250: How I manifested a surprise encounter with Sara Blakley of Spanx - Betsy Pake

250: How I manifested a surprise encounter with Sara Blakley of Spanx


Betsy has some fun manifestation stories about meeting one of her virtual mentors and the ‘ting’ that happens when you make a connection to the divine.

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Welcome to The Art of Living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an author, speaker, a master hypnotherapist and NLP coach, and I help high achievers rewire for success. If you’re ready for the next level, you’re in the right place. Over the next 30 minutes, I hope to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big.

Hello welcome fellow adventurers. So I’m excited for this show cuz I have some crazy manifestation stories for you. And I think we all love a good manifestation story. I know I do. So there may be a lot of new people listening this week, and I’ll explain why I think that so Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Betsy and I have had this podcast now for almost Well, a little over four years now. I am a trainer of NLP hypnotherapy, EFT and time techniques.

And I believe that the science and the spirit go together, you know, so many times, we will hear people talk about like the Whoo. And then it makes you not sciency. But I don’t think that’s true. I think there is science in the world. And I talk all about that. And just living real life and trying to be a good person and have great experiences and live a really full what I call a big life. And a big life includes listening to yourself, being able to go within and have those deep conversations so that you know, the right things for you in your life. So the name of the show is the art of living big because for five years ago, I wrote a book called start small, live bag. And so that’s where the name came from. So welcome, welcome. There’s a lot to explore. I have a lot of stories today.

So okay, so let’s just dive right in. First of all, I’m recording this on Monday on the eighth March 8. So I’m actually going to have a go live early for a couple different reasons. And one of those reasons is that I have an event this week called alchemy week, it’s free, but you do have to sign up because we’re in a separate pop up group. And so I wanted the episode to go live not only because I have this fun story I really want to tell you, but also because if you haven’t gotten in there, I want you to be able to do that. Every day, we have live events. So we’ve got like a hypnosis.

Today we’re going to talk about the difference between hypnosis and meditation. And tomorrow we have a workshop on the science of your mind. And then we’re diving into astrology on Wednesday with Wendy, who is our resident astrologer over in the alchemy collective, which is my membership and then Thursday, we’re talking about emotion code. Friday, we’re pulling some Oracle cards do you see how it’s like this mixture and intertwining of science and spirit, it’s all free, and the recordings will be in there. So if you can’t be there with me live to Eastern every day. You can just watch later.

And then I’m gonna have some pop up groups and then mark your calendars. Because Thursday night we’re gonna have a little happy hour on zoom. So it’s community and it’s learning and it’s expansion. So you can get to that you can just go to my website, you can go to Betsy Pake calm and you’ll see right underneath the top part, there’s a big blue box that says join alchemy week, just click on that and it’ll give you all the details that you need to know but it’s free. So come and join us. Alright, so now let’s dive into it. If you’re new here, I live in Atlanta. But I haven’t always lived in Atlanta.

I’ve lived in the suburbs of Atlanta. And you know, when you say like I live in Atlanta, but really you don’t you live in the suburbs, and I lived out in the suburbs. So if you’re listening and you know, the Atlanta area, I was way out in Buford. So quite a ways out. I used to own a CrossFit gym out there and flowery branch. So like, my life was out there. I had a daughter that was in school. And you know, there was a lot of reasons why I wanted to be in the suburbs when I chose it. But then my daughter grew up and I just hated it. So for years, I have been trying to get my husband to move and we finally did. So we sold our house.

We closed on it December 30. So we closed on it and then we moved into the into the city and we’re renting for a year to figure out where we want to go or what we want to do. So that’s kind of the backstory. So I haven’t been living in Atlanta very long, just like two months. Now there’s a reason why this is important. And it’s because I’m still really figuring my way around. You know, when you move someplace new even though I just moved from the suburbs into the city like it’s, it was more than an hour away. So nothing happened, you know, the grocery stores or the like everything I had To figure out, right. And so, a few days ago, I ordered some shoes. I ordered some shoes from Amazon, which I know why would you order shoes from Amazon, but they had Jessica Simpson heels and I have a speech I have to give in a couple weeks. And I thought, you know, I’ve been wearing sweat pants for a year and a half with COVID. I probably need to have like, a real outfit to wear. So I ordered these shoes. But I have these smallest feet on the planet. Like literally lots of times when I go to stores, I can’t fit into the smallest women’s shoe. Like when I bought Birkenstocks. A couple years ago, we went to Key West and I bought Birkenstocks. And I had to buy the kids version. The guy that was fitting me was like, You can’t wear adult size shoes.

So it wasn’t a surprise that the shoes didn’t fit, but it was still a disappointment. And I was like, Alright, so I went to Amazon. Now, you know, with Amazon, you can return stuff, you don’t mail it back to them, you return it at stores. And when I lived in the suburbs, there was a place I always went and it was a Kohl’s not far from me, but there’s not a Kohl’s around here for me to return stuff. So I had to go to the website and like figure out where do I go? And I looked, and it was almost like, you know, you’re drawn to one you’re like, Okay, well, that’s the one that’s where we’re gonna go. I don’t I don’t know why there.

You know, there was several that were like two miles from my house. So I was like, Okay, well, that seems like a good one. That’s the one we’re gonna go to. So I chose a Whole Foods down in Buckhead and right, like where I live is like right on the top of Buckhead. You know what I mean? So it’s like, Okay, well, that’s what, like two miles away, totally, we can go there. So I said to my husband on Saturday, will you go with me? You know, because I still don’t totally know my way around everywhere. And I was like, just go with me. And we’ll kind of like figure out things. So that’s what we decided to do. So we got ready on Saturday, and off we went. And as we were driving, like I said, it’s only like two miles. But that area of Buckhead was so congested. We went back and forth, like crossing over the main road, we ways was taking us, like all over the place into neighborhoods, like all of this, like chaos to get to miles. So ended up taking us a little while.

And it was interesting, because even when it was happening, even when there was a lot of traffic, I remember, I actually thought, I don’t mind this at all. Like we didn’t have anywhere to be I wasn’t stressed, my husband didn’t seem stressed, which was good. So I was like, content. Now I’ve talked about being content before. So many times we think, well, I’ve got to, in order for me to like bring in my dreams or manifest what it is I want I’ve got to be like meditating, or I’ve got to be like, really, you know what I mean, in this like Zen place. But when your content is also an opening, right? So I was content, I was driving in the car, I was content, I wasn’t forward thinking or backward thinking I was really in the moment very present. You know, we can be in that moment when we’re chopping vegetables, or going for a walk or playing with our dogs, like, anytime we’re present is a really great time to just listen in, you know, just to connect. And sometimes you’ve heard me say this before, but I’ll say like, what is it I need to hear?

I’m listening, you know, so will those times where you feel content. So we’re driving around, I’m feeling really content, like I’m just happy. I’m like really open to whatever, getting the lay of the land, you know, people are cutting people off and honking and neither one of us seem to care. So then we see the eldest son we’re like, oh, we know where we are, you know, once the weighs spits us out, finally on a main road, and we’re like, oh, I totally know where we are. We had just gone to like a steak restaurant nearby a few weeks ago. And so there’s the whole foods and so the the I mean, it is Saturday, a whole foods in Buckhead, right. I mean, it is packed, there are so many cars. It’s like you pull in but you can’t get in all the way. Do you know what I mean? So you’re still like half hanging out in the in the road because you’re like waiting for people to move in. So a lot of people backing out a lot of people getting in spots. And we just went pulled in and then went straight.

And then right in almost right in front. There was a car that was backing out and my husband’s like, Oh, look, and I was like Oh, good. And I had this moment where I thought we always get the best spaces. Have you ever had one of those moments where you think something and you feel like 10 that’s what it felt like to me like I had made some sort of connection. So I was like, I love getting fun spots like the best spots and having it be easy and effortless. So I was actually pleased that I felt the ting Do you know that Ting? You know what I’m talking About. So, and I’ll tell you that when I feel the Ting, lots of times, I’ll go back, you know, I’ll go back to that moment, when I felt the Ting, I have my program that alchemy collective, which is my monthly membership, and we do happy hours in there and workshops. And a few months ago, it was actually back in like, maybe October, I was talking and I was explaining something. I’m not even sure I remember what it was I was explaining.

Because I didn’t actually remember this moment until someone in the collective brought it up to me later. But the, the, the example that I gave was like, I want free coffee. That’s what I said. I said, I want to go to like Starbucks and just get free coffee, can I get free coffee. And I remember that moment that I felt to write that thing. And so it was interesting, because then like a week or so later, I came into the collective into the Facebook group, and I go live and there are a lot and I was saying about how I had gone to Starbucks, and they had handed me a free coffee. And it was like at that time. I think that first coffee was here, Betsy, here, would you like this free coffee man, like we made an extra? Do you know what I mean? That kind of thing. You know how sometimes they do that. And so I took him because free coffee. So then I went to the Starbucks a couple of times like the drive thru. And there was one time where they looked really confused and handed me my coffee. And I like put my phone up so they could scan it and get the app, you know, and they looked really confused. And they were like, it’s okay, just go ahead. But they looked confused.

Like they didn’t know why they were doing that. And then I had a couple more times where I went to get coffee. They scanned me but it never took the money off the card. And I didn’t realize it till I got home. And then I went to California, we sold our house. 24 hours later, I was on my airplane for three weeks to California for some training. And when I was there, the woman at the front gave me free coffee at the at the little Starbucks kiosk in the hotel. And I remember, I remember thinking like she said, she said to me, you’ve been here every day. Yeah, this one’s on me. But I remember thinking like, I’m in this class with a bunch of people. We’ve all been here every day. Not everybody got free coffee, but I got free coffee. So I was getting free coffee. Okay, so then I come back from my training. I’m getting settled and finally unpacking. Right, I’m unpacking everything. And there is a coffee a Starbucks coffee machine being installed in our building. It’s It’s huge, you guys. It’s one of those giant ones that’s like, it’s bigger than your body and you walk up and you it’s like a touchscreen and you press like I want coffee Chai hot coffee, cold coffee, hot chocolate at Starbucks. It’s the Starbucks machine in my building, but it’s free, free coffee. Every day. I’m having some free coffee right now. Every day, I walk my I get up a walk my dogs.

And then I go and get my free coffee now. Amazing manifestation story. Because I felt that Ting. So the times where I felt like Ting, I’ve tried to go back and be like, what was happening? You know, like to analyze that moment, right? And you had moments like that, where you’re like, Oh my god, I just know I’m gonna get it. years ago, I worked like years ago, like this is back in like 94 I worked as a waitress, I just gotten out of college. And I remember they were doing one of those things where everybody put $1 with their name on it on the spinning wheel of you know, when you send stuff back to the kitchen, and I remember knowing I was gonna win. I mean, I think I won six bucks, right? But I actually remember that moment because it was the first time I recognized the team. It was like a knowing I just knew, without a doubt, I didn’t feel thirsty for it. I didn’t care. I just knew and I was grateful. So there we are in the parking lot at Whole Foods. I feel the Ting. I’m like okay, cool.

I’m going to be getting parking spots from now on. So that’ll be a new thing for me. And so I go into the I go into Whole Foods and I asked the woman that’s like right in front like kind of like in the mudroom area. Do you know I mean, you’re not really in the whole foods but and I was like, Can I return my Amazon stuff here? And she was like, yeah, just go to the customer service right behind me. So go into the whole foods. Now I’m not shopping. I’m not in the whole foods. I’m not in the aisles, nothing. I go into The story taking immediate right and I go to the customer service desk right there. And nobody’s at the customer service desk, thankfully, because I didn’t have anybody to look at. So I just put my shoes on the counter. And I turned to see someone gonna be able to come and help me it was really busy in there.

And then I see this man walking towards me with two carts. And I was like, Oh my God. I know who that is. Like immediately he had a mask on and a hat on. And I was like, that’s Jesse Itzler. That’s a terribly please husband. That’s Jesse Itzler on his own dusty esler, like founder of Marquis jets, Zico, water. I mean, like, all the things I was like, now, I want to pause for a second because if you’re new here, you may not fit in. If you’re old here. You may not remember no, if you’re old here You do remember me talking about Sara Blakely, about how she is the creator and owner of Spanx. I mean, I talk about her a lot, because she’s been on my board of directors. I’ll talk about that in a second. And she’s just such an influence on me. I just love her. Like, I love her vibe. I love so many things about her.

And so I did a podcast episode, maybe it was two episodes ago, where I mentioned her name. And I felt the Ting. And I wondered why. So there I am, in Whole Foods and Jesse’s walking towards me. And I mean, I am like, I’m on it, y’all. Like if the universe opens up a portal like that, I am not going to I am not going to just stand by and like, try and take a quick selfie. Like without anybody noticing. I’m like jumping in front of the cart, like, oh my gosh. But I also want to be respectful. You know? Like, I realize he’s getting his groceries. So I said, Jesse, and he was like, yeah, Do I know you? And I was like, oh my god. I’m like, I’m such a huge fan. I’m so excited to meet you. Like, can I take a photo with you? Like I am? So he was so kind y’all, cuz I’m sure I seemed like, I mean, we’re at Whole Foods, right? It’s Saturday morning. They’re trying to get their groceries. So kind, so kind. And he was like, yeah, yeah. Now I am a part of Jesse’s big ass calendar club. It’s his coaching group. You may have heard me talk about that joined last summer, last July or August. As I’m trying to, like build my life resume have life experiences. And so this, I’m like, this is something for the life resume, right?

So I am there talking to him. Like he’s so kind. We I tell them I’m part of the biggest calendar club and he was like, Oh, no way. That’s so cool. And I’m like, Is your wife here? And he was like, Yeah, yeah, Sarah is here. And so Sarah started. And so I started telling her telling him about how she’s on my board of directors. So now he’s like, wait, what, who are you? And then she walks up. Again, mask it Saturday, they’re getting groceries. So kind, so kind. And I said, You’re on my board of directors. And this is back when I first started the podcast, it was Episode 53. I talked about this a little bit about having a virtual mentor. And Sara has been on my virtual mentor list.

So here’s what I do is I would take a month where I would listen like if Sarah was going to be my mentor, I would find every article she was in every podcast, she was on everything that I could to get a greater understanding for who she was and how she was thinking. Now, the thing I really like about Sara is not only is she brilliant in business, but she also has the spiritual side, right. She’s a big Dr. Dyer fan. She loves Wayne Dyer. She talks about him being one of her like virtual mentors, essentially, and about how she used to listen to him a lot. I love Dr. Dyer. And I felt like like she gets it that it’s a complete picture. So she’s always been someone that I’ve really looked up to. She built Spanx with $5,000 and doesn’t have any investors. She’s done this all like essentially from, you know, on her own. I mean, she’s had a lot of people that work with her. And I’m sure brilliant people that she’s had as advisors, but in the end, she’s built this thing made the right decisions.

So, so I tap so she walks up and I said, You’re on my board of directors. And so I start to explain, she’s like, Wait, can I record this? So I was like, yeah. And so I explained that I would get somebody that would be my mentor. I would listen to everything. Find out everything. I couldn’t after a month of them virtually mentoring me, I would take their picture and I would put it in a little frame and put it on my bookcase. And then when I had to make a decision, I would pull out the mentors that I needed, almost like I would call a board meeting, and I would pull them onto my desk. And I would ask them the questions that I was struggling with. And I would go around to each of them. So Sarah, what would you say I would get what I what I knew she would say. And then I would ask Oprah what she would say I would ask Joseph Murphy, what he would say I asked, you know, I would ask my team, and then I would make an assessment based on their wisdom. So she recorded me, she gave me a hug, which I thought was so kind. I mean, it was seriously a thrill. Now, I felt the team, right, I felt the Ting. When I said her name. I’ve been talking about her.

For four years, I’ve seen her speak, if she shows up somewhere, I can go in Atlanta, I’m there like, but something happened a couple weeks ago. Now, when we moved to Atlanta, we would drive around some time, and we’ve been talking about them. I know this might sound a little odd if you’re new here, but maybe it doesn’t. We have some friends that live in a an area of town that we think they might live in. And so when we go to visit those friends, we’re always like, Oh, my God, these houses are beautiful. I mean, it’s unbelievable. And I’m always like, I wonder if this is the street they live on? I wonder if this is the street like so we’re actively talking about them? Where do you think they shop? And we actually decided they probably don’t do their own shopping. But turns out they do. And so we had that was in my vortex.

Does that make sense? So it was in my area, like I have been talking about it, it has built up. I have been talking about it, thinking about it, seeking her guidance. And so that moment, I remember that I said about Sarah, a few weeks ago, and I felt the Ting. It was actually because I almost thought should I take that out like it does. I said it?

And then I was like, wait, should I stop this? And like delete that little part? Does it even have anything to do with it? It might be extra. I feel like I talked about her all the time. Like I just it was like I was releasing it. Right. I was like releasing it. And when we drove into that parking spot. It was a team like, oh, cool, we got the spot. But there was a release when I talked about the coffee. I remember when I talked about the coffee, I almost was like, I can’t believe I just said about free Starbucks people are gonna think that I like want somebody to give me something free. And that’s not true. And I remember there was a release of that. Like, oh, that doesn’t even matter. I don’t even care about that. I said it. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t care about it. There, there was a release, when the taping happens. There is a release. It’s not a regret. That’s not what it is. Because it might have sounded like that with the coffee. It was it’s more of a It doesn’t matter. Like I’m telling you this story, but it doesn’t even matter. I’m saying Sarah’s name in this part of the podcast, but it doesn’t even matter. I’m talking about this thing, but it doesn’t even matter. Right? So it’s a release like a surrender in that moment. So it was so fun to meet them. And then I immediately ran out to my husband. I mean, my husband was like what’s going on? Because he’s waiting in the car, right? So I’m like, I’m like hyperventilating. I’m like, Oh my God. But the first thing I do is like, I’ve got to go live inside my facebook group of the alchemy collective people, because they need to hear what just happened. Like they need to experience it, right? Because when I told my husband, I didn’t want to. I’m gonna say it in this way. But I don’t mean it. This word, I’m gonna say I don’t want to waste the energy just on him. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I love him. I want him to have all my energy. I also wanted to amplify the energy for the people in the Facebook group, I wanted the people in the alchemy collective to get that energy because I felt like there was I had something to give I was overflowing with it. And I wanted to give it and I knew that if they could feel it, it would amp up their energy and then they might experience something magical and mystical in that same day too. So when I was re evaluating the alchemy collective at the beginning of the year, that was one of the things that I had for this year was I wanted the people in that group to have like magical experiences that other people didn’t have where people would be like, how do you always have such magical things happen? Right. So part of that is like amping up the energy, right? So I mmediately was like, I gotta go live. So I went live and like explained the whole story, if you get if you’re in the alchemy collective where you, if you join us, at the end of this week, we’ll be opening up again. But if you do that, you will see that video, but I was like, so excited, and so grateful and so happy. And it was just like the most fun thing. I also want to point one other thing out in terms of release in that Ting. If you recall, a couple episodes ago, I was talking about when I about how I write in my journal every day, I write in day one is a journal online, not online, it’s up on my computer, this journal. And I’ve been doing this for, I don’t know, 10 years or something. And in that I talked about when I would go back to read posts that I had written or journal entries I did like in 2016, or 15. And about how they were like thirsty. And what I said was that I just wanted somebody to, like find me to amplify my voice, right? I thought maybe somebody will find me and share me and and then like, in the episode I was saying about how like, that is just not what I needed at all anymore. Like I was amplifying my own voice. I didn’t need that. My my I noticed that my things I was journaling about the things I was focused on were way different. It wasn’t about somebody else finding me and saving me and sharing my business. It was about me being in the energy of of showing up, right and serving people and doing things differently. So I actually talked about that. And I remember the team have that of being like is this? Will this make sense? Or should I just delete this? And then it doesn’t matter? It’s fine. It’s the truth. Right? That was one of my focuses. I thought maybe Glenn and Doyle would like find a tweet I did or something and share it. I don’t know, you know? But then there I was with Sarah, can I record this now? Will it she recorded it and she posted it on her Instagram, which was so fun. I’ve met some really fun people. I got a lot of new followers. You know, I don’t know. But it’s not been 24 hours yet since you posted and you know, they kind of disappear after 24 hours on your Instagram stories. But I don’t know, maybe 600 people have joined me on my Instagram and join me on my texted list. And it feels so fun. It feels so fun. Because they’re the best people like Sarah has the best people following her like really fun, happy people that are excited about life and excited about learning new things. Right. So I point that out only to say I had released the need for that. In fact, I had released it so much I told you about it. I felt ting and then she shared it now will it matter? I mean, it matters only that I’ve met some really cool fun people like, I don’t know, like, I don’t know, what will come of that I don’t care really other than I feel connected to the people was like the perfect audience, right? It was, like people that I feel like could really co collaborate. I feel like this is a co collaboration, you listening? And and hearing me I can’t do this. Can I do this without you listening? I can do it’s kind of like it. If they’re if they’re if I’m making a sound, but nobody’s listening? Is there even a sound? Do you know what I’m saying? So like, I it’s a cool collaboration, I need you to listen. And so it was an amplification of that of the good work that I’m trying to do in the world and to lift other people up. And so she was able to help me amplify that. So the things, the moments, the releases, the the surrender of it having to be in the way that I want, could I have ever imagined I’m going to go ahead. Like if I had said, because I’ve said for years, I want to meet Sarah, if I had said I’m gonna get some shoes, and then we’re gonna have to, well, first we’re gonna have to move to a different location. And then I’m going to buy some shoes and then we’re going to return them. And then there’s going to be nobody at the desk and then the moment I turn around, they’re going to just happen to be leaving because I wasn’t like in the store. I didn’t like run into them in the store. It was there was a probably a 32nd window when that could have happened. Like Could I have possibly planned that? No, I couldn’t have. So we don’t have to know how things are gonna happen. We just need to know, if you want to focus on something, the what and the why. That’s all right. And so that’s what we need to focus on and then just release everything else. It has made me feel like the acknowledgement of when the ting happens. It’s sort of it made it really obvious to me that the team happens when there’s the release. When there’s the surrender, when the it could happen, it could not happen. It could happen the way I think or not, or whatever happens. I’m still okay. Like, I don’t need somebody to amplify my voice, I can amplify my voice, right? I don’t need somebody to give me free coffee, I can buy my free coffee. But that would feel fun. And then everything sort of becomes all aligned. So I hope that that was helpful. I hope it helps you think a little bit differently about what could be possible for your life. And I hope that it was fun to listen to and I hope you can sense my joy and excitement I will be writing on the arch truly, like truly like thrill of a lifetime for so many reasons. Right just to meet them to meet Jesse to meet Sarah to have it happen. magical, mystical, amazing experience. And that is what I think builds a big life. Thanks so much for listening. Thanks for sharing with your friends. I love you all so much. I’ll see you next week. Thank you so much for being here and for listening to today’s episode. If you liked it and got something out of it, please be sure to share with me by leaving a review over on iTunes. And if you’re not following on social media, I am everywhere at Betsy Pake but most of the time over on Instagram, so follow and comment on my latest post so that we can connect there. I will see you next week. And until then, keep living big


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