213: A users guide to Quantum Physics - Betsy Pake

213: A users guide to Quantum Physics


On today’s show I talk about quantum physics and why energy is so important in our quest to create the life that we really want to see manifest.

My intention for today’s show is that it gives you a greater understanding of how our energy works so you can create your life in a new way.

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Welcome to The Art of Living

big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker, and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your


This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers, welcome to today’s show. So there is a lot of energy going on in the world right now. And I know for me, it has been a little overwhelming, like I really felt a lot of the shifts. And I feel like, probably you’ve experienced this too. But it’s almost like I feel this. I don’t even know if heaviness is the right word. But this shifting right, so I’m experiencing emotion that I don’t normally have when I wake up in the morning. And so I’ve been really trying to go inward and process that. Because my, my, my want is to go outward to process it right? Like why am I so feeling so angry? Why am I feeling so constricted? Why am I feeling so yucky. And so I’ve really been trying to bring this in and get back in touch with some of my practices and meditations and see if I can transmute a little bit of this energy, you know, we we have the power to do that to transmute the energy into something that we want, we are alchemists at our core. And I believe that

we can become better and better and better at that. So that

is where I am, which kind of brings me to what I want to talk to you today

about. Because I believe that,

you know, I teach

you about the science stuff, and I teach about the spirit


And to some people that feels very separate are two different hands, right? Like on one hand, I have the science and on one hand, I have the spirit. But I believe that they both can explain each other, and that they’re both intertwined. So I want to talk a little bit about that today, and

about the basis

of our experience with quantum physics, and how that works. Now, I’m not a quantum physicist. And if you are, and you’re listening, and you have a different view on it, or a deeper view, by all means, let me know.

I would love to interview you if you are.

But I’m going to explain it in the way that I’ve been taught and in the way that I think makes the most sense in terms of me understanding my world, and how to create and transmute what’s happening around me into what it is that I want. So I wrote a post this morning on Facebook. And I want to read it only because I think that it

sort of

it ties in with this.

What I wrote is

that I believe when we die, that we will see that our lives have not been linear, isolated threads, but rather part of a living, breathing fabric that is multi dimensional and intertwined. When I pull my thread over here, you feel a tug on your thread over there. Not different at all, rather part of the same hole. When we live as if everyone is separate, it makes it impossible for us to live fully. Because how could I if part of me over there is suffering. So instead of just your life, imagine you are part of a living, breathing tapestry of overlapping threads. Right now you just see your little part of life, but zoom out and see that you are a thread that helps create a greater, much larger picture. And that what you do think and say matters in a different way. You are bigger than just


So I want to talk about quantum physics as it relates to that. And why I read that, why I think that and see if that can help give you a better understanding on how to change things in your life. You know, I really believe that when we know like the why or the how it makes it easier for our brains to go, Ah, okay, well that makes sense. And if our brain thinks it makes sense, and that that’s doable, right quote unquote, doable,

then we’re much

more rapidly able to reach the things that we want to reach experience the things that We want to experience. So that’s sort of the setup. So let’s dive in here a little bit to

quantum physics. So if

you look up, like the definition of quantum physics, it basically is that it is the physics that explains how everything works, right? So it is the nature of particles that make up matter. And then the forces in which they interact. So quantum physics is how atoms work. And so why chemistry and biology works the way that it is. Really, I think that having an understanding of this helps us understand how we create our reality. And and how come like even before you ask, it is given, because of the way that this works, I’m going to explain a little bit more. If you’re one of those people that’s like, you know how we talk about the law of attraction that you have to believe you have to have this belief. And when I believe it, I will see it, instead of when I see it all believe it.

The reason for that

is because of quantum physics. And wouldn’t it be so much easier to believe it before you see it if you understood how it worked,

right? So

quantum physics is really how, how we created how we create the universe, it’s the building blocks of the universe. So like, if we look at our body, for example, our body is made up of cells. And then smaller parts of ourselves or molecules and smaller parts, still, again, are atoms. And then even smaller than that we have like subatomic particles, right, which could be like electrons. Now,

all of everything is made

up of sub atomic particles put together in different groups and arrangements. So it could be a body or it could be a tree, or it could be a thought, or it could be anything. But all of everything is made up of these subatomic particles that are put into large, larger groups. Now, subatomic particles aren’t necessarily particles per se, it’s not like a piece of sand, right is a particle, like you could imagine, like one grain of sand. So a subatomic particle isn’t really a thing. It is more like probability of a thing. And I’m going to, you’re going to understand by the time we’re done here,

now this

this subatomic particles, they are really more like energy packets. And sometimes these energy packets are referred to as quanta. So as I’m talking, I might be talking about quanta, or a subatomic particle. It is really interchangeable. And quantum physics is the reason that these quanta arrange themselves in the arrangement of a mansion or arrange themselves in the arrangement of like a trailer is because of our collective thoughts about them.

So one of the basics

basis of quantum physics is that what we’re thinking actually has an impact on how the quanta are structured. So now that I say it that way, comparing a mansion and a trailer, you’re going to start to see how our thoughts and our collective thoughts start to influence this structure and how we can actually have a little bit more control over this. So let’s sort of recap. So my body, I’ve got a body, right. And so what’s my body made out of? Right? It’s made out of cells, the cells are made out of molecules, molecules, molecules are made out of atoms. The atoms are made out of subatomic particles, the subatomic particles are energy. They’re not made up of energy, they actually are energy. So you are really one big chunk of vibrating energy. And so is every other thing that you could see or touch or hold or think about. It is all energy. So this is how come when we talk about some of the energy work, or we talk about shifting things on an energetic level, this is why this is impacted. And this is really where quantum physics helps us to create this structure so that we can better understand it. The cool thing I think about quantum physics is it tells us that just the act of observing something causes it to be there. So now when I first heard this and started going down this rabbit hole, I was like, so I could walk into my living room and there’s a chair but then the moment I leave, is the chair still there, or is it gone? Is there nobody there to witness the chair or to see the chair or expect the chair to be there? So is it gone? So the whole idea of quantum physics is That is not there, if you’re not observing it, or the fact that you are observing it has an impact on it. All right. So the whole idea of this is that nothing is a solid object. Everything’s energy, right? And you’ve probably heard that before. Like, everything’s energy, we’re energy, we’re vibrating our cars, vibrating energy packets. So then how come it appears to be solid, right? Because why doesn’t it appear? Why can’t I just put my hand through it. Because if these are really just packets of energy, that are vibrating to look like something solid, and but it’s not really solid, then couldn’t I just slice it in half with my hand, right? So the whole idea is that these

particles are,

it’s almost like if you could think of a motion picture, if you slowed down a motion picture, it’s not really movement, it’s actually a bunch of photos, rapidly shown in succession that make it appear like movement. So that’s what’s happening with our world, it’s just a rapid flashing that’s causing the illusion of being solid and continuous. But once you understand that, this isn’t truly the way that the world is, then you can begin to change your view of it. And when you change your view of it, you can actually start to change your creation of it. So with this concept, then, way more may be available to you than you had thought before. And that’s really what I want this show to do, is to give you an expansion of what you think is possible, based on knowing how things are created. So quantum physics tells us that things are there, because we see them, they’re there, because we’re observing, and they’re there because we expect them to be there. So physicists also have discovered that these quantum particles, right, they make decisions, that they’re powered by some intelligence. So they know what I’m going to say like decisions have been made by other particles, even if they’re separated from those particles. So there might be a particle on one side of the world that’s making a decision about something and another particle on the other side of the world knows, and there is a synchronicity. That is instantaneous. So these particles are communicating. Now, remember, when I read my Facebook post, about how are intertwined it is this fabric, it is like a greater breathing living thing. And quantum physics tells us that this is true that one side of one particle, one place, and one particle, another place, has an intelligence that that kind of transcends any kind of time or space, which I think is something that we’ve created to make sense of the world. But these particles don’t live in that.

So if you could

think of particles, they’re not really things, right, they’re at a place in time, they’re spread across a place and time. So there is something that is guiding them, there is an intelligence that powers them. And a lot of people think like, it’s God or source energy, right? Or perhaps our collective thoughts, because we are part of come from source energy. Right? So we are actually creating this and directing the particles based on what we think. Okay, so I think I would beat that five different ways. So I think you kind of get what I mean by that, basically, quantum physics is showing us that we are at cause or co cause of everything that we see around us. So we could actually choose something different. We could choose something with, with consistency and choose it with certainty. And this actually causes the energy field to materialize over a certain amount of time. I’m using time in quotes, right, depending on that focus, and that clarity. And if you could imagine, like a group of people the energy that that could

create if a group of people are thinking something,

you know, there is

studies that show

and I don’t I’m not going to get this exactly right. You could Google it, I’m sure. But when there is a presidential election, it’s the energy around the candidate, even if it’s negative energy, right. So if we think about Donald Trump, everybody thought Hillary was gonna win, right? I mean, I feel like the news was talking about that. And perhaps that was the news channels I chose to watch. But there was this energy and a negativity towards Trump, right? I couldn’t believe what he was saying couldn’t believe all these things, but the focus was on him. Right, the focus, wherever that focus is, it’s what’s going to materialize. So I want you to keep that in mind in terms of when we’re working. Looking at it in terms of this structure, in terms of quantum physics and how that works, it is the observers that create it. And so if everyone is observing

what should be created, right?

So to kind of recap,

quantum scientists, Einstein, right, they all proved that physical matter is made up of these energy packets, and that there isn’t a bound to them, there’s no time or space bound to them, they could be anywhere at any time. So the universe is literally

timeless, right?

So our minds are connected to source to one mind. And so we are actually much bigger and much more powerful than we think.

So as we are connected

and creating, we are moving this energy around and creating everything that we see as solid or real.

All right,

so with all of that said,

you don’t need to know

exactly how things are going to work out. All you need to do is desire and intend and know that it’s possible. And then this energy will rearrange. So that that thing can come to you. So now that you know a little bit of the science behind it, does that because I know you’ve heard that concept before, right? All I have to do is desire No, it’s possible and it will come.

But now that you know the science behind it, do you see why that is


So everything already exists as a probability wave, right. But once you decide you’re going to see it, I’m going to see the chair, I’m going to create this, I’m going to have this, then all of the sudden it becomes like a thing, right? Something that is something you can point to a solid, a solid mass, right? I have a friend who


recently bought a farm. And so I think she’s fine with me telling this story. She has not closed on it yet, but she bought this farm. And we’ve been talking about farm for a year, I want to get a farm but I’m gonna wait I’m gonna wait like I’m have other things, you know, right now is not the right time, you know, sort of like my beach house, right. But she was so focused on it. And so her kids were focused on it, and they would bring her pictures of farms and listings for farms, and

she became certain

that that was going to happen, her faith was in it. Now it existed in a wave, and they kept seeing it. So if

it already exists as an event,

but it’s your perception

of, I’ve got to wait five years for that to happen. That’s what makes it separate. That’s what takes it away from you, right. So once you understand that it is her it was her reconnection and her focus on it, focus on it, focus on it focus on an unconscious, conscious, unconscious, conscious, never ending focus, were all the sudden, within the last two weeks, she literally found herself, putting your house on the market buying a farm, her house sold with multiple offers within like 24 hours. And all of a sudden, she’s moving into this farm that she really wanted. So she’s began to experience this faster and faster, because there is no concept of time other than the time that we put on it. So this wave became solid, right, this wave of continued to focus on it continuing to look at it made it become matter. So it is our observation of it,

that makes it

manifest that makes it come into our awareness. We always hear you know, in like spiritual teachings and spiritual leaders and the Bible and all of these books talk about how we are light. And quantum physics is the thing that really shows us that right when we examine ourselves under a microscope, you know, we’re mostly space, it’s like 99%, just space, the rest, you know, the, the point 999 percent that’s the solid part is just a collection of the exact same things that light is actually made of, it’s the same subatomic particles. So even the space part is full of energy. Now, you observing yourself, quantum physics says is what actually keeps you together, it keeps you solid. And your mind does the same thing with you know, books and desks and cars and all of that, all of those things. So all of matter is put together from your mind, in the mind of those around you and from the rest of the universe. But in reality, you are energy packets moving, vibrating. pieces of light. And you know, if we think about like Einsteins equals mc squared, right, that says the energy is contained in any matter is equal to the mass of that matter multiplied by the speed of light squared, right? So it shows you that even the smallest

tiniest piece of matter has a tremendous amount of energy in it. And that you and everything else are just energy that’s arranged together by the information that’s in your mind. So if you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you know, I did a show back in I don’t know, it’s probably like in the 880s or 90s episode shows on the laws of the universe, and there’s a lot of oneness, right? That whatever you think about somebody about somebody else, your subconscious, basically spirit, the universe thinks about you. So this is why it’s so important. We’re all connected, right? There’s the law of cause and effect, right? You probably know that one, karma, all of these things. So how does how does quantum physics? How does it support that idea? In 1964, there was a guy named Dr. Bell, he was a physicist in Switzerland. And he came up with a mathematical equation, that all of the like separate parts of the universe are connected in this immediate and really close way. So he did these experiments that showed that particles that were even separated by like space and time, somehow knew exactly what the other particles were doing at the exact time that they were doing that exact thing. So. So here’s the interesting thing is that particles don’t communicate. Right? They know, without having to communicate. So they were acting like simultaneously as if they were connected, right. So what that mathematical equation can actually show is that all things impact, other things,

that they are all connected.

So when we think about this, in terms of the law of cause and effect, and karma, and oneness, and all of this, you see how those those things are one, they communicate, without having to communicate, because they are the same, even though they’re separated by time and space. Okay, so then you want to create something, right? You want to have something in your life. So you know that they’re we’re all connected, you know, that these things communicate, they are connected, so they don’t have to do something to communicate, they just know, right, you know, what the world is made up of? And then it’s all these quanta, and that nothing is solid, and everything is energy, right? So you’ve got all of that stuff. So then how do I take that and turn it into something that I really want to create something that I really want in my life,

right? Being

being, so there are lots of ways to be right, I can be happy, I can be excited, I can be productive, I can be all of these things. That is the cause. So if I think of like, I’m seeing my car, so the car is the first cause. But I’m the first cause because I’m thinking I’m going to see the car, which I know seems so crazy, because I see the car and my husband sees the car. And if I asked my neighbor, is there a car there? They would say yes. So the first cause is me being It is me thinking. The second cause is that those particles show up in a way that constructs itself into the car.

If you think of it like I’m

like the ocean,

okay, so there’s this huge ocean,

I can stand on the edge of the ocean

and walk in. And now I’m up to my knees in ocean water. And I may walk to the left and feel

warmer water,

I may walk to the right and feel colder water,

way out two miles, there might be

turbulent water. But where I am,

I might not feel that turbulence and where that turbulent

water is it might not feel that work.

So even though it’s all connected, and it’s all the ocean, there are different pockets of things that are happening within the hole. So we are all sharing this grid or this ocean, but we’re all experiencing and having different characteristics of that same grid of that same ocean. So if you can think of this now in terms of people, and even what we’re experiencing right now in the world. You know, I talked about that at the top of the show that I was feeling All of this energy, right. And, you know, if you’re listening to this, unless you’re my husband, you’re probably like, Yeah, that makes sense. If you are my husband, you are like, you can’t feel the energy of these people way over there. Quantum Physics says that’s not true, that it is all created, that it is all connected. And that the energy can be shared back and forth, it can be in two places at once. So it can change the composition of the whole ocean, when something is happening, even though there are pockets of experiences within that ocean. So the things that we do, or thoughts that we have create big, huge ripples in the world forever. You know, this morning, I woke up and I was not in a good mood, I was in a bad mood. I felt anger. And I talked with one of my girlfriends about it. And she’s like, you know, I’m feeling sadness. And I wonder if we’re picking up on the collective energy. And I felt like it was my job to transmute that, I felt the anger, I don’t know what it was about. Maybe it was about something about me, maybe it was about something else. Maybe it was about something that I was thinking of all I was sleeping, who knows. But my job though, as an alchemist, and we all are alchemists is to transmute that energy into something else, to turn that into something that feels better, because the ripple that I create impacts everything. And so I truly believe that. So when I get up in the morning, and I’m feeling anger, I don’t want to continue that ripple, I want to be able to transmute that and change that energy, shift that energy to something that’s a higher vibration. And when I do that, I impact everything in the hole. And if you think of it in this way, then if I’m creating a ripple, that ripple is also coming back to me. So this is how come if I’m talking crap about somebody, I’m creating a ripple and that ripple will come back to me. So this is why that law of oneness, right, the law of why that law says that anything I’m thinking about someone else, I’m thinking about myself, because of this collective ocean. So I think the thing that gets lost in the world is thinking that, and maybe you’ve had I know, I’ve had this where I’m like, oh, I’ll go on Instagram. Here’s a good example. I’ll go on Instagram, and not so much now. But in the past, I would go on, and I would see a coach doing something, and I’d be like, oh, they’re doing it. Oh, it’s been done. Right. I guess that’s not for me. And so, but really them doing it creates the ripple that actually creates the betterment of the whole entire system. And as the whole system begins to raise, I too can raise, you know, it’s the idea that, you know, a high tide raises all ships, right, good vibes, impact, everybody. Good moods impact everybody. This ripple is created because everything can be everywhere, all at once. So I don’t think we need to master all of this stuff to create the world that we want. I don’t think we have to know how all of this works, you know, to be able to appreciate it. I don’t know how electricity works. But I use it every day, I flip on my light switch. And I appreciate the light bulb that comes on, right. So I don’t we don’t need to really understand it. But I hope that this episode will expand the way you’re thinking and will show you that the world isn’t as like unchangeable. And as hard pressed as maybe you think it is. But really, maybe it’s this really openly fluid place that you can continuously change and evolve and create what you want. And we think of life as this big linear thing. You know, I can imagine my past I remember when I was five. I remember when I was 15. And like I remember I’ve had these experiences, it creates a line. Right? And And honestly, I use this line. This this timeline with my clients every single day. I use it with myself every day to change my experience, because that’s how our subconscious have been programmed to think. But I hope this episode helps you just expand a little bit. What if we’re not linear? What if everything is in a meshed,

breathing glowing

tapestry, and that what we are seeing is really what we are expecting to see and that we have the power and that when we are being in a new way and expecting something else that something else tends to happen. Just like with my girlfriend, who expected she was going to get a beach house or not a beach house, that would be me expected she was going to get a farm at some place at some time. And it got to where she was not even looking for it. She was focused on other things and it just came and it kept coming and kept coming and she couldn’t ignore it anymore. So she was like Whoa, this is here. So when you can start to uncover that this reality maybe that you’ve been experiencing is an illusion. And maybe your power is much deeper and greater. I think that

is when we can start to live a big life.

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time where we can learn and expand our thinking even more. So. Thank you so much for being here for today’s episode. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I tried to explain something that I am just scratching the surface of. But I hope that you have expanded your thinking and your awareness has changed, and you can start to create something new in your life today. Thanks so much for listening, and I’ll see you guys next week. Thanks so much for listening today. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit and email it over to us at support at Betsy pake.com. And we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much and I’ll see you next week.


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