086: Why Alignment Before Hustle Is the Path To Your Dreams - Betsy Pake

086: Why Alignment Before Hustle Is the Path To Your Dreams


In this episode, I talk about something you may have been hearing a lot of lately; alignment over hustle. I get into what alignment really is, how to get into it, what to do when you are out of alignment and why it works much quicker and faster than the ‘hustle’.

This is an episode with information that may be new to you or may even make you uncomfortable and disagree. I urge you to listen with an open mind and see if there may be an easier way for you to accomplish your goals; start the new business, lose weight, create better relationships, all by getting in the vibration of what you really want.

This episode is great for someone who is frustrated and wants to see if there is a better way or anyone who wants to start something new or shift something in their life but feels like they don’t have the energy to start to make those changes.

In the episode I talk about this youtube video so I wanted to share it here:

I hope that it serves you!




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