223: Shed weight using your subconscious - Betsy Pake

223: Shed weight using your subconscious


Today I talk about The Mindful Body Experience inside my Facebook Group. All week long I’m training on the subconscious mind and how to release unwanted weight in a way that is sustainable and simple!
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Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers. Hey, welcome to today’s show. So if you are new here thank you so much for finding me. If you’ve been here for a while last week was Episode 222 and I didn’t even notice until after the episode was totally finished locked and loaded and I was uploading it and I was like what numbers this and I was like oh 222 so if you are new here you might be like, oh, like she into the numbers. Were really it is lowering the bar to joy. I love finding aligning numbers to to to reminds me of
My friend, Pam grout who has been on the show several times, and her to, to to Foundation, so it just feels fun to me. So I wanted to acknowledge that I cannot even believe it that we’re at Tu, Tu, Tu, we are heading into the fourth year in September, I think it’s September, we’ll be heading into the fourth year of this show. So if you’ve been here for a while, or maybe you’ve started your own show, or you’re doing something that you’ve just started, when I first started those first months and months of this show, I would get like 23 downloads like I would get, I mean, when I remember when I would get 100 downloads, it would be like this big, huge deal. And now it’s thousands of downloads. So I just I wanted to, I wanted to bring that up because I think sometimes and I have a lot of goals and dreams and I am nowhere near a lot of podcasts out there in terms of reach and you can help me with that by sharing this show. But it is a whole lot different, right. So it’s a lot different than it was in the beginning.
I just want to point that out in case you are starting something new. Just keep going, just keep doing what feels fun and what feels aligned. And eventually, it’ll, you know, it’ll pick up some momentum and some steam. So, alright, so this week, I’m doing something a little bit different inside my facebook group, this whole week, I have been doing a live training every single day. So if you want to join us in there it is if you just type in the art of living big.com it’ll push you right into the Facebook group. But what happened was over the last couple months, right with the corona virus, I have heard people talking on social media about the corona 15. Right and about how much we’re like snacking and, and drinking more and all of these things. And I know that’s been true for me too. And over the last couple months, I started to notice that and so I paused and I used some of my tools you
Some of the subconscious reprogramming that I have to be able to identify what was really going on why I was behaving the way that I was and how I could start to shift it so that it worked for me instead of me feeling like I was a victim to like whatever I was doing, right, like I have no control. It’s just happening. And I know that feeling, I know that that can come up. And then right around that same time, I had to retake and get recertified with my nutrition certification, and as I was taking it, the particular kind of certification that I have, is really, really deeply embedded in a subconscious habits. And I was, say retaking the test and I was like, I know why I loved this so much. I know why. When I was just coaching nutrition clients, why it led me into the subconscious work because it’s also tied together and I was like, This is so great. I was just really like rethinking about it. And so I decided I was gonna run
Training this whole week on subconsciously shedding weight, you know, we we hear a lot about like I got to lose weight. And we are also taught not to lose anything, right. And so I really wanted to shift that and I wanted to bring that awareness to people that it is not about losing it, it is about shedding it. It’s about releasing emotional weight and shedding weight that doesn’t serve you anymore. And that’s not helping with your health. That’s not helping you feel the most confident. And I am not one that believes we all have to look a certain way. I don’t believe we have all have to have abs. You know, I’ve talked about this before, but I have had abs and it didn’t make me any happier or even any happier in my body. So it’s not about what you look like it truly isn’t. But when you get to the point where you feel better about how you look, your body begins to shift because it sheds all of the layers of unhealthier unnecessary fat that you
just didn’t need. So inside the Facebook group, it is free all week long. I’ve been doing trainings every day. You’re listening to this maybe on a Thursday, this afternoon, I have another nutrition coach that’s coming on. And we’re going to chat about some of those habits. I’m going to be doing a live hypnosis on Saturday. So join me then Sunday I’m going to be coming in and like just doing a powwow, I’ll have some things to share and answering questions. So, you know, get involved, if that’s something that’s interesting to you, it’s gonna be so much fun. And so today, so I am bringing you the very first training that we did it is on stress, and overeating. So I think this will be eye opening for you. I hope that it is give you some new thoughts, things to contemplate, and to kind of review in your own life and see if there’s some. There are definitely some tactical things that I can share with you here today. That can help you to start to shift in your own way. All right, I’ll be quiet
Now and you can just listen. See you guys next week.
Hello. Hi everybody. I am so excited to be here this week. We have lots of really cool stuff to share. So we are here we’re live it is Monday. If you are new here, my name is Betsy Pake, I help people change their lives using the power of their subconscious. And this week, I really wanted to talk to everybody and to share a little bit more about our subconscious minds in terms of our bodies and feeling healthy and happy in our bodies. And, you know, I want to preface preface this whole experience this week. Just to say that it is not about having the perfect body it’s not about having the body that magazines tell us it’s it’s not about any of that it is about having a contentment inside our own body feeling happy and healthy and understanding why we do things
The way that we do, and how to really shed weight that may be unwanted or unnecessary for us and for our health. And I want to just point out that I used the word shed. And as we go through this, we are so conditioned to talk about weight in terms of losing weight, right? And you’ll hear me that there are times moments where I say it to losing weight. But I really like the idea of shifting that. And I’m going to explain to you why. And as we get into the content this week, and really into the subconscious and how your brain thinks, this is why this is so important. But if you think about it, what are you taught from a very, very young age just to not lose anything? And if you do, you need to find it. And we are taught that from our parents, you know, from our grandparents and teachers, don’t lose it, hang on to it. And if you do lose it, where is it? Think about it, can you find it, can you get it back, and so subconsciously
I really like the idea of shedding weight of releasing weight. It’s unnecessary. And so that’s going to be more of our focus is just on being happy and healthy in your body. understanding why you might be doing the things that you’re doing, and also how can you release unnecessary or unwanted weight that’s not necessary for your health or your fitness. So, let us dive in. Alright, so this week, we’ve got some really cool stuff. If you haven’t already gotten the workbook, you can go to Betsy pake.com backslash experience, just type in your name, and it will, you’ll get an automated message and it should have the workbook on there and we will get it to you. That way you can follow along, there’s a little bit of homework that I have not a lot, just some stuff for you to be thinking about to really help you have a transformation this week. So today we’ve got this live training and tomorrow and Wednesday, all at 1030. So those are going to be the bulk of our training.
Then I’ve got some support stuff for the rest of the weekend on Saturday. I’ve got a really cool hypnosis experience for you. So make sure to mark your calendars and be there with me live for that. Alright, so let’s dive in to today. As we get started, I want to talk about we’re going to be talking about conscious minds and we’re going to be talking about unconscious mind. We, you might hear me say conscious or unconscious, or subconscious, subconscious and unconscious are the same. Those words are interchangeable. conscious mind is what you’re doing right now. It’s how you’re watching me, it’s what you’re thinking about me. It’s, you know, that conscious brain that is experiencing this now. So as we get started, I just want you to keep that in mind unconscious and some subconscious are interchangeable. And here’s the thing. Today, we’re talking a little bit about being overstressed and eating and I think that this is a really it’s a it’s a huge thing right now because we’re heading
home, you know Coronavirus, so many of us are isolated and kept at home. And I have had lots of friends I’ve heard talk about on Facebook and social media, about the, you know, Corona 15, about how we’re just sort of eating and drinking and, and, and not living in a way that maybe feels really comfortable to us. So, you know, as, as women, and most of us are women in here, so if you are one of the men, I honor you for being here and wanting to look at this too, but I’m just going to be speaking, you know, from the point of view of a woman or from someone that is in control of so many pieces of the household, and maybe your children’s lives and your lives and you have a career and you’re trying to balance friendships, and now maybe you’re trying to balance homeschools or figuring out virtual schools and maybe you have pets and that falls on you too. Right? Maybe every time you have to think about getting like toothpaste or toilet paper. Like maybe that is
All on you. And so as women, I think we we wear a lot of hats. And after so many years of this, we can become really drained emotionally really tapped out. It’s an emotional tool, just all of this keeping track of all of these things in our heads. So most of our days are spent multitasking anyway. And now we add in the Coronavirus, and being home and quarantine, and it can make life feel almost impossible. So we’ve got a perfect storm on our hands right now. And I want to talk about why this feels so overwhelming. Our conscious brain can handle about seven chunks of information. So our brain chunks information together, seven plus or minus two chunks, so five to nine chunks of information at any one time. So this is
This is the capacity, this is what we are able to handle. So what this means is when we’re thinking about, like, what’s for dinner and dropping stuff off at the dry cleaner, and picking up the medicine and doing all of these things, those are all chunks, those are all things that we’re having to think about. So by the time we get to the point where we can think about taking care of us, our brains sort of can’t hang on anymore. And you know, I talk to women all the time, and they’ll say, like, I wake up, I’m so motivated. This is so painful for me when they say this, I’m so motivated, I’m so excited. I’m like, I’m going to eat really good. I’m not going to snack You know, I’m going to do all these things. I’m gonna drink a lot of water. And I don’t know what happens because by the afternoon, I’m, I’m like, grabbing potato chips or, and I don’t get it, I just don’t have the motivation anymore. And that’s actually not it. It’s the chunks of information. It’s that your conscious mind can only handle so many things at once. So if you start the day, go
I’m going to eat really great. And I hear this one, I’m going to be good, I’m going to be good. And then you’ve got school and dogs and toothpaste and all these other things. What goes, we’re designed, we’re programmed as women to let ourselves go first. And so that goes from our conscious mind. And then what takes over my unconscious mind. So my unconscious mind is the thing that does all of the tasks that I don’t have to think about. I mean, it does run my processes, like it runs my heart, and it causes me to breathe, right? I don’t have to be thinking about that. But think about this morning when you brushed your teeth, like, I’m gonna guess you didn’t have to like, prepare, like you just did it. It is unconscious. Your brain just runs that action. It knows what to do. But if you think about it, when you were a little kid, your mom probably had to remind you or your dad but your mom probably had to remind you over and over again how to do it.
How long to do it to do it, Intel, it became unconscious. So then what happens is you have this idea that you’re going to be good and you’re going to eat really well. And then you have all these things happen in your life that you have to keep track of your conscious mind brain drops off the one that is for you, because we’ve been programmed to do that. And then your subconscious brain takes over. And your subconscious brain has been running these programs for 20 3040 years. And then you get mad and mad at yourself, and you think you’ve done something wrong or that you’ve failed or that you’ve screwed up. And in fact, that is just not true. Our unconscious brain can process 20 million bits of information per second.
Now, remember I said your conscious brain, it’s seven chunks, it’s about 40. It’s about 40 bits per second. It all depends how you divide
Up Your bits, but 40 bits per second compared to 20 million bits per second. You see the difference my unconscious mind. Like right now, as you’re watching me, you might not have noticed that, that thing right there.
That light switch looks a little bit different right my daughter made that years ago. It’s like a little ceramic pottery light switch cover, you probably didn’t even notice it, your unconscious mind did. But your unconscious mind did not think that was important for you to notice. And so it just skipped over it. Now if you have a little kid that just made one, you might have noticed it because your unconscious mind would have thought that was important. Do you see what I mean? So there are things happening all around. your unconscious mind doesn’t notice. your conscious mind does notice. So the unconscious mind is processing 500,000 times more information every second, then your conscious brain so every 500,000 times more than you eat
Notice is really what the point is. That means there are things happening all around you that you don’t notice. I’m going to tell you why that’s important. So when our conscious mind gets flooded with tasks, right or burned out, or when we get focused on something else, my unconscious mind has to take over. And it runs patterns and it sees everything and it makes decisions. It has a voting system where it decides what’s important
or not. Now, why does your unconscious mind taking over Why does that matter? I think in the end, that means if you are uncomfortable with how you look or feel in your body, that it’s not your fault. It is something that has happened and has been probably created over years and years and years and years. It means actually that your brain is working really well. Because offloading that to your unconscious mind is an act of preservation. It’s something that keeps you alive.
Keeps you floating, right? It keeps you being able to keep track of all of the stuff you got to keep track of. And probably after years and years and years and for you, maybe not putting your needs first, then it’s it’s helping you. It’s helping you to maintain what it thinks is really important. So
I want to talk to you a little bit now that we kind of understand the conscious mind in our unconscious mind why my identity would matter so much. You may have heard people say like, Well, you’ve got to upgrade your identity you’ve made have heard me say that. I want to explain why that’s so important. When we think about our unconscious mind, how does it vote? Like what’s important? How does it vote, what is important for you to notice? Well, it votes it based on your beliefs, your values, your identity, and all of these are unconscious. So years ago, I started my coaching
career in 2012. I owned a cross
But Jim, and I coached nutrition. I’ve written a book on precision nutrition certified and I used to coach nutrition to athletes and I was an athlete, I would compete internationally for Olympic style weightlifting, the snatch and the clean and jerk. I will tell you that right now. I’m 49. I competed internationally until I was 44. So I competed. And it was really important to me now, when you compete with Olympic style lifting, it is built based on age and weight class. So I would need to be weighed in before every meet to see if I made my weight class. So understanding what I was eating and how that impacted my body was really important to me. I knew down to like the cracker. What would happen, how my body would respond, how much water it would hold all of those things. We were going to the beach one year and it was right before, maybe like a month before.
For an international meet and So, before we went down, I looked up where the hotel was where we were staying and I found a gym and I called the gym CrossFit gym and I said, Can I come in and lift? You know, I’m training and I need some training time and they said, Yes. Now, last week, I went to the beach. And I did not look for a gym. I don’t even think I brought sneakers. I brought my flip flops. Why? What’s the difference between four years ago and today? Well, the difference is that I identified at that time as an athlete, I was a competitive athlete. Now I don’t see my I mean, even as I described it to you, I said I used to be so my identity made me behave in a certain way. I was not making a list. I wasn’t like, Oh my god, I got to work out over there. It was just who I was. Right? Have you ever gone on vacation and you’re like, should I bring stuff? Should I bring short? Is it worth packing it Am I going to use
Have you ever done that? So that is because your identity may perhaps isn’t the one of somebody that works out every single time they go anywhere, right? And that’s okay. But the awareness is super important because when we have awareness, then we can start to shift things. So knowing who you are from an identity of values, or beliefs from that perspective is so helpful, because then it helps us to understand why we have these patterns, and how we can start to change those. And when you can start to change who you are from an identity level, then all the other unconscious and conscious things don’t matter as much, and I’m going to explain what I mean. Now, I’m gonna backtrack because maybe you caught this, maybe you didn’t. If you have the workbook, our conscious mind can hold seven chunks of information. I want to make sure you guys have that. I highlighted it and everything on my notes because I
I don’t really follow my notes too well. So the second one is the the subconscious mind, right can process 500,000 times more than what the conscious mind is able to. So now we understand a little bit about identity and why this is so important. So I think I believe that what we really want as women is one less thing to worry about. We don’t want to worry about what we have to eat or meal prepping, or I believe that like, it would be so much easier. any of my goals so much easier if it just happened if it was just in flow, right. I think as women, we want to not be thinking about our bodies all the time. I think that that can be an emotional toll. And I think that marketing is is showing us that we need to be thinking about this, that this is something that we have to take care of right that we need to be in control of that we’re good or bad based on it.
If we fit this certain mold or ideal, or what our actions are, during the day impact our status of good or bad not only with ourselves, but with the world and how we’re seen. I think that this thinking drains us. And it also prevents us from being who we are supposed to be and accomplishing all the things that we’re really supposed to accomplish in the world. We can, it is really easy to control people if you’re getting them to continue to focus on some idealistic, unattainable thing, right. So in my mind, the greatest gift we could give ourselves is to be able to release that to make these things where we feel good in our bodies to make those automatic to make those just part of our identity. So we’re not having to think about it. And then we have the energy and the capacity to think about changing our
lives and building our dreams and impacting people and, and creating amazing experiences for our children and people that we love. Doesn’t that sounds so much better than like, Oh, I was bad because I had some corn chips, right or because I craved a chocolate chip cookie. So one thing I hear all the time is like, why can’t this just be easy? Why? Why do I have to be thinking about this all the time? And I have, I know that for me that I’m just done and spending time thinking about it. I am done judging myself. I will tell you that back when I was competing, in Olympic lifting, you could probably go on my personal Facebook page and just scroll a couple of profile pictures back and you could see I was in amazing shape. I had ABS anything that anyone would say, this is what you would want, but I still was thinking about it. And I didn’t want to be thinking about it. And so I had to get to a place in myself.
Were what I wanted became automatic, and I was not thinking about it. And then I could start to work towards my dreams and build my goals. So I want to talk to you a little bit about what I believe kind of happens with, like the diet industry and assigning those values for you. So I was saying our identity is what controls everything. And that identity is supported by our values and beliefs. And those values many times, I think, are, are developed or handed to us from a marketing perspective, right? So here’s what happens. Here’s how I see the cycle go is that people feel stressed, right? They have anxiety, and so they eat and then they tend to overeat. Well, what’s the real reason for that, besides just a pattern running is also when I’m stressed and I have anxiety, I get in fight or flight. What happens in fight or flight is that the blood moves to my arms and legs so that I can get away right biological perspective here. So I can
runaway. When I eat what happens, it brings the blood back into the core of my body that feels better, it feels more balanced, right? So if I can alleviate some of the stress and anxiety and even stress and anxiety about what I look like and what I’m eating, then I can avoid that cycle right there. But what happens is we get stressed and over an anxious and so we overeat. And then we feel ashamed and shame will keep you small, more than anything else. And then we get upset. And then we say, I’m going to do better, right? So I see this all the time, I’m going to do better. And so people go towards a really strict like, I’m going to have rules. I’m going to change my environment, and I’m going to change my behavior, right? I have these rules, these strict rules, and then they get these rules, and then they get really stressed and anxious. And then they eat and then they feel awful about themselves and then the cycle just repeats and it’s really so unnecessary and there is really truly an easier way
So instead of relying on your conscious mind that is so limited, then we want to set up a meeting with your unconscious mind. That’s where those patterns are. And when we can change the things there, then everything gets so much easier. It’s simpler. It’s natural, and it feels way more in flow. So after all of these years of being an expert in subconscious programming, I found that the biggest, the hardest part of change is actually something that you can do today. And once you do this, everything else becomes easier. So I’m going to teach you something and we’re going to talk about it and you’re gonna have a little homework around it. Okay, so what is that thing? The hardest part is to have the awareness and it’s not just the awareness that I feel like crap i over ate, it is really understanding underneath what the pattern is and where it comes from. So inside your workbook,
There is a special section for you to go through this exercise to get heightened awareness. Okay, if you don’t have the workbook again, just go to my website Betsy Pake comm backslash experience and we’ll send it to you. So this is how you can begin to see patterns and to notice where things need to be shifted. So I’m going to go through the workbook.
I want you to go through it. Like tonight, you can either do it if you have an experience where you feel like you got stressed and you were overeating, or if you can remember one, okay, so this worksheet is just about bringing awareness. So I’m going to review the process so you kind of understand what we’re doing here. So it is a break the pattern worksheet. So I want you to just start with any like recent food or eating related s episode that maybe troubled you. Maybe you didn’t really overeat but you were like, I’m, I’m bored. So I know I’m eating whatever that is. So write down the stuff that was happening around you.
Just before that episode, so like Where were you? What was happening? What were you thinking about? What were you feeling? Who was with you? You know, so many times we can be triggered by family members or situations or and I know right now we’re not around a whole lot of extra people.
But what were you feeling? What were you thinking about? And you know, it’s sometimes it’s like, well, I was thinking about work. But I want you to dive deeper. What was I thinking about work? Right? was I thinking about my boss? was I thinking about being late? was I thinking about money? It was, I think, like, really get to the heart of that. Then the next section is I want you to go back even further. So maybe it’s a couple hours before maybe it’s like two days before maybe it’s a week before when you had a meeting with your boss, right? So where were you again? What were you doing? Who were you with? What were you thinking? What were you feeling? Alright? Now I want you to just get this doesn’t have to be like sentences just write down as much data as
You can just just think through it and just allow whatever is coming to you to come out. One of the things that I say all the time with my clients, when we’re working with the subconscious is do not try to filter it through your consciousness. If you feel like something’s coming, just write it down. And then the next thing is trying to get out. So just even if it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t matter. You can evaluate it later and look at it later. Now, later, I want you to look, and I want you to see if you have any, any patterns, right? And if you don’t see any connections right away, that’s okay. You can try this exercise a couple different times, right? And just start looking for links about what’s happening in the hours before the minutes before maybe the days before you have like a craving for something or something happens or there’s an emotional eating thing. years ago, I had this thing with donuts. I was like obsessed with doughnuts, and it was when I was lifting a lot so it wasn’t necessarily a problem.
bilaam yet I knew it wasn’t the healthiest food for me and my friends and I would kind of laugh because I even had the hot light
app on my phone. So it would alert me when Krispy Kreme had the hot light on. Like, I would get an alert on my phone, you guys. So I would go oh, you know when I would sometimes leave the gym. So I owned the gym, I would leave the gym, go and get my doughnuts. What I needed to do was I needed to realize and I had to understand the pattern was that when I was growing up, I lived in a really small town in Vermont. And my parents if they would go out on a date, they would go 30 minutes to like a city and they had a Dunkin Donuts there. And as a special treat my mother would bring my sister and I back a doughnut. And so doughnuts, I didn’t have them very often wasn’t part of my daily life, but it was special. It made me feel good. It made me feel loved, right. And if I would be missing my mother or missing like that connection, I would want a donut and then pretty soon to be
A pattern where the hot light would come on and the ding would trigger and then I would do it. And once I recognized that there was a really simple, easy program that I did that I ran on myself, and I literally I don’t, I was just saying to one of my coaches, I don’t even I know I’ve had a doughnut in the past four or five years, but I don’t really remember, um, it just went away because I was able to see the pattern and heal the pattern, so much easier than like fighting it, right? Just remember, I deleted that off my focus and really didn’t care it was more of a nuisance than an excitement than a feeling of love, right? So just understand and recognize these patterns. Now, most people will start to notice a pattern, this is what’s gonna happen you’re gonna notice a pattern and then you’re gonna move towards adjusting your behavior, right so you’re gonna see a pattern and then you’re gonna go, Oh, my God, I have this pattern. I do this thing. I need to control this right I need to I need to shift my
My environment or my behavior, and they want to grab onto something that gives them like a strict pattern to follow something else to follow. So the problem, honestly, is that although a lot of programs really work, the majority of people will go back to their old pattern once they’re not on the program anymore. Or once they’re not thinking about it, remember, consciously I might be thinking about it, I might be keeping track of everything I eat or points or whatever it is. But the moment I’m not doing that, I’m just resorting to my subconscious mind that’s running a program. So if I try to change my behavior or my environment, that’s great. I’m not saying don’t do actions, actions are important. But actions that are only available when you’re conscious are not going to be sustaining. And then what happens is we get where we have the ups and downs and then we feel bad about ourselves and then it creates not only a physical issue
With going with our weight going up and down, but also a mental with us feeling good about ourselves. And that’s really what this is about. feel good about yourself so you can get on with other greatness that you’re here to do and design in the life. So, inside your workbook, there is a triangle there. And I want to talk about that triangle. All right. So I think the worst part about all of this is that just people feel bad and then they’re not living out truly shining their light right as far as your light can go. So this is the hierarchy of change this triangle. So at the very top, you can write in identity, this is the thing that rules all things. identity. What I really think about myself is the I am a mom, I am a coach, I am a wife I am that is going to impact everything that I do. Why? Because I have a set of values and beliefs attached to being a mom. What a mom does, how a mom acts. What a mom is supposed to be.
Right. And that is what’s going to design because my identity is unconscious. That’s gonna be what designs everything that I do unconsciously. So the very top is identity. Under that is values. And values are so tricky because so many times we’re like I value health. But then if you really look at your calendar of your life, 15 minute increments all day long. Maybe you don’t really maybe you’re thinking a bunch of garbage, maybe you’re listening to garbage. Maybe you’re like eating garbage, like who knows. So values is something that is unconscious. Okay, the next one below that is beliefs, belief, sometimes we can see beliefs I find that’s one of my superpowers is just talking to people and I can pick out patterns and beliefs. It’s really fun. And you can get like that too. That’s just a practice thing. I wasn’t born like that. It’s just a practice thing. And I can teach you how to do that. But understanding your value or your values and your beliefs and what those beliefs are is super important again,
unconscious, all right, underneath that is really its capabilities. It’s really like because of all of those things above it, the beliefs, the values, the identity, it creates capabilities. It’s like what you think you’re capable of. Right? This is sort of the, the,
the level between consciousness and unconsciousness, I’m starting to get into consciousness. Now what I think I can do. Underneath that is behavior and all the way at the bottom is environment. Now, if you start at the top, everything below it kind of flows. Remember I said about how when I was an athlete, I went to the beach, my identity was I was an athlete, so my behavior was in my environment. That didn’t, that was easy. I didn’t even have to think about it, right. But if my identity is not an athlete, then I’m going to act different my actions are going to be different my subconscious actions, so to create change easily and effortlessly have it be sustainable.
It is best to change those highest levels of the mind. All of the unconscious things. This is why identifying and understanding your patterns is so important for permanent change. So let’s kind of bring this back as we rounded out around stress and overeating. Alright, so when we’re stressed, our conscious mind can’t handle all of the parts coming in. So it has to hand some off to the unconscious. And any conscious change of behavior or environment tends to go out the window. And as the subconscious patterns start to take over, all right, so then when we can complicate things even more, right, because a lot of foods are engineered to be addictive, right? So it’s like we already have all that going on. And then we’ve got like chocolate and pizza and fried foods. They’re engineered, textured so that we want more of them, right? They release neural chemicals in our brain that makes us feel happy, giving us relief. That right now we probably slow down
desperately need. So it’s no wonder that when you’re stressed and anxious, and you’re in fight or flight you want to bring food in. And then you want to choose foods that are designed to make your brain happy. So if you have gained the COVID 15, it is just that your body is working perfectly. It’s that it’s trying to preserve your mental health and help give you something to sustain you. So the solution to this pattern is in your ability to reprogram your subconscious mind so that you’re processing everything that’s coming into your brain consciously and unconsciously, so that it supports your goals instead of just running an old program that doesn’t support you. So I have a client that we were working on a lot of other things but she messaged me, she texted me, and I found it as I was looking through my phone this past week. But what she said was, I’m gonna just read it. She said um
There’s one simple shift to having awareness and knowing what to do has had this incredible impact. I can hear my inner voice super clear, like full on conversations giving me guidance when I’m brushing my teeth, instead of even having to get into meditation, which that’s the best when you can just hear your inner self and you know what’s right. I’ve lost five or six pounds, I don’t snack and I find it I’m not even thinking about food between meals, the stress around food has just gone away. You know, when you do this, there is a new version of you. That’s ready to step forward. It feels effortless, because we’re changing things on an identity level. And you can do this too. You can make this feel effortless. You can find fun and joy in your body, even in the process. This is truly available to everybody. And to start you just need to understand your subconscious mind and to begin to get awareness of those patterns. So my challenge for you tonight is to notice do the work
That’s inside the workbook. Do it tonight. And tomorrow I’m going to be here live at 1030. And we’re going to talk about staying motivated because this is something that people always say to is I’m really motivated. And now you understand a little bit with the chunks of information why your motivation might wane but I have a totally different way of looking at it that you might really like. So I will see you tomorrow at 1030. If you have questions, drop them below. I will make sure that I answer those we are having a q&a day and I will answer all of your questions so you can drop them below or you can message us at support at Betsy Pake calm and I will be sure that I answered them then. Alright, thank you guys so much for being here with me live. Thank you for being here with me on the replay. It was really really an honor to be here and a lot of fun. So I will see you all tomorrow.
Thanks so much for listening today. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit an email it over to us at
support at Betsy Pake calm, and we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much and I’ll see you next week.


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