226: Finding the path to peace with Kristine Kolzing - Betsy Pake

226: Finding the path to peace with Kristine Kolzing


Today I interview my friend Kristine Kolzing where we talk about all things quantum, the nature of reality, and living our dreams.

Kristine Kolzing is a transformational mindset expert and master success coach who guides women entrepreneurs in health and wellbeing to step into their most powerful selves, attract more money, and confidently sell high value offers so that they can thrive in business and in life. Furthermore, she guides anyone who wants more out of life to expand their thinking, align with their most powerful self, and design a life they love so they can thrive.

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Kristine Kolzing

Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. 

Hello, everybody. Welcome to today’s show. I’m excited because today I have a friend with me. And so you know, I always love bringing my friends on. So I have Kristine Kolzing with us. Hey, Kristine.

Hi, Betsy. 

So I’m going to read your bio because I like it. And it makes it seem like I have very successful friends. So Kristine is a transformational mindset expert and she’s a master success coach who guides women entrepreneurs, and help and when well being to step into their most powerful selves, attract more money, and confidently sell high value offers so they can thrive in business and life. I love it.

 I’m so excited you’re here because well, we met through a mastermind and kind of connected in like the whole NLP way of seeing the world. And you do so many cool things I wanted to have you on so we could talk a little bit. Really, I want to talk about what you do, but I want everybody to kind of see how you see the world. 

You know, I watch all of your lives and I’ve read your stuff and it’s good. And I always love like, you know, really diving into how people really see the world because that’s what creates the reality. And it seems to me like you have a really good story and you’ve created the reality that you want. So tell everybody a little bit about you and who you are.

Well, thank you so much. I’m really honored to be on your podcast because I just interviewed you for mine and I think it’s so fun to be able to connect and share. So we do have a lot of similarities in the way that we coach and what we do, but then we put our own flavor on it. 

So I’m honored to be here. Thank you. Yeah. How do I see the world? What do I do? Well, I’m really an idealist. I have always seen the world and this is something I’m embracing more and more my true nature. I’ve always seen the world as a positive place. 

And I’ve always seen the best in people. And I believed in that as a kid. And that’s why I say I’m embracing that more because that is how I was as a kid. I saw the world as a positive place. I saw people as being innately good, and I really feel like peace on earth. is possible, I feel it might not be in our lifetime, in this generation, but I believe it’s possible.

 I believe that we have the capacity to expand in love and support and, and live in peace with one another. And I’ve always, always felt that way. But as an adult, as an adolescent and really into like my teens and 20s, that idealistic viewpoint, that way of seeing the world, people kept telling me I was wrong, that that’s not the way life was. 

That people aren’t like that. That you know, I, and not my parents, my parents have always supported me, for the most part, the way I see things it was, it was just the rest of the world. 

Like teachers would say this or boyfriends telling me that the way I saw the world wasn’t right, that you know, so many people see the world as a dangerous and scary place and that people aren’t good. And, you know, I, I just never believed that. 

And I kind of bought into it though. And now that I’m in the place that I’m at in my life as a mindset coach, I truly believe that I’m back to living in my true nature and purpose and that when I’m working with my clients, or when I’m, I’m doing a live or I’m just I’m talking to someone I see people in their best and highest version of themselves.

 I see people as whole and beautiful and loving and, and that there’s nothing wrong with them, that we all have the capacity to be to just love ourselves. And then when we’re loving ourselves, we love each other. It’s people like that. 

Do you think that’s the path to finding peace on earth? Is everybody turning inward and loving themselves? 100%. 

Yes, if you love yourself you’re not going to lash out at others, you’re not going to cause conflict with others, you’re not going to see others in less than their best and highest version of themselves. 

So yeah, I really think the key is that is the inner work for each of us to get to that point, you know? Yeah, that’s how I see the world. I love that.

I love that. And I think that that really rings true. And I think right now with everything that we’re seeing in the world, right, with all of the unrest, not just with the Coronavirus, but with like Black Lives Matter, and now the presidential election coming up and all of that, like what do you think of people that feel that like tension around it, and people that feel that like I’m angry, I’ve got to fight against this. 

What do you think? And I’m not trying to put you on the spot because I didn’t tell you I was going to ask you, but it’s a genuine question because I’ve given a lot of thought to this and I’ll warm up the question, the answer maybe, to just say that I always think like, I’m doing my part by helping people see the best in themselves. 

Like, that’s what I have been saying is I’m doing my part, like that the work I do is so impactful that that is helping to heal what’s going on. But what would you say to people that are like, I’ve got to fight, you know, there’s stuff out there, I got to fight against.

I agree. And I’ve said that to myself, as well as that the work I’m doing is making an impact. Because as each person chooses love for themselves, it affects the collective. Right, so every one of us who’s choosing this raises the collective vibration, raises the collective love and energy. 

And I believe that we can fight for what’s important to us from that place of love. Yeah, yeah. And it’s a different energy than fighting for what we want from a place of anger. Yes, yes. The fight can be there, right? 

We want the change; people want things to be different. Can we do it from a place of love? Can we do it from a place of understanding one another? And I really think that anger is, you know, something I used to struggle with a lot. It was sort of a go to emotion for me. 

As an achiever and a doer, emotions were kind of in the way a lot when I was younger, you know, and anger was always an emotion that was just easily accessible. 

And was that your home? Like we just say that’s your emotional home. Was anger it?

Yeah, it was. Yeah, for sure. Not anymore. I mean I can’t remember the last time I actually got angry. 

What is it now? What’s your emotional home now? 

Um, I think my emotional home now is joy. 

Is it? Oh, that’s good. Yeah, yeah. 

It’s happy. It’s for the most part. It’s just Trust, yes, love. But I’ve really had to cultivate that as my new animal. Yeah. Because my, you know, my old way of being that anger. It really sat not just in my mind, but in my body and my body was used to feeling that way. 

And when I wanted to, when I was ready to shift out of that and to create a new way of being, I had to practice feeling the way I wanted to feel. I had to give my body the–I had to tell it how I wanted it to feel so that it wouldn’t divert back or regress back to the way it was used to feeling. Yeah. 

And I’ll maybe get back to that in a moment, if you can remind me but what I was going to say about anger is that as I’ve been on this journey of my own personal growth and development, I remember I was getting certified to work with enneagram and teach the enneagram and anger is definitely a flash point for a few different types. 

And I remembered my mentor at the time saying to me, you know, anger is just a cover for other emotions. It’s covering usually sadness or fear. And for me, it was covering sadness. And I didn’t want to deal with the sadness that I had. 

Because I was afraid I wouldn’t get back to–I was afraid that if I really sat with my sadness, it would never stop. And so I was trying to avoid the sadness, and anger just felt like an easier place to go. And so when I see people out in the world who are really angry, my first thought is wow, they must be really in fear. 

Are they mad? Yeah, yeah. Really, super sad, super scared. Like, there’s other things that they’re actually afraid to feel. But anger feels like an emotion that’s socially acceptable. Yeah, some level that it’s it’s a defensive protective emotion. 

Not to say that we can’t ever feel anger, but it’s an it’s an emotion that I question. Yeah, what is really going on here? And I think that the people who are the angriest probably need the most love and understanding. 

They probably just want someone to hear them and to hear their fears and to hear what they’re saying. But oftentimes, we don’t have the language for that. People don’t know how to say I’m angry, but what I really am is scared. 

And I’m afraid to say that I’m scared because I’m supposed to be strong or I’m supposed to be protecting my family or whatever.

And I think that weakness –people don’t want to seem weak, right? I think that that like propels a lot of different things, you know, on Facebook over the past few months with the Coronavirus–I feel like there’s been like two camps. 

The people that are like, you know, don’t go outside, you know, wear a mask, like social distance, but to the extreme.  And then we have the other side that’s like, this is all a lie. This is don’t, you know, like that whole side of things, right?

 I feel like I’m in the middle of like, I wear a mask and I’m safe. And I’m, but I have felt all along that both sides–and the side that was saying like, don’t, don’t listen to them, it’s a lie. I feel like they were just as scared — both of those parties were in so much fear. And it was interesting because the one side was saying you’re scared, stop being so scared.

 But I kind of laughed every time I’d scroll through because I’d be like, you’re so afraid. Like you’re so afraid and in so much in fear, but we don’t want to appear weak. So it was a way to be afraid without appearing weak.

Right? Absolutely. I think if you were to, if you were to ask the intention of both of those camps, what’s the purpose of the way that you’re being and both would come back to, I just want to be healthy and nice. 

Yeah, I want my family to be healthy. And some people will say, I want my family to be healthy and safe. Therefore, we’re going to not leave our house, wear our masks, do those things. And the other camp says, I want my family to be healthy and safe. 

And the thought of this thing, making them unsafe is more than I can bear. So I will just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Right? Or they think, you know, or they have what they think will keep their family healthy and safe, which is like on the other side, you know, more the herd immunity. And I think there’s truth in both parties, right? 

Like, there’s truth in both sides. There’s so much nuance in the world. And I think we’ve gotten into this, this dynamic of like, it’s black or white. Yes, polar opposites. You have what you believe, one thing or the othe,r and we’ve lost the ability, I think for gray for now. 

Yes,  it could be a little tricky. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, just well, I think we’ve lost critical thinking, I think. And, you know, we could talk about maybe why that’s happened, but I also think we’ve just lost compassion.

Yeah. Where’s our compassion, that sort of wonder?

What happens when everybody gets super scared? Right. It’s self preservation. It’s interesting because my husband and I have been talking and, just yesterday, we were having a conversation. 

And he and I see differently on a lot of different things, but we try really hard to be super respectful. He’s an attorney, though, so he really likes the debate. And I don’t. We’ll get done and he’ll be like, “Good talk. Good talk.” 

And I’ll be like, crying, eating muffins in the corner. You know, like, I’m like, Oh, my God. so stressful. But we decided yesterday, we’re only going to talk really high level like you were saying the intention for the presidential election is that everybody is heard. 

That our, you know, our world is peaceful that like, we’re going to just talk high level about stuff. Because when we start getting into the nuance for us right now, because we’re quarantined together, like, it stresses us out, it stresses me out really is what it is. He’s fine. But I think that, you know, getting the wide scope to what’s really the intention.

 And I think that can really help people when you see people that have a differing opinion, go “well, let me back way up. And let me just look at this from a higher place. What is the intention of this really, what’s the purpose?” And then you can see that your purpose is really the same. You’re just coming at it from a different point of view.

Right? I mean, isn’t that, when you think about it, isn’t that where all conflict arises–is that we don’t see that our intentions and the purpose, the higher level is actually the same. We’re just going at it from a different angle.

 I mean, I think if we could, if we could come to that collective understanding when it comes to politics and religion, there wouldn’t be any more conflict around politics and religion, like the intention. Yeah. Purpose of, you know, of, of politics is that we have safety, right? 

Our political system, its intention is for our safety, right. And we have safety through order, through laws, through things like that. But people just have different ideas about how you get to safety. Right? Yeah, we all want safety. So can we start at the higher level and come at it from there. Same with religion. We all want connection with source.

Yeah, yeah.

We’re all yearning to go back to that moment when we felt one with source. Maybe that was in the moment that you came into this time, space, reality. Maybe your soul remembers it from before you came here. But isn’t that the intention? 

Isn’t that the purpose? So, does it matter if you go through, you know, a guy or you go through a saint or you go through a, you know, any of that to know the intention and the purpose? Yes. It’s like, it’s a little bit crazy making to me when I see people, you know, angry with each other about the way that they, you know, go about actually doing the same thing.

Oh my gosh, because yeah.

Think of everything we could have done if everyone could please share this podcast. Everyone. You know, Betsy and I have just solved the problems of the world.

I didn’t even know we were gonna get this deep, but I kind of love it. 

I think if we bring it down to like, how your listeners can apply this in their life. It’s like when you’re in conflict with someone in your life, you know, ask yourself, what’s the intention? What’s the purpose? What’s the higher level? 

Keep, keep lifting it up, because you’ll often find that people have similar intentions and similar purposes. And if we also go back to like, the way I see the world is that people are innately good. They’re innately, you know, wanting the same things that everybody comes from and we learn this in NLP from a place of positive intent. 

Yep. Now, are their outward actions always positive? No. But the intent is for them to feel better, is for them to feel safe, is for them to you know, feel heard or feel loved or feel like they belong, or feel like they’re good enough.

 People don’t always go about that in positive ways, but the intention is positive. 

Yes, I like that. I like that a lot. So, I didn’t know we were gonna go this deep, but I’m gonna do it again because like, okay, love you. And I feel like we can do this. Let’s talk today about the nature of reality. What is it? Are we a hologram?

So I have this conversation with my daughter. I have a daughter who is 18. She’s in college, and I went out to breakfast with her the other day. And I was talking to her about this big goal that I’m manifesting. 

And I got this idea in July and the beginning of July, end of June. And I’m like, I’m gonna do this big thing. And she was like, you know, mom, that’s really big. And I said, but this is a game, like, we’re just hologram like, it’s I can decide, I can just choose that. 

And I just have to totally believe that I can choose that and then that will start to happen. And she was just like, you’ve lost your ever-loving mind and we stopped talking, so I was like, I cannot have this conversation with her. So I want have it with you. What are you thoughts on that?

Yeah, have it with me because I’m rowing in the same boat. So, I also set a huge intention in July for the biggest, the biggest thing I’ve ever intended. And it’s something that’s been on my radar for a long time, but I feel like all the pieces are in place. 

Are you telling? Are you telling people what it is? 

Just the people on my team, okay, because they need to help me actually manifest it because the law of attraction doesn’t work without the law of action. You know, you can’t just sit on your couch with a prosperity rock in your pocket and expect to get rich. You have to do it. 

You got to take the action. And I think I love that because I’m not really telling people I’ve only told selected people that will go Yes, I think you can do that. Like I can see that happening.” Right. So yeah, really, really protective. of what it is that I, how it is that I’m sharing it.

Yeah, I’ve shared it with my mindset coach with some people in my high ticket mastermind, you know, and these are people were like, “Oh, yeah, cool. You got this.”

Yeah. I want to tell other people they’d be like, That’s ridiculous. Yes. Oh, yeah. I only tell it to people who, who and I encourage my clients to do the same. I’m like, if you have something that you’re, you’re creating, just keep it to yourself, or just keep it in our group. 

Because if you start putting that out to the rest of the world who doesn’t understand what you’re doing, you’re going to get their perceptions projected onto you. And yeah, you don’t need that. So what’s the nature of reality? It’s such a, it’s such a great question. 

So I spent quarantine, like the real serious lockdown part of quarantine, I’m doing a lot of work in the quantum field. Because I was like, Oh, I have time. I got time to do like this deeper work, these long, long meditations. Really putting into getting into a place where I am. I’m a wave. I am not my body. I am not because we are not our bodies. We are not…

I just want to pause because I’m so excited. I feel like I’m gonna hyperventilate, Where have you been all my life? Like we’ve known each other and been like messaging and stuff, but yeah, we’re gonna be like vacationing together and talking.

I cannot wait. So, you know, it was a really awesome experience to do this during quarantine because I kind of liked that the world was quiet. You know, like, my street was quiet, like, it just felt like the world was quiet in it and I was like, I’m gonna open up this space. To come into a different reality. And so, I actually was using Joe Dispenza. His work, I really, really love his work and I read have a…

Do you have a particular one of his meditations that you really like?

So in his book, Becoming Supernatural, he has all throughout the book links to his website where you can go and download the breathwork and the meditations that go along. So I have three breath works and three meditations of his that I got as I was reading that book. 

So I interchange them and, and basically, in all of them you are working to, you know, transfer your energy from your lower energy centers to your higher energy centers, activating your pineal gland and connecting to source and then in the meditations, you are releasing yourself from your physical body, you’re becoming, though you’re becoming nothing. 

You’re becoming the wave and in that place, you know, thing.

If your listeners have done his meditations, they’ll know. They’ll know. You’ll hear his voice, right? The way got in the car with my husband. And his meditation, like, came on to the radio, you know, came on because it was on my phone. And it was like now, like, what do you listen to?

Because he draws out certain words, and the first time you hear it, you’re like, what is happening? And then the more you’re like, Okay, I get it. I’m just going with it, too. So, in this space in this quantum field, where I am, I am not my body, I am nothing, I’m dropping my intentions. I’m dropping in my potentials. I’m putting in there the things I want to manifest. 

And you know, just the other day, I did the body energy, the body centers and I really needed to realign my body which was great, but there’s this version of me who lives in this space. And I actually call her Quantum Leap Kristine.

You guys are ganic not many people know this but in this space, she has already manifested everything, she’s manifested this big goal that I have. She is living a life that she loves. She’s in her true nature and purpose. 

She is, you know, just has the team, has the clients, has the everything right? And the more and more I connect with her and step into this version of me, the more real she feels, and the more real she feels, the more I see the evidence of that life manifesting in this reality. 

Yes, so it’s almost like I jump up into this quantum field and I go and connect with this version of me. And then I bring back how she feels, what she thinks, who she is into this current reality and create in my current reality what I see in that quantum version of my reality. That makes sense? It’s not easy to explain.  

I love it. I love it. I love it. That makes sense. I have found, you know, Dr. Joe does his voice like that for a reason because they’ve done studies on it and showed him that you can actually change brainwave states faster when you don’t associate him as being a person. 

That’s why it sounds so, he does it so funky and I have had some of the wildest wackadoodle out of body where I am nothing, where I don’t have a body, right, kind of experiences with his stuff. But I find that super fascinating. 

So are you, when you’re noticing things happening, and I’m asking this for a reason–I’ll explain. Is it Oh, I’m just noticing synchronicities like right when I need this thing…comes and then I go Oh, there’s thing or, or are you feeling like you’re? I’m gonna say it like this? Are you seeing things that are different?

Am I seeing things that are different? 

So I’m going to give an example. Yes, just because I think it’ll make it easier to understand although this is not the big, so for my listeners that have been here a long time, when I talked about this big goal I’m trying to manifest it’s not what I have been talking about on the show for the past four years. I want to move to the beach. 

But there have been a lot of reasons that’s not my big goal. There’s been a lot of reasons why I haven’t moved to the beach, like my daughter was in school, my husband’s an assistant district attorney here in Atlanta, like, he’s got a career like there are reasons. So it is like a dream, but it’s not something I have been actively manifesting. Okay. 

But I did a meditation back in the beginning like around quarantine, middle quarantine time, you know, beginning of quarantine. Anyway. Got this insane clarity that I was in a pool in Key West, it was my pool. I could feel the cup, the waterfall, I could hear it behind me. 

Like I could feel the water. I was standing up in the pool like I knew what my surroundings were, you know, there was a margarita machine outside, so I didn’t need to go inside like some sort of animal. Like it was perfect. 

So the weird thing was like, a couple days later, I went to the bathroom and I was brushing my teeth and then I looked down and I noticed the tile on my floor was brown, and I don’t have brown tile. It was like terracotta tile. 

And I literally was like, opening my eyes like why does that look brown? And I know that it sounds insane. But I think I saw the floor. And then as soon as I was like, I can’t see this. This is my, as soon as I thought my tile is not brown, then my tile is not brown. But it was brown, right, because I looked around and I was like, why does this look so brown? Like? So? Are you seeing things?

Um, you know what’s funny you asked that. I haven’t. So first of all, I do notice tons of synchronicities. Tons and like, what the thing I need is that, is here in the moment and I take it and I’m so grateful for it. 

I’ve been doing this really fun thing lately, where I’ll just say like, I’m ready for some money today. And I’ll go outside for a walk. And inevitably, I find money on the ground. Oh, my god, no, like, I don’t care how much it is, but I’m like, I’m, I’m ready for some money today, or, or this big goal that I have. I went for a walk recently. 

And I was like, I was talking to source and I was like, I know you’re in on this with me, because we’ve seen it. I’ve been there. It’s happened already. Yeah, right. On some level. It has already happened. I know you’re with me. But if you could just throw me a little coin.Now that you’re in this with me, I would really appreciate it.

 And sure enough, right there, yeah, me on the ground. And I’m right. Okay, cool. So sometimes I just like to do that just to get that reassurance. But I don’t know that I’ve seen things. But what I had was this experience in my meditation the other day, where I was, I was tuning into my potential. I was putting this same goal out into the quantum, and I felt my hands, felt like they were holding money. 

Yes, yeah. And I could feel it in my hands. And yes, wow, I’m good. And I tried not to get out of it. Yeah, yeah. Because once you start to notice it, actually, like you said, once you were like my tiles, not Brown, then it’s brown. So I was like, no, I’m holding this money. This money is here and I was like, I could feel the weight of the paper. Yeah, in my hands. Sometimes in my meditation…

It must have been a lot of money. If you could feel the weight…

I could feel the weight. It’s a big goal.

I love it. Yeah.

Sometimes I can see the people who are coming to me, you know, and see them coming into my program. You know, and I’m always so I just have fun. I try to have as much fun as I can with this whole process because the more fun I’m having with it, the easier. It’s a game. It’s fun. Like, I created a program back in January.

 I validated it, I got a few people in it, I realized that I needed to break it apart into two different programs. One that would be like a life track and one that would be a business track. And when I sorted it out, I created this ideal client for the business track. And I was very specific about who she was. 

I love helping health and wellness entrepreneurs who want to stop trading time for money and really expand their business start really charging what they’re worth, because I think people who help others physically, mentally and emotionally, they’re the lightworkers. I mean, they’re the ones who are really creating change in this world. 

And I want to support them and not not have them like struggling for money. So I created this person, and I gave her a name, you know, and I write my copy and I, I write my podcast and I do all my work like for this girl, for this woman. And I shit you not my very first client in this new program. That was the name. Oh my God. 

And I didn’t even realize that till after we got off the sales call and I took her credit card and I signed her up. And like 10 minutes later, I was like, oh my god. Yeah. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Like my whole body started buzzing. 

I started laughing out loud. I was like, oh my god source because it’s so fun. It’s so much fun. I can’t believe it. I haven’t told her this yet. I’m going to tell her this one day.


I was like, that was her name. I can’t I can’t even remember that was my first client and this new program, I was so clear about who she was. And that, you know, yeah, here she is. 

And that’s really like the power on clarity. Right? Yeah, having that power of that clarity. Well, that’s what manifestation is. It’s not just magic, it’s holding the vision in your mind. And you know, and your listeners know and your clients know, your subconscious mind is infinitely powerful. 

And when you put an image in your subconscious mind, of what it is that you want, who you’re being, what you want to have in your life, your reticular activating system brings in all the evidence of that, like it doesn’t matter that your subconscious mind doesn’t care what image you put in it. 

Yeah, it’s just going to bring in everything that aligns with that and delete out the the things that don’t. Yeah, so if you want this particular client, hold your vision for that client, and that client will come into your reality and the ones who don’t match, that will delete out like I had that experience when I started my network marketing business years ago. 

One of the, like, prizes for attaining a certain level is you get a monthly stipend for a white Mercedes Benz. And I was like, I want..I’d had a Mercedes at one point in my life that I could ill afford that through my you know, financial troubles years ago I had to get rid of. So I was like, I really want this car. 

This is like my dream car and I put it on my vision board. I put it in my journal. I set my sights on attaining this level and earning this car and the next thing I know I’m driving around and there’s a white Mercedes Benz on the road, everywhere, everywhere. 

Like when, what did, how many, what? Like, I was like, I don’t know how many other like, are people now just buying this car? Have all these cars always been here? Like what’s happening? Yes, they’ve always been there. I just couldn’t see it. 

Because it wasn’t lining up with the vision in my mind. Yeah. And I put that in my mind. My, my mind was like, Oh, that’s what she wants to see. So let’s just show her that. And then it deletes out all the red cars, all the black cars, all that like the stuff that doesn’t align with that. 

That’s manifestation. You’re just putting into your mind what it is you want. You’re seeing it now, in your reality. It’s always been there, and then you take action to move towards that vision. 

Yeah, I love it. And I think sometimes people think like the law of attraction that it’s this woowoo concept, but it’s not.

 It’s really about training your subconscious to be able to see something that you’re looking for, because there’s opportunities for everything that you want all around you all the time, all day.

All the time, right? Yeah, it’s already all here. Yeah, it’s just your mind can’t process that all at once. So it only processes what aligns with the mental images that you’re creating.

Right? What it thinks that you want to see, what it thinks is important to you.

That’s why it’s so freaking important to mind your mind, to be aware of what it is that you want and to be putting those exact ideas and visions into your mind so that I can see the evidence of it.

Yeah, yeah, it’s super powerful. It’s interesting, because when I had that, when I had that vision with the terracotta tiles or whatever, I got the address for the place. And I told my husband what the address was, and we looked…the address didn’t exist. 

And the other night, he came running in with Zillow, and he was like, I found it. I found your address and it was for sale. And it wasn’t anything I would buy which was weird, because I was like, I don’t like it. But it was weird to me that it existed and that we couldn’t find it before. I mean, we searched, right. 

But as it’s become clearer and clearer and clearer to me, now it’s starting to show up. But I have found other things that look like it where I’m like, oh my god that looks just like it. You know, that’s the waterfall. That’s the stone.

 So it’s so it’s so powerful. And I think that we dismiss it. Because as little kids, we’re taught to use our imagination, right? Go play, use your imagination. But when we’re older, we’re taught not to, I mean, we go through school, to not use your imagination, but to sit and to learn and to do things in a certain way. 

And I think that if we could get back to that, then all the things that we want, could really start to come into our awareness. And I think a lot of times people have trouble knowing what they want, because they’re so used to learning how to sit and do the rote things instead of using their imagination. So it’s really about getting back into in touch with all of that.

Yes. And when you’d mentioned earlier in our conversation about not being, that we’ve lost the ability to think critically, I think that’s exactly part of it, you know, school teaches us how to memorize and regurgitate, not necessarily to critically think or to be imaginative and, and I see that with my clients. 

You know, we do a lot of work on focusing on the end result like what is it that you really want to create, and we start with big picture. I want to create a life I love. I want health and vitality. I want to be a powerful creator of my life. We choose these things. And my clients often struggle with that. 

They’re like, I don’t know what I want. You know, you can create anything you want. Just because you want it, just because you love it, just because it would be great to have it. What is that thing? What is it that you want? And they go I don’t know? Because they’ve forgotten how to dream. Many of us have forgotten how to dream. 

We’re told as kids to use your imagination, right? I mean, anything’s possible. You can be an astronaut, marine biologist, President of the United States, you could be all three of those things at the same time, if that’s what you want to do when you’re five, but you start getting older, people are like, I don’t know, are you going to go to school for that?

 How are you going to earn a living? How are you like, and we we really squash each other’s dreams? Hence, generally, I think, again, people are coming from a place of positive intent, like, are you going to be able to take care of yourself and pay your bills? If you’re, you know, if this is the path that you’re choosing?

 It’s not that they don’t believe in you or they just appear to be here.

Yeah. And I remember I had a dream as a little kid. Hang on, Siri. She always wants to talk to me whenever I’m talking to you.

Maybe we should ask her the question. 

I know. What’s the nature of reality? I remember being a little kid and telling, I mean, probably like fifth grade or something, and telling my mom, I wanted to be a marine biologist, and she said, you’re not good at science, you’re gonna have to really, really study hard. 

I remember that moment and my mom was super supportive. But it was fear that I would be disappointed that I would try and I wouldn’t be able to do it. And you know, I never did it. I mean, I never and I’m fine with that, but maybe it would have brought me to something, to something else. 

And maybe I would have just been living at the beach doing this already. Right? You know what I mean? Like, so it does, it is just super interesting to me, but it is the fear she didn’t want me to be let down or disappointed. She didn’t want me to struggle. So people throw their fears at you, which is why we don’t tell what our big, hairy audacious goals are, but only to certain people.

Only to certain people. Only to the people who will hold that same vision with you and believe in you and be excited with you. Yeah. I remember as a kid, we were visiting family, friends. And we were like, I don’t know why I’m going to tell the story, but I just think it’s funny. 

Um, and I remember the the girl, there were two girls in this family as my parents best friends from when they all met in Germany, and we were asking the youngest girl what she wanted to be when she grew up, and I wasn’t I mean, I was maybe in like, later elementary school, maybe fifth or sixth grade or something.

 She was younger, maybe she was in first or second grade. And we asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she said a male turtle.

And you know what everybody said? Good for you. Yes. Oh, yeah. That’s gonna be great. No, it was like, Well, you know, it’s not really realistic that you’re gonna be of all your, you know, changing genders and changing species like, right. 

Yeah, totally. There’s a lot of things. Yeah. You know, as like a five or six year old, everyone’s like, cool, good for you being a male turtle, 

like that is such a good example because it’s like, just use whatever feels right.

Be that thing.

Be that thing. Right. And, you know, we all come into, we all come into the world, I think with true nature, a way that we want to be. And in it, sometimes that gets fostered and most of the time it doesn’t.

 And I think it’s, I think there’s something special about the age that we are that we’re coming that I find that women and they’re really in their 30s and 40s, in particular, and even in their 50s are like, you know what, I want to get back to that. 

Yeah, there’s something about my true nature that just resonates. It feels good. It feels like home, it feels, it feels like peace, it feels calm, it feels like me, and I’m ready to give myself permission. To be in that true nature, again, and I think that’s when women really come into their power is when they choose it and they say the world doesn’t need to give me permission. And I don’t need to ask. And I don’t have to be quote realistic.

 I’m just gonna choose to be in my true nature and choose to be the powerful creator of my life. And when I see women do that, it’s like, it blows me away. I get like teary when I see people, women do that, because I, it’s always been there. It’s sort of like the caterpillar becomes the butterfly. 

The butterfly was always there. It was always in your true nature to become the butterfly. Don’t let the other caterpillars tell you it’s not possible or it’s not realistic or that it’s not for you.

And don’t get freaked out when you’re in the chrysalis and you’re transforming. Don’t stop. Just keep going. 

You’re building those wings. Yeah.

Yeah. Well tell everybody where they can find you and where you are on social media and all that good stuff.

So you can find me on Instagram and Facebook, just under my name Kristine Kolzing. So Instagram, it’s @kristinekolzing, both with a K. And on Facebook…

The link’s in the show notes too.

And then my business is the Alignment Tribe. And I have a podcast called The Alignment Tribe. I have a Facebook group called The Alignment Tribe. So you can just find that, search for it on Facebook. It’s free. I do mindset coaching every Monday live for free. And then I also have my programs that you can learn more about at my website, thealignmenttribe.com.

 I love it. I love it. Thank you so much for being here. I love you so much. I love you. So thank you, and we will do it again. We’ll do it again someday from our vacation location. 

Oh my god, the waves in the background, totally. I can picture it all. Ready, I’m there with you. 

You can come have a margarita in my outdoor Margarita machine.

Fantastic. I’ll make mine a virgin Margarita, but absolutely,

Absolutely. All right. Cool.

Thank you so much for being here and everybody else. Thank you so much for being here and listening today. If you enjoyed this show, please share it with your friends, tag us both on social media, and I will see you next week. 
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