211: Connecting with your non-spiritual husband: an interview with Mr. Pake - Betsy Pake

211: Connecting with your non-spiritual husband: an interview with Mr. Pake


Today I interview my husband Craig, who is pretty analytical and self-proclaimed “non-spiritual”. We answer a variety of mailbag episodes that were sent in or posted in The Art of Living Big Facebook group. I hope that it provides you food for thought as you navigate your relationships with differences on this level!



Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast.

My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker, and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers, welcome to today’s show. This is a super special episode, mostly because I’ve been trying to make this happen for so long. But also because I have a really special guest.

So I’m going to introduce the guest in just a second. But let me just kind of tell you how this came about. So I have been talking, I have gotten a lot of messages, asking me questions about, like, what does your is your husband into the womb? Like how does that work? Like what’s your husband like? Like a lot of messages over the past year or so. And so I thought, let’s just have him on and let’s talk and we took some mailbag questions. So anyway, I want to introduce my husband, Craig.

Hello, everyone.

We’re at Craig delicious, as I like to call him. You do like that, don’t you? Definitely.

Yeah. So

all right. So I decided to have Craig on because I want to talk about all this and I have mailbag. So I have a lot of questions. But thanks for coming on the show.

After second thought I was how not come on. This will be the shortest episode ever.

Was there ever?

I have tried to get you on. I don’t know. I feel like even though it’s been the Coronavirus stuff. It never like worked out like by the time we were both done our work. We were tired or

Yeah, this

is tough cuz everyone’s routine is different. You’re not used to me being here all day. Yeah. And even though you usually work from home,

yeah, is different. I like it, though. I like having you around.

But like between the dogs barking every time

a car drives by the house or something? Like throws everyone off?

Yeah. That was hard for you at first. Yes. It’s funny because like the dogs are so used to me. They have like a little weird routine. When I’m in the office. As soon as I get on the phone, they lay down and go to sleep. But they can tell when I get up. Like when I’m finishing the call. It’s I must do something different with my voice. But anyway, so it’s been kind of a like a hard thing to get us all on the same page. So we decided to do it tonight. Even though this is gonna go live like right after we do it. But it is. It’s my birthday. So we’re recording on my birthday.

Happy birthday.

So I have the greatest cake.

You can make the greatest cake ever. So quick recap, is that I love the trolls. If you’ve been here for a while, you know I love the trolls. It’s a movie that I have watched. I mean, I didn’t even watch it with my kid The first time I just found it and watched it and I loved it. Because it’s about making your own happiness. It’s about being in control of your adventure. And I like the songs. And I like the colors. No joke she’s

a watch this movie at least 30 times.

I love

it. I’m like a kid I’ll just play in the background. And if we watch anything that’s like scary then I have to watch tools at right after I won’t be able to go to bed.

You know we don’t watch anything scary with me.

No, but I’m weird about what I’ll watch. Because it hypnotizes you

she gets she gets nervous watching Ozark episodes.

Yeah, those that was a stretch for me, but I’ve been doing good trying to watch those videos. We’ve watched like three or four of them. Great

ROI on season one, so don’t spoil it any

right yeah, don’t tell me so. Okay. So um, alright, so yes, so I love the trolls I mean even when I bought my car last year I named it puppy after the puppy the troll that I love.

Puppies or girl trolls not poppy like Papa Smurf. Yeah.

Yeah mirvis Poppy,

it took me like a year before I realized that yeah.

Yeah, before you knew

she was he comes in I love Poppy. I thought she loved some male troll.


you got me this cake. So I got her a troels cake. And I am not a baker or chef so I did the next best thing and went to the grocery store. And got one specially ordered. And so I picked it up today the cashier was like oh my gosh, it’s such a beautiful cake. Your daughter will love it. How old is she? So not wanting to ruin it. I just told her she was seven.

She was like seven is the perfect age for trolls. I’m like yeah, more 4949 is the perfect trills perfect age to just love what you love and not worry about it. So then you brought it home and

I am kicking myself I did not have video recorded for To see the amount of excitement Betsy got over a troels cake

was so amazing. I thought it was having a stroke. So it’s like airbrushed and amazing

to know how Betsy acted, just imagine yourself at seven years old on Christmas morning, and there’s a pony under your shirt.

If you like pony, I was just like, oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god is so exciting. So anyway, so we are recording here. We, I am overdosed on, on Charles cake. And so yeah, so we’re gonna get started. Let’s go. All right. We got questions. First of all, let’s, let’s sort of talk about, let’s give a little background in terms of what we’re talking about with the Whoo, when I say that, right? And then also, like, kind of how, like the timeframes, right? Because we’ve been together for 10 years, 10 years. And then here is

Memorial Day, or Labor Day Monday.

Okay. Good. Nice. Very well done. I like that. So, but I wasn’t in the Whoo, then. No. But you know, when I look back in college, I was getting into the Whoo. But then, like, survival mode kicked in with everything that was happening in my life. And so I, I feel like the world has always been in me, but I didn’t really embrace it, because I didn’t have the space two, right. So then, you know, as this kind of started, where I started getting more into this and into like, I would call it like spirituality. Right? I guess when I first met you, I was going to church all the time, though. That is true. Like I was into it, in that way, like, into spirituality or the Whoo, in that it was organized religion. And really, I guess my Whoo, just kind of moved from that to something that it is today. Correct. So what about you, though? You’re not and I feel like I have a balance, right? Yes. Whoo. And

yeah, sure. Very, cuz, you know, before you know, you did a lot of stuff with nutrition. And it’s very scientific on studies and stuff like that. So you were fit very well based and when you train for the Pan Am Games, doing your weightlifting, you know, what’s the best way to maximize your performance with workout diet, sleep and all those sorts of things? Yeah. And so you’re very, in that way empirical about like studies and yeah, what other my what other athletes have done and stuff totally.

And my degree is in psychology, right? Where it’s all that is all research and, and then, of course, with NLP stuff in the hypnotherapy, like science space, but then I also have the blue side. So there’s a balance there. And that probably helps us. So let’s like get into this. So so. So that’s sort of like me, but what about you? None of that. But you have the science? I mean, I mean, you have one side of Yeah, right? What is your what’s your How would you describe yourself?

like Woody, explain what you do like for work.

I’m a I’m an attorney. I’m a criminal lawyer,

which is, in many ways, I guess, is very technical. I’ve been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. So I kind of both sides. You know, a lot of you asked, like, What’s your job? Like, you know, do you get people off crimes? Or do you pull people away? And really, it’s about very technical laws are very technical, where the state was a put you in jail or convicted of crime after prove the elements of the crime. So it may not even matter whether or not Did you do that or not? Whether it came to be the elements of the crime be proof that it happened in this county? You know, and there’s certain elements, and there’s some times where our laws poorly written by the legislator, where someone does something that’s morally or technically would be, we’d consider a crime, but they may get away with it.

So really,

when you talk,

so that’s kind of a big thing. When I was a prosecutor defense, you look at the elements and the facts of this case fit. Yeah, I mean, recently, right now, I’m a prosecutor, we were looking at a case and the guy did some stuff with identity fraud. And I was looking at a case and that officer charged with like five crimes, but really, he’s only could be convicted for two because the way the

fit for some of the other crimes, right?

So you’re very analytical and how to look at stuff. So you’d

like would look at the problem and how to analytically solve it. Right? Yeah.

So all right. So then you meet me and I go to church all the time and all that stuff. Correct. And what did you think about that?

I wasn’t a fan of going to church all the time.

No. Well, you did it when we were dating because you want me to like because

We’re discussions about it. I did not hide that

I was No, you didn’t know. I was not.

And to be. It is, and I’m not trying to upset I don’t know, listeners, what type of church grew at the time that he was going to what I would consider a mega church. I mean, it was huge. I mean, it was probably as big as many small colleges arenas, they would have full on rock concerts before services like that. And, you know, on certain they would like show movies and talk about how they relate to stories in the Bible. But I felt personally some of their churches are a little bit

too money driven and not spiritual enough.

So you’re so you’re so so then there is a component where you’re like, if you’re gonna do that, make it be really spiritual and not correct. Yeah,

it was. It was very shallowly showy and money driven. And Okay, so then, but so, but we had discussions about that at the time.

Yes, totally. Yeah. Do you think you’ve ever had like a spiritual component to you?

I don’t know. I’ve never thought those terms.

Okay. So So okay, so that’s, so this sets the stage, though, really, of how different right? So like, I grew up, Catholic, and then I kind of, you know, my life got busy as a lot of us do. And I didn’t really go to church. And then I found church again, and I got really into the church. I mean, I volunteered on Sundays as a greeter and all that stuff. And then I just found that that some of the things that the church specifically the church, I was going to didn’t, it didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel like it was loving everybody. And so I decided that there had to be another way. And that’s really where I went inward, right? To try to figure out like, what do I really think instead of like, what I was programmed to think like, what my family thought and all that stuff. So so that’s where I am in this, like, kind of spiritual journey, I would say, and I’m open to all things because I’m going through this journey. And I think it’s ongoing. I think it’s like goes on the rest of your life, really. And then you’re super analytical and don’t find that you really need that in your life.

Correct. I

I, my life

has not changed as I found out about Pam grout books. Brown

rock. So my house

Betsy keeps talking about the new paragraph. I love it.

speaking Mandarin.

Okay, so here’s something though, cuz if you’re married to somebody like Craig, and if some of you are listening, going, Oh, my God, that’s he should get some, like, I agree. But Craig’s got to do Craig right. And so I’m gonna do me and then we’re gonna come together at some place. Here’s the thing that Craig is super respectful of whatever it is that I think even when I was going to church, even though you were like this Not really, for me, you never tried to get me not to go, right. Like it was always like, whatever you wanted to do. Correct. And you’ve been really supportive over the years, like, you bought my abraham hicks tickets for me to go see abraham hicks. And you were like, you need to go. I was like, No, I don’t know if I’m gonna go and you were like, you need to go, you know, so that you felt was important that I went and saw Esther Hicks live.


So Alright, so here we are on two different kinds of journeys. So I’m going to get to these questions. But how do you deal with me?

That is such a loaded question. alcohol.

No, I mean, that might be true. But it’s still

like, is it?

Is it a struggle to have somebody that thinks so different from you about this one thing?

No, it’s, we have fun conversations about it.

Because you’re open to like hearing whatever.

And like, you know, like here, yeah.

And you know, my friend Trish and you’re down with trick, like, whatever you’re like,

Oh, yeah. Like, I’ve never had Trish do a reading or

Yeah. Is that what she calls it? I think that’s what she calls it. But again, she didn’t do that before

a reading with me or anything like that. But she’s

you told me stuff to tell you or whatever. Correct? Yeah.

Keep saying correct. Like, like I’m extra backers.

In court.


Okay, so let’s get into the questions. And as we talked them, and I guess, as we talk about this, we can talk a little bit about just our relationship, because I think that that’s a component of this whole thing. Okay. So let me just start with some of the questions.

All right. Well, you say the name. I can’t it’s like, like Esther from New Hampshire. Yeah.

Whitney from Facebook. Says sometimes, a lot of times I struggle with my husband, the realist pessimist, not seeming high vibe with me. Is this ever a problem for you to my husband is zero percent Whoo. How would you say you are The 02 super well,

the Euro 23.9%.

Okay, so you’re more Whoo, there her husband probably is.

But I’m an optimist. I’m not a pessimist,

okay. Okay. So

that’s one thing. I may be more optimist and a pessimist.

Okay, so let me finish the question. So my husband zero percent well, whoo and doesn’t realize the power of his vibrations or energy. Any advice? I love him to death. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m trying to get on level with my lake house. This is something I can understand deeply.

Well, it’s hard to That’s a hard question for me to answer because obviously, from two sentences about your husband, whatever, but I would try to find whatever his likes are interested in, whether it’s sports, fishing, hunting golf, he must have some type of hobby or something. And try to find a way because that puts him high vibe. Yeah, I bet. He probably doesn’t even realize it. But like when he and I’ll just, I’m not a golfer. But if a lot of people I play golf, golf gets him excited and think about high vibe, and then maybe try to use language that he knows and whatever his hobby is, like, you know, you probably have a better rounds, if you have a better attitude. If you go, today’s gonna suck, I’m gonna have a poor shot and they’re gonna go in the woods or lose balls in the lake, you’ll probably have a crappy round of golf. But if you have a more high vibe, and you’re more positive, and you’re say, hey, even though I mean, I shoot Well, today, I’m gonna have fun with my friends, I’m gonna have fun out in nature and have fun at a beautiful course and have fun, you know, right. So try ways. Try language that will appeal to your husband or your spouse or me that they would understand if you if you come straight up, have someone start talking about your chakras. They’re gonna they’re gonna close their doors. But

what about when I talk about my chakras?

You see, he’s laughing because he was he says, I want to say something about opening my chakras. I don’t think he’s gonna align my chakras y’all, you know, I’m saying, so. But here’s the question, though, is this a problem for YouTube? Is this a problem for us? So,

you know, if

so, the one thing I do is the thing that probably has written more about Hindi and less who’s been pessimistic? Because I think, pessimists, the way they look at life is different than odd.

I wonder if he really is a pessimist. Or she’s just kind of saying, You know how sometimes they’ll say like, but are a realist, let’s just use that, because that’s the first word she uses. So I struggle with him being a realist and not seeming high vibe for me. I have something to add here is that, you know, in the beginning, when we got together, you probably could have said, Betsy is a realist, and she’s not into football. And she’s not, I need her to get on level with the football. And because I didn’t know about football, like I knew about football, but I didn’t know the fun of football. And I think me wanting to be with you when you were doing something that you really enjoyed. And that made you so happy. made me interested in it. And I think that’s the same thing that you do with my whoo stuff.

Correct. I’m saving like when I went to church with you, or Yeah, or like, if I know how much like Pam grout means to you.

But you didn’t try to get me to, like, learn the plays of football. Later, I asked you stuff. You just tried to meet me where I was like, You got me cute football jerseys and stuff to wear t shirts, right? Like the clothes. Yeah, like. And so I think that as you’re thinking through this Whitney is like, how can you get in the hi vibe with him where he is? Right. So that that’s where you’re meeting him? And then as you take interest in stuff that he’s interested in, and I’m not saying you don’t I don’t know. But then you can pull him into being interested in the stuff you’re interested in because there is a reciprocal. There’s that law, right, where he’s going to want to reciprocate and probably will just start with

when I first started dating Betsy, I probably was like at a five or 10 of Whoo, if that. And one of the and one of the things is, Betsy did is early on when she was getting into Andy Dooley was coming to speak in our town and I had no idea who Andy Dooley was. She talked all the stuff in it. For those that don’t know, he’s Mike Dooley, his brother who does notion of the universe that you may be familiar with. And Betsy wanted me go when it was

Mike had trained me. So I got I had training from Mike and Mike was in the secret,

just kind of Yeah, and so Betsy had talked all about all these things that I was like, whatever. And she’s like he’s coming this Saturday on really likely to go Let’s buy tickets. But instead of just making it like that Betsy made fun. She’s like, I think it was From like nine to four or something during the day, we got dressed up and afterwards, we went out to one of our favorite places to eat in downtown Atlanta. So that’s where we’re going to be in Atlanta. Then we went to our favorite bar afterwards, had a couple nice drinks. And then made it made it made it a fun where it wasn’t just like you’re going to and so I went because I knew we were going to have fun later that night with open mind. And I have a lot of fun at the Amy Dooley events are fun, there is fun. You one I want some stuff. There’s there’s games interactions, and then I left way more open to manifestation. And we’ve actually since then we do the, you know, some of the game manifestation games and mindset with each other. And so that’s made me more open, I’ll probably never get to the same level of willingness as Betsy has. But I think I will, over time and crease mine to where will will you may not be on the same plane, but we’re in the same area code type of situation. Yeah,

yeah. And you listen to the show. Yeah, podcast. Alright, so Aaron says.

So that’s what he did to try to find language that he can relate to try to find ways to get him interested but open up where it’s not just about that where you can throw something fun in whether one of your favorite or like maybe y’all go do something he likes on the way there having listened to one of your favorite podcasts about the wound or something that’s there’s tons of different different and obviously, you know your man better than we do, what his language is, and what are some of the ways you can kind of like, you know, like I said, I truly love Betsy, she loves me. So we would do things that would make each other happy. You know, they’re not something we would normally probably do on our own right?

Yeah, like by troll cakes. Correct my troll.

Or watch the trolls to us to both with the night it came out.

Oh my god, it was so happy. It was quarantine time. So I can watch in bed was so happy. All right. So Aaron has a question. She said my kids will often roll their eyes or rain on my parade when I talk about my whoo stuff. Sage smells? They didn’t believe anything that Trish told me all of that. How do you balance? How do you decide what to share? And what to keep to yourself?

Probably one don’t have kids.

See, he didn’t have kids. But you love my kid.

Obviously, we don’t, I’m assuming from your beer email that your kids are probably teenagers. And early teens, early teens, and they’re probably at that age, no matter what you’re into or against. They’re gonna be snotty, because they’re trying to find their own way they’re find their own personality. And one way many teenage kids do is the anti whatever my parents are fault, right? It’s true. And so, so the question was, the question is what, um, how

do you decide what to share? And what to keep to yourself? And what I guess,

what do you mean by sharing?

Well, I have a thought on this. Can I share? Can I share it? Sure. Sure. pod. You’re a guest. Okay, so um, you know, what you? How do I decide what to share? I think the the root of that question is, I don’t want them to roll their eyes at me or rain on my parade. So how do I decide what they’re going to rain on and what they’re not? Right? How do I decide what they’re going to roll their eyes at and what they’re not? So I think, really, and this is, is maybe overly simplistic, but is to say I’m okay with me and how I think about this, because there are things that I say to Craig or he even the show the show last week, that was awesome on my thought deep thoughts on miracles. You were like, that’s the worst show ever. And I was like, oh, everyone’s gonna love it if you hate it. So I think it’s just getting to where you’re okay. You share what you feel like you want to share and regardless of their response, right, so you’re like, I’m just gonna be me, and I’m gonna share me because I love them. And they love me and then you think no,

or, you know, I agree.

Yeah, I didn’t know you were seeing like you’re shaking your head. I didn’t know if you had a posing thigh. gf

dgf. I don’t know what that is.

Don’t give.

Oh, okay.

I think this does have an explicit warning. Yes, she could say that. But yeah, I don’t know these like cool terms. But yeah, I think it’s really about like, so you, you share what you want to share and just get really in alignment with it. And they can decide if they like it or not, and you can decide you don’t care if they like it or not, right, that it’s okay for you to have your thing because they’re gonna do stuff that that you’re not gonna you keep you keep. You keep shaking your head and I feel like you’re like no, don’t say that. But you’re not you’re shaking your head as you’re listening.

Yeah, okay.

Just be yourself and be happy. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If you’re doing what’s making you live your life to your fullest potential or to reach

when that’s what like, brings you alignment makes you feel like wave your freak flag and Yang and then they will learn to do that too. Like, yeah, if you want to listen

to your favorite barbershop quartet, and they’re making fun of you, who cares if it’s, if you like it, you know, that’s whatever it is. So just, you know,

I think there’s something so much,

and I think it’s gotten worse today, like with social media, where people post stuff, and then if there’s any way some way can find some way to attack, you know, people do attacking. So a lot of people what they’re doing is they’re just not, they’re not sticking their head up, because they’re worried they’re worried about like the blowback. Well, you know, I took a picture, but it looks like we’re having fun, but we’re speaking quarantine. I’m not respecting people that, you know, well,

I’ve got a lot of hate. And yeah, I put a picture of me once in the pool and someone posted something, think about how I was a whore.

pool. Exactly. So like, you can’t and so I think especially in these times are even more driven, where people are stuck at quarantine, people are just generally angry that their life’s richer Mo. So if they see something online that they want to attack, probably your kids are being like that as well. They’re, they’re not able to go see their friends, like they used to, they’re probably not playing their sports like they used to, they can’t do their things. And so, you know, just just just

like your eyes, you say, Betsy, toughen up, Buttercup.

Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, but that is our

thing, because you love your kids. But I think it really comes down to you stepping into you even more and more and more, and they will learn how to step into them more and more and more. And I think that’s really what you’re trying to teach them. Right? I’m gonna guess that you don’t care if they really believe in the world, or they don’t right or to your level, what you really care about is if they have something they love, and they stand for it, right. And so do that and teach them that that would be my advice. All right. have a really good question next. Are you ready? Who’s it from from Shelly? Where she from? She’s from Facebook.

Shelly, Shelly from Dumont. Okay. Moines, Iowa,

Shelly from Kansas City. All right, when is he gonna buy you that beach house? inquiring minds want to know, shall you

have it all wrong? This is gonna buy me the beach house. She’s a big, big bucks winner. I’m just a slumming attorney, working for the government for peanuts. She’s the one making all the making things happen. I’m just along for the ride. Yeah, no, I am what you call a grade a trophy husband?

Oh, two, we got a job. Yeah, we got a lovey. So um, but you know, but this is a good, it’s a good question. Right. And I get it because because really the reason that we’re not buying the beach house and swim because we couldn’t. Like we could probably go next week and buy a beach house, especially nowadays. Yes. So the real reason is way more complicated. And you know, I think for me, you know, I wanted that beach house. I have had a timer on my phone. I’m not kidding. It’s one of those timers that like, has a big picture. And it tells you the countdown and I set the countdown to July 2020. When all of was like in third grade, I don’t know she’s in college now. But it was like third grade, literally. So this has been I mean, even before she was born, I was like I want to get to when I graduated from college and move to the south, it was because I was trying to get to the beach, I just ran out of money in North Carolina. So I think that this has just been a thing for me. I have had opportunities I’ve had job offers at the beach, like when I wasn’t even dating anybody. But I didn’t want to take my daughter away from her dad. Like I’ve always had reasons, you know, like real reasons. And, you know, then this year, we had kind of talked about it, but I was going to be traveling so much. So we were like Now’s not the time. Because this 2020 I was supposed to be traveling all the time. And I think that really went it’s it’s just so. So I think one thing is really complicated, because there’s a lot of pieces to it. But also I think that it is there’s a part of me that’s like, I don’t know that I want to live at the beach full time. I know I talked about that last summer, I think on the show. But like, I think for me, getting to the beach is this feeling of like freedom that I wanted, I wanted freedom. And I mean, I just wanted freedom, you know, and I think that over the last like year and a half. I’ve created that freedom in a lot of ways. And so my desire for the ocean and all that has not I mean, sometimes I’ll cry right now, I didn’t want to go toe to toe man. But it’s I don’t need to. I don’t know it just feels different to me. Really what I would love like if someone said, I’m gonna come in here and be a genie in a bottle and I could be Decide, I would actually live in like a really super cool modern urban house in Atlanta. So I could be close to the airport, because that’s actually really important to me. And I would have, like a smaller beach house. But see, I don’t want to go. That’s another thing I don’t want to go to like, I don’t want to settle.

You know what I mean? apart? Well, things we’ve also talked about is one thing is, we miss a lot of traveling and going to different places. And if you get a beach house, or condo or whatever, you’re basically going there all the time all the time. And then it’s like, gosh, you know, yeah, you know, we want to go to Haiti one day, we will. Yeah. We went to the Grand Caymans, we love there we will, you know, there’s all these other great places in the world to go visit and if you get a beach house and you’re spending most of your vacation time,

maybe that sounds fun to me, though now is like getting a condo and on the ocean. Like I want to be able to look out and see the ocean so I don’t want to be I don’t want to just move and be like 10 blocks from the ocean even though that’s great. I’m not saying that’s not great, but this is not what I want. Like I want to be on the beach condo on the beach and then get it super cute it up and Airbnb it and then we just use it sometime like that would be fun to me. But your dad lives right on the water. Your mom lives in Hilton Head like, we’ve we’ve got. So, so anyway, when is he gonna buy that beach house? When that happens? It’ll be because I buy it. And because Craig retires. Right? I mean, because you were you won’t have to work or you’d work with me.

Or Yeah, or we would have to buy a beach in Georgia. Yes. Or a state that will let me

Yeah, cuz there’s certain requirements on his bar on his license, right.

Like Florida in California will not let me transfer without taking the bar again.

You can California either.

kind of feel like so California, New York, in Florida worse, but mostly other states.

It’s like a $5,000 fee or something otherwise, right. We’ll have to take

the test. There’s a fee the same like there’s a big fee you But yeah, but you also have to like if I went to North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia. I think I wouldn’t have to take the bar. Okay. I would they would grandfather me because I

yeah, that’s been a thing as we’ve talked about all this, like, you know, we couldn’t go to Florida. We couldn’t go to California. Now if you were gonna work and you’re only 40 what? Four? Five? Well, do you

even know how old your trophy husband? I

didn’t know. When I was 45?


I just know that. I’m a kook. A Cougar. Alright, I have a next question. You mentioned Chris. This is from? This is from kailyn in Georgia. Yeah, that’s right. I know where she’s from. Okay, so you’ve mentioned Craig isn’t into the Woo. But what counts as the woo is the into the science backed practices you teach like NLP? Yes. You’re totally down with NLP and hypnosis? Yes. Yes. And I guess

this, like the manifestation stuff I’m down with.

Tell me more about that. What you count as manifestation stuff.

Like all the stuff you like the positive thinking? Yes. Yeah. reality. It’s one of those things even if it doesn’t always work, you’re still always in a better position when you’re I have a positive attitude, right? Yeah,

yeah. And you experienced the magic of getting the bobblehead dolls

that day, I was there for that crash.

In my defense, it was Betty’s fault that we weren’t there.

No, I had to get tacos.

And if you’re new here, there’s the episode where I talk about that. All right, I have a second part of this. So you’re down with all of the NLP, you’re dealing with quantum physics.

Mm hmm. Um,

what’s been the most challenging part of the Coronavirus situation for you professionally and personally.

Professionally, I started a new job. And I worked there for a week and then the Coronavirus shut everything down. Or I happen to work from working from home. And it’s kind of hard when you start a new job. You know, and I just

know everybody systems, the systems

of way every you know, every office does things differently. Don’t even know all the people you know, it’s hard to really meet people when you’re just talking through email and often so you know, there’s there’s lots of group emails and you don’t understand what’s the inside jokes or what’s the bag and all that type of stuff. So that that’s really been the only really difficult part.

What about Personally,

I’m probably actually get along even better. I think

I feel like this has been really, really good for us.

Like do you feel like that? Yeah, I feel like thanks.

Go on for a lot better than they,

then they were right. Yeah. Let’s let’s talk about that for just a second. All right, because I think we have a really good strong marriage. would you think that?

Yes, we looked down.

Like I think we do. Like we talk through things. Like we’re not afraid to have disagreements, but we’re respectful. We talk through things. Yeah. We’re not always on the same page. We think differently about a lot of things. And I get I my emotion gets caught up in some stuff. But you’re patient with that, like political stuff, where my head spins around my go nuts.


I do have a problem.

And, you know, over the years, this, our marriage has been really hard. Like, I’ll say that, like, we got married, and pretty soon after, you know, my daughter got sick. And that was extremely stressful. And it put a whole layer of like, I mean, added pressure. How did yeah, it just was really, really hard to the point where, um, gosh, I mean, I was about ready to leave. I think we were both like, I don’t know if this is worth it. And I felt very much like I was trying to do everything. And we had a lot of discussions and like, it was hard. And then we got to the point where we came together, and I feel like there was one weekend where you were gone out of town, and I just shut everything off. The internet’s all the things, and I went inward. Do you know what I mean? Like, what is it I need? What do I need to know? Who do I What do I need to be listening to what part of myself and out of that was like, I want this to work? And this is how I want it to work. And then I think we had a discussion about that. And you were agreeable. And we did that and it took some time. But then we became really close, I think, and then the Coronavirus thing. I think we’ve just been getting a lot like we’re really good friends now too. When you say yes. So personally, the Coronavirus has been good. Would you say for you? Yes. I mean, we feel bad. I mean, it’s


Like we would we would love to go to a cancer. Watch your favorite ice, you know,

and you are more that than me. I could stay at home.

What a good time going. What is it? Fish ticker was? Tails. Yeah,

we went to this open restaurant at the lake that’s like at the Marina. And that was actually yeah, it was fun. And it was nice to get out a little bit here in Georgia. We’re you know, we’re opening up. You know, a lot of things have been open now for what, three weeks or so weeks? Yeah. So we waited a couple weeks and then we went to this like open air restaurant so we could be outside. But and i and i think we both have a lot of compassion for other people that are having a really hard time and all of this. But I think for us personally, I think well

they Betsy bought a day bed. I don’t know how much you’ve been talking about that

on Instagram, as I talked about

in we have a fairly a huge but a good sized backyard. And behind our house is very wooded. So even though we’re in a neighborhood, it gives up an illusion of seclusion.

Yeah. And last week, I talked about it.

Like we spent a lot of time on that. So it’s not so like if you lived in New York City or somewhere where you live in like, you know, you’re cooped up in an apartment or something where you’re I think we’d be so we’re not as claustrophobic in our house is way too big for just us to now that our Betsy daughter’s in college, that when things get crazy, I can just go to the to the man basement. Yeah,

yeah. So we’ve got space, right space to kind of get away from each other. Yeah, if we need to show and I’m outside. I mean, yeah, from six o’clock in the morning till like you you will, you’re not on the weekends, you’ll set it up for me. So my blankets and stuff are out there. But I’m in during the week, I get up first with the dogs and so I set it all up, but you usually bring it all in for me at night. But it’s like I stay out there too. Like, yeah,

so that’s why it hasn’t been too bad for us because we’ve been able to not be as cooped up. I do think if you were in like a we were like an 800 square foot apartment. Yeah, it may be a lot harder. It’d be a lot harder a lot different where you know, every time you rolled over, yeah, the other person or something.

Alright, so years ago, I turned kailyn on to the book. You are a badass, and it changed my life. What if any, are Craig’s recommendations for books on growing as a human

or a professional?

I like all the bro

science books. No, yeah, you like What’s his name? Um,

the Four Hour Body interest to the 20 hour, four hour workweek. You got me as other book for I got you that um, travel one. Um,

yeah. I forget now. It’s like

yeah, and

The other one is the sandwich prep but she got a bunch of two pairs which Sarah

yeah Tim Ferriss at you like Andy Dooley and you’ve listened to all his his CDs and you’ve got his books you bought his book and you’ve listened or read that on like 10 manifestation mistakes I think is the one you got. Yeah, we’re as event and then I got you that Jessie. It’s Sara Blakely. His husband is like, did you ever read that? also good. Oh, you didn’t read it. I can tell by the way you just said that. That’s what you should have. But that is a really my life. Ah, so Jesse. What’s his last name? It’s slur it’s Sara Blakely, who started Spanx. It’s her husband, but I’ll share this one even though you haven’t read it, even though I thought you would love it. It’s living with a seal and it’s about how when they had a seal live with them and train Jesse, it’s super fun read and circus, you know, like a navy seal. Okay, Julie has a question. Okay. What do you enjoy for personal development work or self discovery? This

reading those books. Most of you having discussions with Betsy about this stuff.

Okay, so you listen to my podcast, and we just got. Um, so this is this is really good. Because not everybody is in the place where they’re like spending a lot of time like diving into self discovery stuff and healing their crap and all of that, right. Yeah, I’m not doing much of that. And that’s not you. And that’s okay. Um, but you like podcasts?

I do, like podcasts

are the Do you find that those are like exciting? Because I think there’s a lot of different ways we can expand, right? Because all expansion is is growing. It doesn’t have it’s growing, right? It’s changing how we think about things. It’s expanding our thought processes or what we believe is available to us. And you do listen to a lot of podcasts even though I think they’re sports related. Like it does give you new ideas. Oh,

a brilliant like the

lindsey graham podcast. And they’re not that Lindsey Graham, not the Senator from South Carolina. He doesn’t wicked American elections wicked game, which is very history buff. I mean, talking messy, cuz not to get too political. But like we hear all this stuff like from Trump. And anyhow, this has never happened. Basically, his podcast is going through every American election, I think there’s been 58. And it will when there’s they’re releasing one a week, and the last one will end up basically week before the presidential election later this November. And it’s so interesting. That service of that we see today has happened many times before in history. Yeah. And how they’ve dealt with it. It’s just a real, real interesting type of, and it really puts things in perspective, because when you watch the media hype dump, like it’s never been like this act, it’s pretty much always been like this. There’s always been backs, the, you know, line politicians, trickery. And, you know, people we know, a lot of people talk about how Trump didn’t win the popular vote. Well, that’s actually happened. Six, I think six times so far in history. So it is real interesting several of the times. You know, like, you know, some of our greatest presidents like Lincoln and Jefferson, their first elections didn’t win the outright vote. And they’re, you know, part of Lincoln’s, you know, how he was chosen kind of stirred up the tensions that were already brewing for the Civil War, but it’s really interesting, some of our greatest presidents

to do you see yourself in any of that, like, when you’re listening to this history, it’s stuff like,

what it’s like it’s great how you can apply it to today. Yeah, sure. That that like these type of things that have happened are not new. They’re not a question. These are things that have happened from right beginning.

So there are some like things that you do to grow and, and, and develop personally but they’re not necessarily like self discipline, wildland fires

you got me on is This American Life? That’s a NPR NPR and they have a podcast and I pretty much listen to every week in their topics are extremely varied. eventually they’ll have something that’s right on point for you and lots of times on stuff that are things you’ve never even thought or her considered and it’s just a good way to get like a another voice right?

I haven’t listened to that in a long time. Is it still Ira Glass so I forgot.

All right. So

what are the topics that capture your interest when me when I am talking about NLP or anything else that you might perceive as a will? So you don’t perceive NLP as being oil? Right, two separate things

coming I don’t think that such I don’t think in that, those terms. Like that. Whoo,

whoo. Oh, you don’t?

I don’t think No, sir. No, I just think

I think a lot of your stuff is like self development. Yeah, thanks. Just

you know.

Now we don’t know.

Find a way to to try to wait to verbalize what I mean by that like, like NLP to me seems more helpful. Okay. More or more useful. Yeah. Then I’m not trying to then your heart walls and stuff.

Yes, yep. Okay. Yeah. Well stuff seems a little vague and you can’t put your finger on it. It’s not backed in science where you could

Yeah, so science. Yeah. And like,

if it works seems more on that scale the Wu scale.

So if I had, like, you got two hours to do some self development, I would just do like NLP and not do any of that. So, okay, so that’s it, but I don’t see it like as woo I just see, like, what would be more effective? Okay, what what I would think would be more effective and more positive in my life. That’s how I see it.

Yeah, I get it. So you’re not really thinking so like yesterday? Because I do the, and I’ve had Audrey on the show before. But Audrey does my body code, emotion code work. And I meet with her like, once or twice a month. So like, yesterday, I met with her. And then after when I’m really emotional, or I’m feeling something, do you think that’s all in my head? And I’m totally fine if you do, because I know what I think so. But I’m genuinely asking you that question. So like, do you think like, Oh, she just being overdramatic? Because she just met with Audrey, or do you think I’m really feeling whatever it is

that you’re feeling? Because I think

I’ve never had that type of work done with me. So yeah, I can’t speak from experience. But I just think you’re talking about whatever you decide to talk about. So you’re examining yourself examining that. Yeah. And so is that the feeling you have for your self examination? Right,

right. Where’s it from Audrey doing it? Right. I know what you’re saying.

Did you create these feelings? Because you’re spending all

this time examining, but you know, we don’t really talk about it. She just does it. Every once in a while, ask me a question. But I mostly just sit there almost. Yes.

And then afterward, she tells you stuff, right?

She emails me later. Okay. Yeah.

But yeah, but still, I mean, I see what you’re saying. But um, yeah, so if it’s like, energy work, that seems a little strange. Although, you do you just looked at the clock. Are you getting done? No. Okay. So.

So, do you think that um,

I’m just curious. So more like on the energy work side seems a little funky to you, or maybe not like, it’s not as grounded. You can’t put your hands around it and point to it and say that study reflects this. And this is why this is happening. Like you need you like a science based kind of thing. But the NLP you’re good with? Yes.

Okay. So if you when you say, whoo, I think the guy outside of the Grateful Dead concert selling Bs, tell me to buy some essential oil to open up your chakra.

Okay. Yeah, so I think we’re kind of beat.

So like I What about like, when I have like my Oracle cards, and I’m pulling those and like talking to my intuition, or journaling and talking to like spirit, or I get like, feedback that I think is like, not me. What do you think that is? Does your

own self reflection on whatever you’re thinking about?

Okay, and it’s just coming to me in a way that’s totally different and new, and so it seems

outside of me.

Correct? Okay. Like you’re using the cards to act as another person to ask you questions.

Great. The cards absolutely, like get you in touch with your old intuition, but you don’t think that’s like weird, you think that’s just a tool to help me get in touch with my own intuition?

And I used the word weird, I would say

I would say it me, I think was not the normal way.

Or how do you get in touch with your intuition?

I’m one I flow with the spirits.

Seriously, they

are do you not or you’re not and it’s totally like, and I know you know this, but I’m saying this out loud anyway, but like, it’s okay. If we name things different, or we experience things different, like do you just not ever have a need to get in touch with your intuition or do you feel like you’re not even sure how that’s even separate from you?

Like my intuition to me works automatically.

Yeah, like

I’m sure you visors you bet you go to like a big city that you’re not familiar with. Yeah. And there’s a there’s like that person that comes up and there you feel like there’s some type of scam or something? Yeah, yeah. Uh huh. Like my like, I’ll be like I could just

and you act on that you don’t second guess it?

No wonder like I just say like, Oh, this guy’s like, trying to scam us for money. Like keep walking Betsy. Let’s go like I know. Like don’t even engage like cuz Once you get to stop and tall, Yeah, totally.

Yeah. So I wonder if part of the the


Well, that would be a whole other tangent. But I also wonder if it’s women, like sort of taught when they’re younger to rely on somebody else, right? And so you never really rely on yourself like you don’t trust yourself or get in touch with yourself. So you have to almost relearn that I wonder, I don’t know. Maybe I’m thinking through like, that would be a whole thing. I could

also have like, some for like, at play loss for the kid. And it was like, Don’t think react like, go Yeah,

like sort of like, yeah, like,

like, I wrestled in high school and pre long. Like Olympic wrestling Not, not rasslin wrestles with the Olympics. Rasul is what’s on TV.

Like you like wrestling.

But we,

when I first started, like, I didn’t really understand, like, teach me the moves. And you get to a point where you don’t think about the moves, you just feel it or you see it. And you just do it. Like soon as your opponent makes a mistake. They’re off balance, you can hit them with this move, and you just do it. You don’t even think about it. Right? It’s just your second nature and you do it and that’s what he started becoming good. That’s when

it just becomes unconscious

as your you become a master. There’s a lot of times where you like, I think his foots out too far. I think I can get it. Let me go. But by the time you do it, right. If you’re thinking overthink, it is two seconds later, and as the weakness is no longer there, they’ve remedied it. And I think maybe and I think it’s probably through by sports, not just wrestling, but football, soccer, baseball, everything versus like, go get the ball and make the play. Don’t think about it as this react. And maybe you’re right. That is like a

man thing we’re like women are supposed to like,

Well, I mean, women play sports. Yeah. But the reality is is like when I was growing up like that was still I mean, yeah, when was Title Nine? I mean, that’s

early, late 60s, early 70s. I think,

yeah. 7476 or 74? I think. So. I was the first do not namings. I was 71. I was the first wave of that. So I don’t know. And and I think we’re just kind of taught a little bit of that. That would be a whole like,

and that’s something men just don’t do as much. Like, like, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t go, Hey, I think I’m gonna try out for the baseball team.

So Amanda, go to other I don’t think I would just say,

I’m just gonna do it. Like, I would just do it. Like I don’t ever remember, haven’t covered in a friend. I’m gonna try to make the soccer team or I’m gonna try to Yeah, you just went and did it? Well, I think women are more likely like, hey, one of us

goes for cheerleading together. That’s true. And I think that’s a whole other thing. So

and I don’t know how why that is, but I just don’t think about I’ve never would like, Hey, I’ll you know, I think I’ve kept that before like, like, I like going to concerts probably weren’t Betsy. And there was a band that was in town and Betsy, it was all like a weeknight, Betsy didn’t think she could go or some radio.

It was probably at the tabernacle, and I know that it was

at the center stage. Okay. I was like, and I didn’t realize you’re in town till that day. And I said, I want to go on tour to get a ticket. And like, I didn’t even think about it. I wasn’t gonna call friend and and just just go

right do it. But that’s different than your intuition.

But I’m always the same thing. Just when you see something you want. You just do it. I’m not waiting or like I’m out. Like that would be out waiting around for the mouse. Like, do I have a friend that wants to go with me? No. Yeah, we go have a great time. Yeah. Just music. I like him. Boom.

What was surprise? All right, let’s move on. Okay, no, I keep rambling. Okay, so, alright, so if you were looking for a life coach, what would you look for?

I don’t need me because I married the perfect one, Betsy, but

why would you look for like, what kind of thing would you look for? What’s

one thing someone that you can relate to? Yeah,

I think that’s

super important. superhawk so like, what may be a good coach for me may not be a good coach for you, right? Someone that relates to you someone that speaks kind of your language. I think also someone that can motivate you to action, because that’s the most important thing like when I if you think of coaching a sporting sense, what a real good coaches and X’s and O’s and running plays is getting the most out of each person, right? The maximum effort the most talent, right? may not you may not be the best athlete. But if I can get you to be to be your maximum or go past that point you saw that make you better, you know, that’s a great coach can do that. Yeah. And we find a life coach with the same thing have to be able to push you to make those changes in your life that you want, right? I mean, if you you know, you can get any shrink just to go You know,

tell your bitches to you know,

write, write all your problems. Come I get on the

plane to complain. But if you really want to make the changes, you’re gonna need a coach that’s gonna give you the give you the resources to change. Yeah, and make you want to make those changes.

Yeah, I think that’s a good point that you resonate with and somebody that motivates you, because, like I do, like, and I think many coaches have a variety of things that they do, right? There are some coaches that just do NLP, like that’s their training. You know, for me, and probably a lot of other coaches, like, there’s NLP, there’s hypnosis, there’s no emotion code. There’s my own stuff. You know, there’s a lot of different pieces in there. And so I think that it’s not just the message, it is picking the messenger, right? It’s picking the right messenger.

Yes. And somebody that

you have access to, you know, I think sometimes, like some of the work that I do is similar to like, Dr. Joe Wright, some of the stuff I do is similar to Tony Robbins, right, based in NLP, Tony’s based NLP, but you don’t have access to them.

Yes, you

know what I’m saying. So it’s sort of like you can find people that inspire you and get you excited, and then you can find people that are available to be able to actually be true. And I know like, you know, kailyn talked about Jensen cero, you know that you are a badass book. I worked with Jensen cero. But now you can I don’t think you can now. So I that’s why I say sometime to people that I’m working with is you got me now. I’ll be in arenas, right? Okay. All right. Natalie asked, she says lawyers are logical and linear thinkers, they roll their eyes in their minds to not give away what they’re thinking. Mr. Pake? Do you roll your eyes in your head when Betsy talks about this stuff?

No, I roll my eyes directly at her. So she sees it.

He has his true. So yeah, so you think it’s crazy. You just say I think that’s crazy. And then I say I don’t care. I know, I’ll

roll my eyes. And she’ll go, what are you rolling your eyes about? Then? I’ll say whatever I roll my eyes about, then we have a discussion about it.

Yeah. And I think that,

you know, I think part of it is being really well. You’re respectful. If you’re if we have a difference in opinion. Yeah. But also, I like, I’m not being swayed by your lack of Woo, I’ll use those words. But you know, so, like, I’m okay. If you don’t agree, I think I’m on the path that I’m supposed to be on normally. Let’s say

Pam route comes out with a new book.

I love Pam,

in you know, in, she’ll go, Oh, my gosh, this payment books are amazing. Craig, she talks about blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then I’ll be like, I won’t try to get her to suede, I will belittle or anything to say, that sounds interesting. Or that’s not for me, or that’s cool. Maybe I’ll take a look. You know, like, that’s my response. So the important thing is either when either I’m talking to Betsy or vice versa, she

it’s not we’re trying to change anyone’s mind.

Yeah, she’s not

trying to say, All right, we’re gonna you’re gonna live your life after this pain, brown book. It’s not that it’s more. This is real interesting. What do you think we have a discussion about it? And maybe I’ll usually usually I’ll find some things that are very valid. Like just a moment ago, we were talking about, you know, how women are less active on their intuition than men generally are and why is that you know, or they’re trying to connect

or trying to connect to it, or they connect to it differently. In maybe women are better here and the other voice as well. with men, they’re just like, model voices. But there’s just one loud will like do it and go

Yeah, or I’d argue that men aren’t reflective at all. And so they’re just going off some primal response. That’s a like, a caveman, caveman brain. Not even like a real like connection to spirit Mario connection to their reptilian brain.

There’s a lion come and kill it. Let’s go. Right.

Yeah, yes. Protect this.

Family. Yeah. So so the babies that were disrespectful and we listen to each other, that’s the most important thing.

And I think whether it’s about the EU or anything, you gotta find somebody that’s like, respectful. If you have a difference in your thinking,

or Barbie, like our stuff like that. It’s like on her, like, what shows me like to watch? Like, Betsy doesn’t like a lot of a lot of drama and a lot of

I can’t do I couldn’t even watch what was that show that everyone said for me to watch? Nashville? No, no, that was way too filled, drama filled. But it was, I forget. But it was the one about the Friday

night like

I wanted to like that so bad. And I watched like four or five episodes and then I was like, there’s too much sex with young people. young people and adults. I didn’t understand Why this wasn’t like a thing why nobody was talking about this even googled


to see is like anybody talking about how these like teenagers are having sex with adults like I just, and then I couldn’t watch because I get too stressed out. So like I just have to be very specific about what I watch. But you would like to watch like Tosh point oh, you watch cheaters. I can’t even with that show.

I don’t

like to watch shows that are especially like reality base where it’s just you’re watching people get hurt. I just can’t. But you just respect where respect I don’t tell you not to watch it unless I’m sitting there. And I say can we watch something else? But otherwise we respect each other.

All right. I have one last question. Okay, last question.

Okay, last question. My husband is not into this stuff at all. The woo makes him mad. How did you get Craig to be open about all this? Even if he didn’t, doesn’t agree.

I think I started

beginning like that when Betsy wanted me to go to Andy Dooley. Yeah, well, she found a way to make it fun for me. Right?

Well, but I don’t think I don’t mean to interrupt

you. But I don’t even think it’s about me making it fun for you. It’s just about you respecting that we have different, I think it would be really interesting, really interesting, really not interesting. It would be not interesting, if we both were into the same things, right? If we both loved all the same things, yeah, we’re into all the same things. Like it’s interesting that you have different things you like, and different things you like to listen to. So you bring new ideas to our conversations and stuff. And that’s the same with me. So I think if your husband’s not into this, in the womb makes him mad. I think that would be the issue is like, why is something that you’re into? Why does that make him mad? And is there a way that you can just be respectful of each other’s interests? And yeah,

and why? Why is he Why is he mad? Does he feel left out? Does he think it’s?

Yeah, I guess that’s something I would probably need more information to delve into. Yeah. So like, a lot of stuff we don’t agree on. But I think the beauty is is is we bounce different things that neither of us would probably think about right? against each other. And then that makes it interesting in in the way we both probably learned something and by get like, we’re not converting or sharp trying to convert, right?

You know, it’s just like, hey, look at this. And

you know, there’s things that your husband does that you probably will do because

he likes it.

He likes to make some happy and yeah, I would assume hopefully he would do the same as well for you, right? Yeah.

Like like watch watching troll movies.

Yeah. Children fast. Everybody should watch the trolls. Alright, so I’ve been working on something.

Did you know that what

I’ve been working on this thing called the alchemy collective have heard

a thing about it.

So can we talk about it for just a minute?

Let’s do it. Okay. So

the alchemy collective? I’m curious. Let’s just, I’m gonna quiz you a little bit. Do you know what the alchemy collective is?

To membership group?

Yes. Well done. High five. Me. Good job.

High five anymore. Hi,

Peroni. Oh, but people have together is different. Okay.

So um, alright, so it’s a membership group. And do you know how membership groups work?

I do but I don’t want to steal thunder.

So the whole idea behind a membership group is that it’s a membership, you know, like Netflix or like, you know any other I have so many memberships. I’m realizing now as I started thinking about it. I have Netflix. I have shampoo membership.

I have those expensive shampoos. I’m not allowed to you.

Yes, totally. You know, my peloton is a monthly membership to the


Yep, XM. Yeah, a lot of memberships. So I think memberships are awesome, because it helps you get what you need. And it kind of gives a member of several other coaches memberships too. So you kind of get in and you kind of get I call it like dripped information, right? So you get new little nuggets every week. So you don’t get overwhelmed with tons of stuff all at once. Like when you get a course then all of a sudden you have 50 hours of stuff to go through. So the the alchemy collective, we’re going to be rolling this out, I’m going to be talking more and more about it. It’s almost ready to go, y’all. But each week there’ll be a different piece of content. So the first week of the month, you’re gonna get a guidebook, you’re gonna get a Spotify playlist of the month, you’re gonna get a wallpaper for your phone. These are things that are fun for me. That’s why I did that. Okay, he’s looking or sign up just where he is. And also, the very first week there’ll be a workshop so I’ll teach something I’ll dive deeper into something oral interview somebody or I’ll have something to share. That is a teaching or learning experience. And then the second week, you’ll get a Connection Kit, which is going to be like a Meditation with journaling prompts, like a way to get really deep and to start to shift things. And this Connection Kit, My idea is that it can be something that you can do every day, that becomes sort of the pattern for the month. And and kind of encompasses what the theme of the month is. And then the third week is going to be an in real life video, this is where Craig might show up. So this is where we’re going to just kind of show you like, if we’re having one of these conversations right about something and kind of how that goes, I can show some of my rituals that I do in the morning, look at my bookcase, you know, just the fun when I travel, or if I go and interview somebody, like all the vaccines stuff to that. So I’m excited about that, I think it’s gonna be really fun. And then the final week will be a q&a. And most of the time, I’m going to do these live inside a private Facebook group, I really want to create a real community and a family. And I want you all to become alchemists

for your own life.

So I’ve got some good fun swag coming too.

So if you sounds like a lot of fun,

uproot my life all in one

shop, it really will, you should join. So if you want to get on the waitlist, the people that get on the waitlist are going to get the information first when it goes live. And like I said, there’s some swag and you will get on the list for the swag because the first people in will get the first bit of swag. So if you just go to my website and you go all the way down towards the bottom, you’ll see the alchemy collective, you could just go to Betsy pake.com backslash alchemy that will bring you to the same place it’ll be a waitlist page, and you can just put in your email the best email for you and then we will email you as we get updates. But this is coming down the pike really fast. And we’ve been working really hard for several months to get this up and running to make this a really cool experience for everybody. So get on that waitlist so we can keep you up to date. And thank you Craig for

coming on. And don’t worry, it will be totally troll free swag.

It might no it is true. Swag. Swag is cool though. The little thing is cool.

But there might be trolls in there. We don’t

know what will happen.

trolls might come up in the in real life video.

Interview Papi, are

you we don’t know. I don’t know what could happen.

So thanks for coming on the show. Come on again sometime.

All right. Thank you.

Nice seeing you. Bye, everybody.

Thank you for joining me on this week’s intention. If this spoke to you and you choose to share it please hashtag live big with Betsy so that I can find you and celebrate your intentional living for the week. As always, if you’d like to learn more about the work that I do, you can head right to my website Betsy Pake calm and I have a free training there waiting for you

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