278: Elé de Posson - Betsy Pake

278: Elé de Posson


Eleonore is a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Business Mentor, Healer, Speaker, and Author.

She helps women entrepreneurs, leaders and wayshowers run their business and life from their feminine energy so that they can magnetize more wealth, alignment and flow while impacting humanity in their unique way. 

Her gifts are depth, wisdom and practical leadership and with these, she leads her clients to have a soul-led business and life. 


Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake, and I’m an author, speaker and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello, everyone. Welcome to today’s show. I’m excited because today I have my friend Ellie, I’m going to say her last name. And then we’re going to talk about it. Ellie, do post on. Did I say all right,

Lee. Thank you, Betsy. And that’s exactly how you say, no, yeah.

I was feeling I was but I was vibing. My, my Chanel, I was bringing in my inner.

Awesome. That’s exactly what it is, you know, very fancy.

I’m so excited to have you here today. And I’m excited to dive in a little bit more. Talk about what you do. And to just there’s so many little things, we kind of spoke for just a moment before we started recording. But there’s several little things that I want to get to. So can you kind of tell everybody like who you are and what you do? Sure.

So I’m a lead up with some I’m a spiritual teacher, author, energy healer, divine feminine expert, and spiritual business mentor. And so my work is really focused on helping a woman and particularly woman entrepreneurs, ground their business in their life in feminine energy, so that they can have more success and more abundance. But with more ease, more flow really, while being connected to your intuition, your creativity, instead of hustling and pushing and setting goals, and then you know, doing everything to get there, which is exactly what we have been taught to do, right?

Yeah, yeah. Like, really, when we talk about when we talk about the divine feminine, really the, that side of things is like the creativity, the expression. And when we think about the masculine side, we think about, like organization and structure. Am I right in that? Yep. And why is it important? Do you think for women entrepreneurs, to be able to expand on that side of them? You know, for me, I’m, I’m very rooted in the masculine that’s like, what bring a love planning. Like, I mean, every night I get in bed, and then I plan on my planner the next day, even though it’s already, like digitally plan, but I like to, like, map it out on my iPad, like, it’s like, it’s like a problem. You know, like, I love the planning. I love Mondays. I love the first of the month, you know, all of that stuff. So I know that there has to be a balance. But tell me why you think it’s important for this, like divine feminine to be tapped into?

It’s a very good question. So I used to be like you like I used to be so organized to the point where I was really a control freak. And now I’m the I’m the opposite. And I achieved much more. So I’m going to explain to you why it’s important. We all have masculine and feminine energy inside of ourselves, you know, yin and yang, and we’re a balance of both. And we need both, especially when you have your own business and you’re a woman entrepreneur, you need both, but you want sacred union between these two energies. And when you are too much in your masculine and most of the time in your masculine, you don’t have that sacred union. And the reason why it’s super, super important for us is that we are a woman, so we naturally have more feminine energy, we are feminine essence beings. And masculine energy is warm energy, it’s connected to the Sun connected to the sky. It’s really that energy of doing and structuring and taking action. feminine energy is called energy. It’s connected to the night connected to the moon. There’s no day without night and no night without the we really need both. And so when you are in your masculine as a woman, it means you’re always in that warm doing energy, which is going to burn you out. Even our language knows about it, that when you do too much that warm doing masculine energy is going to go through your whole body and burn you out. So you need that called feminine grounding energy to stay healthy, physically, emotionally and mentally. So that’s the first reason why it’s super important. The second reason that’s really important, and you really want to be aware of that as a woman entrepreneur is that when you have a business, you want to reach a certain goal you want to receive, and I’m using this word on purpose, clients money and opportunities. The feminine she receives, the masculine he gives, you know, it’s that perfect balance between the two. When you are in your masculine in your business you’re giving, you’re showing up on social media, you’re giving your wisdom, you’re giving all your energy to podcasts, you know, right now, we’re both in our masculine, you’re showing up and you’re doing all these things. That means that all your clients are being the receivers, they are being in their feminine. So if you want to receive your clients, and you want your clients to sign up and work with you, you need to be in your feminine, so that they can take the masculine role, take action and sign up to work with you.

So do you find that women entrepreneurs have a harder time with that?

Oh, yeah. For sure, because, because we have been taught that we need to push and we need to do and, you know, we have a whole strategy to show up. And basically, it’s very ego driven and very masculine. And then we are completely disconnected from our feminine energy that prevents us from receiving if you’re always in your masculine, you can receive everything that’s coming to you. Yeah.

Do you think that we’re like taught that like, as get like in school, the way schools are structured is very much like to be like doing and achieving.

For sure, schools, and not just schools, I mean, movies, books, the whole society is very, very masculine. Because when we think about it, it’s not even been 100 years since woman can work. Men were working that whole time. And then when we got to see it around the table, we got the right to food, we got the right to speak our truth and work. We were like, Okay, well, let’s fit in, right? We started wearing pants like men, we started setting goals, like men, and we started working like, well, man used to dress. Oh, yeah, I love to wear dress.

Pink was the man’s color. Way back when? Yeah,

but I just mean, in general, women are wearing way more pants now than 100 years ago, you know, it’s like, Sure, really adapted to that way of working and being really, and it doesn’t suit us, there’s a whole other way for us woman where we can actually achieve much more. And that suits us much more. Because we are more intuitive. We are more creative. And it’s also important to understand that the feminine is actually supposed to lead. Because

more about that when you look at

when you look at traditional Chinese medicine, you have yin and yang, I’m sure you already heard these two words, rights, and you have that beautiful symbol, black and white with the dots. And that’s really the symbol of sacred union and the perfect balance between these two energies. How does it work? Yin energy is really the material grounded Mother Earth energy. And it’s the first energy, everything starts with the feminine. And you need a very grounded and very present very strong feminine energy to then have a powerful masculine energy grow from it, because masculine energy is more volatile. It’s a part of you that’s doing taking action going here going there, the data as the feminine is very grounded. And if your feminine energy is not powerful enough, it’s not going to be able to manage the volatile, powerful masculine energy. And when you think about it, every man comes from a woman

starts to create everything with the creation, right? So so men also have feminine energy. Yes, right? Because yeah, both. Okay, so okay, this is good. So, all right, so I’ve got I’ve got feminine energy and I’ve got masculine energy that I know for me, I must be in my feminine more than maybe I think because I don’t have an issue receiving maybe I could receive a whole lot more. I don’t I don’t know. But I like it when I’m in like my like that feels really good to me to be like an action taker and a go getter, like those are things that actually make me feel really aligned. I do I feel like I have seasons. And so there are seasons and I have just come out of a season where they really didn’t do much of anything for like three or four months. And I just did it.

And it’s really important to honor that. You know, nature has seasons too. We have seasons, nature. Yeah. Well, that’s great. I think you’re already pretty connected to your to your feminine energy. And that’s awesome. But we have this whole idea that the masculine is supposed to lead. Right? We were talking about that before. And actually, it’s important to be connected to your feminine because your feminine energy is your desire, energy, or your your feminine. Is the visionary, the creativity, your feminine energy, is that part of you that’s going to lay on the couch, maybe for three, four months, like you were just saying. And they drink and be like, what’s inspiring me? What do I feel connected to what’s turning me on today? feminine energy is also very sexual energy. But we know that sexual energy is creative energy you create, you create live and businesses from it, too. And so the more you’re connected to your feminine energy, the more you’re going to be connected to your soul’s desires. Mm hmm.

So yeah, you’re when you slow down enough to actually hear the call, right? It is interesting, because the last few months, and I’ve talked about it openly on the show that I was going through a hard season. And so I just stopped all the other things that were making it harder, basically, and just was like, I need to retreat, like that’s how it felt. But in that something was born of that for my business that all of a sudden, I was like, Oh, like this would be so fun, I’m going to do it this way, I’m going to create this thing. Like, all of the sudden, there was a lot of clarity around that. And so what you’re saying is because I created that space for something to be born.

I love that you’re saying that, Betsy, because it’s exactly how it functions, the feminine needs space in order to connect your her creativity and her desires. And there is a lot of magic happening in that space. When you think about it, and you look at nature, winter looks like everything’s there. There’s no leaves in the trees, and it’s quiet. But actually, the vines are growing, the trees are growing in the vines. There’s a lot happening inside of the tree. So your winter season, when you feel like nothing’s happening in your life. It’s because a lot is happening inside of you. And your soul is just calling you for space, because she’s going to give you messages and give you clarity. Absolutely. And then spring happens and suddenly you have all that energy that comes back and you can implement the things that were born in your winter.

Yeah. You know, you said a couple times about grounding into it, like the feminine energy is grounded and strong. Well, what would that look like for somebody? Like how, how would you ground? And like, what How would I know if I was doing that? Because I do think and maybe I’m wrong. But I think this just from you know, I’m I’m 50. So women around my age, we have been hustlers so that we could keep up and be part of the like men’s club. Sorry, I freeze every once in a while. But I’m still here. Come part of the man’s club right and fit in, in our workplaces. I know, for me that that’s what I did. You know, 30 years ago, when I started working in corporate America, I fit right in because I adapted to that. Yeah. And so over the past 10 years of being entrepreneur, it’s almost been an unlearning of that. And so when when you talk about, like being grounded in our feminine if this is something totally new. And I think I still have a lot to learn about this. So if that’s something totally new, how, like, how would I even I can’t even begin to get in touch with besides to hire you, I think probably work with you. But

I would love that. So I have an approach of grinding that’s a bit different from most people. When we hear the word grounded, we really think of being connected to the earth. And I see everything through the lens of spirituality and energy. And so for me being grounded means having your soul fully embodied presence in every single of your chakras to the point that your soul is really using your body as a sacred vehicle to fulfill your purpose.


yeah. And so being grounded, it’s very physical. You need to be very present in your body. But also it’s very Spiritual as well, your soul need to be present in your life and you need to be able to have space to listen to her, and let her guide you. And so the way I help my clients grant themselves first, it’s by doing physical work. So you can really ground yourself by being connected to your body doing yin yoga, for example, you know, Yin means feminine and Chinese. And so yin yoga is really taking care of your feminine energy. And when you do yin yoga with poses on the floor, even better, if you do it outside on the grass, it’s really going to ground you, you’re going to feel so much calmer. There’s emotional grounding, as well, when you take care of your emotions that are really coming up in your brain, and you’re all there and you’re freaking out, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, you feel like jumping around, by welcoming your emotions, and just letting them come out and honoring them and realizing that you can have a very healthy relationship with your anger, with your frustration with your sadness. They’re just messengers really. That’s very, very grounding, as well.

And, oh, I was just gonna say, I don’t want to interrupt you. But I’m going to for just a second, I always have thought, physical activity, like working out, I’ve always been, that’s always been a thing that I really enjoyed. Because I think that puts you it takes you out of your head and binds you forcibly into your body, right for that period of time and pushes that boundary, I think,

yeah, yeah, definitely, by by really taking care of your body, I was very ungrounded. And really grounding yourself to be super present, it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s really a long process that can take up to a year. And so I studied energy healing in Montreal for for a whole year. And I really worked on my grounding the whole time. Because people that are not grounded. It’s partly because they don’t really want to be here. Like this. Life is hard. I’m struggling, it’s difficult. They’re not really present spiritually, but also mentally and physically, you know. So that’s gonna make you be super clumsy. hurt yourself all the time, because you’re not really in your body. So you’re not super present. So you’re going to like, knock the corner of a table or door job, you’re going to lose your keys, you’re going to be all the time in your head, you’re going to be overwhelmed. You’re going to be way too, up there.

So that’s how I would know if I was if I’m ungrounded. Those kinds of things

when you’re distracted. It’s basically not being really present. And when you say, Yes, how many of us are not really present? Yeah. Have you ever we have times switching for forgetting your keys or mixing up your calendar? All these things are just signs of an groundedness? Yeah. Oh,

interesting. Interesting, because I hadn’t ever thought of it like that. I feel like there are times lately I have been I talked about it last week on the show, but I’ve been floating. Have you ever floated in a sensory deprivation tank, I found it so incredibly grounded. It brought me like, I couldn’t feel my body. So that sounds contradictory. But I couldn’t feel like the edges of where I was. But I felt more all the voices, like all the things that tell us to do everything else will disappear in that and I can be fully present with myself. Um, so I do think there are some practices right?

Yeah, that’s because water is very grounding.

Right and increases your antenna to write. I mean, it’s Yeah, yeah.

So practices. Yeah, go and swim in a lake. Or in the ocean swimming in the ocean here close to Squamish. We have lakes and we have the ocean as well. And I love to go and swim in the ocean in the summer. There that’s a big coal even though it could be a little coal plant. I’m not a big fan. Cool. But go for a while. It’s yeah, heck trees.

Yeah, yeah,

connect, connect to trees or just sit in the grass. If there’s a bit of sun coming out, in between Christmas and New Year’s, put your jacket on and just go and sit on the ground and feel the sun nourishing your skin. connecting with nature is very, very grounding. What I also love to do is to put like African drum music and dance and really feel the weight of my legs during the boom, boom, that’s very grounding. When you dance in that way you really reconnect with your body, a very, very grounding.

I love that. Do you have a regular practice? Like in the morning, I have things that I do in the morning every morning, you know, I journal and I have a little meditation I do and I work out and I do certain things, do you have a certain practice or something that you do every day.

So I devote myself, to my, to my sadness to my spiritual practice every morning for 40 minutes. But what I do in those 40 minutes is very variable, it really depends on my mood, and the energy MN and where I’m at in my cycle as well. So I could be just meditating, or I love to sing as well. So sometimes I would just sing mantras. I journal, sometimes I go into money, dates, so I write a letter to money. Sometimes I haven’t slept, and I have something that’s on my mind, I have stuck in motion. So then I’m just gonna release my emotions, sometimes screaming a pillow as well. So it’s really a self care practice those 40 minutes. Most of the time I meditate, but sometimes I’m not in the mood to and so I just let myself flow and do what feels good.

Yeah, yeah. Really, really good. So tell me, tell me a little bit about if people are moving about their day. And they’re entrepreneurs. And they’re like, I want to be more in my feminine but right now I feel like I’m super in my masculine Amelie doing, how do I know when I start to feel drained. But as are their telltale signs for when people have got to stop and, and forcibly move into their feminine like, pause and say, Okay, I have to create space for this, like, is there something that you think happens, or that you see with your clients is really typical.

So I think that if you’re noticing yourself that you have to stop, I think it’s already too late.

It’s never too late. It’s narrawallee,

of course, but I think that we should be aware of our feminine and masculine energy. And when we are taking action or moving from which energy all the time, so that we can take care of that balance. So if you’re thinking, Oh, I’m already feeling drained, I’m feeling tired, my energy is low, it means you have been in your masculine for way too long. So then of ours, it’s time to then move in your feminine and to just rest and reset and let your body just recharge your your batteries. Because when you are in your feminine, when you are when you have that groundedness you actually energetically receive physical energy from the earth, and you have much more energy so that you can keep on doing you know, so it’s not just, oh, I’m laying down and I’m not doing anything, you’re really recharging your batteries. So there are definitely signs like he said, It’s feeling drained, definitely not feeling excited about your work anymore. So if that emotional energy that’s low, as well as like, I used to love what I did what I do, but now I’m, I’m less into it, I am not super inspired anymore. I feel like I’m just in a cycle, I don’t really know what my purpose is, or why I’m doing this, you know, really losing touch with your motivation, your why and your excitement around your work, then it’s definitely time to slow down, create space, and take care of your feminine energy.

Okay, and when people take care of their feminine energy, then they’re not just resting, like what are what are what are people doing? Like if I go throughout the day, like if I know their seasons, right, where their seasons where I slow down and seasons where I speed up. But I would think to create a balance than every day I have to be moving in between these two forces. But what does that look like? We know what that masculine looks like, but what does the feminine actually look like to somebody.

So the masculine is all about doing and the feminine is all around being. And that’s something that we’re sometimes most of the time and comfortable with. Because when we start to be so I really mean just laying on the couch not doing anything, just daydreaming or resting, reading a book eventually. But if you you’re not even reading a book or watching TV, thoughts are going to show up emotions are going to show up and that can be uncomfortable or not used to deal with the uncomfortable but the feminine. She knows that her emotions are messengers and she knows how to welcome them and how to take care of them and how to honor them. She’s very connected to her emotions and has a very healthy relationship with them. She’s not suppressing them. So the feminine is really be okay feeling and letting your creativity guide you moving through your day with your intuition. If you want to start to connect with your feminine and you’re listening to this episode, and you’re like, oh my god, I’m like so much in my masculine, where do I even start? Have a day without schedule without calendar, and maybe with a to do list, but you know, not a rigid one, maybe with one or two things on your to do list but not more. And just move through your day, with your with your guts, with your intuition with what feels good, just flow. And you’re going to be surprised at what comes through, it’s going to be uncomfortable at first because you’re not used to it. But emotions are going to come up IDs are going to come up, you’re going to have synchronicities because there’s going to be so much more space that your intuition is going to show you signs and randomly you’re going to feel like, Oh, what if I went on YouTube, and then there’s going to be a video that’s going to give you an answer to a question you’ve been asking yourself for a long time. Like, it’s really fun. I really like to do that. And you actually achieve much more because suddenly, you’re like, Oh, I’m inspired to do this. And then you’re going to go behind your laptop, you can create when you’re when in your feminine, you’re going to do so much more than if you were like, Okay, this is my to do list, I’m going to do this and then that and then the that it’s more forced.

Yeah, one of the things that I know, for me over the just the past couple years was that I, I noticed I can’t be scheduled all day, like it, it, I don’t like it at all. And even if I see my schedule really scheduled, I get like, I always say it’s whitespace I need a ton of whitespace. Like, if I just have like two appointments a day, then I’m happy. And then I just do anything else. So it is interesting how much when you start to notice this and you know, I didn’t have a label for it. I didn’t I didn’t label it, like feminine, I just knew I need whitespace like I need a lot of space, so that I feel balanced and that I feel good. But I do think that when we come especially so many entrepreneurs, you know, I, I train coaches to be hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners beautiful. And when people are coming into that work, so often they’re coming out of corporate America, right? And so they’re coming in to learn that work. And then it is not just a shift of like, now I’m in charge of my own schedule, or now. It’s really a shift of like, how do I manage this? And how do I manage my energy in this? So I think what you’re saying is so interesting. And and that’s something that we really talk about a lot.

No, it’s really the feminine is rising. Now, more and more people are starting to talk about it. But a year or two,

why do you think that is? Why is it rising?

Good question. Because it is time, because it is really really time for women to do it their own way, and honor their own energy, instead of trying to fit into a masculine world that doesn’t suit them. And that’s actually preventing them from really shining their lives and being their best self and sharing their gifts with the world. And so, you know, burnout is really worn as a badge of honor. It’s like, I’ve worked myself to death. I mean, I’ve worked myself out and so much because I’m so devoted and committed and everything. Yeah, good. But you should also be devoted to yourself. And if you find a way to actually achieve more while doing less, well, it’s better for you and it’s better for the world. And it’s better for your clients. It’s better for everyone. Really? Yeah. I also think so it’s because people are burnt out and tired. So it’s more than time that we connect with our feminine energy. I also think that it is because feminine energy is all about being connected to your emotions, and welcoming and honoring what’s happening inside of you. And there’s a lot of chaos happening right now on the planet. We all know that. But chaos means opportunity for a new order. When we when we look at history, and spiritual laws, if you want to set a new order and you beginning there, there’s always chaos before. So we’re experiencing chaos now because there’s something new that’s being birthed. But if we want that something new to really be beautiful, we all need to heal ourselves. And how do you heal yourself by being connected to your emotions by understanding who you are and what’s happening inside of you, and honoring everything that’s happening inside of you? Right and that’s feminine energy.

Yeah, really? really good. Yeah. And I do think it’s like a, there’s like a pendulum. That’s how I always imagined any kind of change that we’re seeing in the world, like things had swung so far to one side, right to that masculine side, because women were coming into the workforce and, and trying to fit into that mold. But now it will swing all the way to the other side until it finds like this happy middle place. So I think we’re seeing more and more of this as that like, rush into people dealing with a lot of their emotions, even it’s not just women, I think we’re seeing a lot of men stepping up and saying this is like a toxic environment where I’m not allowed to be have any emotion at all right? So I don’t think it right. Yeah. Yeah, I

mean, I don’t think we can blame men as well. Because when we think about it, I mean, we went through two world wars and men were sent to fights. They didn’t have a choice, they had to leave their families, they had to, like, swallow it in and just do it. So I think they get their emotions down as a survival mechanism. And so I really, I really feel for them, because it was really, really hard. And I think they have a lot to express. And if it’s not them, it’s their emotions that come from their fathers and grandfathers. And it’s transgenerational, as well, but it’s in their bodies in their cells.

Yeah, yeah. I think learning how to do this work. I did a training last night. And I was just talking about unconscious programming, which is what I work with. And a lot of feeling that comes from things that are stored in your unconscious mind. And I was like, this, I was like, the picture I have here is a woman. But I would love it if a man was in this training. Like it’s not just for women, like I do think that, at least for me, I find it important more and more to say my work is open to men, I talk to women, that’s who I speak to. And that’s typically who my audience is. But gosh, when I get a man that’s interested and vulnerable enough to step up and do this work, I’m like, really thrilled, because I find it exciting, you know, to see that happening now.

Absolutely. And I think men are stepping up more and more, I’m definitely seeing it. My husband went through his own journey of burning out in his own business, and now he’s leaving his business to become a coach himself. And one of the first things he said to me is, I want to become a coach to make men cry. Yeah, yeah. Because he understood through his own journey, that crying is healing. Crying means relieving through the tears that you’re releasing, you’re really letting go of the emotions and the blocked energies that are that are inside

of Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Years and years ago, I, I got a massage. I had just it was I had just gone through this terrible breakup. And I went in, I had one a massage at work, because I was in the masculine and I was winning stuff, you know that I want this like event where you could go and bring your partner I ended up bringing my girlfriend, friend, girlfriend that came with me. And in that, I mean, at first I started laughing hysterically to the point where it was like uncomfortable, because that’s how we release right? Like, like, she was in the same room as me getting a massage. So it was a little weird. And then she’s like, are you okay? I was laughing so much. It wasn’t making noise, but it wasn’t fun. Do you know? And I was like, oh my god, I think I’m just releasing all this emotion. And then all of a sudden, I just started crying. So I laughed hysterically weirdly through the first half. And through the second half. I just cried and my God, I felt so much better. So I do think like there are you know, these things we can do? Yeah, right work. body work. Oh,

yeah, absolutely. And, and yoga as well. It happened together. Many times when I went. When I went through my divorce. I was married before I was married to my current husband. And when I went through my first divorce, I left in the middle of the whole breakup and separation. I need to do yoga teacher training. And very often when I did the pigeon pose because you’re opening your hips so much that there’s a lot of stuck emotion in the hips. I would just started crying and yeah, it felt so good. And it’s still very connected to my emotions now and so sometime I just sit on the mat and my buddy is like, I can release Yes, I’d cry. Yeah,

yeah. Just exhale, right. Yeah, your whole body knows what to do. It’s like anchored. Yeah. Good. Can you tell people how to find you if they want to learn more? I know you have a book as well as you kind of tell a little bit about it. I have

this, this beautiful book, the path of femininity. It is a pretty book. Yeah, the cover is really, really beautiful. It’s done by an artist, then. So the story is quite interesting, actually, it’s a woman who was working in London in the city as an investment banker. And she was also painting on the side. And she thought, well, you know, I’m making a lot of money as an investment banker, but I’m really not fulfilled. And she worked with me for years ago now. And she really wanted to start painting, but she didn’t there too. And she was still very worried about what her family was going to say, her parents, her friends, etc. We really worked through all her fear, and she left London and she started painting full time. Now, she is making multiple six figures with her paintings. She exhibited Times Square in New York, right now. She’s in Miami, and she’s everywhere. And so I contacted her and I asked her to do this painting, because I thought it was such a beautiful, full circle for her to do the cover of my book. Yeah, she connects with the with the energies, she’s very spiritual as well. And so there are night codes and light activations, actually on the cover of the book. So just looking at the book, it does feel good. Yeah. A lot of people love the cover. They don’t know why. It’s because they’re there. There’s light, like really in that cover. It’s activating your feminine energy just looking at it.

And it’s called the path of femininity, and I’ll have a link in the show notes. Yeah. And how else can they find you? I’m assuming you’re everywhere on social media and other things.

Yes. So I used to be on Facebook, but I don’t spend a lot of time over there anymore. So the best place to find me is on Instagram. Okay, add a little persona EEDPO s s o n, then I have my website and send you that link, of course. And then yeah, if you go on my website, I also have a free quiz for you to identify which is your divine feminine gifts. Because in the book, I talk about the six gifts of your feminine energy and how to reactivate them. And so there’s a simple quiz on my websites for you to already see which gives to you already have, which need more attention and then I give you a lot of tips because I like to be very practical. Otherwise it’s just no lead and it stays up there. But I like to ground it into your life with exercises.

I love it really, really good. Thank you so much for being here. It was so so nice to get to meet you to get to practice your name. I think from now on I will be Betsy Paki. That sounds so much worse. It’s so much more sophisticated sounding. I feel like it’s moving out of my masculine and into my Absolutely. I

will call you like that.

Thanks for having me. Thank you. Thanks so much for listening today. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit and email it over to us at support at Betsy pake calm, and we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much and I’ll see you next week.


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