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181: How do I create abundance?


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You’re listening to Episode 181 of The Art of Living big. I sort

of can’t believe we’re already on episode

  1. Where has the time go? Gone? How where has the time gone, I’m telling you follow the river of joy. This is so much fun for me. And I’m so grateful for those of you that, listen, I know, there’s so many good podcasts out there, and so many podcasts in general. And so I really appreciate you listening.
  2. So thank you, thank you for being on the journey with me. So today I want to talk a little bit about just I think it’s more of like a realization that I’m coming to about vibration. And it’s something that I’ve known and something that I’ve talked about. But now I feel it in a very different way.
  3. And I get a lot of messages from people like either on Instagram, like direct messages, or, you know, to to our email to our support email, asking stuff, and I so appreciate that, because then I know what you need or what you what I should talk about. But in that I just was getting a lot of messages around money and weight. And so I wanted to talk a little bit about vibration, in terms of shifting some of those things.
  4. So it’s just a different way of looking at it. And I hope that I did it justice. And I hope that it serves you. So thanks for listening this week and for sharing it with your friends. And now let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an international expert in manifesting from your subconscious.
  5. And this podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers. Welcome to today’s show. I am recording today, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. So I’ve been doing some injecting of my turkey this morning, we fry our turkey every year. And I got a ham and I have two pies, and I have a whole bunch of other food. And there’s only three of us. I haven’t no food for like 15 people, but I don’t care because I need to have all the things. And

when I was growing up, my mother always had

like this certain kind of pickles. It’s they’re sweet gherkin pickles. I don’t, I don’t know why I never buy him any other time of the year. So I had to make sure I had those. And I have celery, so I can stuffed celery with cream cheese. My mother always did that. And I will do that. And then like nobody will eat it. But it’s fun for me to have it on my table. So I hope that you guys all have your special things too. And you are ready for the holiday if you’re here in the US. So

I wanted to talk today because so

a couple different things have been happening. And I wanted to talk a little bit about a question that I get a lot from people is, how do I like fill in the blank when I’m like when it doesn’t seem like it’s working? So sometimes it’s like, how do I lose weight? That’s when I get a lot. So how come I can’t lose weight?

Like what do I have to do to lose weight I’m trying to focus on I’m trying to stay high vibe, right? I’m trying to stay like really positive about it. I’ve got positive body affirmations. Another one that I get is about money, right? So that’s the other big one is like I’m trying to I don’t look at my bank account. Or if I do, I’m like, prepare myself and I am ready. And you know, I’m trying to think of my debt differently, like people are doing all the right things, right.

I mean, they’re they are making this effort to be able to shift the way that they’re thinking. And I think more and more and more as I am on the adventure, I’m realizing that the focusing on the specific things is never I’m going to say it in this way. But I’m giving myself grace. I’m asking you to give me grace, if I amend it as we talk, but it’s never helping you.

It’s never helping you. So what ends up happening, and I’m going to use, I could use them I could use either one of those as an example. But let’s just use Okay, I’m going to use this as as an example. And just hear me out you got to hear the whole thought process. Okay. So, if you listen to the episode where I went to New Mexico, was like a week ago, I did an episode two weeks ago, I did an episode on that and about how that was such a high vibration experience.

And I came home and I was really able to hold a higher vibration. And I’ve been doing things to specifically be able to hold a higher amount of energy. So I think that we train ourselves to hold more and more energy. Our bodies can only contain So much, the vibration can only get so high before it sort of drops off.

And I think that we can create space for more and more and more. So let me go down that path, how do we create this space, we create this space in the same exact way that we create the things that we want, we create the weight loss or however you want to call it, shedding of the weight, we create the money coming in the income or the debt free life, or whatever it is, you want to call it, however you think about it, the relationships like all of that stuff, this space to hold, the higher vibration is created in the same way that you create those things.

So here’s what I think we do wrong. And what I see when people will message me. And then they’ll say, these are the things I’m doing. And although the things they’re doing aren’t her arm full, for the most part, like they’ll be doing affirmations or those kinds of things. Here’s what I see a lot of.

So now I’m going to use the second example, there is a blogger that I follow on Instagram, and I followed her for a couple years, I really like her. Everybody has an opportunity to grow and change, and people can change their mind and change their position. At any time. It’s not my business.

And it’s not my right to say if you can or can’t. This particular health blogger was, I remember at one point watching her and like she would even be aware of like making sure her nail polish was like toxic free and everything in her house was toxic. Well, what ended up happening, I remember, at one point thinking must be really hard to like, maintain that like, and is it because people are looking at her as a health blogger, because if they are and then you have to be perfect. Like it felt overwhelming.

I remember having that thought, well, then she sort of disappeared for a little while off of Instagram. And when she came back, she has a different take on everything. And she realized that her health blogging was really disordered eating. Now, I think she’s fabulous. I think she’s really working through all of her stuff. And God loves her cuz she’s doing it like in public, right, she’s sharing a lot of stuff in public. But what I found was that she was focusing a lot on the diet culture,

right, because that’s what she’s, I’m gonna use air quotes. And she’s fighting against, right, so she’s fighting against this. So she’s talking about it a lot. And she’s sharing a lot about, you know, studies and marketing and diet, culture and all of these things. And so for me, I had to unfollow her, and I’ll check in I really like her.

But for me, I found focusing on what I don’t want, is only spinning my spiral in the direction away from lifting my vibration, and everything that I do want is in a higher vibration. So here’s what I mean, when I say I don’t think ever concentrating on the problem is helping you. Because almost almost 100% of the time, when people are concentrating on the problem, like I need to lose weight, I need to find a relationship, I need to fix money, they’re looking at the

bad side of it,

they’re looking at the negative side of the thing that doesn’t make them feel good. That’s why they keep going back to it. And so then it gets them all riled up, and it’s actually pushing them farther away.

So they’re, although the, they’re the intent is, I’m gonna really, I mean, think about it, like, if you’re like, I’m going to really buckle down on my food, I’m going to really buckle down on what I eat, I’m going to be really focused on it, I’m going to like really, like, what tends to happen is then we start really looking at our bodies more and really breaking down the things we like and don’t like, and we find more that we don’t like and then we go down that spiral. But if you’re only focused on raising your vibration, then the weight loss begins to come because your vibrations higher.

Does this make sense?

So instead of focusing on the things that I want to adjust or fix or change in my life, all I want to do is focus on raising my vibration. And when I’m raised my vibration, and I’m living in a place of joy, I start to do things that align with the things that I want and those actions and those micro actions start to move me in the place towards the place that I want to go.

So I noticed that since I’ve been back from this trip to New Mexico that my like I just felt so good like every day I was in this like impossible feeling of joy like it was just so much fun. And I’ve had some days since that I can feel myself dipping back down and then I go back up.

But what I realized one day, and you’ve heard me talk about how I have my peloton bike I get one of those peloton I’m obsessed. You can find me on there. It’s live big BP is my name on there if you have a peloton, but when I was on the peloton one day, and I was like, This is so fun, like I was like, I love this.

This is so fun. And it was fun for me because I was not a spin bike person that like that wasn’t my thing. But the peloton feels different. It’s really fun. And as I was biking and thinking, this is fun, all of a sudden, it hit me that I was just getting my vibration higher. I was just living in the joy I wasn’t focused on if the peloton was gonna make me lose weight, although I think it has.

But I don’t really care. Like I like, if that’s what happens. That’s great. I noticed I’m being aligned, and I’m being pulled towards higher vibrational foods. That’s been a big thing for me that’s come up in the last few days, right? So I’m actually feeling like some things that I bought, even like a week ago, I’m like, I cannot eat that.

So I’m wanting more living foods, right and more vegetables and plants, you know, so fruits and things like that. So I am more and more and more convinced that we don’t need to focus on fixing the thing, we need to focus on raising the vibration. Okay, so that brings me to like, how do I actually raise the vibration and then raise the vibration? by dealing with my shit.

I raised the vibration by peeling away the layers of the crap that’s weighing me down. You know, last week I talked about the cork or cork floating. And that all of the layers, push our cork down, push it down, push it down, push it down. So how do I lift my cork up? When I lift my cork up? Then it makes my vibration raise, right?

And when it makes my vibration raise, then all of the sudden, I’m like feeling better. And then my vibration goes higher and higher. Right? So how do I do that is I start to notice. So there’s a couple different ways that I have been doing it recently.

One is I just noticed when I was talking to people,

when I was talking to my husband, when I was talking to my dad, all of a sudden I said I’m complaining. Like I’m having a moment where I’m complaining. And I’m complaining about a certain thing in a certain way. And so I explored that I journaled about it, I sat with it, I didn’t just let it go by, I didn’t just go, Oh, I’m complaining. That’s weird, right? It’s a, it’s a clue. And I grabbed on to that, like a dog on a bone, like, don’t let it go.

And then

I will do my goals, I’ll look at my goals in the morning. And at night, I have been meditating. And I’ve been looking at my goals, right when I wake up or right after I finished my meditation. And when I write my goals, I’m looking at what is it that makes me feel restricted about it. Right, you’ve got them.

So you’ve got the things, maybe your goal is like, I want to feel really great and be healthy and lose 20 pounds. But there’s something in there, that’s a piece of restriction. And if you don’t know what it is, then you need some tools to start to unravel that. And when you can start to clear it, you know, when you can start to move that stuff out of the way, you’ll start to notice more and more stuff, right? Because it’s just like unpeeling the onion, more comes around more becomes aware to you. The other thing is when you’re then I’m using quotes,

air quotes again, but when you’re triggered by stuff when

something like just irritates you,

right? So like, why does it What does it irritate you? What is it about it? And really sit with it, you know, sit with it and ask yourself, what is it you know, it might not come to you within the first 30 seconds we are very impatient, like sit meditate on it?

What is it I need to learn from this? What is this trying to show me? journal about it, you know, try and try and understand some of the, the imagery behind it. What does it really mean? You know, when I wake up in the morning, if I’m thinking about something or I’m thinking about someone, I don’t let that just pass me by. Because that’s some my subconscious was bringing that to my attention for for a reason.

So even if I can’t address it in that moment, I write it down. I keep notes in my phone and I write down the thoughts that I have or the things that are coming up. I start to notice beliefs. So if I see somebody else doing something and then I feel constriction you know what that is like you feel like it like either you want it like you want to have it or your he like what is it and I noticed now more and more and more I can really tackle that and I can get into it really quickly and move it out.

So the refractory period between when I have an emotion that’s an uncomfortable or a negative emotion to the time where I like sort of figure it out or I can release it is way quicker. It’s way quicker now. I still have my days I’m still learning I’m still I’m still way towards the starting line on this journey.

But these are just some of the things that I’m noticing. And some of the things that I’m noticing when people come to me that I feel like, it’s, it’s they’re looking at the Rubik’s Cube, they’re just looking at it from the wrong angle, right. So I feel like, you gotta like, you gotta they’re looking, you know, if you were like looking at a Rubik’s Cube, and you move it right close to your face, all you would see was like the red side, you know what I mean? It’s right there, and you’d be like, this is red.

This is a red Rubik’s Cube. But if you could move it away, move away, move away, then you could see it, you could rotate it, and there’s different sides. And there’s corners, and there’s edges. And there’s different colors. Right? So I feel like, we have been taught so many things about how to respond to emotion, about how to see the world, socially, we’ve been told certain things about what we’re supposed to do to move through problems and what we’re supposed to do, to solve issues and, and to have relationships and to have relationships with ourself.

But I think maybe there’s like, there’s like a little bit of like, we got to pull it away and look at the other sides, because there’s other things going on. So let me just ask it to you this way. If that sort of if that makes you go and I don’t know, Betsy, so let me ask you this, if you felt great all day long, like if I could go to your house and sprinkle crushed Angel’s wings all over your house? And you’ve felt amazing. Do you think you’d eat as much junk food? Like, do you think you’d be mean to your co worker that you hated? Or

your husband or your wife?

Do you think you’d be? Like, talking crap about yourself to yourself? Do you think you’d be super focused on

all of the crap going on in the world?

Like, I’m guessing that if you’re like me, probably not. I found like, the higher I felt, the less interested I was in anything else. And what I found was, I could impact my my world, you know, I go to the grocery store, I can impact the people at the grocery store, I can impact the people that my clients that come in contact with me, I can impact my friends, I can impact my family, I can do all that and have a greater impact.

I have a greater impact than if I was just focused on all the crap and sharing the crap on social media and getting worked up and worried about stuff. So this might not be the way you want to see the world might not jive with you. That’s totally okay. I just feel like it was something I wanted to share because of the numbers of messages that I get. Where I just feel like we’re all and I’m with you, too. There are still things I’m working on.

But but we’re focused on, we’re focused on the wrong thing. Just focus on raise, you’re raising your vibration. That’s it. That’s all you got to do. So when something comes into your awareness, is this helping me is this moving my boat forward? If my boat is going to a higher vibe is this taken me there?

And if it doesn’t, then let it go. And if you can’t let it go, stop and figure out why. So clear the stuff. Make sure that you’re being aware. And, you know, process some of that there’s an energetic part of you and energetic part that is trying to process there’s a physical part of you that’s trying to process don’t ignore either one, focus on both, and learn some tools to be able to help you shift.

You know, I’ve talked before on the show about how, like, there’s nothing in the way, right, it’s only us and the only thing in the way that the world is neutral. But I’m making meaning out of stuff all the time, right? We’re meaning making machines, that’s what we do, and we pull it from past experiences are and or hopefully more of dreams of the future, right?

But we’re pulling all this stuff in, that’s creating our reality. So doesn’t it then also make sense then that if I could change that if I could change the way I’m seeing things, I could start to change my reality. So then the filter that I’m looking through begins to change. And then as the filter begins to change, things that are happening to me start to change.

Well, the very first way that all of that begins, right, because nothing’s in my way, only my belief systems that are causing my limitations. The first way that I need to do that is just to become aware, start to become aware and then start to shift. So I hope that gives you a new way and a new perspective to look at some of The goals you have and some of the struggles may be that you have and some of the things you want to accomplish in the world.


am more and more, I’m just beginning to feel like this. Adventure is way easier than we’ve been acting. And I want, I want to test it, I want to test it more, and I want you guys to test it with me. So let me know what you think hop into our Facebook group, you can find us at the Art of Living big.com. Or you can find me all over social media just at

Betsy Pake mostly on Instagram, if you want to find me over

there. And just a friendly reminder, if you want help with this, if you want to learn some tools, if you want to start shifting things, if you want 2020 to be totally different. Let’s do it. So I have a free class, you can watch it on my website, just go to Betsy Pake calm, it’ll lay out the five shifts that I think you need to take to start this process. So I hope that that serves you. Thanks so much for listening. I’m honored. I know there’s a lot of shows out there. So

thank you. Thank you, and

have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

See you guys next week. Thanks so much for listening to this episode. If you found it a value, please share it with your friends, tag me on Instagram or leave a review on iTunes or any of your listening apps. If you leave a review, and you take a screenshot, please email it to us at support at Betsy pake.com. And we will send you a self hypnosis audio that will help you break down any limiting beliefs that you have. So thanks so much for sharing. Thanks so much for leaving your review. And don’t forget to join us inside our Facebook group by going to the art of living big.com and I’ll see you there.


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