313: Interacting with Spirit Guides: Conversation with Trish E


Trish from episode 208 is back! If you don’t know Trish, you may want to go back and listen to episode 208 (betsypake.com/alb208/) to get to know her.

Trish is a born energy reader (Spiritual Mentor/Advisor) and a fourth generation Clairvoyant. As a light worker, she receives guidance from your Angelic connections as well as your individual Spirit Guides to provide clarity and spiritual advice on all life matters. Even as a child, Trish recounts having the ability to see beyond, “All my life, I have translated emotions, motives, and feelings of those you love and care about to help you better understand their journey. I have sensed the unseen, receive loving guidance, and connect with spirit from all that surround us daily.” She works with hundreds of clients all over the world and has done countless individual and group readings. She has helped others put tools and techniques into practice to make their lives better. Connecting with your loved ones and your guides is Trish’s greatest honor and pleasure.

In this episode, Trish shares what she has learned from talking to Betsy’s audience since she was last on the show, and Betsy asks all about how Trish experiences and interacts with the other side.

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Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake. I’m an author, a speaker, and a trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy. And I’m focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of the subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello, hi everyone. Welcome. Welcome fellow adventurers, welcome to The Art of Living big, I have a guest on today that you’re going to be very excited. If you haven’t. If you’re new here, then you’re not excited yet. But if you’ve been here for a while, and you’ve listened to a lot of episodes, then you know, then you will know what I’m about to say. But I’m, I’m not saying it yet. Hang on, who’s Somebody’s here with me. So, a couple of years ago, I had this guest on a good good friend of mine been friend of mine for a long, long, long, long, long time. And a couple years I had her on and then after I had her on, her name changed. So I’m going to say her name in the way that I say it now to all who listen to The Art of Living big. And if you’re new here, you can just know her by this by this old this new old name. Okay, so today I have my friend with me Trish from Episode 208. Which that’s your full name now. Trish from Episode 208. Her name used to be Trish and now every time I talked to her her last name has turned into from Episode 208. So if you want to, it’s funny, I was talking to somebody I know I need to let you come on. But I was talking to somebody this morning and I said I’m interviewing my friend Trish and they were like oh from 206 and I was like no from 208.

Like it’s not. It’s not

pack a it’s pake Yeah. So anyway, we’re very excited. Welcome. Welcome Trish

from Episode Two so much. Thanks, Betsy. I’m so excited to be here. Hello to everyone out there in your little podcast world. This is so fun. It’s so happy to be I’m happy to be Trish from Episode 208.

It hasn’t been to it. It does have a good ring to it. But you know what’s so funny is I’m not sure I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Because actually, you will be Trish from Episode 313. Oh, it’s been almost 200 episodes.

The suspense is building. I love it. That’s it.

So why don’t we start in case somebody hasn’t listened to 208? Or they’re new here. Can you tell everybody a little bit about you and what you do?

Sure. Well, hi, everyone. My name is Trish. I am as Betsy said, We’ve been friends for how many years? Gosh, probably since 2012.

No, it’s gonna be before that because I knew you before craggy, I think. I think you’re right. When I got married, or whatever. All at the same time. I got married in 2012.

Oh, you did? Okay. So we had to have been before that.

Yeah. Like 2010 or so who knows how long.

We’ve known each other a long, long time. And Betsy and I had been friends. We met at a corporate job. And I think we just commiserated with each other and just literally, that was it and how we solidified our relationship and it’s been going strong. So quick, funny country.

We hit like in a in a back room or something at the sales conference. And I recorded like what I would say to people, do you remember that? I mean, lifelong teacher, right? Like you were probably asked me one question and I was like, turn on your recorder. And I started when I was like, This is amazing. Yes. This was amazing. I do remember that. I have to see if I can find that recording. Hilarious. Oh my god. Yeah. To be recorded, I just wasn’t putting it out on the

you know, your platform. That’s why things Yeah, easy. Yeah. Right. Right on it. Um, so I have the ability to connect with spirit. On the other side. This has been something I’ve had my entire life. And I feel like I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to figure out how to turn it off when the people that I meet with are trying to figure out how to turn this on. And so it’s literally been, for me a life of managing what that is all the information that’s coming in from people that have passed people pertaining to people that I’m speaking to, and just connecting with my guides, connecting with everyone else’s guides and how thing them to understand that, you know, helping people to see that there is a plan, you can always make a right turn out of a bad situation. And I think what’s been really interesting, Betsy is over the last couple of years, what I’ve really learned is that we are really good at limiting ourselves based on what our beliefs are. And if we can just open up our mind to being able to flow with the energy and not control things, things get so much better. And I think that’s really, like, it sounds so

silly. It sounds exactly like what I do, but in a totally different way.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah. Maybe that’s why we’ve been long friends forever.

I feel like I’m like, Oh, I get it now. Yeah. So over the last couple of years, a lot of people that listen to the show have reached out to you to have a personal reading done. And there’s a link in the show notes. If anybody wants to do that. Right. You’re still taking people still taking? Yeah, they can use that link. So um, what have you learned over the last couple years from like, talking to so many people like in my audience, you know?

Yeah. Well, what I love about your audience is that the people are so willing and motivated to step out of their comfort zone, everybody is open to receiving guidance, and just trying to stretch. And I think that’s what’s so encouraging, and doing what I do. And then, you know, the beauty is, is that our guides are really just asking for us to start somewhere. I feel like the majority of the time people come to me with a scenario, and then they’re almost paralyzed by making the wrong decision. And it was really interesting. A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking with someone, and we were talking about this concept of how they didn’t know if they should basically take a left or they should go right. And both decisions had great outcomes. And the whole message really, for them was twofold. It was just start taking a step, start moving because the universe has a harder time moving you when you’re stuck, and you’re not making a decision. But if you’re able to step forward and make a decision, then they can at least guide you and get you back onto that path. And they were trying to say

like, just do anything, just do anything? Because some contrast you’ll go that feels Yeah, that doesn’t feel good. Yeah.

Yeah, exactly. And then what you know, you’ll get some like static energy moving around you. And so that’s going to help kind of propel this decision. And what I also think so interesting is sometimes we’re debilitated by, well, if I do this, these are the consequences. And if I do that, here are the other consequences. But it’s not a linear path, right? It’s just making a decision and going forward. So that’s one of the things I think super interesting. So I love that the people that I’ve met, they’ve all been so fun and so encouraging. It’s just really exciting. I know, there’s so many that

because the people that listen to my show are that they’re real. Like, there is something about it. I don’t know what it is, but they are all like, super open. Like very cool. Kind. Yeah.

Authentic. Right. Yeah. And I think that’s, that’s it. It’s like, how do you get out of your ego, and start living more authentically, and talk to me? Oh, goodness, girl. Where do we begin with ego? How

would How would you describe that? Like, how would you describe ego? I think sometimes we think of like ego as like this

bad thing. Oh, yeah. I don’t think ego is a bad thing. I actually think it’s important for survival. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think everybody needs to have some bit of ego in order to propel and motivate them to get out of bed. So I think it can be a good thing, I think when it’s bad is when you put all of your importance of your achievements and your aspirations and your success. And that’s how you’re leading or introducing yourself by all of your potential accomplishments, so to speak, as opposed to leading with your heart and leading with love and compassion. And just understanding. Well, ego is beneficial. It’s all it’s more beneficial to be, you know, leading with

love. Yeah, yeah. I like that. I think a lot of times ego presents itself as a trauma response, like,

Oh, that’s interesting.

Like you’ve got to achieve because you’re trying to get your worth, right or by that. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, he’s seen. I have a lot of ego. Oh, Well, I like to think about stuff. Yeah. Like sometimes I know. I know, like, it can be a problem. But I like to think like, what do I really think about that? Because so many times I think we get what we think about that from other people in our lives. Do you know what I mean?

Yeah. I love that, Betsy. Yeah, I think there’s a lot of truth to that. And, you know, I also find it interesting, because I think a lot of times, you know, everybody’s trying to meditate, right? Trying to be one with yourself. And the thing is, is that you don’t always have to meditate. You just have to be comfortable with the silence. And being in the silence a lot of times, that’s when you get your answers. Yeah, and unfortunately, if you reside heavily on your ego, it’s hard to be in silence to find out where it is that your soul wants to go. So how,

okay, this is good, okay. I know are like, Oh my god. Okay. So, all right, so let’s, um, I have a million questions. And you guys say as especially like this, because lots of times I have a million questions for Trish. But then, you know, if you’re talking to a friend, you don’t want to be like, so what does Spirit say about like, so but now I get to ask because we’re here. So when you say like, you connect to spirit, tell me, tell me what that is for you. Like, is it one thing? Is it different for everybody? Is it

like, what is that? That’s a great question. A lot of times, it’s so like I said, it’s something that I’ve had my entire life. And it took me until I was probably in middle school to recognize that not everybody has this capability. And that maybe I shouldn’t talk about it, you know, because what? I, yeah,

I’m so I interrupt all the time. But I know you for years before you told me? Oh, yeah,

totally. Right. 100%. And I think it’s one of those things where, you know, you just have to gauge people’s awareness and openness to it. And so for me, it’s about I’ve always had this, it’s kind of like a constant conversation happening in the around me from spirits that are on the other side, or people that I’m speaking to, or what have you. And a lot of times, it’s helpful when I’m having our individual readings, or group reads to ask for that person to have permission to access their energy. And then the vibration of their voice really helps their guides connect with my guides, and then they’re able to kind of give me you know, specific messages to them pertaining on like how the vibration of their voices, it’s so helpful and so important. So even if it’s just asking a simple question, right, yeah, the vibration of the voice helps me connect with their guides, are their spirit guides or their Ascended Masters? Are people on the other side that love them? And are helping them every day?

So it can be it’s Yeah, so Yeah, kinda Enmore. Okay, so there could be there could there’s different there. So when you connect with people, it’s different for every single person who you’re connecting with. It’s not like there’s like, like oz behind the curtain, and then you pull back the curtain, and it’s the same. No, it’s somebody different every single time. Yeah. Okay. So here’s my second question about that, when you hear somebody’s voice and you get the vibration, Are you sensing where things are in their life, not based on like, five years in the future, but right now, based on their current vibration, this is what the trajectory based on your current vibration,

I would say both. So I can tell a lot more from people’s vibrations and the tone of their voice and how they’re their inflection of their words. And keep in mind, I can also hear what my guides are telling me in terms of the underlying layers of what is really happening. And so it’s almost kind of like taking all of these pieces and putting them together. But what is so amazing, and I’m so grateful for is a lot of times my guides will give me specific examples of whatever that person was speaking to that day, or had just happened, or they were saying out loud to themselves, they will tell me and then I’m able to relay that to that person. And it’s almost kind of like credibility, right? Of oh my gosh, I was just talking about that. And this is an answer to my prayers so much, you know, right. So I think it’s, it’s, it’s almost like taking all of these messages and taking all of these cues from the other side and putting it together and translating it to to relay the information that you’re asking for, but also not asking for to make the most of what they’re where they’re trying to get. And a lot of times, you know, free will comes into play of, you know, what are you doing now, but this is where you want to go. So how are you going to make those adjustments to essentially get there? So like,

we’re on a path, we’re on the path, we’re on this like trajectory, but because we have free will, that path could go left or right or sideways or whatever.

100%? Yep. And that’s why a lot of times, this information of being able to connect to the other side is hard. Because your spirit guides are kind of like, No, you really should just dip into your gut. And trust your intuition that you’re being guided? Well, because they want you to have the faith and the intuition that you’re, you’re doing it right, you don’t need a manual to do this.

Why are they helping us? Like if I wanted to come down here and have this experience? Then why not be like, well, good luck. You’re on your own? Do you know what I mean? Like, why helped me? Because if you’re gonna help me, like, like, if you’re gonna help me, then Then help me like, then like, show up? Let’s have a weekly meeting. I don’t understand why I can’t get, like full on access all the time? Or can I get full on access all the time, I just have to, like be living in that.

I think we have to be present, right? As opposed to always living in the past, that’s creating the anxiety. And I think then we kind of feed off of that anxiety and that anxiousness of oh, gosh, what should I be doing. But if you’re able to really ground yourself and be centered, and think about the situation, your intuition is always guiding you. Your guides are always with you and protecting you. And I think they want us they want us to have the best possible life. What brings us so much joy is bringing them the I mean, I talk about this all the time, they want us to laugh, they want us to have fun, like when we’re upset and distraught. That, that doesn’t bring them joy, right? And so it’s this whole universal idea of leading with love and leading with joy, because then we’re vibrating and having a higher frequency at those elevated feelings that bring in more abundance into our life.

Right? I know what you’re saying, okay. Okay. So then if I feel bad, because there are times in life where things are bad, and things are sad, and things are overwhelming, or whatever they are, and like, say take grief for an example, just because that’s one that everyone can relate to. Last year, Miley died, right, my dog, have you guys been here in a long time? I don’t cried about it this week, like multiple times, I still am like, now like, when I cry about it. Now. It’s only like, a minute or so. And then it’s, I’m okay. Whereas in the beginning, it was ours and overwhelming. Right? Overwhelming. But I have always felt like that’s part of my living. That’s just as important as the joy.

But I would agree because it shapes you. Right? Yeah, it gives you the motivation to kind of keep moving forward, right, and just not getting stuck. And I think that’s the whole purpose of this journey. It’s not necessarily what is my purpose, specifically, your purpose is really to lead with kindness. Your purpose is really to have love and have compassion. And that’s aligning you to being that good person. That’s what the other side is really paying more attention to, as opposed to what have I accomplished, right? So yeah, it’s about an I like to say kind of ebbing and flowing, and letting things happen organically, as opposed to figuring out how you’re going to force that thing to happen. Because once you make that connection, I think people start to live more freely, and more abundant, because you’re not spending so much time focusing on how to manipulate the outcome. And I think there’s ways that

when you say manipulate the outcome, I can’t I just felt that. Does that make your stomach drop? Gosh, I never meant to attack. Yeah. Well, yeah, but we do that, right. Like, how can I make this work out? One of the things I’ve really been working on and I talked about it in an earlier episode, was that over the last couple months, really the only thing I’m focused on is being in a good mood, which sounds ridiculous, but that’s it and all these things started happening to me and you and I talked and you were like, Whoa, like you’re on kinked the hose. Right? Right, which doesn’t remember saying that to me, because you don’t remember when you say, it’s so funny. A lot of times, I’ll be like you said that was going to happen. And you’re like, Oh, I did. Oh,

I don’t remember. I remember some things. But the majority of it, I don’t remember, which is kind of perfect for in my opinion. Well, because I don’t want to keep track of all that crap would just, it would be, it would be too much. I do remember.

My life alone would be. Oh, my gosh. Okay. I know, I love you. Okay, so All right. So. All right, so I have more questions. So I think that that makes sense. So we all have like a different kind of a different group of guides that are with us to help us along and you connect to those guides, and they want us to be happy. They want us to feel joy, they want us to just let go of the struggle, which sounds like what you’re saying is like, that’s something we’re choosing to do is to hang on to the struggle when we let it go.

Right? The Art of Letting Go. I think the more that we can embrace the uncertainty and be calm during the eye of the storm, and not overreact. Right. It’s more of a management of your relationship with yourself and how you’re responding to things. And I think it starts with letting go. Stop trying to control the narrative of how you think your life should be perceived. Because it’s just so much energy, right? Yeah. And so I think there’s so much beauty and the like, going down the bowling alley and going into the bumpers on the sides and saying, oh, yeah, that didn’t work. So well. So let me try again. And yeah, again, it feedback, right, getting the feedback and, and just trusting the process, which I know we all love to hear, right? Yeah, being patient. But I do think there’s so much beauty in that. Because you do learn so much, not only about what’s happening, but you learn so much more about yourself, you become more confident in yourself, and in your abilities to tackle anything that’s coming at you whether it’s work related, personal, you know, or combined. I mean, yeah, we have to learn to be our own best advocate.

And I did notice there’s a theme.

Oh, sorry. No, that’s okay. I think we have,

I will cut you off. If you are so excited. I’m so much to ask. And I will say there’s so many things that I want to ask that I’ve already asked in Episode 208. So people can go back if they want like basics, like start there, right? Because I don’t want to go to stuff we’ve already asked. Okay, so now I’ve totally cut you off, you probably don’t even remember your training. I don’t remember

what I was saying. But I think it’s just try not to control all of your life’s outcomes. Right? Yeah, even when you don’t know which decision or which direction you should be making, you just need to kind of give up that control. You need to make a decision whether it’s going left or right because it’s not a linear path. And be very conscious about where you’re putting your what thoughts you’re telling yourself, because that is really going to dictate the energy of where you’re going. And so it’s really

what’s the story, right? What’s the story about this?

What What’s the story and so I think it’s so helpful when you’re able to stop manipulating the situation let the energy flow you’re going to find that you’re having a better experience all over one because you’re not exhausted to it gives your guides the avenue to really over deliver as opposed to you saying this is what you want. A lot of times they can give you something that’s so much better and so much more grander than we even have the capabilities of thinking of and I think if people could understand that more as a concept of I think this is the best way for it to turn out you would actually be surprised how it could turn out even better if you were just be open to those potential opportunities.

You say that to me a lot. Or you said you and I talked like what was it a week ago? Or an hour and I noticed things Okay, so you guys I met with Trish you guys need to do it. So meet with Trish, but I met with Trish I messaged her I was like I need to hire you for an hour right? I want to hire you so I could just ask questions and and not be a friend. You know what I mean? Like I want to just ask question and um, and she said a million things. And then she said something about the things that you want as soon that all I remember is the word soon. It’s all happening soon. I can’t phone Craig’s like what happened I was like she said soon he was just like, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. It soon things are worried about it. It’s happening. Yeah, it’s learning. Okay, so here’s my question is two parter is one is key, you find that people are coming to you and asking the same sorts of questions. And if they are, what are those questions? And my second part to this is, are everyone’s spirit guides, saying the same thing back?

Okay, so I’ll start with that one. Generally, no, they’re not saying the same thing back. It’s more specific based on what that individual, not everybody, not everybody gets soon, I won’t hear you. So a lot of times, you know, the premise could be the same. I think the hard thing for us to recognize is that over here, we actually are confined by time. And time doesn’t exist on the other side. And unfortunately, we all are, you know, trying to work around this premise of this needs to happen in like two days, or I need this fast, all about,

or in this lifetime. Like, I want to wait, because you’ve said that to me before. Well, it may be in your next I’m like, oh, yeah, like, there is a time. Yeah, yeah, soon. So

I think that’s, I think that’s the hard thing is that everybody wants instant gratification. And a lot of times you do receive the instant gratification, but it’s just not the way that you had perceived to receive in. And I think making that slight adjustment is helpful when it comes to managing all of these obstacles that you’re trying to navigate. And, honestly, what I love, kind of laughing. But what I find amazing is that when I do speak with other angelic guides, or spirit guides from the other side, and loved ones, that really is the huge message of leading with your heart. Try not to lead with your brain. And I remember speaking to someone and his guide had said, don’t listen to your brain, listen to your heart, because your brain tells you wise. And I was like, God, that’s so interesting. And I feel like it’s so applicable. Yeah, because I do think our brains are so powerful and so amazing. And the stories that we can conjure up and tell ourselves is kind of like absolutely ridiculous. Because you need to check yourself and say, Okay, did that actually happen? Or is that my brain making that up. And you can feel that there’s such a different vibration, when you’re leading with your brain versus when you’re leading with your heart, because your hearts never gone, going to steer you wrong. And your heart has such a bigger vibration, a higher frequency. And what is happening is people are trying to ascend in this lifetime, to emit higher frequency. And so you’ll notice if you start to pay attention, when you’re depressed, or you’re really struggling, your frequency is really low. It’s almost like it’s pulled into your body. And our guides are wanting

somebody, how would somebody be able to feel that? Have you been thinking about becoming a coach, but you’re not sure where to start? Are you already a coach or a therapist, and you really want new ways to help your clients transform, I want to invite you into the alchemy Institute. It’s a place where we create world class, board certified coaches trained in nlp hypnosis, deep streaming EFT and time techniques. With this knowledge, you can upgrade your business and create your life. Go at your own pace with our on demand trainings, or attend one of our live events. You can get more information at Betsy pake.com. Or head straight to the academy at the alchemy institute.co. I’ll see you there.

Well, I feel like it’s, it’s what depression feels like, right? It’s just, gosh, I I’m having the hardest time doing anything. And then if you think about the void, it’s a void, right? And then if you think about how much joy you find playing with your puppy or with your kids or out with your friends, and it’s just emanates this vibration of laughter and joy, like there’s a total difference in those two frequencies and those two vibrations.

So you can tell your vibration based on how you feel. Yeah, yeah.

And I feel like as of probably the last year, that seems to be a common message is that we’re just trying to elevate our vibration, elevate our frequency, keep your vibe high, because that’s when the abundance is able to find you. Because when you are holed into your body, you’re not really out there with the other frequencies. So you’re not able to attract abundance, so to speak. But the more you raise your vibration and kind of push that out, you’ll find that more fun things start, you know, being attracted to you. And that’s when the fun begins, actually. Right. Right. And yeah, yeah, yeah. And so it’s almost like, how do you trick yourself into getting into that higher vibration? And there’s different tools and techniques you can do? When it comes to raising your vibration? I think we talked about the, what was that? The tuning fork?

Yes. Yeah, you and I talked about that. Yeah, about using a tuning fork, and then trying to attune to the vibration of the tuning fork.

Right, right. And so that’s a way that you can kind of fake it, and then your vibration will naturally reach that, and then emanate out, you know, and so you might need, there might be times during your life, with Miley passing, right. Or when I was going through a situation that we needed more tools and techniques to support ourselves. And I feel like that’s the best time to really kind of dig down deep. And as sad as you are, or as frustrated as you are, if you can just get your vibration and your frequency higher. You can listen to frequency music on YouTube or Spotify like that, yeah, will help tremendously.

Like even using the emotional guidance scale. You know, if you Google emotional guidance scale, it’ll tell you. And I know when my daughter was really sick. And I this sounds crazy what I’m going to say. So if somebody isn’t familiar with all of this, like, give me grace, well, I say this, but she would be really depressed. And I would try to make her mad. Because anger is a high, much higher vibration than despair and the pressure. Once I could make her mad, she was moving like, like you’re saying, like there’s Yeah, come unstuck. Sometimes my ex husband would be like, Why are you making her mad? I’m like, just let me make her mad. Like, it would be about something dumb, I can make her mad about anything. Because when you’re out of sorts, it doesn’t take much. I could make her up and not yelling that would scar her but something that would make her move, you know. And so I think we forget that, like, you don’t have to go to joy. Like if you’re struggling, you’re in grief. You don’t have to go to joy. You just have to move up the scale and then your vibration.

Yeah, I love that. That’s so true. I know. My cousin said the other day like, listen, God has an easier time, or the universe has an easier time moving your car when it’s in motion. So just start driving. Yeah, you know, because they can’t move a parked car. And when you’re depressed or despair, you’re parked car. So

that’s such a good metaphor. Yeah, yeah. Can you tell stuff about people? Like if you were just going to the grocery store? Would you start? Or do you all the time, all the time? So we talked about this on episode two a week about how you’d see dead people in the parking lot. But tell me about like walking through and like, are you just like, you know, imagine, like walking down the street, right? I was in New York City two weeks ago, and I was walking down the street. And there were people everywhere. And I was actually thinking about you. Because I felt like I was getting vibration from people, like, you know, like, oh, yeah, giving off a good vibe, or they’re not. But how much more magnified? That is? Can you tell us what that’s like?

I would say that it can be extremely overwhelming. So I think we’re, I might have shared this with you. I was at a party recently down in Nashville. And I was at this house. And it happened to be on the battlefield for the Civil War. And I have to tell you, it was such an overwhelming experience because I was able to see all of the bodies laying there and then people attending to these bodies trying to revive them. And then looking to me for help in terms of can you help assist them Meanwhile, I’m able to see how they died what they’re looking like currently. And

like the hummus dip on the table at the

end. I know when I’m like trying to eat the hummus not being concerned about Yeah, you know person laying on the floor. It is

they see you. They see you. Oh yeah. And they and they do they not know you’re not really there.

Oh no, they know that I’m there. And so what’s great about this is the first time I had this experience I have to tell you it was completely overwhelming. I didn’t sleep for probably about a week. How and oh, this was last year. So okay,

okay. With the battle you mean with the with the Yeah, yes. Okay.

Yeah, yeah, we can tell stories. I got stories till the cows come home so you give me an age I probably do but But I remember just not being able to sleep. And the thing was, is that I was not prepared. I didn’t know where it was going. I didn’t know what to expect. And oh, it

shouldn’t go into that house on the battlefield. You didn’t know. So it’s like an old house was the house was there? Yeah. Civil War? Yeah.

No, I think it’s like or not? Well, I don’t know. I can’t remember. Okay. I think it’s correct. Yeah. 100 year old house. Okay. Yeah, on the battlefield, and it was completely overwhelming. So it’s just an everyday experience. It just depends on how I prepare myself going into these situations. And it was helpful, because the next time I was in a similar area, I was able to put up better boundaries, you know, prepare myself. And that was such an interesting experiment. Okay,

so I have some more questions about that specific experience. So you’re there at that party a couple of weeks ago. Use your see the battlefield. You see all of this, when you and I talked about this originally, like, we were just chatting on the phone, and you told me you were like, Oh, I’m exhausted last night, I went to this thing. And I was asking you, is it like, time, how I imagined time is not linear, even though when I work with people to release things in the past? I do work with them on a line like a timeline. Yeah, I believe time is like a spiral layered upon itself. So if that’s true, then that event is happening right now, but not in our awareness, like not on our plane of awareness, but it’s all happening at the same time. Correct. So it’s almost like you’re able to go back and forth between the different timelines. Yeah, and see things that are happening right now, but in a different timeline. So if they see you, are you dressed like 2022? Yeah. They like what the heck, like what’s happening?

Honestly, what they have told me is that I imagined like a lighthouse. And that’s kind of how my aura

projects to them. Yep. And then they’re able to find me. So a lot of times, when I go into situations, I have to really work on turning my lights down, and turning it off, so that I don’t naturally attract all of these people. Right? Whereas like, you know, a lot of times people are working on raising it and turning it on, right, and I’m trying to do the opposite. And I find that when I do a better job at turning it down, it’s it’s so much easier to manage. Yeah, if I forget to turn it down, it’s almost it’s so overwhelming. It’s like a line out the door. So this is kind of a, this is not the same, but this is I’m going to tell this story, because I think it is, it reminded me of it when I was working with Pat, who Kat is an energy worker. She’s been on my show before. And I worked with her for a long time. And she would, we had a lot of really, really mystical experiences together. And in that after she had like, attuned to me or whatever. I called her and I was like, there is somebody in an apartment, like three doors down on the other side of the building that is just suffering, and I can’t stand it. And she was like, Oh, we got to turn you down. Like that’s when you were saying that I gotta bring it in. She was like, well, we got to fix that. That’s what it felt it was so painful. I don’t even know how to describe it. And I knew that it wasn’t me. Like I knew exactly where it was. I could have walked to that person’s apartment and knocked on the door. Like I knew. Yeah. And it was Aki and uncomfortable. And she did something and then I felt fine.

Yeah. And I think it’s being an astral empath. And you’re right, that’s correct. Yeah. So a lot of times, I’m picking up on people’s feelings and emotions without them even really communicating. It could be you and I here on the 3d, but it could also be people that have passed that are needing help to transition. And the people that have transitioned don’t necessarily know that they’re dead, but you can tell they can be dressed in period type clothing. And sometimes you can see how they have passed based on what kind of injury that they have, or my guides kind of protect me and saying, This person is coming forward and they died, you know, in a car accident or from a bomb or from a fixya. And so it’s it’s been really I’m so grateful for my team, as I like to call them because they help give so much context Then I don’t know. And it’s more about providing them with that source of this is what you need to do follow the light idea, because that is really powerful. People don’t know how to find the light. And I think if you’re ever had the chance to speak with someone who is passing, ask them if they do see the light. And I think you’d be surprised what their response because it’s such a beautiful conversation that people tend to be a little. I don’t want to say fearful, but like, reserved and asking. And I think those happen to be the most beautiful conversations, because they’re just so authentic and raw. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can provide so much healing, right? And knowing that makes

sense. So do they see you and think that you’re dressed weird? Like, I was like, a moment where, like he does, do you know what I’m saying? Because in my mind, I’m like, I saw somebody walk up to me on the street that was dressed like civil war time period. I was like, what the Looney Tunes, right? And I would imagine, like the way your justice so much,

was gonna say, Yeah, I think their perception is that I’m the one that’s out of sorts, right? I’m the one that’s awkward dressed in my fine Athleta by the way,

I know, right? Your little jackets. So like, I wonder do they do they then go like, why is happening or they just think you’re like a ghost.

I don’t think I’m a ghost. i They look to me as more of somebody that can help them. Which is interesting. And it’s based on our frequency and based on the light that we’re outputting

Okay, okay, so let me ask it in a different way. So you’re there at the Battle of Franklin. And there’s, there’s dead people there. And then there’s alive people tending over the dead people. So those alive people see you. Correct? Is it because they’re dead? Even though they’re alive? Drink you know what I mean? Like,

yeah. Well, it’s a lot of it is more out of despair. Because they’re trying to help this loved one. And they don’t understand what’s happening. Yeah. And to your point, though, they’re not aware that they’ve actually passed and moved on. Right. So I think that’s the whole the trickiness of it is recognizing, you know, where do I spend my energy? How much time do I dedicate to the people over here that I’ve passed versus the people that are here? And, you know, face to face with

me? Right in this right, and I’m on or whatever?

Yeah. And sometimes it’s very tricky, because, and you’ve noticed this, you know, this about me, I can be talking with you. But I also am filtering what’s happening from the other side of what they’re communicating to me about some stranger that could be in, you know, the restaurant with us, right. And then it’s matter of, you know, letting them know that I’ve heard that message, and telling them that it’s okay, and telling them it’s time to move on. Right. And also maintaining true friendships. So it’s more of a balancing act, I guess, is how I would say, right. Yeah. And I think it’s being prepared and going to the grocery, you know, everybody always wants to ask me about funeral homes and or cemeteries. I asked you about New Orleans. Oh, girl.

Because I don’t even like going to New Orleans and I don’t have anything like you have. I mean, I don’t have anything.

different spots. I will say that I just know going in I will not be sleeping. And oh, right. Yeah. You know,

funeral homes. I mean, so much crazy. Like though,

funeral homes are not my favorite. I would rather be at a cemetery than a cemetery. Nobody’s there. Right? The cemetery is so peaceful, but a funeral home is very

dear, this is so Oh, my God, I resign like moment. Nobody’s there.

Nobody’s there. It’s so peaceful. It’s so quiet. It’s so serene. And then when you go to a funeral home, like at the parlor prior to going to somebody’s ceremony that is extremely challenging for me. Extremely. I would say. Yeah, that’s, that’s the hardest place for me to go. It makes

it challenging because

nobody knows that they’ve passed. Oh, they’re confused at why they passed. And so there’s the People ask them,

you know, and hopefully you’re okay. So you’re there, your loved ones passed, like just passed. It’s their funeral. And that’s who’s there not knowing that they passed, or it could be like friends of theirs that have passed that don’t know that they’ve passed. And they show Correct,

right? Yes. Yeah. And then they’re needing help.

No. I mean, I guess if it’s like a quick thing, but I just feel like, it’s like, it’s a, like, there’s an abrupt ness to it. I would be like, I think about my mom, for one thing, right? Think about my mom. Like, I got to think that she knew because it was kind of violent.

Yeah. Well, I think there’s the whole people who know, right, who are suffering who are sick. And they’re ready, right? That’s one thing. Yeah, then you have people where it’s sudden, and they don’t understand, they don’t even know that they’re actually living outside of their body. Yeah. And then you have the ones that are trying to get messages back to their loved ones, right, and hopeful that I’m able to communicate that to their loved ones. And a lot of times, it’s not even, it’s more along the lines of if somebody tells me a message, then I receive it. And then I will have to say it out loud, I’ll tell you or, you know, whoever in order to release that message so that that person can kind of move on from an evolution standpoint and not be restrained?

Because I know, sometimes we’re talking and we’ll be talking about something, you know, like, having a real conversation and you’ll go, oh, hang on. Don’t forget to do that. Like, you’ll tell me some wackadoodle thing, and then you’ll get Okay, good. That’s I just had to tell you that and I’m like, What am the devil like, Do you know what just happened? But it’s like, it does come in and then you just tell me because you’re like, well, whatever. We’ll talk about it later. But then we remember. But yeah. Okay, so here’s the question. And I know we’re getting caught at the top of the hour. Are you good to go for a little bit? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Okay, so here’s the question, because I do think in you, and I joke about this. And so I think this is good. But I do think this is might be a question that a lot of people experience or a thing that a lot of people experience. But if you’re new here, my mom died in a car accident when I was 16 years old. So I’m 51. Now it’s been a long time. I never feel my mom around. And you and I talk about it. And you’re like, Yep, she’s not around. Like that’s the thing. And we’ve talked about it extensively. My like my mom’s not lingering about. So like, why is it that sometimes people that we love aren’t? I have a thought I’ve asked in meditation? Why but I’m curious, because I’m sure I’m not the only one that this happens to?

Yeah. Well, I think they’re around. It’s just not in the form that we’re wanting them to be around in. And I think that’s making that perception tweak. Right. So we’re hoping that they’re here literally, like, as our guardian angel, protecting us. And I do believe that they are here. Like, I think there’s a lot of simple things out there. But I can no one

ever feel my mom, like we’ve talked about this, like when you’ve done stuff for me, my mom’s not around and we joke about it, I’ll feel my grandmother, I’ll feel my dog. You know what I mean? Right. But my mom is just very busy, very busy. Like, I don’t know. And I just wonder if people like if somebody books reading with you, it’s not, they’re not necessarily going to always get. Yeah, like the people, they think it’s kind of like a grab bag.

It is a grab bag. And I think that’s also what’s so interesting about it. Because a lot of times, when I start, when Spirit starts entering into my realm of awareness, it usually starts by, I smell them first. I can hear them. And then once they’re aware that I’m smelling them, and I’m hearing them, then they’ll start to show me themselves to me. And a lot of times it requires so much energy for them to show themselves that it’s easier for me to, you know, be able to smell them and use my other senses initially. Yeah. And so I think it’s that whole process of having the beliefs that they had while they were here, living. Also go with them to the other side. And there’s times where they might be a little bit more reserved, and like I can actually see them I know that they’re here, but they’re not wanting to talk just yet. And so it’s more along the lines of I’m welcoming them. They’re welcome to join and share, you know, whatever they might want to discuss or help this person And sometimes, it’s really all I kind of crack up because a lot of times like a mother will come through. And the mother has like her brother with her and the brother will do all the talking. But she’s there giving him all the answers, if that makes sense. But she’s, she’s just being reserved. And she is. It’s more along the lines of them not trusting themselves is how I would explain it. Yeah. And so it’s building up the courage and building up the energy because trying for them to communicate with us over here, it’s so much faster over there. And our world is so much slower. And so trying to figure out how to utilize their energy in the best way to make the most of their time and trying to communicate with me. So you’re right. A lot of times, you could be like, I want to talk to sue. And I’m waiting for C to come through. Well, Sue is probably there. But she’s going to be talking to Paul and Paul is going to be the one but still is thinking yeah,

so when you see. So if you see people, like you’d see people that had passed, what about if you have a guide? Like I know, we’ve talked before, it’s not people? It’s not people I’ve known? Right? Yeah, it gets right, more of an entity.

So what I’ve, what I’ve learned is that when we decide to be born, we actually make up a contract of ideas of things that we want to learn in this lifetime. And then prior to being born and coming to earth, we already handpick our spirit guides, and our guides that are going to help us through this journey. And what we’re learning, you know, at this time, so as you come there kind of just be tweaked the right word there just with you. Yeah. And then there’s times where people are going through certain circumstances where I say, like a specialist will come on board. And they’ll support you, in terms of whatever that guide has that specialty in order to help propel your soul to move forward in this lifetime. Because truly, that’s the whole purpose of this journey is just learning things, getting out of our comfort zone, trying to walk through the fear, so that we don’t have to repeat all of these lessons in the next lifetime. And I think that’s what that’s all about is just, you know, embracing the uncertainty, trusting your intuition. And knowing that you are actually taking the right steps to do that to better yourself, because I am even in your community. I don’t know one person that’s like, really okay with being complacent. You know, right, everyone. Yeah, that every one of your listeners is kind of like, I’ve got this block and like, how do I move beyond this? And I really feel like this. Yeah, seekers, right. And they’re able to kind of work around those what I call speed bumps. Yeah. But they’re also willing to kind of, you know, do the dirty work. Yeah. And not give up, which is so inspiring to all of us, in my opinion, which is pretty cool. Yeah, so pretty cool.

So yeah, so enjoy that to the

Yeah. So.

So do you see something when it’s not a person?

Well, it depends on a lot of things. It depends on the battle, that the person that I’m speaking to, is actually going through, like they’ll be dressed in that. They’ll be wearing those emotions, they’ll be wearing those certain colors, right? Sometimes I’m able to see the whole being sometimes or not, sometimes it’s just a light. Sometimes it’s this. Yeah,

yeah. This is what I, this is what I really want to know. Okay, so sometimes it’s just a light. And when you say the whole being, like if it was ever a person, because sometimes there’s stuff this never was never a person. So did that take the form of a person in order to come through so that you can see them?

They can absolutely

delight. But you know, a little different. You’re like show a lot of times they’re the Zipit she gave me this

did not I was like, Yeah, you’re right.

She did. Okay, got

a lot of times, it’s more just their light is so bright, and so you’re not able to see kind of what is being presented. Yeah. So it also depends on what you’re going through and how they’re light is being reflected back to me. Oh,

I see. So you’re almost like reading it, like interpreting that app. So we’re worse ago, a few years ago, three years ago, four years ago, I’ve with COVID. I’ve lost years of my life. But um, I went to the beach by my, I went to the beach by myself to meditate. And I was there for like three days. And like, the second night, in the middle of the night, I woke up. And I knew that I had these three guides, and I got like some messages. And I remember I said, Oh, I’ll remember that. And they said, No, you won’t write it down. So I wrote the things down. But there were three of them. Two of them were stepped forward, and one was in the back. And it was female ish feeling to me, this probably sounds weird. But I kept saying, like, who was she like that one in the background? You know what I mean? Like, yeah, they said, she’ll come forward when you’re gonna pass that that is like the one that will help you through that whole whatever you experienced that made me Sure. Wonder if that was going to be something bad. But then I was like, just hanging out there, then just stay. Yeah, stay in there. Yeah, but, but is that possible?

I love it. Because I gotta tell you, my guides just came in? Well, we all know our roles. We all have our own role roles. And so stay in your lane, essentially, is what they’re saying.

What does that mean? That that was staying in its lane, or I need to stay in

my lane. Know that they’re all staying in their lane. And just, they know when they’re ready to come in. It’s kinda like, yeah, that’s why you hear it come?

Because that’s what it felt like. Like, yes. leave that one alone. Don’t worry about it. She’ll come forward. Yeah,

it’s time. Totally. Yeah. Don’t worry about it. She’s got this. And I think that goes back to the whole trusting the process. And it’s almost like, the more you get the answers, the more that you do the, you know, meditation and digging deep. The more questions you have, have kind of like, Wait a minute. Wait, what? That doesn’t make sense. I need more information around that. Right. Yeah. And so just Yeah, kind of being open to the silence and trying to figure out what’s happening. Because there’s, they’re just keep going back to the there’s so much beauty in the silence.

So yeah, yeah.

Just like patients, everybody wants to hear that word.

Like, I was talking to a client the other day, and she asked me, What do I do for this? And I was like, I’m going to tell you and you’re not going to like it. And they were like, Okay, I was like, meditate on it. Like, just be quiet. Like, just she’s like, Yeah, dammit. I want something like actionable, right? We want that. That is an action. Like, yeah, being quiet. And being quiet and listening. You can get instant gratification, like you can get the answer when you’re Yes. Like listening for when you’re

willing to listen and kind of settle down and just be Yeah, which is the hardest thing to do. Right? Especially in this world. I mean, we have so much like, advertising coming as Billboards, radio, you know, all news, whatever, pop ups on your phone, like the amount of distraction that we have. It’s so hard to literally sit within yourself and find those answers. Yeah, and when you can figure that out. That’s like when the good stuff starts happening. Yeah, yeah.

So fun. Trish from episode. Oh, wait. 330

That was so fast.

I know. It’s already like, spent over an hour. I know. Well, we talked we chatted for a little bit first, but

that’s true. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. And I got

things I got other things to do. Well, thank you so much for him. This was so much fun. It’s always so much fun. But yeah, thanks for being. Thanks for being a repeat customer. Oh, my

gosh. Thanks for having me on. Thanks to everyone who listens. I mean, this is awesome. Yeah.

Good. Good. Good. We’ll be on again. Thank you so much, and everyone I will. I will share this episode if it spoke to you. You can book Trish with the link in the show notes. I love you so much. I’ll see you all next week. Bye. Hey, thanks so much for listening to today’s show. And thank you for sharing the show with your friends. I love when you guys do that. I appreciate it so much. And thank you for leaving me a review on iTunes. I know that it matters because when I go to find a podcast, I always look to see what the reviews are. So it really means a lot to me that you take a minute to like figure out how to even make that happen. Now, if you want to find me find me on social media, I’m usually on Instagram, starting out on Tik Tok. It’s just my name. Betsy pake and that’s my website to Betsy pake.com. And you can find out all about the work that I do. having me speak for an event that you might be hoping to plan or getting trained inside my alchemy Institute but to make it really easy if you want me just shoot me a DM shoot me a direct message on Instagram and I will be at your service Thanks again for listening and I will see you all next week


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