294: It’s All About the Journey


Part three of Betsy’s trip to Iceland. Betsy finishes sharing where she went and what she did during her trip. She dives into her mindset on the trip and all the twists and turns that took place. 

The main question Betsy asked herself was:  “The highest version of me, what does she do?” 

What would you say? 

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Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake. I’m an author, a speaker, and a trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy. And I’m focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of the subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now,

let’s go live big. Hello, welcome to the show today. So if you’re here, this is the third, the third installment, what’s turned out to be like a really long saga about my trip to Iceland. So if you are still here, and you’ve listened to the other ones, thanks for hanging in there with me, I have a really funny story for today. And if you haven’t heard the other ones, and you’re just popping in welcome and join us. But it might make more sense if you’re into this might make more sense to go back to the Iceland episode number one. Also just a reminder, you can download the itinerary by going to the show notes from that very first episode. So you can get to the show notes by going to Betsy pake.com/a. LB stands for the Art of Living big. And then the very first episode number which is episode 293. So it would be Betsy pake.com/a lb 293. We, it’s episode 292 to 92 of the shownotes is where you will find the place to download my itinerary. All right on with the show. So where I left off last time was I was almost killed on the Black Beach in the little town of Vick that oddly was one of my favorite experiences. But there was so much more to come. And, you know, it has been a week now since I’ve been home a little over a week. And so I’ve had a little bit of time for things to like integrate, I think I have some other ideas of or some other ways of looking at some things that I experienced. And that happened. And all of it feels really good. I’m starting to notice how much I actually changed from that trip. How much in me and the way that I’m viewing things, definitely the way that I view myself, which has then trickled down to change some of my behavior. So I wanted to just start this episode by telling you a few of those things. You know, I think of myself as a pretty confident person. And I mentioned I think in the first episode, one of the reasons that I wanted to do this trip was to gain confidence. And the interesting side, part of that, is that when we’re really confident, I think we take different kinds of risks. And we also, I believe, do more things like not even I’m not I don’t even want to say dare to do more things. But I think we become more active, right? When we’re more confident because we don’t mind. Anything that could happen because we know we have the confidence to deal with it. I’m not sure if you experienced this, but I feel like with COVID Like when COVID first happened, and we had to stay in our house. I was not happy about COVID, obviously. But I was mildly excited about staying in the house. At that time, I wasn’t super excited about going out and about, you know, I was just coming off. Like it only been maybe a year or so since my daughter had been really sick. Like she had been better for about a year. And I think that there was a lot of like burnout that I was still struggling with from that situation. So I tell you all this, not because I think you care about the timeline of my life. But maybe you have those things to where maybe life was really hectic before COVID. And then when COVID started, there was a part of you that was happy to be home. And I think what happened for me was I was happy to be home and I was happy to not have to go anywhere or not have the pressure or like not even have the invitations. And so then staying home became more and more and more comfortable. And then when things began to open up again and people started doing things again, I then was in a habit of staying home. And you know, there was a part of that perhaps that served me but I feel like I was missing out on some things about life. Now, you know, I went to visit friends last last year I went and traveled a little bit around the US and did some things but I don’t know there was something always that felt a little off with everything with me. And so part of this was that I wanted to get that confidence and to be more apt Do you have so I have noticed and just this past week, way more likely to be doing things. I think all the physical activity from hiking and almost almost almost, you know, as struggling like struggling physically made me want to continue that, you know, sort of like, the idea of an object in motion likes to stay in motion. I feel like I was experiencing that.

I wanted to go out and do things in the evenings, I wanted to go like when I’m back at home, and when Craig would come home, my husband would come home, I would want to go out and do things where before, I would just want to, like, bottle up and stay home, you know, so there is a shift that I’m starting to see, like way more spontaneous. And that was something I really wanted to bring back into my life, also was some of this spontaneity. So having this experience where I had a lot of movement, and a lot of like new things, almost like an overload, really, of my senses, led me to continue to seek that when I got home, which I think is really interesting. And it also makes me think like, we get in our ruts, right? We get in our patterns. And I talk about this all the time with our unconscious mind that many times will have a conscious desire to do something. But if we’re in a rut, we have to, like get out of the rut first and then make the change. Right. So I had been gone almost two months, because I was gone for a month to the beach. So I came home for like, I don’t know, it was like 10 days or something. And then I turned around and went to Iceland, for all that time. So I left a couple days after Christmas. And really like this week is the first week that I’m like, Okay, I’m home for six weeks or so. So it’s the first time that I feel kind of settled. And so the interesting thing was that the patterns that I had before, have all been disrupted. Because I haven’t been here. I mean, it’s the middle of March. So anything that I wanted to implement in some of my life, on the plane ride home, I started making a list, the highest version of me. What does she do? Like? How does she start her day? What does she do? What does she think? How does she What does she read listened to like all of those things. Because if you think about it, I’m coming back into an environment that is going to have to be reestablished, those ruts aren’t really there anymore. Because ruts like that start to change really quickly. Right? They start to disintegrate when you don’t have the repetition of the habit. So I used to have a habit of getting up and then I’d get my coffee. And then I go back to bed to like journal, do my deep streaming, like all that stuff. But it always kind of bugged me, I did a lot of things to try. I was like, I gotta get out of this habit. But it felt good to get back in bed. So I decided when I got back, that’s not what I was going to do. And I didn’t want to do that. Because my habit, my rut had been changed. So I just created the new paths and patterns. Now, I was gone for a long time. So I think it was super easy. Like it was super easy to install the new patterns that I wanted. But we can do this, when we’re gone for a shorter time. In fact, we can do this without being gone, we can disrupt those patterns and change things. So I wanted to point that out that I really tried to use and to leverage the time that I wasn’t home to my benefit when I came back to establish new patterns. So the past week, I realized that well first of all, it was really simple to install the new patterns that I wanted. But also I realized that I had had so much

like external sensory information coming in all the time. You know, like, I’ve talked about it on the show and on Instagram like incessantly right for hours here. But it was so beautiful, that it was almost like an overload to your senses. Like everywhere you look Plus it was so bright, and really like in a lot of ways very stark. So way different than what I was used to like that I have been used to for 50 years. Right. And then with all different people, right, like eight different people there were nine of us that traveled so eight different people and their personalities and their experiences like there was a sensory overload different foods. Everything was new. And I think that’s why when I came back, I wanted to stay in motion why I was adapting to that after so much time, but I also realized that it really was wearing me out too. So this past week, I didn’t have issues with timezone as much as with like integrating Everything that I had been experiencing. So I wanted to point those things out. The other thing that we did really well, in Iceland and I went back before I filmed more before I’m recording this episode, because I wanted to go to my Instagram stories that I had saved from Iceland, because I wanted to like, notice things that I wanted to tell you and make a list. But like right off, like the very first day we were there, it was like cooking at home and slow. And because we didn’t know each other, there was a lot of conversation. And not a lot of like technology at first, right. But this idea of slowing down and eating together. And maybe that’s something that you do, when I was growing up, we always ate dinner together. But over the years, you know, with my daughter growing up and leaving, and sometimes my husband would come home at weird times, or whatever, I got really out of a habit of eating a proper meal. And one of the things that Islan gave me was this capacity to slow down. And to see the value in actually cooking. You know, I’ve talked before on the show about how my mom died when I was in high school. And I have used that as a reason as to why I can’t cook, because she never taught me. And I never really learned to cook. That’s the truth. Like I make like case ideas, you know, you know what I’m, you know, the kind of cook I am right.

But the people that were there, the other women that were there were really wonderful cooks. And it seemed as though that was something cooking for other people was a joy, it was something that they was a way for them to convey their love, or their gratitude or their appreciation for everyone. They were really creative with things. And I just learned so much by being in that environment. And, and getting to sort of witness what the end result would be if I had been, you know, had had an environment. In those like real formative years where I was being taught to cook or that that was a big deal, or everybody was cooking together. Like I very much got the idea that those people growing up in Europe, all grew up cooking, being in the kitchen with their moms and their grandmothers and all of that. And so that was like such a nice thing. It was such a nice thing for me to learn and to witness. And I do notice that I’m doing some things differently. Because of that. I’ve been thinking I want to take a cooking class, because now I’m really active, I do a lot of things, you know. So I’m like, I need to take a cooking class like I don’t, I just changed, it shifted something in me shifted in that. And I feel like that has a lot of value. The second thing was that I had forgotten how good cozy is cozy. And you know, we all have our things in our life. But I think I had moved a lot away from like cozy and homemaking. Because when my daughter was sick for many years, it was just about survival. And so there wasn’t that interaction. You know, there was it wasn’t, it wasn’t cozy. I wish I could have given her that based on where we were in our lives. At that point, I did the best I could. But I got the opportunity to learn it. And so now I can bring it back and I can show it to her now. And I feel like that has a lot of value. And like when I think about that, I’m like super appreciative. And maybe you have that I think that in some ways that exists more in a colder climate. And by cozy I mean, like

blankets on the couch and candles and like things cooking and the smells and like a feeling of being like safe and warm. Even though the wind is whipping. If you watch my Instagram stories that first few days the wind was whipping so crazy. It was so loud, you know, but you felt safe. And inside, you know, I remember being a little kid and wearing a snow suit. So I was really warm, but laying in the snow, like was really quiet and it kind of made you feel safe. It was that same kind of feeling. So anyway, this week, as I’ve processed and sort of let things integrate. Those are the things that have been coming up. I want to talk about I have three things to talk about. I want to talk about and I’ll do this quickly. But I want to talk about being an introvert and traveling, I want to talk about a few other places I went that were really cool. And I have a crazy story. Okay, so first of all, I’m an introvert. I’m not shy, if you met me, you’d be like, she’s not an introvert. Like, I’m not shy, I’m not hiding in the corner. But I get my energy by being alone. So like, in the evenings, I like to retire by myself to like journal, or read or whatever it is, like, I like to be alone. And one of the concerns I had going on this trip, I mean, you’re with eight other people in a really small space. Even when you’re traveling throughout the day, we were in a van that wasn’t like a, like, there wasn’t a lot of extra space, right? We all were very cozy and comfy with each other. And I was concerned that it was such a long time. Like, would I be okay, like I actually was cute. I was wondering about it. And so I asked, when I met with one of the there’s two people that kind of pulled it all together and ran it. And one of them I met with her on Zoom. And I talked to her and I asked her about it. And she was like, It’s fine. It’s a long time to be together, there will be other people that feel that way too. And everyone feels that way, to some extent. So I wanted to share a couple of the things that I did while I was on the trip. Because I think it’s important as you think about doings, I don’t know whether it’s something like this or something with a group or whatever it is where you have concerns. Actually, anything that it is where you have concerns, there’s ways to manage just about everything, right? So I talked to Julia, so she already knew that about me. And then when we got there, I made sure that I was really listening into what I needed, because it was a long time to be there. And I knew if I get super depleted, it would make it a lot harder for me. So for example, in the evenings, I mentioned, most of the people there were quite a bit younger than me, they would stay up really late. No, I’m not a super late person. I did stay up till like 11 or so most nights when I was there, but they would stay up much later and and watch a movie or talk or play games or whatever. And I really needed to get away. Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? Are you part of an organization or a company that holds annual sales conferences or leadership events, I’d love to talk about the path to possibility and how to use your pain as fuel for your breakthrough. I leave guests feeling expanded, inspired and ready to break through personal barriers so that they can live big reach out to my team at support at Betsy pake.com. or head to my website, Betsy pake.com for all the details.

I had been with them most of the time all day long, in a van together all day dinner together every meal together, like I needed to get away. And so I just let them know that this is what this is what I need. And putting it in a way that’s not like I don’t want to hang out with you guys tonight or I’m tired. I just said I need some alone time. So what we came up with was this word, Bora Bora. I’m going to Bora Bora, which was an easy way to say like I need a break without saying like I’m overwhelmed, like so. It’s just easy. I’m going to Bora Bora. And who doesn’t want to go to Bora Bora. So soon everybody was saying that like I’m going to Bora Bora. I need some Bora Bora time. And it was really something everyone needed. So I wanted to share that. Because sometimes we think the thing about us that would make it hard or the thing about it that us that makes us so different, really might not be that different. And you speaking out and saying what you need might actually help somebody else get what they need to. So I wanted to point that out. Bora Bora was our word. We had words for a lot of things. It was interesting to me that we kind of started creating our own language together, you know, snow pants, where we keep wiki pants, like we just had words for things. And I think that sort of is like an indication of how we were forming together. We were coming together and making something totally new. And I guess, since every one spoke a different language as their native language it I don’t know, felt natural to come up with different words for things. I don’t know. It was kind of one of the cool things that I saw start to happen in the group. Okay, so let’s get back to the trip. So I’m in Vic, it was one of my favorite places, and then we moved on. There were some really awesome waterfalls, some really beautiful waterfalls and if you get and you download the itinerary you’ll see we stayed at this really cool Lodge. It was awesome. It was out in the middle of nowhere. And the cool thing if you know me and you’ve been here for any amount of time, is that that road that we followed was really like along the coastline for the most part. So there was always ocean, which was crazy ocean. I mentioned that before, but it was crazy ocean because it was not like Florida Gulf Shores, right. Like it was so amazing and huge waves and just seemed like a different like an ocean I had never met before, which always seemed really cool. One of the cool places that we went was a national park, which is where the two tectonic plates come together. So the the cont intercontinental plates. So the the continent of Europe and the continent of North America come together. And there’s a park there and you can actually it’s above ground, you can actually see the rock and you can walk through it, there’s a bridge you can take to cross the plates. I thought that was super cool. And just like kind of a cool thing, you know, just like a cool.

Yeah, just like a cool thing. We went to a place called Diamond beach and diamond Beach, had glaciers all over it, there were some seals out there in the water, which was cool and huge glaciers. You know, when you think of like a glacier, it’s almost like, I don’t know, if you’ve seen pictures that it almost looks like blue inside, like the water is blue. Like it’s so fresh and clean and never touched by anything that it’s like, got a tint of like, pretty blue in it. Anyway, it did, the glaciers did and there was a lot of glaciers floating and a lot of glaciers melting. And there was one particular beach called Diamond beach, and the glacier bits wash up on the shore, and look like giant chunks of ice giant diamonds all over the beach. And I had a really cool picture, if you go to my Instagram, of me actually holding a piece of this crystal clear water. The water in Iceland is amazing. I keep saying that’s the one thing I miss is like opening up the tap what the tap, like in the kitchen and getting, like this incredible, incredible water. There was also a lot of there was a place called the vessel horn. And you’ll see that on the itinerary. But really, really cool. And a lot of places where Game of Thrones was, was filmed I don’t know I can’t speak where Game of Thrones was filmed. I’m not sure if I mentioned that before. But as we went around, a lot of places were like marked that that’s where something was filmed. And you could go and anyway, the restaurant horn was a place that was like that. Now when we were out here out in the middle of like where there wasn’t the light pollution from Reykjavik, this is when we started to see the northern lights. Now that tick tock where I said I saw the Northern Lights and then on the tick tock and wanted to go, it was exactly a month in a day that I actually saw those lights over my head. And we saw them mildly that first time and then much more as we got out here into this area that was like just crystal clear. The sky was beautiful. By the time we got to big tray villa, which is one of the places that we stayed, you’ll see it on the itinerary. I say it that way because that’s an English and I can say it, but it’s near a place called Egil Egil that is where we saw the most crazy amazing lights ever overhead. And they just lasted so long. If you see the photos that I’ve posted, where I’m standing there with my arms up and the lights are behind me, that’s where that was. It was just it was a moment of completion to you know, of like, getting to this point where I saw that I saw that video. I think I may have mentioned this in one of the other episodes but saw the video and then it came true. And I think that you know, there is a component where we think things have to take a lot of time and I’m just I’m really I’m really not second guessing that but diving into that more and that belief do things have to take a lot of time. Like what could be a better belief you know what could feel better? There was a really cool little town that we went to that there’s there was like a little cool little church and all of these like artists houses and the road was a rainbow road it was all the houses were painted, like drawn they look like drawings is really, really cool. Anyway, you’ll see that just above big tray on the itinerary. So anyway, those were the things that were so cool. Now, by the time we got to one of our last locations, I was starting to get tired. And I think I was starting to think about how it was getting to be time to go home to, you know, it was like that weekend, and I knew we would be done on Wednesday. And I was like, you know, this is it like this is the final part. And I think we all felt that when the trip was ending, we all started to feel kind of sad. And I know for several days after we departed, and we left each other, we were all messaging a lot, and we missed each other. So the group had formed into such a tight, cohesive group. But those last few days, I just could tell I was getting kind of worn out. Now we were in this one area, getting closer to Reykjavik, because we were finishing up our trip, but we were still quite far out. And when I say far out, I mean, like little tiny fishing villages that we were staying in like little tiny towns, and

so not like, like they’d have like one restaurant, do you know what I mean? So like not a lot of stuff. And one morning I woke up, and I my back by like 830 in the morning, I was like, Oh my God, my back is starting to hurt. And it was just on one side. And I was starting to have what now I believe is was a spasm on my left side. And so I was like, so I was like what is happening? I was I tried to stretch. I tried to do a million things. Anyway, it got worse and worse and worse. And as the day went on, I mean, it was hard to concentrate. And it was spasming. So it would like get really tight, and then release, get really tight and then release. So it was like when I knew it was coming, I’d be anxious. And then when it was there, it was awful. And then when it released it stung. And so there wasn’t, there got to be a point where there wasn’t a lot of space to be okay in between. I couldn’t lay down. I couldn’t sit. All I could do was walk and just stand. And so I was just pacing around the around the house. I tried a bunch of things I tried to take Tylenol, nothing was working. So by about like eight o’clock at night. I mean, I did not feel good at all. I had tried to do all of the tools that I have, like tapping I was trying to do EFT Emotional Freedom Technique thinking, I was holding on to some emotions, or some things that I was processing, you know, were like getting stuck in my body basically. And I still believe that’s probably the case, but I was trying to relieve it. By doing EFT I did meditation. I tried to stay with the pain I tried to breathe. I did a bunch of breathing stuff with, with all the breathing that I’ve that I’ve learned and taking classes on. I mean, I was trying everything. And finally in the evening I was like I said to one of the girls, Julia I said, I think I have to go to the doctor like I can’t. I was drugged up at this point. I’ve taken so much Tylenol, I was afraid it was going to injure my liver. And I just was like, I think I gotta go to the doctor. So they were awesome. They called found a place I could go. And they said there’s a hospital not far from here. So we got in the van and drove and it really wasn’t far. But it wasn’t a hospital. It was a doctor’s office. We’re out in the middle of nowhere, and we’re in this little place. So I was like, this is the hospital. We got there and the doctor.

I will tell you that I was I had I was so relaxed at this point because I had taken some medicine to help me relax, that I was kind of out of it. Like my friends brought me and they told I told him my back was spasming. And he gave me a shot. And he said write your name on a post it note and if you come back tomorrow, I’ll give you some pills. If it’s still bothering you. I should have said give me the pills now. Or what shot did you give me like I didn’t even know. I was I was in so much pain. It had been like, you know, 12 hours at this point. Like I was really frazzled. And so I just went home and I thought I’m just gonna go to bed. And I could not sleep. I mean, I couldn’t lay down. It hurts so bad. I was. I mean I was crying. I mean, I called my husband I was like, I think I’m losing my mind. Like I can’t breathe. I can’t sit. I can’t. I was so agitated. All I did all night was paced up and down the hallway. Everybody went to bed and I just paste and paste and paste and paste and took medicine and tried to breathe and all the things. There was one point where I finally sat in like a chair in the living room. I think I slept for like 20 minutes. But then it started up again, at a realm where midnight, I said, everybody was getting ready to go to bed and I said, I got I can’t, I’m not gonna make it like I’m in so much like real truly excruciating pain. I know I’ve said it, now you get it like, dying. I really think I have to go back. So she called Julia called the number and they said, call that same doctor. He’s the one on call. And so we called, they said that there’s that same doctor that you talk to is the one that’s on call. So we called the doctor. And he yelled at us in Icelandic, and slam the phone down. And so we all kind of looked at each other. And we were like, what, what, what just happened? Like, did we call the wrong number? So we called the hospital, the hospital, I’m using air quotes back. And I My question was, like, if I was having a heart attack, what would I do? Right? Because like, we called the doctor, and he hung up on us. And the person said, and most people spoke English there. But I could tell it was a little bit of a struggle, right? Which I’m in their country, like, I’m grateful they knew any English. And the, the guy on the phone said, No, you it’s that doctor, he’s the one on call. He’s the only one. And so call him back. So we called him back and he screamed in Icelandic. And then he said, Fuck, you hung up the phone. And so we looked at each other. And we were like that last part we totally understood. And so, yeah, that’s not going to happen tonight. So I was like, I guess if you have a heart attack you nothing happened. Like you. You just do you. You just have the heart attack. So I was like, okay, so I just paced all night long. All night long. I did catch a couple minutes asleep in that chair. And then so we called the doctor in the morning. And he said, Come on in, I’m in a better mood today. So we were like, Okay, great. So we get outside to get in the van. And so much snow had fallen, that we couldn’t get the van out the street in front of the house was non existent. You didn’t even know there was a road there. And so I had to walk to the hospital, so that I could see the doctor that hated my guts. I got there. And he said, I think you’ve got a kidney stone, you’re gonna have to go to the other hospital and get a scan. And honestly, I was like, it’s not a kidney stone. Like at this point, I’m so clear that it is a muscle spasm. And so I’m like it. I think it’s a muscle spasm.

Nope, nope, it’s kidney stone. We’ve got to get it checked. If you’re in this much pain. I’m like, oh, like I can’t drive an hour and a half to the hospital to get a scan. Because I can’t even drive here. I just was like, what do people do? And I’m not in the United States. Like, let me get me home. So finally, I was like, Can you give me enough like painkiller to get me home? And so he was like, yeah, absolutely. I’ll do that. When you get home, just get a scan, and then you’ll see that you have a kidney stone, which, spoiler alert, I don’t have a kidney stone. It was a muscle. So he writes me this prescription for painkiller for prescription painkiller he gave me tamaroff, which isn’t like the strongest thing in the planet, but it’s pretty strong. He writes me the prescription to Betsy. So I’m like, do you need to put my last name on it? He’s like, No, it’s fine. So I was like, okay, all right. Like, I’m just gonna go with this, right? Because here I am. I’ve walked there. I’m completely bundled up, because it’s a crazy snowstorm. And so I’m like, where do I bring this? And he’s like, if you, you could walk downtown. He was like, if you walk there. Do you know where the restaurant is? Because it’s the pharmacy is right across the street from the restaurant. Because there’s one restaurant and one pharmacy. So I’m like, all find it. Do you know what I mean? So I just walked down the hill. I found it by this point. It’s pouring rain. The snow had turned to rain. So I was completely drenched. I got my medicine brought it in, for sure. I’m like, they’re gonna tell me I have to have my last name on this. But I handed it to them. And I said, Do you need my ID or anything? And they were like, No, this is good. filled the prescription and I went home and really somebody that was there. One of the people we were traveling with, put their like, like took their thumbs and just dug their thumbs into where it was hurting. And I think they stopped the spasm that along with the pain medication and just like so I was getting so nervous because I was gonna have to fly home. I thought if I have to fly home to like, all the way home like it’s going to be an awful trip. And so I was so grateful because I was totally fine. I was totally fine. We made our way back the next day to Reykjavik. I stayed overnight in Reykjavik and explored the city a little bit. And in the morning, I headed back to London where I was spending a day. So I was spending the night in London and I was so excited to get to London, the beginning of the trip, because I was like, I’m gonna go do some things, I’m gonna take the tube right from the airport and go do stuff. And I’m telling you, I was so tired, I just was like, Yeah, I’m gonna go to the Hill. And that’s like in the terminal. So not even leaving the airport. It’s like in the parking lot to the hill in and I just like, slept for ever. And then came home the next day and was such an excellent trip. So if you are thinking about ever going to Iceland, go, go go, if you’ve never thought about going to Iceland, add it to the very top of your list, make it a list, don’t make it a bucket list, it’s going to be things that you actually do. It’s so incredible. Download the itinerary. I am actually thinking of going in the summer, maybe not this summer, but in a summer, and bringing a group with me like that’s how cool it was. And so if that’s something that you would be interested in, and you download the itinerary, we’ll have your email address, and we’ll let you know when and if that happens. So I hope that you found this fun and interesting, I hope that maybe you got some lessons from the lessons that I got, I know that there’s going to be more integration as I am home more and as I experience more things. And as I get to where this is all really like part of who I am. But I’m so so grateful to this experience. I’m grateful that I had that moment and that I just took it that I had the intention to do this thing and that I felt it and I listened to the thing that told me to go, instead of listening to my brain, that would have told me a whole bunch of other things. It was the perfect group for what I needed. I’m so grateful to those people. I’m grateful that I was able to expand and learn and change so much so that I can come back here and be better, that I can be better at my work, I can be better at being me, I can be better at listening in to what it is that I need, because I trusted even more because I saw what it gave me when I did it. So I hope that you find that too, if you haven’t already. And I hope that you enjoyed my journey and my adventures. Thanks so much for being here with me. I love you so much. I will see you all next week.

Hey, thanks so much for listening to today’s show. And thank you for sharing the show with your friends. I love when you guys do that. I appreciate it so much. And thank you for leaving me a review on iTunes. I know that it matters because when I go to find a podcast, I always look to see what the reviews are. So it really means a lot to me that you take a minute to like figure out how to even make that happen. Now, if you want to find me find me on social media, I’m usually on Instagram, starting out on Tik Tok. It’s just my name. Betsy pake, and that’s my website to Betsy pake.com. And you can find out all about the work that I do having me speak for an event that you might be helping to plan or getting trained inside my alchemy Institute. But to make it really easy, if you want me just shoot me a DM shoot me a direct message on Instagram and I will be at your service. Thanks again for listening. And I will see you all next week.


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