234: A Soldier's Hands with Trish Shallenberger - Betsy Pake

234: A Soldier’s Hands with Trish Shallenberger


Today on the show I share my friend Trish Shallenberger. Trish is amazing and I think you are going to love her story of caring and action!

Trish Shallenberger, Founder of A Soldier’s Hands, has integrated youth education, volunteer support, fundraising, and leadership into an organization that cares for our deployed military in a uniquely touching way

For 13 years, all sprouting out of one conversation with a sunburned soldier on an overbooked flight from Dallas to Philadelphia – a flight she shouldn’t even have been on, and a seat next to her that shouldn’t even have been empty. – she has brought tears of joy and a new sense of belonging to over 10 thousand deployed military personnel around the planet. This is accomplished by individually wrapped gifts, packaged by grade school age children through retirees.

Trish has brought thousands of smiles and education about commitment, follow-through, and giving back, all the while ensuring that every member of every deployed unit she touches receives a personal, handwritten note, along with skin care, and goodles, all packaged with love from the home front.

The recognition and gratitude pour in continuously from all ranks and branches of the armed services. The 131st Cavalry/Team Vandal recognized her efforts with their Minuteman Statue award; she has been a guest speaker for Prospera Financial Services, Church & Dwight, as well numerous local and veterans clubs; and most importantly with many school assemblies and organizations such as the Girl Scouts. Trish’s efforts have been highlighted in local papers, on NBC10 and 6ABC in Philadelphia, and in multiple magazine publications. In addition, her work and charity will be featured in the Old Dominion University Alumni magazine this Fall.


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