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231: How to call in the right energy


This weeks episode I am recording from Philly where I am finishing some advanced NLP training. Calling in the right energy for what we want isn’t as difficult as we might feel like it is yet we need to be made aware of the unconscious cycle that running in the background. Join me for a discussion about calling in the energy of what you want.


Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker, and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big.

Hello, everybody. Welcome to the show. So I am recording this on my phone. If you listen to last week’s episode, you heard me talk about how I forgot my microphone, and I’m here in Philadelphia. So I am just trusting that this will come out as clear as it needs to be so that if you are meant to hear it, you hear it. So I’m just going to go with that I wanted to be I wanted to share some stuff this week. So welcome, fellow adventurers. Thank you for being here with me today. I am in Philadelphia, I think I mentioned this last week actually probably have mentioned it the past few weeks, but I’m in Philadelphia for an advanced nlp training. I have been a master NLP practitioner for several years. But I wanted my thing this for this year for 2020. Although everybody’s goals for 2020 have probably blown up a little bit. But my goal was that I wanted to be like an expert, I wanted to be truly embodying and living all of the principles of NLP. And to just know it, you know, there is a there is a level of knowing that is unconscious, right? When you get your car and drive, it’s probably an unconscious, knowing you just know how to do it, you’re not thinking about it. But if you remember, in the beginning, when you first started driving, you were really thinking about right, you were probably like gripping the tenant to buck clench, like really looking at everything nervous about how close you were to the line. And then over time, as you got more and more and more comfortable with it, your subconscious mind just sort of took over. And now you don’t even have to think about it, you just get in your car and drive. So I wanted to get to that level with all of the techniques and ways to help people shift and transform. I wanted it to be unconscious where somebody would say something, and I would know how to guide them without having that pause, you know, having that moment where I was pausing to think so.

So I decided I’m going to get I want to get trained to be able to train people to be able to board certified people to be hypnotherapists and master NLP practitioners. And so I found the company that I wanted to do it with. It’s actually the company that I had gotten hypnosis in my hypnotherapy certification with several years ago. So I was like, I want to do that. But with them, they want you to take all of their training. So I needed to redo my NLP practitioner, and I needed to redo my NLP master practitioner. So if you remember, at the beginning of the year, I wanted to be an expert. And so what better way the universe was like, well then redo it all. And so that’s what I decided to do, I decided to, you know, since this is the company that I chose, I wanted to just go full in and go all the way through and go all the way through their training. So then in March, I was, you know, a week into the training and COVID happened. And I decided to leave early. I left a couple days before the class actually ended because I lived I was in LA and I live all the way across the country, right? So I just didn’t feel comfortable staying. So the universe said, if you would like to be an expert, you should redo it. You should maybe do it a couple times. And so that’s what I was served up. So I took the training, I actually came home and I finished the training online and then I haven’t here now to redo the entire thing over again. So I’m almost done. I just have a few days left. I have been here it’ll be 14 days. So 1415 days by the time I leave. And so so I’m here learning this and so that is how come I’m recording on my phone and just trusting that it is coming through exactly the way that it needs to be.

I had big plans of coming to Philly and getting a cheesesteak and doing all the fiddly things. But it has been a really intense training and I’ve really been trying to study and you know, of course, work in the mornings, study in the evenings and make sure that I was really really not only integrating and not only learning everything but integrating it as well. So

on my way to become an expert when I am finished in January, I will be able to board certified you to be a hypnotherapist or I’m

Master NLP practitioner or an NLP practitioner,

I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to play out. But if you are interested in that, my my train, the trainer should be finished 2020 I was supposed to be finished in August now I will be finished in January, if all goes as planned. So

if you’re interested in all that, make sure you’re on my email list, you can just go to my website. And if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you can just put your name in and get on the list. So Alright, so that’s why I’m here. So today I wanted to talk about how to call in the right energy. You know, I think we all know, the idea of energy, if you’re here, you’ve probably been

working on your energy thinking about your energy now for quite a long time. And I think that there is a little bit of a disconnect, like we know how to, we know what it is right? I want to call in the right energy, the right energy is like good vibes, right? It is the thing that we want. It’s focusing on where we want to focus. But I think that there is a little bit of a disconnect of how to do that in a practical way, like, how do I actually call in the energy like me just saying, I’m calling in the energy? Or is there something that I need to be doing. And so I wanted to talk a little bit about that today. So one of the things that I have been actively working on is calling in the right people to my program. So I have a 10 week program that helps women leave, overwhelm and move into a place where they feel confident in their career, their relationships and their life and making decisions from a place of connecting to their intuition. And showing up in a really powerful way. I believe that when we can shed a lot of the things that are holding us down, and you’ve heard me talk about this before our cork can float, right, we are meant to float cork floating in the water and all of the layers of crap over the years, push the cork down and down and down. This is why when we meditate, it feels so good because it it releases that stuff and allows our cork to float. I think for lack of a better way to say at this moment, I help women float their cork. So when I think about calling in the right energy, it really is about floating my cork and looking for the right energy, that is a match to me. So I have been actively looking to bring in five new people, I want to start a small group, October 19, to go through my program. And so I’ve been actively calling in these people. So I want to talk about how I’m calling that in and what I’m actively doing. Okay.

So the idea is that when my energy matches the energy of the people that I’m calling in, they will find me they will feel connected to me. And they will feel called to take action, right? I’m sure a lot of you have been listening. And I know people come to me, and they’ve been listening for a long time. But it just wasn’t the right time to reach out and to start that process of doing this work together. And so when our energy matched is when you felt called, right. That’s when they feel called that’s when they reach out. And that’s when we are able to make that magic happen. And so, right now, I have been in a process of calling in the quote, right people who’s the right people, it’s the energy of my favorite clients. It’s the energy of the people that are so excited to do this work. It’s the energy of people that are ready to uplevel. It’s the energy of people that are

ready to release any like victim mentality or blaming. Like they just want to learn how to let that go, and to move forward. And I’m really swift way so that they’re running towards what they want, instead of simply pulling away from the things that they don’t want. So how do I call in that energy? What’s the path to do that? And I think that the very first thing is going to be getting really clear on who it is I want to call in. So let’s say you want to call in your perfect job. I would get really clear on what’s the energy of that perfect job. Someone else has that job right now. Right? What’s the energy of them? How are they showing up? What do they think? How do they act? You know, there are times where I have used a call it a board of directors where I have had pictures of like Sara Blakely who invented Spanx. I’ve had a picture of Tony Robbins I’ve had pictures of different authors are people that I admire, and I’ve put them on my desk and I call it my board of directors and if I am trying to figure out how do I take this next step, you know with Sara Blakely, she

invented Spanx. She created a billion dollar company without having any investors. I put her on my desk. And I say, how would you handle this problem? How would you see this? How would you and I channel that I go through how I think she would react. Now I understand how she would react or what she would think. Based on interviews I’ve watched, right? based on an I didn’t an episode on mentors,

a way back it was like in the 50s.

But in that I talked about, I talked about, one of the things that I would do is I would create, like, I would take Sara Blakely put her on my desk, and for a month, I would just listen to interviews about Sara Blakely, I would immerse myself so that I would really get to know this board of directors, who is this person? And so if there is a job that you want, I mean, use that, as an example, get really clear on who is the person that is amazing at that job, right? You want a promotion? Who’s great at that? How do they think, how do they react? What do they do in the morning? What kind of food do they eat? How do they walk? What kind of car do they drive? Like? What’s the attitude that takes that kind of car, that kind of food that kind of Do you see what I mean? So really getting into the energy of that. So how I did that was I really, I reached out to few of the people that I’ve worked with,

that were really fun to work with. Now, a lot of people that I’ve worked with have been really fun. In fact, everybody I’ve worked with I love, I think because I get to know people so well. And when you know people, you can’t help but really love them, right? We keep people at a distance. And that’s what makes us not see how lovable they are. But I just reached out to a few of the people that, you know, that I’ve kept in contact with really regularly and asked them a bunch of things about themselves. I wanted to really understand deeper some things that maybe I haven’t asked before, you know, what are the other podcasts you listen to? What are the books you read? What are the like, just to really understand how they think about things. You know, I started just noticing how they were posting and what they were saying, like, what’s the energy of them, because the energy of that amazing client that I love to work with, that’s what I wanted to be able to call in. So the very first thing you want to do is get really clear on the energy where you’re going, right? What is it that you’re looking for, and also the energy of the person that was ready to shift, right. And I know, for me, I’m always ready to shift. Like, there’s so much growth ahead for me. And, and I know my clients feel that too. So I am looking for people that are ready to shift that want to have this experience. They want to have this like life changing thing where they learn these tools, and they understand how to do it and it all clicks, right. So I want to get in the energy of that. So that’s number one get in the energy of where it is you want to go or what you are calling in. Okay, then the next part is really becoming a really great ambassador, for your mind. It is noticing, it’s almost it feels to me like a stepping back and observing myself. So what are the thoughts that I’m having? Right? What are the thoughts that come up for me, and I need to notice those thoughts, and I need to choose them. So I’m not just saying, okay, I noticed I’m having this thought, or I’m noticing I’m, I’m wondering if I’ll get the five perfect people. I noticed that thought if that thought comes into my mind, and I shift it, and I go back to the beliefs that I have that would support it. So this is why it’s so important to do belief work. This is why it’s so important to understand what your values are and what your beliefs are. Because when you know that it’s so much simpler to be able to shift because you have the new things to choose that are right there. It’s at the ready, right. So I’m going to give you an example. So if I had a feeling like if I had a thought, I’m going to go back to thoughts and feelings, if I had a thought, I wonder if I’m going to be able to pull in the five people that I want to pull in for October 19. If I have that thought I immediately start to support it with I have a strong belief that we are from source energy, and that we anything that we want is capable, the only thing holding me back is me. And so I can tap into that higher power and pull that energy and I can be able to connect to that. And I also have lots of different ways to connect to that energy. It’s not just by thinking about it, I have a variety of ways to be able to do that. Right. So noticing my thoughts and then being able to shift to what I already believe is true. And I’ve gotten so clear on what I already believe is true. That’s really simple.

For me to go, I don’t like that thought, it doesn’t feel good. And if it doesn’t feel good to me, that means it’s not true. So I’m going to remind myself of what is true. And as soon as I start to remind myself of what is true, I start to feel better. If I feel better, that means that I’ve tapped into truth, universal truth.

And we could go down a rabbit hole about that.

But if you feel something that doesn’t feel good, there is an untruth in it.

So and so let’s go to the second way. The second way that you can notice, if you’re on the energy, if you’re actually calling in the right energy, is to notice how you’re feeling. So your feelings are going to be a huge component of this. My soon as I wake up, am I feeling anxious? My feeling overwhelmed? Or am I feeling this like peace and excitement, because I’m calling in these people, right. So if I’m feeling overwhelmed, or if I feel anxious, then I, there’s a couple different things that I do. But I will immediately do a body scan, there’s something that I teach my clients to do. And it’s a real body scan, and to be able to pull out the energy out of my body of whatever it is that I’m that I’m feeling that I don’t like, right, so we can notice where it is in our body, we can notice the weight of it, the shape of it, the color of it, right, and we can manipulate that we can pull it out of our bodies, we can change it, we can turn it into something good. So I want you to just be able to notice, be able to take an inventory of what you are feeling and using your feelings as guidance. So when I feel that I can do this body scan, I can actually do an energy shift. But I can also say what are the thoughts that’s leading into this? Because if you remember, this is a feedback loop. My thoughts, thoughts are going to be the interaction with my mind and feelings are the interaction, the language of my body, right? So my so if I’m feeling something, I’m like, okay, there’s an underlying thought there. Do I know what it is? If I don’t know what it is, then there’s more work that we can do there to uncover that. But I can also start to deal with that feeling because it’s a feedback loop. So if I can change the feeling in my body, it’s going to give a different feedback to my brain, and then my brain is going to give a different feedback to my body. So I want to pause for a minute, and let’s say I wake up and I feel a little overwhelmed or a little anxious. And I start thinking about it. Remember, it’s a feedback loop. So I have a thought is giving my body and emotion. I go, oh my god, I’m having this motion, I start thinking about it. Right, I started thinking, let’s use money for an example. Because this happens with money with people a lot. I’m feeling stressed about money. So I have a feeling in my body. And then I start thinking oh my god, I have this feeling my body, this sinking feeling in my body, I’m worried about money and and then you start expanding on that, right? So you’re going back to your head thinking about it, thinking about it. Now your brain is going to communicate with your body that now you’re going to have all of these emotions in your body that are also supporting that thought and it becomes this feedback loop. So noticing the emotion is going to be really important. And doing that scan to be able to shift that in the moment, right? I don’t want to wait, if I can learn how to shift that in the moment can be really powerful. Because then I am consciously creating my reality. I’m not just letting things happen. I’m not just like waiting till there’s like a pile of crap to deal with and dealing with it in the moment. So I can move that energy out of my body. I can change those thoughts. So I can I can tap right I can use EFT I’ve done an episode on EFT I think it was like in the early one hundreds. I did an episode on EFT. EFT is such a powerful technique. And I teach my clients how to use it in a little bit different way to shift beliefs. But I think this can be so powerful in the moment, because our nervous system is heightened with thinking we’re thinking uncomfortable thoughts, we feel them in our body, our nervous system reacts. If we can calm our nervous system, I can change the energy of that. And now I’m calling in the right energy because I’ve moved to a place where I feel really good, right? So if I’m not feeling good, I can safely say I’m not calling in the right energy. I’m not pulling in the right energy, I have to be able to shift that. So noticing what I’m those thoughts that come into my mind noticing my feelings? And then the third thing is noticing my unconscious thoughts. So unconscious thoughts, how do I know? Well, emotion is going to be one of them. Also, I start to notice how I’m acting towards things. What’s my

reaction to things. Do I notice that I’m saying any things that are giving me clues? No, I, I’ve, I know, I’ve said this a million times, I always have a coach. And this is why, because somebody else can notice those patterns in my language much easier than I can. It’s unconscious, right? It’s unconscious, to me, these patterns are unconscious. And that’s why it’s really hard for me to see them myself. So when I can notice these thoughts, these words that come out, right, were thoughts that come out in words in my language, then I can start to notice the belief that supports that, and then I can start to change that belief. Remember, my who I am, and the experience I’m having is coming from my identity. Right. And I know, we’ve talked about this, but my identity is like the overarching thing, well, creating my identity and supporting my, my identity, or my values, and my beliefs. So if I notice in my language, those beliefs coming out, or words that indicate what my values might be, it’s so much easier for me to be able to make changes. And you know, that’s the work that we do in my in my group is really being able to change those in the moment so that you’re going, I noticed, you just said this, what does that mean to you? How can we, how can we ship this with a better belief, we break down the belief, and then we build up what we really want. So if you want to call in the right energy, for the conscious to consciously create the reality that you really want, we have to be checking on our energy, we have to get clear about what that is that we want to call in, right? We need to notice any thoughts that are coming up, we need to notice our emotions. And we need to have a mechanism to be able to notice the unconscious thoughts so that we can start those can start to become conscious. Once those start to become conscious, then we can create the reality that we want on purpose. Right? It’s almost like

with without making these unconscious things conscious if we’re just living unconsciously, it’s almost as if we’re going through a tollbooth. Right. So everyday, we’re going through this tollbooth, and we’re paying a toll. We pay a toll, we pay tall, we pay tall we pay at all. And we’re like, oh my god, I really want to get to this place. By the time I got, I get there, there’s not going to be anything left. I’ve paid all these tolls. Well imagine if you’re not having to pay the toll, if you’re just able to fly through, right, and the more you can control your energy, the more you can bring all that back, the less you’re dishing out to things that no longer serve you.

So being able to pull it back, keeping more energy inside you, as you’re moving towards the thing you want helps you to be able to create it in a way that feels less stressed. It feels more aligned, it feels more exciting that feels more like a conscious creator. Think about it. When you talk to some people that are like always doing cool things. They’re like things just happen for me. Right? Like, it’s so many coincidences, right? That’s not what it is. It’s that they have figured out how to not stop every single door booth. They’ve brought it in. And they’re calling in they’ve created consciously created a reality that’s fun and exciting. I think that when we get to that point, we start to see all these really cool coincidences, right, which we know aren’t really coincidences. It’s us aligning with the energy. So

if you would like to call in energy in the right way, take a look at that. Notice your life today. You know, I’ve talked before about that little chime app that I’ve used as a little green app. It’s nothing it’s so simple, but you can set it up on your phone. So it lets off like a teeny, tiny tribe. And you can set it for every hour or every 15 minutes, like whatever you want. But notice, start set the timer and do it like for a day. Do it like every 15 minutes. See what happens. See what you’re really thinking about? When it goes off? Go? What am I thinking about? You might be shocked how often you’re thinking

unconsciously because our unconscious patterns just run when we’re not conscious of it. You might be shocked how much you’re thinking, how much you hate your body, how, how much you’re not good enough how you’re never going to get there, how you’re never going to be like you might be shocked and if you are and you want help with that. You can just reach out to me. You can message me, you can set up a time on my calendar. Just go to Betsy Pake comm backslash let’s talk you can just DM me on Facebook, you can jump into my facebook group. It’s the art of living big calm and just reach out. Let’s just say

If we’re a match if I can help, if I can help shift something for you. So I hope that this was helpful if you enjoyed this episode, and you know somebody else that could benefit from it, please share it. Somebody asked in our Facebook group the other day about how do you know you’re loved? And I was like, Oh my God, when somebody shares my show, and like, they tagged me on Instagram, I think words of affirmation must be my love language. But that is when I go, Oh, my gosh, I love it. So thank you. Thank you so much to everybody that does that. Thank you for leaving me. Reviews, I do go in and check those. And it’s so fun. And helps me to be able to, to support you guys in a bigger way, right? Because when we’re getting our love language filled, it helps us to be able to keep doing the work that we’re doing. So thank you, thank you, thank you. If I can do anything for you, as always just reach out to us. You can reach out to support at Betsy pake.com. Email me message me whatever. So All right, you guys have an amazing, amazing week. And I will see you guys next week with with a microphone. That’s, that’s incredible. We’ll see you then.

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