214: Moving Stagnant Energy - Betsy Pake

214: Moving Stagnant Energy


This week I talk about moving stagnant energy; how to identify it and move it.

I talk about the post inside the Facebook group where we are sharing resources to learn more about the Black Lives Matter Movement and you can find that here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/artlivingbig/

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Welcome to The Art of Living

big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker, and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers, welcome to the show today. I am, I am really happy to be with you today. And for us to just be together in this space right now, you know, if you’re new here, I always say fellow adventurers, because I believe that we chose to come here that this time and to have a physical experience for our spirits to grow, for us to experience all kinds of new things. And, you know, to have adventure, and all of life is an adventure. And I think when we can treat it like that, the ups and downs feel like they have more of a purpose. And for me that that feels really good. I wasn’t sure how to do today’s show, in light of all of the things happening in the us right now with Black Lives Matter and really all over the world. But I feel like it’s important to show up and to do my work, because I believe it has an impact on people who come here to learn something new, or to get a different perspective on something that they already know. And when people are growing and remaining open. That is how we start to change the world, we change ourselves. And that changes our circle. And that ripples out and changes our whole community and our environment. And eventually, everybody. I did speak out earlier last week on my personal page about, about everything going on, and specifically about George Floyd. And then I started a dialogue on Black Lives Matter inside my facebook group. So if you want to join us there, you can go get in on that conversation. It’s the art of living big.com, that’ll bring you right to the Facebook group, just so you can see specifically what we’re sharing. But I believe that there are always things to learn and grow from and there is so much that I don’t know, especially about this, I am white. And I have a very different experience than someone who grew up as a person of color. I hear what’s being said, right now, and I want to learn more. I absolutely don’t know it all. And I really know very little, I’m realizing now, how much, I don’t know. And so I created a space inside the group where we could share social media accounts to follow, you know, books that we could read videos, podcasts, we should be listening to, in an effort to use my platform to race, excuse me to raise those voices. So please go there and learn with us. I just ordered a book and I posted the book. I mean, people have posted lots of stuff, I have filled up my Instagram with people of color, so that I can be around their voices and hear what they have to say. I didn’t realize how isolated I was in this. And although I have always been really open and loving and I feel like a kind person and but there is a systemic problem. And I can’t separate myself from that. And so I’m just here to learn and to grow. So if you would like to do that with me and you want to join in in the Facebook group, you know, you’re welcome. And as time goes on, I’ll continue to share what I’m learning. But right now, I think it’s a really good time to just listen in to what other people have to say too. With that said, You know, I think there’s a lot of heavy energy right now. And you know, not just our heavy hearts that we have for George Floyd and his family in the black community but also because we as a global community, have been in our homes for months and months as we wait for this Coronavirus thing to run its course or, you know, for scientists to figure out some sort of answer to be able to help us and I know for me this whole year has been really hard I was talking with my friend Trish this week. If you haven’t listened to Episode 208 my friend Trish was on we talked about connecting with spirit guides. But we were talking and we were talking about the year and just like last year felt so flowy and good for me. And I thought this year was gonna be really amazing. And it just even January felt like it was 10 years long and February felt like a drag and then you know and then it just rolled into all of this. All of a coronavirus and all of this stuff. So, you know when we were talking she was like you have to raise your vibration like you have to Bring

your energy up, your energy is so low. And we got off the phone. And I was like, Oh my god, she’s really right. And one of the ways that I and I’ll talk a little bit about this, but one of the ways that I raise my energy is I cut cords, I’ll explain what I mean, if you’re not familiar with that, but after I did that, you know, after I did, I actually did two like rounds of cord cutting. And if you want to do a cord cutting meditation, I have a free one on my website under the free tools section. And I’ll link that in the show notes. Anyway, I did that just to kind of release. And in doing that, I realized that my energy is super stagnant.

So it wasn’t just like these energetic cords. But my energy’s so sluggish. And so today, I wanted to talk a little bit about stagnant energy explaining more about cutting cords and talk about some ways that we can start to shift things internally. So

as you think like what is stagnant energy,

like you, if you think of like the ocean, right, the ocean is free flowing, moving, right, there’s a lot of energy in it, right, the waves come crashing in, I love to sit on the edge of the ocean, because I think the energy continues into the sand and where you are sitting. So anyway, that’s a whole other side thing I could get it, I could do, I could do an episode on all the reasons I love the beach. But you know the energy, right, but then if you look at like a mud puddle, or,

you know, old, stagnant pond

in somebody’s backyard, it gets muddy and yucky. And, you know, fungus grows, and it’s diseased, it’s not as healthy, right? And so really, getting into this, like clearing my energy and getting my energy so that it is moving again, became really important to me once I made that realization. And I will say, if I can pause for one second, if if you are into this kind of thing, and you want to jump into the alchemy collective membership, I opened that up, it’s open till the seventh, I talked about it last week on the show. It is live now. And we’re really diving into all of those spiritual practices and intuition talk and all the energy conversations in there. So the registrations open through the weekend, the first 25 people get these little swag bags, and there’s still a couple of those left. So if you’re interested in that, just go to alchemy, collective.io. And, or you can link it on my website, and I’ll put it in the show notes. But anyway, if you are into this, and you want to join us memberships just open for lunch, another half a week or so. All right. So let’s dive into energy and what I’m really talking about. So energy is our life force. Right? It is, you know, if you listen to last week to the episode on quantum physics, and I talked about how all things were energy, right, from like a person to a table to a tree, everything is really made up of energy. So now if you can think of energy, you can probably relate in terms of how you’re feeling,

right? So like, my energy is really high, I’ve got

a lot of energy this afternoon, right, you’re motivated, you’re excited about something. So then on the opposite end, you can understand bad energy too. And, you know, I know when you probably had this experience where you’ve walked into the room where your partner or a close friend was, and you could just sense something was off like even before they spoke or did anything you’re like, something’s not right. And you probably ask like, what’s going on? It was the energy that was telling you that something had shifted. You know, when I was growing up in school, I learned energy can neither be created or destroyed. Right, but it can be moved. It can be manipulated, transmuted. And that’s why I think of ourselves as alchemists, right? Because this we can transmute, we can change energy, we can speed it up, we can slow it down. You know, energy can be in an open system, it can be in a closed system, right? Where it’s either held or where it’s flowing.

And if you drain a system of all of its energy, then it deteriorates. Right? It goes away dies. So one of the cool things I think about energy is that it is directed by our consciousness. So again, if you listen to last week’s episode on quantum physics, and I talked about how the observer has an impact on energy, like we tell energy where it needs to go. So it is directed by consciousness, it is directed by our thoughts, right, it is directed by what we tell it to do. So, you know, you’ve probably been like in flow, you know, you hear it, people call it like a flow state times where you’ve been working really hard or super focused on something or really happy. You know, sometimes when I’m at the beach, it’s total flow like time goes by, I mean, eight hours go by. And I’ll be like, How did this happen? I’ve only been out here, like 10 minutes, you know. So time passes really quickly, you know, you’re super in the moment, you’re super present, energies flowing, right, you’re feeling expansive. And then there’s other times where you just know that you feel really stuck and stagnant. And for me, really, this is where I have been. So on some level, I think my energies felt pretty stagnant for a long time. Um, you know, I work from home. I mean, outside interactions are pretty minimal other than, like, online or social media. But I think that being home over the last few months made me even more, I don’t know, almost like settled in right where nobody in the house was going in or out. And so it felt really sluggish. And so, you know, if you normally have worked from home, or work from outside the home, if you’ve been at an office or something, and now you’ve been home, you might notice that like that feeling of feeling sluggish.

And honestly, I think that

I’ve been sluggish for a while, like, I think it’s has been something that I have focused on, on and off. But But this past weekend, okay, so here in Georgia, everything has been really pretty opened up from the Coronavirus for, I don’t know, I mean, maybe like a month or five or six weeks, like it’s been a while where we’ve been open restaurants up and all that stuff. Anyway, about a week ago, we went to Hilton Head to see my mother in law, she got a new place there, and I hadn’t checked it out yet. So you know, we went to go visit. And when you visit someplace else, you know, your routine is off a little bit. And so I tried to keep some things consistent, like I was doing my morning journaling, which is a really important part of my morning routine.

But in the end, I felt really like off kilter.


more so than I think I normally would, if I was visiting somebody, right. And then when we got back, it rained for a couple days, and I wasn’t able to sit outside, you know, on that day bed thing I got. And suddenly, I felt really like a load of bricks like heavy, heavy, stagnant energy, my mood was super low. I was really frustrated. And I started to get really super antsy again about where we live. And other areas of my life that haven’t really flowed the way I wanted them to this year, right 2020 I was like, this sucks.

Let’s unplug and reboot.

And, you know, I went down the rabbit hole a little bit. So when I talked to my girlfriend the other day, and I was like, ah, I don’t know what’s wrong, but I feel terrible, right off, she knew she was like, it’s your energy. So maybe this is you too, right? We’ve been inside, there’s a lot of energy just swirling around the world, maybe you’re trying to manage a lot of new things, right, like had new requirements for your life that you didn’t have before, you know, we got to wear masks now all the time. And, you know, having to really plan where you’re going like, just find your toilet paper, like what store gets stocked up on what day like, there’s just a lot more energy that has to go into things that maybe normally wouldn’t even be something you think about. So maybe your energy is feeling super stagnant too. And so I think it’s time to release that energy and call in something new, so that you can start to flow and you can really start to feel better. So here’s how you know if you’re stagnant.

I think understanding your energy system is important.

So like just being aware of how you

normally feel and how

you feel when you’re doing certain activities. Like I think just getting in touch with that is really important. Because that way, you’ll start to notice when things like really start to shift or change. So there’s lots of ways that you can get in touch with your energy system. We’ll dive really deep into that inside the alchemy collective for but for the sake of this show, I just want to say like it comes down to awareness. So stagnant energy is going to feel like frustration, right? Where you’re frustrated with your situation or your circumstances. Right? If you feel really stuck, where you’re like, I can’t find a solution to this problem. And even if I could, I can’t see it. Like I don’t have any idea.

You know, everything might feel really insurmountable. Right? So like, like I was saying, for me, it was like, Oh, my God, I don’t want to live here. But I have to live here because I like to move this big house and then my husband and my daughter, do you know what I mean? Like, there’s all these pieces to it, right? So it feels really insurmountable. Maybe you’ve had a really hard time like manifesting things that you’ve been wanting. Right? So you’ve manifesting some new things, but

it’s taking way longer than it normally would.

Right? Maybe you’ve been like pondering like the same issue, right? So it keeps coming back up into your life. So stagnant energy,

and then also what do you feel stagnant?

Like, get quiet and ask yourself like is my energy stagnant like I can feel it if I get Quiet, right? And it’s always nice to have a friend that’ll say, Oh, you better check your energy’s really bad. But I think that in the end, like we know best we know ourselves best, we just have to take the time to actually slow down and listen in. So just ask yourself, like, is it stagnant

in what do I need?

So sometimes, you know, when we do this kind of work, at least for me, I find

and I find even starting with clearing energetic chords,

you know, just chords that have to be released.

I’m trying to think I did an episode a whole episode on cord cutting, I think it’s like Episode Seven, g nine, I’m gonna say 79. I’ll put it in the show notes. Um, so anytime that let me explain these, let me explain kind of chords and what I mean, because really, anytime that we have an interaction with somebody, we’re creating this, like, energetic chord with them. So, you know, it might be like a small thread,

or it might be like a huge

chord, right? Depending on the interaction, like if you’ve had a lot of turmoil with somebody, or just a lot of heaviness, right, so you’re going to have different intensities of the chords that can weigh you down, and lower your energy.

And I think this typically,

like I said, happens with really strong reactions or interactions with somebody. Also, I think, when it happens with somebody that you really care about, I think that makes a difference for me. Also, people can attach chords to you, like without you knowing it, right. So it might not even be somebody that you know, so it might just be somebody that’s sees you do a Facebook Live or, you know, sees a Facebook post, and they there is an energetic cord that is attached as they read that and interact with you. Now, chords are bad, necessarily. It’s not like they’re doing something wrong, they’re not doing it maliciously, I’m sure I attach chords to people all the time. Like, I’m not doing it on purpose. But I think it is important for us to be able to clear those chords so that we can retain our own energy. So here’s how, you know, I’m trying to think so sometimes if I’m thinking about somebody, and it’s somebody like I haven’t thought about in a long time, and now all of a sudden, I start thinking about them. Or like if you have a really bad breakup, and you keep thinking about the person, right cords, like you need to do a cord cutting to release that. Sometimes I think we can have cords, like when we know we’ve got to forgive somebody, you know, releasing the cords can really help us forgive them, because we’re still so attached to them energetically. I also cut cords all the time with my kid with my husband, just to keep our own energy to ourselves right to remain healthy and to be able to have a good relationship. So cutting cords doesn’t mean you’re like rejecting the person or anything like that. It just means that you’re keeping your energy for yourself and you’re releasing their energy back to them with love. So if you’ve got chords with people, if you’re just feeling really stagnant, if you’re feeling frustrated, worn out, just feeling like you’re not moving from where you are, then doing some energy work might really help you. So here are some ways that you can start to move that stagnant energy. So one of the easiest ways and probably one that will make a lot of sense to you is just to move your body so your mind and your body are super connected. So absolutely doing exercise can help but I also think that our energy is moving through our body right so I’m obsessed with my peloton. You’ve heard me talk about the peloton. And I I tried to do at least three peloton biking like the bike three times a week but I do other stuff on other days. Sometimes I’ll do one of the other peloton workouts, but also sometimes I just turn on the music I turn on. I’m just gonna say the radio but I turn on Spotify. And

then I simply just move my body.

You know, I went to go see Oprah when she did that tour this year earlier this year. And Julianne Hough I think it’s how you say her name. She has that kinergy she was there and she did kinergy which is really just mean she’s a dancer, right? So it is this like movement and just moving your body and it felt very like kind of animalistic. Like, you’re just moving your body, you know, letting your arms drag and like, kind of waving them back and forth. Do you know what I mean? Like snuffleupagus? I think of Pam, we do. So I don’t know how to do kinergy I’m not doing it the way she does it. But that’s sort of the image of it. I just turn on some music and I just move my body How does it want to move, your body will know what to do and I do this in a place where nobody can see me because nobody needs to see that. So do it in a place where you can feel free to just move your body, you know and just see if you can Get that energy moving. Like as you start to move it as you start to move your body in new ways. I think that’s probably why Yoga is so great, because you’re moving your body in ways that you normally wouldn’t throughout the day, right? Nobody’s walking through their life doing some handstand thing, for the most part, right? So like moving your body in a different way. So, absolutely. Just getting in movement every single day and being intentional with it. You know, we talked about how consciousness moves energy. So Say it, say it out loud, like I am doing this intentionally to move the energy and to get the energy flow going. Another thing that you can do to move energy is to get acupuncture. So I had gone to get acupuncture, I don’t know, maybe four or five, six times earlier in the year before Coronavirus, started to help me move my energy because I knew at that point, I mean, I’ve known this for a while I’ve been trying to work on this. I feel like I’ve finally gotten it though. But I just was feeling really, really stagnant. Now then when the coronavirus happens, I couldn’t go get acupuncture. I’m not a big huge fan of acupuncture in terms of like going and how it feels it’s not relaxing To me it was causing me a little bit of constriction, so I decided I didn’t really want to go. But I did go back to an acupressure mat that I had purchased on Amazon. If you’re in the Facebook group, you’ve seen us talk about it. And so I’ve pulled that back out to help move my energy. So an acupressure mat. I mean, the one I got is cheap. It was like 19 bucks on Amazon or something. I’ll link it in the show notes. But that can help. Now I have found I’m way more sensitive to that the more stagnant my energy is. If I can get my energy moving first in a different way, then I’m not nearly as sensitive. The acupressure mat has all these little sort of circular spikes on it, and you lay down on it. Kind of like if you think of like the bed of nails thing, right? But it really can help. But like I said, I’m way more sensitive. If my energy is super stagnant. If I can get it going in a different way, like with movement cord, cutting that kind of stuff, then it’s really helpful. The next thing is to drink a ton of water, like drink way more water, our bodies are like 60 or 65% water. And so drink water, like cut out the sodas, you might have heard me talk in an episode about how I wasn’t gonna drink soda anymore. It was back when I you know I stopped with the caffeine and all of that I still will have decaf coffee. But I haven’t had any soda since early December. And that has been the best I just drink water, water, water water. And one of the things that I’ve been doing is just letting the water know what I want it to do. You know it’s coming into my body. It’s it’s it, water is all over my body. Right? So it’s going into all my cells it is experiencing every part of my body. So I just let it know, you know before I take a sip or as I get a glass of water and I just fill it up and I sit it on the little my little coaster in my office and I just give it an intention. You know, there’s a reason why people pray before they eat. Right. They’re thinking the food they’re thinking source for giving them the food, but they’re blessing the food because the food will nourish their body. And so bless the water. tell it what you want it to help you do. You know, I have an arc crystal I talked about it. In the episode I did after I saw Dr. Joe dispenza and the mystics and sages convention last year, like last November, and I got this arc crystal and sometimes I’ll charge the water with the arc crystal. So you know there’s different things that you can do with water but

drink more water, high quality water, bless the water and be intentional about what you want the water to do. Another thing is cry or laugh you know put on a Netflix show that gets your emotions going. You know laughing is always great. I think sometimes we move away from crying. But I know you know I saw something today That was awful. And it made me cry and I cried and cried and cried and I was like my crying didn’t necessarily match the what I was crying about you know what I mean? Maybe it did it was pretty awful.

But I

yeah, I just felt like it was a release and so I just let it come right because how many times do you start crying then you stop yourself right? Not only because you’re like oh why am I crying? I don’t want to go through that. I don’t want to cry. But I think if you can find something that just lets you shift the emotion like lets you move the emotion get the emotion out. There is a movie called a fault in our stars. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this my daughter made me watch it. I literally bawled my head off the entire like hour and 45 minutes or whatever it was like insanely ball. I mean never cried that much. And sometimes she’ll say to me, like, do you want to watch that movie again, and I’ll be like, I don’t want to cry for 90 minutes. But if you do want to cry, it’s really good to have those movies, right? Those things, you know, you can just go to that aren’t necessarily like real life sad stuff. Do you know what I mean? It’s not like a true story or documentary that really causes me pain or causes me to, to think about it right? Later, other than I am thinking about that movie still spent a couple years. But you see what I’m saying, like find something that where you can have that release something really funny or something really sad it was just to help get them the energy moving.

The other thing you can do is, you know, use sound

to move energy around your space, you can get a bell and just ring the bell around, you know, your environment, you know, the places where you are the most often, you know, my home office, I will do that a lot, I will just ring a bell and, or burn like Palo Santo just to get like the energy moving, right? So to move things. So when we move stuff in our environment, not only in our bodies, but in our environment, it creates a space for us to be able to have that flow. Right. So if you think of it, like I want to be more like the ocean than the pond, right? So the ocean has a lot of movement around it, right? Not just movement within it. And then finally, you know, many times I have done this where I will take a bath with Epsom salts. So salts, and I use essential oils in there. And sometimes I throw in a box of baking soda. I don’t know why somebody told me that a long time ago, but I do feel like that gives me like a energetic cleanse, and helps me to sort of feel re re acclimated, I’ll do it like before bed, it’s a really good ritual to help me sleep really well, especially if things have been super stressful, or there’s been a lot of thoughts on my mind. I’ll do a really good cord cutting meditation. And then I’ll move right into a salt bath, and then go right to sleep and like have the best sleep and I really feel like by the time I wake up in the morning I can. It’s a noticeable difference with how much I’ve shifted. And one last thing I’ll say is, you know, go get some Reiki. If you’ve never had Reiki before I did an episode where I went to Reiki, what episode was that I forget, I think it was back in like maybe the 60s or 70s. I will post a link to it inside the show notes. But I went and got Reiki if you’ve never had it before, you can listen to that episode, kind of see how it goes. I don’t do Reiki but I know there are people in our community that do Reiki I will post a post inside the Facebook group. And if you are a Reiki practitioner and you do Reiki or you do remote Reiki, just comment on it with your website or your stuff. Because Reiki can be really good to help you shift. I mean, it’s super powerful. I know that there’s a woman in my community. Valerie, I’ll let her post if she wants to. But she’s got a spat, she’s got a special gift. So get get some Reiki. So if you can shift that energy that way. So here’s the thing is that our energy is going to get stagnant. From time to time, our energy is going to be low, don’t beat yourself up the whole idea of being like high vibe and manifesting what you want. And being a spiritual creature and adventurer and all of those things is great. It doesn’t mean life is perfect. It doesn’t mean if you’re doing all of this right, then life is perfect in your energy never gets low or stagnant. It just means that you are able to move out of that space much quicker, right? It means that you’ve got tools that you can use to help you move. And if you do one thing and it doesn’t work, just try some other things. You know, cord cutting works so well. For me, I did. Like I said I did two rounds of that win yesterday. And I mean, I felt so different. Also, you know, using Palo Santo in my environment like that really helps I do that sometimes around the perimeter of my house when nobody’s looking, and it really helps you know, there’s so many people coming in and out right, like ups people and the mailman, and you know, people selling Girl Scout cookies or whatever. So there’s a lot of, of energy coming in and out. And so just clearing that space can really help give you a lift and help you be able to deal with life’s everyday challenges, things will feel a little bit easier, you won’t feel so frustrated. So give those things a try. If you have other things that you have used or tried, you know, pop them into the Facebook group, share with us and let us know. And if you’re interested in learning more about this and diving in a little bit deeper being with a community that is growing and learning and has awesome stuff to share, then jump into the alchemy collective. You can just go to alchemy collective.io. We’re going to be open for another week and we’d love to have you in there as one of the founding members will opened up again, in a month or two. Once we kind of get the first group in there, you guys will get your swag and then we’ll, we’ll reopen when we’re ready. So anyway, it was awesome to be here with you guys this week. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for doing the work on yourself so that we can have a better world for everybody. I appreciate you and I love you. I’ll see you next week. Thanks so much for listening today. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit and email it over to us at support at Betsy pake.com. And we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief.

Thanks so much and I’ll see you next week.


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