193: A course in miracles experiment with Pam Grout - Betsy Pake

193: A course in miracles experiment with Pam Grout


I’m honored to have Pam Grout on the show today!

Pam is an explorer on the frontiers of magic and enchantment. She has served as an extra in a zombie movie; composed a country-and-western song; created a TV series; and communed with Maasai warriors, Turkish sultans, and Inti the Ecuadorian Sun God. She writes books and articles for such places as CNN Travel, Men’s Journal, The Huffington Post, and People magazine. She is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Thank & Grow Rich, E-Squared, and E-Cubed.


Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers, welcome to The Art of Living big. Today’s show, I have a really incredible guest. I’m so excited that Pam grout is here to talk to us today. If you don’t know, Pam, I’m about to rock your world. But I’m guessing that most of you have heard of her or even read one of her books called e squared. I’ve talked about her before on the show.

She’s been on episode 28. Early on in the show, she was an earlier guest. I just love love so many things about Pam. So I’m excited to share this interview with you today. I haven’t done an interview in quite a while. So this was really a treat for me. So before we move on to that, I want to just make sure that you know that you’re invited to our Facebook group. It’s called The Art of Living big community. And you can actually just type in your browser, www The Art of Living big.com. And it will bring you right to it. You know, Pam and I did not talk about this on the interview. But she actually wrote a book called Living big. So so many pieces of alignment there.

So the last little thing I just want to remind you that if you are stuck or struggling or you want to learn a new way to shift your subconscious, I do have a free training on my website. And you can just go to Betsy Pake calm. There’s lots of other freebies on there, too. But you can get that free class. It’s right on the front page, and you will see it when you log in. So now without further ado, let’s go to today’s show. All right, everyone. Hello, I am here with the beautiful, amazing Pam grout. Hey, Pam.

Hey, Betsy, so glad to be with you today. I am happy to

have you here today. So for those that are listening, they may not know you were on the show several years ago, and I had just started doing the show. And I think you were like Episode 28 if anybody wants to go into the Wayback Machine and check it out. But it’s so interesting, because at that time I you were like on my job like, oh, if I could talk to anybody, who would it be?

And I was like Pam grout. And, um, I don’t remember now because it was so long ago, but there was something about on your website or something that was sunflower. I don’t know if maybe your email had a sunflower name. And I don’t remember what it was.

But I

said, I need a sign. Like I need a sign that if I reach out because I just was so tired of being told no. It was like if I reach out, I will be able to make contact with Pam grout. And it was so funny because that day I drove to the mall and there was a car, not a work vehicle, just a regular vehicle. And it had sunflowers all over the back of it. And I was like why would somebody have sunflower decals all over their back window? And I reached out to you and Willa, and now we’re doing it again. So thank you for being here a second time.

Oh, that’s great. And you know, my email is still sunflower so that’s really fun. Oh, yeah. sunflower.com. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

So that’s what I channeled. I brought you to me, I was a magnet, I believe.

How cool. Well, thank you. I’m so glad you did. Yes.

Well, the cool thing is that I learned that from you. So you have you are an author. Do you want to tell everybody a little bit about you and what you do?

Yeah, I’ve been a writer my entire life. In fact, I feel like I’m really lucky. You know, how some people like what do I do with my life? You know, that’s like the big angsty question that everybody has. I have always known since I was in second grade that I wanted to be a writer. So I’ve been a writer my entire life. What I’ve written about is changed a little bit. I mean, I guess the thing I’m most known for my books, I’ve written 20 books, or the 20th book just comes out this month. But I also write a lot of articles for various publications.

I’ve even I’ve edited like theme park magazines. I mean, over the years, I’ve done a lot of different writing. But I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer, and I’ve always been a writer. And so I had about my 16th book, interestingly enough, became this big international hit, it was about a square book. And everybody loved that book is all about doing experiments, you know, and the kind of signs you were talking about with the sunflower. So that’s the one that made you know, so many people familiar with my name, but way before that, I’ve always been a writer.

That’s how I’ve always made my living and I’ve always felt so blessed that I got to do the thing. Love to do i mean that I’ve been able to make a living doing what I love to do. And I think that’s just such a blessing such a gift in this world. So So anyway, that’s kind of who I am a writer. Yeah,

that’s awesome. Yeah. And so I’m curious about that, because probably a lot of people listening are not doing what they love. And what gave you the courage to be able to forge up half because I’m sure it wasn’t like Hay House didn’t call you when you were writing in your bedroom, right?

No, exactly. In fact, that was my 16th book that, you know, before I got hooked up with Hay House, I mean, I’ve done books for Simon and Schuster, and National Geographic, a lot of other publications. But I think I was just probably dumb enough, or innocent, naive enough to go like Why? Well, of course, I’m going to do what I love to do. I mean, it never occurred to me to do anything else. And granted, in the beginning, I worked as a journalist, you know, because, again, that’s what a writer would, you know, that’s the job of us get in college. So I went to school, and I went to university, I got a degree in journalism. And then I worked for a newspaper writing features.

But I didn’t even do it that long, because it was very clear that I wanted to write about what I wanted to write about. So I started freelancing. And the cool thing about that is like any topic, you get interested in anything, any person you want to meet, you just get an assignment about that person or about that topic, and then you have permission to call them up and to learn everything you can about that particular person. So it’s like the coolest job for anybody that sort of curious, of course, you know, that the downside?

And for me, this is an upside, then you have to sit down and actually write about it. But for me, I love doing that. So that’s, you know, that was that was even the fun part for me. So yeah, I’ve always loved to write and, you know, that goes back to because I used to love to read and I think, you know, anybody likes to read a lot eventually. Thanks, you know, that I could do that. So like I said, I’ve been writing since forever. It’s a good read. I’ve been writing.

Yeah, it just comes really naturally to you.

Yeah. I mean, I, you know, I have my struggles.

You have a favorite book.

Oh, man, I probably Oh, of my books, or just a favorite book out there of other authors? Well,

we’ll both actually what’s your favorite book that you’ve written?

For? You know, well, that’s I don’t even know that I have a favorite book. I mean, in some ways, I love e squared, because it’s the one that you know, took off like a comet in the sky. So that favorite in that regard, but I’ve always loved my book, art and soul, which, you know, came out his heart and soul and then heart soul reloaded. And I always loved that one. But really, I like all of my books a lot to be, you know, there’s kind of like, you don’t like them,

though. They’re kind of like little children that you birth, right. I mean, it’s a process to get them out. Yeah, right, right. And I think one of my favorite books that you wrote, I love the E squared, because if anybody that’s listening hasn’t picked one of those up, there’s two of them. But there’s so good because they’re, like just little experiments, see, you know, you can go all through the book all the way through, or you can hop around, you know, it’s just, it’s fun, because it proves to how powerful and unlimited we are.

But I think my favorite book was Think and Grow Rich. I loved that book. Oh, yeah, I live several times on Audible. And because you speak it, then you were like, narrating my life. I would hear your voices I would be like, and then she opens the frigerator to get your voice in my head for weeks and weeks. But that was one of my favorites was bank and Grow Rich.

Oh, thank you. I really liked that one as well. I mean, I love all my books, to be honest. But yeah, that that was a good one too. It’s funny when you say that about people have listened, you know, you were listening to my voice. I have people say, Yeah, I travel with you from Florida to Maine or something like, you know, they were listening to my buckets are going it’s kinda like I’m there in the car with him is there, you know, listening to the book. So I get that a lot.

In fact, I did record my own voice, he squared and then when a cube came out, I told Hey, house, just go ahead and hire an actress to read it. A lot of books or you know, famous actresses will read books. I’m like, yeah, just have them do it. But I have so many protests from my readers. They said, No, we like hearing your voice. From that point on. I’ve been recording my own books, you know. So yeah, I think it makes

a difference. You know, I think it makes a difference because you have more this, you know, the energy, it’s the the tonality of what you’re doing, you know, the intention as you’re reading. So I think it does make a difference when the author reads. So what’s a favorite book that you have that’s not yours?

Well, no, that’s an interesting question. You know, I’m one of these people like, I’m in love with whatever I’ve just read. A book that I just read that I loved. Was Jennifer, Pastor loves book. I mean, I would never say that’s my very favorite book. But right now, I mean, I just finished it. I just loved it. Of course, I have to send a copy to everybody I know, you know, that kind of a thing. But I get excited about different books at different times. Like I mean, I guess sometimes I had to really seriously contemplate that question.

I might say the Course in Miracles just because that is the book that you know, I’ve I’ve taken as much Spiritual pursuit over the last 20 some years, but I don’t know that it’s as a book. It’s just that favorite, but I do like the message in it and what it what it’s, you know, the changes that it’s made in my life. But yeah, I don’t know that I have an actual all time favorite book. I love the way of mastery. I mean, there’s so many books I could pray go on and

so many books. I am just finishing educated by Tara Westover. Have you read that

one? Yes. read that. Yeah.

And now I’m like, on the internet, like trying to find photos of her family? Like I’m obsessed. Yes. So I totally get it. Probably not my favorite book of all time. But right now if somebody asked me, I would be like, Oh, my gosh, you have to get this book. So yeah.

Well, that’s funny. I mean, I literally just read that I was down in Mexico for the month of December. And it was one of the books I took with me. And of course, I finished it right away. And I guess I didn’t I wasn’t on the internet much down there. So I haven’t had chance to Google her the way you have. But I know I like to do that too. When I read a book that I love.

Totally. Yeah. So you do travel a lot and a lot of things that you’ve talked about, or you’ve written as a travel writer, isn’t that right?

Correct. Yeah, I’ve been a travel writer for Oh gosh, 25 years or something like that. And it just kind of again, it was one of those things, like I said about being a writer, you get to write about what you love. And I’ve always loved to travel. So when I first In fact, it’s funny how I became a travel writer, kind of an official travel writer, I had sent a query off. And that’s how writers pitch their work. Now, it’s a little bit different, but you still have to pitch in editor on your work. So I had sent a query off to ladies home journal, and I was talking about some different things that I had done as a freelance writer.

Like I picked coffee in Nicaragua, I think I mentioned I’d been to Jamaica and Libya rented a villa. And so she calls me up and says, Oh, do you do travel writing? And of course, you never say no to an editor. So I kind of say, Oh, yes, I do travel writing deals. Uh, where are you going next? And of course, I didn’t have anything planned. But this friend of mine was going to Tampa. So I said, I’m going to Tampa. And then in the show, she gave me an assignment, you know, to write a travel article about tamping 1000 words, whatever.

So I call my article kind of go to Tampa with you. So anyway, that’s kind of how I fell into official travel writing. But the cool thing about travel writing is that once your name gets out there, and people realize that, you know, you publish things, places, they start inviting you on all these trips. So I’ve gotten to do the most amazing things, all for free, because I was writing about it. So yeah, I’ve been able, you know, I’ve been to all the continents except for Antarctica. And, you know, just really done a lot of cool things as a travel writer. That’s really cool.

That sounds amazing. Yeah, maybe that’s my next career. I’m

reinventing myself. I recommend everybody, to Java writer.

So good. So I love to travel. But I find myself mostly called to beaches. And so I love going to the beach. And this past summer, I went to the beach with my husband, we went down to Key West. And I’d been to Key West a couple times, but never for like an extended time we were there like eight days or something. And it was so fun. And it was interesting, because I was telling you about you. We were talking we walked a lot that trip because we really wanted to be out and outside and getting our exercise we were counting our steps. And I was telling him about you. And as I did, we turned the corner. On to that mean drag Duvall in Key West. And there is a shop there called tu tu tu.

And as I was

talking about you, I turned the corner in that shop was there and I was like, Oh my God. And of course my husband didn’t understand the significance of that. But can you share with everybody the significance of that like to to to just in your life in general has been kind of like your magic number, right?

Well, it’s Yeah, it started with my daughter. She’s the one that first got onto the 222. But now it’s so cool. I have people all over the world send me pictures of 222 or stories like you just told me about 222. But when Taz my daughter was in junior high, we don’t even know how this got started. But she started a little Facebook group, the amazing awesomeness is to 22 and she’s kind of saying what happened like one of her friends or some of her friends go, hey, what time is it even if it was 547 she’d say to 22 or they say how much does something cost and even it was $10 and say 222. So it became a thing you know, she just loved to 22 and that particular year she and I had gone on a couple trips, we were in London and of course our hotel room happened to be to 22 and then we went to Alaska and the hotel room was 222 so we both kind of got on to it.

So throughout our life together, you know we would text each other pictures of 222 or any kind of significant thing about 222. So it was kind of like especially her number but then it you know became our number together. And so now anytime I see 222 and pretty much every day I will get some kind of a 222 again as a sign from it. daughter who, as you know, past 14 months ago, kind of unexpectedly have a cerebral aneurysm. So 222 has been my way of, and I started a foundation in her honor the 222 Foundation where I give a grant every year on February 22.

This will be the second year to do at this upcoming one. In fact, just yesterday, or I guess was two days ago, I was reading over all the pitches that had come my way for the 222 grant, and I’ve narrowed it down to 14 candidates. And now I’ve got to, you know, choose between these amazing 14 candidates that are left on my little docket, and I haven’t contacted anybody yet, but this is kind of my you know, task for the next few weeks is getting this figured out and deciding who’s going to get the grant for 222 2020.

It’s such a great way to honor her too. And you know, I remember when she passed and you posted about it, you were really open. I mean, it was shocking. And you were so open. And I remember I went to her Instagram because you had tagged her in something and I looked and I fell in love with Taz, you know, just looking at, I mean, it brought me joy, like it was I was sad that she had transitioned and left you in this plane. But I was I was just you could feel the joy and her life and travels and all the things that she did.

So she just sounds so cool. And so I think it’s awesome that you set up this foundation. And you know, I talk about on the show, I talk about how my mom passed away when I was in high school. And one of the things we did that I’m so grateful for is we set up she loved watching basketball, I don’t know why it was just like, she just loved it. And she loved like supporting all the kids, you know, and she and my dad would even travel some time to like during March Madness and go to the game. So we set up a scholarship for kids to go to basketball camp.

And you know, my mom’s been gone 30 something years, and I still get messages from people, you know, that I went to school with and their kids have gotten the scholarship and it’s just such a cool way to keep her memory alive. So I really love that, that you do that with Taz. And it’s just a cool way to share her with more people.

Right, exactly. Well, there’s been so many cool synchronicities with the foundation so far. Like, I don’t know if you heard the story about last year, you know, she had just passed and I was on my way to Indiana like Oh, can I even go now after this happened because it was just such a shock. But I called my best college friend who agreed to go with me, which is really nice.

But anyway, so we’re at the Taj Mahal. And you know, that’s one of the big tourist attractions in India. And it’s like, do we even want to go there? You know, is there going to be cheesy? Well, no, we decided to go because hey, we’re an MD We better go. So we go in and I mean, it is a magical spiritual place. I mean, there’s a real reason it is so one of the world’s great wonders but you walk in it just feels so spiritual. But not only that, we found out that the woman that the whole memorial was for, you know, the she can, you know, built this for his favorite wife or whatever.

Yeah, her name was mum Taz. Her name was actually Taz. And then some other interesting synchronicities. It took 20,000 workers 22 years to finish the Taj Mahal. So there’s the two to two again, her guide happened to speak Spanish. And he also spoke Hindi, which is his native tongue in English. But it’s like all these synchronicity he spoke Spanish it took 22,000 workers 20 to 20,000 workers 22 years, it was a monument to love and the person’s name was mom, Taz.

When you said that, yeah, that’s so cool.

It was so cool. I mean, it just felt like this amazing spiritual experience. So anyway, we walk out of there, and we go to this place called a she rose hang out. And what it is, is a place where you know, an Indian guys still will throw acid on their wives, if they’re mad at him for not pressing a male, you know, just various weird reasons. But these women that had had acid thrown on them have opened this little cafe, it’s called Shiraz Hangout. And they’re choosing to be beautiful from their heart, because obviously, their you know, faces got melt and all kinds of things. And so they were getting ready to move to a new location. So the first recipient of the 222 grants was the she rose hangout that helped them move to their new location. And there’s all kinds of art, the whole idea behind to 22 Foundation is a change in consciousness is our greatest need.

That’s what we believe. So any project that supports a change in consciousness in a creative loving way, because that’s what Taz was all about. I mean, she really was a remarkable person. In 25 years, the things that she managed to do and the people she influenced was pretty remarkable. So, you know, we support projects that do support, you know, a way of changing the world through our consciousness because you know, that’s the best way to change anything, you know, we can fight and do all this stuff. But until we change our consciousness, it’s all going to stay the same. So these women that are giving and loving, like oh my gosh, they’re just perfect in alignment with what was the mission of the foundation. Yeah,

incredible people to be able to get That space right where they could even do that.


yeah. And changing consciousness is really the theme really of the book that you have coming out, which is A Course in Miracles experiment. Right? Can you tell us a little bit right? And we’ve talked about the Course of Miracles on the show before. But tell us a little bit about that. And I love I love this so much, but I will I will zip it over let you tell.

Yeah, well, the Course in Miracles, it’s one of those books where if you go to any spiritual gathering, and you ask for a show of hands, pretty much everybody owns a copy. I mean, you know, 95 99%, own a copy. But then you ask the follow up question How many have actually read it or done the workshop, the workbook lessons, and maybe one or two people, you know, it’s like one of those things. It’s so dense, and some people find it really hard to get through. So how the whole book came about, I had started blogging about my own journey into A Course in Miracles.

I do it every year, I start on January 1. And you know, every day I was blogging what the lesson was, and kind of how I was applying it in my life. And it didn’t take long people started posting sending me emails, you need to turn this into a book. This is the first time I’ve ever understood A Course in Miracles. Yeah. So you know, I may be dense. But after you get like, 5060 messages like this, you go, Oh, this might be guidance. Yeah. So anyway, so I decided to turn into a book, you know, I sent a proposal off the Hay House, which is published my last, how many books did they buy last four books, and, you know, they jumped on it. So anyway, that’s how this book came about.

And I love it. Because of course, the miracles is really like channeled, isn’t it? Would you say it’s channeled work?

Yeah, it was started or written or channeled By there were a couple of professors at Columbia University. And in the department, I think was a medical psychology, there was a lot of infighting, a lot of arguments. And one day, just after months of frustration, the head of the department, Bill seckford, threw his hands in the air and says, there has got to be a better way. And then almost as if by, you know, request, this voice started coming through Helen schucman, which is his research assistant, and said this, you know, pay attention.

This is the better way, she’s getting this. And of course, she didn’t, you know, she’s like, what the heck is this? I mean, it’s kind of freaky out Yeah. And all of a sudden, disembodied voice speaking through you. But for whatever reason, they both agreed to play their part. And then she would tell him, you know, what the message was saying, or you know, what the, what the voice was saying. And then he would write it down, type it up. So this went on for like, seven or eight years. And eventually, you know, they finished, and they decided, I think they printed up like 100 copies or something Xerox copies, and they started distributing it. And people were recognizing, oh, wow, this is something powerful. And then eventually, it got turned into an actual book.

But anyway, yeah,

yeah, it’s so it’s so cool. And the thing with the Course of Miracles that I think is so difficult is that I mean, it’s, it’s not hard to read, it’s not like it’s big words, but the concept is so dense. So what you’ve done is you’ve taken the workbook portion of A Course in Miracles, which is like the day every day, there’s a new little lesson. And you’ve made it really fun, and, like really fun to to read. And one thing that you wrote, and you said, now that we have inscrutable proof that the two main fundamentals of physical reality, space and time, are as shaky as a Jenga tower. And that’s what A Course in Miracles is all about. So, of course, the miracles really, kind of shakes up what you think reality is, right?

That’s exactly what it’s about. I mean, you know, they talk a lot about forgiveness. But really what forgiveness is, is letting go of all your assumptions about the way the world works, because what you know, we grow up and we learn all these lessons about the world is like this. And one of the main lessons we get is, there’s never enough to go around the world of scares, the worst, the world is a, you know, life sucks kind of thing. And this is the message that we get.

So the Course in Miracles is about forgiving, all that forgiving, all those beliefs that we just know are true. And then what ends up happening is this other reality then becomes open to you. And this I mean, the ultimate goal, of course, is to get that voice speaking to you, or, you know, that guidance coming to you the same way that it came to Helen schucman. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be writing a book, but that you know, that you are guided to, you know, make your life work the way you know that where you can be helpful to others where you can be happy.

Yeah, so the thing that I love is that the lessons that you put in here are they’re, they’re fun, and they’re funny, right? They’re interesting. And it makes sense, because I think one of the problems with A Course in Miracles is it’s hard to make it applicable to your life, because it seems kind of abstract, even though it’s not hard to read. It seems a little abstract when you say that that’s true.

Exactly. In fact, I kind of jokingly Call it fact at one point, this was maybe going to be the title, ACM, the fun version. Because again, I think if something’s going to be sustainable, and we want this to be sustainable, where people will do it every day, and they will have an act, you know, Helen schucman did, yeah. And if it’s more fun, if it’s something you look forward to doing, it’s going to be more, if you open it up, and you go, Oh, this is heavy, this is dance, you’re not as likely to stay with it.

So hopefully, the the goal is that people will enjoy it enough that they’ll actually get the benefits from it, which is hooking up yourself to this amazing resource that’s available to all of us that wants to interact with you, that wants to guide you that wants to bless you. So that’s the ultimate goal is for each person on their own to hook up with that force.

And so if I go through, and I’ll tell you, I’ve started course, in miracles, many times the first who hasn’t, I get, I get very excited, like, this is gonna be the year right. But I finally feel for the first time this is going to be the year because I have your book. So what’s the goal? Like at the end of the year? What do you think, of course, in miracles? Or if I read your book, The Course of Miracles experiment? What, what should I feel or what should be shifted in me?

Well, you know, here’s the cool thing, you know, as they say, many roads lead to Rome. So you know, you don’t have to do the Course in Miracles. But if you want the Course in Miracles, which the benefit is that you will then have access to this guidance for your life, you know, this love force, or the divine buzz, or whatever you want to call it, and that we all have access to this. And the reason that the course has 365 lessons is because sometimes our minds are stubborn, and they want to go back to those old ways of thinking, you know, those old beliefs that we were talking about.

So, you know, I mean, it could come like the second lesson where you realize, wow, and you just get it, you just realize that this power is out there, it might come in the 365th lesson. I mean, I’m dense enough that I go through it every year, you know, but but ideally, you will get that so as to hook up to where you don’t need that book, you don’t need anything else, except for your connection to that voice, as Helen schucman called her to the Holy Spirit is the core sometimes calls it always called, or you know, but just this other thing that you are connected to, and that you would know that and so you don’t need a book, you don’t need anything but that connection.

And so that’s the ideal goal, I guess for it. And at that point, you know, your life just works. And you have guidance, you get up every morning, and you literally listen to the, to the guidance, that will tell you what to say. And one of the things I love about it, it says I need do nothing. In fact, the less I do that, you know, where my little pea brain gets involved, the more messed up I get. So the more you turn it over to this higher power, this other force, whatever it is you want to call it, then your life, you know, dramatically improves and it becomes, you know, just an exciting adventure. You get up every morning and just collaborating with this voice with this, you know, beneficence that’s out there. So that’s the ideal goal. You know, we all have our ups and downs, you know, but, but anyway, that’s, that’s both Yeah.

So yeah, so that’s what I love. And I love the whole idea of being able to go through this process in like a way that feels really fun. And then instead of like, dreading Oh, I got to read my passage for a ride. It’ll really be something that I look forward to. So tell everybody, like, Where can we find the book? Where can they get it?

Well, as far as I know, it’s available January 28. And it should be available at any bookstore, any online bookstore, so it should be pretty readily available. So like I said, 28. I know a lot of people have already downloaded it, but I think it doesn’t actually come onto your Kindle or whatever device you have until the actual 28th there would have been cool if it would have started on January 1. And that’s the day I always like to start. But um, so anyway, you can download it at any like iBook nook, any of those places. I think most bookstores will have it, it should be pretty readily available after the 28th

Okay, awesome. And so on Amazon, of course, my favorite is

of course on Amazon. Yeah.

All right, awesome. So what else is in store? What’s next after this? Where are you off to? Or what is coming up for you in 2020?

Well, you know I am I have a couple speaking gigs, which I’m excited about. I kind of you know, after tabs past I really wasn’t making any new plans or doing anything. So now there’s been about 14 months I feel like I’ve gotten back I mean, I’ve finished up my obligate you know, I commitments to speak and I had a commitment for this book.

So I did finish up all that. But I’m kind of after I just got back from Mexico, like I said, and so I’m kind of feeling excited again about new projects and new things and one of the things that very possibly may be next for me is writing a book with Taz. Because you know Of course, I love getting guidance from other side anyone I feel like now she’s kind of on my team of people on the other side. And back. It was the coolest thing when I was in Mexico. One morning, you know, I was James Twyman, the guy that started this community in Mexico. And every morning, he pretty much writes a song and he comes down and sings that.

One morning, he wrote a song that I swear was from Taz, it was so beautiful. And so I feel like, you know, I’ve always gotten the science from her, but I feel like she’s really speaking to me more and more. And I feel like, you know, there’s some kind of assignment that the two of us decided on, and there’s nothing been written yet no proposals, but I just sort of feel that possibly, you know, the next thing that might be happening for me, anyway, and I’m open to that guidance that you know, that that’s what we want, from Course in Miracles. So anyway, we’ll see, I’m kind of open to just about anything.

I love that. Yeah. And that is a book I would read, I journal every single morning, and I just sort of, you know, nothing deep. It’s not like I’m rehashing my day, but I just sort of say, how I’m feeling and what’s going on. And I always say, What do I need to know today, and then I’m just quiet. And I wait for what’s to come. And I always get, and I always think it’s my mom or my grandmother, you know, I get something that’s so good. That’s, like a little different than how I was even thinking, you know, and so I think that didn’t come from me, because I wouldn’t have said that to wise. And so I really love that. And I love that idea.

And I think that that’s available to everybody. And I think when we miss somebody so much, you know, and we’re in the pain and grief of that. Sometimes we forget that it’s not. It’s it’s there. Not really, it’s not gone. It’s different, right? But it’s not on, it’s just different. And sometimes I say, you know, when I was growing up, we had this TV room that was like adjacent to the kitchen. And my mom would be in the kitchen and I would be in the TV room, you know, doing whatever I was doing or watching TV and I would yell to my mom and I wouldn’t see her, but I would hear her she would respond back. And so it’s the same now. It’s just I kind of pretend she’s in the kitchen.

No, I love that. That’s so great. Yeah, I will fact that was the first lie in this song that I felt like Taz wrote to me, it says something like I see I know you miss me are you think I’m gone? But Where would I go? Where would I go? And just like, you know, it was obvious, she was no longer that baby in the crib. You know, as she got older, Bobby, she was no longer that five year old, you know, wearing a little flower dress going off to first grade. And it was, you know, as she became an adult, she was no longer the teenager, you know, kind of thing.

So now she’s no longer a body. But she’s still very much alive because one of the core some miracle tenants is we really can’t die. I mean, who we really are the essence of who we are. It never dies. I mean, it’s impossible for it to die. You know, anyway, it’s just a matter of, you know, relearning the new relationships that I now will have with Hazara I’m having with Taz. So it’s just all a process. Absolutely.

I did a whole episode on grief. It was just a couple months ago, but I just told like a ton of stories of such synchronicities that there’s no way it’s a coincidence, you know, over and over and over again, all these stories, and it’s so fun to share those with people, because I think sometimes we have those or people have those happen. And then they think, well, that’s not that’s just a coincidence. And I go, Oh, no, no, it’s not.

Yeah, don’t discount anything.

Yeah, well, that’s, you know, we’re talking about this, the Course in Miracles about rewriting paradigm. So one of our main paradigms is that we are these bodies, you know, and that this is all that’s there. But so to erase that paradigm, you know, and really connect to that bigger part of who we are. Because the bigger part of who we are is basically God in drag, you know, we are attached and connected to this bigger force. And so that’s what we really want. You know, we spend a lot of time you know, focusing on the body, but I think I said the square the body is like focusing on your little pinky finger now, like there’s just so much more to you, you know, the body just one piece of ourselves. So it’s a way to kind of focus on the truth of who we are, you know, the bigger truth of who we are. I love it.

I love it. Well, I cannot wait for this book to come out. I’m going to link to it in the show notes so everybody can find it super easy. And I wish you so so much success and amazing. 2020 I love you so much. Thank you so much for coming on the

show today. Oh, thank you, Betsy. I love you too. Have a great rest of the day. Thank you.

Thanks so much for listening today. Just a reminder, we’ll see you on Mondays and Thursdays. Now if you enjoyed this show, I would love it if you shared it with your friends. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit an email it over to us at support at Betsy pake.com and we will send you a special Hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much, and I’ll see you next week.


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