282: How to get what you want... quickly - Betsy Pake

282: How to get what you want… quickly


Today on the episode Betsy is sharing a thought on getting what you want more quickly and a way that she noticed this speeding up her manifestations in real time.


Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake, and I’m an author, speaker and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hi, everyone. Hello, hello. Welcome to the show today. So if you are here, and you’ve been here for a hot, hot minute, for a long time, Hi, thanks for being here. And thanks for sticking with me into 2022. And if you’re new here, and a friend sent you the show, thank you, thank you, friend to give your friend a hug for me thanking them. And welcome. Welcome to the show. You know, before I get like diving into what I want to talk about today, I want to I want to bring up one quick thing because it might be something that you’re interested in. And you know, it’s funny because sometimes people messaged me and they’re like, I’m so glad you don’t sell on the show. Because apparently sometimes people podcast only when they are about to sell something. And so yes, I don’t I do this show because I want to do the show, which is part of what I’m going to talk about. But the second part is that then I also realize a lot of people don’t know like what I’m up to and how they could actually work with me. So I’ve got a couple things that I want to tell you quickly I’ll try to make it entertaining

so that it’s not painful to listen to this. But here’s um I have been a coach for a long time. I mean, I want to say like 10 years and in that I have evolved and become become a trainer of NLP hypnotherapy time techniques EFT success coaching. I have a deep streaming facilitation certification. So I’m a trainer of all of those things and we have the alchemy Institute so in the past I had always been a coach Betsy pake and then we developed the alchemy Institute last year and created an on demand level one NLP hypnotherapy success coaching, like everything you would need to be able to be a coach to, it’s all of the things that I wish I had gotten all at once, instead of like piecemealing together as I went through my experience as a coach. So it is like an all encompassing thing. And it’s on demand, which means you can just get it at any time and go through the trainings. Okay, but this year 2022, one of the things that I really wanted to do was do some live trainings, you know, we have level one that’s on demand, but I wanted to do a level one that was live, because sometimes people want live and I think, I don’t know, maybe you’re like me that I’m like feeling hopeful about COVID. And I want to be able to get together live with people. So for 2022 I am rolling out a live level one and a it’s a hybrid alive on Zoom and then a live event with level two. So if you want to go all the way through the path to become a master NLP practitioner, a master hypnotherapist you can do that with me this year. So the live event is in Sedona in May. And we are just starting to enroll we’ve already got some people that have bought the slots, so it is filling up. But I wanted to let you know in case that was something that you have been exploring now. You can go to the website, you can go to the alchemy Institute dot c o or you can go to my website Betsy pake calm and it’ll link you to that website, right? So if it’s easier to just remember my name, but what I want to tell you is that we are enrolling right now for that live. So if you want to go there and get all the details, and then you want to talk to me and see like ask questions or see if it’s a good fit or whatever. I I am doing like little like 15 minute power calls to answer questions. So check out the website. See what you think if you’re ready, join us I’m super excited. It is going to be seven days in Sedona at an amazing Airbnb. We are going to learn all the basics in NLP get you ready and prepped so that you can actually go out and start your business like the day you get home. After training is done. It will be fully encompassing, you’ll have access to all the on demand stuff. So if you ever want to revisit, it’s just going to be a really, really like I’m just so excited to make this like where people really feel like they’re experiencing some magic. Now. You might be listening and you’re like I don’t want to be a coach. That’s awesome. You could still do it as a personal development. I know so many People that I went through my training with that I had no intention of becoming a coach, I have a girlfriend that said, Betsy, I will never build a funnel. If you were an online marketer, you know what I mean. But she just wanted to do it to learn and to have the transformation. So come to level one live, if you want to just experience transformation, you’ll learn all about it, which I think is really great, because then you can start to do more and more of it with yourself. And in the training, you’ll be doing it with somebody, and there’ll be doing it on you. So you will have a complete transformation. During our seven days together, it’s going to be really awesome. So enough about that. But I wanted to just tell you that. The second thing that I want to tell you is that I am really doubling down on the Institute and on my speaking, now that more places are holding live events, I can get back into speaking. And so I have just one spot that’s open for one on one coaching this year, it’s going to come open in April, if you are interested in that you can find out more on my website, Betsy pake.com. Or you can just message me on Instagram or whatever. And I’ll send you the information so that you can see if it’s for you. But if you have been wanting to work with me, you know, I’m gonna say this might be your last chance. But this might be your last chance because I’m shifting a little bit to more of the speaking and the Institute and really putting a lot of my attention there. So I wanted to give you guys the updates on that. But now let’s dive in to what I wanted to talk with you about today. And you know,

there’s so many things I’ve been thinking about. If you listen to last week’s episode, you know that I’m going to be going to Iceland, and I think I’m I want to say like in 10 days, I leave in like 10 days. So I’m going to be going to Iceland, you can listen to last week’s episode if you want to know how that even came to be. But one of the things that I have been thinking a lot about is about creating space for what it is that we want. And, you know, for years, I have been saying I want to do live events. For years, I’ve been saying I want to speak more for years. And there were always really great reasons why that wasn’t happening. Now. COVID really was a great reason. But I always had great reasons even before that. And I’m realizing now more and more that it took me making one leap to open up a door to so many things. So I want to dive into this a little bit, and give you some perspective on what might make a shift in your life to so. So I don’t know, I don’t think I talked about this. But if you follow me on Instagram, you saw this. So when I was at the beach, and forgive me if I told this on a different episode, I don’t think I have. But when I was at the beach in January, I went to the beach for the month. And when I was there, every morning, I would try to walk on the beach. And it was just it was kind of chilly, but it was like the sound of the ocean and all the things. And one day when I came back to the condo, there were I noticed all of these sand castles, it was like a city of sand castles that were made. And so I went over because I love a good sand castle photo. And I went over and took some pictures and there was no rhyme or reason to it. It was just like a ton, like a like a like, like I said a city. I almost thought there were roads, you know, like if you were making a sandcastle city, how you would have roads in between in the middle. And and I thought it was cool. And I took some pictures. And then I went up to the condo and got to work. And then later that afternoon, I went out on the balcony to get some fresh air and I looked and I noticed something on the beach and it was all of those sand castles that I had taken a picture of earlier. And it was like the buckets you know how the buckets have like the sandcastle thing on the bottom. And so then when you make you fill up the bucket with sand and you flip it over it, like has the Castle Park at the top right. Um, is that kind of sand castle bucket sand castle buckets. So I’m standing there on the balcony and looking down and I realized that it’s not a sand castle city. It’s actually words so it actually said Green Bay. I think I may have told the story but it said Green Bay. And I realized it must have been like some Green Bay Packer fans right that had made the words Green Bay now from the beach. I couldn’t I couldn’t see that I just saw like a city of I didn’t know what I was looking at right? It looked just like a bunch of sand castles. But when I had a different perspective Like from the 16th floor, I could see that it actually had a different meaning that it had these words that it was like a rally cry for some Packer fans at the beach. And so I wanted to share that because I think that sometimes it just takes us going to the 16th floor, to see everything differently. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem like a confusing matrix of sandcastle buckets, all of a sudden, it has meaning. And it shows up as something different. And then every time you see it, whether you’re on the beach, or you’re on the 16th floor, it’s different. Because you saw it in a different way. So one of the things that I’ve been noticing, and, you know, so many times when I share stories on this show, it’s it’s stories that have happened, right, it’s like things that have happened. I mean, I try to tell things that are going on, but it’s, it’s reflective on things that have happened, but lately I have been in it, it’s like I’m in the transformation, it’s in real time, that I’m going through a lot of changes and noticing things in really, really rearranging the structure of my life. And it’s in real time. So sometimes it’s, it’s, um, I’m going to use the word hard, but I don’t know if that’s right. Sometimes it’s hard

to have perspective on it. Because I’m not on the 16th floor, I’m on the beach, in it, living in it. And so one of the things that I noticed, as I have made this shift and made that decision, first of all, the decision to go to the beach for a month, you know, it was towards the end of December. And I just thought I need to get out of here, I need to like get some space and figure out Betsy for a little bit, you know, figure out who I am and what I want and how I want to live 2022, it was really important to me that I get some space and do that. And I left my husband Craig left to go to the football game. I don’t know maybe like the 27th, like a couple days after Christmas. And then before he got back, even I left to go to the beach. So I had been at the beach, you know, I had been alone, I guess this my boy had been alone for quite a long time, and was able to really reflect and in and figure out what it is that I wanted. And one of the things that I realized was that I really liked the feeling of making a decision and acting on it immediately. So I was like, I want to go to the beach I looked on on Airbnb and you know, really quickly was able to make a decision and narrow things down and then ended up buying, you know, purchasing a month and going making that having the having the moment of the desire. And then taking an action on that desire, without a huge pause in the middle of overthinking, I believe was a catalyst to a new way of change for me. And I want to explain more. Once I got to the beach, and I started like figuring out what felt good, what felt bad, who I wanted to be how I wanted to live, right, because we have those choices. And sometimes when we’re in our daily, everyday life, it’s hard for us to see what those choices are because so much of our life is habit. And so much of our life is just on autopilot. This is why I think vacations are so important and all of that stuff. So going there and having that experience made me realize that I really liked the feeling of I really liked the feeling of intention, and action, intention and action. Like if I had a thought or a feeling that I wanted something I just could do it. I’ve talked about this before, like going away by myself for a long weekend because I’ve done that many times, always feels really great to me because I could be sitting at the pool and then all of a sudden be like I’m ready to go and I can get up and go whereas if I’m with somebody then I have to say are you just about ready to go? Right? And then okay, I’ll be ready in 15 minutes. But having that like I’m I have this feeling I have the desire I’m going to take the action immediately. I always really liked so having the opportunity to do that on an extended period of time was really eye opening for me because I realized how what my what my new patterns were becoming like how my patterns were shifting from my everyday life back here in Atlanta to being in a space all by myself. What felt good and what didn’t became really obvious It also became really obvious where I would blame other people for things that didn’t feel good. Because I could because it felt difficult to blame myself. Right? Do you have that in your life where you’re like, I know it’s my husband’s fault, or my kids fall or what I can’t do this because my kid or I can’t do. Anyway, it took that like component of it away.

It took that, like, I don’t have the opportunity to blame anybody, nobody else is leaving their dishes on the on the coffee table, that was me, you know, simple things to more complex things. So I have this moment where I buy the Airbnb and I go down to Florida, I’m in Florida, I’m having this whole experience, where I get to choose and take action, without a lot of break in between, because I’m all by myself. So I start getting in a rhythm for this. And I start noticing where the habits in my life are, and where the times are, where I’m blaming other people, for things that I’m unhappy with in my life. And that creates a huge shift, because then I can start to see that I am not at cause for those things. One of the things I talk about, and I’m sure I’ve talked about it on the show is being at cause it’s something that I it’s something that I talk about with my clients all the time, typically the very first time we all get together, or if it’s a group, or if it’s a one on one, we have a conversation about being at cause. Like instead of being at a fact, well, I can’t do this because of that. It’s like, well, I’m choosing not to do this, because of that. There’s this shift, right, there’s a shift in that. So I’m sitting there and I have this, I’m sitting on the couch at the Airbnb, and you heard this story last week. But I want to dive into this a little more. Because as I’m having some space, I’m realizing some things. So I’m sitting there, I have this moment where I see that there’s an opportunity to go to Iceland. I’m like, I want that. And I choose it. So I make the choice. And I took action immediately. There wasn’t this huge pause in between. Right. So if you listen to last week’s episode, I’m I’m scrolling on tick tock the night before. I see the northern lights in a video and I’m totally overwhelmed. I’m thinking like, I want that I felt like it was a menu and I was choosing it. And then the next day, on Facebook, I see this option to go on a trip, there’s a spot left, and I can take the spot. And I immediately do it. Like immediately do it like I scrolled. And then I came back and posted and said I want to talk to you. And I talked to her within a few minutes, I had put down a deposit a few minutes of talking with her. So not having this huge space. Now why is this important? And why did I want to talk to you about this? Because I think that it is in this space. In between, I get the desire, I have the thing I want. And then I’m going to think about it a long time. And I’m going to I know I want it. But there’s lots of reasons and there’s things in closing that space is going to change your life. closing that gap of saying actually I want that I’m going to do it, I’ll figure it out. Because I want it it’ll work. I if I had taken more time, I would not be going to Iceland, and I don’t know what Iceland holds for me. But I’m going to be there almost a month and it’s going to change my life. Without a doubt. It’s going to change my perspective, I’m going to be about around a bunch of people that I’ve never met before, and they will have an impact on me. Right? Good or bad I met cause so it can all be good. And I’m going to grow and change. But if I had waited, if I had thought, let me just think about it. Because the only reason I’m convinced personally, the only reason that I want to wait is because I want to see if it’s safe. And my brain is designed to keep me safe. And so it’s going to find the reasons that that would not be a safe decision. If I give it time to. If I give it time my my unconscious mind is just simply a machine. It’s a goal getter. So if my conscious mind says let me make sure that safe. Let me make sure that’s a good idea. Let me think about it. Those those three sentences all say the same thing. It says unconscious mind find out why I shouldn’t do this. And my unconscious mind is like please don’t Please just stay the same. This is uncomfortable. This is new. This is different. I don’t like just just wait right As soon as I made that decision to go, I was like, Oh, I don’t even have a winter coat, like so many things. But I knew I would figure that out. Now, what I’ve noticed, since that, so I made that one like semi I’m gonna say, semi spontaneous decision to get the place at the beach, I have all this time alone, I’m noticing what my habits are. I want to see the Northern Lights, I see an opportunity. And I immediately take it without a bunch of thought in between. What happened is that now, there, I’m craving more of that, I’m craving more of fast decisions. And that is expanding my experience. So I was, I have been talking about doing a live event for freaking ever, you’ve probably heard me talk about it. And the other day, I was like, I really want to do that. And as soon as I noticed that, I was like, Oh, we’re just going to pick dates and go, we’re just going to pick dates and send an email and then give some people enrolled like, this is so doable. This is not a complicated thing. I love to teach, I would love to have a live event, like I know how to rent an Airbnb, I just did it for a month, right? Like, I can make a lot of things happen in a short amount of time. The thing that will take the longest, and the thing that will derail me is the gap between me having the feeling of desire, and then me pulling the trigger. That gap destroys more dreams, I am convinced my own dreams, I see this in myself, right? I’m telling you that from a place of being in it at this moment, real time, that gap is going to create the most problems for me, that gap is going to create the most

like the the resistance, the slowing down of getting all the things that I want to me, I am more and more convinced that there will never be a place where you feel ready, there will never be a place where all the planets are aligned, it’s time. No, that that moment doesn’t exist. And if you pause to find that moment, then you’re going to create number one, a pattern of pausing that will perpetuate every single area of your life and cause your whole life to slow down that I’m speaking from my, this is what I see in myself, right? So I don’t know you, but I’m gonna guess this, you can see this right? As you look back on your life, okay. Number two, when you make decisions like that, and you go with it like that, like I felt like that was like I was living, do you say that guys like whoa, like, this is what it feels like to live, it was a damn rush. It was a rush to be able to do that. Right. And you know, your thing might not be going to Iceland, your thing might not be like I want to go away for a month like that might not be like that, you might be like that does not sound good at all, I would not want to do that. But see, then don’t But notice what your thing is. Notice what your thing is. And if you go I don’t even know that I’m going to guess it’s because you have created a delay that has gone on and on and on and on and on for years. And so now you don’t know. Because when you give yourself what it is you asked for, then you start asking for more think about with your kids or your pets. You give them a treat every time you come in from walk and then every time you come in, they’re gonna stop at the cheat jar and look, right, because they know that’s what happens. So if every time you have a desire, you just delay and you never do it. Your unconscious mind is gonna be like me, don’t pay that much attention to it’s not that important. Remember, two weeks ago, I think it was we talked about emotion being the thing. So if you always are like, Oh, that’s not for me, that’ll never happen. Maybe when the kids are older, when that they you’re creating so much space that there will be soon if not already No, no desire or no awareness of the desire. That’s the key, the desire is there but the awareness has slipped out of your consciousness. So I am convinced that when I made the one decision and did it quickly, and then made the huge decision and did it quickly, then the other decision then I started to crave that it was like I was a Dogs setting up the cheat jar. So all of the sudden making decisions and doing stuff felt not only really fun, but it felt really, really validating. And I feel like it’s shifting my my confidence because I’m like, I can do it like I can figure this out. It’s it’s changing things. Now there has not there, it has not been simple. There have been really uncomfortable things. You know, I got, I bought the thing to Iceland. And then I was like, I have to get to Iceland. meeting these people in a parking lot in Reykjavik literally, like meet me in this random parking lot. They sent me the coordinates. So it’s like, I’m like, I gotta get there. So then I looked and it was like, 1000s of dollars for a flight. Literally, it was like two grand, I was like, I’m not doing that. But I had miles, and I could get to London for free. So I was like, then I’ll buy a $277 flight to Iceland. Can I tell you the day I was doing those flights like it was, I was a mess. Like I was like I’m not, I had to, like it’s a five enough hours enough for me to get off the plane in London, get my luggage, get through customs, right to get back on and go to ice, like there was a lot to think about COVID and all the things. And so doing it. And expanding into that, like I have to do it. Because now I’ve bought this trip, I have to figure this out. And that might sound really simple travel thing to you if you’re used to that. But I’m not used to that. And so it was a challenge. For me it was something new. But it led to an increase in my confidence that I could do something that was out of my comfort zone. Suddenly,

suddenly, it became that feeling of like unsteady, can I do this? Can I trust myself started to become really, really steady. This started to become like, No, this is good, I can do this. So then when the idea came to do an event in Sedona, I was like, I can figure it out, it’s good. I’ve just figured out something really hard, I could do this. So having to creating less space, between the desire and the action is going to be huge. For you to live a life where you feel like one you’re really living. And two, you’re doing all the things that you’ve said you wanted to do. I know for myself, I feel like already 2222 is going to be like one of the greatest years of my life. Without a doubt. And it’s happening in real time. Like I said, it’s like happening in real time. So there’s a lot that I am wanting to convey and to share and to explain so that as you’re watching, as you’re listening, it is becoming clearer to both of us. You know, it’s real time, it’s becoming clear to both of us right around the same time. So I want you to think about what were the desires that you’ve had? What are the things today that make you go oh, you know, I saw a girlfriend on Facebook, who is at the beach. She’s at our Ritz Carlton somewhere, like, maybe like Fiji or something like that. Do you know what I mean? Like she’s somewhere far away. So I, I saw her stuff. And I was like, Oh, that looks really fun. I’m gonna do that. Like, I immediately wrote it down, because that’s I got to I’m gonna figure that out. Because I had the feeling. And so that it’s for me, and that can be a really weird thing. Because right off you go, that’s expensive. That’s really far. That’s a whole timezone thing. I don’t know if I have time, like I already have all these things planned, like, I’m going to be gone a lot. But no, I had the desire. So I want to offer you the idea that you just pause on all the reasons why not just pause on those and just say what would have to happen for me to pull the trigger on this? What would have to happen for me to say yep, and to go and how can I create a small space between those two things? How can I create a really small space from desire to action and try to make it as small as possible. So something to think about I would love to know how this is like what you’re thinking about this and if you already have ideas, I would love to know if you are like oh my gosh, I have no idea what I would want. Or if you have like a flood of ideas, like this is so fascinating to me, I would love to know how you experienced this show and what you’re thinking. So and if you want to if you had a moment where you were like, Ah, I want to go to Sedona and learn about NLP, but then you had a thing where you’re like, but I don’t know, I don’t even know if I want to be a coat like, maybe just do it. Right, maybe just join in. And if not, that’s something else. Notice what makes your heart say yes. Notice what makes your heart say yes. All right. I would love for you to share this episode with a friend. tag me on Instagram at Betsy pake. And I will, I will be here next week. I’ll be here next week. And then after that I’ll be reporting in from Iceland and it should be it should get good. So I love you so much. Thanks for listening, and I will see you all next week. Thanks so much for listening today. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit and email it over to us at support at Betsy pake calm, and we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much and I’ll see you next week.

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