321: Walking the walk: be aware of where things don’t match up


When we are walking the walk and not just talking the talk, everything in our lives becomes more aligned, easier, and hopeful. Betsy uses a recent example in her life to illustrate this idea and encourages you to look for areas in your life that could be improved by aligning what you are saying with what you are doing.

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Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake. I’m an author, a speaker, and a trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy. And I’m focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of the subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hi, good morning. Hi, everyone. Welcome to the show today. Welcome to the Art of Living big. So I have this thing that happened to me this morning. And I was like, I’m going to record, you know, the thing I’m going to share with you, I feel, I don’t know, I feel like it’s heavy. It feels heavy, like on my chest, almost like when something happens. And you’re like, oh my gosh, it feels almost like it’s stopping me from breathing. And I was curious about

it. Because I was like, why is this? So? Triggering is not the word because I’m really not triggered.

I’m more. What’s the word? I’m more like this can’t happen. Like this is not okay. And I want to talk about it and why it’s not okay. And it’s something that I see over and over and over and over and over again, with coaches and with people online building businesses. And I think it’s something that we don’t talk about, and I had it happen this morning, and I’m like, I’m going to talk about this. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about, but even more so because it just happened to me this morning. So here’s the message that I got this morning. And no hate to this person because they look lovely. And I’m sure they’re really good at what they do. But I got a DM in my messages on Instagram this morning. It’s clearly a cut and paste my name is spelled wrong. And it says it’s amazing how you leverage your skills and experience to help people unleash their true potential to thrive in their lives, or businesses. So clearly, you haven’t looked at anything right? Or living their lives or businesses. With these times more people need your expertise. And I’m surprised you’re not running any ads. Is there a reason why? So I looked at it. And I went to their profile. And clearly they run ads, they do Facebook ads, that’s their business. So their business is to help me get clients by running Facebook ads. And there’s been a time in my business where I ran ads. I don’t do it very often. And honestly, I don’t think I’ve done it in years. But they’re absolutely that is a good service. And I there’s no shame in that at all. But if you teach people and if you think that running ads is the way to go, that you’re surprised that I’m not running ads. Why are you finding me not in an ad? Why are you finding me by sliding into my DMs. And I think this is a thing that we see, like over and over and over again, right? The person who teaches real estate, how to make a bunch of money with real estate, and then you find out they don’t own any real estate, right? The person that’s trying to get you to buy a Facebook ad service from them, but they don’t use Facebook ads, or they’re not using it to get you I don’t know if she runs them. I didn’t check. I could check that might be interesting. I think that there is this thing that like we’re talking the talk, but we’re not walking the walk. And I think this shows up not just in our businesses, not just if you have an online business or a brick and mortar business. But if you have, like a life where sometimes things feel out of alignment, where sometimes it’s like I’m saying this thing, but I’m not doing that thing. And I know what I see this a lot when people come and work with me one on one, and they come to Atlanta and they do like a cocoon day with me where we dive into one aspect of their lives. And when we dive into that one aspect, they’re like this is really important to me, like my health and my fitness is super important to me. I watched my dad struggle with his weight as he was older and I watched my mom get lung disease and I watched you know, and I don’t want to live like that. But their actions are totally different. And I know I see people that you know I have the alchemy Institute, where I train life coaches, but I am a life coach. Like I have been trained to be a trainer and NLP and hypnotherapy and all that stuff. But I do it with people which is totally Different, it’s totally different than just learning how to do it and teaching other people. Like when you have that real world experience when you’re actually living in it, there is an alignment. And that I think that there’s something that we just know when we meet people, when we’re talking to people. And we know like, something doesn’t feel right. Like, I don’t know what it is, but something doesn’t feel right. And I think what that is, is this feeling or this unconscious, knowing that something’s not in alignment, like maybe they’re saying the thing, but I’m not sure it’s that they’re living the

thing. So you’ve been listening to my podcast, and you’ve been hearing me talk about ways to master your subconscious. Maybe you’ve been really curious about how you can learn this too, and maybe even create a business of your own to help other people transform their lives as well. If you’d like to become board certified in six different certifications, we have it all for you inside the alchemy Institute, you can go at your own pace with our on demand training, or you can attend live events. Find out more over at our website, the alchemy institute.co. That’s the alchemy Institute, dot C. O, I’ll see you over there. And, you know, when I see coaches, it actually pains me because I think that as healers, and coaches and therapists, I think we can have a tremendous impact on on shifting the whole world, I really do shifting the whole world. And I think it starts with us. And so when I see people training other people to do this work, and they haven’t actually done it, they haven’t actually worked with clients, they haven’t actually gotten in the trenches and figured out really what makes people tick and how people respond to some of the modalities that they’re sharing. It’s like painful to me. And when this woman popped into my, my, my DMs this morning, I was like, Oh my gosh, here’s just like another case, it’s in every single industry. It’s everywhere. You know, one of the things that I talk about a lot, and I talk about it on the show, and I talk about it with my institute clients is that I do this work on myself, like every day, I have a practice, you know, it is a practice of like coming into myself, journaling, finding the things that are holding me back, the things that are, I’m using air quotes, like triggering to me, because we all have things, we all have things to work through, I wouldn’t be doing all this work. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing the work that I’m doing in this world, I wouldn’t have this podcast, if I wasn’t doing a lot of work on myself all the time. I mean, it’s sometimes like it’s this is a never ending process. And so sometimes we just have to be, but for the most part, I remember having an awareness and working to have an awareness in my life. And using all the tools that I teach on myself. And I think when I know how they feel on myself, I get a better idea. And I’m better able to facilitate that change and other people. I think that when we are walking the walk and not just talking the talk, that everything in our lives becomes more aligned, and it becomes easier. And it becomes more hopeful. It is when we’re out of that alignment. And so, I want to just ask you, where are things is struggle right now? Where is there like a push and pull in your life? And where are things not feeling like they’re in alignment? Where do you feel like there’s part of you that sliding into somebody’s DMS asking them if they’ve ever run Facebook ads? Well, you’re trying to sell Facebook ads, right? Where is that part of that for you? The part of you maybe that says like we should be communicating. But you’re not really even communicating with yourself. Right, the part of you that says we should be fair, and we should be helping people and we should be doing whatever it is in this world you think you should be doing but deep down, you’re not giving yourself that same grace. And that same fairness and understanding that you want to see out in the world. You know, when I talk about the Institute and I talk about how we’re really creating big ripples in the world. The people that come through the Institute are they’re spectacular. They want to change things and they know Well, that that change starts at home, right? It starts with them, it starts with their family. And then it spreads out to the people that they have contact with, you know, maybe the people that are watching them on social media or in the world, and then their clients. And I think that when we are in alignment, we do that work so much better.

So I want you to keep your eyes open, for places where things don’t seem like they’re in alignment, or places where we’re where you see this disconnect. And notice how you feel about it. And as you start to notice that it will help you to recognize it in yourself, sometimes it’s hard to see things in ourselves. And this is why I always have a coach, I have a pit crew. Because sometimes it’s hard to see something so close to ourselves. But I think when we start to notice it out there, right, and when I saw this with it with this, this Facebook ad thing come I was like, Oh, like this is why it’s so important for me to do the work that I do. Because the this is an area where I’m walking the walk and talking the talk. And think about this for you. Think about how this could improve your life, how you could become more conscious of everything happening unconsciously. And you can really start to move the needle forward in lots of new ways. You know, we’re heading into a new year soon, which I really love. I know a lot of people are against it. I always really love it. I love a fresh start. I love Mondays. I love Wednesdays mornings. I love it. So like fresh start, like how can you take this idea and move this into your life in a totally different way. I think when you can do that, that is how you live a big life. Alright, thanks so much for listening to my little rant about being in alignment, saying what you say and doing what you do and having those things be in alignment. I’ll see you next week. Hey, thanks so much for listening to today’s show. And thank you for sharing the show with your friends. I love when you guys do that. I appreciate it so much. And thank you for leaving me a review on iTunes. I know that it matters because when I go to find a podcast, I always look to see what the reviews are. So it really means a lot to me that you take a minute to like figure out how to even make that happen. Now, if you want to find me find me on social media, I’m usually on Instagram, starting out on Tik Tok. It’s just my name. Betsy pake, and that’s my website to Betsy pake.com. And you can find out all about the work that I do. having me speak for an event that you might be helping to plan or getting trained inside my alchemy Institute. But to make it really easy, if you want me just shoot me a DM, shoot me a direct message on Instagram and I will be at your service. Thanks again for listening. And I will see you all next week.


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