180: Q & A - Am I manifesting or is it my intuition? How do I stop being triggered? - Betsy Pake

180: Q & A – Am I manifesting or is it my intuition? How do I stop being triggered?


Today on the show we celebrate a client Emily and her transformation and answer some mailbag questions!

The first question is Am I manifesting this or is this my intuition knowing what’s coming?   and the second question,  How do I stop being triggered by things, especially over the holiday?

I hope that it serves you!


You’re listening to Episode 180 of The Art of Living big. Hey, everyone. Welcome to the show today. Happy week before Thanksgiving. I have a couple things today I’ve got a quick little interview with one of my former clients, Emily. Lots of people asked for some information about kind of how I coach or what happens. So I wanted to celebrate her. I brought her on and then I’ve got a q&a. So I’ve got a couple questions that I answer, which are questions that I got from Instagram this time.

So if you have questions, I’m going to be doing mailbags a little bit more frequently, maybe once a month, just based on the number of questions I get, you can always email us at support at Betsy pake.com. Or you can find me on social media at Betsy Pake and just messaged me there and I will get right back to you. Now, if you listen to Emily’s little interview, and you’re curious about what that is all about, you can go to my website, if you just go to Betsy pake.com.

You’ll see right on the front there is a free training. It’s the five shifts that I take with my clients. And that might help you kind of get on the path and see the direction that we go and why we do things in the order that we do. And it might be interesting to you. So that is a free training. You can just find it on my website. Alright y’all. Let’s go to the


Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an international expert in manifesting from your subconscious. And this podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live back. Good morning, fellow adventurers. Good afternoon.

Good evening. I wanted to welcome you to today’s show, we’re going to do a little question and answer today, I get some messages, especially after the last show, and just things I had posted on Instagram. So I thought it would be fun to sort of answer some questions. And I also have a special guest.

So let’s just dive right into it. So one of the questions I get a lot is about progress, and what people experience with my coaching and I’ve had people ask if I could post an actual coaching session. And a while back, we were going to do that. And I forget what happens and the appointment got rescheduled. I think I was overbooked, and it just never got done.

So I thought it would be fun to celebrate different people that have gone through my program. So I wanted to bring you one today. And this is Emily. So I’m going to pop in and give you this quick interview where Emily shares her experience, you know, the kind of the ups and downs anytime we’re making a transition or having a transformation.

There is the like, excitement moment, like the honeymoon period, almost where you’re like, yes. And then that kind of dies down, right? Like the first like six or seven days. And then you’re like, Oh my gosh, things are shifting and our our brains don’t like it. So our brains are like resisting even though we’ve said yes. Even though we’ve said I want to change, I run a transition. I want to have a transformation and and become something new and have new opportunities and see new things for my life.

When we get to that point. We’re like, Whoa, what’s happening. So you’ll hear that a little bit and what Emily’s talking about. But I want to celebrate her because she kept pushing through. She kept moving through it. And what came out on the other side was pretty incredible. And I have lots of these stories. I’m going to bring you quick little interviews with people because I think it’s fun and because I want to celebrate them because they took a chance. And they made a transformation. And it’s really something to celebrate and something to behold. So here we go. I’m gonna introduce you to Emily.

Hey, everybody, so I wanted to introduce somebody to you. That is special to me. This is Emily. Hey, Emily, I wanted to say your last name because I love saying your last name. But man,

like maybe we just want to go by Emily today.

And yeah,

yes, I love it. I love it. You’re here. So okay, so the reason that we’re recording this right now is because you recently Well, you came through my program, right? You you finish the program, but really, you had a ton of changes and shifts. And I think really deep shifts in how you see things and how you see the world. So I wanted to celebrate you and I also wanted to kind of give you a chance to like share your experience and what that was like.

Okay, yeah, that sounds good.

So first of all, First of all, let’s, let’s jump in the Wayback Machine. So we talked a long time ago, like, back in the spring, maybe the first time, and I loved you. I was like, I love you. And then I wanted the reason everybody saw me like, Why is she so obsessed with her last name? I don’t know why it’s fun to say. And I wanted to say it all in one piece.

So every time I talked to you, or emailed with you, I would say your name all in one piece. But at that time, you weren’t totally sure if the coaching was right for you at that time, right? Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, it was, I knew that it was like looking back, it’s kind of like, I was just like, listening to your podcasts and stuff like that, like, you were just everything I was looking for. It was like that perfect, like, the mindset piece, but then you bought brought in, like, the spirituality piece.

And like, at that time, I was really just trying to like, figure out the spiritual realm, because I just, I knew that there was like, more to me than just focusing on Well, I guess my journey started way back with like, kind of this obsession of like, my body, like, I have all these health problems, why, why why and I was so obsessed, solely focused on that, then it was kind of like, then entered in this world of like, well, your mind actually has so much to do with your body.

And I was like, what, you know, and so then it was kind of like, Okay, my mind, my mind, my mind. But then there was like, kind of this other little piece of me that was sort of like, I just kind of felt like there was still something missing, that there was something deeper that there was like some sort of like, spiritual component that I just wasn’t connecting with.

And, and at the time, like I was, you know, primarily only knew about Christianity really, and, and yet, it was like, I wasn’t connecting with it. And it actually made me feel a lot more negative feelings and positive. And so then it was kind of this journey of like, well, then what’s wrong with me and type of stuff like that.

And so, I finally, like, when I found you, it was kind of this moment in time when it was like, Okay, I’m just gonna put all of what I’ve known aside, and I’m just gonna also, like, just start down this journey, like this spiritual journey. But I also knew that the mind was such a big part. So when I found you, it was like, I knew that you were the one and I was super excited. And then like, I had a conversation with my husband. And he’s like, you know, he, he’s very supportive.

And he was like, if you want to do it, do it. But you kind of have this pattern of like thinking like, Oh, this is that big, magical moment, you know, where this thing’s gonna change me forever. And I knew that that wasn’t like, this time. Like, that’s not what I was expecting. But of course, like, from someone being with me for so long, I could see that he would feel that maybe that’s what I was doing. Right. But I definitely let my beliefs about money. I, when I first met you, I mean, that was something where I knew I wanted to work with you, because in that very first call, like, you didn’t hit everything right on.

And yet I still, that money, belief got me and I was like, it’s too much money. And so then I mean, you know, the whole thing happened with me saying no, and how that went, yeah. But then, but then I think that needed to happen, because then it’s like, when I reconnected and stuff, I just knew it. Like, there was nothing in my mind that could change the fact that I knew that I needed to work with you. So yeah, I don’t think that happens.

You know, I know that that happens with me to where I think something but then I second guessed right. And then I’m like, well, media is another way, maybe there’s another coach, maybe there’s something else I’m supposed to do. And then I start down that path. And then it becomes clear that my instincts were right.

Exactly. My instinct. So it’s as if that was really part of the journey, right of you learning to trust yourself, and learn to listen and and know that you really do have the answers, right? Because I’m grateful. And I’m honored that you connected with me, but it’s because there was something in me that isn’t new. Right? But you’re right.

You were like, oh, that connects with that. Yeah. And I feel like your journey was really a lot about connecting in with yourself pushing, like some of those, you know, religious archetypes that we have to the side and saying, I’m going to get really clear on what’s good with me. And then I’m going to take the steps and changes in my life. And really, you’ve had a lot of shifts and changes, right when you say Oh, yeah, physical. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, there’s been like, you know, yeah, that’s fine. I mean, there’s I just kind of like, I’m blank. Yeah, I’m blank right now. Because it’s like, oh, my gosh, there’s so many cysts that I’ve had that I don’t even know like, where to start, but I mean, yeah, like it’s weird now because it’s like, I haven’t even focused on my body or my physical health problems at all.

And, and yet, there’s like, I feel really good physically. So I think it’s I think that probably the biggest, I don’t even want to say the biggest, one of the shifts that I’ve made is really this, like, underlying understanding now of like, self love, like there’s been a huge, profound, profound shift. And really, it happened with my work.

But, you know, like, I, I, with everything that I learned through, you know, going through the coaching and stuff with you and whatnot, like it set me up to begin this really, really deep, inner spiritual journey and recognizing that, like, the spirit within me is absolutely perfect and pure and, and that spirit resides within every other person as well. But it’s about like, coming back to that place, you know, like, all of these things that go on in our minds, and all these judgments and hatred and all of these things.

It’s like, you know, how do you start to kind of, like, purify that back to the spiritual part of me. And being faced like with some really negative people, I, as difficult as it has been, it’s been the greatest moment for me to show me my growth from going through your program, because it was really difficult, but yet, like, it’s so weird for me to experience such gratitude for it, because it took this negative situation to realize that like, really, our relationships, our spiritual mirrors for what still isn’t rectified within us. That’s my belief. Yeah. And, and I’ve come to believe that through, you know, working through your program and coming to this guy, or myself,

so happy, right, yeah, this is making my little heart. Yes.

Yeah. So like these people, you know, like, really reflected back to me just my greatness, you know, like, because because of having to be in this negative atmosphere, it really made me realize, like, oh, my goodness, like, look at the great things within me that I have that I wasn’t, didn’t have to face prior to this, because I didn’t have to reflect. So it was like, the negativity that I saw within them, helped me to see like, Oh my gosh, I’m really a flexible person, or I am really an accepting person of others.

And I really not judging as judgmental as I thought. I mean, yes, we all carry judgments. But I mean, I realize like, oh, my goodness, like I, I am way more intelligent that I gave myself credit for and I do really get along with you. So it’s all these things that like prior to this, I carried a lot of self hate a lot of self judgment, a lot of, I’m not good enough, a lot of I don’t know, just dislike for myself a lot of self doubt. And being in this environment now. Like, it’s been the hardest, but best gift because now it’s like I see me for me, and that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t go through this coaching program.

Yeah, and the journey, right? Cuz like you, you did the work, like you did the work and search deep and and try to uncover those things. And you know, the things that you’re talking about, I think, like so many people experience, like, people at work that are hard, you know, we’re going into the holidays, and relatives can be hard. And those situations that we have, you know, find ourselves in can be difficult and stressful. But when you can shift it and see how it’s working for you, then I think it takes on a whole new meaning. And it actually becomes like a growth experience. And that’s what it sounds like you’re describing to me.

Oh, yeah, for sure. Like, I think moving from that idea of like, because when I first started working with you, you know, a lot of my mindset was like, I really honestly had the belief that the world was against me, like it was this idea of like, no matter what I do, I’m always gonna get, you know, the crap from the universe, or I’m trying to even think like, now it’s hard because I’m like, What was my belief? Oh, like, bad things are gonna happen, they’re gonna happen to me.

And like, I’ve had people speak that over me, like, that’s something that I carried. And, you know, it’s just like, all these little shifts that, you know, like, I can’t say that I was specifically like, working necessarily on that belief. But just like, I think you just have to, like, I had to keep telling myself just trust the process.

Like, don’t get all wrapped up, you know, because for a while, too, I was so wrapped up in like, What do I want? What do I want? What do I want and I got so like, obsessed about figuring that out. But when you kind of like, there’s just such an amazing thing of like, letting go. And I think that’s a lot of what your program helps me to do is like, I love this, like, I’m not in it by myself. And up until now. That’s what I felt like, I have to do the work and I’m in it by myself and I have to figure this out.

And there’s just like this yucky. Hustle feeling and then like yeah, through your program, you realize like, no, there is This wonderful supportive universe that I get to decide for myself what that means. And it supports me and actually, you know, it’s the things within my mind. And the stories I’ve been telling myself.

And the things I’m holding on to that actually was what was putting out to the universe to send me and so like, I think there was this moment of great realization that like, I actually do have a lot more control that it’s not like this universe is out to get me and I’m this, you know, this pond within it that has can’t help what happens to me.

But I think, I think that that’s a big groove in my brain that I’m going to have to be aware of, because I do find myself now shifting into kind of that pity, role that has, has been there since childhood. So I think now I’m just grateful, though, that I have that awareness that when I’m starting to shift down that groove of pity, since it’s so deep, I now have the awareness to be like, okay, let’s we’re not going down that that path. Let’s choose something else, you know, right.

And that’s really what it’s all about is being aware, and then having tools to be able to shift it. Right. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, I love it. And that, you know, and I like the idea of having a, like, when you start your program, it’s super overwhelming. And you can feel that way. Because Yeah, it gives you so much good stuff that is like, How am I supposed to do all of this, but then you start to realize that, like, you just put all the tools in a toolbox. Like what I did was I wrote down, like, all of the tools that that you have given us and I just like write it, I wrote it in a notebook on like, a sheet of paper, and then it’s just kind of like, in the moment, when I’m struggling with something, I just look at those tools. And I think, Okay, which one?

Do I feel like right now, this moment could maybe help this the most to get and if it works, great. If it doesn’t, then you try a different tool, you know, that it’s not about like, at first it was like, Okay, how do I do all these tools all the time? Right. And, yeah, that’s not the way to go. One of the things that I love is, you know, the community in there, and I know that people that were farther along in the program would say, just trust the process. Trust.

Yeah, it was. So it was so helpful, right? Because really, as you start going through it, then you’re like, Oh, now I get it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it was like at first, like, week one and two, it’s like, no, like, that doesn’t work for me. Like, I’m, you know what I mean? Like, it was frustrating hearing trust, trust the process.

But really, there was something inside my heart too, within my spirit that kept saying that, and so then it’s kind of like, by the time, you know, you get to like week three, I’m like, okay, no, like, there’s something to this, like, just trust the process. And again, it was just that the magic of letting go. And I think like, another big shift that I’ve made is I’ve I finally had to surrender to this idea that like, one day, I was going to go to bed as this one person. And then the next morning I was going to wake up is like, the ideal person.

Because Yeah, you know, I, I did have a tendency of that like, Okay, this program, or this book, or this thing is finally gonna just like magically make me someone different. And it’s not, it’s not like that. And I would say that that was, that was probably the

the hardest thing that I’ve had to surrender and let go of in. But it’s also brought about so much peace, that this truly is a journey. And there’s no, there’s no reason for me to race through it. And I had to get really honest with myself and recognize that the magic isn’t in your program, the magic noonien is in working the stuff that you tell us in the program?

I No, no, no, I always think that I people come to me as whole. And I just help them see themselves as Hello. So you’re absolutely right, like the magic is in you really like the memory of you. Like you need to be reminded and help unpeel the layers so that you to see yourself as whole. Exactly, yep. And just, you know, like, it’s you, you start to become who you want to be by, by the actions that you take.

And I just always kind of like was waiting for this magic feeling to come along to where it was all the sudden gonna be that really loving person or something, you know. And so it was just about really getting honest that that loving person is in there, but then becoming aware of all of the, the blocks and the things that my mind does to prevent that.

And then, you know, taking the small steps every day, that’s what leads to the big change. It’s not this, you know, magic thing that happens instantly. Right, right. Yeah. So good. I’m so so proud of you. And I’m so honored, really honored that you trusted me and that you came back and that we could be together, you know? Yeah, I think you’re so you’re so powerful. really, truly You’re so powerful, and magical.

And I appreciate. I appreciate you coming on and sharing a little bit about your experiences. everybody I know, there’s probably somebody that needs to see themselves as opposed to, you know, reasoning, and they’re like, what do I do. And there’s, you know, there could be lots of ways to get to where you want to go. But I’m honored that you chose me to get on the path and to move forward.

And, and, you know, I love that after we have, well, for those of you that don’t know about my program, once you like graduate, you move into another group, and we do a monthly group in there. And so it’s just fun to kind of stay connected to everybody. So we stay on the journey together. Because I think once you’re all connected in that way, like it’s hard to unconnect that, you know, I want to keep that sort of sacred, sacred space together for everybody. So thank you, thank you for coming on the show. Yeah, thanks for having me. And I’m, I just, I love the program. So I keep telling all kinds of people.

I think so. Thank you. Awesome.

I love it. So fun. So thank you, Emily, for coming on letting me celebrate you. So let’s get on to the questions that I had. So one of them says, I’ve been really focused on staying positive and working on manifesting what I want. Sometimes I feel like I can’t tell the difference between my intuition what I think is going to happen, and what is actually happening. So is it my intuition thinking this is gonna happen? Or is it me manifesting this? So this is a really good question.

And I think it there is a deeper, longer answer. But I think to make it simple, the answer is yes. So when we get to the point, where we are ignoring our reality, when we have a clear idea of what we want, and we’re not allowing our reality, to throw us off kilter, or to cause us to doubt, what starts to happen is our vibration starts to raise.

Now we go into a state, I think of it like this, and this is how I described it last night, to my to my clients was that we’re like a cork, right, we’re bobbing in the ocean, on the top right, top of the ocean, bobbing, bobbing, bobbing. And that’s where I can see the horizon. That’s where I can see synchronicities.

That’s where I can get a clear view of where I’m going. But what happens is that our interactions, our daily reality, mean things that someone said to us in fifth grade, an interaction we saw with our parents, when we were for a boss we had that treated us like crap, all of these things become layers, layers, and layers and layers and push the cork down. So now the cork is way, way, way, way down. It might be miles under the ocean.

So it’s no longer able to see what it is it wants. It’s no longer able to see synchronicities. It’s no longer able to feel like it’s connected. And what ends up feel a feeling for you is that nothing goes right, everything is bad, you start focusing on all of the different layers that are pushing you down, and emphasizing those things.

And I think one of the mistakes that happens, and I have done this too, in my life, and I’ll probably do it again in the future is that one thing will happen and it will expand and expand. And then we’ll start to see that showing up everywhere, pushing our cork farther and farther down. So what happens when we start healing, when we start removing some of these layers is that our cork starts to float up and up and up. And if we can meditate, or we can get into a state of alignment, or when we can get our vibration really good, where we’re feeling happy. And we’re having those moments where we’re no longer looking at our reality, to judge feedback on what’s working and what’s not working. Our cork pops all the way up.

Right? So abraham hicks I’ve heard him, they call this like floating your cork, right? So you got to let your cork float. And they talk about doing that in meditation. I think there’s a couple different ways you can get your cork to float. But when you get it to float, then all of a sudden, if you’ve got a clear intention, and you know what it is you want in your life, now your cork is floating. And although you might not be consciously aware of it, your subconscious is aware of it.

And it’s starting to see synchronicities and it’s starting to see opportunities and it’s starting to release the need to focus on the present to focus on the reality to focus on what you’re seeing. And it’s enjoying the bobbing and seeing what the potential reality is. At that point. When you’re bobbing, you’re in the field right what Joe dispenza calls being in the field.

So when you’re doing that, and you have a clear intention of what you want to manifest You will get an inkling you’ll get an idea of I think this is going to happen. And then it happens. And so the question is, am I just like intuition? Is my intuition just know it’s gonna happen, or am I actually creating it? Well, it’s both. Because when you’re bobbing is when you’re creating, and that’s when you’re starting to get those hits of intuition. That’s when you’re starting to recognize the synchronicities.

So, this past last week, you know, I went to New Mexico for a seminar. And about a week before, I kept feeling like I needed to read this book called oneness. I read it about a year ago, it is highlighted, I read it, I have loads of books that I’ve started and not finished. And so it was annoying me because I kept feeling like I need to read that book, I need to take that book. And every time I would go to my bookshelf, to look for something else.

And I’d move books out of the way that book would be in my hand, and I’d look and I’d be like, Oh, my God, why is this book in my hand, so I was getting ready to leave on my trip. And I thought, I need to bring that book with me. I don’t know why this is stupid. I’ve already read it. I’m gonna bring it with me. And so I brought it with me on the plane. And I reread some of it on the plane. And that was fine. And then the first day of the conference, I went to the conference, and I was we all had name tags.

Now, the book oneness is actually a channeled book. So this book is channeled by a woman named Russia. And Russia lives in India at the bottom of a sacred mountain. And she channeled this book, and, and, and I had it with me, so I’m in line, the bathroom. And I turn around, and is Russia. Behind me in line in the bathroom.

I was like,

because I the excitement. I mean, I pulled the book out of my bag, like, Look, I have this book, and I told her the story. And we connected we connected many times, we’ve emailed several times since I was bobbing. And at some point something my Intuit did I manifest this interaction with her, I think I was bobbing my cork with flow.

And at some point, I knew that was coming. Right. So there was an intuitive component to it, and then I manifested it. So it’s both it’s working together. So can I did it with Russia, which means if I did it once I can do it again. What else? When can I start to be aware now, I could have ignored the call, right? I could have ignored the call, it could have been the caridy read that book. I don’t want to read that book. Again, like I have lots of books, I could have ignored it.

But there was something that told me I needed to have it with me. And so there, I believe that when you get your vibration gets higher and higher, and you get stronger and stronger, you start to trust yourself. Now, here’s what happens, you start to trust yourself. And so you start to make shifts, you start to believe you start to take the actions that your intuition is telling you to take, whether that is bringing a book on an airplane, or it’s something else.

Now I’ve had this several times, I’ve probably had it lots of times that I’ve ignored, I have had it several times that were big things for me, once and you’ve probably heard me talk about this before is I had a compulsion to hire a coach that I had heard about and kind of followed their podcast.

And then I felt the compulsion. And I did it. And it was significant. I brought that book with me that was significant simply because I was removing the feeling that I’m used to I was letting go of the feeling. So like when I hired that coach, I was I I have been used to a feeling. I know if I do something different, something totally different.

And with hiring a coach was spending money, right? So like that’s different. Like that could be scary. I could have all kinds of self doubt. And I had to ignore the feeling of the habit, the habit of the feeling of I know what’s coming, and it sent me into the unknown. I don’t know what’s coming and that’s, I believe, where the magic happens.

So on a smaller scale, I get this book. I don’t like taking a risk I don’t know what’s coming I don’t know why I’m doing this but I am trusting it I’m trusting my intuition. And saying I know that this is being pulled from when I was bobbing like a cork and I had connected to universal energy when I had connected to you know, source the collective consciousness. So when you ask is it intuition or is it manifestation It’s both they work together, they come together.

And you can get there many different ways. meditations, great Dr. Joe dispenza will talk all about that. One of the things, you know, that I really work with people is pulling those layers off, right? Because then your vibration gets higher and higher and higher and higher and higher. Now you’re bobbing really close to the surface even when you’re not floating. Right? So the idea is to pull these layers off, so that you can actually change who you are and how you see the world and how you react to things.

Which sort of leads to the second question, which is, sometimes I get triggered by people and I hate it. And I don’t know why. So I was like, Okay, well, it depends on what kinds of things you’re getting triggered from, you know, many times people get triggered by the news, or they get triggered by like, some big thing happening right in, in our general awareness. And sometimes people get triggered, especially as we go into the holidays, right?

They’ll get triggered by family members, or exes, or whatever it is, I am of the belief that when that happens, it’s a huge gift. Because when something and I use the word triggered, even if it irritates me, or if I get stuck on it, right, something happens, then I’m thinking about it. Like, I don’t want to hold anything, I want to release it, right, because that’s going to be something that’s one of those layers pushing my cork down. So I want to release it as quick as I can.

So when we get that, when we get irritated when we get triggered by something when it is an amazing gift, because it shows us something that needs to be healed. Now, I believe for me, I believe that if people get continue to get stuck on stuff, and they want to think about it and talk about it and look it up. And you know, political stuff is a great example of that, right? Like, I want to keep listening and I want to keep, but it’s not making you feel good.

You’re not in coherence, you don’t feel happy, it’s not raising your vibration, right. And you may have lots of reasons or excuses why you’re doing that I need to know what’s happening. It’s important, I know. But when it’s lowering your vibration, it’s not helping that situation, and it’s not helping you. And what’s happening is it’s B, it’s creating a chemical reaction, your brain is speaking to your body and chemicals. that’s becoming a habit. So now you’re getting addicted to it.

Time goes by, you know, especially if it’s something political, it could be four years something is going by, you’re constantly thinking about it rehashing, supplying and flushing your body with those chemicals that aren’t making you happy or coherent, right? So it’s not making you feel in congruence with what you really want. It’s actually I believe, pushing your cork down lower and lower and lower. So you have a choice. You can figure out what it is.

That’s what you’re thinking about what you’re what’s being triggered, what’s being what your brains using, like to think about over and over and over again, right what it likes about that, and you can heal the thing. And you can shift your thinking, I went to lunch today with a friend who’s awesome. And he was saying that he gets this one thought over and over and over again. And he said, I get so fearful and it always works out. But I’m always so afraid. And I said well, don’t be afraid. And he was like, No, but I mean, it’s it like every month like this is what happens, I get really afraid.

So he said, well just don’t have that idea of that. He was like, it stunned him for a second, like what do you mean? Don’t like that’s what I do. I get afraid, you know, and it might be lots of things. It might be like I’m afraid my relationships not gonna work out. I’m afraid there’s not going to be enough money at the end of the month, I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to lose the weight. I’m afraid, you know, whatever it is you’re afraid of.

You can choose like you’re choosing to focus on it. So I was like, Just don’t be afraid. No, I realized I have things that I do this do. So I’m with you. And I am saying that there’s a choice, right? There’s a choice. I don’t want to hang on to anything that’s pushing my cork down. I know that for me to become who I want to become or to live, how I want to live. I got to let it flow, right. I can’t I got to release stuff. And so every day, I’m releasing stuff every day.

I’m working through stuff to let it go. I’m not trying to harbor anything and I have gotten so much better at this. You know, one of the things that I work, you know, with my clients and my program is tools just to release, release, release. Try this if that doesn’t work, try this right if that doesn’t work, try this. There are so many different ways that we can start to strip away some of those. And what happens is, sometimes they’ve been around for so long, you’ve had these feelings or emotions for so long, maybe 3040, even 50 years, that it just becomes part of who you are, and you don’t even see it.

Unless somebody points it out. And if somebody points it out, they’ve got to be either very close to you, or, you know, you’ve I believe you have to give permission, right, you got to give permission of what I’m going to point out and what I’m not, I’m not going to randomly point out stuff unless it’s open. Now, for me, I need somebody to point stuff out, I, I too, am unconscious to it until I’m conscious of it. But once I’m conscious of it, then I grab it like a dog on a bone, right?

And I’m like, I’m not letting this go. If this is pushing my cork down, it’s got to go. And I’ve got to noodle through it till I get rid of it. So I think this can be really important. So you know, back to that question, that when I’m triggered, I don’t like it, then you’ve got to deal with it. And you’ve got to see it as a gift. So that it’s showing you what you have to deal with. Like, how great is that? Then you don’t have to have somebody else tell you, you don’t have to be aware, you can just start to notice, I guess you can create your own awareness around what’s happening. So our feelings are such great guideposts, right.

They alert us to stuff. But if when we have a feeling that’s like an uncomfortable feeling, or like, you know what you’d call like, a negative feeling, and then you just squash it away, push it down, don’t think about it. Well, what about if you spent 10 minutes thought about it and cleared it and then you never thought about it again, and it wasn’t pushing down your cork, let your cork float. And then you can really start to see some magic, I am more and more becoming, I guess interested and also aware of how impactful our energy can be. And I want to magnetize things to me, I don’t want to be in the hustle, I want to use the hustle.

To accommodate what I’m just pulling to me, I want to use it as a tool. My friend, Jenny says that she wants to stay in her feminine energy and use the masculine energy, the action as at her bidding, right. So then I’m just deciding what kind of actions I’m going to take. And I believe that we can be way clearer on effective actions that are inspired actions. You know, I talk a lot about that like taking inspired action. But that comes from having a cork that’s floating, it comes from being in the creative, it comes from being a part of the universal energy and a part of the collective consciousness so that you start getting hits on what you should do.

And then you take that action. So all emotions can be a really great thing to help you get to help guide you. But if you’re feeling like quote, unquote, triggered toward something, huge clue, huge gift, huge opportunity to start to make some shifts. Now, as we’re heading into Thanksgiving in the holiday season, I wanted to just remind you that I had an interview that I did, it’s Episode 133. And it’s with my ex husband, I wanted to bring that to your attention in case you’re new here, in case you have an ex husband, and you’re concerned about the holidays, I do not do everything right.

And I’m grateful that my ex husband is open to having a really good relationship with me. But I believe that some of the things we talked about, and some of the ways that we see our relationship right now could be helpful, right, it might help you kind of see your own situation a little bit differently. So I just wanted to remind you of that it’s Episode 133. It’s co parenting and interview with my ex husband, Chris hodgdon. So I hope that this serves you today.

Thank you so much for listening to the show for sharing it with your friends. I’m honored. And I will see you all next week. Thanks so much for listening to this episode. If you found it a value, please share it with your friends, tag me on Instagram or leave a review on iTunes or any of your listening apps. If you leave a review, and you take a screenshot, please email it to us at support at Betsy pake.com. And we will send you a self hypnosis audio that will help you break down any limiting beliefs that you have. So thanks so much for sharing. Thanks so much for leaving your review. And don’t forget to join us inside our Facebook group by going to the art of living big.com and I’ll see you there


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