220: Finding your souls purpose - Betsy Pake

220: Finding your souls purpose


On Todays episode, Betsy talks about finding your soul’s purpose and what that means for you daily.

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Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. 

Good morning fellow adventurers. Welcome to today’s show. So I am in the middle of Tony Robbins, up W. So if you’ve ever been to one of his live events, you know that they go like all day all night. 

And because of the Coronavirus this year, I couldn’t go to Chicago for the event. So he is doing it virtually. And so we’ve been streaming it into our living room TV and I moved everything out of the living room so that we could jump around and like have the whole experience but y’all I go to bed at 9pm

It’s so so Staying up so late and like dying, but I’m heading in today to today. So hopefully I will have lots of new inspiration for next week. Next week’s show. 

All right. Before I get to today’s show, I want to let you know that actually, let me tell Let me tell you what to do this because this might make a little bit more sense. If you’re new here. Hi, and welcome. I’m happy you’re here. I started my career as a coach actually owning a CrossFit gym. So I was a nutrition coach and a CrossFit coach. I owned a CrossFit gym. I competed in Olympic style weightlifting,

okay, so when I sold my CrossFit gym, I moved just to doing nutrition coaching online. And what I realized really quickly, and if you’ve been here for any amount of time, you may have heard me say this, but what I realized really quickly is that nobody is hanging on to wait because they don’t know what to do. 

Right. I mean, there is no shortage of information on what to do to, I’m using air quotes lose weight, which I hate, and I’ll get into that in a second. shedding weight is feels much better, right? Who wants to lose something we’ve trained our subconscious minds not to lose anything. 

So when I was going through this process with my clients, I realized that it especially the people, I was coaching at the time, I was coaching a lot of athletes because that was the environment I was in. And they all knew what to eat, but I mean better than the average bear, right? 

So they weren’t shedding weight, or hanging on to weight or regaining weight when they would come to me because they didn’t know what to do. It was really about their mindset. And you know, if you’ve been here for any amount of time, then you know how heavy I talked about subconscious and our identity. 

You know, if you look at what has the very most influence on you on all of Your actions, everything that you do, it is really your identity is the most. So it is unconscious, the decisions and choices we make based on our identity, our unconscious, so our identity, our values, our beliefs, all of those things are unconscious. 

And they rule the choices that we make, they rule the opportunities that we actually are allowed to see in the world. Now the conscious things is like our our behavior or our environment. And the thing that I have seen over and over and over throughout the years is like, Okay, I’m gonna, I want to lose weight, right? 

People would come to me and say, I want to lose weight. And so I’ve joined a gym and I’m gonna meal prep, right? And, you know, it’s, it’s awesome, but it’s based on motivation. It’s based on us staying consciously motivated, but our lives are heading hectic and busy, and there is an emotional component to food and there is a component to eating that allows us to relieve stress. 

Right and so when we get into a situation and I think right now with the Coronavirus, we’re seeing a lot of that is that we turn to that as a way to self soothe, which honestly, I don’t think it’s completely 100% terrible. 

Like you’re not doing cocaine, you’re not shooting people like if you’re eating like a something that brings you comfort macaroni and cheese or whatever it is, right? It’s not terrible. It is about understanding it and being able to make choices around it in a different way. 

So all of that to say every two years I have to get my nutrition certification redone. You know, I have to retake the test. And you know, it’s not something that I work with every day anymore. 

Because I really moved more towards mindset because I realized people weren’t eating because they didn’t know what to do. They were eating because their mindset because of their identity because of their beliefs and their values. 

And so I took I retook my test, I don’t know, maybe a month ago, maybe more, it’s time to time. Corona time is in like a weird warp. I don’t know when anything starts and finishes. But it was probably about a month ago, I retook my exam and realized this is so much like how I live that it was so simple for me to retake the test.

And so I had this idea, I was like, I really want to help people. Not only understand the, the system that I use, the process that I’m that I’m trained in is so amazing because it’s about a continuum. It’s not about being perfect. 

It’s about living your life on a continuum and making choices that work for And understanding those choices and knowing how to, like shift the way that you’re thinking about things. So, I have, I have had this idea, I really want to create a program where people not only get that amazing process of like building habits that inherently create great habits and nutrition for you, but also a program that combines the identity,

I don’t even know this even I don’t, I’ve never seen this anywhere else, where there is an identity piece where you learn what the identity is, and you shift it so that your identity becomes the kind of person who does these things forever. 

You know, when we get really motivated, and we go, we start a diet, right? And we get super motivated, and we go out to eat and it’s we’re like, I am staying on track and you might even tell people like I’m doing this program and I’m really gonna take care of Get a little, which is awesome. 

But then motivation goes down. And typically that’s because our motivation is to get away from something right it’s to get away from the fact that I feel fat or I don’t fit into my clothes or I don’t look good in pictures it’s to get away from. 

So as we start to feel a little bit better that away from motivation deteriorates, right, it goes down, totally normal. And so then your motivation goes down. And so then you go, Well, just I’m going out, this one’s I’m just going to eat what I want, right? 

And then it becomes like the snowball effect. And here’s the part that hurts my heart the most is then people go, I screwed up, I’m bad, and then it impacts your self confidence. And then when your self confidence is impacted, it’s harder and harder to get back into do the things and I just feel like that whole structure is wrong. 

And I wanted to create a new structure and so I’ve created some free training, I’m going to be sending an email out in the next week or so, explaining when you can watch this three part training that will teach you some of these skills so that you can live totally different, so that you can start to feel like you know what, this isn’t my fault. 

And everything that happened before can serve me and I can create new habits and a new identity and a new way of living around this. Like, what if it was just simple and easy and you weren’t thinking about your body all the time? 

Like, what if that wasn’t even much of a consideration for you? Right, and I don’t even care if you’ve tried everything before and you’ve gained it back. It’s like none of that matters. Because this is totally different way of doing it. 

So if you want to be in on that training, you can get on my mailing list and you can do that just by going to my website. If you go all the way to the bottom, it’ll say like grab my free will actually go all the way to the bye Go all the way to the bottom, it’ll say join my mailing list, just join there. 

Or you can download any of the freebies, that will put you on the mailing list. So that’s one way. And that’s probably the best way because you’ll get lots more information. But the second way also is to get into our Facebook group. 

So get into the art of living big.com. If you just go to that the art of living big.com, it’ll push you into the Facebook group. And I am going to be I’m going to be doing the training inside that group. So it’s free, but it’s just easier to do it in a space like that. 

So you guys can ask questions, and it’s sort of like a safe, isolated space, you know, not like necessarily out in public, so you could be in there. So anyway, I wanted to tell you about that, because I’m really excited about it. 

And I’m excited about some of the new stuff that we’re creating around that. I’m doing it in conjunction with an awesome friend of mine and nutrition coach, Brenda, so get in there and I will see you in there. All right. So now, today I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about finding your purpose.

 I feel like this is something that is coming up a lot with people that are reaching out to me or even some coaching calls that I’ve been on is where people are really trying to find what’s my purpose, you know, what am I here to do and create and be in the world. 

And I think that having this or not having this clarity on what your purposes can really be debilitating in a lot of ways, it’s causes people to second guess themselves and to wonder if they’re missing something or if they’re losing time because they don’t know what they’re supposed to do. 

And they may feel unfulfilled because they don’t know what to do. And sometimes I wonder if they feel unfulfilled because they think they’re supposed to know what it is they’re supposed to do. I’m going to talk a little bit about that. 

But I want to talk about your purpose. And when I think of purpose, typically I think when we talk about purpose So your life purpose or even like your soul’s calling and what you’re supposed to do, we think of it as this overarching reason why you came into this existence, why you came to the world. 

And I think we place this level of importance on it that it’s important that not only we understand it, and we know what it is, but that we get to it really quickly. And we get to that realization really quickly. And honestly, I have seen people really suffer over not knowing what it is they’re supposed to do. 

And so I want to talk a little bit about this about whether you are feeling like you’re getting too old to know what your calling is, or you feel like you’re too young to really know what it is but you feel that urgency to be able to get to the truth of why you’re here. 

And I believe that you’re selling All hat is here for a purpose and it does have a calling. And I believe that it always calling that it is calling today and it’ll be calling tomorrow. You know, my friend Andy Dooley has a little saying where he says like, your ships always coming in. Your ships coming in every day your ship is here. 

Your ship will be here tomorrow, your ship was here yesterday. You can’t miss your ship. It’s yours. And so you can’t miss your calling. And when you’re meant to know what it is, I believe it will be shown to you but here’s the mistake that I think so many people make is that they think that they have to know instead of just knowing and here’s, let me explain that. 

I believe that every day there is a purpose for our lives. It doesn’t have to be some overarching purpose. with how you live your entire life for what your whole life is focused on. It doesn’t have to be some big huge thing that serves the planet.

Honestly, maybe your purpose today is that you heal a little something that you’re stuck inside with the coronavirus. And you notice a thought or an experience that comes to you from your past and you take the time to heal it.

And that is what you’re supposed to do today. That’s your purpose today. Maybe your purpose is taking care of your kids and raising really great human beings that go out and discover their purpose and live their life and change the world. 

But you change the world today by healing yourself by raising good kids by making good choices and by making mistakes you No. Sometimes I think we believe that our souls purpose is something that we’re supposed to be doing in the world that makes money. 

It’s a business. It’s something that we were created to do, and we’re supposed to be this thing. But what if your souls purpose is living in this moment in being here in the right now? What if answering your soul’s call isn’t some big overarching theme? 

What if it’s an ongoing interaction? What if it’s today you do something and then tomorrow, it’s a little bit different and it shifts to be a little bit different, even still, you know, I can only I can speak for myself and the stories of other people that I know that I’ve talked to about this. 

But I know for myself, you know, I believe the work that I do is my soul’s calling. I believe that deeply that This is what I came here to do. You know, inside the alchemy collective, which is my membership, there is an astrologist that we have as part of the membership and she’s in the Facebook group and shares things. 

And she’s looked at all of our charts and she tells me you’re doing what you’re doing is your calling. Does this mean this is the only thing I could do? I don’t think so. I bet there could be lots of things. That could be my calling. 

But here’s my point is that 20 years ago, I wasn’t doing this. And 30 years ago, I wasn’t doing it. But the things I was doing then was leading up to me getting to this place. And so remaining present in where I was, and healing what needed to be healed and learning what needed to be learned. 

You know, I got to this place because I took care of those moments. We all have stories. And we all have things in our lives that have impacted us and I have those two and I have had some deep, emotional pain in my life.

And it was in healing those that I learned and found my path. So, perhaps finding your calling isn’t going out and searching, perhaps it is living in the moment and dealing in the moment and allowing that purpose to be revealed to you. 

What if you released the pressure of having to find this thing or having to make money off the thing? Because I believe that we are right now I feel like I see this everywhere that like find your soul’s purpose and like turn it into a business but maybe that’s not it for you. 

And that’s okay. You know, I believe that our soul is always searching for experiences to lead us to the growth that we’re required to have. And that when we’re experiencing that growth, that that is our purpose. 

And so every day, you can be living your purpose. And it doesn’t have to be the way it looks on Instagram, or the way it looks, or looked in your head. Maybe you can reinvent that. And maybe you can create a new version of what living your soul’s purpose truly is for you. 

What a calling really is. Because once we find this, you know, from from me, I feel really, really fortunate that this is the work that fills me up every day. This is the thing that makes me feel like I’m having an impact on the world. And the feedback I get tells me that that’s true. And it might seem like it just happened, or that I was doing it because other people were doing it or you know, whatever. It looks like from the outside. 

But the truth is it it was an unfolding it was happening every day and it will continue to, you know, in in 10 years, my my purpose might be different in one year, my purpose might be different. You know, as I look back my purpose was different two years ago, in a lot of ways. 

So what if, if you’ve been struggling with what is my purpose? What am I here to do? What if you searched for it in today? What if you looked for it in all the little lessons and all the experiences and all the moments of goodness that you have in today, and say this, experiencing this right now is my purpose, because it will always be and if you can’t do it right now, you’ll never get to what you think you’re supposed to be experiencing down the road. 

So I would ask yourself, what Is your soul calling you to do today? What is it asking you to experience or acknowledge or see today that is the path to finding your soul’s calling and your soul’s purpose. So I hope that this gave you a different way to look at that. 

Maybe took some of that pressure and stress off and allowed you to actually be just to be because I think when you can do that, that is how you live a big life. Thank you so much for listening. If this spoke to you or you know someone else that needs to hear this message, please share it. You know, share the idea share the episode. 

You know, if you if you share it on Instagram, be sure to tag me at Betsy Pake. I love to see when things really impacts you and makes you think a little bit different. And let me know what your calling is today, how you’re living your soul’s purpose today. 

I love you I’ll see you next week. Thanks so much for listening today. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes, take a quick screenshot before you hit submit and email it over to us at support at Betsy pake.com. And we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much and I’ll see you next week.


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