185: Loving yourself enough


On this week’s episode Betsy talks about how to truly create a partnership with yourself and what that means with your body, your relationships, your health.

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Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers, welcome to today’s show. It’s the first show of the new year. And if you listened to last week’s episode, you heard me talk about how I’m gonna have consistency and intention with the show. And I’m going to be doing it on a Thursday. So Ah, the angels saying

it is a Thursday and this show is

being released. So I’m super excited because I feel on track makes me feel happy. But Happy, Happy New Year. Before we go any further I do want to say in last week’s episode, twice, I said it was a new century and not a decade. And I know this probably isn’t a big deal. Probably a lot of you didn’t even hear it. But

this is this,

this is the sort of thing that is

totally cringy to me.

So I do want to, I want to explain, I want to explain. You guys have heard me talk about my peloton how I’m obsessed with my peloton.

And I got it.

You know, I got it like

mid October. And I’m looking at like when I hit my hundredth ride, when that will be. And I want to go I have this like little dream that I go to New York City and take the hundredth ride in the live like where they record it, you know, you can just be there in the room, taking the class. And so that would be my century, right? And I was literally looking at up to like, how do you do that? Or how do you get to do that? Or, you know, what do you have to do to sign up? Right before I did the show?

And every time I said the word century, you know, there’s like this part of you is like something about that’s not right, you know how like you write something or you say something? And you’re like, I know that’s not right. But I was like, No, no, Betsy, trust yourself.

And so, um,

yeah, so I know it was a decade, but Yay, happy, happy 2020 We are here now, new adventures for the new year. I love a new year, you know, even though we can start fresh at any time, I feel like a new year has a different kind of potency to it, right? Where we kind of feel like the the the slate is wiped clean, and we can begin a new and fresh.

So over the past year 2019 was actually a pretty incredible year for me in a lot of ways. And it also pointed out a lot of things that I still need to work on. And things that I still need to make priority in my life. And, you know, I don’t know, you probably don’t remember, like I do. But in the beginning of the year in the beginning of 2019.

It was like the very beginning of February, I got super sick. And I don’t know, I never went to find out if I had the flu until I was super sick. And then I had pneumonia. And I was on like several rounds of antibiotics. I mean, I was sick, really out for at least three weeks. You know, I didn’t record the shows, I was super out of it.

And then it was probably two or three weeks before I was really starting to feel more like myself. But ever since that time, I have never really felt like fully good. Like, I’ve been really tired in the afternoon. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve heard me talk about how I’m like super exhausted. And there would be a lot of days where I would be like I have to take a nap. And I would lay down for like 30 minutes, and I would feel better doing that.

And so that’s what I did. But in the back of my mind, I was like this is not right, you know, there’s something wrong and and then I was like, you know, I’m 48 maybe it’s hormones, like maybe something’s going down. And I did a lot of googling around to that. It’s sort of hard this age. You know, my mom, I’ve talked about this a lot, but my mom died. She was 41. And so she didn’t even get to be my age, even if she was around for me to ask her questions.

Like I have nobody to ask. So I’m like, I don’t know, do do we get really tired when it’s hormones? Like what what’s happening? And, you know, after a certain number of amount of googling, I was like, I think I’d have other symptoms besides just being really tired. And so then I was like, maybe I don’t get enough sleep.

But y’all I love sleeping like I go to bed. Like I love going to bed early. I do a meditation like I do all the things right. You know, I’m not on my phone. I’m like, you know, separate from that. I’m like trying to relax. I do all of the nighttime thing.

But sometimes even it started getting to the point where I would get up and like maybe an hour or two after I would be, I would be really, I’d be really tired. And so I heard a couple people say, Well, maybe it’s gluten, sometimes gluten, if your body’s fighting the gluten, it makes you exhausted. I mean, there were so many things. I was like, I have no idea. And what I finally decided, like, probably like late March, April, May. Was that, okay? It’s my gut.

You know, it’s like my gut health from having all those antibiotics. And so I started this whole thing where I was like drinking Kieffer, and eaten kimchi and like, taking probiotics. I went to the health food store here. And I got like several rounds of these, like super high powered on end by probiotics.

And I was like, how can I heal my gut, you know, drinking tons of water on the whole thing. And I have done the whole 30, which I know whole 30 can help with gut health as well. And I’ve done that several times. And that is easy for me. Like, you know how some people start it.

They’re like, Oh, my God, it’s so hard. But I don’t have a hard time eating just vegetables and all that stuff. I just have an issue because I’m so busy. And so it’s hard to prepare, like it’s easier to, to eat something really fast, you know. And when I started looking at my food by like the summertime, I was like, What the heck is going on?

Like, I should not feel so tired. Like, I’m young. I’m, like dying. So I finally decided maybe it’s my weight, maybe it’s because I’m holding this extra weight. Now, I want to put this in perspective that I maybe was holding, like 15 pounds, extra 20 pounds, okay, so it’s not like I was holding, like, you know, 60 or 70 pounds, that would make me tired. But that’s the only thing I could think.

And so I’m not proud to say, but I decided I was gonna do one of those programs where you substitute meals for like a bunch of bars and shakes and stuff like that. And it like, it was awful. Like, from the very first moment, it was a tons of soy, there was a lot of sugar in the stuff. It was easy.

And that’s what I liked. I liked it because it was easy. And the food didn’t taste that bad because there was sugar in it. So but within like a few weeks, I was like, I feel like total dukie like, I feel so bad. Like, I don’t know what I’m doing. Like, I feel like I I’m losing, I’ve lost myself, you know, I went away to New Mexico to that conference.

And when I was there, I started just eating like good foods, you know, like being conscious of what I was eating, you know, and I was muscle testing to see what was the right thing for me to eat. If you if you’re familiar with muscle testing, if you’re not familiar with muscle testing, it’s applied kinesiology is another word for it.

Basically, you can do it a lot of different ways. You can do it with your fingers, I do it on my arm, where I basically ask a question, and then I test and if my arm tests strong, then it’s a yes. And if it tests a week, it’s a no, I almost think of this as like another way for me to a tool for me to test my intuition. So what does my intuition say?

You know, so when I would was on that trip, and I would go to a restaurant, I would say What does my body want, like I would ask. And I was with my friend Audrey and she’s great.

She’s amazing at muscle testing, that’s how we do the emotion code work to is we muscle test. And so I started muscle testing, and she started muscle testing to help me and I was eating what was coming up through the muscle testing that I should eat. But it wasn’t necessarily things that I would have chosen. And I started feeling so much better. And I was getting this energy and so this whole idea of like asking my body,

so being partners with my body,

instead of being in a fight with my body. Now, women I’m going to guess a lot most of the women listening you know what I’m talking about? Instead of being in a fight with my body that it doesn’t look how it should look and I gotta tell you, I have looked, I have been super fit with ABS many times in my life, and it doesn’t matter because even when I was like that, I’d still didn’t feel great. You know, I still didn’t feel like it was like like that I was in a partnership with my body.

I still felt like I have to fight to be like this. Like this is not easy. This isn’t doing my body a bunch of favors, like I didn’t you know i i’ve never I was it was a moment for me where I was like I am actually in a partnership. Now. I’m listening. And when I’m listening, and when I’m taking that time and saying, Okay, what is it you need? And you know, we have when I look at the things that were happening to me, right, like, it was, you know, there was fat on my body, right, which is a sign.

It’s a sign, I wasn’t

eating like crap, it’s a sign I was super low energy. It’s a sign, right? I had a little bit of brain fog, not a lot. But that’s a sign part of the brain fog, I think was because I was so tired. But all of those things are signs. And I was totally pushing those away, and just going like Here, eat this, like Frank and food and look a certain way, and then probably you’ll feel better. But that wasn’t true, I needed to be in a partnership.

And so

I just knew that my body was telling me things aren’t right. It was telling me in a number of different ways. And honestly, I truly feel like if I had not stopped and listened, it would have had to have a stronger reason and a stronger reason. So I want to back up like three years, and you’ve guys have heard me talk about how my daughter was sick.

And it was extremely stressful. extremely stressful. So I went through several years, like lots of doctors, like the whole thing you can imagine, right? So I went through a lot of stress. And so my body dealt with the stress and like the the toxins from that, by adding fat to my body. Basically, that’s what I believe I believe that it did it as a way to help me survive that for whatever reason, right? If I have tried over the years, is it a subconscious reason?

Is it my body actually protecting me from something I believe now that it was the stress that it was doing this to help me contain all this overload? So I had this overload of like toxic junk in my life and overload of stress. And then my body went to low energy, right? So then it’s like, Okay, how else can I get her attention?

We’re gonna, like, we got to take all this energy, because we need it to deal with all this stress and chronic crap that’s going on. So that happened, the brain fog stuff. Okay. So I believe that if I had not listened and taken a moment to actually listen and, and and ask my body, what is it you really need?

How can I be your partner, then my body would have had to speak even louder. And I don’t know what louder would have been, but I’m guessing it, I wasn’t on a path that would have been really a great path. And so when I was in New Mexico, and I had this moment, I was like, I’m not going to do this anymore.

Like, I’m going to be a good partner. You know, like, if I think about my daughter, if she said to me, like, God, I’m, I’m gaining weight, and I’m feeling really tired. And I have a lot of brain fog, I wouldn’t have said, Here, eat these shakes and bars, never would have done that. I would have been like, we need to drink a lot of water. We need to give you fresh fruits and vegetables, like we need to, like heal your body, how do we heal your body? And I

wasn’t doing that for myself.

And I want to just pose that question to you. And it might not be about weight, you know, it might not be about your body, it might not be about health. But where else do you do that where you would do for somebody else that you love, but you don’t do for yourself. And I realized that this was a moment of like loving myself, and how do we act when we love ourselves. And if I could really shift this, and I could start to see as I was going through this and experiencing this.

And the greatest thing I did was go on those shakes and bars because it made me feel like such crap, I could start to really see how my body was beginning to heal when I was giving it loads of vegetables and loads of fresh fruit. And like, I could see how I was starting to feel better how that was impacting.

Now, if I had been just eating my regular diet before it might not have had such an impact. So I always believe that everything is working for us and I’m grateful for everything that created such a shift for me where I could see it, then I could go like I can really heal my body and all of the sudden it was like, I’ve used food and i’ve you know i’m i’m precision nutrition certified coach, you know, I owned a CrossFit gym. I’ve been involved in nutrition, I know what works. I know how food impacts different parts of your body.

I know all of that. You know, I competed internationally in a sport that I had to be a certain weight. And so I knew exactly what foods caused me to weigh what I had that all nailed down. But I don’t know that I paid attention to what foods made me feel really vibrant. Like what foods made me feel really good what foods made me feel like I was really loving myself and so So, you know, I’m grateful because I’m always have been one that loved vegetables.

And like I said, I’ve done whole 30 several times, it’s not hard for me is just the time, I didn’t have the time. And that’s why I like to the convenience of the other stuff. But when I came down to it, I was like, what’s more important? Like, if, if I’m feeling like crap, I can’t make an impact on the world, I’m not a good partner, I’m a crappy mom, like, what could be more important than taking the time to create fuel for myself, that nourishes my body.

And that makes me feel like a really good partner to it. And so I started taking some steps. And I just want to share those steps with you. Today, and a lot of you have asked questions on Instagram, as I have been posting, like, as I post stuff, you know, I I love making huge salads, I call them like the trashcan salad, it’s like the kitchen sink, everything but the kitchen sink, I just have tons of stuff in my fridge, and I just cut up as much as I need, and make these huge salads.

And, you know, I put olive oil and balsamic vinegar and lemon and salt on it. And you’ll never have another dressing in your life. I don’t need all the preservatives, you know. So, like, I’ve been trying to, to, to really pay attention to how much toxic load I’m putting my body through, you know, so like, Am I having foods with preservatives that are packaged these frankenfoods like, I don’t want any of that anymore.

And I mean this when I say it, maybe maybe one of the first times in my life truly like I have the thought of eating something out of a package or something like that doesn’t appeal to me at all. Like I just know, I’m going to feel like crap. So to eat something really good just feels super aligned and really easy.

Going taking the extra five minutes to do it is like not a big deal. So I really started looking at what my toxic overload was right? And I used the word toxic. But just like how I’m polluting myself with stuff that’s not real food, right? That’s stuff that’s been created, or like cleaning chemicals, like what am I doing, like I have a ton of oils here that I know I can spray, you know, put them in a thing with water and spray to help clean stuff like there are natural alternatives I can take.

I just haven’t spent the time. But what’s more important, there’s nothing more important because without my help, I can’t do anything.

And so

the other thing I started doing was to really make sure that I was getting quality sleep. I know I was falling asleep like 930 10 o’clock and I was waking up at 630. But I don’t know how deep I was getting into sleep. I know how I don’t have a way to measure that. And I know I’m tired. And so I decided to cut out caffeine.

And so here’s how I decided to do that was I? I thought okay, I’m gonna go half and half half decaf, half Caf for a couple days, like four days and then I’ll slowly shift from there, right, less and less of the caffeine. But within like, I think I did the decaf two days and then I was like I’m done. I’m just done. And I didn’t have a headache. I was drinking. I honestly believe it’s because I was eating so many vegetables and fruit. I never had a headache.

And it was just I was just done with it. Now I’ve bought some chicory root, not chicory root coffee, so the chicory root coffee like they drink in New Orleans is chicory root mixed with coffee. It’s not it’s just I’ve bought chicory root and I’ve bought the granules so you can actually make that into a coffee if you want so if there’s a time where I want coffee with like rock a cow which I like sometimes which is sort of like a bulletproof coffee, I can do that but I haven’t wanted to I really wanted to break the habit of it right so I didn’t even want to substitute with something else I really wanted to change the habit.

I’ve had a juicer for a long time and I bought a juicer that was better where I could do that was easier to clean up. And I put it on my my Amazon list if you guys if you want to know if you’re you know you follow me on Instagram you know but I put everything on my website if you go to the menu, there’s Instagram, Amazon favorites and almost everything I buy that I share I put on there just so you can find it easily. You know, you just you can see exactly the model that I’m talking about.

But I bought this Oscar that is so easy and fast to clean up. And so I’ve been doing celery juice in the morning, which I know the celery juice thing I’m using air quotes the celery juice thing, but I like it I actually really like fruits and vegetables so to me It actually feels really refreshing and good in the morning.

So I have been doing that. I’ve been making like tumeric and lemon shots like it’s I’ve been having fun making healthy food. And I think that’s the biggest thing is that I’ve started to make it be something that felt really fun. And so just taking this shift from not having the coffee instead getting a new routine.

So there are days where I’ve had the celery juice, or also hot water with lemon and ginger and I use this organic ground ginger, that’s really delicious. And so just trying to substitute stuff, you know, just trying to change the load that’s on my body. I don’t want my body trying to fight against caffeine when I’m trying to sleep.

So I noticed I, you know, I got it out of my system, it was probably day five, I woke up and I went to do my journaling. And I realized I felt really peaceful. felt really good. And then the next morning, I noticed, and, and the next the sixth day, the next day, I noticed I was like, I feel really peaceful again, why is that?

And then I was like, Oh my gosh, I never think of myself as someone with anxiety. But I think I must have had like low level anxiety sort of from the coffee right? Where it’s just it impacts your nervous system. So I think I just was like mildly agitated in a way from it. And so I just felt so much more was way easier to find my center and to connect with that.

And, and that felt like a good enough reason to keep going. So on day seven, which is when I craved coffee, it was the first time I had craved coffee. And I think that it’s you know, coffee has a half life, I think it was moving itself out of my body. And you know, so once I got it out, then I think my body was like, Hey, we want some and I just stayed the course.

And I felt really good about it. And I drink a lot of herbal teas, and you know, all of that and just stayed focused. So the second way, the second big way that I’m trying to change the toxic load and how much I’m actually, you know, putting on my body was, is that I changed from using anti press print to deodorant,

I’m going to explain why and what this is. So anti press print is got aluminum in it, and chemicals. Right. And what happens is you use it and I’ve been using antiperspirant for for you know, since I was 15 years old, so you know, what is that like 30 something years.

But what happens is it clogs your pores with the staff. That’s partly how it stops you from sweating. And so all of that gets built up and built up built up in your system. And, you know, I I years ago, I read the book, The Medical Medium book, if you guys look, there are a few episodes that I did. Way back before the hundreds, I think it was like maybe 7877. somewhere around there. I did a series on vegans, vegetarians and a juicer, a juice guy. And I did that because that’s really what I was being called to, but I couldn’t deal with it with my life like it was just too much. I couldn’t focus on that at that time.

But it was at that time that I found this guy named Anthony William, who calls himself the Medical Medium. He has several books. Now. When I found him he had just come out with his first book and I read that and it made a ton of sense to me, right. And he talked a lot about, you know, changing the way you do things. He started the whole celery juice thing, I think, but he talked about changing the way that you’re dealing with your toxic load and changing the way you live your life and using vegetables and fruits and foods to really heal you from tons of stuff. And so in all of that, like

I was like,

okay, so I knew about the whole antidepressant to deodorant thing, but I I tried it once and y’all it gets bad, so good, bad for me like within three days. So this time I was like, Okay, I’m gonna do this, I want to make this transition, but I don’t want to be like stankin like I work out every day like what am I going to do?

And I actually found a way to get around the stink. And so as I’ve been doing this I joined now I think it’s been I’m over a week now I think since I’ve switched and usually by now I wouldn’t have been able to stay. So a couple different things. One is I bought on Amazon, you can get it at Target. There’s that brand called like Pacifica or something I’ll make sure it’s in my Amazon favorites, my favorite thing so you can see it but it’s called an Under Armour scrub.

And I’ve also used this clay and I’ve mixed it with apple cider vinegar and use that as an under our mask. Basically what I’ve been trying to do is release the clogged pores that are clogged with the aluminum anti press sprint, so that I can start having my armpits like breathe normally and not have the overgrowth of bacteria that’s there because it’s the bacteria that’s causing the stink.

And so I’ve been doing the scrubs doing the clay masks and eating really well and drinking tons of water, and I haven’t had any stink at all. And so I used to try a couple different deodorant somebody, the friend of mine, and also on Instagram, messaged me and said that there was a brand of deodorant that had a probiotic in it. And it’s called like Island deodorant, I got it on Amazon, I’ll make sure it’s on my favorites. But it has this probiotic in it. And I really think it does work better.

And she said that that’s what worked for her. And it’s from Key West. So I was like, Well, of course, that’s what I’m gonna try. So I have been using that. And I think it’s awesome. So that’s the next thing was I was doing. So I get rid of the coffee, I’m trying to change my toxic load, right, by doing getting rid of the aluminum that I put on my body every day.

And then using the Medical Medium, has these metal detox smoothies, and I’ve been trying to do some of those sprinkled throughout the week, just to kind of help me get rid of any metals that might be built up in my body. So it’s interesting, because as I went through this whole thing, you know, I talk to people every day, you know, I do those breakthrough calls, those free breakthrough calls. To help people get to the root of their problem, because people don’t see the root of their problem.

And then that’s what come they feel stuck and they are struggling. And they kind of go around in a loop, which is exactly what I was doing with this, you know, I was I could not see that I was focused on like, Oh, I got to lose weight, I got to win really want to get to the root of the problem was my health was like a basic, I’m giving my body what it needs and being in a partnership with my body, so that I can support her and give her what she needs. So we can live a long, long time together.

And I say it in that way. Because I truly believe that I am a soul. I will live on long after this come back in and some other vessel, but I got to take care of this vessel, you know, so that I can be here and have a big, the biggest impact that I can on the world. And so being in that partnership and noticing, you know, seeing the forest through the trees and saying, Okay, wait a second, I’m focused on why am I Why did I gain weight? Instead of Oh, I gained weight? Like why?

What do I need to give you what do I need to do to be a better partner. And so, um, you know, I was laying in bed the other night, and I’m really not haven’t done resolutions for New Years as people do resolutions, or as I used to do resolutions in the past. But I wanted to do one thing every day. And there was a time, way back.

Like I mean, I think I was in high school or college, I think it was in college where I gave up chocolate for the year. And it felt really fun. Because it was like something I was doing. Like, I could do it. And it gave me a lot of confidence. Because I could be in control of that, you know that I could, I could say no to something I ate a lot of Skittles during that time.

I didn’t have any chocolate. But I wanted something else. And I was laying there. And I was like Why else? And I was like, well, I could ride my peloton every day, because I love that. But then I was like, That’s not good. Because I don’t know that that would be in partnership with my body. Because what if she’s tired? Or what if I’m sick? Or what if you know my body needs something else?

And so I kept thinking like, well, what could it be? What could it be? I could have no packaged food for the whole year like would that feel good. And I was like, that feels really good. But I’m also going to be traveling and sometimes I might not be in control, I can be in control as much as I can.

So what I came down to, and I believe that one really great way to make change is to do something small that is so small, that it would be silly not to do it. And if you could do that every day, and then you can add on to that. Right. So I’ve talked about that in an early episode back in the 30s. I think it was I did a show on building good habits.

And that’s actually how you do it. That’s the best way to do it to build a good habit. And so I thought what could be one small thing that I could do. And so I wrote a post it note. And this is the Louise Hay thing. And you’ve probably heard me talk about this. I did it a little different this time, but I made a post it note and I put it on my mirror. I did that because I look in the mirror every day and I didn’t want to forget, right I have a regular schedule now.

And I needed to interrupt that schedule to add this one small thing that I’m going to do every single day this year. And I want to see how this impacts my life and how this changes me because I truly believe this will change me. So what the poster note says is I love you. You are awesome. You are deserving

I’m gonna look at myself

in the eyes in that mirror every single day and say those words. And we spend a lot of time. And as women, I think, you know, guys, I think you do this too, and maybe a little different way. But as women, I know, for me, I spent a lot of time over my life, like tearing down, right? This doesn’t look good, I can’t wear that style. I’m too short for that, Oh, I wish my hair could grow really long like that, like all the things right? We tear ourselves down constantly.

But when do we stop and have a relationship with ourselves that’s truly supportive. And if I truly love myself, and I’m talking to my body here, too, right? I’ve spent a lot of time on my mind. I’ve spent a lot of time on my belief systems. But I haven’t spent a lot of time like really taking care of my body in this way. You know, I’ve been an exerciser, like basically my whole life. But that’s a stressor on your body, too. Right? dieting, that’s a stressor on your body. Like, I didn’t need any more stress.

Like I needed to love this body, this meat suit, right? Like, how do I? How do I take care of this. And if I look at myself everyday, and I say I love you, you’re awesome. You’re deserving, then, after a certain amount of time, there’s no way that that’s not going to start thinking in a different way, where I begin to act different. Because I know when I went to New Mexico, and I realized I could have a relationship with my body, like in a totally different way.

Then it changed me It changed the choices that I made, changes the decisions that I made, it changed the way I showed up for myself. It changed the way I was willing to do things with other people. I’m going to tell you a quick story. Today is New Year’s Day, I went to lunch with my husband, he was like you want to go to lunch. And I was like yeah, and he was like let’s go to Longhorn. And so we went to long horn, he might not even know this.

But I muscle tested what I was supposed to eat. And I went through the sections of the menu. And the where I tested strong was the sides. And I was like, This isn’t a meal. But then I looked in there was salad there. And I could have salad with oil and vinegar and lemon juice and salt just like I like it. I could have a potato, and I could have asparagus. And so that’s what I got. I was totally happy. I was totally fall, I did not feel like I was depriving myself at all.

Because I felt like I was giving her my body which she needed what she was asking for. And I’m not I realized, and I realized this a long time ago, but I’m not a big meat eater. So to me, it feels really taxing to eat me. I feel super bloated and yucky. And so that just felt so good. But here’s the difference is that I have tried to do this before, but I would be with my husband and I would like I don’t want to make him uncomfortable.

I don’t want him to feel like I’m not eating what he’s eating. And I have even asked him Are you okay? Like you’re a year ago or so? Are you okay? If I order something different? He was like, Yeah, but it wasn’t until now. It wasn’t until this time that I feel like it. It didn’t matter. I knew it would be okay with him because he would just feel somehow that I was doing what I needed to do to take the best care of me and to love me.

And he loves me. And so he would want me to take care of me so that I can be around for a long time. And it’s interesting because it felt so aligned and so easy. Whereas in the past, you know last night was New Year’s Eve, I didn’t want to drink I don’t like to drink. I’ve talked about this on the show before. I don’t care if you drink my husband drinks.

I’ve gone on vacation and have drinks and sometimes drinks are tasty, but they don’t make me feel good. And so I was like I don’t want to drink tonight. I got went to the store. I got tons of fresh berries because that to me is abundance of berries. And I got a fancy kombucha and by fancy I mean a different flavor than I usually get. So I could have something that was like felt I put it in a fancy glass and I made brownies that were Reishi brownies that were reishi mushroom brownies.

The Reishi mushrooms were in the frosting the frosting was made out of coconut oil and it was made out of dates. The whole thing was made out of dates and organic cocoa and coconut oil and Reishi mushrooms like it was it was good for me and it was tasted awesome and it was fun to be able to make something where I didn’t have any guilt. I didn’t feel crappy after I felt like I was listening to my body. So I want to just ask you, what are you doing right

now? in your life that if you really

loved yourself, you would be doing differently. You know, maybe it’s got to do with food. I feel like that’s such a common thing that I’m almost mad. That’s the only story I had to tell you. But it was just such a significant thing in my life right now. But maybe it’s boundaries with somebody write, maybe it’s that you just need to stop drinking soda and start drinking more water. Like maybe you know that, but you haven’t been doing it. But if you really loved yourself, maybe you’d have more fun.

Maybe you would make the weekend a priority to have fun and not just do errands. What would happen? If you put some things aside? What would it be happen if you delegated stuff? What would be happen if instead of going grocery shopping, you signed up for shipped, or you don’t amazon prime now delivers if you have amazon prime, they will deliver your groceries for free.

It’s part of your membership. So like what have you started taking advantage of that kind of thing so that you had more time to give yourself fun or adventure or whatever it is that you’re craving? Can you be a better partner to yourself in 22,020? Can you show up in a way that says they love you? You are awesome.

You are deserving,

because that is how I think you live a big life. Thanks so much for listening. And I will see you all next next week. Thanks so much for listening today. Just a reminder, we’ll see you on Mondays and Thursdays. Now if you enjoyed this show, I would love it if you shared it with your friends. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes.

Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit an email it over to us at support at Betsy pake.com. And we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much and I’ll see you next week.


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