Alchemy of Self - Betsy Pake

question for you...

Are you ready to break free from the ordinary, unleash the potential you know is inside and finally start to live the life you're meant to live?

If you suffer from stagnation….feeling like you can’t do yet ANOTHER year in the same place….. or you are just ready to bust out of the old mold…. then keep reading…..

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

If you've had enough of empty promises (to yourself!) , then I need you to hear this...

If you ignore that small voice inside, it will soon be harder to hear.

Have you been thinking this...

Have you decided (Once and for all) that. you want to do something (actually SOMETHING BIG) about that dream of yours?

Are you ready to commit to exploring the possibilities for your life, in a way you have never done before?

Are you sick of your dreams being left behind?

the bottom line?

If the life you're living isn't the life you've imagined, and you know (in a 'without a doubt" kind of way) that you have the power to do so much more.... then this is for you.

This program will:


➡️ Give you the resources and support your need to discover how you can turn the possibilities you’ve always dreamed of into realities.


➡️ Build confidence. Learn to steady yourself to make big changes.


➡️ Get clear on the things you really want.


➡️Forgive the past and let go of things that have been holding you back.


If you’re ready to ACTIVELY PURSUE the life you know you’re supposed to be living, PLEASE STAY WITH ME.

Because the truth is....

If you begin another year waiting for "someday", or if you start the year with intention yet no plan.... Chances are you'll be in the same spot next year.

Because spinning your wheels is not a good use of your precious time on this earth.

Don't take it from me....

Hear what my clients have to say...

As we’ve heard many times, “there’s no such thing as coincidences”!  I found Betsy exactly when I needed her!  
Betsy understands and listens to all my concerns, worries, problems with compassion and empathy! 
She has an amazing way of making me feel at ease, when talking about challenging situations!  
I trust her completely, and recommend Betsy to anyone looking for changes or shifts in their lives! 

Betsy listens, she validates, she challenges people in the most supportive way I have ever seen. Then she helps guide you to whatever it is needed, such as tools or challenge the mindset and then explains what is going on in an easy to understand manner. 
Betsy has personally helped me overcome several limiting beliefs.  Betsy is truly amazing and has a unique gift!  I highly recommend Betsy!

Betsy leads with love in her coaching. I can feel how she genuinely cares about everyone she works with. She has a way of asking the tough questions with such kindness; she leads you to find the answers within. I have learned so many techniques in my short time working with Betsy. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her! 

I enrolled in her coaching class in March 2020 to focus on making the changes I needed in my life, and I can truly say that I am not the same person.  I’m a technical person by trade and very new to the ‘Woo” concept, but she opened my eyes to an entire world around me that I was not aware of.  Working with her and her community of followers with common, professional, and focused interests has helped me expand beyond my world and see the synergies in others.  Learning and growing with this group makes it easy to laugh at and appreciate the things in life that I thought were so heavy so I can focus on moving forward to create my BIG life.


You might be wondering....

Why am I the one to help me on this leg of your journey?

Hi, I’m Betsy. I’m a board certified trainer of:

  • NLP
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Success coaching
  • Time Techniques
  • Deep Streaming Facilitation

I am also an Emotion Code Practitioner and breath-work facilitator.

Just like you, this journey of self growth is important to me and I’ve been coaching for over a decade.

I’ve helped thousands with my books, podcast (The Art of Living Big) and I’m excited to help you too.

Ready to learn what's included?

✨ So, here's the whole scoop... ✨


This digital coursework includes:

📚 Explore an immersive experience of self-growth through 47 carefully crafted classes.


🧠 Acquire specific tools and skills outside of the classroom to harness focus in your life.


🎧 Dive into 8 comprehensive sections, each supplemented with recommended podcast episodes for deeper insights and growth.


🔮 Unwind with 8 bonus audio tracks, including empowering guided hypnosis sessions.


📌 Leverage a dedicated resource section, filled with helpful materials to reinforce what you’ve learned throughout the modules.


📈 Immerse yourself in a whopping total of 68 lessons, designed for you to watch, listen, and experience personal development in all its glory. 🚀


let's delve into the specifics! 🕵️‍♀️🔎

Part 1 : Finding your baseline

🔍 **Lesson 1:** Welcome aboard! Let’s set sail and explore what you can expect from this transformative journey.


📍 **Lesson 2:** Finding Your Coordinates – Determining your starting point and setting your compass for the journey ahead.


🧠 **Lesson 3:** Unveiling the Subconscious Mind – Delving deep into the mystery that resides within us all.


✨ **Lesson 4:** Embracing the ‘I AM’ – Discovering the power of affirmations and personal identity.


🔬 **Lesson 5:** Deciphering How To Work With Your Nervous System – Understand how our bodies respond to our thoughts and environment.


🎬 **Lesson 6:** Witness Transformation – Engage with a live demonstration to bring the lessons to life.


💡 **Lesson 7:** Hypnosis Decoded – Learn what hypnosis truly is and how it can be a tool for change.


🎧 **Suggested Podcast Episodes:** Supplement your lessons with curated podcast episodes for deeper understanding and further exploration.

Part 2 : Accessing the subconscious

🎈 **Lesson 1:** Welcome to a new level of access to yourself.


🕵️ **Lesson 2:** Dive Into the Subconscious – Understand the powerful role of subconscious beliefs in shaping your reality.


✨ **Lesson 3:** Mastering Manifestation – Learn the art and science of turning your desires into reality.


🧘 **Lesson 4:** Embracing Meditation – Discover the power of quieting the mind and its benefits on your overall well-being.


🌬️ **Lesson 5:** Just Breathe – Explore the transformative power of centering.


✍️ **Lesson 6:** Intuitive Writing – Unleash the power of intuition to express your deepest thoughts and emotions.


🌞 **Lesson 7:** Morning Strategies – Set the tone for the day with practices that uplift your energy and focus.


🔐 **Lesson 8:** Bonus Self-Confidence Audio – A special gift to reinforce your confidence and strengthen your belief in your abilities.


🎧 **Lesson 9:** Suggested Podcast Episodes – Tune into insightful episodes to supplement your learning and continue your personal growth journey.

Part 3 : Belief Exploration

🚪 **Lesson 1:** Welcome to the Belief Exploration – Get ready to unearth your deeply held beliefs that shape your reality.


🔍 **Lesson 2:** The Belief Investigation – Learn how to probe into your beliefs to understand them better.


💔 **Lesson 3:** Shattering Limiting Beliefs – Discover techniques to break down barriers created by self-limiting beliefs.


🧭 **Lesson 4:** Advanced EFT Phrasing – Deep dive into Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) phrasing for deeper insights and healing.


❓ **Lesson 5:** Limiting Belief Discovery Questions – Engage with thought-provoking questions designed to uncover your limiting beliefs.


📝 **Lesson 6:** Steps to Break the Beliefs – Learn a step-by-step approach to break free from the confines of your limiting beliefs.


🌌 **Lesson 7:** Advanced Limiting Belief Questioning – Unlock deeper layers of understanding about your limiting beliefs with advanced questioning techniques.


🌑 **Lesson 8:** Understanding Our Fears – Get to the root of your fears, understand them, and learn how to manage them.


💥 **Lesson 9:** Bonus Breaking a Limiting Belief Live – An exclusive live session focusing on breaking free from a limiting belief in real-time.


🎧 **Lesson 10:** Supportive Podcast Episodes – Tune into handpicked podcast episodes that align with and reinforce your learning from the course.

Part 4 : Cash Consciousness

🚪 **Lesson 1:** Welcome! Dive into an exploration of your relationship with money and start unlocking its hidden aspects.


🌠 **Lesson 2:** Creating and Envisioning – Harness the power of your imagination to design your financial future.


💪 **Lesson 3:** Muscle Testing – Learn this fascinating technique to uncover unconscious beliefs and emotions related to money.


🎯 **Lesson 4:** Emotion Code Chart – Get to grips with this powerful tool that will help you identify and release trapped emotions linked to your financial health.


💰 **Lesson 5:** Crafting Your Money Map – Construct a visual representation of your subconscious beliefs about money to better understand your financial outlook.


✋ **Lesson 6:** Tapping Through Money Blocks – Use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to eliminate obstacles blocking your financial abundance.


🥳 **Lesson 7:** Money and the Party – Understand your money friendship is impacting your wealth.


😱 **Lesson 8:** Bonus Audio: Two Different Kinds of Fear – Discover the dual aspects of fear and their impact on your financial health.


🎧 **Lesson 9:** Supportive Podcast Episodes – Deepen your understanding with selected podcast episodes that echo and enhance your lessons.


📝 **Lesson 10:** Money Beliefs Worksheet – Reflect and document your evolving beliefs about money with this handy worksheet.

Part 5 : Evolving Through Emotions

1️⃣ Lesson 1: In this section, we will delve deep into the fascinating world of emotions and how they shape our reality and give us guidance on our journey. 🌍💭


2️⃣ Lesson 2: Mastering the Art of Inquiry – the power of asking the right questions. 🤔❓


3️⃣ Lesson 3: Deciphering Feelings – a comprehensive guide to understanding and navigating your emotions. 😃😰


4️⃣ Lesson 4: Eat the cake! An exploration celebrating where you are. 🎂😋


5️⃣ Lesson 5: Scripting – a hands-on experience with scripting to shape your emotional journey. 🖊️🛣️


6️⃣ Lesson 6: Bonus Session – Dive into a balancing hypnosis session designed to harmonize your emotional state. 🔄🧘‍♀️


7️⃣ Lesson 7: Podcasts for Progress – curated podcast episodes to further support and enhance your understanding of emotions. 🎧🚀


Part 6 : Releasing The Past

🚪 Lesson 1: Welcome aboard! Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with this exciting release module!


🎈 Lesson 2: Unshackling the Past: A powerful lesson on letting go and moving forward.


🌌 Lesson 3: Brave New Worlds: Discover how to heal the unknown.


⏳ Lesson 4: Timeline Tactics: Harness the power of your own timeline to navigate change and growth.


🔮 Lesson 5: Bonus Session: Drift away with a hypnosis session focused on releasing the past and embracing the new.


🌺 Lesson 6: Ho’oponopono: Delve into the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness for a profound healing experience.


🎧 Lesson 7: Podcast Power-ups: Suggested podcast episodes to further assist your transformation journey.

Part 7 : Space To Grow

🚪 Lesson 1: Here’s where we expand outward!


⚓ Lesson 2: Creating an Anchor: This lesson introduces you to the concept of an ‘anchor’ and how to create one.


💫 Lesson 3: Circle of Excellence: Dive into a practical exercise that allows you to create and refine your anchor.


🚧 Lesson 4: Understanding Boundaries: Learn the importance of boundaries and how to establish them.


🎧 Lesson 5: Bonus Hypnosis Session: A dedicated hypnosis session on setting boundaries.


🚫 Lesson 6: Learning to Say NO: Equip yourself with the power of refusal, a crucial tool for maintaining healthy boundaries.


🔮 Lesson 7: Bonus Hypnosis Session: This session focuses on removing feelings of guilt and shame.


🔊 Lesson 8: Supporting Podcast Episodes: Hand-picked podcast episodes to enrich your learning experience.

Part 8 : Forward Motion

🚪 Lesson 1: Welcome to the Forward Motion Module! Let’s wrap it up with resources and ideas to carry forward!


🔥 Lesson 2: Creating Your Rise from the Ashes: This lesson helps you carve out a path of renewal and rebirth from challenging situations.


📚 Lesson 3: Bonus Masterclass – Miracles and Manifestation: Get ready for a deep dive into the miraculous realm of manifestation- especially when things are rough.  Here’s what to do!


📖 Lesson 4: Books I Recommend: Discover a curated list of enlightening reads that support your journey of self-discovery and growth.


📑 Lesson 5: Emotional Guidance Scale PDF: This downloadable resource will serve as a handy guide to understand and navigate your emotional landscape and aligns with processes you can do.


🎡 Lesson 6: The Emotion Wheel: Get introduced to this powerful tool that can provide valuable insights into your emotional world.


🧭 Lesson 7: The Work Introduction: Learn about “The Work”, a transformational process of inquiry developed by Byron Katie.


✍️ Lesson 8: CHASE Worksheet: This practical resource helps you align your actions with your highest aspirations.


🎧 Lesson 9: Supporting Podcast Episodes: Handpicked episodes to complement and enrich your learning journey.

✨Investment ✨

Want a peek inside the learning portal?

Still wondering?

More cheers for the program!

If you’re reading this, you just might be walking the path I’ve been on for years…the seeker’s path, the quest for self-betterment, the search for a way out of a life that feels stagnant and short on hope. If that’s true for you, congratulations! Your search ends here.

You are in the very best hands with Betsy.

What a relief, right?! You can finally shelve the self-help books, ditch the planners that promised to change your life, and rip up that elaborate plan for totally restructuring your life in the next 30 days. We both know how empty and pointless that stuff left us feeling after the initial shine wore off, anyway. Instead, get ready to meet yourself. Get ready to become more fully you.

Embark on a journey that lets you come at your same old problems from an entirely different angle, in a way that doesn’t even feel like work.  -Karen

Have other Q's? I've got A's!

This course is totally digital and is accessible at your own pace. You can go through step by step OR use your intuition for what you need right now and use as a tool box.

No- this is a fully digital experience.  I do have The Collective membership that will give you access to me and would be a great companion to this program.  You will have a special invitation to that inside this program.

This is a fully digital program and there will be no refunds given for any reason.

email us at and just put Alchemy of Self in the subject line so we can help you quicker!

No, this is one of my signature courses and not available content inside The Collective.

You get lifetime access to the content!

If you're ready to dive into self exploration... you're ready for