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In todays episode Betsy shares what she’s been up to the past two weeks and how she can feel herself craving something new…. but she’s got responsibilities right where she is. You may feel that too, a longing for something new but unsure of even what it is.
She shares what she’s doing to combat this feeling while still keeping her responsibilities in the forefront.

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Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake. I’m an author, a speaker and a trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy. And I’m focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of the subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big

hello fellow adventurers. Hi, everybody. Welcome to the show today. All right. Okay, so there’s a lot to cover. There’s a lot to talk about. Alright, so last week, I missed a show. So let’s talk about that first. Because, like I’ve said in previous episodes, it’s sort of like when someone texts you and you don’t text back, or when you text somebody and they don’t text back, right? And then you’re like, What are you doing? Why are you ignoring me? And that’s how it feels when I skip when I skip an episode. But I want to, I want to tell you why. And I want to tell you what’s been happening and what’s been going on. And hopefully, you’ll see a piece of yourself in this and and can relate and I’ll tell you kind of what I’m doing. So last week, I had two speaking engagements outside of town. So if you’re fairly new here, hi, welcome. But I live in Atlanta, Georgia. So I had two speaking engagements in Baltimore. Now, I grew up in Vermont, and one of my really good several of my really good friends from high school. Live outside Baltimore. So I called my friend Jen. I was like, I’m going to be coming up. Can I come a day early and spend the day with you, you know, spend the night and then I’ll go to the hotel on Sunday night. Okay. So my speaking engagements were Monday and Wednesday. So I went up instead of on Sunday, I went up on Saturday. I know it’s a lot of detail, but just hang with me here. So we went up on Saturday. She picked me up at the airport. I mean, it was it was so much fun. You know, when I saw her last year, like last April, when I went to Vermont when our other friend’s mom was passing away, but I hadn’t seen her since. And, you know, the last time it wasn’t like a fun thing. And so it was so fun to get to see her and we just laughed and got caught up. And we looked at the old yearbooks, and laughed. I’m telling you the the the kids in my high school, the the kids, the guys looked like grown men. I don’t know that I remember that. But I was looking at it. I was like, why do they look so old? So we had a lot of really good laughs about people that we just didn’t realize, you know, when you leave, and then you look back, and you’re like, I didn’t realize that was the all the kids were like, so huge. But I think it’s because they were farmers, you know,

that’s my thought anyway, you know, like they were working on the farm. since they were little. So anyway, we’re hanging out, we realize we’re we’re making all the same tic tock recipes. I mean, it was just really, really fun. Like, like for my soul, kind of fun, you know. And then the next day, we went into Baltimore, where one of my friends lives with his husband, and we went out to lunch with them. And they’re so fun. And it was just like, really, really nice. And then I went back to the hotel, or went to the hotel. In the morning, I had my speaking engagement. And then the next day was free. And so I had actually posted inside the Facebook group and I sent an email to my email list, just telling them I was going to be in Baltimore in case anybody lived in Baltimore, and like wanted to get together for lunch, which was awesome. And some people came and it was so fun to meet like internet friends in real life. And so that was just really, really nice. And then on Wednesday morning, I did my next event. And that was like that went amazingly and was really fun. And then, that was Wednesday, I was done at like noon. It was my daughter’s 21st birthday. And so I had to race home, fly home, get home, spend a little bit of time with her for her birthday. And then we were going to celebrate more over the weekend. And then a couple days later, it was my husband’s birthday. So like, and I was getting caught up on all these like emails and things I missed and it was just like so hectic. And so then I was like, oh, I need a podcast episode. Because if you remember I used to have the podcast editor that would have me do like three weeks in advance, but I didn’t always like that just didn’t work.

For me mentally. But neither does this because I missed consciously. It was sort of like a conscious uncoupling. But it was like a conscious skipping. I was like, for my mental health

I need to not put my the pressure on myself to get this done right now. I I’m back in town, it’s my daughter’s birthday. Like I would have had to record it, like the evening of her birthday because I didn’t even fly until like six o’clock at night. And I just felt like you guys would understand. So anyway, that’s that is what has been happening over the past two weeks, just hectic, hectic and I. And I’m wondering, because I think we’re all

we’re all so similar in like our experiences and things that are happening. The whole month of January seemed like it really flew by. And I started thinking maybe that’s just like January seem like they fly by. But I remember two years ago,

two years ago, in January, I felt like it would never end. I remember there were a memes out that were like, Oh, my God, this is never the never ending month, like how was it already August in the middle of January, like we’re, it just seemed like it took forever. And so I knew that it seeming like it’s going by super fast. isn’t necessarily typical, not not typical. But that’s not always how it goes, you know. And I have felt like I am like running and racing. And I’m in the middle of a couple of big projects. putting together some trainings for you guys, if you’re interested in those that we’re going to have free on the website, but But it’s taking me hours and hours and hours to put them together. I want them to be really good and to like be informative and mean something you know, not just something I’m throwing up there. And so

I am I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself like to make things really good. And yeah, so that’s kind of taken, like a lot of my energy and my focus. So here’s what I wanted to share with you. I wanted to just share with you this thought, because maybe you’re where I am right now, where it seems like things are moving really fast. There’s a lot to do. And also.

And also it feels like there’s like I’m running, but I’m not sure where I’m running to. Do you feel that? Like, I feel like something really important is coming, but I don’t necessarily know what that is. And I’m also finding myself, like really longing for like something

maybe like a new environment. You know, last year, I traveled a lot, a lot. I mean, at the end of the year, my my travel app told me I was gone 97 Nights last year. So like, I was exposed to a lot of new things, like new experiences and, and new things for my nervous system. And, and since November when I went to North Carolina, I guess was my last trip

that I haven’t gone anywhere I went to Baltimore, but that was the first time and I can feel like my nervous system really like getting, I don’t know, bored maybe like there, I want something else. But I’ve got these big projects, like I’ve got to hunker down, right? So there’s this push and pull between what I feel like my soul is wanting, and what I’m consciously committed to doing that I’ve got to do every day, right? Do you know those times where you’re like, I don’t know, I want something different. But I’m committed to this. And I have to do this one I have to follow through. And I think both both things are important. You know, when I look at my values, it’s, it’s important to me to follow through to do what I said I was going to do even, especially if I said it to myself, right? Because nobody’s holding my feet to the fire to like, do this big project. But I decided that that was what was next. And so

I’ve had to like really balance this, like doing that work and staying focused on that work. And also how can I expand and get new experiences and start to, like, satisfy that part of me? And, you know, I’m sure that as you’re listening to this, you’re like, I think this makes sense. Like there’s times where I don’t want to go to work, I want to go to the beach or I want to go to the mountains or I want to do whatever that is. And I think that there’s a fine line between is it my intuition telling me to do that? Right

or is it just like something that I’m wanting this new stimulation, like, just my nervous system is used to that, and it’s scanning for that. And so I wanted to kind of share with you how I am kind of navigating that, and trying it and giving myself everything that I need. Okay? Because we think, like, I can’t do everything that I want, I can’t have it all. So here’s, let me say this in a different way to lay this out.

I’m working on this big huge project, it takes a tremendous amount of time and focus, and I’m sitting at my desk a lot. my nervous system has really been primed to have a lot of new experiences. And so I find myself kind of restless and, and a yearning for something new. But I’m not in a position right now, where I can just go to the beach for a week, or a month. Well, I mean, I could, I’m not going to go to the beach for a month. Because I really want to stay here and focus in on this project, right? My big computer is here, like, all my resources are here. Like it will be easier if I do this here. Okay.

But What’s is it my intuition, telling me to get out? I don’t think so. And here’s how I know is because when I sit quiet, it feels really good to get this project done. When I sit and I asked myself, like, what if I could have one thing right now, what would it be? And it would be like to have this project be so great. So that’s really what’s aligned.

So since I am not in a place where I want to go away for a month to Iceland, or to Norway, or wherever, even though my nervous system kind of wants that, and that’s why I feel edgy. I’m trying to do.

I’m trying to plan excursions like day excursions. So

we have a Korean bathhouse here. Have you guys ever been to one it’s like, the one here is, it’s called Jgu. And if you ever come to Atlanta, it’s, it’s kind of a cool place to go. But it’s huge. And you buy a pass to get in, it’s like 35 bucks. And then once you get in there, in the locker room, there’s like pools and hot tubs and stuff that are gender specific. So you just be with women. And then they do massages in there and

scrubs and stuff like that. Or you can change they give you like these orange jumpsuits, which kind of makes it look like I’m in a whole place with a bunch of prisoners, but we get these orange outfits. And then you go out into the main, like concourse. And there are all these huts, like salt hut, Crystal hut, and they’re beautiful made out of crystals made out of huge slabs of Himalayan salt and they’re saunas. So there’s like four big ones, there’s an ice room, there’s a place where you can go get a foot massage, there’s a cafeteria, there’s an a pool, like a big pool for everybody. Like, it’s a fun place where you go, it’s open 24 hours. So when you buy that pass, you get a whole day there.

And I like to go and I bring my, my headphones. And I can just lay there and meditate. You know, you can get these little pillows and like I just lay at the bottom if you saw my Instagram, where I’m like sitting, it looks like I’m sitting in meditation. Really, I’m when I go I’m like splayed out on the floor. But that was a photo. So we made it look good. But like just like having a new experience, right, like doing something totally different. And I have gone there. And I’m going to go again next week. And it’s so relaxing. And it gives my nervous system that’s something else, which has been really helping me. The other thing is,

is when Mike was my daughter’s birthday, we were like, Let’s go someplace we’ve never gone like let’s go to a part of town we never go to you know some things so that it’s totally new, unfamiliar so that my nervous system gets that like unfamiliar. Now here’s the thing is that it also gives you like content. And by content. I mean like something for your brain to be thinking about as you’re doing other things. So, as I’m building this, this working on this project and building this thing, like does it matter that I go to a different restaurant? Well, yeah, might because there might be a story there. There might be like something I see that sparks an idea or a memory. So like expanding outside of where I have what I’m used to,

can change everything. You know, when we’re doing the things that we always do

And I love consistency I love like all of that, right.

But when we do that,

less and less of that experience become becomes conscious. That’s what can we have to say, like be mindful, come back into your awareness, because you don’t have to. Because the way I make the coffee is always the way I make coffee. And I don’t have to think about it because it is in my unconscious mind, my unconscious knows how to do it. Right, the way I make the bed, I don’t even remember making the bed in the morning. But I know I do it because it’s always made.

Now, if I stay in the place of where I am, in what I’m always doing, I’m going to, I’m going to, like always do it in the same exact way. And I’m not going to be aware of new ideas, new concepts, new content, right. And so sometimes if I mix it up, it brings me back into awareness. Now, let’s say that you’re listening, and you’re like, Well, I would like to feel a little energized, and to be brought back into awareness. But I have to work. And then I got to come home and do all the things I got to do at home. And I’m busy and I can’t, I can’t leave for the day and go to J juice spa. Right? It’s sit there with no an orange jumpsuit, you can just change the way you’re doing your morning,

it’s going to feel uncomfortable, but you can try to make it fun. So when you when you change it, it has to become conscious, because it’s not going to be running unconsciously. And I’m talking like, brush your teeth with a different hand. Right? Eat breakfast first and then shower, if you always shower and then eat breakfast, like anything that you do to start to like shake up the pattern will bring you into awareness, because you can’t just be running it the way it always goes. So


So I wanted to share that, because I’m wondering if you’re feeling stuck or stagnant. Or maybe you have a big project that you really want to do. But it’s like, oh, like it’s, it’s taxing. And so your brains like please give me something else to do besides this thing you’ve been doing for the last, you know, 35 hours.

Just mix it up. This morning. I went in my building and you guys might remember this, if you’ve been here a while you might remember me saying when I moved into my building.

It was at a time where I was asking for free Starbucks for the from the universe where I was like, I want to get free Starbucks. And I started getting random free Starbucks. Do you guys remember this? I would like pull up to the Starbucks window and the barista would like hand me a Starbucks and be like, you can have this like they were confused of why they were doing it. It was wild. And I had been in my building like a week when I got an email that said, we’re installing a free Starbucks machine. So you could just go get Starbucks. I mean, I’ve I felt like even though it was just coffee, and I should have been scanning for a jillion air money. I got free coffee, I could have access to free coffee every day for the past two years. And that’s what I asked for. But I rarely go down there and get it because it’s just like I’m in my pajamas and I get my coffee, whatever. This morning, I was like, I’ve got to have something new. You know, like, I got to do something different. And so I was like, I’m gonna go downstairs and get the Starbucks coffee, which it really does taste better. You know. So I was like, I know I’m in my pajamas. But

I feel like everybody in my building knows me. I threw on a sweatshirt and I was like, well, we’re going down. And I went down and got my coffee. It’s a small thing. But it already made my morning feel different, gave my brain something else. So if you’re feeling stagnant, if you’re feeling stuck, uninspired, you’re like, oh, life, I mean, I know in the cold weather of, you know, January, February, depending on where you live, like it can feel like kind of boring to your brain. So I wanted to offer that, mix it up. Mix it a big if you can, and go to Iceland or mix it up small. If you can’t, and brush your teeth with your other hand. It’ll start to open up awareness and you’ll start to notice new things, you’ll start to get a different perspective. And it’ll make everything feel a little bit new. And that I think is how you live a big life. So before we go, before we go, I have been working with a couple of companies with their

with their sales team and donor teams to help them with like money mindset because especially if you’re in sales and you’re asking for money, the way you think about money is like ultra important

And I was having a conversation with somebody about money. And I said, I don’t, I wouldn’t I could, I don’t have any resistance to being rich, which I know I do, or I would be rich, right. But we were talking like, I don’t have an issue with that, because I know what my values are. And I have elicited my values. That’s a Master Practitioner technique that we teach in, in the alchemy Institute. But I know what my values are. And I know for me, money, showing up, like around six, five or six on my values list works really well for me, if this makes sense. So our values are highly unconscious to us, and they are in a hierarchy. And if I have money too low on the list, then I’m not motivated to work who like to make money, I give too much away. And if money is higher, I work too hard. Like I’m working all the time, and I don’t have fun. And so for me, values being at like five or six works really good. The things that are above money on my list are things like kindness, happiness, freedom, those kinds of things. And so I’m not worried that if I got a ton of money, that I would be like a meanie, because, because happiness and kindness is way higher. Now I’m oversimplifying it, but this is the conversation that I was having. And when I’ve been working with these donor teams, I’m trying to teach them, like how their brain works, so that they understand what they think about money and how that’s coming out. Unconsciously, when they talk to people of influence, right? When they have interactions with people, when they make decisions about their own money, the way they feel about themselves, like highly, highly influences the way that you deal with the world, right. And so one of the things that I do is this money map, I map out their unconscious mind, and it’s pretty quick and fun. And they always are like, Oh my gosh, like, I didn’t know this, right. So anyway, I was thinking, let’s do a money bootcamp inside the collective. So if you haven’t already gone to my website, if you go to my website, it’s right at the top, it says the collective, this is my annual membership. So you join, it’s one price for the whole year you meet with me every week. It’s so fun. Plus, you get access to every class that I have, all of my best classes are listed there, and you get access to them. So all about learning all about the subconscious mind. The infinite soul project where I teach about the science and the whoo and how that interacts, right? I teach you how to hypnotize yourself and how to start moving forward. So you’re getting things that you want, way quicker. So all the skills, all the courses are in there. And then every week I meet with people live and like this next month ahead, we are going to dive into money. And like really what that means, what it is and how it’s impacting their everyday life, even in areas that they don’t notice. So if you want to do that work with with us, I would highly suggest that you jump into the collective. Now we record everything. So if you jump in, you’ll see all the recordings that we’ve done. But But jump in now. So you can be on live and actually ask questions and interact and be on that like ride with us as we learn and go ahead over the month of February. So in the month of March, we are changing the price, the format’s not going to change necessarily, but we are adding some new classes that will be available in there and the price is going to change dramatically. So jump in there. Now if you’ve been thinking about it, do it now in the month of February. And if you’re gonna do it in February, you might as well do it early so that you get in on all the live stuff. Okay, so just go to my website, go to Betsy pake.com. And then once you do that, you’re gonna get an email with a link to get on the phone with me for 15 minutes, we’ll do a laser call we can work on we’ll do NLP on something that you need, we can just walk through something that you’re struggling with. I can help direct you to which course to start with like we can just have a discussion about whatever it is that you need. So go to Betsy pake.com/collective and join us and I will I will see you in there. All right, everybody. Have an amazing week and I will see you next time.

Hey, thanks so much for listening to today’s show. And thank you for sharing the show with your friends. I love when you guys do that, I appreciate it so much. And thank you for leaving me a review on iTunes. I know that it matters because when I go to find a podcast, I always look to see what the reviews are. So it really means a lot to me that you take a minute to like figure out how to even make that happen. Now, if you want to find me find me on social media, I’m usually on Instagram, starting out on Tik Tok. It’s just my name. Betsy pake, and that’s my website to Betsy pake.com. And you can find out all about the work that I do having me speak for an event that you might be helping to plan or getting trained inside my alchemy Institute. But to make it really easy, if you want me just shoot me a DM shoot me a direct message on Instagram and I will be at your service. Thanks again for listening. And I will see you all next week.


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