230: Light & Consciousness with Zerian Radian - Betsy Pake

230: Light & Consciousness with Zerian Radian


ZERIAN RADIAN is a catalyst for your highest expansion. He is an Evolution Nutritionist, A Transformation Coach, A Magical Meals Chef and A Badass Health Superhero.

ZERIAN is a pioneer in the expansion of humanity’s higher potentials through body and soul alchemy and high vibe nutrition that is infused with LIGHT and Consciousness.

Listen in and hear how Zerian views the world!


Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker, and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live bag. Hello fellow adventurers. This is probably a really bad audio. I am in Philadelphia for a few weeks for some training. And it’s the training that I was at in March for COVID when COVID hit and I had to leave anyway, I forgot my microphone. But I’ve recorded this episode when I was back home. So the audio should be better. But I wanted to get this out to you. So I’m going to tell you who’s on the show today, and hope that this audio isn’t so terrible that you turn it off, hang with me. So today on the show, I have zerion Raiden. He is a catalyst for your highest expansion. He’s an evolution nutritionist, a transformational coach. And he has something called magical meals, and he’s a badass health superhero. What we really talk about in the show today, though, I feel like is it’s about light, and consciousness. And then there’s one moment where I was trying to accept the fact that I thought he was going to tell me to eat dirt. And when I listened back I actually sound willing. So open to anything. I hope you are too. Thanks for listening. And here’s the show. Hey, everybody, I am so excited. For this show. today. I have a special guest I want to introduce you to my friend zerion Raiden Hayes arion I Betsy. Thank you so excited that you’re here like I so you guys, Darien and I have been emailing. And so then he just got on the zoom with me. And if you’ve listened for a while, or you’ve ever been on a zoom with me, right? If you’re in the alchemy collective and you’ve been you know, I get a little excited. So I got a little excited. But he’s still here. He hasn’t. He doesn’t run away yet. So zerion Welcome to the show. Tell everybody a little bit about you. Well, I know that I leave it really open, we can go anywhere.

Well, long story short, I struggled most of my life, I was born as an empath, sensing energies, and I didn’t know that as a child and had a rough childhood, I would go to school. And I would pick up all these kids energies. I didn’t know what was going on. And I would feel like an emotional wreck. And I always felt insecure. And I always felt like something was wrong with me. Like, you know, I would look at the other kids and they were having fun. They were smiling and they were playing and I always was kind of introverted and retracted. Like I felt uncomfortable. And so I struggled most of my life, had a hard time connecting with people. very shy. I became shy and my nature is not shy. I’m a Leo, I’m very I’m supposed to be extroverted. I’m a powerhouse. And I altered myself because of my insecurities and feeling all these energies and so wasn’t until coming out of college started developing health symptoms that just I didn’t understand what was going on. Because I took care of myself. I’ve always been into health and nutrition been making my own meal since I was five. come from an Italian family and my mother always made homemade pastas and homemade breads and soups and everything was homemade. We had gardens, but I came out of college feeling you know, like what’s going on my body wasn’t wasn’t feeling right. And again, long story short, 15 years of health issues, health symptoms, that would not clear up and on top of that. started experiencing deep emotional mental disharmony like fears, phobias, and compulsions. What is going on? 15 years now this and I went through the mill spent 10s of thousands of dollars over 15 years and holistic practitioners energy work in Reiki and all this organic food. What is going on? Why is why am I not getting healthy? And so I finally got to a boiling point. There was a moment where I thought I was on my way out that I could not I I’ve had so many weird energies going through my body and tensions that I didn’t think I could last, like their mind was being distraught. So there was a voice that came to me the one day where I was like, I’m concerned. I don’t know if I’m gonna make it and it said, Who do you think you are? And in that moment, it was like a flash start it ignited something in me and it was basically the message was, you are a superhero. And this stuff, you can squash in 10 seconds if you really want to, and that’s when I started delving into alchemy and started seeing that how we’ve been programmed. And even in personal development, self help. I think it’s good on one level but on another it’s it’s kind of teaching people that there’s something wrong with you and you need to Fixing,

like everyone else, I bought that illusion. And it wasn’t until I started delving into alchemy and started realizing who I truly am. There’s nothing wrong with me, there’s everything right about me. And that’s why I’m on this planet is to be the model of a new human species. So I believe some of us are on this planet, we have a higher consciousness, we have advanced genetics, we’re here as a model of something new to the rest of the people, because most people have bought the lie of your little pion. And life is going to drill you and you have to ascend, you got to work real hard, you got to work. And it’s much simpler. And you can learn it. And for me, like we’ve talked about, it’s more about emergence. It’s more about emerging your true self as opposed to trying to fix and better yourself, I think we need to adopt a new model of we are here on a grand mission of rescue for the human race, we already have it, we don’t need to do much. In fact, the more the more you tried to do, the more you think you need to fix. And the more you disconnect yourself, it’s kind of like you’re a shining diamond, and you’ve been thrown in the mud. And because you got mud, you think you’re there’s something wrong with you. You just need to rinse yourself off and clear. What is not you? Mm hmm. Yeah, a lot of times, you’ve been imprinted by mom and dad. And you’ve adopted a role like I did. I’m this powerhouse. And yet I became shy and quiet. Because I was so much energy. My parents couldn’t take me. So they tried to swap me down, then I would go to school. And the teachers be like, Oh, no, you’re just too much energy band go into the corner, you got detention. And so I had a rough time, not knowing who am I, I’m this expansive being but yet, society’s telling me Nope, you got to stay down, you can’t show that kind of light and energy to the world. And that caused me to suffer. So now I embody my superhero, I have healed my physical ailments, but also my mental emotional disturbances. And I’ve, I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve reduced my sensitivities. And I can go out in life and function before I couldn’t even go into public because I would pick up so many energy, I didn’t know what was going on. But now I know how to be in my own field, and be wrong. And so now, I want to help the others because I know there’s a lot of people out there, they’re struggling, they don’t know what’s going on. But a lot of it is just so we’re being bombarded with all these disharmonic energies that we don’t know who we are. And you have to learn how to be in your own body and in your own field. And then you know who you are. And when you know who you are, then you get this to realize I’ve had this the whole time, there’s nothing to seek, there’s nothing to you just need to emerge. And that’s the issue I see with a lot of game changers and changemakers. They’re constantly looking for the next guy to take the next step. And you know, what’s the next magic meditation and what you got it? All you have to do is embody it and go shine out to the world. And I know it’s a little bit challenging for some people, because we’ve been programmed with you need to constantly be seeking and constantly be evolving, changing and, you know, evolved.

Yeah. It’s much simpler. Don’t you think when people say they’re seeking, though they’re actually seeking for themselves? Right? Isn’t that what they’re looking for? They’re looking for themselves?

Yes. And that’s what I’m trying to say is like, we’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes. It’s people are seeking out there. But it’s the inside insight.

Isn’t that why people meditate, because they’re going inside? That’s not an outward seeking. I guess I’m trying to clarify a little bit about what you’re saying, because I agree with you. I think I agree with you. But I want to make sure I’m understanding because that is why people meditate. So like, I’m a huge fan of meditation, it brings me back into my center helps me find my center and find that steadiness within myself so that I don’t have to go to friends and say, What do you think I should do? Or I don’t have to go to outside sources, I can always come back within. So when people are outwardly seeking, really, they’re seeking, like ways to be able to reconnect with themselves, right? Because we’re not taught that to your point. We’re not taught that. So people do need to be shown and lead how to actually do that and how to reconnect with themselves.

Yes, for sure. Yeah, go ahead. Good.

Well, I was gonna say, tell me a little bit about how nutrition plays into that because I know that’s a big piece of your, your whole process.

Well, so everything you ingest is impacted your consciousness and your soul. And so most people are not aware of most people think, you know, we’re just eating to fill our belly to nourish our bodies. For me, I take it to the quantum level. So what has been lost through time this is lost alchemical wisdom. Okay, the hermetics, thousands of years ago talked about how the body is actually a holy temple. It’s a vibrating spiritual instrument. Okay, it’s the vehicle of transformation. So, for me, laws of attraction, personal developments to mental it’s putting people outside the buck when we should be focusing on this body and teaching people How to elevate the frequency of our body activate our DNA pineal gland. So we can connect to a higher source because our DNA and Pina gland is connected to our ability to connect to the universe and source and most people don’t know this. So everything you ingest is affecting you, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually and your ability to ascend and go higher in consciousness and expansion. So, the problem we have on this planet right now, is I teach about the three health kryptonite of the superheroes of this world is the food and water supply. It’s altered, it’s, it’s genetically modified. This includes organic people want to argue organic food is hybridized, which is the same thing as being molecularly altered, which cannot nourish a superhero’s, we need high vibe nutrition to fuel our bodies, because our bodies are a lifeforce generator for our soul. Okay.

And so what do you eat? Like? So what are you saying? You’re confused then? So it’s not organic? What is it that you eat?

Well, it what I teach people is how to optimize your meals. Because if you just just this altered food, it’s going to disrupt your biochemistry. So what I teach before people sit down to eat, you got to clear your food, because food picks up vibrations that picture Yeah, motions and thought forms. So it

which is why people pray, right, but the way people pray before they eat.

Yeah, yeah, clear. You got to clear your food. But then I teach people how to imbue light and consciousness and higher frequencies of health and wellness into the foods. Yeah, you use your superhero powers to change the molecular structure. So it does not do what you know. So it’s uplifted. So it’s uplifting when you ingest it. Because if you just keep ingesting this altered food, it depletes you and I mean, look at the world, eight out of 10 people overweight out of shape or have some health condition. And those numbers continue to rise despite organic food and organic supplements. So for me,

and I wonder how many people really do that. I mean, I see. And I include myself so many times is just eating like the standard American diet, which is really terrible, right? And, you know, I think about like, if we if we were given, like my very first car that I ever got back in 9099 1990, I guess I bought my first car, I was in college, and I got a Dodge Colt. If somebody told me, that’s the only car you’re going to have for the rest of your life, I would have been like super taking care of it, right. But we don’t really take that same thing with our bodies, I would have been putting that high, high quality oil in the car, I would have been cleaning it all the time. You know what I mean? Making sure it wasn’t getting rusty, like all of that stuff. But we we take our bodies for granted. I think in so many ways. I mean, I count myself in that I have times where I think I do better than a lot of people. But in the end, it’s we’re busy and we’re doing stuff and and we’re not paying as much attention. So tell me, tell me a little bit more when you say we change the molecular structure? Is it something I could actually see with a microscope? Or is it like energy structure?

It’s something you can feel so when I touch food, when I make food for friends and family, and I had a restaurant by the way, which I did, I did all this I’ll chemical. Yeah. Okay. When you are eating food that’s infused with light and consciousness. It not only tastes different, but the effect on your body is like immediate because it’s now live in your body. Because our bodies are actually we are taking in light and information. First your body wants light and information first to function. The molecules of what science is saying your you don’t ingest food, and your body breaks down the molecules in it speckles it over here, that’s not what’s going on your body wants information in light. So around minerals, if we if we look under an electron microscope around the mineral, there’s a bio field around that mineral it’s, it’s like a luminous biofield. It’s like, yeah, that mineral attaches to the cell receptor sites of yourself, okay? And there’s an energy exchange of information. After this exchange of information that mineral falls off. So your body is not taking in minerals inside the cell. It’s taking in light and information and this is why there are epidemics because the food supply is dead. The water supply has no light or lifeforce and

it’s all processed, right? People are eating fast food and processed food, not frozen food and all of that and there’s no yeah, there’s no energy in it. There’s

Yeah, yeah. So when I come along, and I say try this for a few days, clear your food and imbue light with it. And you use your consciousness and intentions to put light and consciousness into food. Within a few days. I’ve had people shifting within 10 minutes. Yeah, cuz intuition was like you’re so depleted. Your body needs information in light. And this is the miracles that happen. I have a product I made called Aqua light. It’s a water concentrate, enhance water Energizer, and I’m not putting anything physical in there. It’s just me optimizing it. I’m putting frequencies of higher vibrations in there. And when a person starts taking that, I’ve had people say they’re there and I got to talk to you. Okay, what’s up? I’ve never felt this good. I’m like, Yes, because you finally are giving your body what it needs and needs light and consciousness. And so miracles happen when you start giving your body this information, the body takes over, and starts being able to do what it does. But if you’re ingesting dead, dense food, dead water that’s clogging it, because water has plastic residues, most people are drinking, it’s lowering your life. We’re here to be amplified in life. So I always tell people is how do you feel? How do you look? Look? Look, your body’s a feedback mechanism. If you’re fully hydrated, nourished, you should have a glow. Your eye should be clear your skin, your nails, it’s a feedback mechanism. But most people because they’re programmed thinking, well, that celebrity says this supplement is awesome. Bang, people are taking the supplements and it’s actually doing the opposite. Because those supplements are also dead powders, and you take that stuff, it becomes more of a pollutant to your body. So for me, I’ve learned to optimize everything. But also we need because we’re multi dimensional. We need multi dimensional nourishment, which is Earth energies we need Earth mama Earth, and that’s one of the greatest deficiencies that humanity has is lack of lifeforce from Mother Earth. And people don’t know that’s actually a nutrient. That lifeforce from Mother Earth is our number one ingredient that helps us to thrive and wait like dirt.

I need to know if I’m going to start eating dirt because I just need to be mentally ready.

Oh, no. This means going out in nature and connecting to the planet lay. Yeah, absolutely. Going to the beach going and sitting at the base of Yes, the beach. We need that lifeforce. And most people have no idea that within 30 minutes, if you’re feeling distraught or unwell, if you go out in nature, within 30 minutes, you have a new level of well being and just clarity. And that’s what Mother Earth can do. But yet 90% of humanity is disconnected from the planet. They’re zipping balls to the wall going here going there, especially now with this whole crazy COVID thing. People are inside and are all like this, because they’re not ever getting grounded. They got to clear those static energies out of the field. How do you do that? Go out and lay on the planet go out in your grass. And like yes, gone into within 30 minutes. It’s the greatest healer and most people don’t know that.

Right? Right. I did a thing for a while I don’t know, was maybe a year ago, where I would go out every day. And I’d spend 30 minutes at least with my feet in the ground, you know? And I was so bid up what I did, but I really did make me feel better. I just got bit to shreds. So what do you say? Because I’m sure you don’t think like, I’m like, you know, bug spray is good, right? I guess you could use essential oils, which I think is what I ended up starting to do.

Okay, can I tell you a secret here? You’re right.

If you’re healthy inside, yeah,

you’re not getting bit. The bugs will not come if you’re toxic bugs, you’re attracts. You’re an attractive attractor magnet for bugs, because they sense Okay, for me. I live here in Sedona and this year, for some reason the mosquitoes have been crazy. And I don’t know why last year, we didn’t have any this year. The mosquitoes will land on me. And guess what? They will not bite me. You know why? Because I’m taking bitter wild herbs because if they bite now they know they’re gonna die. Right? Yeah, I’m taking all these little bitter wild herbs that takes out. So what I’m saying is if you’re supremely hydrated, nourished, you will be less of a magnet for bugs and all this crazy stuff. So for me, it’s, I’m a magnet for bugs, I must be toxic. Yes, they love me. So there’s some going on. Most people are storing toxins because of the over the years, they haven’t known how to fully hydrate nourish their body. So you build up toxins. So you’re, you know, you’re not as amplified as you could make. So it’s just, it’s just the natural thing. We live in a toxic world. So you need to learn how to neutralize these toxins, but also how to fully hydrate, nourish and strengthen not only your physical body, but your field, we have a bio field around us some people aura, your first line of defense and immune system is in your field of aura. It’s not inside your body, your fence is in your aura. So if you connect with the planet, II drinking structure, living water alchemize your meals, you start building not only your body, but you build your field. Now you’re a powerhouse. Now you can go out and serve your purpose. I see way too many game changers now that they have health issues. They’re trying to build a business and I’m looking at them going, you’re not healthy. And I don’t know if you’re gonna you’re gonna be able to serve your purpose the way you are. You’re not gonna have the life force to carry you to serve your purpose, let alone who’s gonna want to hear you because you’re kind of low vote. You’re kind of like,

hey, yeah, sure. And so I meet a lot of cool people. And I come along and you know, they’re either shamans or They’re working with people, but they’re depleted. And I look at them going. And so I send them some of my alchemical, you know, supplements and also the Aqua light, and within a week, they have a different color. And their eyes are different. And I’m like, that’s alchemy. That’s light. And that’s why now you’re feeling better. Right? Right. Right, right. Do you? Do you think that, you know, there’s, I mean, there’s so many studies, I mean, you’ve probably know this, that our bodies will physically change based on what we’re surrounding ourselves with, based on what we believe. Right? So there was a study that I just read just a couple months ago, and I actually talked about it, I think, on a show, where they took a whole group of senior citizens, and they immersed them in an environment that was just like when they were in their 20s. So the furniture was that way, the music was that way. And when they got there, they measured them and weighed them and took their height. And do you know, I mean, did all these different things to get a baseline. And then, as they went on, throughout the study, they actually started showing markers of being younger based on that environment, right. So they started like throwing the ball and being able to walk without their cane. They actually got taller, their fingers got longer, which I guess is a marker, like your fingers sometimes get shorter as you get older, and their height changed, like all of these really subtle things to match their environment. Do you think that that is a component of the alchemical process is the like I’m creating this environment, right?

Yes. And this is why I’m here to tell people, this is one of the greatest gifts, I’m here to help humanity, you can live for hundreds of years, society has programmed you to think you only live to 70 or 80. That is bunk. We need to change that. You need to be careful how you use your consciousness, because with your consciousness, you’re changing molecules in your body. So if you think you’re only going to live to 7080, guess what? Good luck, you need to change that we need this. And here’s what I mean, I take it to the nth degree, I have not celebrated a birthday in 25 years, I do not celebrate other people’s birthdays, because it supports their demise. When people celebrate birthdays, you’re actually supporting a, a defunct paradigm, which teaches people every year you get older and older. It’s not that way. Unless you believe it, and then what happens is

celebrating and I might disagree with you on that. But that’s okay. But it based on what your belief is about the celebration that is that you’re getting older, or is it that you’ve had more time, you know, I think having more birthdays is a gift. I know, people close to me that didn’t get that privilege, you know, and so when I my mom died when I was in high school, and when I surpassed her she died when she was 41 when I surpassed that it was an honor to be able to live longer, you know, to be able to celebrate and continue to grow and to do new things. So I’m curious about that. But maybe that’s just my own belief around it. Maybe a lot of people don’t believe in that way.

Yeah, well, I mean, I, for me, it’s just a one of the it’s like a resonance inside.

Yeah, of how you

know that we can live hundreds of years. And it mainly starts health and wellness and longevity start in your consciousness first. Yeah. And then how you carry your energy. And this is what’s really the kicker for most people, they don’t understand that you can eat the healthiest food, you can eat healthy you drink healthy water, you can go do the grounding and stuff. But if inside, you feel how you’re carrying or if you feel a little sad, or it’s going to constrict your energy meridians, the Asian cultures, they call it cheat. They know if she is running through your body properly, you’re going to be healthy. But what happens is stress constricts and sticks the energy meridians doesn’t allow it to flow and now it’s kind of like you kink a hose, your garden hose and it doesn’t let stuff move and give your body light and information. So for me, the stress right now is killing people. And it’s altering people’s not only their body, but how they go out life and how they can produce because you know we are attracting magnets. But a lot of people are using affirmations meditation, but inside they have a weird feeling like they’re sad or depressed or they don’t feel good enough that emotion vibration goes out to the universe the universe just matches you what you’re doing emotionally so for me laws of attraction are too mental. For me, it should be get your body fit healthy, radiant, so you feel look awesome. So you’re pumping out a better emotional vibration and then the manifestations change and so people are you know, they’re doing it on a superficial level like affirmations laws of you need to change your inner core vibration and Dr. Joe dispenza goes into this. You got to change the chemistry in your brain and your emotions, that changes your life not writing down goals and said those things are okay, but you need to correct the core first then those other things are more expensive. stomach. Right? Right. Right, right? Well,

yeah. And he teaches to do it with meditation, right to become a piece of consciousness. And to expand, I spent some time last year with him at one of his events. And the thing that I noticed the most about it was really that it was like becoming to releasing that identity, right? We have these identities as we move through the planet. And it is releasing that even for the time that you’re in meditation, so that you can create this so that you can experience these moments of being a pure peace of consciousness and being that expansive person that you’re talking about, right being that that piece of energy.

Yeah, for me, I do it. I don’t meditate the way most people I go out in nature. And I merge with the earth.

Yeah. And that is meditative. Absolutely.

Yeah. And yeah, the miracles I had with animals. I just had a miracle last last week with a hawk. Yeah. And it was just straighten the tree above me. And I’m talking to the hawk. And it’s, it’s looking at me and it’s understanding what I’m saying. When you merge with the planet, you become one the animals view, you then as an extension of the universe, they don’t see you because most people, they come into the environment, animals and they immediately scurry, they take off. But when you view them as sacred beings, and you connect with our one with the planet, life responds to you totally different. I am last year,

I went to New Mexico and I stayed at the Santa Ana Pueblo. And I went for a walking meditation. And I was wanting to Dr. Joe’s, and I went for walking meditation. And I was telling some friends when I came home, that I had this really mystical experience in that. And I felt like the all the trees were talking to me. I felt like the grass was talking to me and they were like, were you drunk? were you doing drugs?

I was like, No, I wasn’t doing drugs.

I was like, I it was a moment. You know, it was like a mystical magical moment. But I was in full awareness. My eyes were open, and I was walking. So I totally get that what you’re saying.

Yeah, that’s

that’s called pure presence. And that’s where we’re supposed to be. Most of the time. The problem is we got all these blipping freak. Yeah. And I’m here to tell you that the mind is the impediment to human evolution, the mind has overtaken human consciousness, it actually has become a parasite. And I’ve had what you’re experiencing is called some odd tea. Some people call it some Monty, but it’s when the mind chatterbox stops. And you’re just one with everything. And it’s just pure awareness, and you’re in total bliss, and there’s no thoughts. There’s no enhance it. You’re just perfect. And that is what we’re supposed to be like, but this mind has taken a life of its own and has or serped human consciousness and evolution, then we need to take our power back. We need to be aware when you have that chatterbox going, you need to immediately disconnect yourself and start breathing. That’s why going out in nature is the best way to disconnect from that. Yeah, chatterbox. Yeah, right? Yeah.

I love that. That’s awesome. So tell me a little bit about you. On your, on your website, I saw something about magical meals. What? How would you describe that? Can you tell me?

Well, that’s a I’m creating a membership platform where I’m teaching people how to create these magical meals that are infused with light and consciousness. So not only do they taste yummy, they’re revolutionary, because I’m putting the ingredients together in a unique way. So what I the way I do, my nutrition is different than one other health people are doing. Most people are just putting healthy ingredients together, but they’re not clearing their food. They’re not alkalizing it. So for me, I’m making it fun, creative, delicious and healthy. And so it activates your superpowers because the deal is is your DNA and brain pineal gland people called pintada. They need to be activated testimony about the pineal

gland. For people that don’t understand what that is. Can you explain it?

Well, that’s the master gland that even the Egyptian cultures were showing in their hieroglyphs. The IRR when that that’s actually a cross section of the pineal gland of the brain, and the Egyptians and even the hermetics. It was all about alchemy. It was all about consciousness expansion. And it was teaching people how to do this turn your, what I call your soul force and activating your DNA piano gland. So you’re more of a direct conduit for source. Because if you don’t turn that stuff on, it’s kind of like your Wi Fi connection that’s kind of not working so well. You can’t really connect to the universe and I see a lot of people struggling, they’re meditating, do all these things, but they’re really they know something’s not right. It’s because they’re not taking care of their holy temple. They’re not preparing this vessel, to be a conduit and vehicle to have source stream live through you. When I go do my videos. I go outside all the time here in Sedona. Why? Because it allows me to be present but also to stream and I can stream video for 18 hours a day, 24 hours a day and I could talk straight why because Cuz I kind of connect with source and just allow, it’s not me thinking about it, if you’re thinking you’re gonna, you’re gonna wind up. It’s not gonna sound that great. But if you stream source live, the vibration of that coming out is totally different.

Yeah, I love it.

So pineal gland is the master gland. It’s kind of towards the sun, you know, its center of the brain. And it’s producing these biochemicals that it’s kind of transcending 3d physics. So So most of science is not going to know about this, but the Egyptian culture is we’re showing in the hieroglyphs that it’s all about the pineal gland, that if your pineal gland, if you’re healthy and vibrant, and you’re connecting with the planet, and your pineal glands, producing these unique biochemicals. It’s activating your, what I call superpowers, which is activating your DNA and you’re a higher conduit to be able to pull and stream source wisdom directly, no middlemen. See, the problem is today, we have too many middlemen, too many philosophies and boxes trying to teach you this is the holy grip. Everyone’s different. And the only true truth that you can tap into is source directly. Yeah, when you do that, your life changes. But if you’re constantly looking outside and and you know, there’s this, there’s this holy ground, there’s this box, people get confused, because that’s might not be your ultimate truth. So my ultimate truth is I go out in nature and I get downloaded. I don’t trust anyone else’s info Why? I’m willing to listen, but it might not be for my highest good. Yeah, yeah. So for me, I always tell people, you are the master, you’re here to be your own master, you got to stop having people tell you. So for me, when I coach someone, it’s I point people back to themselves. I’m listening, I’m intuitive, but then I go, Hey, you might want to look at this. But this is for you to figure out you cannot have somebody heal you uplift. This is your job. That’s your responsibility. So we need to be a little bit more proactive responsible. And what I teach is, if you work through the Holy Temple,

and yeah, to start there, right to start with your body and then expand out,

yeah, then it’s so much easier to connect. And once you start getting your high vibe and you start, then your life changes, then you don’t need anybody else to tell you how to take care of your body, how to expand your conscience and how to manifest better how to save your relationship, how to flow your finances, may you become your own master your own walking, son, you’re an illuminated son, that’s what we’re here to do is become this illuminate son, so we don’t need to look outside ourselves and

write I love it.

tell people how to find you. Are you on Instagram and on social media and all

that? Yeah, I’m on Instagram. Instagram is Zarya and underscore radian.

And I’ll make sure to put it in the show notes too.

Again, My website is zerion radian.com. And Facebook and I got YouTube videos, so people can just type in zeri radian YouTube, and I’ll pop up I have some alchemical videos there and kind of giving me I have a video series I do called consciousness vitamins. I love it. Yeah. And these are three to five minute videos where I’m just kind of giving you a new perspective of different topics of how you can uplift yourself, so you can go make a greater impact.

I love it. I love it. Thank you so much for being here. And I’m gonna come to Sedona and we’re gonna get together and you guys, this isn’t sometimes I asked people that are on my show. Can we get together and they’re like, no. But I talked to Zarya, and we are we’re gonna make it happen. So

when I come to Sedona, we’re gonna make that happen.

Oh, awesome. We’ll take I’ll take you on some epic hikes that some of the greatest views you will ever see in your life. I

love it. I can’t wait for that was awesome. Thank you so much.

Thank you, Betsy. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Thanks so much for listening today. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit an email it over to us at support at Betsy pake.com. And we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much, and I’ll see you next week.


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