237: Intuitive Resolutions Expert Kat Mische Elle - Betsy Pake

237: Intuitive Resolutions Expert Kat Mische Elle


Meet my friend Kat.

She is an Intuitive Resolutions Expert who helps hard working and fatigued individuals launch into the best versions of themselves through a perfected method of Quantum Voyance Integration.

On todays show I talk to Kat and then I had a session with her and at the end of the show I report back what I experienced. (it’s incredible!)

Find her at her website here: http://quantumvoyanceintegration.com/

Check her out on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/quantumvoyanceintegration/


Welcome to The Art of Living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an author, speaker, Master hypnotherapist and NLP coach, and I help high achievers rewire for success. If you’re ready for the next level, you’re in the right place. Over the next 30 minutes, I hope to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everyone. Welcome to today’s show. So okay, so let me tell you a couple things about this show and kind of what you’re about to hear. So I have an interview with my friend cat that is magical and Amazing. It’s amazing. She’s amazing. And what I want to tell you is at the end of the interview, you’ll you’ll hear us like say goodbye. But stay, Don’t hang up. Don’t stop listening. Because I did a session with her and I’m going to tell you about that session at the end. Okay. All right. So don’t fast forward, because I have a couple quick things to tell you. So this week, it is the day before Thanksgiving. I’m recording this. This week, the doors are open for the membership for the alchemy collective. Now the reason I even say it like this is because I realized talking to some people over the last month that they had been following along and listening to the podcast, but they didn’t know about the membership. They didn’t know about some of the things that I do. So I have two quick things. One is the alchemy, collective membership is open, you can jump in there, just go to my website, backslash alchemy, or you can just look for it on the website, you’ll see it there. The second thing I want to tell you is I typically do not do one on one sessions or like we’re like one off sessions, right. So I do packages with people. I am doing a special for Black Friday. I mean, I don’t I don’t know that I’ve done this in like, I don’t know, maybe a year, maybe more than a year, year and a half probably. But if you would like to have a two hour deep dive with me, it is such a fun session, the deep dives, we can change so much in two hours. It’s super powerful. I am literally only offering a handful of these just because of time. And if you listen to last week’s episode, my house is on the market. So I’m going to be moving soon. And I thought they might be great gifts. Like if you wanted to work with me, you could give the link to somebody and they could buy it for you and then you could use it sometime after Christmas.

I’ll do a digital gift certificate for you. So whatever it is that however you want to do that. If you go to my website right at the top, you’ll see a button right at the very top that says Black Friday special or you can just go to my website Betsy Pake comm backslash Black Friday, but when those spots are gone, then they’re gone. Maybe I’ll put something else up for Black Friday after those spots are gone, but I’m just gonna sell a handful of those. So grab one, I am excited to get to work with you. Okay, so now let’s dive into this interview and just remember, stay after we say goodbye because I want to tell you about my amazing session with Kat. All right, here we go. Let’s go to the show.

Hey, everyone, welcome to this week’s episode of The Art of Living big. I’m excited because today I have a guest my friend Kat Michelle. Hey Kat.

Hi, aloha Betty.

Okay, so I want to pause, I want to pause because all my listeners know I’m a big huge fan of the beach. So the fact that you just said Aloha, it just brings me joy. I’m in a happy place.

So I’m excited you’re on the show today. Tell everybody a little bit about you and what you do. I am what some people have called an intuitive resolutions expert. I work with a proprietary blend of skillsets that I call Quantum voyance integration. intriguing quantum points integration. So how did you even discover that like what has been your journey to be able to get to the point where you’re doing this work? Well, the journey has been very interesting. Um, I, you know, came into this life I was born with a certain skill set that I didn’t realize was a skill set. It was just me being me in the world.

And as I like to fast forward as I got older, I’ve learned a little bit more exactly what it was that was swirling around within me and a man who was very well versed in quantum physics and some other information helped me fine tune what it is I’m doing and come to find out that it’s a blend of remote viewing, clairvoyance, clear kinetic and clear audio applications.

That I have to be able to reach clients at any distance around the globe and work with their self care, their wellness care. All right, so can we break this down a little bit? Can we break down? Like what? First you started with remote viewing? Can you tell us like what that is?

remote viewing is being able to

eyes opened or closed, being able to drop into where another person is,

at any distance, wherever they may be, and being able to see their physical structure, their environment, etc.

That’s the club remote viewing part. And so, so did you were you just always able to do that, like, even as a little kid, I was. And I didn’t know that. That’s what I was doing. I was told a lot that I was daydreaming. But then daydreaming led into being wherever we arrived with the family at someone’s house, or a trip or something. The exact same image that I was seeing before we even left the house, you know, I’m talking third grade, fourth grade fifth grade. Yeah, yeah. Um, I would we would arrive and there would be that exact image. And so you were like, were you confused by that?

Well, yes. And then, um, I didn’t know how to place it. Because when I kept saying, have we been here before, I said that a lot. My parents would laugh and sometimes be embarrassed because we’re like, oh, whoa, whoa, no, no, no, honey, you know, we just met these people, or we’re just here.

But either if I’ve been here before, or I would say things like, Oh, I knew that was going to happen, or this must be over there. And, yeah, so it was hard to put into words. More than that. And that’s just how I would describe my, how I guess my moments were so

it’s fascinating. Okay, so that part’s fascinating. I want to get into the other stuff, too. But I have another question about this. So So you had this ever since you were little, it just kind of happened? You would say that? Were your parents? Like when did you figure out what it was?

Not until I was older, not until I was into my 20s when you know, you’re an adult, you have access to traveling anywhere you want in the world books, environments.

Anything so it took breaking out of the gated community, so to speak, that I was in that I grew up in,

but very specific points of view for me to start stumbling across. Literally literature, people with different knowledge and things and it just the pieces started coming together. Huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So you started like kind of connecting the dots on your own? Right. From Like, seriously, like, in the most? I would say in a funny way. Some will remember, you know, how the 90s were very,

you know, call Cleo on the phone? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. All right. And I would everyone, of course, laughed at that. You’d see her she was very theatrical. It was fantastic. Like, you know, sure. But um, it did you know, when you would start to hear that other people talk about the word psychic, and that word got students just it makes me I don’t like that word. It is so too dated and whatnot. But when I would hear the referencing to that, it would start to just illuminate a little bit around what I felt or perceived that was happening within my life. Right, right. Yeah, yeah. So Alright, so then you said a couple other things. You said clairvoyance and a couple other Claire’s Can you

sure yeah clairvoyance Claire kinetic and Claire audio. That’s where then the segment of more being in school the you know, the daydreaming where it was blended. So if I was on our way to school, and I would be looking out the window, you know, all of us kids are in the car and I was always quiet I love my time to just look at the window is on the journey, getting to the school. And um, there would be specific scenarios between the cluster of kids that I knew and when that would happen, I would say I knew that was going to happen to the point where I ended up two girls started to punch me and and harass me and you know, so I stopped saying it but then again, I know I kind of step back just a bit, but that’s where the blend between the remote viewing and the clear buoyancy was happening all the time without effort without intention. The clear Connecticut audio developed more as I was getting older, and especially like around preteen that I could feel an environment before I get there.

And especially when I walked in, I could feel the thoughts of the people in the room when and then the vibration of those lungs would actually form into words. So when I say I’m listening to their thoughts, it’s not like I’m hearing people talking. But yeah, but the vibration if we’re talking to ourselves, and we’re coming up with ideas, as you know, I mean, there is a frequency that’s starting to happen. And then you know, the communication can be, so I could feel the rooms. And then I was doing a lot of running into the kitchen. And my mom would say, What? My phone was ringing and she said, No, it isn’t. And again, you know, the snicker. I mean, loving her laughing Yeah, totally. Yeah. Or silly girl. Yeah. And then within three minutes, the phone would ring and this is these are dial phones. These are not cell phones. This is pre cell phone.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So again, as I said, getting in my 20s, and 30s. I was listening to things and reading things. And all of these things had an actual definition. And to me, they were just me. So it brought me some relief, actually, because I know God being like this when no one else could.

could join me in on the conversation of a yummy too. In my world. Yes, yes. Totally. So So clairvoyance is is what?

Um, I guess the fancy term for being psychic.

Okay. And then.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So clear. Claire. Kinetic is that we said that’s more like the feeling right? Yeah. Mm hmm. Yes. And then Claire audio, I’m assuming as the hearing. Yes. Yeah. So being able to hear things from a distance or before it arrives, right. Like the like the self or the telephone thing. Right. Okay. So and then clairvoyance is just like an overarching thought, or is that like, what part is that? Because I’m just trying to I’m trying to put them into buckets. I think it might. Because I don’t understand. So okay, so remote viewing. I totally get that. Yeah. Audio thing. I get that the feeling one. I get that. And clairvoyance is is what is really like a combination of them or, yeah. I mean, it’s it’s more of a of having the vision. Having Yes, yes, yes. Yes. Gotcha. Yeah. Yeah. And that is also like, Oh, sorry. No, you go God. It’s, um, you know, it can be a past present and future tense with clairvoyance.

Oh, okay. So it could be something in the past you’re sensing or something in the future that you’re sensing? That I’m seeing? Yes. Seeing okay. So this is fascinating. So I had a one of my best girlfriends on Trish from Episode 208. And now that’s how she’s known when I say her name to people. I’m like, you know, Trish from Episode Two away. Episode, she really is now her last name. Yeah. Um, but I had her on. And that was one of the things too is like, her life started to make sense, right. Like things clicked into place when she started understanding that this wasn’t this was unique to her, instead of how everybody saw the world because it was a little confusing. Like, she just thought everybody had these things happen. Yes. Right. And I’ve had some people say, Well, can you teach me and that it’s, like, that would be asking, too, for me to teach them how their heart is beating like I yes. Yeah. Right. And I mean, those that I’ve seen, you know, there’s, there’s courses, there’s things I think there’s some other applications. I know that us, you know, I know that everyone is, is is within a capable realm they have to be I mean, we’re all we’re all in the same form. I guess it just depends on how fine tuned that wiring is when you come into the world or to when you’re ready to own it, or Yeah, what not? Yeah, well, yeah. Cuz we’re all like antennas. Really. Right? Yes. And that and when I referenced with my clients, when I do my sessions with them, oh, really like an antenna that they’re like an antenna and you’re an antenna and you’re just kind of connecting the, the wires. Right and,

and then when I do the sessions that I do, I mean, I can get into that later, but it helps to repitch and fine tune their accuracies within themselves. Oh, okay. Fascinating. Okay, cool. So, you know, I have seen some of those things. I have asked my friend Trish before, could you teach somebody how to do it and she was like, I don’t know how I would teach this. Do you think you can teach like, you can teach like,

you know, like, you can

teach some of it to an extent I think is what I’m saying like Laura day, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Laura day. But she was a mentor of mine for a while. And she does teach that in a in a way, right? It is just fine tuning what you’re already doing. Right. So getting a target, right, focusing in on something, seeing what how you feel in your body. Like I think those things that maybe people aren’t aware of, you know, that, that they may be having experiences that they just haven’t been aware of, you know, in their body and how all those things. I think that can be really helpful. But I think to get I think everybody is capable of being at your level, but it’s it is not probable. Well, my feeling Yeah, I guess, you know, the best way to think of it is like some people are genetically blessed being born, like, you know, like our beloved Kobe Bryant, you know, amazing athlete, like, sure everyone can learn the game of basketball, they can go to all the same practices that he had, right? But he was naturally born with a certain finesse or his desire to master it was maybe stronger than others, or whatever the factors are. There’s just, there’s just some things that come into this world a little bit easier from the get go. Not that everything can’t be mastered by everyone. There’s just Sure, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I totally get that. Okay. So tell me how you use all this stuff, to work with your clients, because it’s not just like, connect, like my friend Trish will connect with people and, like, share what she’s seeing. But you do more than that. It’s a little different than that, right? Yeah, it is, um, it started

with growing up on a property. It was a farm basically, but not like a technical farm. It’s just my parents love to collect animals. And we ended up with, I mean, everything on a farm was on our acreage so and when they were being born, or when they were hurt or things I

was doing things that I just thought I was holding, and loving, right holding, loving or helping with something, not knowing that when you’re an old, when you’re older, they’re like, Oh, you were helping assist in their getting better and helping with their healing or helping with whatever. So. Right? And where it first started, as I got, you know, older and I had been in my, in my home office, I was 20 years massage therapist with medical massage therapy applications. So that’s why my clientele was so big, because I was incorporating this work in with the hands on. And I admit, I didn’t always say that this is what I was doing.

Just because general perception, I didn’t want people looking at me, like I grew a second head by just saying I’m gonna throw in rain. Sure. Right. So I just you know, but they just didn’t know that they left feeling really lifted and shifted, and it was great. Well, then things started do a shift, and actually a year before the COVID thing. So this was like in 2008 teen no 19 one year away in anymore. I know.

I just know, it was exactly one March. So it was in 2019. I said, You know, I think to myself, I think I’d like to try to work with more people from a distance. With my clients. I have about four or five clients for many years that were Hawaii is maybe their second or third home. And they traveled from here to West Coast, East Coast Europe, and they go back and forth. So you know, I felt comfortable sharing with them. The other things I can include in the work the quantum points integration work and so they you know, being in Maui, it’s, it’s kind of acceptable, this kind of lingo. Yeah, and it got it really easy. And so we lined up times when they would travel in different time zones. So I would line it up here, they light it up there it would be like within a few hours after they got to their hotel room, and we would drop in and I would do a session with them.

And it would line them up to be on point with their timezone so they didn’t suffer with jetlag, not was repitching the frequency grid lines within themselves. Which Okay, wait,

wait, I’m gonna write that down frequency would you say frequency guide? a grid lines, grid lines. Okay, keep going and then we’re going back to find out what that is. Okay.

I’m obsessed with all of this. You’re amazing. This is so fun. Okay, okay, keep going.

So yeah, they would, uh, you know, they get just refreshed. They’re on point to their time zone and then their businesses.

Their meetings and what they needed to accomplish While they were there was a lot more productive without that downtime, and so that’s just, you know, I would line that up with them. And it was just like these four people for about 15 years. And then the rest was just always my hands on work. And then one of them lovingly, firmly kept saying, Listen, you need to take this beyond Maui. And I was all okay, I live on Maui. So I don’t know what to do. And anyway, so I’ve only had a website for my work for three years and all of my years of working because of this encouragement from people. And from then then, you know, yes, I’ve been getting more exposure. And then you know, it’s been growing. And now I have clients in

11 countries. So yeah, so cool. You’re international? I am now I am. Yeah, you are? You’re an international expert.

Yeah, from floating around in the dead center of the Pacific to now reaching around the globe. I had said to someone now two years ago, when she said, what would be like a mission statement for you? And I said, a mission statement. I don’t know about a statement. But I would love to work with at least one person in every country on the globe. Because like, you understand what the butterfly effect is, right? I do. Yeah. But you can give a quick recap, if somebody doesn’t know, okay, well, it’s the theory that just even one flutter of the vibration from a butterfly’s wing, happens, let’s say on Maui, it will reach around the whole globe. And they give like, that’s an estimated time, etc. But just showing how, you know, just the wind or whatever will shift based on that. Yeah, yes, like everything. Yeah. And the work that I do when it helps to, it removes and clears up

all the old scripts that someone may be walking around with, from either their whole life, or maybe in the last 10 years of a crappy era or something, when all of that has been lifted, and shifted off. Like that, their household will feel different, they will feel different, you know, you’ve noticed that right? When you’re around people, if they’re in a good or bad mood, whether they’re speaking or not, you can just feel them. So if someone you know, they shift, and they have left all this junk behind, now they feel different steps stepping forward in the world, and their environment is affected. And then that that

just that that butterfly effect that moving forward effect. And I you know, if I can work with maybe this is my my vision, work with maybe one person in every location, hopefully that can give relief to areas further and wider, you know, extending from them just yet. There’s just so much going on, like sort of like a compound effect, right? The shift. Mm hmm. Yeah. I love that. Okay, so tell me about this frequency grid. Do we all have a frequency grid? We do? Well, and when I work with clients, this is the thing when I work with people, and actually I work with a lot of animals to people who really love their animals. They,

when I work with a client, I’m happy to give their pet a session just because they share a little entity together, right? I mean, are yet some things. So I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed with my dog. If you

if anybody’s listening, they follow me on Instagram. It’s like a lot of dog content. But we love our pets, right? I mean, that’s part of our family. Absolutely, yes. And they take on our stuff, right? They feel it if we’re blue, and they feel it when we’re excited and happy. And you know, same thing. We ended up sharing so much time with them, they are our companions and our love. So, um, but yes, so when I when I work with someone,

once I drop in when they are and I close my eyes, and I’m going in

working with them, it’s like they’re going through almost like an X ray. And I will see these grid lines and like a really long math equation. So there’s no emotions in this equation, if you will, the body the person and

what I’ll just see, I guess it’s the best. Another way to describe it would be like referencing a computer where I’m cleaning up the cache and cleaning up the cookies and giving a better operating system. There you go.

A hard drive that doesn’t have anything to slow down the process is a good way.

Okay, so fascinating. Okay, so you actually physically see something that is like these grid lines? Yes. And within that, it’ll show where there are pockets.

In the physical body, or the stagnation is at a low, like something’s not holding point.

Because I do work with the principles of, you know, physical body, emotional body, spiritual body, they’re three separate houses, if you will, but they all hold hands. And if you have one that’s off, it’s like a domino effect, someone feels better physically, they tend to be happier and more productive in life. Someone is emotionally tattered,

you know, to buckle in, they tend to get compressed physically, and they just feel really sluggish.

within their physical body, so and then spiritual body. I mean, when everything’s in balance, we feel so plugged in and so connected, even I mean, without effort, you know, without needing to take that time to make sure you meditate, you just know that you’re plugged in. Are there? Is there one part of that that’s better than the other? Like, if my spiritual body is aligned, can everything else be off? And I’m still okay, or is there one that’s more important? Does that make sense? My question, sure, yeah, no, there’s not one that’s more important than the other, those are the three houses.

That of our, of our walking existence.

If we’re here, it’s, you know, we’re in the vessel, the vessel is what scoots, our little spirit body around the crust of this globe. So if, if that’s off, the spirit really can’t go forward. But if you’re talking like soul connection to like source to God to universe, that you’re never not plugged into that, it’s always waiting for you to amplify your experience while you’re here. So that never goes away. It’s spirit meaning like feeling that assistance of a spirit or spirit body, or it could be, you know, from the wind to the animals to an actual deity to whatever it is, that’s where the spiritual house is. And sometimes if we feel abandoned in, in one respect, maybe from a partner from a friend from an employment or something,

you know, those of us that have a love and connection to that we you know, we look to that, for that help like that friend to pick us up. But But your soul is never not connected. Mm hmm. Okay, I love this. Okay, I have more questions. Can I keep asking questions? Of course. Okay. I love this so much cat. Okay. So when so you go. So you go into these grid lines, you see something like you physically, I’m going to say physically see it, but you see something? Yep. And then is to do you see, do you see the three things? Is it three dimensional? Or is it just you look at it and you know, Oh, this? Is this the physical house that’s got an issue or like, do you sure? How do you know which is which? Well, I mean, like, I guess a good way to also look at it is,

you know, what a CAT scan looks like right, more three dimensional than X ray. Right? So why? So that’s a the best way I can describe how to look at a physical body. But when I see that, I will see the energy pockets, as I said, where the body might be feeling physically held up. And as soon as that is dislodged, the body will feel physically freer. And where the dominant will go from there. When the body feels physically freer, the emotional body feels more lifted. When I’m one of my top clients usually reached me, they’ll say, I mean, and people, you know, they’re amazing. We know how to persevere. And it’s like, by nature to know how to keep on with keeping on right? So yeah, um, by the time people see me, they’ll say, Oh, I just have insomnia. Well, I already know from the hundreds and hundreds of people I’ve worked with to this point, that

insomnia, there’s about 20 layers underneath that, that have led finally to what someone’s value system is of a breaking point. Right? Like, they could maybe take the crappy conversations, the work that doesn’t satisfy them, you know, like, whatever it is, they’re like, I can deal I can deal I can deal. But now they find themselves at some point, not sleeping, and they’re like, I’ve got an issue. I can’t sleep, while all the other stuff has been been drawn to this individual for that to finally be the capper. So that’s why when I say I work with all aspects to say, is one better than the other then it’s not it’s they’re all they’re all important, right? Yeah, that makes sense. So do you find that like my friend Trish, and this is just what I’m comparing it to? That’s why I’m asking the question. And I realize you guys do a little different things, but like, she can’t

Turn it off. So, you know, like she doesn’t like to like she will not go to New Orleans with me. She’s like, I’m not gonna go there. Like, do you have that where you can’t turn it off?

I were I that’s beautiful. She and I should probably chat some time. Yeah, yeah. You said, Well, yeah, no, I, I work extra hard to keep it in a certain facet because for many years,

people wouldn’t believe that I like they met me. I Oh, you know, because I’m the person in the room I’m talking I have no problem being social. Here you go. But I love being at home. And they wouldn’t believe how much I would prefer being an introvert. You know, own that more than extrovert, because I genuinely am excited to be alive. Like, I love being in life. I love the colors, the sounds everything.

And I need a tremendous amount of time for a reboot. So like anyone who you have you’ve seen the movie? Um, of course you have you must have an avatar, right? Yeah, yeah. So not to this degree. But you know, when they took their ponytails, and they connected it to the Wisdom Tree, or that the tree of the ancients or the elders or whatever it was, uh huh. And they could hear like all the pasts and people and talking Do you remember that moment? Well, I don’t because I watch movies, and then I completely don’t know what I watched. Okay.

Sorry, but I do I know, I’ve seen it years ago. But you tell you keep saying it. And then and then I’m gonna watch it now. I’m gonna watch it.

Yeah, well, when I saw that movie, I mean, I had tears coming down my face, just that whole movie throughout. It was the closest thing to speaking me that I’ve ever seen in something. And I was looking around at people but okay, I’m an adult. I’m not a child. Like, just try to, you know, but I was very moved by things that were resonating for me. But which makes you wonder who helped make the movie right? If they don’t have some sort of what you have? You really mean? There’s predictive programming, you know, they put there’s there’s thing people who want to say what they want to say, you make it fiction, then you’re off the hook.

Oh, right. Yes. Totally. Yeah, right. Yeah. You make it with some cartoons and some fan dazzle scenario, like little screen play written around what you want to say. You can put it out there. So you think there’s a lot of programming that’s like,

that comes out that then the thing comes out, but really you think it was unknown? But new? It seems to me that there’s a lot of I mean, I’ll be watching something and you hear something? I mean, haven’t you watched anything yourself? were like, huh?

Yeah, even though it was still super fun, and maybe funny and whatnot. I feel like there’s a lot of people who want to say more, but don’t don’t Yeah, for the sake of whatever they feel would be holding them back if they did. So yeah. That’s why when I Oh, sorry, No, you go, you’ll go? Well, when I work with clients, you know, when I talk with them, and they tell me, you know, I’ll ask what they perceive is coming up for them. Because it is our perceptions that land is where we are. And that is going to be different for every person through life story, what you observed as a kid the different filters on how that will mean to you 10 different people will witness one event 10 different people will have 10 different absolute truths. So, right, you know, so when I work with a client, and like we were I say, wade into this, because we’re talking about, you know, movies or books or messages, I don’t need a story or script, I don’t need to be told anything. I just like to hear where a client perceives. Their their situation is. I mean, just because the voice is powerful. And this does help with an additional unplugging. But when I work with someone, yeah, um, it does it is from a beautiful neutral standpoint. And the end result is still the same and pretty, pretty frame.

It’s amazing. Okay, so do dogs have the or animals do they have gridlines too? Is it the same? Yeah, yes. any living thing? That’s right, sorry. We got off track here friend about the outside going outside? Um, yes. Don’t have grid lines. They have same thing with people. That’s I mean, every living moving thing has Yeah. Are you a vegetarian? I was for many years and I’m going to say predominantly, but I do dairy. I kind of have a challenge with anything that has eyes.

Yeah, yeah, that’s what I that’s why I was asking.

Yeah, if Yeah, cuz? No, like having seen that, right because we have Yes, sort of a sterilized view of animals that we eat right we’re separated from it in terms of eating them this is something that I’m exploring my own self personally in the last few months but um but then knowing that there is this the the it’s not just it’s not just food that happens to be alive right it is spiritual being it is right seeing that must shift things. Well, it does because I can hear their thoughts, which is why that makes it hard. Yeah, me. You know, and again, the same way when I said I, I walk into a room and I love that I love this conversation so much. I got it.

I could talk for like two hours. Okay. Okay, so I’m starting to hyperventilate, cat, this is what happens. I get really excited. Okay, so what when you say you can hear their thoughts? I know, I know, this is I’m going to ask a question that you probably can’t even answer because I’m asking a specific question, but I’m asking it generally, but do they think differently than us? Or is it like, Is it like we always hear like, birds have birdbrain right. So they’re not really thinking, like, in my head. I’m like, they’re not really thinking real fast. They’re thinking like bird thoughts. But is there is it? Are there similarities? I guess

their thoughts don’t come with a like our language right? That’s why that’s what you’re saying is comparing them to us with our level of you know, we can just phonetically speak something here we are and someone hears us theirs is in song It’s it’s their communication their but their primal which we are first and foremost primal. Okay. Yeah, we we are and then we have we are spiritually entwined from there and move on up through then. sophistication into intellectual enhancement. Okay, fine. But if you’ve ever watched a mom, no matter what species, they, they guard, they protect their little ones. They, you know, it’s it’s all the same. And I’ve watched it in every scenario. I mean, you can watch it even with, I forget what it is. It’s like a spider. She gets all kinds of wicked if you come near some of her babies like, right, right. Yeah. So from that primal standpoint, all the same, the languaging is different, but the same thing of feeling their environment. I mean, we live here Earth, but imagine being or maybe I want to make it another planet, but like, take yourself out of wherever you live to a brand new country and you’re sitting there and you don’t know the language and you’re watching the things move around. All you have is your senses sensing on how Okay, watching that body movement? Do I feel safe? I don’t know what they’re saying. What do they want to do with me? They’re looking my direction. What’s going on? What’s this? That’s what it is for them?

Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I, I do think my dogs speak English.

They know certain words. Right? They know words. Yeah. Yeah. The way I say it. Yeah. It was me saying that. I’m not I’m not anti. I’m not anti anybody who’s made certain dietary choices. Like it’s all neutral. Like it’s not, right. No, totally. Yes. Yeah. It just is what he totally I get that. Yeah. You can’t deny that they are living, breathing, loving.

primal creatures, just as we that’s it. But yeah, yeah. I watched this documentary on, I think it was on Netflix. And it was called. It was called something like my teacher, the octopus. Have you seen this? Oh, I saw that flesh up the other day. I didn’t. Is that good? It’s so good. It’s so good. And like, just when you were talking, it was like even this octopus like it had you could tell it had personality. It had preferences. You know what I mean? It had, like, it protected. Its babies like it’s just fascinating. So super fish efficient a tank, which I have. One is you know, this one’s a little bit of being an A hole he’s going over and he’s sniffing and other people. The others are docile and hanging out. He’s the outsider. And they’re not they’re all the same type of fish, right? Or whatever. Like, yeah, there’s Yeah, personalities and all. Yeah, you like you can just tell and I think anybody that has dogs and loves dogs knows that. It’s more than just a

animal. Do you know what I mean? Like there’s something there. That’s different. Yeah, I have a sore throat to tell me. Yeah.

Is it the same source? Do you think? Yes, yes, it’s all same source.

It is yes. Okay. That’s what I thought but I was just clarifying. Okay. So tell me how, like when you work with people, like what does somebody come to you for typically, and I’m taking up more of your time than I expected. Are you okay with this? I’m okay with this. This is this is fine. Okay. Okay. Um, well, I mean, I mean, it ranges from, as I had mentioned, with the, you know, insomnia, to, you know, from students to CEOs needing

clarity and efficiency for deadlines, you know, yeah, start to see me when it gets closer to finals or things to Yep. Or did other, you know, board meetings,

removing become a CD for removing known and unknown emotional blocks where maybe someone feel stuck or frozen or paralyzed, and they just can’t make the next move forward? Like they just, they have all the answers, but they just physically feel like immovable, like they just can’t go. And that’s usually something really deeply embedded in the subconscious, that they can’t even with all their might try to find that thought. So they can be like, oh, okay, it’s that. Let it go. Yeah. So okay, so I love this, because this is the work that I do, too. But I do it in like, a different way. So I love this. So when you do that, do you actually physically see something? Because sometimes when I’m doing this work with somebody, I’m working with their subconscious. And so I’m listening to words that they say, and I’m actually doing, I’m doing programming that is,

like, I’m having them Just listen to me say certain things based on the words that they say that starts to change their subconscious. So like, for example, this morning, I did one with a woman that had a block, she reached out, I listened to her, I formulated a sentence that would speak to her subconscious. And I read it to her and she immediately started to cry. She was like, I don’t know why? Well, it’s because it was shifting her subconscious. Now, sometimes when I do that, and this won’t sound weird to you probably, but it’s probably a very, very elementary version of what you do. But I see like black gunk, or

sometimes like army green colored gunk around whatever it is that they’re focused on. So when you do this, is it something you like, physically see? Or is it? Is it different? Or is it all in that grid? Well, if this is why it’s Yeah, so I’ll see the body, as I mentioned, like, the CAT scan type of thing. And then there’s the gridlines on top of that, okay, and then there’s, there’s always an equation like a math equation that’s just like, not faintly behind them, but behind them.

Like, I don’t want to say a chalkboard, but it’s on something, it just kind of goes behind them. And I’m looking at that. And with that, does it does the equation mean anything to you? Well, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t I don’t sit there myself and be like, okay, carry the one and do this. I just look at that. And depending I guess this is how it answers for me. The how thin or bold the print is, is showing where there’s when it’s when it’s back to being a balanced equation for them. Like it’s really full the font, if you will, yeah, there. Yeah. Yeah. is full. There’s inflammation around them being in free flowing. movement. Ah, yes. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s how it’s like communicating to you or being shrine to you, because it’s their equation. It’s like a thumbprint. Yeah. Yeah. Have you ever talked to anybody else that can do this and sees that equation? Or is that just like, how you are, like interpreting it? I mean, yeah, I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with someone who has ever said, I see the same things. When I work with club people like that. I haven’t yet. I believe there has to be there has to be I just, well, I just wonder if people interpret it in different ways. Do you know what I’m saying? Like you you see it that way, but maybe somebody else would see it as something else? I don’t know. Just question right? You got to talk to my friend Trish someday?

Well, ye Yes. Come to ye.

Awesome. I was mentored by a man who was you know, well versed in the quantum physics and it was he who helped me make sense of all the skillsets you know, that I was born with, yeah. And helped me harness them into this tangible application

to serve my life and to help others and you know, the best way he was saying it to me was also like that the nature of particles, you know, when they they they create all the matter. And then the the forces which are the energy in which they interact. So, yeah, when when it doesn’t have a language to it, and I get to just see how everything is like, flowing and spinning and moving and the lines and the such

It’s It’s where I guess that quantum dimension is all intersecting when I go there, I’m working with them. And now we’re getting things cleared. Because Don’t get me wrong. I do a major clear on me every night before I go to bed. I do a thing because, you know, I’m going to walk into a situation with a client The next day, and there can be nothing on my plate. Right, right, right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I’m so I’m so booking a session with you to see what you can see.

I’m so excited. I have I have a beach block, we need to discover if I but I think the beach is coming for me. But we will talk and we will. We will get together. And then I’ll report back and then everybody can kind of see how it works from my perspective. And that might be really fun. Oh, good. Okay. Well, yeah, I would love to it’d be an honor to work with you for sure. Yeah. So fun. Okay. So tell everybody how they can find you and how they could book a session with you. Okay, well, my website is Quantum voyance integration.com. I’m sorry to put the digits through a workout there to type that all in. But I know it I’ll have it in the show notes too. And that way people can find it and just click on it. So okay. Yeah, yeah, so quantum points, integration comm on there, I have a tab for someone to click and fill out the information. And I

offering a half hour complimentary consultation, connection just to resonate with someone because in my belief system is that if you resonate with someone, then that’s the first unlocking to anyone’s shift. So I want to make sure it’s a beautiful win win for for when I work with someone. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. All right. Cool. So I will make Are you on social media? You’re not I don’t think are you? Well, no, I have an Instagram. Oh, you do? Okay. I do. And it’s just of

quantum for Oh, my goodness. Well, it’s under my name. It’s quantum points integration. I believe it’s still bad to Yes, yeah. Okay. Well, I’ll check. And I’ll make sure it’s on in the show notes too. And then, you know, if people follow me on Instagram, I’ll be sure to tag you when the show is live. And that way, they’ll make it easy for everybody to All right. Cool. Thank you. So so much, sweet cat. This is so much fun and fascinating. And I appreciate so much you coming in and sharing with us a little bit about your world. Well, Betsy, thank you again, it was an honor to be here on this show. And I just think you’re absolutely incredible. So thank you again, very much.

All right, so I booked a session with cat. And I want to tell you guys about it. Now, if you are interested in booking a session with her, you can go to her website, I’m going to put a link to it inside the show notes. Because it’s kind of long, it’s Quantum voyance integration.com. And if you go to that, and you just scroll down, there’ll be a big button that says click here for a complimentary chat with cat. That’s how you start the process. And then she can tell you what kind of offering she has and what the packages are and all that good stuff. If you’re listening to this, like a year from now, I don’t want to quote what she told me because it might change, right? So

I booked the session, I reached out to her, you know, obviously we talked after the after the show, and I was like I have to do this. So I booked the session. And then she sent me a little questionnaire. And you know, inside the interview, you know, she talked about an energy body and a physical body and a spiritual body. So she asked me specific questions about what I was feeling and experiencing in each of those bodies. Now, I think, okay, so let me fast forward. So then we got on the phone, I think that it helped when we got on our session because I could be really descriptive. So I think it was helpful and I share this so that you could have a really good session with her to, you know, I think if you’re listening, you’re probably more in touch with like, how you feel in your body, you know, and so being able to describe to her, like, I feel this and if, you know, I felt like there’s like this metal rod going down my spine, and it feels like there’s a weight on the end and I feel dragged down. Like that’s how I described it, I think and she might disagree, but I think that was helpful for her because it gave her more of like a feeling and a visual of what I was experiencing. And that way she could better help me right to be able to shift. Okay, so we got on the session and how she had me do it was I just got on my bed she wanted me just like in savasana I’m not a yoga person, but I think that’s what that is you know where you’re just laying with your palms facing up. I had a pillow under my head, a pillow under my knees. So I was just really comfortable and I was on the bed with me.

dog with my little dog Miley, which that’ll be important here in just a second. And she just had me, we got on the phone, and she had me put her on speaker not on my headset, but on the speakerphone, and had me put the phone about arm’s length away. And then,

and then she got to work. So she would come, she would be quiet and kind of put me on mute for five minutes or so and then come back and check in. Tell me what she was experiencing asking me what I was experiencing. And, you know, the appointment, I think, I mean, I feel like it went like an hour and a half, probably. But it went by really freaky fast.

And then when it was done, she had me just lay there for about 10 minutes. So to kind of let everything integrate. So when we finished, she did her last check in. And I did not say anything, she just hung up. And then I just laid there for 10 minutes. Okay, so let’s go into like what I was experiencing now. I’ve had a lot of different energy work done, you know, I’ve had amazing things done with emotion code. And with my friend Trish, you know, lots of things that I have done. So I didn’t really know what to expect, but I, I guess I kind of assumed it would be similar to those things where I would feel a shift in how I was experiencing the world when I was done, right. And sometimes I would have

I guess, like a integration period where maybe I would feel like a little wobbly, right? So

it was totally different than any of those. So here, okay, so I laying there, right, my palms facing up, I’m doing the whole thing. And I’m she says, Okay, I’m gonna go in, and I hear her kind of put me on mute. So I’m thinking, Okay, I’m just gonna lay here till she comes back. And it was maybe 10 seconds, I could feel it in my body. I could feel her, like in my chest, I could feel her going up to my neck, then all of a sudden, I felt it down on my toes. I had a lot of muscle twitching.

Like, I was like, I can feel her body. It was the strangest thing, y’all.

And then as I laid there, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure on my neck and my lower jaw on just my left hand side. It was almost like if there was a, like a barrier between my right hand side and the left hand side, like where it was completely split. And I only felt this, like intense pressure, not pain, but just like a ton of pressure. And so then she came back and she was like, how you doing? And I was like, Well, a lot going on. And she said did you have I feel like you had a head whip or something. And I was like, Oh my gosh, I totally forgot probably about 12 years ago, I got hit from behind. And I was out of work for I don’t know, six, eight weeks.

And I had a really bad like, my neck got thrown out. I had a lot of physical therapy and all that. And she was like, yeah, that you had something that was I’ve she described it to me she’s supposed to. This is day two. So she did this yesterday, because she just hangs up at the end, she calls you the next day to kind of go over everything. So I have not had that call. But I wanted to record this. Well, it was all sort of fresh, right? So I forget, but she named the vertebrae. And I remember thinking like, that’s the vertebrae that I was having trouble with. But like, she was fixing it.

And I could feel it. So I was like alright, so, um, so then back in, right, I could feel just a lot of energy moving like it just felt like a lot of energy moving. Um, like I said, twitching, the, my hands became very, very cold. And again, I’m on my bed. I’m like totally comfortable. I’m under a blanket, but my hands are freezing.

And then at one point, my feet were freezing, she said she was trying to move the circulation. So just get everything moving again. The other thing is I have often felt and when I have had energy work done, people have said to me, like you’re sick, there’s an issue with like your Sacral Chakra. So I have said lots of times, although there was no science behind this, it was just how I felt was that my lower half of my body and my upper half of my body were separated, almost like energetically like there was a slice between the two. Now I had a C section. And so I’ve always attributed it to that. I thought like cut my energy body and something about that hasn’t healed, right? So I could feel all this moving, like twitching. Like, I felt like it was like almost in my colon. Do you know what I mean? Like I could feel like it was felt like somebody was massaging my colon is

you could feel your colon. I don’t know. I just felt like my organs were being touched right?

So then she comes back and she’s like, I forget how she said it. But basically like something’s happening where your energy isn’t moving correctly, between like your chakra, your root chakra and your Sacral Chakra, it should move and flow really easy. And she asked, Did you have some sort of surgery or something. So there you go, I’m like, Oh my gosh, which made me feel happy. Because I was like, I knew it. I knew there was something going on. So she cleared all of that up. Um, there was a point in doing all this work, where I felt all of the sudden, like, there was this flow between my whole body like between my lower body and my upper body that I didn’t know. I didn’t know it could feel like that, because I think I have felt the other for so long. And so that just felt really cool. There were a few times where I would close my eyes. And I felt like I was seeing shapes. If you listen to the episode I did on Reiki, I did an episode. It was number 69. And it was first time I went and got Reiki. And when I was having the Reiki done, I was seeing these images of shapes. And at that time, I didn’t know anything about Reiki. But I was seeing these images of shapes like in fire, it was almost like you know, when you use

a sparkler to write in the night, and then it kind of like stays like the outline. That’s what was happening. So you can listen to that episode, if you want to hear more about that. But I was having a similar sort of thing. In fact, I didn’t even tell her that. Because it didn’t seem important as we kept going. But I would see little symbols or something. So

when I was done, and when she finished, you know, she does a check in. And she’s like, Okay, I’m going to do one more check in. And when I come to do that last check in, don’t respond, I’m just going to tell you kind of the last little things and close everything up. And then I’m going to hang up, and then you just lay here for 10 minutes. And so that’s what she did. And I laid there. And you know, at this point, I was like, Alright, like, I was kind of like, I’d been laying there for an hour and a half. Like I was like, Okay, I can last 10 minutes, last 10 minutes. But about three minutes in all of a sudden, I started seeing these images. And this is how I’m going to describe it. I don’t know if this is normal, or the only thing I could attribute it to is the experience that I had with Reiki, right? where, you know, our subconscious talks to us in metaphor. And so I just took it as that’s what was happening. So, um, I got this image of like a sword. And the sword was very ornate. And it was missing squares out of the sword. And like, there was a design that ran all the way down the sword. But these squares were missing. So the design wasn’t full. And floating down these pieces came and, and put themselves back into the places on the sword. So the design on the sword all the way straight down.

All the way down, matched, like it all clicked into place. And it was this like, you know, really ornate and beautiful sword. So I just laid there and all of a sudden, because I when she said, I’m gonna hang up, and I just said to my, I’m gonna mute her. So she doesn’t I said to my Alexa set alarm for 10 minutes. So I’d know it had been 10 minutes, and I didn’t have to think about it. So all of that kind of happened. And then my alarm went off. And I was like, gosh, that 10 minutes went by so fast watching that whole sword thing. Like seemed like seconds, but it must have been, you know, eight, nine minutes. So anyway, really, really fascinating. I feel really good today. So it’s the next morning, I slept really good and I had there’s something that’s shifted. I’m going to talk more about it next week when I have like a full week something’s shifted, because when I woke up this morning, I knew it had shifted. But I just can’t put my finger on exactly what it was or what it is.

definitely feel like more in alignment.


almost like I can access some sort of power that I couldn’t access before. It was like power that I knew was there but I couldn’t reach it is the only way I can describe it. But I’m gonna see. We’ll see what she says today when I talked to her and then I’m gonna see how it goes over the next week. If you’re on Instagram, I probably will put it on stories but I will talk about it next week when I do the show. So you can kind of get an update but super fascinating. Be sure if you book a session with her, be sure to let her know that

You heard her on the show so she knows that you found her through us because that would just be really fun to know that you’re part of the community. And yeah, so that was my experience with cat Amazing, amazing different than any other energy work I’ve ever had and really, really fun. So I hope that you all have an amazing Thanksgiving if you are celebrating an awesome week regardless, and I will see you all next week.

Thank you so much for being here and for listening to today’s episode. If you liked it and got something out of it, please be sure to share with me by leaving a review over on iTunes. And if you’re not following on social media, I am everywhere at Betsy Pake but most of the time over on Instagram, so follow and comment on my latest post so that we can connect there. I will see you next week. And until then, keep living big


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