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Listen in to your intuition & reconnect to your path

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Imagine knowing how to make changes in your life... without "should-ing" all over yourself

creating alchemy in your life means you have...

This is all possible when you don’t simply seek outside change, but welcome internal shifts.

The Alchemy Collective Membership is the answer to what you've been searching for.


monthly hypnosis

Connect to yourself with hypnosis, subliminal audios and re-codings. Don’t forget you have a full library in there waiting for you when you join.


monthly workshop

Join the live workshop each month and learn something new to shift your thinking and expand your awareness.


Happy hours!

Healthy (or not!) happy hours to help you connect to the collective and hear new ideas.


NLP based coaching

Join in an NLP group coaching session where we help you shift and grow with the community.

Community and more


Focused expansion each quarter so you have a path to follow.

Even though the collective is current closed, we've got it open for you for the next 60 minutes... come join us!


On top of all of that, you're also going to get access to all the previous content from months gone by...

Here is some of what's waiting for you!

past Hypnosis in the library

and more!

Here is some of what's waiting for you!

Past workshops
in the library

and more!

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But don't take my word for it!

What I love most about the collective.....

“I’ve enjoyed the subliminal message music, the Spotify playlists, astrology and just the little tid-bits of good information you share. I don’t have a ton of time to be on FB and I am at work when you typically do lives- but I can always watch them later! I feel like connecting with the Collective is a way to remind myself to stay, “high-vibe” In fact, I just dropped in to see about the book recommendation I’d noticed yesterday!”   – Barbara 

“Having a monthly guide, workbook, videos (especially IRL) and theme to open up new experiences and learn new ways of thinking about how to see Spirit working in my life.”


“I love listening to you Live. I love the Q&A. I love the connection kit hypnosis!”  – Meg

Get inside now while the price is so low and there is SO much to dive into!


If you like The Art of Living Big, then you’ll LOVE the collective. It’s like ALB on steroids with deeper insight, more content each month and connection.  The information inside the collective you won’t find anywhere else in this format! This is the place to be!

Fair enough! You can cancel any time right inside the portal. Our goal is to make it awesome so you won’t want to!

No! That’s what makes it so great. You get access to everything when you join. All the previous months are all there for you to experience!

No! And I’m sure the men already inside the collective would love to have you join. We are a collective welcoming to everyone!

We’d love for you to join us when it is right for you. The collective will only be open a few times a year though, so jump in as soon as you can!

For the next 60 minutes the collective will be open for you to join us!


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