244: Hit your goals by doing a self-audit


Today Betsy talks about doing a self audit to help you hit your dreams for for the year whether it’s in your business or your life!

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a master hypnotherapist and NLP coach, and I help high achievers rewire for success. If you’re ready for the next level, you’re in the right place. Over the next 30 minutes, I hope to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers, welcome to today’s show. It’s been a little while y’all if you are regular listeners, thanks. Thanks for hanging in there.

We’re back.

We’re back at a regular time. So I have a couple quick updates and then I want to talk to you about something that I have been doing that might help you to propel you forward with whatever it is that you’ve been dreaming or thinking about, or being excited about in your life. All right, so I got home from my trainers training so if you’re new here, welcome. I have been trying to get to this trainers training for over a year trying to get to go to this trainers training so that I could become a trainer of NLP hypnotherapy success coaching EFT. Time techniques, which is really powerful. I use it a lot in my coaching. And so I decided at the beginning of 2020 that I wanted to be an expert in NLP, I was already a master certified NLP practitioner. But I found a company that years ago, I had taken my hypnotherapy certification with. And I really liked them. And so I thought I want to take their trainers training, so I can become a trainer because I thought, if I could become a trainer, I would be an expert, right. And so I reached out to them to take their trainers, but they wanted me to take all of their training first. So they wanted me to take their NLP certification, their success coaching certification, their master cert and then then take the trainers. So, you know, I thought about it, it was a big expense, right? And a time expense plus a hotel expense, right? So I’m like, do I really want to put that much into it? And I decided for me, like, I feel like this is my life’s work. And so why would I put, you know, I would buy a new car, but I wouldn’t put money into myself. Like that didn’t make sense to me when I thought about it like that. So I decided to do it. But then, of course, I was through the core coaching, I was through the NLP practitioner cert when in halfway through master prac, when it all fell apart. So COVID hit, I was actually out in California. And I had to come home in the middle of it. And because I had to leave in the middle and the class ended, I actually left a day or two before the class officially ended, you know, fish officially stopped. And so I had to retake the entire thing. So I had to find a time when there was an entire class being held. And again, because the COVID classes weren’t being held, like everything was being delayed, and I don’t know about you guys, but when I have something that like, is like outstanding, I feel like I gotta get it done before other things can fall into place. Now, that is not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes it can be okay, but it’s not necessarily a good thing. So it’s something that I had to really look at. And it gave me an opportunity to practice moving forward, even though, you know, this thing wasn’t complete. So anyway, I finally was able to take the master prac


September, in Philadelphia. And then this trainers came up in January. Now they’re only they typically only hold it once a year in August in California. And so when it came up in January, I was like, Oh, I could get this done. I wouldn’t have to wait till this August. Because again, like this thing where I sort of Wait, like there’s part of my subconscious mind that does not at all, like having any loops open. It wants to close all the loops. It’s how just how my brain works. And probably something I could shift. But in it, but regardless, I just knew, gosh, if I could take this now who would be so awesome because I could get my 2021 starting off in the way that I wanted, it would feel so good. And I mean, I went back and forth you guys, you know, the Coronavirus is still a very real thing. And I have been really cognizant of it. You know, I was in California when it all went down and I I didn’t watch the news while I was there for that training. So I didn’t totally understand what was happening until my husband called him was like, you know, I think you really need to think about coming home. So going back out there. I was like, Ah, you know, it’s long. It’s 20 it was 20 days of training. So I’d have to be in California. 20 days long. story short, they moved it from LA to, to Orange County. The class went from, like 29 people to like eight people, because everybody was canceling. And so I was like, you know, I think this is it. I think this is my opportunity. I just really listened to my intuition. And honestly, I had said, No, I’m not going to go and then 36 hours before I was going to have to get on a flight to go. I just felt like I have to go, this is the time go. So I went. Now when I got to California, I, I got there just a day before the training. So I traveled on January 1, I just came back a few days ago. So I was here there until the 20th. When I got there, I typically have a really difficult time moving from East Coast to West Coast. The timezone thing screws me up. And the trainings are from one o’clock to eight o’clock, east or west coast, which would be which would feel like four o’clock, 11 o’clock pm here. Now I go to bed early. I like to get up super early. So I go to bed at like 930. So this is actually a huge problem for me. Now, if you guys heard my episode with Kat, she is the energy healer that I had on the show that talked about being able to see your gridlines I don’t know if you guys remember that. But it was Episode 237. She is an intuitive resolutions expert. Anyway, she’s super cool. And I’ve been working with her. And she said, Let me adjust your gridlines when you get there, so that you are already on West Coast time. That way you don’t have the transition. So you know, I was into that. I was like oh my god. Yes. So when it got there, I got settled. And I called her we talked on the phone now again, she’s in Hawaii, I was in California, and she just had me lay on the bed. And she just was like, I’m gonna just adjust you and and she does. You know, she has you say certain things. It’s very relaxing, like, you’re just laying there and she does her. Her magic. It’s amazing. So she had me work with her like thinking certain things, you know, setting the intention to be on that where my feet hit the ground was where my whole body was right? My spirit, my everything was in that time zone. And then I got up and I was like I you know, I don’t know if it worked or not like, I still I’m awake and whatever. Time will tell. And then, um, I don’t know, maybe she asked me to just lay there for like an hour, which I did, almost. And then maybe two or three hours later, I was walking through the hotel room. And all of a sudden, I felt a wave come over me where I literally grabbed onto the table. I felt dizzy is the only way to describe it. But it wasn’t like I was gonna fall down. It was just like a wave of energy came through me. And I was like, Whoa, and I just was like, I’m on this time zone. Like I just knew that moment it had happened. And I was I went to bed that night at like nine 930 on the West Coast time. I woke up at the regular time. It was all I was immediately on West Coast. So I did my training 20 days I came home on the 20th

No, she had asked

me When are you coming home? And I told her that if she’s listening to this, she doesn’t know this yet. But on the 20th I woke up at 230 in the morning, like sat up wide awake. And I was like whoa, why am I sitting up? What time is it? I looked to 30 and I was like Gosh, that’s weird, but I am up like there are there was no going back to bed there was not even any like let me lay here for a minute like I was wide awake. And then I realized I was on East Coast time. And I had been on East Coast time ever since. So I wanted to share that fascinating little story. If you have not hooked up with Kat you should check her out. If you go to if you go to that episodes show notes. So she was Episode 237. So if you go to Betsy Pake comm backslash a lb 237 you’ll see the show notes and you’ll see the link to her website. If you click on that you can schedule like a 30 minute consultation with her like just to see, you know, to get her pricing and packages and to see you know how you guys could work together. But it is fascinating. She’s amazing, very, very gifted. And I was just so appreciative. So, so here I am. I’m at the training. There is so much going on so much information. And I have to tell you, it was such an interesting experience. It was long. It’s a very, very intense. The first week I really struggled. I struggled mentally, like I had just closed on my house like two days before I left, right? If you guys have been following along, you know, that was like a huge move. So I wasn’t settled, we had just closed on the house, you know, it, it all just felt like, I just felt very unstable, unsteady, you know, sometimes where you feel that like unstable and you’re like, I’ve got to find my footing. So it gave me an opportunity to really find my footing inside, right to go inside. And sometimes I think about when I feel really crude, like, you know frenetic, like where I feel like oh, my gosh, things feel like they’re taking over and out of control. And I know for me, and maybe for you, too, you felt like this with the Coronavirus, right where I was like, I don’t know what’s happening. And if you think of like a bicycle wheel, I felt like I was on the outside of the wheel, you know, like the rubber tubing part of the wheel. And just spinning and spinning like, I

don’t know, I don’t know.

And I was starting to feel like that, that first week of training. And I reminded myself, I have to get to the middle, I have to get to the hub of the wheel. Because when you’re in the hub of the wheel, it doesn’t move very much. It’s the same wheel. But it doesn’t have that same impact. And so getting to the hub of the wheel for me, is getting centered, getting grounded, getting inside, and noticing that my stability doesn’t come from, you know, my outside circumstances, it doesn’t come from whether I’m in a hotel room or in my house or in an apartment, or wherever I am. It comes from a place inside. And when I got steady, it helped a lot. That first week, y’all I was like, Oh my god, am I not gonna make it like I, I was really feeling very triggered by things I was frustrated, the training is very hard. And it was the sort of thing like the very first day because you’re in trainers, you’re supposed to know everything, right? So like the very first day, they would be like Betsy, get up and talk for 10 minutes about this thing, you know, which I could do it, I just was, you know, it was you were on edge because you didn’t know when it was going to be your turn. Every day, we talked every day we got up to speak using hypnotic language or, you know, speaking about a process or, you know, we’re doing the processes that coaching processes we were learning. And so anyway, I made it through the last three days were really intense, it was three days of certifications to get my board certification, and I passed it all a really intense test, really, really intense exam, a demonstration day, and then a presentation day where I had to actually present. So anyway, I got through it all came home. And I’m now getting my footing here back in my new surroundings and my new place. And you know, one of the things I was talking about inside the alchemy collective, which is my membership group, it’s really a coaching group. And we had a coaching session this past week, and we were talking about this about sometimes there’s there are, there’s only so many chunks of information that my conscious mind can hold. So you may have this happen where you’re like, you know, I’ve got to go to the post office, I got to go run by the the pharmacy, I got to get that report out to my boss, and my kid needs a dentist appointment. And so like if you think about you thinking about all of those things, your conscious mind can only handle so many chunks of information. And what I was finding when I was at the training, was they were purposely overloading my chunks. Purposely doing that. So that I’d have to think do this with your arms, do this with your inflection, do this with your talk about this, like purposely overloading me. So that I would have to, to operate from my unconscious mind. Right? So when you’re having this was what we were talking about in the coaching session was when you’re having this overwhelm when you’re on the outside of that wheel, you know, you’re feeling like, ah, you’ve got to bring it into the center. And you’ve also got to outsource a lot of that stuff to your unconscious mind. How can you make things that you’ve been thinking about? Just habits or delegate them or erase them all together?


So, you know, as I moved into this new place, I realized I came back here. I had lived in a hotel longer than I had lived in this place. But my husband had lived here longer than I had right he had lived here. And so he already had systems set up. He already had like routines, and I didn’t it was very disorienting. So I want to describe that to you for a second because You’ll see how this can fit into your life and what you do. So when you get up, you probably go and you brush your teeth, right, you go to the bathroom, you probably have a routine of the way you do things, where your clothes are, how you walk around your bed, to get to the bathroom, or whatever. So when you move or you move your furniture around, or whatever it is, all of that has to be conscious thought. It’s no longer unconscious, because you’ve got to navigate something new. And so that takes up part of your chunks, right, it takes up part of what you consciously can handle. So if you’ve got some really big goals and some big things, you’re working on things you’re excited about things you want to happen in 2021. And it just feels really frustrating. It’s because you’re trying to handle all of those things consciously. And if you can move those into patterns, or systems or habits, it moves them to the unconscious, where you don’t have to consciously be thinking of it, and taking up those seven chunks, which is not very much.

So our conscious mind has a way less way less magnitude than our unconscious mind. So one of the things I talk about all the time with my coaching clients, and inside the alchemy collective is really moving stuff. So that you’re utilizing your subconscious mind, like that’s really how we can operate and be crazy powerful, is using our unconscious mind. Now, let me say this before I keep going just so you know, you can go to my website, if you go to Betsy pake.com backslash alchemy, you can go down to the bottom and sign up for the waitlist, you’re gonna want to do that if this if if being part of like a coaching group is interesting to you at all. It’s, it’s an insane deal. In fact, somebody messaged me yesterday, I’m gonna read it because I was so I did a joy dance, I did a happy little dance, but somebody messaged me and said that they are part of three different coaching groups. And they said that ours is hands down the best value and the best setup, I will be cancelling the other two, I love how how you even always want to improve it to even when I think it’s the bomb missed, then it gets bombed here. So anyway, it is awesome. It’s just, I’m glad that I’ve taken the time we’ve been around to this membership has been around almost probably about eight months or so now, eight to 10 months. So, you know, we’ve had time where we’ve refined things and shifted things to make it really great for everybody. So we’re adding in all of my courses in there, you get hypnosis, every month, you get a workshop, you get live coaching, this past week, we did live coaching, and everybody on the call got coaching, it took about two hours two to 220, maybe we were on the phone, it was on zoom, it was really, really fun. So anyway, not to go into a whole commercial about the alchemy collective. But this next time that we open is going to be the last time at that really, really discounted price. So you’re gonna want to get on the waitlist, just so you have a choice. So all right. So what I want to talk about is how I went from, like, I was thinking about this about the chunks and about what I do. And I realized, you know, that whole idea that until you make the unconscious conscious, you will like experience your life and call it fate, I think is the quote, right? It’s a I think it’s a Carl Jung quote, don’t quote me on that I might be wrong. But, um, the idea is that so much is happening in our unconscious, which when we are deliberate about it, that’s what we really want. But if we’re not being deliberate about it, then we’re getting an outcome that is just running a process that has been created a long time ago inside your subconscious mind. Let me explain what I mean. You may have had goals for the new year resolutions, ideas of things that you wanted, maybe you were just like, I’m gonna drink a lot of water or I’m gonna eat healthier, whatever it is for you. Now, it’s the 28th. And that if it was only in your chunks has gone away. You’ve, for lack of a better word you’ve given up. You’ve said like I just it’s too much. I can’t do it in that way. I’m going to focus on it later. I’ll come back to it. Right. Okay, so this is not your fault. This isn’t because you don’t have motivation. This isn’t because you don’t have hustle or grit. It’s none of that. It’s because you were trying to keep it in those chunks. And honestly, if you want to do something long term, you’ve got to move it into your subconscious mind. You got to get it out of your conscious mind. It’s too much to handle all that.


in the same way, I want to know what’s in my subconscious Mind, what patterns Am I already running there that I need to shift so that the change I want can be easier. So one way to do that is to do a self audit. And that’s what I have been doing this whole week is a self audit, I came back from that training, I realized everything is new. I can create patterns from this new place. And I want to be intentional about it. I don’t want it to just happen. Right. So I want to be intentional. So the first thing that I did with my self audit was I started just tracking time. And I just took, I know, there’s a lot of apps out there. And those could be great if you’re always tracking time, but I just wanted to do it for a few days. And I wanted few days, four days. So not to, just to be clear, I wanted many days in a row, you could do this for a full week, I got a pretty good idea in about a week. And I have been at a mastermind, today and yesterday, and so I want to pick it back up again tomorrow. So I want days that are normal days, you know what I’m saying? So like normal days in my life. And what I did was I just took a piece of paper, and from the moment I woke up, I just tracked my time, what am I doing? Where am I going? What am I working on? So that I could start to see what patterns are showing up? Right? I could start to see like, now the first day I did this, oh, I was so good, right? Because I was consciously aware of it. So I was like, I’m not getting on my phone. I didn’t check my phone till 10 o’clock. Like I was like, I’m not checking social media. I’m so good. You know, but by the second day, it was like 6:45pm. All right. And then I’m like, Oh, I just realized I’m scrolling. Now, if I was not doing the self audit, if I wasn’t trying to be intentional, I wouldn’t have noticed it. Because now my conscious mind and my subconscious mind probably at this point was like, I’ve got to keep track. So when I did it, it came into my awareness. Right? Does that make sense? So, so many times those patterns aren’t in our awareness, because we’re not trying to be aware. Now I have set an intention to be aware, so that I can write it all down. So now the first day I was like, super awesome, Betsy, it was Betsy on high. Then the second day, the real Betsy started coming out right now, there are times where we’re gonna get on our phones, or we’re gonna do whatever that thing is for you. Because for me getting on my phone is where I go to. That’s how I numb out you guys. So that’s what I do is I, if, if I’m working on something, and I’m stuck, or I’m confused, or it’s overwhelming, I just pick up my phone. So I realized that this was a pattern. And I started to notice when I would do it. Now what good is that? The good in that is that it helped me to see what I needed to work on. So what I needed to work on was blind to me before. So I love coaching. And obviously like I’m a coach, I always have a coach because I need to be able to see the blind spots. And there are ways we can find blind spots on our own. So I can actually help my coach by saying these are the things I found. What do you see? Do you notice that right? Can we shift that? And I love being able to shift stuff right in my unconscious mind. And so, you know, then I have something to work with. You guys hear all the time about like changing your beliefs, right? But it’s really hard to do that if you don’t know what your beliefs are that level of awareness. Alright, so the self audit. So that’s the first part is that I just started to become aware and I started to time track everything. Alright, the second thing for me because health is one of my goals. So if health isn’t one of your goals, you could do this. However you would measure for what your goals are. Okay, so I I don’t I I typically drink a lot of water. In fact, I don’t drink soda. I haven’t had any soda in well over a year I gave it up like December 2019 I gave up soda. And that was the best thing ever. Sometimes I’ll have maybe like Arnold Palmer, but pretty rare but I do drink a lot of water and then I’ll have coffee or for SIG Matic mushroom coffee in the morning. Sometimes I’ll have I’m just being honest. What is it? A sugar free Red Bull. I hadn’t had a sugar free Red Bull. In 10 years probably. Y’all it’s like, it’s like sipping off the top of alkaline battery. It’s

it. I had it when I was at training in it. It helped me so much. So I’m reporting in that I do have sometimes it’s sugar free Red Bull like it. I liked it, but I’m trying to use It strategically right? Um, all right. So all of that to say, I, my health is my focus. So then I was curious like, Do I have enough water? Am I really drinking enough? So how do we audit anything is just by measuring, right? So I at the beginning of the day would fill I have this huge mason jar, it’s like a giant mason jar that I make iced coffee and sometimes in the summertime, but it’s like 64 ounces. So it’s huge mason jar, and I just filled that up with water so that I could be measuring. So then every all day long, I poured my water from that giant mason jar. And then I knew how much I was actually drinking, I could measure it. So I’ve done that for many days in a row. And I drink. Like, I mean 80 something ounces of water easily. So I knew that that was okay. So when I look at my health and the things I want to be doing, measuring that was important because I wanted to make sure, I feel like that’s okay, so then I went on to the next thing,

which for me

was what I was eating. Now, you’ve probably heard about keeping a food journal,

I didn’t

want to be like tracking and measuring. I didn’t want to be weighing my food, but I wanted to notice the times that I was eating, and also the times that I went for food. So like, if I was stuck on a project with work, would either go to my phone, or I’d like walk into the kitchen. Now just having the awareness of it made me go, oh my god, I just walked in here like, what am I looking for? Right? So being able to track what I’m eating was actually eye opening. And also when I would when I would be like a hunter gatherer be like, I’ve got to go find I’ve got to forage for food because I’m stressed, right? Or because I’m frustrated or because whatever that was so super important. Why is it important? Not because? Well, it is because of what I’m putting in my mouth. But also because of why I’m putting it in my mouth.

I if I’m

trying to change a behavior, I’ve got to change it from this level of my subconscious, right, which is my, my subconscious mind thinks, oh, if she’s stressed, we can help. We can help by get it having her do this thing. But I need to rewire that. And so then I could go What’s the actual feelings that I’m having?

I have a wheel.

I have a wheel that I use with my clients that is like all these emotions. So many times when we think about emotions, we think about like, I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m frustrated. I’m angry, right? Like those kinds of emotions. But we can take that and really, really, like, get specific, you know, like, I’m stuck. Well, when I’m stuck, what is it? Like? Is it I’m frustrated or I am feeling lonely? Or I’m feeling nostalgic, or I’m feeling Do you see how it’s like, there’s a nuance to stuff. And you can get much deeper with what the emotion is. If you’re inside the alchemy collective the workshop we did this month, we talked about it, and I put the wheel inside the portal for with the workshop

recording. So

anyway, if you join, if you get on the waitlist, you can see all that because you’ll see all the back stuff, all the old stuff we did so. So anyway, I think that that can be so helpful to really identify what you’re actually experiencing. So Alright, so then part of myself audit was also sleep, and not just like, okay, when I go to bed and when I wake up, but I also wanted to keep track of Am I waking up in the middle of the night? And if I am I wanted to look back at my food to see what I had eaten. Right? When was the last time I had caffeine? Like how is that impacting me? So keeping track of my sleep, and just the quality of my sleep? You know, I know we hear this a lot. But if you do it just for like three or four days, and you’re like, this is my self audit. I don’t know, it just makes it easier somehow because there’s an outcome that I’m looking for. Right? Alright, so I have one more day of myself audit tomorrow. Today, I’m going to this mastermind. And then tomorrow, I have a whole day at work. And so I want to be sure that I’m just tracking and seeing how things are going now. Just the awareness itself, I can tell is starting to shift things like I just, it comes into my awareness. Now. Remember my unconscious mind. It knows everything, right? It knows everything. It only brings up into your conscious mind. The things that it thinks it needs to know that your conscious mind needs to know if it serves up things that it thinks you’re ready to heal. Right. This is why you’ll have like memories pop into your head from a long time ago because your unconscious mind goes oh Maybe she’s ready to heal that. Let’s show it to her. And if you don’t have the tools to heal it, what do you do? You just push it away and go, Oh, I hate that thought that guy was a jerk, right? So when this is happening, when you’re doing this self audit, there’s going to be a lot of things that just start being served up. It’s not just about the tracking, it is not just about the awareness, it’s about what is coming up for you. So keep track of that, too. I have been, I have been seeing a lot of like flashes of things like flashes of old experiences, or times where I’ve succeeded or failed, like those things are flashing into my mind. I’m also noticing a ton more little messages, right, you know, how I, I have talked before about how I get messages from my grandmother and my mother, right? And I know, I was talking to my husband about this last night, and I was saying about how I I’m seeing them everywhere now. Well, why would that be like? Well, they’re always supporting us. So they’re always trying to show us messages. We just don’t see them a lot of the time, most of the time, I bet. Now I’m seeing them everywhere. Why? Because I’m auditing myself. I’m pulling into my conscious awareness, the things that I need to see. And so that is important to me, right. So it’s like that connection is important. And I’m being guided, right. So that is being shown to me much, much more. So try this, try having a self audit, see what you discover about yourself, see how things start to shift. And see if you can start to create a little bit more magic and a little bit more intention by understanding what’s already working and what can create what you can shift to create something new. Because that’s how I think you live a big life. Alright, if you’re not already in our Facebook group, I’m going to be making some changes part of my audit, I also did a business audit. That’s all I could do a whole other show on that y’all if you want. But part of that was a business audit, and you are going to start seeing more stuff inside the group, the Facebook group, the public Facebook group. So if you are into that, go and join us there it is the art of living big.com will push you into the Facebook group. So join us there I’m going to be doing smart coaching in there. I’m going to try to do some other other cool stuff. So February 1 is I’m going to try to implement my new plan. I have a lot of work to do this weekend. But it has been a busy busy month and I’m ready I’m ready to go. So

Alright y’all,

I hope you have an awesome week and I will see you soon. Thank you so much for being here and for listening to today’s episode. If you liked it and got something out of it please be sure to share with me by leaving a review over on iTunes. And if you’re not following on social media, I am everywhere at Betsy Pake but most of the time over on Instagram, so follow and comment on my latest post so that we can connect there. I’ll see you next week. And until then, keep living big


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