210: Are you Miracle Minded? - Betsy Pake

210: Are you Miracle Minded?


On today’s episode, I explore what it means to be a master of miracles, and how we can see them in our every day lives. Are miracles all around us? Are they only meant for a special few? Are BIG miracles a gift only to specific people in the world?

I saw a quote that said, “What the universe has done for someone else, it can do for you” and it spurred me to investigate this thought further and what it would take for me to have the kind of miracles I perceived were meant for others.
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Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker, and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers. Welcome to today’s show. So we are still home, we are still I know here, I live in outside Atlanta. And in Georgia, we’re starting to open things up after the whole Corona situation, I guess you’d say. And so we’re getting out there more and more. And I really wanted to come on the show today to talk to you a little bit about being miracle minded. And, you know, this slow down has created a lot of disappointment for me, and a lot of gratitude and really great things.

You know, if you followed along this show for a while,

you’ve heard me talk about how I was going to be traveling a lot this year, like I was really looking forward to it, I had a lot of trainings, I was going to, I was going to experience some cool things that I’ve been wanting to do. And when all this happened, I just was really disappointing and a real huge letdown. So just like you, I just had a lot of high hopes for 2020. And I felt like it was, I mean, I feel like since the beginning of the year, right, it was like in slow motion, and like nothing was really moving in the way that I wanted. And then

finally, ERP came to like a grinding halt.

And in that, although there was a lot of disappointment and sadness around some things, it also gave me an opportunity to be really grateful and to slow down enough to appreciate things in a different way. I mean, absolutely. I’m way closer with my husband, which if you’re in the Facebook group, you know, I had talked about him coming on the show, and I think I mentioned it on the last show, that is going to happen. We both are working from home, and I normally work from home, but he is now working from home. And so that’s a new thing. And we find by the end of the day, like neither one of us feel like talking. Like we might have a conversation but we don’t feel like diving into like, these deep questions. So we’re gonna try and do that episode and and do that this weekend. So I have high hopes, we’ve got all the questions, people left questions inside the Facebook group, if you’re not in there, you can go there. Just go to the art of living big calm, it’ll pop you right into the Facebook group. But we’ll take more questions if you got some over the next couple days. Just pop them into the Facebook group, and we’ll get to them. But you know, he’s very analytical, right? He’s an attorney, he sees the world different. So I think it will be a really interesting show just to kind of have that conversation about how somebody like me that I have the science side, but I also have the spirit side, right? And how does that flow and mash with somebody that isn’t necessarily like that. So. So this whole, staying at home and slow down, has really helped us I think, have a better understanding and a deeper appreciation for each other. And it’s also made me recognize some things that I think or believe, and maybe some things that have holding been holding me back. So I wanted to talk to you guys about those today. In case those are similar for you. I saw this quote the other day, and it said,

and I might not get it exactly right. But

it was like what the universe has done for others, it will do for me. And I looked at that, and I was like what the universe has done for others. And I do. You know, that’s one of my things is that I scroll sometimes, and I see people traveling when I wasn’t traveling or, you know, having really cool experiences. And I would kind of think, oh, they’re so lucky. Right? I would go I would jump to that. Or if I saw people that live at the beach. Now you have to be you have to I’m very specific about what kind of beach I like. But when I would see somebody that would be having the beach experience that I want I would be like, ah, like, I would feel that like in my stomach. Right. And I would and I would, I would think like, ah, I wish that was me. Right. And I think that we do this in general. I think most of us do this to some extent. It’s a little bit of a comparison, I think, and it’s also an unsteadiness with what is right, like with where I am right now or with what’s happening right now. And when I saw somebody recently that lived at the beach and had like an amazing house at the beach overlooking the ocean. I thought that is awesome. They’re so lucky and I caught myself and I was like okay, Betsy. There’s the lucky What the universe has done for others it

can do for me. And then I thought

that would take a miracle. And that is what I want to talk about today. So I got really into that, you know how I do? And I thought it would take a miracle.

Like, what would that? What would

What does that even mean? And I decided that I would need to be like

really good at miracles,

right? So not only would it take a miracle, but

to have that kind of house would, I’d have to be like a master of miracles, right? And so I started thinking about what does it really mean to master something. And for me, I’m an NLP girl, right? So with the brain science stuff, for me, to really be a master of something, to really master something to really be amazing at something and to know it, at my deepest, deepest core, is when it goes from consciousness. When it goes from me like making decisions and thinking through it, to me just doing it without thinking. So I am a master at driving my car, I don’t have to think about it at all. In fact, I can drive to the grocery store, and I cannot even remember going there. I’m so good at driving, I have a stick shift, and I don’t even notice I’m driving stick because it’s so I just do it, I must feel it, I hear something. I’m not conscious of it. It just happens. And it just it changed gears when it’s time to change gears. And I don’t, it’s not something I’m consciously thinking about. So I am a master not only at driving a car, but I’m also a master at the stick shift. It has become unconscious to me. So when I move from consciousness to unconscious awareness, that for me is when I have mastered it, it’s when I don’t have to put energy into it right when I can just move into it. So I was like, Alright, so I have a pretty good idea of what it would take to be an expert, right? A master. So if I want to be a master of miracles, I want to do that, then what exactly do I think is a miracle? And I was thinking about it, because I was like, well, living in a beach house like that would be like a dang miracle. So it was really my way of thinking. Because for the person that lived in that beach house, it might not have been a miracle that might have been like the next right step. Or that might have been logical or that might have been obvious,

right? Like,

Kendall Jenner. And I bring this up only because I don’t know why I bring this up. This came to my mind. But like, if she were to buy a beach house, it probably wouldn’t be any big thing, right? She was like the one of the first like self made or youngest youngest billionaire, whatever that was. Right. So it what that wouldn’t have been like a miracle to her that would

have been like,

well, I could do that if I wanted to. Right? So then miracles, having something be a miracle is just what I think is a miracle, right? It’s just my way of thinking. All right, so now I knew what it would take to be an expert. And I know now that my miracle is just what I think is a miracle. It’s not an actual thing. It’s just what I think is a thing. So then for me to see a beach house and go without have to be a miracle, then I’m like, well, that would just have to be something I would think would be reasonable for me. Right? It’s really what I’m saying.

All right.

So then, I was like thinking about this. And I was like, if it What am I? Right? Like, what are we as, as people you know, I always say like, welcome fellow adventurers. We’re here we’re pieces of consciousness having this human experience, right, we’re having this adventure. So if I think that is true, then I think that I’m not just a body. And I’m not just my thoughts. I also think that I’m a piece of energy, right? That is come here to have a body and have thoughts. So then,

to have something be a miracle.

Could be anything because I’m a piece of energy.

And America would simply be me seeing that piece of energy. All right, are you following with me? So if everything in the world is energy, and I think I’m energy, then I hypothetically could see anything in the world. As long as I thought that was available to me. So what’s available to me is what I think is available to me. So it’s really about my identity, right? It’s really about what we think we’ve mastered, right? It’s what it’s not really what’s real. It’s what we perceive as being real to us. So going back to the idea of Kendall Jenner, which if you don’t know who that is, that’s one of the Kardashians sisters. She’s rich and young. And that’s what you need to know. So rich, being rich and young and, you know, gorgeous and having great clothes and having all of these things that might seem like miracles like beach houses, or, you know, if you’re into cars or whatever it is, that would be available to her that is really just what she’s perceiving as being real to her. And it’s just not what I perceive as being real to me. And I created that perception based on my upbringing, based on what was available to me as a child, right, I created it based on what my beliefs and values are, and what I saw as the beliefs and values of other people who were important to me, because I get those from people that I hold in high regard, like parents, grandparents, teachers, right. So if you think about Kendall Jenner, and we’ll just keep using her as an example, her examples, and her beliefs and values, and all of those things kind of came from other people who had really expansive ideas about what could be possible, right? And so miracles and she may have, I’m positive, she has some things that she doesn’t have, right, there are miracles that she probably wants in her life, but I’m just using this as an example. So if that’s true, that is just my perception is just my identity. It’s just what I think is possible is a miracle, then, and I’m a piece of energy, and energy is available to energy and everything is energy, then it is really just about what I perceive as what’s available to me in this moment. Right. All right. So let’s just recap. So we’re on the same page. So I don’t want to confuse myself, either, y’all. So I want if I want to, if I want to have that amazing beach house,

or whatever it is you want.

But you think I got, that’s got to be a miracle. And then there’s the idea that what the universe has done for others it can do for me. So what do I need to do I need to be a master of miracles. A master is somebody that has things happen unconsciously, you don’t have to think about it. And a miracle is just a way of perceiving, right? A miracle is just a piece of energy that I can observe that I can see. And that I think is available to me. And that is based on my identity and my values and my beliefs. Okay, so we’re clear on that. So if all of that is true, then can I not alter what I think is my reality. So I’m shifting my identity, my beliefs, my thoughts, my values, all of those things, to support,

the idea

that having any kind of miracle is totally available to me. There is a book called vision by vision, the Connie, it’s called, it’s called the code of the extraordinary mind. And he talks about Himba tribe in nambia, who have lots of different words to describe the color green, but they have no word to describe the color blue. And so when they’re shown a color wheel, and there is just like the slightest difference in the green, like they, you could look at this color, color wheel, and you won’t, if you were, I wouldn’t, every color would look like the same color green. But they can see the smallest nuance in green, because they have the language for it. But they don’t have a word for blue. So you can actually put a blue square in that color wheel. And they don’t, it doesn’t register, they don’t see it, because there’s no conceptual component for it in their brain. So I find that this is super interesting. And I started thinking about it in terms of us seeing miracles, right? Because if it’s true that we can only see what we have words for, and we can only experience what we think is real or true, then there it is possible, then there are miracles happening all over and all around us. And we just have no concept of them because we can’t see them because we don’t think they’re real. It sort of makes me think about a month ago, I did an episode with my friend Trish, right? Where she has an extra perception, right? She can perceive things that maybe you or I can’t perceive. Because she’s always been able to do that. And nobody told her that she couldn’t do that. That’s something in her family. And so it wasn’t ever told, you know, she was never told as a child that she was wrong or that that was not real. And so it continued to develop and develop. Right? And so, are there are miracles happening all around us and we don’t see them because we’re not geared for that. We haven’t been designed for it. And can we shift that design? You know, this whole thing of staying home Man the quarantine I have. I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram. I posted about how I bought this day bed. And I know it sounds silly. But this was like a big deal for me to buy this Dave and I have wanted one for a long time. But just like you, I kind of put it off all the time because it was just for me. Do you know what I mean? Like I was like, ah, nobody else will really use that. I don’t really need it. But one of the things I love about going to the beach is that I can sit outside and they have those daybeds. And every time I go to the beach, I rent one of those cabanas, so I have like the bed outside. And I love it. And so we were a couple weeks into the stay at home order. And I was like I want one of those. Now, if you’ve followed along here for a while, you’ve heard me talk about the beach. And we’re going to talk about that when we do the episode with my husband. But you’ve heard me talk about that, and how I want to sell this house like I want to move I want to get out of this house. Even if I don’t even if I just move into Atlanta more into the city. Like I don’t want to be in this house. And I have felt a lot of constriction. And I’ve had a real story around that about why I don’t want to be here. And even last summer, I hired somebody to come in, like paint the house and like do all this stuffed stuff to prep and get ready. I even started packing stuff because I just wanted to go. And it wasn’t the right time to go. It wasn’t the right time for anyone else in my family just me right. And so I just have felt a lot of constriction around this house. And, and so when we were stuck here,

I was like, I’m gonna die if I’m here.

And so I bought this day bed. Now, what has happened is that every day when I get up at six o’clock in the morning, and I do my journaling, instead, I started bringing moods of pillows and blankets out there and doing my, my journaling outside and my morning meditation out there and I’m drinking my decaf coffee, because now I’m a decaf girl, I’m drinking it out there. And in the middle of the day, I drag it across the deck, we have a really pretty big deck and I drag it so it’s under a tree. So I’m not right in the sun. And I’ve even been taking calls while I’m outside. It’s been incredible. And then at night, I found I was so excited because my daughter has a telescope that she got, you know, years ago. And I can use it and I can see the moon I can see like every little crack and crevice of the moon. It’s amazing. And when I lay down and I shut my eyes, I can hear all we have tons of trees out there, tons of trees. And if you close your eyes, you know with tons of trees, it sounds just like the ocean. Like it’s incredible. It’s amazing.

It feels like a miracle.

Nothing changed. But my perception. And I opened up my awareness to like a whole other world that exists on my back deck. I’ve been here for eight years. And I never experienced that. And it was right here. I think about how much I’ve suffered over the past few years, wanting so bad to move so I could have that experience. And so being in this quarantine, and as I think about, am I open to miracles? Could I be a master at noticing miracles? It got me thinking about that, and about how there’s this miracle that’s right here that I just

never even noticed.

And so my beliefs can change and shift all of that is fluid, my values are fluid. And if that’s what’s stopping me from seeing abundance and a big beach house or whatever, as the next step, like it would be no big deal for Kendall Jenner. If the only thing that’s stopping me then is my values, my identity, my beliefs

about stuff,

then couldn’t I expand that?

Couldn’t that be the focus to start to notice? Where are the miracles? Right? Where are they all around me? Now I can change that stuff, like my identity or my beliefs, my vote, those can change just like that with a really negative emotional event. Like that will change that can change you, you know, in an instant in a flash. But wouldn’t it be nice to be in control and not have to go through something painful, but be able to shift it in a different way in a way that feels like really fun and expansive. And a lot of that is really what my nervous system is prepared to see. Right? It’s what my nervous system is accustomed to is what I’m going to see, you know, inside my rise coaching program, I talk a lot about that and teach some skills to actually calm your nervous system enough to open you up so that you can experience miracles you can experience something different than you have before. You know, years ago, before I get met my husband, I had no but it was after my divorce. I was way too old to have drama in a relationship. But I had a drama in a relationship. And it was just the worst relationship ever. I kick myself sometimes for staying in it as long as I did. But when I got out of it, I was talking with my sister and she’s like, Betsy, I think you have to be really careful that you’re not creating drama, like at work or with friends, you know, I would talk to her about stuff. And she was like, I think that maybe you’re, you’re sort of used to that now. Like, you’re used to always having some big upheaval or some big. And she was right, I had, I had prepped and primed my nervous system over those couple years to be like on heightened alert and to expect, like awful things and blow ups, right. And so I had, I had kind of created that need almost like a, like a addiction in my body. And once I noticed it, it really didn’t take me long to change it because I was aware. But I was always so thankful that I had my sister to be able to bring that to my awareness and to show me that so that I could notice it. And when I noticed something that was sort of like dramatic happening in my life, I could ask myself, am I creating this? Or is this real? Right? Is this something that I’m just seeing that I don’t have to see? am I bringing this to me to feed that moment? Right? And so I think when we look at being a master of miracles, it really is can I become addicted to finding the miracles? Can I prep my nervous system? And I go back to my friend Trish that was on a couple weeks ago, her nervous system is totally geared to discover something different than mine. Right? So can I design my nervous system so that I can start to notice these little things happening around me that are truly miracles? Right? Can I be calibrated so that I can actually see it? So just like that, nambia?


yeah, nambia that tribe? nambia,

just like them, they couldn’t see something that they weren’t calibrated to see. So am I calibrated to miracles? Right, I have to have the framework to be able to have that happen. And, you know, all these things might be happening around me all these miracles like my backyard, but I don’t have the capacity to see it yet. I’m not calibrated to see those miracles around me. So could I plan to see it right? Could I suspend disbelief? And could I ignore my reality? And could I say this is what I want. I don’t care how it comes to me. I’m going to suspend disbelief that it has to come to me in a different way. If you’ve been here a while you’ve you’ve heard me talk on that episode where I talked about, I brought that that bobblehead doll that my husband wanted, right at the basketball game, and I talked about how he wanted the bobble heads so bad, and we got there too late to get the free bobble head. And I had this belief that it could happen this somebody could walk up and hand me a bobble head, or they could find one more bubblehead. And when we were walking out, they could hand it to us. I just I didn’t care how I just knew that it was possible. And I felt that it’s possible. And I didn’t tell my husband that I had this feeling because I didn’t want him to go. No, it’s not who’s going to give away their bobblehead if they got here early enough to get the bobblehead. But I just held on to that belief. And we were all the way out in the parking garage. By the time something happened. I said something out loud about how we wanted a bobblehead talk, you know, chit chatting with somebody, and a woman a college student turned around and a woman handed me her bobblehead. And in fact, her friend turned around and said you can have mine too. So not only did we get one bobble head, but we got two is when I suspended disbelief when I didn’t. I didn’t care how it came to me. I just wanted him to have his bobblehead, right. So when we can truly suspend the disbelief and just know that it’s coming, and be open to the miracle in whatever way that it comes. So when I’m sitting outside, and I’m listening to the leaves, and I’m realizing they sound like the ocean, and I’m seeing all the leaves and I’m even noticing how many birds we have out there. I mean, there’s a kajillion birds and squirrels and owls and Falcons. It’s like a tree house out there. I mean, I’m in a zoo. I never even knew that this was here. So now I’m calibrated to perceive my house from one specific thing to a totally different thing. I’m calibrating it for something totally new. So we’re Aren’t hiding, right, my backyard was there all along. But we have to make ourselves open to the ideas that the idea that miracles can happen anywhere. So how do we get there? I think we follow the joy. We follow the fun,


I knew that it felt really fun for me to sit outside like I do when I’m in Mexico and one of those big daybeds, but I didn’t do it because it seemed like it was just for me, and why would I do something just for me? Will we do stuff just for us, because that’s how we get to the miracles. That’s the miracle. And my husband’s enjoyed it too, when we’ve sat out there a lot together. And the The second thing we do is we need to stop labeling something as a big miracle or a small miracle. Because you might be thinking, well, your backyard like that’s been there, what do you do, it’s not that big of a deal, but a big huge beach house. Now, that would be a huge miracle. But there’s no difference. If energy is energy, there is no difference. And so when, and I have not gotten here yet, my friends, that’s why I don’t have a big palatial

beach house on the ocean. But I

believe when we can suspend the idea that one thing is bigger than another, that one miracle takes a lot of something. And the other miracle doesn’t take as much. Right? So it’s not that big of a miracle that you notice that your backyard was like a tropical paradise. But what if that’s no bigger than me getting a beach house? What if somebody could call me today and be like, you know what, you want my beach house for a month? I totally believe that could happen. Who knows? Like that could absolutely happen. So stop labeling the size of miracles? Because then you become a conduit to any miracle. It’s all the same. It’s all just energy? And what if the third thing if you just believed miracles were the norm? So what if what’s stopping you is the idea that miracles are for a special kind of person. Right? for something specific for someone who does something specific, or miracles are a certain kind of something? Right? What the universe has done for others can do for you. And so if miracles became the norm, I would start to notice them everywhere. Right, I would start to notice, oh, my god, there’s must be billions of leaves in my backyard hanging off the trees, like how many roots are in the ground feeding these trees? How is it? How is it possible that these trees are even growing, that they grew so big, like all of that’s a miracle. It’s just so normal to us that we don’t even notice. But what if by noticing, we started to become a master of miracles, and we started noticing every little thing that felt like a miracle, or was a miracle or seemed like a miracle, or could be a miracle or had the possibility of miracles?


Then that extraordinary becomes the ordinary, the unconscious, the unconscious, becomes conscious, and I become a master of noticing miracles. So remove the idea that miracles aren’t for you. Remove the idea that miracles are just for special people, and remove the idea that what the universe has done for other people cannot be done for you. All of that is just what we’re calibrated to. And we can recalibrate at any moment, at any time. And we can notice ourselves and catch ourselves and get back on to a calibration that we really want. So that we start to see the world as it is, which is truly an energetic place full of billions of miracles in every moment. That is how I think you live a big life. Now before you go. I’ve got a little miracle of my own coming. It’s something I’ve been birthing over the past month or few months. And if you’ve gone to my website recently, when I had it updated a few, I don’t know six weeks ago, I guess the new site was live, you might have noticed it. It’s called the alchemy collective membership. And in there, I’m going to be sharing with you every month, the cool tools and ideas and connection kits and meditations and all of the things every month that make me feel alive. And if that is something that you are into, then I want to invite you to join me. If you’re in my facebook group, I will be sharing more as this gets rolled out over the next few weeks. If you’re not make sure you’re on my email list, you can just go to my website. You can go all the way down to the bottom and you can just fill out your information there, I’ll send you there is a option way down at the footer to get my free manifestation power sequence and you’ll that will get you on the list. And you can also just sign up, there’s the alchemy, collective membership, if you click learn more, it’ll put you to a waitlist for that too. And if you’re on the waitlist for that, then you might get

some special

stuff when we launch so

I really been working hard on this. I’m really excited to bring it to you and to bring you like a really affordable way that every month you can get fed with new ideas, and new deep thoughts and new practices to help you expand

so that you

can become miracle minded too.

Thank you so much for listening, you guys. I look forward to seeing you all in the Facebook group. Let me know if you liked this episode. If you did, please share it with your friends. Find me on Instagram. I’m just at Betsy Pake let me know that this was impactful for you and you kind of like this stuff, and I will do more. So thank you so much for being here, and I’ll see you all next week.


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