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listen to your intuition and reconnect to your path

with monthly practices of science & spirit

Are you ready for more?

Are you feeling disconnected from the deeper part of yourself? The part that wants to be heard, has big dreams, and is tired of being pushed out of the way for other things?


When life gets busy and family or career becomes our primary responsibility, it’s easy to push ourselves aside.  After years of being last… it’s hard to know what’s first!

I want to change that!

my friend, i am excited you're here!

I’m Betsy and I’m a Subconscious Change Expert known for creating such substantial shifts in clients, they say their lives have never been the same.

With a focus on NLP and hypnotherapy, I help you expand the limits of your potential and finally step into the greatness you’ve only seen glimpses of before!


An alchemist is someone who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. When I was dreaming up this membership with rituals to support you, I felt like that is exactly what we are… Alchemists.


We take our lives and we decide to create it the way that we desire and when we begin to do the work, opportunities align, people show up and situations work in our favor, seemingly like magic!


We know that being guided and led means even the hard times are for our benefit and that when we have our soul sisters and brothers to go through a transformation with, when we are a collective, it’s all the better. 


Welcome to The Alchemy Collective. This is for you!

have you been on the path...

but now you’ve found yourself looking for the next steps and a close community of people who are walking that path with you?

The Alchemy Collective is monthly practices combining science and spirit to shift your thinking and uplevel your life!

Imagine knowing how to make changes in your life ...without the guilt of "should-ing" all over yourself

Creating alchemy in your life means you have...

This is all possible when you don’t simply seek outside change, but welcome internal shifts!

The Alchemy Collective Membership is the answer to what you've been searching for.

A monthly online experience to give you growth, ritual & community so you can create alchemy in your life!

The Alchemy Collective is everything you need to:


Community Gatherings

Connect with people who are putting personal development and healing on the top of your list. Make friends that continue past the confines of the group. 



monthly workshop

Join the live workshop each month and learn something new based on a monthly theme to shift your thinking and expand your awareness.



nlp based coaching

Join in an NLP group coaching session where we help you shift and grow with the community.


Breathwork class

Each month we have a live breathwork class to help you quiet your mind, awaken your spirit and cleanse your body. If you’ve never tried breathwork before, you are going to LOVE the experience!


bi-weekly success coaching

Set some goals with our recorded workshop, and join in on the accountability calls with our resident success coaches!


body code work

Join us for a monthly chance to heal with group Body code/ Emotion code work. You may have seen the movie eMotion. This is where we heal.

Community and more


Focused expansion each month so you have a path to follow.

On top of all of that, you're also going to get access to all the previous content from months gone by...

Here is some of what's waiting for you!

past Hypnosis in the library

and more!

Here is some of what's waiting for you!

Past workshops
in the library

and more!

plus this fun bonus!


Miracles and manifestation masterclass

guidance on next steps when working toward manifesting but feeling the overwhelm

Monthly Spotify playlist

monthly music to help you discover something new about yourself




a fun reminder of the monthly theme, designed to fit your phone.

But don't take my word for it!

What I love most about the collective.....

“I’ve enjoyed the subliminal message music, the Spotify playlists, astrology and just the little tid-bits of good information you share. I don’t have a ton of time to be on FB and I am at work when you typically do lives- but I can always watch them later! I feel like connecting with the Collective is a way to remind myself to stay, “high-vibe” In fact, I just dropped in to see about the book recommendation I’d noticed yesterday!”   – Barbara 

“Having a monthly guide, workbook, videos (especially IRL) and theme to open up new experiences and learn new ways of thinking about how to see Spirit working in my life.”


“I love listening to you Live. I love the Q&A. I love the connection kit hypnosis!”  – Meg

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Jump in now!

are you ready?

Combining brain science & spirit to shift your thinking & change your experience.

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Monthly Committment. Cancel Anytime.

Our job is to make it so good, you won’t want to!

There are so many things to love...

I love feeling part of a community with many helpers! It has been great to meet Wendy [our resident astrologist] , read everyone’s opinions. I also loved that everything is organized for the month and you have theme!

CR, founding member

It's the perfect mix of all the things I wanted to know deeper

I was familiar with energy and vibration and those types of things but when I saw the Alchemy Collective, I knew it would bring it all together and I was so ready to have a deeper knowledge.

JJ - Founding member

registration now open!

Can’t wait for you to join us!

are you ready?


simple monthly payment


are we a good fit?

Should you join the Alchemy Collective?
Is it the right fit for you?

We’re looking for a particular type of person, and you might be a match.

Let’s find out.

you are a great fit for The Alchemy Collective if:

In the past, I've charged hundreds for this information ,,,,

But now I'm offering it all inside the collective

Because you’re here now, it means you’re ready to create some alchemy in your life and so I wanted to create a no-brainer offer, just for you!

You can cancel anytime * it’s our job to make sure you don’t want to!


Get inside now while the price is so low and there is SO much to dive into!


If you like The Art of Living Big, then you’ll LOVE the collective. It’s like ALB on steroids with deeper insight, more content each month and connection.  The information inside the collective you won’t find anywhere else in this format! This is the place to be!

Fair enough! You can cancel any time right inside the portal. Our goal is to make it awesome so you won’t want to!

No! That’s what makes it so great. You get access to everything when you join. All the previous months are all there for you to experience!

No! And I’m sure the men already inside the collective would love to have you join. We are a collective welcoming to everyone!

We’d love for you to join us when it is right for you. The collective will only be open a few times a year though, so jump in as soon as you can!

registration now open!

Are you ready?

ready to become part of the collective?


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