242: My process for fresh starts: New years goal setting - Betsy Pake

242: My process for fresh starts: New years goal setting


Today on the show Betsy gives you her process for planning for the new year, touching base with your intuition and hearing what you need to know for 2021.


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let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers. I’m recording reporting in from my closet.


If you’re new here, hi, welcome. Thank you for being here. If you’ve been here for a little while, you understand why I’m in my closet. But when I listened to a little bit of last week’s show, it actually sounded better. So I’m feeling like maybe the closet is the place to do this thing. So I’m excited. I’m excited because it’s about to be 2021. And not because 2020 was like this dumpster fire that everybody talks about. But mostly just because I love fresh starts. I love Mondays, I Love New beginnings. I Love New Years. I love all of that. And so I’m excited to share with you today I thought I could share a little bit about my process. And what I think about and what I do and what I did this year, for sort of my like recap of the year and moving forward. Now, there are some years where I don’t do hardly anything. And then there’s some years where I spend days planning and diving in and journaling and thinking about things. So this year was sort of like an in between. So if you’ve been here for a while, you know that I have been moving and finally closed on my home today. And so I no longer am a homeowner homeowner, which I know homeownership is like something a lot of people like really strive for, and I think it’s awesome, but I have owned a home, almost non stop since I was 24 years old, I bought my first townhouse in Washington, DC when I was 24. And I’ve only had like small gaps where I haven’t owned a home. So it feels really good to not have to worry about maintaining anything doing anything, I can just focus on the places where I feel like will bring me the most joy, and will create the biggest impact instead of you know, maintaining of the house and thinking about, you know, I was saying to my daughter today, you know, our microwave at the new place. It broke Well, it, I guess it broke it didn’t work when we moved in. And I was saying to her, it was so awesome. Because I just called downstairs and they just sent somebody up and they fixed it.

It’s not the fixing it.

It’s not the having the person come to the house, it’s not the paying for it. It’s the finding out who I’m supposed to call

that is

the level of adult that just always seemed really hard for me. So anyway, it’s feels really good. So this year, I have done, I’ve done some planning, it was much more intuitive this year. So I’m going to share with you what I do a little bit of what I added in this year, and then a card spread that I did that I really loved. And actually my husband and I did it together. And it was really, really fun. So Alright, so let’s dive in. So this isn’t like some scientific thing. This is mostly like, just how I look at things. And you can take parts of this or none of this or all of it, whatever you like. So

liquid any

time that we’re setting up new things for the future, it’s always helpful to close the book, you know, to close down what’s already happened. And then give yourself space for something totally new. I think that what happens so many times with goals or starting fresh or anything is because our patterns are so subconsciously wired, the way we do things is so subconsciously wired, that we bring all of the old crap into the new and then we get the same result every year. Right? Like if you think about it, and I’m including myself in this I have had to really work to make it not be this. But if you think about it, your your year, well, 2020 may have been a little different for you just because of everything that happened. But even with that, look at your years, and are they that different? like are they that different? And the reason they’re not that different. I mean, you may have grown up you may have kids you may be in a different season. But in terms of how you’re thinking and how you’re responding to things if you are different if you do react To things different if your triggers are totally different, it’s because you’ve put in work to shift them. It’s because you made the unconscious conscious. And so then you could see things and see patterns. So I say that only to say, if we don’t close up, what we’ve done that sends, when we close up, when we do something to say, this is done, I’m moving on to something new, it sends a subconscious signal to our brains, that we don’t have to carry the same patterns, we can start looking for new patterns. Because what we really want to do, you know, no matter what your goals are, all those goals are our new patterns, right? It’s a new way for your subconscious to operate. Because most of what we do is unconscious. So if that’s true 95% of what you do every day is unconscious, and you want to have a new goal, you’ve got to operate from the unconscious. And I believe that having that moment of like closure and and recognizing where you’ve been, brings you to a place in your subconscious mind that it releases it, it’s no longer thinking about it, you know, I talk a lot about like closing the loops with my coaching clients, like how do we close that loop? Because when we can do that, then we’re no longer thinking about it. And if we’re not thinking about it, it doesn’t become part of our new pattern. Now, we could dive in way, way, way deeper, to really change unconscious patterns. But on a on a, you know, on a light and breezy way to shift things. I would say that starting your planning, if you’re doing some planning and looking at what you want to achieve and what you want to experience for 2021, it can be really helpful to do a recap of where you’ve been. So I start off with some reflection. And I like to list a list of things that are great things that happened. You know, 2021 was a wackadoodle year for a lot of people, but a lot of great things happened. And you know, when I was making this list, there were so many things that happened that on the surface, you may have thought, oh my god, that’s so awful, right? If you’re in the United States, all the unrest in, you know, June, July, that timeframe with Black Lives Matter, like awful and amazing, because that’s how change begins. Right? So you can find greatness in things. And when you do this process and just in and set aside that time for yourself to find the great things. What’s going to pop up in your head is going to be the negative things, right? The bad things like I just said, We’re like the unrest or the traumatic things, because that’s what how our brain is designed to be hyper alert for those things. But that gives you an opportunity to say what was really good about that, or what could be good about that. And you can begin to train your brain for a new way. So I got in this process for me, you know, you might want to light a candle, you might want to do like something like that for me. I just got really centered. You know, I sat on my bed, I used my iPad. I just got really centered in myself. And I said, Well, what was great about this year, and I just made a huge list. And then I asked myself, what did I learn?


so many times we learn things from the things that are kind of negative, right? The things that maybe were a struggle, or maybe things that didn’t work out the way that I wanted. And I think that can be a really great way to reframe struggles that you’ve experienced over this past year. You know, a lot of our plans were canceled, a lot of things were changed for us. And in that process for me, I learned a lot about me. I learned a lot about how I handle things. I learned I found a load of things that had to be healed. And I healed them. All of the ones I could locate, you know,

and that’s a huge,

but if I hadn’t stopped to think like what have I learned, those things might pass me by and I really, really believe that we need to be celebrating. So even though that 2020 may have felt like a dumpster fire, you may you know, you may actually be thinking I don’t think it was that bad. Like, there were some really good things. Okay, so great things that happened. What did I learn? And then I asked myself, What do I have yet to resolve? Now? This is gonna take Um, I think for me, it was like a moment of just sitting and just settling in and just listening. Here’s the thing you guys you guys know What you know the way you know your way, and I know I do this to where I listen to people or I, you know, you’re listening to this, and I want you to get ideas and follow it exactly if you want. But you know, the way, you know what’s right for you, you know what, you know what you need to know, in order to create something really great moving forward. So I really love this question. And I asked myself, What do I have yet to resolve? And, you know, things will just start popping up. Now, sometimes the things that pop up, maybe totally unrelated to what you’re doing, you might be like, Wait a second, I didn’t even think about that. The things that popped up for me, were things that weren’t really on my radar. I was like, Oh, that’s still outstanding, you know, that’s still something. And several of my things included other people. So I was like, Well, how do I resolve that? How do I resolve it? If it includes someone else? So it gave me a lot of things to think about? And it is going to help these questions are going to help frame your 2021 because here’s what might be happening is you might be going like, Alright, 2021, you know, I want to I mean, so many people have weight loss, right is one of their like, resolutions or goals or whatever. So many people like want to make more money or build my business bigger, like all of those things, right? And those are great things. But the things that move the needle in your life, the things that make you become an old lady, and look back on your life. And go, I did that, like I created, I created that space with somebody else, or I overcame that obstacle, like those are the things that you remember, you know, I’m I’m sure of it in, in accomplishing the goals and doing all that stuff is is awesome. I’m not saying that it’s not. But when you ask yourself, what do I have yet to resolve. And then you put that on your 2021 plan. And you accomplish that. Then when you’re an old lady, and you look back, you go, Ah, like I grew, I changed. Like I became more aware. And I noticed what was holding me back. And all of the other goals and experiences that you want to have in 2022 and 2023. And 2024 may be possible because you cleared up the things that you have yet to resolve. Now, you may be like, I don’t have anything to resolve, just wait till you sit in the space. And allow your subconscious to guide you in this process. our subconscious is so powerful, it knows it knows everything. It knows everything it has been watching, it has not missed one thing, it just hasn’t always made you conscious of the thing. So sit, sit with it and allow yourself to become conscious of what your unconscious mind already knows, and probably is trying to guide you through. So what do I have yet to resolve, and keep that sort of in your back pocket as what you could put as a goal for moving forward? And then I asked myself, What do I need to let go, you know, some things we just can’t resolve. But we can resolve them by letting them go by just releasing them. And just saying, you know what, there’s not going to be a conclusion to that, you know, years ago, this is sort of a weird example. But I think this will help you get it. years ago, I had this really crappy boyfriend. And when we broke up, it was so crazy. It felt so crazy. And I remember one day I talked to my sister. And I was saying things that he had been emailing me and saying to me, and I was like this doesn’t even make sense. And she said, Betsy, you can’t make sense of crazy. And it was so great. Because I was like,

Oh, you’re right, like, I’m never gonna make sense of this. I just have to let it go. There’s not going to be a resolution. I’m just gonna have to let it go. And it brought me so much peace and allowed me to sit in it. And to say who do I want to be through this? Right? Do I want to be like the one that emails back? Crazy matching crazy, like no. And so I want to grow from it. So what is it that I need to let go? Alright, so this year, I decided to pull out those three questions. I talked about it last week. There are three questions and I actually did a whole episode on it on episode 146. These are the George kendor questions. And these questions are really so powerful. I think if you do if you are in a partnership, if you do with your partner can be really powerful. Because you can start to see where you have some cohesiveness that maybe you didn’t even realize. But I think the way these questions and I’ll read them to you, but the way these three questions are structured,

I think it just

makes you think just a little bit differently. Now, when I tell you the questions, you’re gonna be like, I’ve heard questions like this before, I know what she’s gonna say, but it’s the way they’re structured that makes you think, think differently. And I found these to be so powerful. And I was mentioning last week that my husband and I both did this exercise back when I did that episode 146. I mean, it was probably a year and a half ago or so. But we both did the exercise. And we both found things on our list that we didn’t know, we had, like, both of us wanted to live in New York City for like a little bit, you know, which is why when we decided to move, we thought we needed to be stay in Atlanta, we moved from the suburbs, we were like, let’s go to the city, because it was hitting on that list, right? So this list can be really, really important, and really powerful to help you make decisions. So Alright, so I’m going to read you through the three questions. Alright, so here’s the first one. Imagine that you are financially secure, that you have enough money to take care of your needs now and in the future. How would you live your life? would you change anything? Let yourself go Don’t hold back on your dreams and describe a life that is completely and ritually yours. Now, when

I did that,

a couple days ago, I was like, if money didn’t matter, how would I operate? Like, how would I spend my day? How would what would I offer in my business? How would I? Like? How would I run my business? Like what what kinds of things would I do? Who would I work with? You know,

how would I?

How would I structure like people I spend time with, you know, like, what would I do with my kid? Like, how would I? Where would I live? Like I mean, I really, I went to all the things, because this doesn’t say like you’re a billionaire. But it says you have everything that you need to take care of your needs now and in the future. So when I’m making decisions, it’s just not money. that money’s not involved, right? All right, here’s question number two. Now, imagine that you visit your doctor who tells you that you only have five to 10 years to live, you won’t ever feel sick, but you will have no notice of the moment of your death. What will you do in the time you have remaining? Will you change your life? And how will you do it? So this question doesn’t say you have unlimited funds, right? This question doesn’t say like, would you go, it’s five to 10 years you’re gonna live. So it’s not like I have a year to live. Everybody goes, I would travel all over the world, right? Like, that’s what everyone says. But if you have five to 10 years, you’re still living a life, you know? So you’re still like making decisions? How do you live your life, it doesn’t say you’re a billionaire, and you can do whatever you want. It just says that you don’t, we won’t ever feel sick. But you’ll have no notice of the time of your death, which can happen to a lot of us. So what will you do in the time remaining? super powerful, right? Okay, so here’s the third question. So finally, imagine that your doctor shocks you with the news that you only have 24 hours to live. Notice what feelings arise as you confront your very real mortality. Ask yourself, what will you miss? Who did you not get to be? What did you not get to do? Alright, so those are the three questions and George kendor. You can get his book. But the whole idea is that he’s a financial planner, I think by trade, but his whole thing is, you can’t build a financial plan if you don’t have a life plan, because that should serve the life plan. The life plan should be the most important. And I think that’s the way that’s really what this is all about. My whole process is really about creating a life plan. Right. All right. So once you get through those questions, then I asked myself, then I moved. Moving on, right, so now I’m out of reflection. And now knowing all of those things. What I did was I just sat there for just a moment. big deep breath center myself, and asked myself what is it that I need to know right now? Is there something that I’ve missed? What do I need to know? And just see if anything pops up for you. Now, it might be like something random where you’re like, that’s not even related. Write it down. Because it’s, it’s related to something It’s, it’s anytime you get some old memory that pops into your mind or you know, I mentioned this on the show before, but I will sometimes get a taste of ginger ale in my mouth, or the smell of ginger ale. And when I was young and I was sick My mother always gave me ginger ale. Otherwise, we didn’t really have soda. We weren’t really allowed to have soda. We couldn’t have anything. I lived in Vermont, we didn’t have anything we had. We biscuit things. Everyone else had Captain Crunch anyway, no soda, unless I was sick. So what does that mean? To me, that’s the, the when I get a feeling of ginger ale, and sometimes I’ll just, I’ll just get a feeling of ginger ale. And I’m like, Oh, I need to slow down and take care of me. Like, that’s my body saying it’s time for that. Right? So you might get some random thing. And you’re like, this doesn’t even make sense. Write it down, because it might make sense later. Right. So, alright, so then we’re moving into 2021. So then I asked myself, knowing everything that I just discovered, what is it that I really want? For 2021. And, you know, I write it. And I know you’re, you already know this, but I’ll just say it anyway, I write it. Like, I’m so grateful now that and then I write the thing that I want as if it’s happening now. Right? I’m so grateful now that I am that into, okay, so I write out that list, and I just let myself go, you don’t have to be like, I got to pick my top three things just right. Just get it all out. So then I asked myself, What are four experiences that I want to have?

Now, I really like this, because I, um, and probably you do this too. But I have like these things that I like, I have these girlfriends from high school. And I love them. And I want to get together with them. But every year, there’s like a reason why we don’t. And,

and, you know,

I mean, I’m 49 I could live till I’m at, let’s say let’s say live till I’m 90, okay, because I’m, I got good genes. So that’s 40 years. I’ve seen them once, in the past probably 10 years. So that means I don’t have 40 more years to see those girlfriends. I have four more times to see those girlfriends. I learned that from my coach from Jesse Itzler. So, four more times to see those girlfriends. So what am I going to put? What are the experiences I want to

have? I want to get

together with those freaking girlfriends. Like, I just want to finally plan that and put it on the calendar. Right? What are some other experiences that you want to have? You know, I live in Atlanta, I lived in Atlanta, or outside Atlanta for a long time. There’s a botanical garden here. And I always say we should go to the botanical garden. I’ve lived here like, I don’t know, 13 years, I’ve never gone to the Botanical Garden, I used to live in Washington, DC. And I did go to a lot of the museums because people would visit me. But if nobody visited me, I probably never would have gone because I lived there. So it was like you push it away for another day. So pick for experiences that you want to have and open up your calendar and put them on the calendar. So just do one a quarter. Like what’s it going to be you know, you want to take a cooking class, write it down, you want to learn how to use your camera, write it down, put it in there, and then figure out when you’re going to do it. Now, with COVID, you’re like, well, I

can’t really go anywhere,

it doesn’t matter. There’s experiences that you might want to have that you’re not having, because you’re pushing it aside. Right? So it could be I think you could do personal and work you could do four of each. If you’re an entrepreneur that might I think the line is blurred sometime with entrepreneurship, but right like, like, like where I personally stopped and where business begins, right because it’s also inner woven. But so do four and four if you want to, but I did four that were really good. And then I made a list of a bunch of other things that came to me. So now I have a running list because I can do more than four. But I want to have at least four experiences. So at the end of the year, when I’m doing this recap, I can be like, Oh my god, I got so look at all, you know, I like to have a book every month that I read at least one book a month, you know, so at the end of the year, I can go and read these 12 books. I’ve had these experiences, like I accomplished this stuff. I learned how to do this, right? Like I honestly I don’t want to say I lost 20 pounds. I mean I do want to say that like I don’t want that to be my thing. Like I want it to be like I’ve enriched my life. I’ve changed my life. Right. So the last thing that I wrote on here that I want to share is that on I wrote down celebrate every day like the trolls but I’m going to explain this Because I’d like this, okay, so if you, um, if you’ve been here a little while, you know, I really love the trolls. I love the trolls. I know that I’m not a seven year old kid, but I love the trolls. I love the message, which is like there’s always stuff to be happy about. And it’s up to you to make your own happiness, right? My car is named after Papi, my favorite troll. And this past year, my husband gave me a trolls cake for my birthday, I almost had a heart attack. I was so happy. Plus, it was like COVID time. So it was like something so felt so fun. So on. I think it was Christmas Eve, maybe my husband was like, do you want to watch a movie in bed? And I was like, Yeah, let’s do that, you know, we had moved into our new place, and we were still kind of getting settled in the living room was a mess. So we got in bed and he, it I’m it’s weird because he we like very different kinds of movies. And I can’t watch like something super scary or anything like that. I don’t. That’s a whole other show. But I don’t want to embed that in my subconscious. So I’m super careful about what I watch. So sometimes it’s kind of hard to both find something we like. Anyway, he was like, I have something special. Let me pick let me pick and I was like you can’t pick. And he was like, let me pick. So he picked. Anyway he picked was the trolls holiday. They had a holiday special, like on Netflix. And so we watched that. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I watched something so intently, like I had fluvial vision. I was like so in it. I was singing all the songs. I was loving it. But the whole thing was holiday was that the trolls have something to celebrate every day. And Chris there things were like it sucked day. You know, it’s whatever stupid day but I was like, Wait a second. Like, wait a second, wait a second, there is something to celebrate every single day. Like, oh my god, we’re alive. Like, do you know that tomorrow, when you’re listening to this will be I will have officially lived eight years longer than my mother eight years longer. So if I calculated the number of days that she lived, and the number of days I’ve lived, I’ve lived eight years longer. There’s so much to celebrate besides Christmas and New Year’s and thanksgiving and Easter, right? I mean, there, there’s so much to celebrate. So I was like, wait a minute. And I think I’m pretty good at celebrating when stuff happens. But I’ve gotten out of the habit. So I was like, I am gonna put celebrations on my calendar, just like I would put the four experiences on my calendar. Like, I’m gonna look stuff up. And like, you know, what, if it’s, if it’s Taco Tuesday, right, like, you know, those crazy holidays that are marketing holidays, you know what I’m talking about, you know, it’s like guinea pig day, or like, love your cat day or whatever. I’m celebrating, like, I’m making it a thing. So I encourage you to do that celebrate, like, find things to celebrate. And I think if we can get in that habit, like what would happen to let me say it this way. Let me say it this way. What would happen to your life? If you spent the next 30 days celebrating every day? What would happen? I bet you’d be happier. I bet you’d be way more in flow. I bet you have way more abundance, I bet you’d have more money, I bet you’d see it actually show up as like physical money. Right? I think that your whole life could change. So

I give you that. And then the last thing that I did, and this is the thing that I did with my husband now it is a card spread. And what I’m talking about is using Oracle cards or if you have tarot cards or whatever. So here’s the thing is, as I tell you kind of how I did this. I have lots of decks of tarot cards. So I’m no I’m gonna say it again. I have lots of decks of Oracle cards. I have several decks of tarot cards. But Taro is not really my thing. I really like Oracle cards, they’re just easier Tarot seems like a lot to figure out. Right. And so if you go on to hay house.com, they have tons of sales on Oracle decks all the time. And we do a lot of Oracle deck stuff inside the alchemy collective my monthly membership. You can get to that if you want go to my website and then slash


slash alchemy. So I have lots of these. So I have like a big box that’s just full of them. So as I tell you what I do, I will tell you that I have a lot of them to choose from. So if you just have one box, like that’s totally fine. It doesn’t matter, but I’m just going to kind of tell you how I did it. I use my intuition to pick which box of Oracle cards I was going to use. And what I did was I picked three cards Those were going to be my three guiding principles for the year. And I was gonna, I used some cards that have like a message on them, you know. And, you know, they’re kind of pretty, and they have a message and I picked three cards, and I got three messages. And it was so spot on, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is so great. My husband was doing it with me. So we got the three, our three guiding principles for the year. And then I have an Oracle deck, that’s called the Divine Feminine Oracle. Now, if you’re in the alchemy collective, you’ve seen these, because I use them a lot, they have, it looks like a vagina on the back of them, just so you kind of know, it’s like, you’ll know you’re in the right one, but it’s red, it’s got these goddesses on the on the cover of them. And there’s sort of like a, like a shape on the front of them. Anyway, it’s very, they’re very pretty. But in these, the Divine Feminine is just an Oracle deck full of goddesses. And then it’s got the little book that tells you about who they are and what they mean, and what their message is. So I picked one of the Divine Feminine Oracle cards as who’s gonna be my guide for the year. And that one was spot on too. So that was really fun. And then I picked two cards. One was for personal, and one was for my business. And I asked what is it that I need to be aware of right now? So what is it that I need to know for my personal life and I pulled a card, and then I pulled a card from a different deck. I have angels in your business card cards that are business Oracle cards from Emily Aaron’s. So I used those for the business one. So I used I forget, I’d have to look at the picture because I took a picture of them. But I might have used like Gaby Bernstein’s universe got your back cards for the, for the personal one. And then the professional one was the Emily errands angels in your business cards. So that gave me what what it did really was it validated so many things that I was already thinking and working on. And in fact, one of the things was one theme kept showing up and all the cards. And it was just fascinating. And it was fascinating to do with my husband. So if you have a partner that’s open to this, it led to some dialogue about Wait a second, if this is showing up. And I know you might be like, Betsy, it’s an Oracle card, you picked it, but I picked it. My unconscious mind knows all I look at all the cards, right? And then I shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, my unconscious mind knows where they are. And I’m picking one based on what my uncut my unconscious mind, my subconscious is telling me to pick.

It’s sending me a message, I’m using it as a way to communicate with my intuition. Now, could I pick one card and get many different meanings? Sure. And the meaning I’m getting is the one that’s important to me that I need to know or need to be reminded of. It resonates with me. And that’s really just my intuition telling me. So it’s just a way for me to communicate with my intuition. But what made it so powerful was because I did it with my husband. And so then we were like, Wait a second, this one theme is showing up in so many different places, we need to pause and like look at that. And so use like a spread like that, or just sit I mean, all I did was Be quiet and ask what I thought I needed to pick cards for. Right? And it was like find out the guiding principle and your business guiding principle in your, in your personal life. So I just asked and my subconscious told me. So in all of this, pick the questions that you like, or don’t like or don’t do any of it or do at all, whatever you like. But the biggest thing I would say to you is listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you. In this process, it’s going to try to share something with you. If you’re being quiet and sitting in a quiet space and open to receiving. It’s going to try and communicate with you. I think sometimes that I get a lot of messages about how I talk to my intuition and how I am so plugged into my intuition. And it didn’t happen right away. But it’s not anything magical. It’s something that you can do. And now I can watch it all the time. And I make decisions from it all day long. Like any decision I’m making, even if it doesn’t make sense. Today, I went out and ran errands. And I don’t my intuition told me not to park in the parking deck. It told me to park out front while I ran in and did some stuff. So that’s what I did. Now, I don’t know why in any You might have nudges like that. And you’ll think, well, that’s stupid. Why would I do that? I just listened to it, because that’s how you begin to practice. That’s how you begin to tell it, I’m trusting you, I’m doing what you’re telling me to do. And I had a couple big ones today telling me to do something.

And, you know,

sometimes it happens. And I’m like, this goes against what I thought I was going to do. And I even reached out to a girlfriend today. And I was like, Okay, I’m getting the feeling I’m supposed to go do this thing. But I said, I wasn’t gonna do that thing. I’ll tell you about that next week. But it is the listening in, it’s giving yourself space to listen in. So give yourself that space. When you’re doing this process, listen in, and then take that, like listening that you’ve that you’ve learned, and you’ve honed, and use it throughout the day. You know, this week, I have been I’ve been working out like a maniac back It feels like the old days when I used to work out all the time. But being in this new spaces helps me work out a lot. And I got back from we have like a gym area right in my building. And I got back and I, my husband was sitting in the living room and I like put my arms in the air. And I was like, boom. It’s like, I did it. I’m better and better than I was yesterday, or better than I wasn’t at 45 minutes ago is what I said, I was like, I kept my word to myself. I did it. I worked hard. Like I feel so good. Like, celebrating, like really pulling my body into it, right? Because I want to reinforce that. But all that did was it reinforced that I was doing it right? That makes sense to you. Right? So when you follow it, when the intuition comes and you follow it, it’s reinforcing that you’re listening to it. It’s the same thing. It’s just like putting your hands in the air going, yes, I did it. Right. It starts to make you better and better and better and better every single time you follow your intuition once and you’re better than you were 15 minutes ago. So I hope that this was helpful. If it was, let me know, share this episode with your friends. Be sure to jump on my text in my text community, I send out little thoughts from my intuition. If you’re curious, I think that it’s been really fun. And I think people really like them. If you’re in North America, you can go to 770-343-3409 343 3409. If you’re not, a few days later, I tweet them. So you won’t get them at the same time. But you’ll get them if you want to check out my Twitter. And sometimes Twitter doesn’t let me put as much you know, as I text. So the text is better. But join my text community. I love the people that like respond back. It’s really fun. And it’s fun for me to be able to share those little nudges from my intuition. And I have so many people resonate with them. We are all so on the same journey. You guys, we’re all the same. You know, I saw a quote from ROM das. And I’d heard it before, but I saw it online the other day, and I shared it on my Instagram. But it was like go about your day as if everyone you meet is God in drag. And I’ve

done that

was just doing that today. And I was watching all the people like as I was at a four way stop. And what if their God in drag? It’s just us. We’re all we’re all part of, you know, we’re all I don’t know, now I’m sounding. But you get it. We’re drops in the ocean, we are the ocean, right? So we’re also connected. So when I send out my intuition thoughts, it very well could be your thought. Sometimes I just ask, what do I need to text and I get this thought that’s totally random. And I send it out and someone messages me back and goes oh my god, right? It’s because we’re so aligned. So anyway, thank you so much for being here with me again this week. Happy Happy, Happy New Year. I hope that you close out this 2020 and you move into 2021 with such peace, such ease and such joy. I love you so much. I’ll see you next week. Thank you so much for being here and for listening to today’s episode. If you liked it and got something out of it please be sure to share with me by leaving a review over on iTunes. And if you’re not following on social media, I am everywhere at Betsy Pake but most of the time over on Instagram, so follow and comment on my latest post so that we can connect there. I will see you next week. And until then, keep living big


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