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200: Changing one word


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Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker, and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers Happy Monday. Welcome to today’s episode. Today’s episode is the intention setting episode. And so I wanted to share my intention for the week and see if you would like to join me with it. So I have been pretty stressed out lately.

And I’m gonna talk, I’m gonna do a whole episode and talk about this. And if you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I went and had acupuncture the other day, I’m going to talk about all of that in an upcoming episode, and sort of what I’m doing, but I wanted to share my intention for the week in case you wanted to join me, because I know that our lives are all stressful, you know, we have a lot of things going on.

There’s a lot of balls in the air and things to juggle. And I think also with our online, although it makes things easier, it also makes us feel a little bit more like we have to be responsive, really quickly, right. So you know, if I shut off my, I finished work on Friday, and then someone messages me through Facebook, on my business page, I get an alert, and they time me, they time me to see how long it is for me to respond. Right? Because Facebook wants us interacting, it wants us using this platform. And so you know, there’s those kinds of stressors and then you know, you’ll get a text from a friend and you might be doing something else.

But I don’t know, if you’re like me, I feel like I’ve got to respond. And I don’t want them to think I’m ignoring them, right. And then we’ve just got our pressures of everyday life and relationships and, you know, bills and health and all of those things, right. And so this week, my intention, and and on a larger scale, my intention is to lower my stress, I’ve really been working on this in a lot of different ways. And one way that I am going to focus on this week is shifting one particular word. And so I want to share that with you. And I want to, I want to back it up just a little bit and describe try.

So the most important words that you can say are the words that come after I am right, I am successful, or I am fat, or I am skinny, right? I am healthy, like whatever it is that begins to drive, your beliefs, your values, your behavior, your environment and what you think your potential is. So everything that comes after I am or everything that comes after in your brain, what you think I am what you think about yourself truly, it is the most unconscious highest level of identity that you have. And when we start to take things in, and we say that’s mine, that’s my dog, my kid, right, my bills, my husband, my Do you see how it starts to make it part of your identity?

And what if that thing feels like it’s a struggle? Or what if that thing feels like it’s hard right now and that’s part of your identity and so your identity being you is hard right now. And so I wanted to offer you this word and the word is the same so I’m switching from my bill to the bill. I’ve got that bill for the HOA that I have to pay by the end of the month feels different than my I’ve got my bills right? My my Hoa is do I got to pay that right?

It’s the bill nothing will die. It’s not part I’m not gonna die. It’s not part of me and my identity. Right? So I’m offering you that word of the to see if you can help shift and I use a money example just because I think that’s a pretty universal one. And I really do have Hoa really do have Hoa buildings do. But I want you to think about where you are picking it up and taking ownership of it. When it’s causing you stress.

If you left it at a distance, it could help shift your perception of it and change your stress level. So start to notice where you can take things away from being part of your identity, part of who you are and shift it so it is just The it is just the thing. It is just the bill. It is just the weight. It is just the relationship and see if you can move that out. Give yourself some space because when we are not stressed, when we can create that space, that’s when we can bring in creativity and all problems need to be solved creatively. When you’re stressed, you’re blocking out that creative energy and siphoning off the very thing that can help you.

So thank you for listening to the show. I appreciate you being here. Let me know what you think. Find me on social media. You can find me on Instagram most days at Betsy Pake and I will see you all on Thursday. Thank you for joining me on this week’s intention. If this spoke to you and you choose to share it, please hashtag live big with Betsy so that I can find you and celebrate your intentional living for the week. As always, if you’d like to learn more about the work that I do, you can head right to my website Betsy Pake calm and I have a free training there waiting for you


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