248: Your marriage is your ashram with Jenny Glick - Betsy Pake

248: Your marriage is your ashram with Jenny Glick


Today I am SO excited to introduce you to one of my sweetest friends, Jenny Glick.

Jenny is a licensed marriage and family therapist and AASECT certified sex therapist who has been working families, couples and individuals for over 20 years.(yet she still looks 20. Go figure.)

The women she works with have read books, articles, and watched loads of videos online about communication, relationships, intimacy, and spiritual connection. They have gone to therapy and often LOVE their therapist but have lackluster results in creating real change in their intimate relationships.

The women Jenny serves are successful in so many aspects of their lives but their marriage or intimate relationships fall flat. They feel like they are trapped and suffocating in a relationship that simply isn’t a reflection of who they REALLY are.

As an expert mentor and way-shower (which I love that, by the way… A Way-shower! yes!), Jenny guides women in how to embody their highest potential at any given moment in their relationship. Through radical accountability, a strategic step-by-step plan, daily practices, personalized daily support, and community connections, Jenny walks women from where they are now (point A) to where they want to be in their lives (point B) in 8 weeks or less. The first step to marital transformation is personal transformation and that transformation begins by thinking, feeling, acting, and believing in a radically new way. Jenny has a map to get you there.!

Find her at www.JennyGlick.com

Join her email list here:  https://jennyglick.com/join-email-list/

And be sure to Join her free FB group for women: https://www.facebook.com/groups/relationshipmentoringforwomen


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