251: Coffee Talk with Alicia Hopkins


Todays episode is a coffee talk with my friend Alicia Hopkins.

Alicia Hopkins is the host of the Wake Up Call podcast, a show that helps others break out of living a good on the outside life and connect to the one they want.  Alicia’s experience with crippling anxiety was the wakeup call that forced her to take a closer look at her life and the way she was living it.  She is passionate about helping women reconnect to their intuition and sense of self, leaving behind things like perfectionism and people-pleasing.  Alicia works in healthcare sales, is a life coach, and lives in Sarasota, FL with her husband, Marcus and cat, Bear.  


Welcome to The Art of Living big. I’m your host, Betsy


I’m an author, speaker, a master hypnotherapist and NLP coach, and I help high achievers rewire for success. If you’re ready for the next level, you’re in the right place. Over the next 30 minutes, I hope to help you redefine what could be possible for your life.


let’s go live big. Hey, hello,

welcome fellow adventurers. Alright, so a couple quick things before we dive into today’s show. The first is, I know the episode was Sara Blakely I was breathing or whatever, my microphone is too close to my face. I’m trying to fix it. And I have a very kind, wonderful person that reached out and was like, I might be able to help you. So I apologize, this episode so much better, there will be no swallowing, I promise. Secondly, usually when I do an episode, like I literally just

have a topic and

I shut my eyes. And then I just talk. So usually there’s no editing, you know, like, I’m not going back and forth. And editing anything. This interview was,


amazing. It’s not really an interview, it’s I wanted to have a co host, I wanted to know what it would feel like to have a co host, like if I had my own radio show. And so I asked my friend, Alicia to come on and be a co host, I thought maybe I would do some series on this, you guys will really have to let me know if you like this. It was really, really fun for me. But if it’s not your jam, then please let me know. So but because there are some things, we start talking about that. I’m just like, I’m just not ready to talk about those things. And I am really open. I think I share a lot of things, but I had a pretty mystical experience. And first of all, I think it deserves its own show. And second of all, I didn’t I started talking about it. But then it was like too difficult to only give you part of the story like it almost didn’t make sense. So just hang with me, you’ll hear me slice and dice in a couple spots. I do pop in and just say hey, this is where I’m slicing and dicing. But just hang with me. I don’t think it’ll affect the show. It’s only a couple little parts. But you’ll hear what I mean when we get to it. So anyway, I really hope you like this week’s show. I’ll see you all soon.

Hello, hello.

Welcome to the show fellow adventures. Alright, so today I have a friend with me. I have Alicia Hopkins. Hello, Alicia. Hi, Betsy. Hey, everyone. So I want I want to talk. So we’re doing something a little bit different today. So I want to talk to you. And but I also, I had this idea. Okay, I might be getting ahead of myself. But I had this idea that I want to have a radio show. And so then I was like, I need to have somebody come on and like,

let’s practice, like what

would we do if we had a radio show? So I was talking to my friend Alicia, and she was like, let’s do it. So I’m excited to have you on tell everybody though, about you and what you do?

Yeah, no, I love that. It’s so funny. When I was younger, I had aspirations of being like a radio host too. So I’m like totally vibing with what you’re saying as far as like, even that dynamic. It’s so fun.

I love it.

Yeah, but no, my name is Alicia Hopkins, I have been, you know, a listener of that sees I really love the work that you do. I work full time and healthcare sales. And last year 2020 I think, you know, through a lot of us for a loop and a lot of introspection, I got my life coach certification, and then recently started a podcast. So that’s that’s a little bit about me.

What’s your podcast called?

wake up call with Alicia Hopkins

and wake up call with Alicia Hopkins. Okay, so and you talk about I mean, it’s sort of, it’s similar to mine, right? It’s like life coaching stuff.

Yeah. And it’s it really is a combination of lessons learned. I had a pretty rough go with anxiety. It kind of came to my crisis moment about four years ago. And I feel like the show is just that place that I’m kind of unraveling it all. And I’ve had those lightbulb moments of understanding how my anxiety got to where it was. And now what do you do about it to leave to Earth to lead a healthy, productive, thriving life is kind of what it’s

about? Well, and I think anxiety is a thing, especially after 2020. Or, I mean, we’re still in 2020. We’re still living with all of that. But I think that a lot of people had this like anxiety thing come up that maybe hadn’t ever had it before.

I agree because there was no way I mean, right, literally and metaphorically, is that a word? Like if we didn’t have anywhere to go? I think a lot of people had to deal with their junk that I know for me my go to was I kept myself so busy. I distracted away and think about it last year. A lot of those distractions were taken away from us, so we had to sit with stuff that we ordinarily could escape.

Yeah, I think that is so true. Like we were we were left with our junk and I think that’s why a lot of us started drinking and eating. Yep. I know for me, and I’m not a drinker, like I could literally go years and not have a drink. Like literally, I’ve done that in my adult life. Like it’s just not a thing for me. And then last year during the Coronavirus, like the deep part of the lockdown, I was like, it’s Corona time. Break out the cocktails at like two o’clock in the afternoon, you know, and like, it was weird. And I know it was like a bypassing almost or like a diversion to what was happening being overwhelmed and worrying about things and all those things.

What I think so many other people, I think it was like the past, like, every it’s right, there was such a range of emotions of last year, but then exactly like, I think it became the crutch that people you know, look to alcohol or food or whatever the vice was, right. It’s like, well, how else am I supposed to get through it? And it’s like, well, there’s there are other ways to get through it.

Yeah, yeah, totally. Yeah, we

all have to pass. Well, yeah. And I think that it,

um, it even though I have a lot of tools, and I know a lot of things, and I’m super aware of all of this work. It’s still it’s like you’re human, and you act like you want something easy sometimes, right? Like you don’t, there are times I know on my journey, I have been like, I don’t want to look at my shit. Like, I don’t want to I just want to be like I’m done evaluating everything and looking at everything. But I think a lot of people felt that

I do too. I really it’s a lot easier to turn away but then at least I can speak from my experience the the continuing to like, push it down and hide it under the rug. Yeah, gotta go somewhere. So you know, like, for me it right? It manifested, like physically the anxiety symptoms came out. But yeah, it’s it’s funny. It’s like we want to avoid it. But in the long run, if you just deal with it, it’s

it goes away so much faster. Yeah, I am the queen. I don’t really drink. Like after I had my little like three week, you know, festival in my kitchen. I, um, I moved to more towards like buying books and stupid stuff on Amazon. Do you know what I mean? You know how you do that, too. So like we all if you don’t look at it, it will just keep showing up as ways new ways for us to avoid right?

Absolutely seeking that. Oh,

yeah. And I think that like there was no solution that we knew of with the Coronavirus. Like we were all in a, like it was always very unknown. It’s not even like you could deal with that part of your crap. Because this like fear or whatever, just everyday there was something new.

Mm hmm.

And I find it. It’s interesting, because now as we and I say it’s still is 2020 because it still sort of feels like that. But as we’re moving into, like it’s springtime now because we’ve we’ve shifted timezone or time, zone, time changed time.

Time change, we

haven’t actually changed time zones. But when we do that, I’m like, Okay, now we’re like full

on into this year, right? We’re full on into 2021. Do you do well with the time change?

You know what I would have historically said yes, but I don’t know Sunday kick my ass that this week, I’m not gonna lie, I felt really thrown. What about you? Well, I

have this weird thing where I’m, I like getting up really early. But I realized that I like being the kind of person who gets up early. So my husband likes to sleep in. And for some reason, it makes me feel superior. Get up early, because I’m like, I got up at 530. Do you know what I mean? But now I’m getting up at 730 because of the time change, right? So now I’m like, I’m struggling a little bit with like, I don’t want to be this person that sleeps in. But it’s been hard for some reason, the last couple days. It totally, totally

do you. So I mean, I totally understand that. Like, it feels cool to be like I get it. But this time

you own earlybird

totally. But I imagined to you really think there’s something about that time in the morning? Like there’s something like you’re up before the rest of the world is when I know other people are but I don’t know, there’s something magical about that, too.

I think so. You know, and I actually, I don’t think that some people have their magic in the evening. Some people have their magic in the morning. I have my magic in the morning. I think my husband has his magic in the evening. That’s when he feels best. So there really isn’t anything better or worse. It’s just the one thing I have over my husband. We might not even know he’s oblivious. He doesn’t even care. He’s like, I don’t care when you get up. But to me, I’m like I got up early.

To feel good.

Right? Right. But I do think that like there is you have a zone of genius at one time or another time and I just I love early mornings like I love when nobody’s up and it’s quiet. I love when I can go outside and walk my dogs and there’s nobody out there yet or I sit on my patio and like nobody’s around. It just it makes me feel like I’m like being productive or like that quiet time. I don’t know. Good.

So let me ask you this because I’ve heard you know, people talk a lot about a lot about concepts, right? Like your energetics and exactly your, you know, talking about them the morning is your zone of genius time. Have you taken it to the step? When you’re looking at like your workload or things you want to accomplish? Like, how do you put your kind of heaviest tasks at that time? Or do you sort of is that like your recharge? Like, are you doing more restorative things in the morning? Or will you be like, you know, cranking out stuff for your business during that time?

It depends. So I like that time to be able to reflect and do my journaling. And that like deep streaming that I do that if you’re on my text list, then you get my text like I do that kind of work. Sometimes I like to just read, I’ll get back in bed, like on the bed, I like to make the bed The moment I get up. So like, that’s also one of my things like I make the bed. Do you know what I mean? Like? So but I sit on the bed and read like, sometimes I like to do that. But like the last couple of weeks, you know, last week, we had alchemy week, and it was so fun. But I was so excited that I was like getting up and like sending emails and like, you know, creating stuff. And so it just kind of depends, but I love the time that I get to pick what it is I do. Yeah, it’s too late. Yes. So like, I block off my calendar. And like nobody can book on my calendar typically before 1030. So 10 1030 I’m good. So, um, so I love that because then I can just do whatever it is that I want.

Absolutely. There’s something to be said for that. Right? There’s

like a piece in that. When do you get up?

So I tend to be like a 530 year but

you’re like a really good person.

You know, duh, right? I still in right in corporate, so working full time. So I’ve now I really have to capitalize on that morning. And I notice I am not. Some people would cringe, right? I know, like you’re a morning person. Some people cringe at the thought of waking up early. But to me, it’s like I get really protected with that time. So but I mean, I also go to bed at like 930. But so yeah, I

do too. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Are you guys back in the office now? Are you going back to work? Oh, oh.

So we’ve officially started. I’m an outside sales and we only just in. So I live in Florida and our state we got cleared about I don’t know, three, four weeks ago that we can start gradually visiting accounts again. So yeah, it’s kind of a weird thing, though, right? For the past year. It’s like I’ve gotten into this groove of being at home and I think a lot of us are feeling like you found your new normal. And then yes, you’re now going back to normal, but it’s not normal. And it’s not

normal anymore.

No. Yeah, no,

I was an outside sales forever.

I remember you said that. I loved it.

Like I loved it. Like I loved I loved I love working.

You know what I mean? So like, I love doing that job. And I love what I do now. Like I mean, I you know,


I don’t know, I think I’m pretty happy go lucky. You know? Are you like that?

I would say so. Like, like you are? I think so too. I mean, I feel like yeah, I think you can kind of make the best of anything. I don’t know, I guess I’m always like the glass half full, not half empty type of person. Yeah.

Yeah. Have you had? And this is now this is a loaded question. Here’s what here’s where I’m going with this. So I was thinking the other day, I was looking back over my life. Do you know what I mean? You know how sometimes you like, and then I’m like it. This has not been easy. Like I’ve had a lot of stupid stuff happen and dumb things that I’ve created massive amounts of anxiety and angst for myself. Like I’ve been divorced a couple like that’s a whole thing. You know, uprooting You know, my mom died. Like, like I like then I was like, my daughter was so sick. I’m like, my life has really not been very simple. Like, why am I am I this is not correct, but this is where I went with it where I was like, Am I Is it is it Am I just dumb but you know what I’m saying? Like it’s not that I mean, I know I’m not dumb but like, Is it like I’m like just look booboo?

You know, like,

I don’t know, but I think I’ve always just felt like things are about to get better.

And totally it will and I think that that’s why like right and you can also say right how many times people say like God doesn’t give you what you like God only gives you what you can handle or like you know, yes yeah, that type of thing. Like maybe you’ve had these crazy situations because you are equipped and built to be able to have that happy go lucky spirit to like navigate like you get through the shit and you still have a smile on your face or convey over lining or you know, I have said before out loud god,

I can’t handle this. Stop giving it to me. Because I know that saying stop it like I’m totally full.

Yeah. Have you had stuff like that too.

Like, I think so. And I definitely was the queen of getting in my own way with a lot of things. But I would say it’s funny is that you’re probably like this to have like, you can relay or you can recount things in your life that someone else might be like, Wow, that is intense. But as you’re going through it, like there’s things that I’ve done that in the moment, you don’t think it’s a big deal. And I think, again, it’s that wiring of just learn inherently. I don’t know, I just think I’m predisposed to being able to see my way out of things or know that there’s a reason why you’re going through something difficult or right, the whether it’s the lesson learned or who you impact along the way. I don’t know. So, there’s definitely been challenging things. But I think mindset is so much

of it. Do you think people are predisposed to having like a positive mental Outlook or not like it? Are they created that way when they’re young? Or are they born?

So, okay, I would have normally said, predisposed. However, I feel like I’ve really submerged myself into a lot of, you know, subconscious conscious, you don’t understand the mind. And whereas previously, I might have said, you know, you’re pre wired that way, I think now I would challenge is their conditioning involved, right as my your race society? You know, I don’t know, I guess that’s a hard one for me. Now, I would question my initial reaction.

Well, and maybe people are born a certain way, but it can shift totally, depending on what their environment is, you know, like you could be born happy to go because sometimes babies are like, easy, happy babies.

Right? Totally Well, in the way that right, you can look at siblings and how can you? Like my sisters my are very different. I look at my husband’s family. They’re all three totally different, but yet raised in the same house from the same parents. You know, it’s so does that argue that we’re predisposed, you know, and wired differently?

And we’re like, Okay, so this is interesting, because then it’s like, are you? Are you born with a set of sunglasses? And then the situations that you see through your sunglasses are different than the situations your sister sees through hers or whatever, right. So like, you’re experiencing the same thing. But you’re, you’re going through the same thing, but you’re experiencing it totally different. Yeah.

Yeah. I

remember there was a picture once. years ago, my ex husband sent me he had brought my daughter to the carnival, or to the not to the carnival. What’s the, you know, like Six Flags?

Oh, like an amusement park using a park. Thank you. Yeah, yeah.

And so he sent me this picture. And you know, those things you get on there like swings, and then they rotate and you go way out? Yeah, yeah, I don’t like any of that stuff. But she was on that thing. And it was so interesting, because the photo he sent me I immediately went to the she was happy and smiling, like having a good time. But I immediately went to the woman behind her who was like, holding on to the edge of the chair. And like, her eyes were shot. Like, you could just tell she was like, Oh my god, make it end up. And then the guy right in front of her, had his hands on his lap. Like he was looking around. Like, this is so stupid. And I thought, same exact experience or same exact environment. totally different experience, like all in one photo better. Sort of fascinating, you know, and I think that’s like just such a good metaphor for how we all experience life. So then do we have a choice? You know, I would be the woman behind my daughter like grabbing on to the like, I go to amusement park and I go to on the kiddie rides like yeah,

I don’t like I don’t like

do you like roller coasters and stuff like that? Oh, it’s been I gotta say, I have like vertigo issues stuff. I’m like that Just the thought of it. Like even seeing one makes me dizzy. So I’m gonna say No, I have not yet.

Oh my God, my husband loves amusement parks, and we went a couple years ago. And they had to Universal and they had just gotten the Haggard’s ride.

I don’t even know what that is.

I might even be saying that wrong. I don’t know. It’s one of the Harry Potter rights thing. Yes. And it was a roller coaster, but my husband’s like, this can be so great. And he knows I don’t like roller coasters. I, I have never, like, I can’t even explain to you how I almost died on that


was like, I’m going to do it. Like I felt sick. I was sure I was gonna throw up like multiple times the thing kept malfunctioning and stopping because it was a brand new ride. And so that was the only thing that saved me because it helped me like, catch my breath. And when we got on when we got off, I was like, almost crying. And I was like, I can’t do this. And he was like, Well, what do you want to do? And I was like Dr. Seuss land. And that’s where we went and spent the rest of the day and doctors easily and I was so happy. Like the little roller coaster. I mean, it was me and like 255 year olds, I was like, this is where I belong.

I can be my happy place. I’m safe. I’m okay.

I need to just be calm and safe. Yeah. Oh my gosh. So with the time change, I’ve been diving back into my caffeine. You drink.

I do. I’m like a one copper one and done,

like how many ounces in a cup because like I can fit 24 ounces in a cup and call it a cup

whatever like a standard coffee mug again that I should say, what is that? 12 ounces? 12 ounces? Probably Yeah,

yeah we have one of those Nespresso so I have. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it’s

good right the Nespresso

very good. I was, I gotta tell you what I’m a little bit of like an inner tree hugger and I’m like, this creates so much waste and i don’t i don’t get it we let’s just brew our product coffee but then it’s like a dip my toes in the water until the water and it’s it’s it’s game over.

I love it really yummy. Yeah,

I need one of those. You know that my building has a Starbucks machine. I’ve heard you say that I are you. So

you’re all up in it. I

bet. I mean, I mean, every day I go

down in my pajamas, like the slippers on I’m not even joking. People are like, people are going to work. So they’re going to like their office. So they’re dressed and ready. And they’re like, you know, because there ends up being like a little bit of a line that the machine

will so so to what level though? I feel like you’ve mentioned like a child. Like I mean, I want to understand like, how intricate can be Starbucks like I’ve not seen one of these. So yeah, early. It’s not like the triple three shots for frothy. I don’t know. You know those, right? Yes.

Yeah. So it’s not any. Like, I guess it’s not like lattes, because it doesn’t have milk in the machine. So it’s just like the coffee, but you can choose from the different. So say you just want a drip coffee. Yeah, first of all, it’s huge. It’s bigger than my body. Do you know what I mean? It’s this huge thing. And then there’s three different kinds of coffee. So you know how the, how Starbucks has like, you can buy a get the Pike Place and breakfast blend or whatever. Yeah. So you can do that you could do hot chocolate, you could do Chai, which I don’t really know what that is, but maybe I’ll go down and get one later today, just to try it out. You can just do hot water, which I’m like, who’s coming down here to get hot water just did that on your stove. Um, so yeah, so I just get and then there, you pick the size. So I have literally gone down I have like this little, um, this pink, like, coffee pot. It’s like a decanter, you know, so like, you brew your coffee, and then you put it in there and keeps it hot. I literally go down and fill up my decanter. Like, we’re just gonna fill this up on the wall habit. And it like makes me feel safe to like, have it No, like, but this is totally different. Because you know, I gave up caffeine like, a little over a year ago, I wasn’t having caffeine at all. And then I started again when I went to my master prep class in September. And now I’m just like this your slope.

So do you see yourself cutting? Like, do you want to cut yourself off from it? Or are you okay with your one? Yeah, it’s cup. See, so it’s my one.

Like, if I just put a straw in the decanter then it’s like, that’s one cup.


So you know, I don’t know, I part of me thinks that caffeine is really addicting. And I don’t want to be addicting and addicted. And I do know that when I was off caffeine, I slept I didn’t realize how much better I was sleeping. Like right now. I don’t feel like I’m sleeping bad. But when I’m not on caffeine, I noticed I sleep way better. So there’s like a level of deep sleep that I don’t get.

Which but you’re and you’re only drinking the coffee in the morning like you’re not are you so on until like,

no, I really only have it in the morning. Hmm. And they say that you metabolize it, but I think I just I think I’m really sensitive to it, which I think is why I got hooked again, because it was like I was I had wings

flying for your apartment building like.

I mean, when I went to that master prep class, I was on it. Do

you know what I mean? Like

I was happy. I was

like it. I felt amazing.

Do you have the crash then? No, no. Huh? So let me ask you this when you quit a year ago, did you go cold turkey? Or did you have to stagger? Like, did you have to step down from it?

What did I do?

I think I just did half Caf for like three days. And then I just stopped. Yeah, now that first month was really really hard. I didn’t have headaches or anything like that. But it was the habit. Yeah, so like I really liked so I had gotten some,


there’s like some tea. I forget what it’s called now. I can see the package. But it tastes like coffee. Yeah, but it’s not the same. And I so so this is where and maybe do you have something like this? Where I’m like, I know it’s not really good for me, but I really like it. I like the ritual of it. Like

I like it. I like it

so much. But though right is I think as long as you’re checking in and reevaluate, like evaluating as necessary, right? You don’t I mean, it’s kind of like drink your cup of coffee and if you’re good, but if you really start noticing that your sleep is, you know, it’s different, but if it’s getting to a place where it’s keeping you from doing you know being as productive as you like Feeling is rested right then you look at it again this season you’re good

yeah because it’s not like it’s like

you’re not doing crack hain or


I’m not like damn coffee on math it’s just some caffeine

yeah so maybe it’s not so bad

interesting I just did so I turned 40 last week and I’m happy birthday thank you a month before my birthday I I’ve kind of toyed around I know you’re talking about coffee but like alcohol has been the thing that like has been on my mind and you know I think about I’m like oh my god ever since I’ve been in college like my poor liver has just been destroyed and you know, I’m like, uh, yeah, in the evening drink one or two glasses of wine I’m not talking like the bottle it’s a Yeah, like you’re saying like with the coffee it was just the routine it was the habit and yeah, I really need this is it serving me and I took four weeks off and it was crazy like what you’re saying about when you cut the coffee with your sleep improving and but yeah, this part was you know, what is the ritual that you do in its place? Right So yeah, like when you think about you know, if it becomes relevant for you to cut the coffee it’s like what the hell do you do you still want something and you can do you know what I like to do hot lemon water when I first get up and now I’ve had to build that and I love it. Do you

did ginger in it?

I don’t I I’ve done it in the past but not currently right now. I just put like half a lemon and water and I sip on it because I think it helps me after my first cup of coffee. I always want one more, but I know it doesn’t do good things for me. So I think I just like myself into thinking like I’ve still had two hot beverages every morning. Oh,

right. Yeah, totally. Yeah, yeah,

I have this ginger that’s ground like it comes like a spice spice thing. Oh, you know what I’m saying? It’s frontier i think is the brand anyway. I love it. It’s really good ginger and I’ll put that in my lemon water.

I don’t even know why. I did so we we had the Rona back in November. And I had a friend send me like an immunity T and it was like quotes, right? Because it was really water ginger, turmeric, cayenne, but I use fresh milk I use first No, I didn’t have fresh ginger and I did use powdered ginger. So why haven’t I thought about this then I feel like ginger so hard to peel. I know I use a knife and I like I ended up pretty much like cutting half of the ginger bass. Yes,

totally. And otherwise, I just wait till it rots on the counter. And when it’s rotten enough, then I throw it out. Like the kind that’s already. So you have the Rona

Yeah, we were real lucky, though. I mean, it was mild, mild, mild. Like, I almost feel sometimes I feel guilty saying we had like almost should say we just had a head cold because that’s essentially how it manifested for us. But yeah, and, you know, obviously I realized, like, not everybody’s experience was like that. But for us. I mean, I feel like it was Oh, so it’s funny to feel like 100% It took a long time. But I would say for us it was eight nine days of a headache that just never really went away kind of like stuffy just like it felt like a head cold like annoying head cold. That just really tired. That’s how it showed up for us.

I that’s what I hear a lot of people say like they’re just exhausted. Yeah, I had a girlfriend that had it, like, way back like in March or early April last year. And she said she was so tired. And she was laying on the couch. And not even tired. It was like exhaustion. And she said I was so thirsty. And I had a glass of water on the coffee table. And I didn’t have the energy to like reach over and get the water.

Oh, that’s just the worst that is exhaustion to wet yes to next level.

Yeah. Yeah.

Insane. Yeah, if we didn’t, my exhaustion thankfully wasn’t to that level. But I will say I mean, I feel like it took well over a month to feel quote unquote, normal and we didn’t lose our smell or taste, per se. Yeah, but you know, right here this goes to show you how much I love my wine. It’s like we would drink wine afterwards. I’m like wine just doesn’t taste the same. So it’s like really? Damn you Corona. I

want to know.

Oh my god. That’s

so funny. I love that. Yeah.

Yeah. Though.

Did you see about how I ran into Sara Blakely at Whole Foods

that it’s funny is that I had listened your episode when you talked about your virtual like having your virtual advisor as your board. Yeah, yeah. What really stuck with me. And so when you I literally I remember looking at your stories, and I saw it and I’m like, oh, oh my god. Like I felt like your level of excitement cuz I’m like

Sara Blakely. I

know, I feel like a lot of people got excited with me, which was really fun to tell. I

mean, I just I can’t even believe were you like I don’t even think I would have been able to express words.

You know What’s so funny?

Well, first of all, I’m super proud of myself because I feel like it kept my shit together. I totally good. But you know what i thought the first moment I saw Jesse I knew immediately it was him. I mean, he had a hat on and a mask, but I knew immediately it was him. And I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this. But I was surprised how tall he was.

Like, I need to Google him cuz I’m sure I’ll know him when I see him. But I just don’t know what he looks like. But yeah, yeah,

yeah, he was super tall and like the you know that like runner body. Like and I don’t know why I think I had, I think because I’ve only seen like his head playing like, I just he was a head. And so when I saw everything else I was

done I was like,

Well, that makes sense, but I didn’t expect that. So I knew it was him immediately. But I also had to process the fact that he hit the rest of him didn’t look like I expected so it had to like find a compartment to go in my brain. You know what I mean? Yeah,

yeah, yeah. So So wait, let me ask you this. Say your we’ll just say Whole Foods again. You see them again? What do you do? Oh, I

mean, I would act like I would act like they were my friends. Like, Hey, guys. Are you doing? Oh, yeah. But I feel like they would know. Because, like, um, Sarah has gone and like some of my Instagram photos Jesse’s following me. And he like, messaged me the other day. So like, I feel like, now we’re but like, we’re gonna Morgan probably spend Thanksgiving together? I

don’t know, it depends if I’m busy. vacation and like saying AAA or saying, No,

we’re gonna go places together, I’m

sure. But it’s also funny. That’s so cool. I mean, that is like manifestation. And it’s true as for him, right?

I feel like

so I’ve been working with cat, you know, from episode like, I don’t know what it was to 32 or something like that. But she’s the energy person. And I’ve been working with her. And I had, I don’t even know how to explain it. I didn’t even think I was going to talk about this on the show. But I’ll tell you real quick. So. Okay, so quick timeout, I deleted this whole section. It was, honestly, it was a little confusing. I didn’t tell the whole story I was trying to do like this synopsis. And it just really didn’t do it justice. It deserves its whole show in order for it to make sense. But what really matters is sort of the outcome of what I’ve been experiencing since. So I promise. I’ll update you guys. If you’re interested in hearing more about what happened in that session. I don’t know. Maybe cat will come on and talk to you about it. Maybe Alicia will come back. Because she was really good at interviewing me and getting all the details out. It just wasn’t enough. So forgive me. But let’s just go back to like sort of what happened because of it. Alright, back to the show. Since then, a lot loads of things I haven’t even talked about but every day something magical, like seeing Sara Blakely. Now seems totally, that’s normal. Because every day something magical has happened to the point where I said the other day, I need to just make a list of what I want. Because it’s just gonna happen. And there was one particular thing that I said, Oh, I really do want that thing. I turned out, it will come out in the next month or so probably Yeah, but I really do want that thing. So I said it out loud. And it’s out of the realm of anything that I have anything. It’s not related to anything. And then last night, I got a message from someone that was like, Hey, are you interested in this? And I was like,

wow, okay. Okay.

Yes. Why? Oh, like that. This is it’s funny. It’s like I look at the evolution of kind of the content I’ve been consuming lately and kind of the the new like frontier I met Well, I say new to me, like not new to you, I’m sure many other people but like, just energetics like frequency of things and like, attraction, all that stuff. I mean, it I mean, you’re right, like giving countless examples of things that are right, of raising your vibration.

That’s, I was

just gonna say that. All right, I did it again here. Because we’re having a conversation, we start talking about the whole session with cat, I swear, I’ll do a show on it. Because there’s so much to say, but you’ll kind of see the point of what I’m feeling and what’s happening. So all right back to it. It felt like to jump

like, wow, you know,

I mean, like, part of all of a sudden, I was part of the like, where we have separated ourselves. Mm hmm. Right. But now all of a sudden, I it was as if I had released a layer of separation from me and everybody else. And so now if I am part of everybody else, then I can that changes my vibration, right? And then I can pull things in in a totally different way. That I mean,

Mind blown. I mean, like, I could go a million different ways with that. But that that’s that’s intense. That’s

Yeah, it was very intense. And the videos crazy because now I’ve listened to the video of or the audio of myself that I sent to my girlfriend. And I’m

Oh, yeah, you totally have to download on like you’re gonna This is definitely like an episode. It would be. Yeah, it would be a whole

Yeah. So I want like

a few more of these things that are starting to happen to happen. So then It’s like I can, cuz like, I don’t really trace things back.

You got to write it down. There’s I mean, right in terms of there’s power and like the, the declaration of that. But even just because I think sometimes, even when it comes to like more miraculous that we’re always seeking more like we do that and we’re like, now what now what, but it would be neat to really be able to look back and be like, holy shit that happened you right? Yeah, that would be pretty cool. Yeah, yeah.

Do you make a list of stuff you

started started you just it’s been like a 2021 thing. So I use J Yeah. And trying to be more intentional?

Yeah, I used to do vision boards, you know? Did you?

Are we on a delay

on that?

Do you hear me? Okay.

I do. But then I feel like we’re delayed. So if anybody’s listening, we’re just having a little delay.

No, need to go zoom? Yeah, I don’t have a delay on my part.

I don’t think okay. Okay. So yeah, so but I always felt like, I would have all these pictures that never came through, I’d be aggravated, but I, I was doing it wrong. Right. So I was like picking things that I wanted instead of feelings that I wanted to have. So now when I have, I’ve actually just made a list, I have a whiteboard, I’ve made a list, but I want to get pictures, but I want the pictures to be what the feeling is. So I’m way more tapped into the feeling. So like, I’m just looking at some of the things on my list. And it’s the feeling as opposed to the thing that I want. And so I feel like that shift makes it easier to come to me, because I’m not forcing it in a certain way.

Totally. That one, I think that’s what it’s all about. Right is the embodiment as as if it’s already happened versus like, I don’t know whether it brings up the lack or the emphasis on how you don’t have the thing or the the I don’t know, I mean, when you embody that feeling. I feel like that’s, that’s the game changer of it. You know, right? Yeah. Yeah. And I was gonna get that. I think that’s, that’s misunderstood. Yeah,

we think it’s the things right.


Oh, right. And change. I think we, we think you have to change the environment, or like, you have to wait until you’ve accomplished the thing or whatever, to be able to have the feeling but really, it’s like, it’s Yeah, it just works the other way around of taking on the feeling first and then then attracting the thing to you, you know,

which is what Abraham Hicks says to write feeling first manifestation second.

So yeah, yeah, yeah,

totally that’s manifestations, kind of like a new word thing for me. And that’s like the, that has been my lightbulb moment so far out the embodying the feeling of what it will be like once it’s done first. And I don’t know, I think there’s some truth to it. Oh, yeah, I

think so too. Cool.

I love this.

I love this whole conversation.

So thanks so much for coming on with me,

I do, I do want to, um, I want to let people know if they’re interested, I am going to be opening up my rise coaching program, which is the most fun, it’s a super deep dive into manifesting and creating what it is that you want, but mostly about releasing all the things that are keeping you from what you want. So it’s an eight week course. And I have a free training on my website. So people can go to that if they want to, like kind of get a feel for like, what it is that I actually do and how it works. And if you’re interested in it, you can actually go to my website, and right at the top, there’ll be a you can book a call with me. So I am taking applications now for the program. So if people are interested in that they can book a call. After they book the call, there’ll be like a couple of questions for them to answer. And that’ll give them some more information about the program itself. And then we’ll just chat and see if you’re a good fit. And I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to start maybe the very last week in April will be the first coaching session. So it’s going to be really powerful. I have some really cool things planned. So I am excited about that new program, really reviving that program. We

ran it last year for almost a whole year. So bringing it back. That’s awesome.

I don’t know. I mean, we’re talking before we jumped on here as far as and you asked me, you know, do you always have a coach and it’s funny that that evolution took place for me about two years ago, and now I don’t see where I won’t have coaching in my wife in some capacity. So I mean, it’s a great opportunity.

Yeah, it’s so helpful. We don’t see our blind spots. I always have coaching in fact, today I am meeting with my coach at noon. Last night Jesse You know, if Sara Blakely and Jesse Eisler I, II, I’m in a coaching program with him that I’ve been in for like a year. And so, you know, I had my time with him. Like, I just feel like it’s so important. I have different coaches for different parts of my life. And it’s just shifted so many things, you know, just so powerful.

It really, really is. I think it’s like for I remember the first time even the word, you know, coach, life coach, anything like that came across my radar, and I’m like, What is that? And now I’m, like, Oh, my God, everyone needs one thing about amazing this world would be if we all had coaching in some way, you know,

and if we were all like, really tuned in to what we wanted, instead of what other people told us was important. Like, that’s a huge shift. Yeah, yep. Yeah, good. Yes. And I think it helps you get this like


aptitude. I don’t know if that’s the right way to describe it. So right before Alicia, and I got on the phone, like 10 minutes before, so we get on the phone. And I’m like, Oh, my God, I need just a moment. Like, I need a friend for just a moment. And then we’ll continue. And I told you this story that I’ll tell real quick, and then we’ll head out. But you were like, We don’t have to do this recording today. And I was like, No, no, I’m gonna be fine. I just have to acknowledge it. And I think that that’s what we’ve been talking about too, is like not pushing things away, not avoiding them. But well, it’s here, looking at it, talking through it, and then being able to say goodbye. So what happened? Probably 15 minutes before we get on the phone was I got a text message from someone that was in my life a long, long, long time ago. And you know, my mom passed away 33 years ago, tomorrow, which is on St. Patrick’s Day, so people will be listening to this on a different day. But, um, and someone sent me pictures of the tree that she hit. And it, I’ve never seen it. I thought it was bigger than I thought I felt all the things. I mean, I felt all the things and you know, I had questions, and I had asked some questions and kind of found out, you know, the maybe the way that my the injuries that my mom had may have been from something different, like it was from the tree, but it was from the tree coming through her windshield. That wasn’t something that had occurred to me, although now when I’m saying it, I feel like I remember that. But you know, I was 16 like, I’m sure people told me like my dad told me or whatever. But it was so overwhelming at the time. I just didn’t even remember. So we get on the phone. And I’m like, oh, okay, so this just happened. And you were so kind because you’re like, Damn, when you weren’t in it with me. Like I needed somebody to go shit. Like that is the lot. Yes. And I said, I know I’m going to be okay. But we got to just like talk about it. And so that’s what we did. And then all of a sudden, I was like, I’m fine.

We can go, we can keep going. It’s like that. Um, you were the book? I mean, and the emotional agility is what it makes me think of there’s a yes, it’s right that you because it’s weird is that like, because and this was like, big deal stuff. We’re not just talking about I don’t know. I mean, that’s a lot, right? Yeah, it was pretty powerful to see your energy shift. I mean, I even was like, holy shit. This is this is not a good. No, this is awful. But then you you exactly. You cleared and we’re talking like, right, that’s stuff that hits you to your soul. Right? Yeah. Yeah, he will do acknowledge it. And how true is that was so many things, but you acknowledged it and you would move forward then? And yes.

And to say, this is what I’m feeling. This is what I’m thinking this is. And I think to have somebody else go, that’s really hard. Like you weren’t trying to say, Well, at least that didn’t like you didn’t do any of that. You were just like, yeah, that’s a lot. What sucks, you know? And then I was like, yeah, that sucks. And then I was like, and I’m okay. It sucks. And everything’s fine. Yeah, everything is fine. It was funny, because I was telling Alicia that I texted the person back when we went back and forth, back and forth. And then right at the end, I went to text something about the hospital. And but what you know, with autocorrect, what I texted was, everything’s fine now.

And I was like, why did

I just text that? I didn’t text that. So I just knew, no, so I just was like, everything’s fine now. Everything’s fine now. So anyway, so we did our moment. You were with me during my moment, then I was like, oh, everything’s fine. Now, I just felt it shift and leave. And then I was like, let’s do this fun. Like, let’s now let’s live.

Yes. And that’s why I mean, that’s all it is. It’s, you know, in right, sure. There’s more processing that will come but you will now process it differently from actually honoring what you felt. versus just the classics. So many of us go, Oh, no, I’m fine. I’m fine. And inside, you’re like, I am far from fine. Yes, I’m

not fine. Right? Exactly.

And I think letting yourself not be fine for a minute. I was like, I know I’m gonna be fine in a minute. But right now I’m not fine. So just, if you could just hang with me, will I be not fine? And it was good. Yeah,

I agree. Yeah. You shifted. You completely shifted. It was wild to watch. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you

so much for coming on with me. Tell everybody how they can find you. Like tell us your show name again. And like your Instagram. Absolutely. So

Instagrams definitely my favorite place. It’s at Alicia D as in David, Alicia D. Hopkins, and then my podcast just launched last month still a baby show and it’s been so much fun. It’s called wake up call with Alicia Hopkins.

I love it.

I love it all. Thank

you so much. This was so fun. I’m so glad you came on the show. Well, thanks

for having me. It was a blast.

Thank you so much for being here and for listening to today’s episode. If you liked it and got something out of it, please be sure to share with me by leaving a review over on iTunes. And if you’re not following on social media, I am everywhere at Betsy Pake but most of the time over on Instagram, so follow and comment on my latest post so that we can connect there. I will see you next week. And until then, keep living big


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