257: Understanding energy with Emily Aarons


On the show today, Betsy is excited to welcome the incredible Emily Aarons!

Aarons is an intuitive healer and business alignment coach. She’s best known as a spiritual guide for getting out of overwhelm and into a flow state in your business. Emily supports female entrepreneurs on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks so they manifest their best life! She’s the creator of the Angels In Your Biz Oracle Card Deck and the host of the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast.

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Welcome to The Art of Living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an author, speaker, a master hypnotherapist and NLP coach, and I help high achievers rewire for success. If you’re ready for the next level, you’re in the right place. Over the next 30 minutes, I hope to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello, everybody. Hey fellow adventurers.

Welcome to the art of living big. So today I’m here with a friend of mine. And I’m really excited to dive into all of this discussion today. So my friend Emily Aaron’s is here. Hey, Emily. Hey, thank you so much for having me, Betsy. I know I’m pumped that you’re here. It’s fun. Because we’re recording I was on your show. It’s actually live today. And then we’re recording. So it’s fun that I get to be with you again. today.

I just I love how the universe works. That little divine timing, like we couldn’t have tried to make this work. You know, it just happens to be like, Oh, I’m we’re recording Betsy, and our podcast is out today. This is a no, I love it.

I love it. It all worked out so well. So tell everybody a little bit about what you do and who you are. Sure. Thank

you. And Hi, everybody. So I am best known as a business alignment coach. And what that means is that I help entrepreneurs to clear the blocks are getting in the way of them living their best life and growing their business. I help entrepreneurs tap into their intuition using simple meditation techniques. And I’ve been doing energy healing for 20 years.

So it’s kind of like all this experience of doing energy healing and understanding energy systems combined with actual business degree and business knowledge I bring the to to the table to help entrepreneurs in a really fun and unique way. And I always like to say that’s, that’s kind of how I’m a unicorn, because there’s really no left brained super analytical business, people who get spiritual stuff. And maybe they dabble, or really woowoo spiritual people who understand how to run a business. So I’m kind of that in between where they both meet together so that I use both hand in hand to help entrepreneurs grow their business.

I love it. I love it all so much. So, okay, so I want to, there’s so many questions that there’s so many things I want to talk about, but 20 years. So do the energy work look a lot different in the landscape just of the world, right? And then also, like, how did it evolve? Can you tell me a little bit about what that was? Like?

For sure. That’s actually a really great question. So when I started, so like, also backtrack a little bit further. So I was kind of like the weirdo in my family. I saw spirit when I was really young. And my parents were like, No, no, no, no, no, no, that’s not that’s not what you’re saying. It’s okay. Like your grandfather has been dead for five years. That’s, it’s definitely not him. Right.

And I was like, you know, so like, my, my world was definitely muted. And so I never thought I was intuition intuitive. I never thought I had any kind of special gifts. It was not one of those things that like, oh, Emily was just born with it, I definitely did not believe that to be true. And growing up, like going to like giving my first job and, you know, having money for the first time, I was buying books on alternative medicine and natural healing and our therapy and homeopathy and like, what, what teenager cares about that kind of stuff, like just kind of not the norm. And so when I was when I graduated high school, that’s when I went to a massage and energy healing school.

My parents were supportive of it. And my friends all went to college. So I kind of always thought, first of all, in high school that I was really stupid. And then when I went to massage school, I was like, oh, like, these are my people. I like we can all talk and like, they’re interesting, the same thing. But then, you know, energy school is over. And about a year and a half, and I was off to start my own business, I was really excited to be an entrepreneur. And even during energy work, school, people were like, Alright, well share your vision of your practice. And one by one, everyone’s going around, they’re like, this is what my room looks like.

And I have crystals. And I was like, I see my name and really big lights, did I do this wrong? Because like, I just always had this enormous vision ever since I was really little. And so learning energy work at school. Basically, even my teachers were like, yeah, it’s really hard to describe, you know, like, essentially, there was zero marketing involved, even from the point of like, people who’ve been trained professionals doing energy healing for a very long time. They’re like, you’re gonna, you know, it’s very individual, and you’ll have to explain each person and I’m like, so basically, there’s no words to describe how incredible this thing is and how transformative it is.

How am I supposed to tell people so I, I use the technique that my teachers taught me which was to not talk about it at all, and they Basically hide it. And that kind of was was the theme of my life of kind of being in hiding and holding my gifts hostage inside of me. And when I finally had the courage, after 15 years of practice, to start telling my clients that I felt and saw things, I got information, like they would come in, and oh, my shoulder, my neck is really bothering me the second and I would touch them, or even sometimes before I would touch them, I would all of a sudden see a video in my mind, or hear words or taste something or smell something.

And I would just not say anything to my clients, I would just be like to do Yep, back, Rob. Great. And then, and then we became so undeniable that I was like, Okay, I have to say something to them and like, work on their shoulder like, so. There’s a lady here who’s got auburn hair and green eyes. And she’s got it though. And she’s wanting to talk to you, right? Like, so like, super weird, right? And my biggest fear was all my clients are gonna hear this stuff and just run out the door. Never Look Back, I’m in a lot. I’m gonna die alone and broke. And that’s all there is to it. Like, there was no other story option.

Did they did did some people like, freak out? Or did they? Were they all comfortable with you at that point? No, they were all really cool. They were all like, super cool with it. And he’s kind of the kind of person that’s going to get that body work and stuff anyway, right? I mean, really,

yeah, I have these stories, you know, these unconscious stories that you tell yourself, all this stuff that it was like over, over more than a decade of stories of like, don’t you say a thing, but also, let’s like, open the door of like, a weird conversation of like, this is past life, stuff that comes up these past vows of poverty, these healer wounds, you know, we, you know, we grew up in tribes and to survive in a tribe, you had to be part of it and an integral part of that. You didn’t want to be an outcast, that meant death.

And so over these lifetimes, we’ve kind of just learned how to stay with the flow in the group and to fit in. I mean, that’s what we all want to fit in, I think. But as you know, as a leader, we’re not meant to fit in, we are meant to stand out. And so I realized that okay, well, I guess these people are open to me sharing this stuff. And, you know, so many people validated the things that I said, you know, there was one guy in particular because I had men and women, mostly women, but this one guy who him and his wife saw me every two weeks, they were like my best.

And I’m working. And he came in with like, some major back pain. He couldn’t shovel like he could barely walk. And he’s like, I don’t know what you can do. I go, can I do some like, like energy stuff on you? And he’s like, I don’t really care what you do. So yeah. So like, he turns over, and the second eye touches back, I’m seeing this whole story of his childhood and his parents. And then him like embedding these terrible memories into his back and all this stuff. And I’m like, Whoa, okay. And I’m working with spirit to clear all this stuff out. And he’s done. And I said, Okay, here’s what I what came up for me and for you to release.

And he said, that’s the weirdest thing. Because as you’re working, I couldn’t stop thinking that I my father, son, I’m like, Oh, my God, like, all these things started to come together. And, you know, I was taught you can only really be impersonal. I’ve been classically trained. You lots and lots of like, 1000s of hours of practice, to do distance healing work. Now, I was trained in a large room and your client is in the room, but they’re far away. So you’re doing doing distance healing work, but you’re literally right in the same room.

Yes. And I often did energy healing on my clients in that way, because I was trying to devote time, but it wasn’t until about four years ago, but 2017 when I was like, Well, I can do energy healing, from a distance. Why don’t I start to do some distance work using zoom, or using conference calls. And I started to learn how to do Akashic Record readings. And it was this combination that kind of naturally evolved, and what was so crazy is like, what the heck, like why did why did anybody go further than the brick and mortar, like when you learn from people in the brick and mortar because you asked the question was like about how it’s evolved?

Yeah, it’s evolved that like, yes, there’s a, there’s a there’s a definite need and desire for for touch. And there’s so much therapeutic benefit for being in person having physical, therapeutic touch, but there’s also some thing where it’s evolved that you know, we can use zoom to do really deep transformational healing work. And in fact, this is the only way that I do it now. And it’s crazy because my clients even if we might be doing more coaching, then deep, deep healing They’re all having these deep transformational shifts, and even having like Ascension symptoms after, after calls. It’s a really, it’s an interesting thing.

But I do believe that in the healing modality world, it’s still very much like you’re learning how to price yourself based on how your neighbors are priced, and discount person and never give higher rates than you need. Like all like there’s a lot of broken, broke, broke healer models that are broken, and that they’re passed around constantly. And I think there’s also this idea that if you are a healer, you shouldn’t charge for it. Oh, yeah, there’s wrong to charge, right? Yeah, I’ve been. I’ve been healer shamed by many people.

As I make more money, and like, there’s a lot of online marketers that you you’ve probably heard of that. They definitely put how much money they make out front for people. Like I’m a seven figure, I’m a sigma. Yeah. Like, that’s what they lead with. And I’ve never been excited by that by people. And I don’t so I don’t really lead by those numbers. But I find it really interesting that people do see healer starting to make money. And then they get all all icky around it. And I you know, I run Facebook ads for different things they do. And people will be like, you know, you can get this for free. You know, right on the ad,

right on the ad, or you get this for free on YouTube. I go, yeah, I have plenty of YouTube videos that are free. And they’re like, Yeah, but you shouldn’t be selling this. And I’m like, how do you think that people pay for their internet? Who give you their free stuff? Yeah, I think that’s just a funny thing that comes with, you know, being a healer and making money there is that that shaming piece that comes along with it? And again, I think that it comes from from past life, persecution and Bs.

Yeah, yeah. Well, we carry those stories forward, right. so powerfully.

Yeah. But I also do like when people comments in my ads, and I will thank them for criticizing me because it helps the algorithms boost my my ad spend.

I’ll say thank you so much. You’re helping my ad costs go down? I do. Yeah, totally. Oh, my gosh, that’s funny. Yeah, spin it around. They don’t like that when I’m really kind.

I know. I know. It’s so funny. The stories that we have around things are so fascinating. You know, this morning, I um, I I have like this little patio, outside and I live like in a high rise and but I have a patio and it’s nice and bright out there. And I have like a David out there. Anyway, I also have this plant in my room. His name is Robert, do you name your plants I have. All my plants have named Robert outside because I noticed his leaves were getting like a little white marks on him. So he wasn’t getting enough sun.

So this morning, I loved he’s huge. Like I loved big old Robert out and I put him outside on a little tray so he could get some sun today. And I actually thought, like, I feel good because I’m giving Robert what he needs. I know this is silly. And then I thought what do I need? And right off, I was like, I need rest. Like I’m tired. I’m helping out with the training this week have tired, you know, and I thought but I don’t have time to rest because I’m going to work out I’m going to do this and that and this.

And then I got a shower. And then I got and I thought Isn’t it funny that the story was that I’m I’d be lazy. If I gave myself what I needed. I would be lazy. And so I think that we do this a lot, right? Like we have stories, whether it’s ancestral stuff, I know my dad was a farmer. I know I got that from him, right that we can’t be lazy, we always have to be productive. And I think we carry all of those stories. And I think they do get lodged in our tissues. Like I think those stories are inside our bodies.

They actually are there’s a book called patriarchy stress disorder. And there are it’s super good. Um, it’s it’s got some scientific data that shows studies with lab rats, where one lab rat was given this negative stimulus and it got like a shock or something with this negative with this, ooh, the smell and they got a shock. And then it showed that the the children, the grandchildren and the great grandchildren received the stimulus and had a reaction without any trance or anything. So yeah, it’s it’s big freight. And that means that’s new.

That’s, you know, you’re saying nutrigenomics but it’s baked into your DNA, it’s been things that you can also change but with rest. So this is a big hot topic for me about rest and integration because I lead, you know, really high level mastermind groups and one of the biggest reoccurring themes is about taking integration time and as entrepreneurs I literally wrote notes like a week ago, the the fear was, if I stop pushing my business, everything will come to a screeching halt, it will burn down and it will all be done. Yeah. And we think that way. In our business, we also think that way in our life, and we don’t give ourselves that space to pause. And Torres, I don’t have time, make excuses.

And part of the work as a healer, this is where like, the healing kind of comes in, which is like, I actually believe that we can’t afford not to make space for our rest. Our system requires us down Yes, down if we don’t, yeah. And so I, I take the act of being rebellious. And I like to think of myself as rebellious in this way where I, it’s not like I’m not like smashing cars or anything like crazy, but maps.

But I, but I schedule healing work on a weekly basis. So sometimes the healing work is from a practitioner, sometimes it’s from hanging out with my girlfriend, sometimes it’s downtime. But part of the work that I’ve been learning more about is studying our own bodies, cycles and rhythms and understanding that, you know, a men cycle, a man’s cycle is 24 hours that you have like a full reset in a 24 hour period. And a woman has a 28 day cycle.

So you think of like the patriarchal workforce that it’s like, punching in and punching out every day. It’s like, like, and you can see like, even how, like if men get in a fight with each other, like they’re over it the next day, and it’s like, fine, but sometimes women may hold on because they’re thinking and like they’re they haven’t cycled through all the way. Yeah, you know, we have to look at, okay, there’s four different cycles that we’re having to go through every single month, whether you believe it or not, you can track it with the moon or whatever. But we have to respect the cycle that we’re in and some the cycles that we’re in is like a full week of just downtime in rest.

Yeah. And then we know when we’re there when we’re just like, Oh, geez, I just wish I could just curl up on the couch and eat a bag of Cheetos, like when your system is maybe not Cheetos, but whatever it is, that you know that you’re like, Oh, my God, I just wish I could when you’re when you’re saying those kinds of things, you know that you’ve reached that point of burnout and exhaustion. And I’m, you know, asking ourselves questions like, Well, why am I not resting?

Why do I not deserve it? Do I have to work harder to what how do I know I’ve earned it? Like, sometimes we don’t feel like we’ve deserved it or earned it. But in my experience, I’ve also seen that the biggest breakthroughs and miracles that happen in our life, and especially in our business, happened during that sacred pause.

And that that time that you can rest and recover, it’s that deep exhale, we can’t, like just go through our life just going, going, going, going doing doing doing doing we have to stop it and let it out. Like exhale. I mean, think about when your computer is on the fritz, right? you restart it, you shut it down. Yeah, yeah. And knowing, you know, with with everything that’s going on in your life as loss of your dog, like there’s so much it’s processing all the time. And yeah, people who aren’t dog people don’t realize the impact of like, the time that we spend and the thoughts that we have with our sweet loved ones. Yeah,

I was just saying yesterday, I need to get a massage, help move some of this through. Like I feel like so much better. Like, I’ve feel like I’ve processed a lot. But now I feel like maybe it’s stuck. You know what I mean? So I was like, time to call someone and have them come over and you know, help me move that through my body?

Absolutely. Well, our tissues and how and ourselves, like we have a cellular memory, we have this stuff in our tissues. And so we can hold on to it. I mean, our body keeps record of everything that’s going on. And if we don’t move it through our system, that’s when it ends up with that pain response. So it’s that dis ease when our body is out of ease, is storing the emotional stuff in different places. And people like love to play the game like name where my pain is like, tell me where your pain is. And I’ll tell you what’s going on. There’s a great book by I think it’s Louise Hay. Um, it’s called heal your body is this. Yeah. Do you have you read

that book? heal, you’re here heal your life. Isn’t it heal your life. This one is heal your body. So heal your body, okay, with all the things where she’ll say where it is in your body, like What’s wrong?

Yeah, exactly. Or like if you have a sunny day, it’s totally fascinating. And so she has like a place where it’s in your body, and then an affirmation for whatever

is clear. You When I remember years ago, it was before I was married to my husband, but I had gone through a really bad breakup to a real jerk. So I had a lot of anger and stuff to work through. And I had this odd thing, like where I couldn’t touch my left hip. Yeah, lots of times, like, you know, in the summertime, if I had my bathing suit, and I tried to adjust my bathing suit, it would really irritate me to touch my hip.

And I even had people say to me, is it your appendix? And I’m like, no, it’s the other side. And it’s been like that for a couple years. Anyway, I went to this chick, she was a massage therapist, but she was really like an energy worker. And she got to my hip, and I started having all these memories and images coming up. It was an taste in my mouth.

And she was like, there’s so much here. Is it okay, if I do some work? And all she did was put her hands under me. And I don’t know, did some kind of magic and never had, you could touch my hip now. Like, you know what I mean? Well, I’ll have a party touch my hand, like it doesn’t even bother me at all. It’s really crazy. So like, I’ve experienced that firsthand.

Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s crazy. Because seemingly, there’s nothing actually happening when they just put that under you. But as a practitioner, there is like all conversation that’s typically happening behind the scenes. And I know, for instance, like putting wringing your hands underneath somebody. And it’s, it’s a real nurturing position. And so we think of whenever we like this, how often do we get held like this? Well, probably never, unless you’re a baby. And so a lot of times, what we would help, what happens is you’re tapping the client into their own cranial sacral rhythm, and that that drops them into the theta brainwaves that deep place of healing.

And, and sometimes there’s other things that go along with like, maybe angels come in to help assist with clearing or healing something, or maybe the practitioner is energetically imagining your hip and your pelvis and your legs and your torso, and kind of unraveling whatever was caught or stuck in there to just use intention to clear and I will say, when I first started doing energy healing, I thought it was a bunch of crap. And I didn’t really understand like, how it all worked. And I was like, my, I’m imagining the lines of energy moving.

So yeah, you know, I’m training Polarity Therapy, and it’s kind of like the energy movement modality similar to acupuncture. So you have meridians, and you’re using different elements. And, versus like Reiki, and a lot of people know about Reiki you can do like Reiki in an afternoon. You know, it’s not just channeling universal energy, you’re also moving it specifically with different, like, different regions of the body, different ways different anyway. So I’m like, I think I just want to grab like, I’m just imagining things moving, okay. And I just wasn’t buying it. I just was not, I was not feeling it until I was in my student clinic. And I had a client who is particularly sensitive.

And as I started moving energy, her arm would jump up, like the biggest like flare in her leg. And in her she’s, like, all, everything in her body was like, Yeah, like she was having like a visceral physical reaction to the work and I was not ready for that. I was like, Oh, my good God. And it was, it was like, all of a sudden, the lights turn on from him. Like, I get it now. Oh, yeah. Okay, yeah, I get it. But if it weren’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today. And like, you know, the cool thing is, when you can get really excellent at helping people energetically to get through a therapeutic kind of healing situation, then you can start to work with people in a group setting, whether it be two people or three people, four.

And again, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. So now amplifies thing. It does. And so gentlemen who like being online, you know, I might be doing a healing to people through Facebook Live, and there’s maybe 3050 100 200 people on a facebook live with me. But then there’s also people who are on the replay.

So, you know, as a practitioner, I’m not just feeling the energy of the few people who are or the the group of people who are on live with me, but I’m also in the energy of who’s watching the replay. And so, for instance, I do New Year’s karma cleanse every single year as a fun live free event. Excuse me, and I had like the biggest enrollment ever in January and basically it was like, like it broke me It broke. My energy cracked me open so much because it was so much coming in.

You know people get you know, before you speak on stage you get yourself hyped up right you get into that that heightened state you do like the Tony Robbins they I was doing the opposite I was like in child’s pose like grounding myself because so much energy was coming in I was like, oh, like, it was so intense.

And so it’s like we’re holding this space with other beings and angels and, and guides and there’s like a whole nother whole nother like realm that kind of goes on behind the scenes with doing that kind of stuff. It’s great. One of

the things you mentioned was, um, Ascension systems. Some Yeah, yeah. And, you know, I saw Dr. Joe dispenza. A few. Do you know who he is? Now a few years ago and have been yourself is such a good book. Right. Such a good book. Yeah. And he talked about

dispenses flu Enza.

They call it like after you go through a long run him that you have this like, flu kind of symptoms. So can you talk to me a little bit about that about Ascension systems? So why can’t I say it?

I do have a podcast episode specifically on this. Oh, maybe? Okay. Yeah, maybe I can get you a link. So people know the link in the show notes. Yeah. Um, so essentially, when you get energy healing of any variety, even if it’s talk therapy, or if it’s a deep energy, or a massage, or acupuncture, whatever it is, your body is basically doing the full system reboot. And so what happens is, it’s kind of it can be different for everybody. So there’s no like, Is this normal? Literally, it’s a lot of people start questions to me Is this normal? And I say yes, to everybody. It’s all normal.

There’s a broad spectrum. So for some people, Ascension symptoms can look like I am so tired. After that healing, I’m going to go to sleep at seven o’clock at night, I’m not going to wake up until 10 the next day. So they’re just like, like, their system just is like, shut her down. Like she needs to go into deep, deep healing. And this is the way it needs to happen. Other people might experience flu like symptoms. So you might get fevers, chills, nausea. Now, anybody who’s like I am not going to get healed and worked on don’t go there, please, you do want to get healing work done.

This is all part of that shift. Because essentially, it’s like, the person who you are right now is kind of gently getting released. And so that new version, that upgraded version, that healthier version, the happier version, the wealthier version, is like coming in, and it’s like, okay, so the energy moves first, energy moves before form all the time. So you can have that energy move, and then your physical body’s like way it would just happen and, and then so your body’s trying to catch up to the shift, that energy is moved. And so it’s, it’s just trying to like reassimilate.

So you can get nausea, you can get headaches. You can I’ve had people who’ve gotten skin rashes, diarrhea, constipation. Oh, my gosh, so many cold. Yeah, freezing cold. Yeah, you can get really cold. Well, when your body goes like in in that deep, relaxed state, you get you do get cold, because all the blood flow kind of comes in. Yeah.

So those are things that are that are pretty normal. But that’s also why tie it back into rest, which is why rest is is critical. And self care is critical. And so being rebellious, you have to it’s I call it to my clients, so people who work with me closely in my mastermind, they’re doing deep healing work, they’re within my, I call it a container, they’re in my container. So they’re basically receiving healing every day, all day all the time.

Right, right. And so when we’re doing deeper calls, like people are in tears, and they’re having these huge emotional releases, and they’re addressing, you know, traumas or old stories, or they’re letting go of the person who is the broke healer or the broke, whatever it was, and they’re opening up this new identity. So after the cause, if you’re not going to take care of yourself, you’re going to have plenty more severe Ascension symptoms that will take you down. So if you don’t take care of yourself, rest, hydrate, get out in nature, take an Epsom salt bath, eat foods that feel nourishing to your system.

Everything around you will basically like this person is just not taking the hint. So take the rug out, take it and like you down. Like all of a sudden, you’re like I have a flu in the middle of July. Like what just happened, right? Like, yeah, it will shut you down. So I always like to say like, get ahead of it, you don’t have to. And also here’s the other thing is that because we’re on this ascension, life path of like growth and alignment, we’re learning more and we’re doing all this internal work that you It’s a non negotiable to do deeper work in terms of healing yourself and allowing yourself to rest and recharge.

So this is the new normal. And you can also like, because there was a, my first year in online business was really a dramatic increase in sales suddenly, but it took all of this, like deep healing work for that, like outward expression of money to come. Yeah, and I know you mentioned that, too, you had a huge growth here as well. And what can also happen is you can have so many Ascension symptoms that it’s like, Okay, listen, I’m going to be growing rapidly. So like, you’re going to have to, like, integrate faster, so that I can keep going because I can’t just get sick every time that I’m growing and making more money or bringing in new followers or more sales come in, like, this is not good.

Stay with my family, like my kids or my husband will get sometimes sick because of my growth, which is unfortunate. But it’s also like, sorry, mommy’s working really hard. Um, so it’s really, it’s really critical to us, if we’re really committed to growth, and serving our highest level, then Ascension symptoms are gonna be kind of like, par for the course we got a guy that new normal,

I asked my guides a lot, like, create space for what it is I need, you know, like, if I need if I need more rest, have somebody cancel something? Do you know what I mean? Like, base where I’m not needed. So then I can have what it is I need. So I was just working. And now I’m, I was telling you before we started, I’m calling on my little dog to help me out. I’m like, Well, two things. If she’s there on, you know, team spirit, then let’s put her to work. Let’s give her some stuff to do. And if she really is watching, you know, if our dogs are, or our people are really watching, let’s give them a show, like, let’s make it great. Like how much fun Can I have that they can watch?

I think that I love that. I love that too. And that’s how I think all Spirit are, you know, around us where, you know, when I first started getting into meditation, and listened to my intuition, it was because I started to pray. And because I started to reach out silently, in my own head, to have my guides and angels take the anxiety and depression that I was feeling and replace it with loving thoughts instead and create space for more joy. And because I couldn’t outwardly ask people for it. Um, I just couldn’t.

I just was in a state where I was like, I don’t want people to know, like, I’m feeling a little solo and and so silent prayer and calling on your guides and spirit around you is sometimes like the safest way to ask for help. Until you become more comfortable with, you know, talking to people around you. But also like to the other side, we’ll get shit done faster than anybody or anybody else. Right? Like, what else are they doing? They’re here when you call on them. So like, Great. Let’s have some fun. Let’s work together to do this. I love it. I love it. I love that you call it team other side of that. That’s fun. Yeah, they’re always there to support us and yeah. And help guide us for sure. Yeah, supporting. Love it. So

tell everybody where they can find you. And how they can learn more about the work that you do.

Yeah, thank you so you can find me, Emily, Aaron, stop calm. And I’m on social media that name I love when people DM me on instagram Hinton So, if you’ve listened to this episode, I would love like, you know, those personal dm has been the world to me just to say, Hey, I listened and I really, you know, it lit something up in me.

And it feels a little that to people don’t realize like we’re recording. And we’re doing all this stuff. But there’s no like until somebody says I really enjoyed it really helped me or I loved it. Thanks. You know, you don’t? You’re like I don’t know, I have my husband. that’ll say it was okay. Okay, somebody else has to come and say it was really good.

Yeah, I’m just a podcaster on the internet. Like there’s no live studio audience here too. Like, that was a good point. That helped me so much. So yeah, those DMS and screenshots that you share on social media, they mean the world to podcasters like us. And, you know, especially I mean, I’ll say like, if you haven’t reviewed Betty’s podcasts yet, and you’re an avid listener, that’s one of the best ways to say thank you to her to just leave a kind review or share it with somebody because that’s the way that podcasters get the word out is their loving, adoring fans. Yeah,

yeah. It can only grow when people do stuff like that. Because you know, when you go to look at a podcast, if it has no reviews, you’re like, I don’t know if it’s worth my time. But then it has a bunch reviews you’re like, oh, maybe it’s good maybe.

Yeah. When people share a specific one like oh my gosh, you have to listen to this person’s tips on such and such right? Yeah, this one really meant a lot to me like okay, well, I’ll go to that one specific one. If I like it, then maybe I’ll, we’ll do another one. Yeah, we send them we can get you have a free masterclass. Yes. So if you want to learn more about intuition, you can sign up right on my main website or go to Emily Aaron’s comm forward slash masterclass. And I’ll teach you about how to use your intuition.

Because like I said, I didn’t think I was born with intuition either. And I realized that intuition is kind of like a muscle where you know, if you think of six pack abs, like we all have the same abdominal muscles in there, but some of them are more prominent than other people. So with intuition, it’s a matter of you know, really working at it and learning how to access it. But I do believe we were all born with it just some of us are stronger than others so but I love to teach people how to use your intuition. I’ve have some really amazing proven strategies that help people to tap into that inner knowing and and use it in their life and especially to grow their business. I love it.

I love it. Thank you so much for being here, Emily, this was it’s always so fun to hang out with you. But this was extra fun having you on my show. So thanks for coming on. Thank you so much for having me and thank you everybody for spending the time with me. Thank you so much for being here and for listening to today’s episode. If you liked it and got something out of it, please be sure to share with me by leaving a review over on iTunes. And if you’re not following on social media, I am everywhere at Betsy Pake but most of the time over on Instagram, so follow and comment on my latest post so that we can connect there. I’ll see you next week. And until then, keep living big


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