is. And I don’t know the pieces of this. But you were like, I got to figure out what this is. And in I don’t know if you had somebody come look at it. And you realize that only there was a water leak, right that had no there was water

under the house. Yeah, from from the ground. And then we drained that. And then as we pulled up our floor, we realized our sub floor was completely rotted through and there was holes underneath brand floor. We just moved in you had just Yes, you

have moved in. So all of a sudden you’re like my, our floors or our sub floors are rot. Like we have to pick everything up out of our house. Like not like we’ll take what we need. It’s like you had to move every piece of furniture every

every literally everything in the span of a week. So we packed up the house filled the pod, got a hotel reservation and moved the husband, the wife, the dog, the 12 year old kid into a hotel. Room sitting still right today. How long have you been there? Since September 1, and today is October 10?

Yeah. Ah, okay. And that to me through all of this, which really was truly it’s excruciatingly hard. Yes, there are worse things in life. Of course, we have many blessings, but it is extremely hard, financially scary, like all of you and and like you work from home. It is your

home. Right and it’s your home your sanctuary. You hadn’t been there very long. You have a dog. So you’re like uprooting the dog. You have a kid that’s young. And so he needs his space. Like, you know, all things work

from there. Yeah. And yet, there’s still this growth mindset this, this I know that I there’s good in this somehow. And my intuition kept saying that there’s a reason for this. And you had said to me, this is really hard stuff. So you rest, you rise, you repeat, and rest, you rise repeat.

And I used about a lot of really hard days when you know, it was the money is just pouring out, you know, and yeah, it’s been really an energetically No, I’m so sensitive, and it just felt so overwhelming at times. So even when I wanted to be thinking about the bigger dream, I really had to just get one foot in front of the other and get through the day.

All right, you helped me see that and a lot of what you and I taught me and we’ll think mindset work is really important than time Yeah. So right. That’s when it

like that is when it’s, you know, you know how Easter time you get those chocolate bunnies and Every year, we would get our chocolate bunnies. And I would just squeeze the hell out of it. And my mom would be like, why are you doing that? And it’s because I was trying to see if it was a hollow chocolate bunny or a solid chocolate bunny. And I think Yeah, and I think that you are a solid chocolate bunny. You can

I think you

and squeeze you and you’ve got the foundation that is solid, right?

Yeah, yeah. So here we are getting to the end of the construction. And so yesterday, we were, you know, pushing the contractor a little just saying, All right, let’s get some dates. And I said, and I’m not looking at the calendar, I’m just thinking of Okay, so today is Wednesday, Thursday, you know, what are we looking at here?

So yeah, said, let’s give him Wednesday of next week, the deadline is pretty much there anyways. And then Thursday, the cleaning crew come in and move the furniture back in. And then we can check out on Friday and sleep on our beds for the first time on Friday and a clean house and the furnitures and all agreed upon. All set ready to go. Yep, perfect all via text with the husband. So I pull up the calendar. Yeah. And Thursday of next week is October 17 2019. The date to view and I saw, yeah,

I get cold chills every single time you say it.

It’s truly magic. And it’s and what I said to you and my text was. So this was supposed to have an all along whatever. And you had said to me through this whole process, maybe this is the reorganization? Maybe this is everything has to shake up in order for you to rise up to where you are going. Yeah, I don’t I sort of believe that. Like my intuition was said that that’s true. That’s hard to believe. In the middle of it.

Yeah. Yeah. Yesterday when a calendar date, I knew you were right. I was fit like it affirmed everything that like my gut instinct told me like that we had to go through this. Right? And yes, you have a meal because you have a big dream. Right? You have a big dream. And you know, I was talking on the podcast, I think it was last week about Are you being tested? Or are you being trained?

And you are being trained? I don’t believe you’re ever being tested. I believe you’re being trained for what it is you want? And I look forward to that.

Yes. Yes, that episode. And I was nodding the entire time.

Right. Yeah. And I even think working with me was is part well, and I think it is that for everybody. Like I come into your awareness, you decide to take the leap, because it’s all on your path. Right? And hopefully people aren’t don’t aren’t, aren’t fearful of their path. And they take you know, they trust their intuition, and they take that leap.

But you did. And it prepared you for this training. So that you I mean, I can’t even I can hardly stand it. I can’t wait to see, like what happens to you over the next year. Because I think that really amazing things are coming because it’s like you’re all set up now to launch everything is aligned and everything is perfect.

And the other interesting thing about this time has been I’ve been really creative. I’ve written more than I ever have. I you know, I launched services, because you know, you think, boy, I better get some money, extra money coming in to pair this stuff. But it was already half done anyways. So I was like, Well, if now’s the time, there’s less fear. What is everybody’s going to think I can’t worry about that. Yeah, now is the time I have everything I need. I everything is falling into place.

So I best do the work and get it done. And tell everybody what you do what you launched. So I launched services. So I’m a yoga teacher. I’m an intuitive medium, and a Reiki practitioner, and I live in Tampa, Florida. So I launched in person services and virtual services. And just really writing more. I mean, write writing is Yeah, too. So the creative blocks just sort of disappeared. There was like there. My mind couldn’t tell me no anymore. I just had to believe and do because I didn’t have a choice.

Well, I think fear keeps people from doing a lot of things. And the worst possible thing had already happened. So it was almost like you were able to shove your fear aside because you’re like, I haven’t got to move forward. I have no other choice to go,

right. Yeah, I’m doing my family a disservice and myself a disservice. Can I bring in extra income to pay off the loan and move us forward financially? Sure, I can then write what I wanted to do anyways, so it’s almost like well, if I’m at the bottom, I’m just gonna bring myself up, and I realize random repeat. Drives repeat.

Yeah, it’s so that was has been so eye opening for me so now that date I did not like I I you know when I first thought of the date I thought I’m not going to get a book deal on October 17 2019. I want to be a published author yet no, I’m going to be the strongest version of myself really has no more fear and is full steam ahead now. Yes, that date means it’s my fresh clean slate. Like Yes, solid secure. How’s my root chakra is strong like all of it?

Yeah. Have you showing up now you’re showing up as the person who can have that dream?

Yes. Yeah. It’s no all I paint in the house with all beach color. Ah, he chose colors. You know, I love it. I love it.

You’re going nuts. This third week again next door to each other. I think we should

I think we should have like even a lot of the people that listen to the show. I sometimes they’ll message me and I’m like, Oh, we should be friends. And then I’m like, maybe we’ll have a whole street with all of us.

The greatest street ever.

All my I have looked at you know, I keep looking at him. I go to Zillow once a week. Oh, I

literally I’m all over Zillow. Yeah,

I love it with a dot says I already looked at that one.

I have so many saved lists. Yeah. And then if I get really creepy, I go to Google Earth and see if I can like zoom in and see what’s really going down. Oh my god.

That’s how we do it. I’d imagine that you do it. Yes,

you get clearer and clearer and clearer until it has to become yours. I’m so super proud of you. I think you’re such a rock star. And I think that you have taken the very worst that can happen and figured out how to create something that will influence and impact the rest of your life. And that’s not an easy task. And I’m just I am so proud. I can’t even stand it. Thanks for sharing your story. Thanks for being my coach and my buddy. appreciate it so much.

Yes, love you, girl. Love you too, girl. Thanks so much for listening to this episode. If you found it a value, please share it with your friends, tag me on Instagram or leave a review on iTunes or any of your listening apps. If you leave a review, and you take a screenshot, please email it to us at support at Betsy pake.com. And we will send you a self hypnosis audio that will help you break down any limiting beliefs that you have. So thanks so much for sharing. Thanks so much for leaving your review. And don’t forget to join us inside our Facebook group by going to the art of living big.com and I’ll see you there.


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