217: Conscious Connection to our Menstrual Cycle with Sarah Byrne - Betsy Pake

217: Conscious Connection to our Menstrual Cycle with Sarah Byrne


Today I talk with Sarah Byrne and have a really interesting conversation about using our monthly cycle to optimize our lives. I love how knowledgable Sarah is and what she shares with us today.

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Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker, and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers. Welcome to today’s show. So in just a minute, I’m going to introduce you to a guest that I have on the show. This interview is actually super interesting. And if you’re a man and you’re listening, you might be like, I don’t want to hear this. But there might be something in this for you. So if you’ve got women in your life, you might find this really interesting. And if this helped you in some way, please share it so that more women can find this information and possibly think a little bit differently about what could be possible. So before we get started, I just wanted to remind you that if you’re new here, I do have a free training on my website. If you just go to Betsy Pake calm, it’s right there at the top. And it’s really five steps to shift so that you can start to live from freedom and possibility, which I think is very different than a pursuit of success. When you live from freedom and you live from possibility, then your subconscious mind gives you success over and over again in error, any area that you need, because you have the tools to work with it and to create the experience that you want. So in that training, it is a pretty short training, I think it’s like 35 or 40 minutes, you will get the five shifts that you need to make in order to create that for yourself. And if I can help you, then please feel free to jump on my calendar. I do have some spots open for the month of July. So if you go to Betsy Pake comm backslash, let’s talk, you can grab a free spot on my calendar and we can talk and see if I might be a good fit to help you up level and help you start to take the steps that you need to actually accomplish the things that have maybe been on your list for a long, long time. Now is the time the season is right 2020 where we are right now is the right time to start making these shifts. Everything I believe is aligned energetically to support us in making change right now. So if you’ve been contemplating it, I would take a step forward right now in whichever way that you think jump on the free class, get on my calendar, get on someone’s calendar, right? take those steps to be able to make the change that you want in your life. All right. So now let’s get to this show is really interesting. This is a fun interview with my friend Sarah. So here we go. Let’s go live big. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m so excited that you’re here today because I have a special guest you know how I get excited with my special guests. So today I have my friend Sarah with us. Sarah burn is here to teach conscious connection to our menstrual cycles and our bodies through self care. And I’m super fascinated. And I want to dive into this. And I’m going to just I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you’re a guy that’s listening, maybe there’s something in here for you. We don’t know. We’re not sure.

Hey, Sarah. Hi, there. Thanks so much for having me.

I’m so happy you’re here. I’m going to tell everybody what just happened. So I’m like, dude, I’m so excited to have Sarah on. I’m fearful to say her name you guys because my computer thinks I’m saying you know the name. When you say hey, si ri. And I’m not I’m saying Sarah. And so every time it will pop up with our little friend that’s trying to help us cerie but we don’t want her. We want Sarah. Sarah, I’m so happy that you’re here and that you’ve put up with like four times of me trying to figure out why I couldn’t hear you because the computer was talking to me.

Absolutely fine. I actually don’t have a Mac. So we don’t have that problem. I know a household but

yes, I am. She’s like coming on every two seconds. It’s so funny, isn’t it? Because I’ve got her right. I’m not gonna say her name again. And then I also have I’m going to mute her Alexa in my house. My husband used to not allow any kind of like, any kind of device at all. And then I got one Alexa and then it began like a process you know. So now my whole house is miked up. I’m sure the government knows everything I’m doing.

Yeah, my husband’s in the tech field. And he refuses like, Yeah, no, I think having it done. No, just no. So

people and people that know people that really know don’t want it, right.

Yeah, that’s what it seems like. Definitely, but we have a friend who has three stories in her house. So each of her daughters has one in their bedroom so that she can just call them that way. I mean, it’s quite clever. I think that’s brilliant.

Yeah, I mean, I love it. You know, it tells me the news, it tells me the weather, it tells me the weather in Key West every morning, like I love it. Yet, I also, you know, it’s trouble when I can’t hear my friends on the

phone here. Yeah.

So let’s dive into it a little bit. I’m excited to have you on. Because really, you know, your, your, your tea, you teach you about the menstrual cycle, and how to connect to yourself. And I’m going to shut up in a second and let you talk about that. But I really love this because I’ve tried certain things over the years, like, you know, setting goals to the moon, the cycles of the moon, which is what I’ve been doing recently, but also I’ve tried to do them with my menstrual cycle. Um, but because I’m old that made my goals, sometimes 14 days, sometimes 28 days, you know, so it wasn’t very reliable for me. So I want you to tell us a little bit about what you do and what this is what this is all about.

Right? So the menstrual cycle, as we all know, is not a topic that we talk about very often, a lot of times it is or if you if you think about the way that you were introduced to your menstrual cycle, top phrases that sort of pop up are taboo hush hush really embarrassed, scared, and painful. didn’t know what was going on. So it’s not exactly this happy, friendly conversation that we all remember for the most part. So I quite like taboo subjects. Yeah, so I’m gonna dive

in. So you know, the first time that I had my period, I mean, we’re talking like, what, like 35 years ago or something? Huh? I remember my mother was doing. She was doing a Richard Simmons. Do you know who Richard Simmons is?

Yeah. Okay. So she was doing

Richard Simmons. And I remember she was doing it in her bedroom. And she was doing this thing called the Tootsie Roll, which Looking back, I don’t think could do anything. It was just basically you rocking back and forth, like sitting there. And she was doing that she was listening to her, you know, Celebrate good time. That’s what she exercises to. And I remember standing there and set telling her I started my period. And she was like, Okay, well, as soon as I’m done, I’ll help you. And I remember standing there like, the whole time being like, Oh, my God, when are you going to be done? Because I need help. Right? It’s so overwhelming. We don’t know what is happening becomes a thing.

Yes, exactly. And I would bet money that the majority of women will remember their first time leading Yes, okay. I’m you know, and it isn’t necessarily a time that we remember fondly. Most people will remember it, being scary, being over, overwhelming, not knowing what to do, being really embarrassed all of these sorts of things. So my job, and what I sort of strive to do, is to show women that they can actually embrace their menstrual cycle, they can embrace, embrace that monthly bleed, and really almost use their natural cycle because we’re all different, we not every one of us will bleed for 20 or, you know, start bleeding 28 days. And Avi late on day 14, we’re all very different. And but to take that information and really use it as a crystal ball as to how your money is going to go. Because if you start to pay attention to your body, and to what some people call the fifth vital sign your menstrual cycle, you open up so much connection with yourself. And not only with yourself, but if you’ve got children and you’ve got a daughter, you’ve got you know a son, and you can show that it is natural, it’s normal. We don’t all have to be on birth control for hormonal birth control. And we can live a natural lifestyle and embrace our cycle and enjoy it. You know, and I think most people would not put enjoy and period in the same sentence.

Yeah, I don’t know that I would. So I mean, here.

Right? And it’s not that I say all the time I came onto this journey, because I had pretty bad menstrual cycles. And I remember down in quite a lot of pain medicine. And in my freshman year at university, I think it was and my friend ended up bringing me to the on campus clinic. Saying you cannot go through this every single month. And so I went to the doctor now basically given two options, you can either go on the pill, or you can have a baby, because sometimes if you have a child that will help your menstrual cycle, I was 18. Oh, really?

Yeah, yeah. And I think a lot of young women are put on birth control pills to control them or to make them less difficult or last, not last so long, like all of that, right?

Absolutely. And I and again, it is it is an ins to a meet like a means to an end, however, or we are not even, at least in my little town of Baton Rouge, because I’m from Louisiana. And we aren’t given all of the information, we’re not told all of the side effects, we’re not told what could potentially happen, we’re just told to take it, we’re just told it will work. And there are some people out there, you know, who get coils who bleed for an entire year, because their bodies aren’t adjusting to the constant release of the hormone, whatever it is, and their doctors are saying that’s normal to bleed every day for an entire year. So it’s, it’s about realizing that there are other options. And and so that’s how I came about it. So I went on the pill. I came off of the pill when I was trying to conceive, got pregnant, had my pad our daughter who’s eight now and then went back on the pill and I’ve never enjoyed it. I found it quite nauseating. I would take it it would make me feel ill. When you have a child you then forget everything. So then I started to forget to take the pill and then we had a few scares and weren’t ready for another child. So I then went on the coil.

When it when when you say coil when you say coil, the IUD? Is that what you’re talking about? Yes. So

in the US, and in the UK, sorry, which is where I live now. They have. So IEDs are just they are the things that that apparatus that go inside the uterus, right? So I was on one called the marina coil. And this was the one that was supposed to be the product for those of us who do suffer from cramping, etc. And it was basically a low level release of hormone every single day. But it made me crazy. Yeah, yeah. definably crazy.

Have a reaction to it.

Yeah. But they don’t tell you this. Right. And you know, it isn’t. It isn’t one of those sorts of conversations you have with the GP, or the doctor where they’re like, so these are potential side effects. No, you just go home. And then all of a sudden, you realize that you are contemplating leaving your husband leaving your child behind. You’re an awful mother. And that’s it. You’re just going to get divorced and become a gypsy, right? to back up. Yeah. But that was my wake up call to go out and find something different. And a different way of living my life. I was 3032, I believe at the time. And I knew I couldn’t continue on until menopause this way, like it just was going to happen. So I started to do research. And here we are. And if

I may say if I might just add in, you know, sometimes the IUDs work for a long time for people, and then they don’t work, but you don’t know what’s wrong, because you don’t relate it to the IUD because you’ve had it for three years, and it was fine. And I hear stories of that too, right. Like I had it for a long time. And I know for me, I actually have pictures of my eyeballs. Because I I had, I had a couple like I had one for five years. And then I got another one and I had that one for maybe like two years. And I started feeling really awful. And like my eyes looked weird. My eyes looked super cloudy and yucky. And at the time I was I listened to a podcast with Catherine’s and kita. And she was talking about her breast implants and how she was having a reaction to them. Because you know, something foreign in your body and I started really wondering if the IUD was something foreign in my body and if that was causing issues, and so I just scheduled getting the IUD taken out just to see and I literally took pictures of my eyes, you know, that just looked watery, kind of and cloudy and just looked sad. And the day that I was going to get them out and then I took a picture the next day and I look remarkably different. So I really do think like that. They may work for a little while but then As women, we’re not told you might have a reaction or things might be okay for a while. But as your hormones change, you know, naturally, you might have a reaction to it or might not be working for you in the same way. And so I think women miss that. And then they just live, you know, for a couple of years not feeling good.

Yeah, exactly. And I think that you’ve hit on the nail on the head there is that we just aren’t told, certain things could happen. And I do think that quite a lot of the time is because birth control hasn’t actually been changed, like chemically been games, since its inception, since it was created. So we’re taking like a good 50 odd years that they’ve not improved. appeal, but they have so many women on every single day, they don’t tend to do medical trials on women, because our makeup, our chemistry, because of our hormones, changes to changes me. I don’t know how to gauge that. And I think, you know, it is a real shame in the medical community, because we are quite impressive beings at us women. Yes. And yeah, really, that is the hormonal shifts, and the hormonal change. And the ups and the downs is what gives us our natural energetic rhythm. And that is what it can help you almost give you an insight into how your body is functioning from the inside. And if you’re constantly tired all the time, then you know that there is something amiss there. You know, and it is just a beautiful way to create that connection, and a way to just improve your life. And I think women don’t really realize or understand, because we’re never told that our hormones change every day, we’re never taught that we aren’t supposed to live our life in a 24 hour cycle, like men, were never taught that during two seasons of our cycle, we will be much more equipped to burn the candle at both ends will be much more equipped to have podcast interviews, or launch products or be social, right. And then there are there is a season where we’ll be much more decisive, we’ll be able to get rid of this stuff, the junk in our life that is no longer serving us. So whether that’s books on your bookshelf that have been collecting dust for months, or the pile of clothes that you still not folded, or people in your life who aren’t serving you. And then there’s that beautiful cycle, that beautiful time season in our cycle, where we truly do just need to rest and as women, do we ever rest? No. Right? Yeah.

So So tell me a little bit more about the seasons then and how can people use this? So we’re never told about this? No. And so we don’t know. So tell us what that is. What you mean by that.

There are a lot of people who talk about the inner seasons, or the different different types or different times within our menstrual cycle. I follow the red school there. And there’s another woman in the US and she’s she I can’t think of her name, but she is the author of a hormonal logy. So it’s hormone and then ology. And she’s brilliant. She’s an American. So there’s a lot of people that talk about it all I talk about it in the same sense as our seasons. So day one of your bleed, so that’s not spotting, that is an actual bleed. That is the first day of your winter. So if you think about winter, as an actual season, it’s cold. You want to be warm and nourished, you want to retreat, maybe have the fire going. So these are all things that you would want to do within your winter, you rest, you eat nourishing foods, you fill your own cup up, and make sure that you’re protected in that sense. Then you move on to your spring. So again, you think about spring, as an actual season. days are starting to get longer. blooms are starting to blossom on the trees and the flowers and things like that. And so this is when you yourself are coming out of your inner winter into the spring you’re starting that blossoming stage that will happen full force in your summer. You’re beginning To take the ideas that you were thinking about the journaling that you’ve done in your winter, the meditations that you’ve thought about in your inner winter, you start to put that ball into action. So you’ll start to be a bit more, you know, a bit more. Not forceful is the wrong word, but more engaged. Hmm. Yep, in your business, etc, then becomes your summer. So your inner summer, you just think bah, bah, boom, right. So this is the oscillation time, but you think about summer, as a season and everyone wants to have more skin showing they want to look their best they want to get their hair done, have their nails done all of this stuff, you are at your best you look your best, your basically your body is preparing you to get pregnant because you’re ovulating. So you’re much more social, you’re much more concise, and energetic when you want to talk, you are much more appealing to people. Yeah, so you want to be around people as much as possible. So if you’re an introvert, you would want to plan your social calendar Around this time, because you find it much more easy or easier to be around a lot of people and being social. And then after ovulation, you start to move into that inner autumn, or fall if you are in the US. And again, you think of you think of the fall as a season. So things are starting to change, you’ve got leaves falling off the trees, you’re coming into that winter season. So you’re starting to wrap up, you’re getting the nourishing foods in and you’re being very decisive. So as leaves fall off the trees using are allowing yourself to shed the stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore. So that could be ways of thinking that could be people in your life. That could be business ideas that could be ideas around the home with the family, whatever, but you’re much more decisive in your space. So you’re able to make decisions. And then in your winter, because we come back to winter, in that winter, you can sort of mull over it, meditate on it, journal on it, and then come spring, you start again with these new ideas that you’ve burst during your winter. And I really like this.

Yeah. So it’s a really a way to use like your moods, which are driven by your hormones, which are driven by your cycle, to like really improve your life and kind of take some control when it sometimes feels out of control. Because you’re like, Oh my god, I’m so moody or I’m so like, I don’t have any energy or whatever it is, right. So it’s a way to sort of take control of this.

Exactly. And I think women I remember distinctly on this one particular day when it kind of Penny kind of dropped, that it was the marina coil causing my mood swings. And I just remember thinking, Oh, my goodness, I am 30 odd years old, and I still cannot get my hand around this menstrual cycle stuff like, yeah, yeah, I’m still caught off guard when I’m really quick to anger or I’ve gone batshit crazy, or, you know, and I think the control bit is exactly right. And if you start with menstrual cycle awareness, and writing down how you’re feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, and you will start to notice as you’ve gone through a couple of months of this, that when you look back to say three months ago, on day 14, you were feeling very similar. So it gives you a blueprint, almost of what you can expect. Now, obviously, it changes because stress and raised cortisol levels will change your mood, but your cycles. So for example, a lot of people during lockdown have noticed that either they’ve had much more painful cycles, or they haven’t had a cycle because it’s disappeared, or it’s been Yeah, really late. That’s just down to stress. So again, knowing your body and coming home to that and using that the menstrual cycle aware this to bring you back to yourself allows you to understand the ebbs and flows of your own hormones.

Design sense it does. So let me ask you this than if you’re on birth control. Are you having these same seasons?

So yes and no. There’s if you’re on birth control and you are Wanting to stay on birth control and you’re wanting to emulate the seat seconds, we tend to tell people to people, women, at whoever is leading and on the on the pill. And we tend to say start your RV late and your bleed would be at the New Moon. So you would use the moon cycles, yes to help with your own cyclical nature. Yeah works. But also realizing that whilst you’re on the pill, the bleed you have is not a normal natural bleed, your uterus is not shedding and you are not all relating when you are on the pill. Right. So it isn’t, it isn’t nature and your body shedding itself of your act like your your literal way mining. So using the moon is fine. But you may find that actually, when you come off the pill, your cycles completely backwards. And then you just sort of flip it around and do that you will find a lot of women will bleed around a new moon. We call them white leaders. And then you’ve got a few people who bleed around a full moon and we call them red leaders. And back in the olden days of say like the red tent, etc. The the theory behind that is the midwives, the healers, the tech caretakers, they all bled on a full moon because they were so busy taking care of everyone else bleeding at a new moon, that they then had to wait and bleed. So yeah, yeah. Yeah. So you might find that your cycle shifts. So people are leaving bleeders, and they become full moon, and then they go back. So if you are on the pill, and you want to track your cycle and work with the seasons, you totally can you just start your winter on the new moon and go from there.

Okay, yeah, that makes sense. So what about if you want to get off the pill? Is there anything you should be doing or like, I don’t know, supplements are something you could take to support yourself or you do that.

Taking a vitamin or a vitamin, depending on where you are, is always really advisable. I struggle to find fruits and vegetables and things of that like that are full of nutrients. And things I think our soils depleted. So having a vitamin is a great addition to anything. Obviously Speak to your doctor, your gynecologist, your GP, whatever.

I just stopped the pin.

That is literally all I did. I just started taking it. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I was 28. At the time, I don’t really think it matters that much. You may find that you don’t really have so i i was theory, and it’s definitely not scientifically proven. But I have a theory that for every year you’re on the pill. It takes that many that that is a month of Yeah, getting back. So I was on the pill for six years. It took me about six months to get a normal bleed back. Yeah. And a few other friends who have come off the pill have sort of said a very similar story. So I just stopped, right. I don’t actually think I’d even spoken to my doctor about it. I just didn’t start the pack again. Once I was finished. Yeah. Depending on why you’re on the pale, you know that the coup was just stopped. But I would always recommend speaking to your GP, or your doctor or gynecologist before is obviously his men and Jimmy’s tell them? Yeah, but shouldn’t be a problem.

Right? Yeah. If you’re just on it for note, not for a health reason other than just, yeah, that’s what the pill is intended for right to be able to stop the oscillation. So I track I track my since I took my IUD out. And I don’t know, that was maybe like two years ago, I track using an app called clue. Do you have any tools that you use?

Yeah, so I’ve used the flow app for years for years. And it’s brilliant. It’s great to have as a as just a digital, sort of, it’s always with you because your phone is always with you. So a digital representation of your tracking. So it’s great, because if I can almost sort of tell who I must be coming up to observation, and then I’ll look at my chart and be like, Yes, you are. Yeah, totally.

Yeah, I can tell now. And and it’s actually really nice because as silly as this sounds before I used the app, I didn’t. I really wasn’t keeping track of when I would have my periods so Could be out of town. And then I’d be like, Oh, dang. But with that app like you can plan months in advance your crystal

ball? Yes, yes. Perfect. Um, I’ve just recently partnered with Daisy, fertility tracker. And basically what this is, is a Bluetooth and thermometer, basal body temperature, or basal body thermometer. And do you take your temperature every single morning, and then you sync it with your phone, and it is basically telling you a more accurate of elation time. So I will probably end up moving my flow information over to my Daisy app. Just once I’ve sort of gone through the figuring out where the heck you are stage. Right, because I started with the daisy fertility tracker. So that

would be really good for somebody that’s like, well, I guess I was gonna say wanting to get pregnant, but really, yeah. Also, for people that aren’t wanting to get pregnant, I suppose. You’re you’re not making any mistakes on those days, because there’s certain days. Okay, yeah. So tell me about cuz I’ve, and hopefully somebody else is like, Oh, good. I’m glad she asked that question. And not saying like, how does she not know this? basal body temperature. So that’s you just take your temperature, like, you’re just taking your temperature with the thermometer and and what happens on the days, you obviously, is your temperature lower or higher,

higher. So the idea is that a basal body temperature thermometer, say that five times fast, it’s much more sensitive than just your normal thermometer to see if you’ve got a raised temperature, you take it before you get out of bed every morning, because obviously, it will raise your temperature. So you’d literally take turn it on, stick it under your tongue for, I don’t know, about 60 seconds a minute. And then when you’re when you ovulate, your temperature rises slightly. So you will see that rise in temperature. Also, you can use your discharge as well as a way to gauge where you are in your cycle. So people who were following the fam method or fertility awareness method, and they will use body temperature and also discharge and things like that they’ve got I mean, I’m not a fan practitioner by any means. But they have sort of specific rituals is the wrong word, but specific routine as to how they make sure that you aren’t having a mistake. Except okay. Yeah, but yeah, so you’ll your body temperature raises slightly when you are ovulating.

What about when you’re going into menopause? Like, is there signs or things that will tell you that you’re in that your pre menopausal? Or do you know anything about that? If you don’t, that’s

why I’m not super cleaned up on manifolds, just because I haven’t made it that far yet. I’m sure Oh, yeah, I know that things like a raised temperature hot flashes. Again, it is because the hormones are fluctuating almost wildly, you know, your body is stopping the production of being able to have a baby. So you know, that in itself is going to be a massive change for any book for any body to go through. So I think I wouldn’t want to say specifically, but I do think raised body temperature. So hot flashes, some women find that they sweat quite a lot more, and bloating, etc.

Do you know who the Medical

Medium is?

Yes, I have heard but I have not explored. I really liked him.

Anthony Williams, I think is his name. But anyway, he’s got several books. And I found him I don’t know many years ago, and his very first book came out and read it. Anyway, he’s fascinating to me. But he talks about hot flashes. And I I haven’t paid a lot of attention because I didn’t it didn’t apply to me at this point, you know, but I tucked it away for future. But he talks about how that’s not really related to menopause. It just happens at that time of life from like inflammation and stuff. Anyway, I found that kind of fascinating, and I will revisit that, but I share that in case that’s helpful to anybody.

Yeah, check him out. So I wonder why. And sorry, this is a question that I am like, I wonder why inflammation is happening at the same time as many polls,

right? Yeah. And I say inflammation. I think that’s what he said. But I could be wrong about that. No, but

but also if hot flashes aren’t a direct result of menopause. I wonder what else is going on? in the bowl? Yeah, to create that.

Totally. Yeah, totally. Yes. So I think it’s fascinating because I think sometimes, you know, and this goes back to the work that I do, which is we, we hear something, and we believe it, and then we believe it’s fact. And we take it as truth. And then that becomes the reality. So the reality is you have hot flashes when you enter menopause. But what if that’s not true? Like, what is the, you know what I mean? Like, what if you can actually change that because you can do something different. So, I love when I hear something like that, that shakes up what I previously thought was true, and honestly was sort of dreading, you know, like, yeah, that does not sound fun to me. The whole idea of menopause for me, you know, I’m 4949. Yeah, I’m 49. Like, the whole idea of menopause, like, doesn’t make me happy at all. Because I don’t want to go through that just seems like it’s a huge deterrent to the rest of your life. It takes your focus off things that could be amazing, because you’re dealing with this thing, right? So that’s the belief that I have or the image I have. So yeah, so I liked it when I heard that because I was like, maybe that’s not true. Maybe that doesn’t have to be your reality. And I know a lot of people that listen are, you know, close to closer to my age. And, you know, at that point where they’re like, starting to think about, like, what’s happening, or what’s coming, and I know, for me, following in keeping track, like you’re talking about is so helpful, because it really helps me see, like, for the most part, everything’s really, really, really normal. You know, every once in a while, I’ll have some weird thing happened. But like, it’s helpful for me to be able to see that and then my mind doesn’t go, Oh, my gosh, I’m 49. So I must be having trouble. Right? I can look at the data. And not the drama. Right?

Yeah, I think it’s probably much more and eye opening to look at your own familial menopausal journey. Right. So when did your mom go into menopause? When did her mom go into menopause, etc? Because you will find that it will flow on a similar path. Yeah, makes sense. Yeah, it does. Yeah. My family tend to be quite aidable, as my grandmother would say. So like, in their 60s before they hit menopause, so Oh, you know? Yeah, it is, I think, a lot. They say a lot of things are based around how your own female lineage has, you know,

so it would be like your mom’s side of the family, not your dad’s side of the family,

I would imagine. So I mean, I don’t have a lot of knowledge about my great grandparents, I don’t have any knowledge about my dad’s side of the family. And but out of my family, I’ve actually not led the way that they have. So none of my son, my birth mother, my aunt, her sister, and my grandmother. I never had menstrual cycle cramps. I have had menstrual cycle cramps. So right. It is an interesting thought process. And but I would always look to see when people in your family hit menopause or blinds because I started my period around the same time that they all do. But I was quite late. According to most of my friends, they’d already been bleeding for a year or two before I did. Right, right. Yeah. So yeah.

Yeah. Interesting. Interesting. Yeah. So all right. Well, this is fascinating. I have so many things now to think about. So tell everybody where and I’m going to tell them your website, but I want to explain so it’s Sarah burn wellness calm, but it’s not b u Rn, you guys like you would think it’s b r YNE. And I’m gonna put a link inside the show notes. But no, actually, it’s BY RNA. Oh, geez. See, this is why I’m gonna put a link so you don’t rely on me. Okay, so but it sounds like burn. So I just don’t want you to type it in rock. So tell everybody Oh, where’s the best place to find you and to follow along and to kind of get more information from you and about what you do?

Instagram because I love Instagram stories. I love sharing stuff on there. And, and yes, Instagram. So it’s the same. It’s Sarah burn wellness on Instagram. So instagram.com slash cerebral wellness. And you can connect on there. And if you want to be added to my newsletter list, send me a DM and I’ll add you to that. I don’t send them out very often, but when I do, there’s loads of great information in it.

Yeah, okay, awesome. So say spell it all again. So Sarah, it’s spelled the whole thing. You don’t have a wellness I don’t think what’s your name?

Ah, so a or a haich. b is and boy why are an E wellness.com. Or Sarah burn wellness on Instagram and Instagram.

Okay, perfect. Awesome. Cool. Cool. Cool. All right. Well, thank you so much for being here, Sarah, this was fun to talk about. And it gave me a lot of like food for thought, you know, I’m gonna do some investigative work on my mother’s side of the family and see if I can find out anything from my aunt or, you know, my sister or anything like that about, about menopause and see if I can kind of get a gauge for what might be ahead for me. So I urge everybody to kind of connect in and see how this work can really help you not only to understand your body better, to clear up the future so that you feel really confident and good moving forward. And also understanding when you’re going to be working the best showing up the best and being the best version of yourself every single month. So thank you so much for being here.

Thank you so much for having me. It’s been a blast. Awesome.

Thanks so much for listening today. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit and email it over to us at support at Betsy pake.com. And we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much and I’ll see you next week.


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