284: Life is in session - Betsy Pake

284: Life is in session


Betsy talks about her beginning journey to Iceland and the lessons learned.


Hey everybody, welcome to the show. Welcome fellow adventurers. I’m excited for this show, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about my trip so far to Iceland. But here’s something I want to say before I forget. I think I told you like maybe a month ago, if you’re a regular listener, then you might have heard this, if you’re new here. Hi, and thank you and welcome. But if you’ve been here a while and you’ve heard me talk about how I hired a Podcast Producer. So last month, when I was at the beach, I hired a product Podcast Producer. And then we started working together this month, mid month, but she is ahead of the game. So typically, I record the podcast, and then you guys get the podcast, like a couple hours after I record it, which is how come every once in a while I’ll miss a show, or it’ll be late or it doesn’t come on time. It’s probably not like the most effective way to do things. It’s just how I’ve always done it. Because I’ve always been the one that’s like, produced it and done everything, which is also how come the audio is not that great. And you can hear me, you know, talking and swallowing or whatever, you know what I mean? I don’t want to say that because I don’t want to put that in your head. But you know what I’m saying the it needed to be professionally done. It was time, it was probably time a long time ago. But I tell you all this, because I’m going to give you an episode today, I really want to give you the updates here. And then you’re going to start getting updates, you’re going to start getting podcasts that might feel like I like a little off like what like like I might be talking about something that’s just from a little bit ago, if I reference something. Now, hopefully the things that I talked about are timeless. But I wanted to just let you know, that you might notice like some different stuff. I really hope you notice I hope you noticed like the audios way better. And I hope you notice all kinds of things. But anyway, enough about that. I am here I am in Iceland. So I want to tell you about this trip a little bit. And, you know, I typically want to do a show and like tell you about something that I’ve learned and things that are happening and there has been so much. And sometimes I feel like it’s a little indulgent to just tell you about my life. But I feel like even like the last 48 hours, there’s a lot to talk about. So let’s just dive right in. Okay, so if you’re new here, and this is the first time you’re listening to these episodes, a couple months, or a couple of weeks ago, I did an episode where I talked about how I saw a tick tock about the Northern Lights. And it was really beautiful. And I was mesmerized. And I immediately, like, I mean, I watched it like 20 times, then I immediately was like, I want that, like I just chose it immediately. I

just knew. And you know, that might sound a little funny, because you’re

because you might be thinking, I don’t know, you might not, but I’m gonna just mind read, you may be thinking like, well, that must be good to be able to choose that. But I have a job. And I can’t just choose that, like, how good for you. But I can’t do that. And I want to throw a wrench in that idea. Okay, but hang with me. So I just want to get this out for the new people. So I see this tick tock, it’s magical. And I’m obsessed. I like cry, I have emotion. And I say out loud, I want that the very next day, I’m in a Facebook group, I see somebody post about how they are putting together a small group and there’s one spot left, if somebody wants to go with them, to Iceland to see the northern lights. And it’s like this tour, it’s 20 Days Tour. And so I signed up. Now, I have done a couple episodes on this, you can go back and listen. It was a moment of choosing it. And knowing that it would just figure itself out, you know, like, how do I figure this out? Because I think a lot of times we have something that comes into our awareness that we want. But our immediate reaction is all the reasons why it wouldn’t work. Right? All the reasons why that’s not a good idea. Now’s not the time. I probably don’t have the money for that I can’t get off work. It’s too complicated. I have other things going on. And you know, sometimes it’s not a good time. But sometimes we say that and that’s not the reason. It’s not the reason the reason is fear. Right? The reasons fear I posted on Facebook. So anyway, wait, let me go back. Let me just stay true to the story. So see the TIC tock, this woman posts I sign up, okay, so it’s like, I don’t know, two and a half weeks later or something three weeks later. I’m on a plane to heading to Iceland. So now I’m here. So I want to talk about this and kind of like the last 48 hours. But I also want to talk about fear a little bit. You know, I posted on Instagram, if you follow me over there, it’s at Betsy pake. And I had a girlfriend that I was talking to not about Iceland about other things. And I messaged her, and I was like, I don’t know, I really want to do these things. But do you have a vibe on that? Like, what’s your thought? And she came back and she said, Betsy, take the fear out of it. Like, I can’t make the decision for you, which is what I wanted, right? Do you ever do that? Or you’re like, just tell me what to do? I don’t know. So just tell me. But I knew what I wanted her to tell me. Right? I knew that. The answer I wanted her to give me but what she gave me was even better. And what she said is take the fear out of it. And now what do you do? And I, I mean, I thought I, I thought about that for a long time. And I realized, so many of my decisions are driven by fear, and not like, not just imprinted, not just like fear has a little bit of an impact here, or fear makes me healthy, in a healthy way, evaluate all the options and know I mean, fear has been driving a lot of things in my life. If you have been here for a while, then you already know this. But 2021 was like really one of the worst years for me, but just started off just bad. And it just went bad. It just was bad to me. I’m still navigating, pulling out the lessons from last year. I know that when I get to a point where I can see all the lessons that I will have it all healed. But it’s a work in progress. And last year was so bad, it was so bad. And you know from death and loss of friends and my dog and my dog. I mean, my in laws were an awful accident, like things didn’t go the way I wanted, like, everything went sideways, I get separated from my husband, like so many things. I mean, it was like, just really bad. And maybe you have had yours like that. You know, maybe you’ve had times like that, too. And I feel really strongly and it’s one of the guideposts of my life is that there’s always room for expansion. Like there’s always room to get these lessons. And there’s always room to choose something different. And I I really don’t just preach this. And I think the people that work with me know this, but I believe in being at cause, which means I’m not at effect of all the things that happen. And yeah, all that stuff happened last year, my dog, I, which might seem very silly to you if you don’t have a dog, but if you’ve had a dog for a long, long, long time, then you will understand, but

I choose to be at cause which means I asked myself when something happens, how do I want to respond? Who do I want to be in this? What’s my identity in how I heal this and handle this and move forward with this now a part of my life, right? It’s not like something happens. And then we like go, oh, well, now I’ve pushed it aside, or I’ve gotten over it, or I’ve taken care of it. Or I’ve moved around it what when I talk to clients, lots of times, they’ll say I did a lot of work around that. I don’t want anybody going around anything, like I want to go through it, like we’re gonna go we’re gonna dive in and go through it. And so I feel like I am a person who really strives to be at cause. And if something doesn’t go the way that I wanted it to. I want to take responsibility for it. And sometimes that can feel really hard. But we can take responsibility. Sometimes the things that happen to us, we can’t control but we can control how we respond to it. Right, we can control how we see things we can control the lessons we derive from it. So anyway, last year really sucked balls. And so this year, I was like, I’m taking 2022 by the tail, right? So I spent the month in January at the beach and then got this idea to come to Iceland and so now I’m here. So I want to tell you about my trip. And I want to invite you to just join me on Instagram because I’m posting like every damn thing like you might get sick of it. But I’m saving it all in the little circle you know under your bio, how you can save the stories so like if you You don’t see it and then you want to, but it will probably be a lot of you just like clicking past because some of the stuff may not be all that important to you, but, but it was to me, so I wanted to document it. So. So I want to tell you a little bit about my trip. Because it has been really, really interesting. There’s already been so many things. And a couple things that happened, I really want to tell you, but I can’t tell you until more time has passed. But I will tell you. So I have met some amazing people and had some experiences already that were a little surprising. I came through so I left, like I left to go to the airport, like two o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday. And Iceland is five hours ahead. So I’m like Thursday night. So like I’m already late posting this. This is why I got cast producer. So this doesn’t happen anymore. But I left and went to the airport. And my flight left that evening. And how I had done it was I had used Delta miles. So I used my delta miles to get to London. It was actually way, way, way, way, way less miles to get to London than it was to get to New York City. So time of the year, I think. So it was cheap for me to get to London, like cheap, cheap. The miles were like nothing. And it was so inexpensive miles, it would be like worth going for a weekend. Do you know what I mean? So I don’t know if it was a glitch in the system, or what it was, but I got myself to London. And I took the red eye. And so I left Tuesday afternoon, and then took the red eye. And I got there on really it was like three o’clock in the morning for me. But it was 730 in the morning in London, six hours ahead. So 237 30. So I Is that right? The math might not be right on that. But you get the idea. So it’s morning. I get there. I know I have to get my luggage, because I have to take a flight to Iceland, but I didn’t book The flights all together. Do you know what I’m saying? Because I use my points. So I had to get my luggage go through customs GET TO US Air, which honestly Heathrow Airport is the easiest airport I’ve ever been through. I don’t going through customs was a breeze. I mean, it was so simple. I got to the US Air desk, 45 minutes before it was even open. And then got ahead of five over five hour layover. And then I got my flight on us or on Icelandic air and came to Iceland. And then when I got to Iceland, I I was starting to notice by this point, that there are some things about me that may be making my life more challenging. So when I was on Iceland air when I was getting in line, there was a line of

high schoolers 60 of them. And they were all taking that same flight. They were going to Iceland on a geography trip from England, a lot of people from England come here. I’ve met a couple Americans but like a lot of people from England. And so I was in line with them. And that means like, it was fine. Like it was in line with them. I noticed to them, obviously, like they’re all around me. But when I got on my seat, they put my seat like right in the middle of 60 high schoolers. And when I got to my seat, there was a kid in it. And he said, I’m not your I sit in that seat over there you go over there. I’m sitting here. And I really didn’t want to because I picked my seats specifically because I wanted to see out the window. And when he said that, I just did it. Which was weird. It was like a kid. And I was like oh, okay, like I what, these are the stories that are happening in my head, which does not mean this is true. Okay. But this is the story in my head. The story is that I’ll never come to Iceland again. And he’s young and he’s going to get to go a ton of times and I want to see out the window. And now I can’t see out the window because he’s like a bully me into the middle seat in unlike a totally different row like way out in the middle of nowhere because there’s like two seats. recedes two seats, you know what I mean? across. So I’m like, what I sat down ago when I did it like, which makes me think about like hypnotic language about, like, when somebody just directs you, you just do it. Like, that’s a thing, right? So I was like, Oh my gosh. So there I am sitting now I’m like sitting in the middle seat in the middle of 60. Like teenagers. I mean, I know, you can just imagine, right? And so I’m, like, angry. And I have zero patience. This has a theme for me the whole trip, I’ve got to get patients, right. So I’m, so I’m sitting there, the kids are nuts. They’re like throwing stuff, right? Like throwing candy bars at each other. Like, there’s one particular candy bar for some reason, that gets thrown a lot the entire trip. And I am just like, um, I don’t know, I am irritated. And I have no patience. But I have to be at cause, right. And that’s really how I see the world. So I start like this internal dialogue like this, like, like, Well, now you’ve sat down, it doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind, you can just get up, you can just ask for what you need and ask for what you want. And like, it’s okay, there’s no rule that says just because he told you to go sit there. And then you did that you have to stay like that’s your seat. And I just was like, universe helped me see this in a different way. If I’m going to sit here for the whole time, then I need to see this in a different way. And it’s interesting, because I feel like that phrase, like, show me the lesson, I said that like five kajillion times. I want to pause and say that if you looked at my trip, it was really easy. There was really no big struggle, I didn’t miss a flight. Nothing was screwed up, even with all the different COVID rules with different countries and changing luggage and nothing was a challenge. Nothing. It was just everyday stuff that could have happened anywhere. But it was magnified. ie it allowed me to see it. I didn’t overlook it. Because everything else was uncomfortable. Everything else was new. You know, I was in London, I went to the bathroom. The bathroom was different, like the toilet was different the way you closed the door with different the way you flushed, the toilet was different. And so I had my I had to be like, I had to be conscious. I had to be thinking and aware. And that was the difference. And this is why I think travel can be so important. Especially I think, you know, it’s been a long time since I’ve traveled to a different country. I went to the Dominican but I mean, I think that was like 2017. I mean, I think it was a long time ago. So I am sitting there in the middle seat. And I’m thinking like,

how do I see this differently? What do I do and the candy bars were flying the the flight attendants, I think had just lost their minds. And so they came over and they were like, what seat Are you in? Show me your ticket like to the kids. And then it became obvious everybody was in a different seat. And she may said, Everybody go back to your seats. And so I left and went to my seat and the seats I were in was a totally different group of kids and different group of people like they had had everybody moves. So if I got my seat back, I got my original seat back. But if I still was uncomfortable, right, because there was still a ton of kids around me they were still throwing the candy bar like that all they were kids, right? They were teenagers, whatever. They were having a good time and they were excited. But it made me notice. And I share this with you because there are things going on in your life. And the reason that you notice the uncomfortableness the reason you notice, oh my god, I’m having this issue is a gift. It’s an opportunity for you to heal whatever that is. And I tend to make a note in my notes app on the phone, which now is like completely chocked full of crap I got to heal. But I was like this is so like, there’s so much stuff like it became so obvious to me that I’m super impatient. And I say this I hope you still love me and if you’re new here, I have a lot to offer to the world other than it’s really bad traits. But I’m super impatient. Like I like things to go the way I expect them to Go. So huge lesson and this whole next month of me traveling is going to be amazing to help me expand that and shift that so that I can have more experiences that are impactful. Because when you are irritated all the time, or when things don’t go the way you want, and you don’t have patience for it, you’re missing out on like magic, right? You really are and, and I must have been missing out on things in my regular everyday life. But I couldn’t recognize it because I was in the same place that was easy and comfortable for me to stay. So now I’m in the middle of the candy bar throwing chaos, and I’m in the seat that I wanted. But I’m still like, irritated because of all the people around me. So I was like, There’s patience. Right? There’s patience, this flight is going to end. And there’s just like this adaptation of like being open to people being around me that aren’t exactly like me of people that don’t think exactly like me. And you know, we’ve had a lot of things in our country in our world, where it has really divided us. And I think in a lot of ways, we are so drawn towards the people that think like us in so many ways that perhaps I am not being exposed enough to things that make me a little bit uncomfortable, uncomfortable enough that I would explore. Right? So here’s what I mean by that. So hang with me. So let’s say I don’t know something easy. Let’s say you hate red roses. Okay, and so I’m like, I love red roses. And so you don’t like red roses. And I’m like, I mean, I don’t dislike you, but I like to talk about red roses, and you don’t really like it. So I just, you know, I’m just gonna do my thing with the people like red roses. Have you like pink carnations, like, hang out with a pink carnation people like it’s cool. But you pink carnation person have a whole bunch of other interests and other things about you that have nothing to do with pink carnations. And I’m missing those. Because I’m hanging out with a red rose people like 1,000% of the time, right? So there I am in the middle of all this. So there’s this kid sitting next to me as his 16 year old boy that I have a lot in common with, right. I’m

like, I have nothing in common with you. I didn’t even have a boy, my kids a girl. So I just start asking him about his life. And it was so fascinating to me, you know, he was from Bath, England. And he was a really nice kid, like really polite and nice. And he had a lot of thoughtful things. And he was really excited about his trip. And he wanted to learn and he wanted to expand and all of a sudden, I was like, I have so much in common with this kid. Like until he throws the candy bar, I kind of lose him. But other than that, like, there’s I want to grow and I want to expand and I’m excited about my trip. I don’t know, it was just like a really good lesson. And I wanted to share that. Because sometimes in the chaos of life, we can get really in a routine. And I think sometimes that routine allows us to stay really in our comfort zone. But uncomfortable can happen not just when we’re like flying across the country, like we can create, like pockets of exposure to uncomfortable by just getting curious about somebody that thinks a lot different than you do by just asking questions and seeing what comes up and how are you actually really common. And so that was just a really, really good lesson. And I got to Iceland, and you know, they still drove me all bananas. Cut like the passport, they I mean, I was like oh my god, if I never see another teenager in my life, I won’t be unhappy. Like it’ll be fine. But I just let that sit, you know, I just let that like sit with myself that like this is an experience that I’m having. And my reaction to it is just about me. It’s just about me, it’s got nothing to do with them. It’s got nothing to do with what they’re doing. It’s got nothing to do with any of that and when I could be at cause my reaction is just about me. Then it just became much more settling. It just became easier. anyway and then I got to the hotel. I’m staying at a hill in here and Reykjavik until tomorrow and I’m staying at one that’s I mean, it’s just really beautiful. And a whole whole side of the hotel is like facing the ocean with this amazing like mountain glacier. I mean it’s unreal. Like you know when you see the pictures, I’ve posted some pictures on Instagram but I’m not doing it any amount of justice at all. The other side of the hotel faces like a shopping center. So I checked in, and I’m, like, come off this experience. It’s been like, what, like 30 hours. I haven’t slept. I haven’t really eaten anything like of substance, you know what I mean? I’ve been sitting in a seat this whole time. Like, I’m like, I just am, like, I just want to, like, eat some food and like, go to bed. And the guy low is looking it up. And he’s like, Okay, well, you have a single room, which here it’s a single bed. It’s a twin bed, you know, facing the like, South parking lot or when money goes, but I can upgrade you to a queen suite on the ninth floor overlooking up. I was like, Amen. Yes, yes. Yes. Thank you. And let me tell you that so I came up to my rooms in the ninth floor, top floor, amazing, unbelievably view, unbelievable view. With all of that I get this like, magical happy hour, and like, yummy hors d’oeuvres every night. Like, I mean, the, the views great, I get a queen size bed, like it’s like really good. And I get up here and I opened up the world, if you watched on Instagram, I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to turn on the lights. I mean, I just was like, there’s so much growth for me in this world. But I finally got the lights on. But my view is unbelievable. And it was kind of dark when I came in last night. And then today, I left for the day. And when I came home this afternoon, I could see the view. And when I tell you that I said thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You know, my friend Trish from Episode 208. She always says thank your guides. And I just said thank you they I mean, I think I cried I’m almost crying saying like, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for upgrading me. Like I know that that sounds really stupid. You’re like, well, like, really? Betsy, are you like so favored? You got upgraded. I don’t think it has anything to do with favor. I think it has to do with, like, just being in the alignment of being like really, really full of gratitude and trying to learn and trying to expand and I think the universe was giving me like this, like, really cool experience. You know, I have like this unbelievable view. Unbelievable, unbelievable view. I cannot stop looking at it. Like, I mean, I sat there for at least an hour today and just stared at it. Like it’s the sun was setting I took those were the good photos if you’re on my Instagram, but the sun was setting and I could see like Lifetime’s of change, you know, as the sun like moved across the mountains. And it was just beautiful. And I was like,

Oh my God, thank you. Like, so grateful for this experience. I’m grateful for that, like moment. I’m like that moment where I was like, I’m just gonna do it. Like I would have missed out on this freaking amazingness if I had paused if I had said, Well, maybe fear fear. Come on up. Tell me the reasons why. And everything isn’t perfect. I got stuck in a freakin classroom full of full of teenagers throwing chocolate bars. But that was that was life was in session. Right? There was things for me to learn. And there will be a lot more on this trip and the rest of my life. When things are hard life is in session. And when they’re easy, you celebrate and you think, right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you like Thank you. Thank you. And I believe I really believe this that the more we learn in those lessons, the more times we will have to celebrate, maybe because we notice, maybe because like the contrast is there. I don’t know. But I believe that and I believe that’s showing up. So today this morning, I got up and I went to the Blue Lagoon. It was magical because my alarm went off at 7am here, which is like, what’s the math? It’s 2am at home. And so I feel like it already made that transition because I stayed up. So what you may have seen as something really negative Oh, having to be awake all that time actually really worked in my favor, I think. And so this morning, I took like a shuttle bus, which was such a great experience. I mean, when I tell you my notes app is full of lessons like it’s snowy here. When I say it’s snowy, like this snow beat. First of all, I grew up in Vermont, so I know snow. Okay, this is snow. And I feel like when they plow the like if you live in another city in like the United States, let’s say like they plow and like one street would get like two swipes on each side. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s one swipe of the snowplow, so there’s only enough room for you to like get through. And our driver was I don’t know, he must have gone to like a special, like, training for stealing your nerves because he just didn’t care. He was just driving so close to the snowbank I thought for sure we were going to get stuck. I did see one bus, a bus, you know, like, you know, those like tour buses, but it had like comically large wheels on it. And it was just riding with one set of wheels on the snowbank. So it was turned where I thought, I mean, 1000 times, I thought it was going to just tip over. But it didn’t, I don’t know, magical wheels. And so all of that was just really interesting to like, experience, I get to the Blue Lagoon. I feel delayed. There’s so many people, I’m in this huge crowd again, all of a sudden, I mean, I even thought life is in session, ha, I don’t even want it to be in session, I just want to go to the Blue Lagoon. But life was in session. And I gotta tell you, like, I patience was a really big thing. And like giving space for this whole experience to not be I’m almost embarrassed to say this, but I’m gonna say it. And I just hope that you give me some grace. But it wasn’t about me, like everybody else had paid take that bus to everybody else is going to blue. And like, it wasn’t just about me, all those kids on the bus, or on the plane, they were all going to Iceland too. It wasn’t just about me. And that theme is showing up so much for me that I know that must be a really big deal in my life. You know? And so I just, I let the lesson come, you know, and I tried to understand more deeply about what I really need to learn there. Because honestly, I’m done learning lesson like, Can

we move on. So like, let me learn it. There’s more thinking to go on that. But I made a ton of notes about it for myself. And then I went and had the best day that the Blue Lagoon, I met another woman who was traveling all by herself. We were going to go to dinner tonight. But then we were both so pooped at the end of the day. But she was super cool. And it was so fun. I met another little group of ladies that had come all by themselves, like their little group came together, you know, it was like three of them. And three or four of them, three of them, I think and like connected with them. And like it was just so so fun. And yeah, like I just felt really good. I came home and cheered and thanked my guides and said, Thank you, thank you, thank you really, really a magical day, not a lot of life in session during the day. They’re like, can we just have fun, I don’t want any more lessons. It was good. And so um, I have more to share about some other things that happened towards the end of the evening. But I will get to that at another time. I want to figure out the right time to do that. Because there’s a really big lesson in here. So hang with me. But it’s just been a really, really, really magical trip. I will say, you know, I’ve been here 24 hours, I leave tomorrow to go meet my whole group. If you’ve ever thought I really want to go to Iceland, like, I’m not like go like just book it. look something up and just book it. Even if you don’t dare to book it, look it up. Because that’s getting you closer. The more you look it up, the more your nervous system will be desensitized to it. And then maybe you’ll just book one day, but I’m not kidding you. Like, I’ve I haven’t been a ton of places I’m not super well traveled. I feel like every time I want to go somewhere, I go to the Caribbean. I’ve been to Norway. I’ve been to Finland, and I’ve been to Sweden. So the Nordic countries, apparently I’m drawn to but then I’ve been, you know, all over the Caribbean and all of those things. But I clearly need to do more international travel because there’s a lot for me to learn and a lot for me to be exposed to. I have a friend that lives in Finland and he WhatsApp to me and was like you’re at Blue Lagoon. Just take your flight right to Finland and stay for a few days. And I thought oh, I’m gonna do that. Let me look it up. And it was insanely expensive. Like I mean, like way more than my entire trip here for a month. So it just wasn’t worth it to do that for a couple days. But I will do that at another time and make that happen. So I want you to be thinking, I want you to be thinking when something’s hard, like life is in session. I don’t know something about that makes it seem lighter to me and not quite so well. But life isn’t session that means there’s things for me to learn. It doesn’t mean life is bad. It doesn’t mean like that things are hard or life is hard. It just means there’s lessons in it for you. And then when things are really good, I want you to really, really celebrate, you know, that’s something I’m really trying to do is just celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. And I want you to think about what is it that I really want to do? And where is fear and all of that? Like is have I if I invited fear to come snuggle up real close in the in the middle seat? You know? Do we still have metal seats? Do you know what I’m talking about? When I was growing up? And there would be like, it was like a bench, you know, and we, everybody would have to like, pull the little lever and have momentum to like, like, move the bench forward, you know what I’m talking about? That’s like, a must be like an anchor memory for me. So I Where is fear? Like? Is it right there in the middle seat, like all cuddled up? Or can you move it over? Can you just move it over? Can you move it to the back seat? You know, as Elizabeth Gilbert would say, can you invite it in? Say, I know you’re gonna be part of this, but you’re not allowed to touch the radio, you can’t give directions, like you’re not really involved here. Where is it with you? And if you had to just answer like, with the very, like, first thing that comes to mind, what would it be, you know where it is, you know, if it’s way too close, where you can’t expand or experience the things that you want to experience. And so I’ll leave you that. Also leave you with the idea

that maybe you do get an awareness, maybe you have had awareness forever, maybe you already have like a huge long list in your notes app, about all the things that you need to heal, or things that bother you, or things that you know, are left like undone in your mind. And maybe you want to learn how to do that. And so if you do, you might, this is the perfect opportunity for me to tell you, you know, I’m doing a live training in Sedona. If you’re listening to this, and the live training is full, there’ll be another one at some other time, I hope. So check the website. But if you’re listening to this, now there’s a live event in Sedona. And you could join me, you don’t have to become a coach. Although after you do all the work you might want to, but it might just be for your own personal healing. It might be that you want to get a really deep perspective on everything that’s going on with you and how to really shift things, how to create like a totally different experience. Well, you’re having it and I teach you all that stuff in that live Sedona training, plus, it’s going to be like magic. So if you want more information on that, you can just DM me or email me or just go to my website. Betsy pake calm, or you can go to the alchemy collective.co, not calm, not not.com dot C, O, and just check it all out. But I’m happy to answer any questions. I feel more and more strongly that this work is work everybody needs to know how to do and when we should be taught from when we’re really young. And I think that is how you live a big life. So thank you so much for listening this week. Thanks for being here with me on my journey. And I will see you all very soon. Bye

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