239: Alignment to Miracles: Release Worry & Celebrate More - Betsy Pake

239: Alignment to Miracles: Release Worry & Celebrate More


Today Betsy gives an update on her appointment Kat (from this episode), an update on her move and a lesson she wanted to share about worry and celebrating your life to get into alignment for miracles.


Welcome to The Art of Living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an author, speaker, Master hypnotherapist and NLP coach, and I help high achievers rewire for success. If you’re ready for the next level, you’re in the right place. Over the next 30 minutes, I hope to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers. Hello, and welcome to today’s show. So today’s show, I’m going to talk a little bit

about I’m going to follow up on some stories that are from previous episodes. And I want to give you an update on my movement, my moving situation, if you’re new here, welcome. And this is probably a little self indulgent, indulgent episode because I’m going to give updates on myself and what’s happening. So a little bit of a coffee talk episode, I hope that that’s okay. And I hope that there’s still like nuggets in here that serve you, I do want to talk about some of my texts that I’ve been sending. And I want to dive into that just a little bit and then give you an opportunity. So Alright, so let’s, let’s, um, let’s start. Let’s start with just a couple updates. Okay, so this is going to be an update. That’s like a lot of information that’s really personal. And so you may just not be interested in this meat, you may be like, I cannot even believe that she’s saying this

kind of my husband’s listening, he’s gonna be like, Why? Why is she saying, but I did share this inside the alchemy collective inside my membership, and people found it really, really helpful. And so I wanted to give an update on my experience with cat now. cat was the energy expert that I had on it was Episode 237. So just a couple weeks ago. And if you haven’t heard that episode, it’s fascinating. And you know, one of the things that she was talking about was

one of the things she was talking about was how we have these gridlines, right. And she talked about how even animals have these gridlines. And so when she started diving into that, I was like, I really need to talk to her. So I scheduled an appointment. And I did talk about that at the end of the episode and kind of give an update. I forgot to mention that she worked on my dog, too. And it was interesting, because my little dog was right next to me. And we’re very connected. You know, if you have a pet, you’re you understand. But this dog is, you know, she’s 13 years old. We’ve been through a lot together divorces and single motherhood and I just, I love her and I feel like, I’m like, she knows me, you know what I mean? So well, cat was doing the word gummy. She was like, you’re so connected to your dog, I want to jump in, you know, do this to your dog. So the interesting thing was, she sleeps like, you know, like a rock, you know, like she like I always think if I could only sleep as sound as her. And she was sleeping sound well, cat was doing her thing. And when she said she was going to jump in to Miley, and immediately Miley started, like jumping around, like getting uncomfortable, she got up and rearranged. So I knew she was feeling whatever that was that I was feeling in there. So I thought that was super interesting. And I wanted to share that. And then I also wanted to share just a few shifts, there’s been a lot of shifts. And honestly, some of the shifts now have become so normal that I’m not even sure I could identify them unless I really sat down to think, um, but one of the shifts was rather remarkable. And so I wanted to share this with you because, you know, feeling that cat was in my body when she was doing the energy work was truly like a really cool experience. But what good is that? Right? If you don’t have like some sort of outcome, that seems helpful, and I had a lot of little things, but one thing that I wanted to share, that’s TMI, um, was that

she did, she she talked about how she did like a deep cleansing or deep cleaning. So like the first time she does an appointment, she does like this deep cleaning of your whole system. Now, you have if you’ve been listening to the show, you’ve heard me talk about how my daughter was sick for quite a while and it was years ago now. But during that time, I got a very upset. Colon is the only way I can describe it. And when I would go to the bathroom, it was not normal. Do you know what I’m saying? Like it was sort of like when you’re really really nervous about something and then you’re like, Oh my god, I gotta go to the bathroom. Like

That’s kind of what happened to me every day. And honestly, when it started happening, I was so stressed out, like just in an incredible amount of stress. And so I attributed it to that. And I was so focused on,

like, helping my kid and keeping the rest of my life intact. I just I kind of ignored it. You know how we do that, like, we just put ourselves we’re like, whatever, I got things to focus on. And then I guess it, it sort of became like this normal thing for me. So like, every morning, I would have that experience. And then I would go about my day, and everything else was fine. So it was really easy to ignore. Now, I did notice, about two months ago, my husband and I were talking about possibly setting a goal to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Now, I don’t know that that’s truly a goal for me, we’re still it’s still being tossed about. But in all of that, we were like, We wanted to set like a big huge goal for 2021. And we thought that could be something really fun. And then at the end of the year, we could go and climb. And I actually paused and thought, I don’t know if I could do it because I have that thing that happens to me every morning. And I it’s sort of it’s urgent, you know what I mean? Like when it happens, and if we’re on like the side of a hill, or I can’t do it like I don’t know. So it That was the first time that I kind of recognized that this is a big enough deal that it actually is changing the way I’m living my life like had never occurred to me before that moment.

Alright, so then I have this appointment with Kat, she just tells me she’s doing a deep cleaning. Like I really don’t think anything about it. And honestly, I don’t think anything about the issue that I’m having, like, it isn’t really a big part of my life, other than when it happens every day I go, Oh, that’s probably not normal. So, cat does her thing. And I’m feeling good. Like, I felt like I had been plugged into a light socket, right? Like I was feeling really good. And then the next day, I was like going about my morning, and I realized I hadn’t gone to the bathroom. And

then when I went It was totally normal. And it has been totally normal, everyday sense. Totally normal. And I’m talking like four years of not normal. So I asked her about it. And she said, I asked like do you see like, do you know that you’re doing that? Like, do you know, oh, I’m fixing this issue. And she said, again, like I did this deep cleaning. But basically like, you were probably sending out a fight or flight response from your brain to your colon to whatever regulates, like your water in your colon, right. And it had never been reset. And so we probably got reset, when I did the deep cleaning. Now, to me, that was remarkable. And so even though that’s a lot of information that you probably didn’t want to know about me, I wanted to share it in case it would help somebody else. Now, I don’t know that that would happen for you, if you’re having an issue. She did say that that’s a common thing that she hears.

But I wanted to share my experience just to give you that information, in case it’s helpful to you, you know, if you go to that episode, if you go to the show notes, um, there’s a link to her website. And you can get like just a free consultation, like just have a conversation with her, just by filling out a little form on her website. Um, and how you get to the show notes for any, for any episode that I do. It’s just my website. It’s Betsy pake.com. backslash, a lb R of living big, and then the episode number. So that one was 237. So it’s a Betsy picked up comm backslash, a lb 237. And that will have all the show notes, and all the links to all her stuff. So if that’s something that interests you, like, check that out and schedule some time with her and just see how you feel talking to her. And if you think it’s a good match. So Alright, so I wanted to tell you that. All right, so the other thing that I wanted to talk about is my text community. So if you’re in North America, you can text me, and I’ll give you the number, it’s 770-343-3409 and you just text live big text flow, whatever it is.

It’ll come back to you with like a, like a thing that you have to click and say, okay, it’s basically like lawyer talk, and then it adds you to me, and then I’m actually texting you so it goes through like an app so it doesn’t come to my to my phone. It comes to an app on my phone. So you could text me back and I can see it. My point is that, I don’t know two to three times a week I send out a text

Now, if you’re not in the United States, you can see those texts, they are not on the same day, they’re like a couple weeks behind just because of how we have them set up. But they go out to Twitter. So you can just find me on Twitter and see them, they’re on Twitter, they, I don’t get as much space. there’s not as much space as as I have inside the text community. So you’ll get more on the text. But here’s my point, is that what I do, and you’ve heard me talk about this before is when I sit down in the morning, and I have like my quiet time, and I journal, I usually start my journal and I say, you know, all the things that I’m thinking or feeling about the day or what I’m excited about, or how I’m feeling? And then I always ask, what do I need to know today? I’m listening. And then I have, I guess it’s a process. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, like, what is it? I really do. But I have a little process where I kind of let my conscious mind go away. So that I don’t have all that chatter of my own thoughts. And then I listen in for the other thoughts. And the other thoughts? You know, I don’t, I don’t know, I would like to maybe I need to ask, that would probably be a good question to ask. But what it is, is it my, like, a part of my subconscious? is it part of me connecting to the greater collective? You know, is it channeling like, some divine energy? I don’t, I don’t really know, I don’t know that I care what it is as much as it feels like it’s not me. Yeah, definitely doesn’t feel like it’s me. And a lot of the words aren’t necessarily words I would use or the way that it’s the, like, the cadence of it doesn’t really sound like me.

But it feels

it feels like warm, like I,

I, if it feels like a like I have love for it. I feel kind of silly saying that, when it comes like I feel really good. Like I feel

warmth and love.

And so this voice, just I shut my eyes, and I use my computer. I know a lot of people when they do this kind of thing. They don’t use their computer, they write it out. But I have just been doing that for so long. And I just shut my eyes and I put my fingers on the keyboard and I just type whatever it is that I hear. And I tried to not second guess it. Because sometimes I think like, what that doesn’t make sense. And I kind of just wait until it all comes out. And then I look at it. And I take a portion of it.

That would make sense to people. And I share that in a text. So

I mean, I always get messages back from people like oh my gosh, this is so right on this is just what I was feeling. And sometimes I just I do my What do I need to know? And I get a bunch of stuff. And then I say what do I need to text? And then sometimes I get something totally different.

And like totally not something that not that everything that comes through, it’s helpful to me, but not necessarily something that is aligned or to to what I’m struggling with currently or what I would need to know. And so I know that it’s for somebody else, right? I know it’s for someone on on the group and and for everybody, right? And so I share those and it’s always fun because those I did one yesterday and I got people that were like, Oh my god, are you psychic, which kind of made me laugh. I knew what they meant. But it was just so right on, right. This is what came out yesterday was big decisions carry a lot of importance in our minds. We mull over the choices, the options and go back and forth on what the right choice will be. Drop out of your head and into your heart. Make the decision from there knowing you can surrender to the decision and make new choices as they come up in your path, repeating the process from your heart, listen in, be guided, you know the way so they’re just little like, I think kind of uplifting thoughts that come. Now I have thought and been thinking more and more and have been asking this voice if we can write more, um, more deeply on a lot of topics and put it together in a place where people have access to read like the entire thought instead of just like this snippet of the thought.

Um, so if you’re in the alchemy, collective membership, I have been thinking a lot about this about how

Do I do this specifically? Like what are the specific things that could I teach somebody to do it, because it’s just something that sort of started happening for me, but I believe I can teach it. I believe that it’s something duplicatable that anybody can do. So I’m really putting some thought into that. And I’m going to do every month inside the alchemy collective, which is my monthly membership. I do a workshop. And I think that that will be the workshop probably for January. I’m not promising January. But I think for January, I would really like to pull that together. And

yeah, and I’ve been thinking a lot about it. So if you want to jump in to the alchemy collective, you can do that. It’s on my website, you can just go to Betsy Pake comm backslash alchemy, but I’ve been, you know, I’ve been putting all this together. So this morning, I got a bigger, I guess, like a, like a bigger chunk. And I was trying to figure out how I can text it. And then I thought, well, I’m gonna record the podcast. So maybe I’ll just share it. And I think that this is something probably that is happening right now in the collective, there’s a lot of worry, because of everything happening in the world. And we’re all going through a lot of changes. And a lot of things are shifting, and we don’t know what to expect. And I think anytime there’s an unknown, we jump to a conclusion. I think that’s where, like conspiracy theories are born, right, and trying to make sense out of something that we don’t know. So we put something in that space. And so when I asked today about what I needed to know, it was really about that worry. And you know, I’m in the middle of moving, which I know I said, I was going to give you a quick update on that. I don’t know if y’all care, but you might be following along a little bit.

So let me go through this. So this is what I got today. It says worry less and celebrate more, there’s so much to be excited about in your surroundings, yet you shift and see what could go wrong or what is unexpected. There’s nothing you can shift by worry alone, it only makes you less resourceful, less capable and more depleted. In actuality, everything is always working out for you. But you won’t experience that with the flow and precision that you could if you would just release the need to worry and linger on whatever is a limited possibility. Worry is like poking yourself with a needle over and over again. It does nothing for you but only causes pain, then then you are so focused on the pain, you miss the opportunity around you.

We are always providing ways for you to climb out of your situation, and have ease and joy. When you are closed off. And looking at the pain that you have inflicted upon yourself. You miss the moments of serendipity and miracles and instead default to the arrangement that you created for yourself. Improving the life of no one, especially not yourself. When you can create an opportunity of light to come in. And you seek out ways to see that opportunity in your space. You become the maker of miracles, you become a co creator with the divine and you challenge the normal everyday common. I’m sorry, the normal everyday worry of common life. Because you are each uncommon. You all have just failed to believe that. And so go and tell everyone to stop worrying. It’s doing nothing. And in fact, it’s causing you long term harm. It’s becoming ingrained. And then you seek it out finding more and more ways to create that feeling again, release. So that was the message I get today about worry. And I think there’s so much that I can dive into just talking about that. But the thing that’s struck me so much is that worry is like poking yourself with a needle over and over again. And I thought when I read that I was like that makes no sense. And then I was like that’s the point that that makes no sense to poke yourself with a needle over and over and over again. All it does is hurt. But that’s what worry is. And that’s what we do. We worry about things and we spend a lot of time on things and we mull over these things in our mind.

And maybe if you’re like me, there’s times where I lay in bed and I think about oh, I have to do this and I have to do that and worrying I’m not getting it done and worried about what will happen or what will go right or wrong. You know, we’re selling our house. And it all happened fast and slow.

I have been talking about selling the house for years. And we finally got to the place where we were doing it. And so much happened really fast. Like by the time we put it on the market to the time to like a week later, we were not only under contract, but we were through the, you know, the inspection process, like everything was done. And we needed to move and we were trying to look for a place to live, and I could feel the worry start to come at first, I felt totally fine. And I was thinking, I was almost worried that I felt totally fine. To be honest, I felt

like I should be worried I should be out looking for a place to live, like I’m gonna have to move, like in a week, and I don’t have a place to live.

And so I was almost worried that I wasn’t worried. And then I was worried, well, if I get a place to live, and then I have a couple weeks before the house closes, what if the house doesn’t close, so a lot of worry about things that I had no control over. Like all of those things are outside of my control. Everything is done on our part now. And so

worrying was just like poking myself with a needle over and over again, it wasn’t helping me at all. And honestly, if it doesn’t close, then there’s something then I’ll figure it out, right? Like when it gets to that point, then I’ll figure it out. But if I’m poking myself over and over, and I’m looking at the pain, I’m like, Oh my god, it’s not gonna close, not gonna close. And then it doesn’t close them. I’d be like, Oh, my God, I knew it wasn’t gonna close, I knew it wasn’t gonna close. And I’d be so focused on that, that I wouldn’t see all the opportunity around me. Right?

When you can create an opportunity of light to come in and you seek out ways to see that opportunity in your space, you become a maker of miracles. So what happens when we’re not worried when we’re not like super jacked about something, and something goes wrong? And then it immediately works out? And you’re like, Oh, my God, it was like a miracle. Like it all just worked out? Well, yeah. Because you were in a space of seeing opportunity. You were a co creator with the divine.

And you were being uncommon.

I think we all have the capacity to be uncommon.

And I believe if you’re listening to this, like your or any show like this, you know, even if you’re not listening to this, which then you wouldn’t know I was saying that. But I think anybody that listens to this sort of thing. I think you you are uncommon. Not only are you everyone’s uncommon, but you are and you are aware that there’s something else right, you are aware of your connection to the divine, you’re aware that you could live an uncommon life that that was designed for you and we all have unique, amazing things about us. And if we would step into those things, then, like, that’s, that’s where the miracles happen. That’s where you start co creating. That’s where you start to live this life that feels so exciting and fun.

You know, one of the things that I’ve really been thinking about is, what do I love? Like what do I love to do? I mean, there’s things I like to do in my business, there’s things I don’t like to do, and there’s things that I love. And I love sharing those texts, I love getting messages back from people like that feels so fun to me. And I love writing it. I love like hearing the message come in, and just being able to be the one that types it all out. You know, I feel like good secretary, like I’m just writing it out. I love being the messenger. I love having the podcast, I love being able to share this idea that you’re so powerful. And I want to do more of that. So as I think about what’s to come with so many changes, I don’t want to worry about the worry, I don’t want to focus on the Worry, worry less and celebrate more, I want to be celebrating that we found this really cool place to stay at the bridge house. If you listen to one of my earlier episodes, I talked about how we were selling our house and we were going to move into the city into Atlanta. In what I’m calling the bridge house, it’s a we’re going to rent for six, eight months, whatever, we don’t know how long we’ll be there. And

we got a place that’s like, you know, a mixed use place. So like downstairs are tons of restaurants and all kinds of stuff. And then we’re upstairs and it’s really, really fun and really different from what we’ve had. And so we feel like this excitement, you know, like we’re doing something that’s totally different. And so I know, because we’re going to have a totally different experience that new things will come into my reality. new things will come into my awareness. And I want to be really, really open to whatever that kind of magic

It could be. And so I want to continue to celebrate focus on the things that I really love about my life and what I do. And you know, so much of my life is my work is what I do. It’s kind of just who I am, right. And so I want to celebrate. And I want to focus on that stuff, expanding the stuff that I love, still doing some of the stuff that I like, but expanding the stuff that I love. And so when you think about your own life, and you think about worrying less and celebrating more, how can you shift and start to look at the things that you love about your life and do more of those things? Like what could happen, suspend disbelief, and say, just for the next two weeks,

you’re just till the end of the year, or maybe it’s just a week, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do way more of that.

And just focus on the stuff you love and just see what happens.

Treat it like an experiment. You know, I, I like to have a word every year or like a little phrase.

And I usually talk about it. It’s one of my last episodes of the year, but I was scrolling on Facebook or on Instagram, I was scrolling on Instagram. And I had started thinking like, what’s my next year? Like? Is it a phrase? Is it like, what is going to be the defining thing, and I’ve had things like No more waiting. And that was the year like tons of stuff changed. For me, it was really fun, like, so I believe that these phrases or focuses for our years, I believe it really matters. And then I was scrolling and I saw a woman that had a tank top. And the tank top said it was a white tank top and in red letters.

It said clearer, stronger, happier. And everything inside me went like yeah, those are my words. Those are my words. And then it was like limited availability and selling these tank tops. And I was like okay, well we’re gonna buy one. So, um, those of you inside the alchemy collective that always comment on my T shirts, because I always have so many t shirts that say things if something speaks to me, right? So clearer, stronger, happier. And none of that includes worry, right? All that includes celebration, all that includes, like,

stronger doesn’t mean things won’t go wrong, it means I become stronger. And what is that that’s less focused on the worry part of it, and more focused on the celebrate part of it?

Right, happier. I mean, I think happy is kind of a funny word, but happy years, like not worrying, celebrating more. Right? The clarity, how do you get to be clearer? How do you get to be clearer? I mean, to me, that’s like, You’re, you’re becoming a channel for that connection. And you do that by eating really well. You do that by treating yourself really well and your body really well and thinking clean thoughts, less worrying thoughts, right? You become clearer. So

I, I open you up to look at your life? And where could you worry less and celebrate more? Where could you start to shift things until your brain just for one week, I’m going to just focus on the parts of my life. And the things that I do that I really, really love. I’m just going to do more of that. You know, maybe it’s hanging out with your grandkids or spending time with your grandkids or just stopping to have like a moment. You know, my daughter calls me every morning, she’s just about to turn 19 calls me every morning to checks in. And I this morning, I was like I think I I need to really, really be present. I think that would feel clearer to me. If I was like super honed in and present and not just talking to her and like present of the conversation, but present to her energy, like really connect and you can do that, right? Like just connect with the person on the other line and be like, how are they doing? How are they feeling like create that connection. And it made a shift, it made a difference. I felt closer to her and I think she felt it too. She just didn’t know why. And so think about the different ways that you can do this. It doesn’t just have to be with work, it can be with a lot of things. So we’re relaxed and celebrate more. I hope that this message was helpful if it was please share it with your friends. I am going to be moving next week but I’m going to try to get an episode out to you

I do have a couple interviews with some really cool people. And so hopefully I can get those done and packaged up. Also, one last thing if you are listening, I’ll say it at the end of this so that you didn’t notice it throughout the whole thing. I’ve tried to really back away from the mic, because I’ve heard that you can kind of hear me breathing and swallowing or whatever. And I appreciate so much the people that let me know I kind of wish you hadn’t done it on an iTunes review, but I did see it and we are looking into getting a producer for the show. Somebody that is

you know, is is talented in in doing this kind of thing and it’s not I’ve just been doing this myself and so it’s worked really well for a long time but maybe it’s time to upgrade that because it’s something that I love and I want it to be really great for you guys. So if you know of a Podcast Producer, I would love to get their name I do have one

one person that was sent to me and I’m going to check out a couple so

if you know if somebody or if you are that person, please reach out to us just shoot us a message at support at Betsy pake.com Alright y’all have an amazing week. I will see you soon.

Thank you so much for being here and for listening to today’s episode. If you liked it and got something out of it please be sure to share with me by leaving a review over on iTunes. And if you’re not following on social media, I am everywhere at Betsy Pake but most of the time over on Instagram, so follow and comment on my latest post so that we can connect there. I will see you next week. And until then, keep living big


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