287: Alignment - Betsy Pake

287: Alignment


Betsy talks about alignment. What is it? How do we get there? And how do we stay there?


Hi, hello. Welcome to the Art of Living big. Hi, everybody. Welcome fellow adventurers. You know, if you’re if you’ve been here for a while, you’ve heard me say that and you’ve probably heard me talk about why I say that. But it’s making me think that maybe there are new people and you don’t know why I say welcome, fellow adventurers. And I have the belief that we are spiritual beings here having a physical experience. And this is our adventure. So I always like to, to welcome you because I believe we are adventurers come down to have this really magical experience. So which sometimes doesn’t feel quite so magical, but it’s it is an adventure nonetheless. So, welcome, welcome to the show. I am recording this when I’m still in Iceland. By the time you listen to it, I think I’ll be back. But I am recording it. Now. The wind has been howling, it has been so crazy. I really, really love Iceland. It’s really beautiful. It’s like a nother planet, you know, we are traveling along this ring road. That’s like this big circle that goes all the way around the country. And all the different parts of the country just looks so different. Like there’s so many different parts of Iceland. You know, there’s waterfalls, and hotsprings and it’s just really unbelievably beautiful and really fun. And the winds just howls it has been so windy. We went to a waterfall the other day and I have those. I have those like spikes. You know how you can get like spikes for your shoes. So like the day before, like two days before I left, I left on a Tuesday. It was like a Sunday morning. I was like I’m going to order those spikes from Amazon. They were like 12 bucks. I almost didn’t do it. But then I did. And I’m so glad that we did they came like overnight, you know how Amazon sometimes knows. It knows, right? It knows you’re ordering stuff. And it like starts moving things to a warehouse closer to you that it thinks you’re going to buy. Did you know that it’s so creepy and so convenient. Because I used to that so that it helped me get these spikes. So thank goodness, I have these spikes, Grace, purchase our 12 bucks if you come to Iceland, but we are here and it’s so icy and it’s so windy, it’s almost hard to stand up, you know. And we went to this waterfall. And it was really unbelievably beautiful. If you’ve followed along on Instagram, you’ve seen all my photos but really, really amazing. And thank goodness that I had like a little bit of abdominal strength left in my life. And these spikes because I think I would have flown right over the edge. I could barely say stay standing up. It was so windy. And then when we came back to our Airbnb, like the wind was just whipping. I almost don’t feel like it’s snowed that much since we’ve been here but it’s been like a whiteout because this the wind is whipping. And it was like Hurricane, hurricane force winds. That first night of those crazy winds in the Airbnb, no windows were shaking and rattling. I mean, like we were all concerned that the windows were going to break but maybe they’re built for that kind of thing here. Anyway, we were supposed to shift and go to our next Airbnb but we couldn’t because the wind is still so bad. And conditions are just really not you can’t be out. So we are hunkered down and very cozy. And we have been working and doing this like Skill Share thing. So I’m here with a group of people. There’s nine of us we’re from all different countries, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary,

Sweden, Portugal. So it’s been just such a like a fun thing, right? Because you’re getting to see everybody else’s sort of vision of the world and so many new things and ways to see things. And one of the things to me is we were doing this like Skillshare thing we’ve been talking about. So each of us came up with a list of things that we could share. And then we all voted on what we wanted to to the others to teach. So throughout our time here we’ll be teaching each other. So anyway, I’m teaching something on the subconscious I’m, of course, I’m very excited about it. But one of the things I mentioned tonight, when we were sitting around was Abraham Hicks. And everyone looked at me, no one had heard of Abraham Hicks, which to me was very fun, because I love to be able to share. And if you don’t know who Abraham Hicks, I did a, I did a, I did a show, I think it was like back in the 70s, maybe like 72 or 74, on Abraham Hicks and who that is. But I love being able to share that. And I realized that, you know, sometimes we spend a lot of time with people that are just like us, right? They think like us and know the same stuff as us. And so I’m learning so many cool things from them that I didn’t know before. And hopefully they’re learning some cool things for me. But one of the things that I noticed was that I was using words, you know, like, channeling and the vortex and alignment? And I don’t I know, they didn’t know what channeling was, because I asked, but I don’t think that the other words either were clear, and it got me thinking, as I have been doing a lot of your over the last little bit just about alignment. And what does that even really mean? You know, what does alignment even really mean? And

I think that we use that word. And typically when we use it, it means like, things felt easy. I was happy. You know, I was at work. And it was an alignment, I felt really good about the project, I felt like doing whatever it was I had to work on. Or maybe it’s like, you know, I met somebody and we were totally in alignment, right? Like, we think the same, we talk the same, like we finished each other’s sentences, right? So alignment is like when I feel really good. When things are easy, right? When things are in the flow, that’s when I know that I’m an enlightenment. And I think that alignment feels like this magical thing that happens to us. And like, we’re like, oh, this, oh, I’m in alignment, like, thank goodness. But it’s like I stumbled into it. But really, what what is alignment? What does that actually mean? And really, there’s another reason why it feels really good, or why it happens. And if we know why it can happen, then we can create opportunities for it to happen more and more. And when to be nice to be able to be in alignment for more of the time than you are right now. I have a client that I worked with, and we did some work together. And she was like I was in alignment for like a week after that. And then you know, as life happens, life happened. And I thought it was so interesting, because as we start to move things in her mind, as we do this work together, this NLP, she’s going to start to notice she’s in alignment more and more, and she can hold that vibration for longer and longer. So what does that work? What is it? How to how do you what is alignment really? And how do we get there and stay there. So we’re going to talk about that. So first, if you’re new here, if you’re you’ve been here for a while, you’ve heard me talk about it. But this is always good to hear again. So when I think about my mind, I have a conscious mind. And this is the mind that’s like listening to me and making a judgement driving, you know, all of those things that the thing that when you’re talking yourself in your head, and then you also have an unconscious mind. Now your unconscious mind is it does all of your bodily organs stuff. But it also does like your facial expressions. It does. It is the thing that notices what’s important and brings it to your conscious mind. Right? It’s the part of you that just does stuff without thinking. So like you go to brush your teeth, you probably don’t have to like watch a YouTube video every night you just kind of know. Your unconscious mind also helps you to generalize. So like here I am in Iceland, and I see a car I’ve never seen this kind of car before. But I know it’s a car because my mind is really helpful and it likes to generalize. My unconscious mind also deletes and distort stuff for me. So it’s going to delete stuff. If I am overwhelmed, there’s so many new things. I’m here on this trip. I have to focus right I’m at the airport, I got to focus. There’s so many new things. It’s going to delete the sounds maybe on the intercom if I don’t need them. It’s going to delete all kinds of background noise that would overwhelm me. It’s only going to let in the things that are really important. And it’s going to distort things. It’s going to make things look certain way to make it easier for me, I have a really good video that I made about that. But but let’s stick with the alignment here today so so my unconscious mind is doing a lot of things. Now when people talk about their nervous system, and like your nervous system getting overloaded, have you ever heard that like my nervous system, your your nervous system is actually taking in all of the outside world. So it’s the mechanism like takes in what you see and what you hear and what you smell and what you feel, right. So in NLP, we call that a V cog, visual, auditory gustatory, right. So all of the ways that we take in vague cog. So if I’m taking in all this information, there is an endless amount of information. I mean, imagine standing in the middle of London’s Heathrow Airport, right, that’s a tremendous amount of sounds, sights, smells, right? Activity, feeling you feel stuff on your skin, people walking by movement, like there’s a lot going on. And so if you can imagine all of that stuff coming into my nervous system, my unconscious mind is going to process that. And it’s gonna push forward only the thing to my conscious mind that it thinks is important. Okay, so let me say that again. So I’m here I’m in the middle of the airport is busy, busy, busy, right. And there’s two doors, okay, one of the doors, all the information is coming in to the airport, right? The door out, only a few selected, people are leaving the airport. And those few selected people are only the people that my conscious mind wants my unconscious mind wants me to know about. It’s like, we’re going to weed out all of this plethora of these millions of people coming in. And we’re going to give you just two or three people, right, we’re going to give you just like a handful of people. And those are the only people because if you were trying to look and meet and talk to everybody, you’d never be able to. So that’s sort of what’s happening when your nervous system, it’s like all of this stuff is coming in and your nervous systems like I can’t do this, your unconscious mind is like, it’s fine. We’re only going to give her consciously what she can handle. So the bits they call it a bit is how they break this down. So there might be 2 million pieces of information coming in. There’s only 126 bits of information that will become conscious to you. Does that make sense? So all this informations coming in, but it’s all coming in? Just because you’re conscious of it doesn’t mean you don’t know it. That’s a really hard thing for people to understand. When I say people, I mean me when I first started learning that this was a really hard thing for me to understand. Because I was like, Well, how to like, I don’t know it. Like I don’t know, I go to a busy restaurant. And there’s 14 tables around and everybody’s talking. I don’t know everyone’s conversation. But you do. You actually do. They’ve done studies on it, and you could be hypnotized. And you could you could play back a conversation at another table that you were not even aware of that was there. So your unconscious mind is taking in all of this information. Okay, so now we’re good with that, right?

Have you been thinking about becoming a coach, but you’re not sure where to start? Are you already a coach or a therapist and you really want new ways to help your clients transform? I want to invite you into the alchemy Institute. It’s a place where we create world class, board certified coaches trained in nlp hypnosis, deep streaming EFT and time techniques. With this knowledge, you can upgrade your business and create your life. Go at your own pace with our on demand trainings, or attend one of our live events. You can get more information at Betsy pake.com or head straight to the academy at V. Alchemy institute.co. I’ll see you there. My unconscious mind is taking it all in. It’s only showing me the things that are important. How does it know what’s important? That knows what’s important because I give a lot of attention to it and a lot of energy emotion, right? So I hit my arm on an iron and it hurts. And I give them a lot of emotion. Right? I probably scream I grabbed my arm I run it. It’s like a whole lot of commotion. My unconscious mind is like that’s super important. If you ever see an iron, you probably need to steer clear make sure she’s aware. And now anytime You get near an iron, you’re gonna notice it. Right? It’s gonna come into your conscious awareness and you’re gonna be like, oh, there’s an iron. So

the other way is by repetition. So I brush my teeth every day, I do it the same. In the beginning, my mother had to show me how to do it. I think she had to yell at me a lot to do it remind me to do it, right. But after a while, I did it so much. I do it all the time. I was actually in an NLP training with a woman that’s now one of my good friends. But she was like, you brush your teeth all the time. Like I had to bring a toothbrush. Anytime I ate anything, go brush my teeth. Like, I don’t even have to think about it. I just know that if I’ve eaten something, I have to go brush my teeth. It’s like a compulsion. Now I suppose. So repetition. So one is emotion, right? Hit my arm on iron. Number two is repetition. And number three, is like mind hacking, like relaxing enough being hypnotized. Doing NLP doing any of the healing modalities like any of that stuff. Okay, so my unconscious mind will, I can hack it in order to say this is really important. Notice this thing. Okay. So now, I have all this unconscious stuff coming. I notice what is conscious what comes to me as conscious based on those things. Now, what is alignment, then? What is alignment mean? If you could imagine that when I set a goal, I do it consciously, right? I sit down, I write down my goals, I think about what I like I decide what I want, I see somebody else doing something and I go, Oh, that looks fun. I want to do that. That’s a goal I have. It’s conscious. But remember, we said conscious was only that 126 bits, that little teeny, teeny part. So consciously, I’m like, I want that thing. And then if you could imagine, your unconscious mind is actually the goal getter. It goes and gets the thing that you want. And it will do exactly what you tell it to do. It doesn’t. It doesn’t. Like, it doesn’t go like does Betsy really want it? It doesn’t like have a judgment. It doesn’t say like, well, she did that stupid thing. 10 years ago, she shouldn’t get this like, that’s not It’s not karmic thing. Like there’s nothing. It just wants to do what it thinks it’s supposed to do. And it knows what it’s supposed to do, based on values and beliefs and a whole bunch of stuff, right? That creates that. That whole pattern that tells you tells it if it should push it to your consciousness, right? So there’s this whole thing going on. So if you can imagine now that I have this goal that I’ve set, and I have two trains on a track next to each other, right, the train on the right, is my conscious train, that train knows exactly where it’s going. I mean, it is focused, it has the goal written down. It’s written it in the present tense, it’s done the SMART goal process, it is ready and it is heading north. It’s like I’m going north, I know exactly what I’m doing. And then on the other track, on the left hand side is your unconscious mind is a way bigger train. I mean, this train is on Monster train. And this is the goal getter. It’s the train that’s going to actually pick up and hold the goal. It’s so big, it can hold the goal. And it’s it’s happened south. Right? So it’s got this, it’s got the goal. It’s going to get it and it’s going in the wrong direction. Why? Why would that be? And do you think that you’re ever going to get as far north as you want to go? If you’ve got a giant train pulling yourself? No. And it doesn’t feel in alignment? Everything feels off. Everything’s wonky. Nothing works, right? Why doesn’t everything anything happen? Why is this taking so long? Why did I screw this up? What does it feel like I self sabotage. It’s not even your fault. It’s just because your unconscious mind is really good at going south. And so when you’re in alignment, it’s actually because you your trains are lined up, and they’re headed in the right direction. Now, let me tell you why this matters. If I set a goal, and that goal is very specific, and I’ve done it all correctly with the SMART goal process, or however you do your goals, you write them down, you put it in on a post it note, it’s on your bathroom mirror and you know exactly what you want. But if your unconscious mind doesn’t understand it.

If you haven’t spoken in the way that your unconscious mind understands, then it’s not going to notice the things it needs to notice and bring into your conscious awareness. It’s not going to recognize the people that can make the connections for you and bring that into your conscious awareness. It’s not going to notice, like, Oh, easy away, and bring that into your conscious awareness. It’s not going to make it simple. Because it’s going in the other direction. And so what you’ve got to do and what I was saying at the very beginning, with a woman that I’ve been working with, did I say this, maybe I said it in my head. I’m working with a woman right now. And she said, for about a week after we work together, everything was in alignment. It felt so good. And then life happens, right as it does, and like things got off, off course. And she was like, Oh, it was so great for a week. And I’m like, yeah, it’s perfect. Like, that’s how it goes, you get better and better at holding the vibration. You’re where you what you’re noticing is that we’re starting to move those trains in the same direction. And so we’ve got to get both trains moving in the same direction, so that you are noticing things that you’re having the alignment, you’re running into people, have you ever had things happen. That’s like so magical. You know, when I told the story about this trip, I watched that Tiktok that night, that was of the the Northern Lights, and it was so beautiful, I cried, emotion, right, I get super emotional. I watched it over and over and over. I watched like 20 times repetition, right? I mean, I was visual, because I was looking at it. It was speaking, I spoke directly to my unconscious mind. Now, the very next day, I saw somebody posts that they were going to see the northern lights, and they had a spot open. Why did I notice? Why did that come into my conscious awareness? Now you might be thinking, Well, you were scrolling on Facebook, I see a lot of stuff on Facebook, and I just scroll past. Or, like, if you want to dive even deeper. And we could get into like the superconscious and how it connects with the collective consciousness. And perhaps I knew call in the collective. How, when she was going to post, I mean, we could go down that path to write that I that I had connected with her somehow. And that knew she was going to post and then I could see it. So there really isn’t. It is magic. It feels magic, right? I guess magic is what you make it but there isn’t there is a mind technology to it. There’s a reason why some people always hit their goals so easily. Right? There’s a reason why. And when you’re in alignment, it’s because both your conscious mind and your unconscious mind are two trains going in the same direction. And when everything’s going in the same direction, life feels easy, and life feels like flow. So I wanted to explain that, because I wanted to release you a little bit maybe have like, some guilt of where you’re like this isn’t working, why isn’t this working? Or even like, Why do I not feel good all the time. Something isn’t in alignment. And like, if you’re like what I want to feel good, maybe it’s not even about a goal, maybe it’s like I want to feel really good? Well, there’s something. And when we talk about our unconscious minds, you know, it’s our beliefs, our values, our identity. And if there’s something that doesn’t match what you consciously want, then you have the opportunity to change it. You can shift that you can email us if I’ve got coaching spots available. Absolutely, I’ll share those with you. But I have I train coaches, I know so many amazing coaches. And I know they’re amazing, because I’ve trained them. So we’re going to create a space on the website where you can request a coach so that you can start to do this work. You know, some of my master practitioners will be graduating this year, and they’re going to know how to do like a breakthrough sessions like six to eight hours. It’s something that I do with clients, where we just work on one thing, and you get that train going so fast in one direction, your whole life will expand. It’ll be unbelievable. And so if you want to break through session, you know, just shoot me a message to shoot me a direct message or shoot us an email at support at Betsy pake.com. And we’ll connect you either to me or to somebody that I have trained. Because I think that when you can start to do this, I think this is when the whole world I think if everybody was moving towards the direction that they wanted, and they felt like they had some control over it and they were learning the skills and they were healing and they were moving forward. Like the whole world gets better, right? This is how we do the work and this is how we move the humanity forward. So and this is how you live a big life, right? So I hope that that was interesting to you. I hope that you are living In alignment, I hope you have an amazing week. If I can do anything for you at all, as always just shoot me a message or a direct message. And I will see you all next week. Bye bye.


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