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Hey, Hello fellow

adventurers. Welcome to today’s show. So if you’re new here, thank you so much for being here. I know that there’s a lot of podcasts to listen to. There’s a lot because I was looking for new ones

this week. And there’s a lot a lot of

podcasts. So the fact that you’re here, honestly, I’m so honored. I also before we start, I just want to thank there’s a couple people that left some new reviews on iTunes. You know, I know it seems silly, but I appreciate it so much. It is, um, you know, I love to do the show. And I’ve been doing it for a long time. I mean, I think we’re in like our fourth year or something. This is like Episode 235. I think so I mean, we’ve been doing it for a while. But it’s so so fun to get feedback from you guys. And to hear what you think, you know, it’s, it makes it worthwhile. You know what I mean? And it gives me fun stuff to tell my husband when he says you didn’t do such and such, you said you were gonna do and I can say Really? Well, j l schwank. said that she really enjoyed what I talked about, and that she likes how it’s presented. And it’s incredibly helpful. And she’s gonna listen to all the back episodes. He’s like, that has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. And I’m like, Yeah, but but other people like me. So thank you for giving me the fuel that other people like me. So anyway, thank you for doing that. Thanks for leaving a review. If you haven’t already leaved, left a review, there’s still time, there’s loads of time. There’s forever time, as long as the show is alive. So anyway, I have stuff to talk about today. That I was like, do I talk about this on the show? Like, is it a little weird, and I’ve sort of decided over the past week,

although I feel

like my filter has always been very low. You know, I don’t hold a whole lot back or hide who I am, I guess. But there are some times where the, the thoughts that I have, I’m like, I wonder if that’s too far out there. I have a friend that once said to me, he said, Betsy, you are like on a raft way out in the ocean. And we’re all on the shore. And your thinking is so far out in the ocean. Now. I think that if you’re listening to this show that you’re at least on my raft, if not just like on your own little raft close by. So I don’t feel like I’m that far out into the ocean with you guys. So I feel like it’s fine, I can go ahead and tell you my story. And I hope that it helps you. Now, I’m going to tell you the story. And I want you to know that when I’m saying the word you or me like if I’m talking about me, I’m also talking about you. So in this story, anything that’s being said about me, I believe is applicable to every single person. So although it might sound like I’m talking about me, I’m not I’m talking about you. I’m talking about the collective, I’m really talking about all of us. So let me explain. So this morning, so I have been this past week with the election, I have been, I’m really sidetracked, like focused on it. Um, I was about to say more so than I thought I would be but not any more than I thought I’d be I knew I would be.


my husband and I don’t totally agree on everything. And I say that just to say if you don’t agree with me, it’s totally okay. But for this

for the in

the purpose of this show, I’m just going to share how

I think

okay, so I am not a fan of Trump. I wanted Biden to win. I think he’s a nice, man. Okay, which that’s a whole other story. I think he’s a nice man. And for me, I just wanted kindness, you know? And, and I knew that even though the polls were saying stuff, you know, if you experienced four years ago, where you felt like you were so shocked that Donald Trump won it, we didn’t at least I didn’t want to get my hopes up. You know, I was just like, I don’t want to get my hopes up. So I just wouldn’t believe it, you know, until it was like the until the fat lady sings right. And in all of that, you know, I found like, I was watching TV. So last week with the election. I was watching like CNN And I’d put, I would go from CNN to Fox, like I was looking, listening to everything because I know that I can’t get unbiased news from any one source. I wanted to look at all of the news sources, right. But I found myself like, maybe it was like Thursday night, at like, three o’clock in the morning, I rolled over. And I thought, Oh, let me just check cnn.com. And literally, like, in the middle of the night, I checked to see if anything was different, and nothing was different. And so I was struggling last week, I just, I don’t like Limbo in any situation at all. And I just, I wanted some, like peace. You know, the election was a interesting one for me here at my home because my husband’s boss was in the election, right? My husband is the Assistant da here outside in the Atlanta area. I hope he’s okay, that I say that out loud. Anyway, so, you know, we were watching the election because of his boss to write to see if he was going to get reelected. And you know, what our part of our future is, again, Limbo, right? So with all that I was really on social media a lot. I was like checking stuff a lot, I have a thing that pops up on my phone that stops me from being on social media for too long. So like, if I’m on collectively, any social media sites for two hours, it will alert me and then shut it down. So I can’t be on. But I can override it. And all week long, it would be like your two hours ago. And I was like override override, like I was just zoned in.

Okay, so all that big, huge story just to say that this morning, I woke up at like five o’clock in the morning.

And I got this feeling. And I and you know, all feelings are a chemical reaction in our bodies that come from a thought. And it was kind of a weird feeling. And I was like, What is this feeling? It’s not really anxiety. It’s something else. And so I sat with it for a minute. And I was like, What is this feeling? Like? What is this trying to tell me. And I realized it was a like mild addiction to my phone. It was me wanting to check my phone. And as soon as I thought that, like as soon as I thought that it went away. And so it was almost like the acknowledgement of it made my body go, okay, she knows she’s got to check her phone. So of course, I didn’t check my phone. I was like, Well, no,

we’re not gonna do it.

And so I got up and I, you know, fed my dogs and got my coffee and all of that stuff. And I came upstairs and I grabbed my journal. Now I think I’ve shared with you guys before I use an app called day one. I’ve used it for years. And so I picked up my iPad, because I thought if I picked up my computer, I might look at emails, you know, just the temptation would be too much. But my iPad, for whatever reason, I just wouldn’t, I wouldn’t even check social media on it typically. So I opened that up, and so that I could just start journaling. And so this is how I usually start is I just type out like sort of how I’m feeling. So you know, so I typed out what I was feeling what happened in the morning, and how I wasn’t looking at my phone. So I still had not looked at my phone, you know, I was like, I’m not going to look at it till later, I don’t need to look at my email, I don’t need to look at any of that. And so I started my journaling, just writing out what I was feeling and going through and how my day was going. And then I asked the question that I always ask when I journal, I asked, What do I need to know today. And then I just get quiet. And I just toggle down and listen in to my unconscious. Now if you’ve taken no limits, my class I have talked about how your unconscious mind connects with the collective in the hoonah religion, right? the unconscious mind is also your gateway into the collective consciousness or into source energy. And so when I toggle down and I try and just I try and just like release, the part of me that’s Betsy, right, just to release that part, and listen in to what else is being said. Now, when this starts to come to me, I just start typing. I don’t think through it or analyzing it, the moment that I start, like trying to either make sense of it, or filter it in some way. I lose the connection. Like I just it goes away. And so I try and I don’t try i do i just release the part of me that’s me and my ego. The part of me that’s talking in my head all the time and I just let myself type. Now a lot of people don’t like to do it this way. A lot of people people when they do this, they like to write like even people just want the regular journal journaling they like to write, I think writing is awesome. I There used to be a time where I would write journals, I script a lot, there’s a podcast on that if you want to just search for scripting. But with day one, I’ve just used it so long that I just found if I’m quiet, and I shut my eyes, and I just rest my hands on the keyboard, I can just start typing. So my eyes are shut, and I’m typing. And again, I’m not making any sense of it, when it’s coming through later, when I read through it, then it will make sense, but it doesn’t typically make a ton of sense when I’m reading it.

Okay. So I asked,

What do I need to know today. And you think it would say, like, bring your raincoat or whatever, but now I get, this is what I get, I know who you are, without all the details of your life, without the structure around it, understand who you are. And when you do, your awareness will broaden. And there will be nothing that you can’t reach. So I was like, okay, so I have moments like I’m typing type typing, I get done. And there’s sort of like a break, you know, so then I read through it, know who you are, know who you are. So then I’m like, well, who am I? That’s the question I asked next. And I read it, I wrote it out Who am I, and if you are imposing this story, but if you are on my text list, you can text me, if you live in North America, you can text me, you can send a text to 770-343-3409 777-343-3409 it’s on my Instagram profile. So you can just hit text just underneath my bio, just text me anything, text me live big text me, hello, whatever, it’ll add you to my list. Now, if you’re on that list, the things that I send are things that I get in this time that I’m journaling. And you know, people are so awesome. And they respond back to those texts. And they say like, Oh my god, this is just what I needed. Here’s why. Because it didn’t come from me, it came from them. It came from the collective right, it comes from the collective consciousness, it comes from source, it comes from whatever it is I need to hear other people need to hear too, right? It’s not just for me, that would be nice, but I’m not any. Not any different. You know, it’s all the same. So, so Alright, so what do I need to know? No, today is to know who you are. So who am I? So this is about you, okay.

You are

magnificence personified. the very essence of you is award winning, you are the needle in the haystack. When you doubt yourself, you doubt the structure and the very nature of the world, the laws of nature and all the world around you. And then I get sometimes when I’m doing this, I get little funny things. So you’ll hear a couple little funny things in here. But the next thing I heard was, and I know you don’t mean to do that, right. And then I heard drop the persona and stand here naked in the truth of your beingness when you do love will attach itself to you and you will have no choice but to show that to the world. So Alright, so then at this point, so I get another little pause. So at this point, I’m like, okay, so basically like I’m magnificence personified, like that’s not even words I would use you can. So it’s like we’re awesome is basically it but when when we doubt ourselves, we’re doubting the we’re doubting source because we are source. Right? We wouldn’t be magnificence if we were not source. So if we’re doubting ourselves, we’re doubting the magnificence. We’re doubting source. And so what do I need to know today? All you need to know is who you really are. Okay, so then I get this. So, so it says, you know, when you do love will attach itself to you, and you’ll have no choice but to show that to the world. And then I got a little pause and I asked, How do I do that? That seems like a lot. So I heard care less about what is shown care more about noticing what is focused inward and what shows outward will be abundance, prosperity, love, patience, kindness, and ever loving wholeness. And so I asked, How do I do that every day. And I heard check in. Listen to your intuition and notice the things you have not been noticing. And then the funny little thing I heard was not getting on your phone has been a nice start. So Alright, so let’s go over this again. Because the I’m going to bring it all together here in a second. So So what do you need to know is that you need to know who you really are not the thing that you’re showing up as care less about what is shown. care more about what is focusing inward. And what will show outward is all the things you want. Kindness, love abundance, right? What was I just saying that I want Biden because I think he’s kind. I didn’t even put those two things together. But right, well, if you focus inside, what will show outside love, patience, kindness, ever loving wholeness, prosperity, abundance? So notice the things that you have not been noticing? Well, what are we create? What are we not created? What are we designed in our society to notice? What are we designed by default in our brains really, is to notice something that might be catastrophic to our existence, right? We we notice the rustle in the leaves, that tells us there’s a tiger. But since there’s no tiger and I don’t have to worry about getting my dinner out in the wilderness, the rustle in the leaves, becomes somebody not liking my post, the rustle in the leaves becomes somebody giving me a funny look or not responding to me in the way that I want. Where that rustle in the leaves used to be something out there, now the wrestle in the leaves has come really close. And it’s made me super hyper focused on all of that stuff. Because I think there’s something I’m supposed to notice. So I’ve got a listen in, I’ve got a check in internally, stop looking out there and check internally. Not getting on your phone has been a nice start. Like, well, that’s nice. Thank you.

So I,

I at this time, when I sat down, I should have prefaced with this, but it’s okay, you guys will fall. So when I sat down to do my journaling, I turned on my TV. And I have one of those TVs that has like, you can get like YouTube on it. You know, I think all TVs are made like that now where it’s got like Netflix is an app on it. You know what I mean, in YouTube. And there is these videos that I really like that are sound. So they might be like a crackling fire, or the ocean or rain and rain on a 10 rain on a tin roof. Like you have a lot of options if you look those up. But there’s also this really kind of animated, it kind of looks drawn. And it kind of looks real like almost like a drawing that was made to look realistic scene that is sort of moving. So if you’ve got like a waterfall, there’s a room and this waterfall outside the balcony, right? So you’re getting this whole, like visual thing. Okay? So if you can imagine I come up with my coffee, I get my iPad, I’m going to jump on the journal and I decide to turn on this sound. I really like the rain. You’d think I really like the ocean sound, but I actually prefer the rain on this app. Okay. So I turn that on. And the one that I pick, it’s always something different. Because, you know, YouTube’s always showing me something new that I would like and there was one that was this waterfall. Now to me. It looked like a really romantic pretty Airbnb. And then you have a balcony. And then outside the balcony is this waterfall like it was crazy fancy, right? Fun. Like I was like, Oh, this sounds so good. And then I sat there for a minute. And I looked and I looked through my own eyes and could imagine that I was sitting in that Airbnb, I could see the bed and I was sitting in the recliner, and I could see the waterfall, right. And I felt resistance. And I noticed that it felt like that’s too fancy for me. So I noticed that and then I get in to the journaling. What do I need to know and I get all of this stuff that I need to know and be aware of? And so I decided to ask. I decided to ask about this. Okay, so I asked the question, since I was getting such good stuff. I was like well, let’s go let’s find out some more stuff. So I said why do I doubt if abundance is for me? Why do I feel restriction around luxury? Now I categorize that as luxury because I don’t feel restriction around like I mean, I think I have a really nice home we have nice cars like I don’t feel restriction around that. But I will get restriction like if it’s too nice of a vacation. I will notice that I’ll do some self self sabotaging behaviors after that. sort of thing. And I felt that when I looked and pretended, because remember, my brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination or reality, I pretended I was there at what I decided was an Airbnb drinking my coffee looking at this waterfall. And I felt like Ah, no, not for me. Right? So I asked, Why do I doubt abundance is for me, why do I feel restriction around luxury and luxury was the key word in that, okay. So this is what I heard. And maybe this will resonate with you, because you discount the connection to who you really are. And you’ve mistakenly been thinking you are who you’re showing up, as in this experience. When you do that you attach your thinking, to all the experiences of this life of Betsy mcpheeters. That’s my maiden name, Neil mcpheeters. And when I think of myself, I think of that, okay. So when you do that, you attach your thinking to all the experiences of this life of Betsy mcpheeters, and her struggles and experiences, nothing could be further from the truth, you could waste your whole life trying to unpeel all those onions, that is a never ending onion, it’s so much faster to simply connect into the one that you are and live from there. This is simple and fast. Okay, so this, so basically, it’s bringing it all the way back to what it already said to me, which was remember who you are. So you are thinking you’re Betsy mcpheeters, right, you’re thinking you’re you. But you’re not, you’re just that right now, you’re actually something else showing up as you. And if you’re something else showing up as you then the only thing that’s stopping you is this version of you that thinks you’re you. And if you could just not think you’re you and instead think you are part of source energy part of something else, part

of who you really are, then none of these things would be an issue. And the thing I thought was funny was like, you know, because I talk about it with my work like unpeel the onion. And this is like, if you unpeel that onion, it would take you forever to unpeel that onion, that is one big onion. Like just allow the onion to be and see yourself as separate from it. You’re not the onion. And being able to see yourself as separate is freeing you from having to unpeel this giant thing.

Remember who you are.

So I said, How do I remember? And I heard allow yourself to remember, you know, it’s there. Just allow it have the understanding that this life has been a vehicle simply for experiences, for interactions for growth, and eventually getting back to the truth. If you’re clever. That’s the funny coming in again, I think I think that was supposed to be a joke by them. Him,

her, whatever, me.

I don’t know how to do this.

So let me say it again. So how do I remember, allow yourself to remember, you know, it’s there, just allow it have the understanding that this life has simply been a vehicle for experiences for interaction for growth, and eventually getting back to the truth. If you’re clever, feel expansive, feel your connection. So then I asked what about my dogs? Because I really love my dogs, you guys. So I heard Yes, your dogs are here to sweeten the experience to remind you of pure joy and love. But that can exist between people too, if they know how to drop the facade to remember that they are not who they think they are. They are more and they are everything. See how good your connection is when you haven’t clogged it up with stuff of lack and competition, which I’m assuming they’re talking about the phone and the social media. I know I know. And it said you can have this every day if you choose it, choose it.


that is what I wanted to share with you. I wanted to share with you the idea that maybe you’re not who you think you are, that maybe you could drop the facade and be what you are, which is pure love, abundance, patience, kindness, happiness, joy, the same stuff of of dogs and God and source and you. So whatever you want to do with that.

I would love

To know if you’re going to do something with that, I’m deciding I’m, I’m actively trying to remind myself throughout the day, of, of who I am, and with the limitations that I placed on myself I know are just Betsy mcpheeters, placing those limitations in my way to protect me and to keep me safe from something that she perceives because of her past. But I’m not this, I’m having this experience, but I’m not this experience. I drove my husband to the doctor this morning, he had to get a colonoscopy. You guys should get one if you need one. I know he would appreciate me spreading the good news about that. It wasn’t even bad, he said. But while I was driving, I felt like I’m like I didn’t fit in my car. I mean, I fit in my car. Physically, I felt like bigger. I felt like super expansive, almost as if I was looking down on myself driving the car. And it felt really good. And today, I was really happy. And I did a lot of connections with people that I’d wanted to connect with. And it was surprising to me how when I wasn’t holding myself back from because of the thoughts that I was having. That I didn’t even realize were there. But when they were gone, it felt so freeing. So join me jump into the deep end. Come way out to the raft in the ocean. I know that that’s where you belong. All right. I love you all so much. I’ll see you next week. Oh, and don’t forget leave me a review on iTunes because it makes me happy and tell your friends. I bet you have some friends that need to know this good news too. All right, I’ll see you next week. Thank you so much for being here and for listening to today’s episode. If you liked it and got something out of it please be sure to share with me by leaving a review over on iTunes. And if you’re not following on social media, I am everywhere at Betsy Pake but most of the time over on Instagram, so follow and comment on my latest post so that we can connect there. I will see you next week. And until then, keep living big


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