086: Why Alignment Before Hustle Is the Path To Your Dreams - Betsy Pake

086: Why Alignment Before Hustle Is the Path To Your Dreams


In this episode, I talk about something you may have been hearing a lot of lately; alignment over hustle. I get into what alignment really is, how to get into it, what to do when you are out of alignment and why it works much quicker and faster than the ‘hustle’.

This is an episode with information that may be new to you or may even make you uncomfortable and disagree. I urge you to listen with an open mind and see if there may be an easier way for you to accomplish your goals; start the new business, lose weight, create better relationships, all by getting in the vibration of what you really want.

This episode is great for someone who is frustrated and wants to see if there is a better way or anyone who wants to start something new or shift something in their life but feels like they don’t have the energy to start to make those changes.

In the episode I talk about this youtube video so I wanted to share it here:

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Welcome to the art of living day. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everyone, welcome to the show. I’m excited today to bring this topic to you, we’re going to talk about why alignment over hustle is actually the path to all of your dreams. Now, you’ve probably got some ideas of things you’d like to have or do or be or become or experience in your life. And you may be on the hustle to make all those things come true. And so I want to get into that. I want to give you some options and some ideas of what may be an easier way. And I want to describe to you why the science of that actually supports what I’m about to tell you now.

It may make you really uncomfortable. And so

I just want you to just brace yourselves, brace yourselves. Because we are so used to hearing about the hustle, right, we’re so used to hearing about how we got to be on that grind, grind every day. And so I want to kind of break that down. Before we get started though, I wanted to give you guys an update on beauty. If you remember i did i think it was Episode 77 where we talked about legacy, creating a legacy and beauty. And beauty is a little girl that as a podcast community. And as part of my live and give 10% to charity we sponsored and it was a little girl in Uganda. And she had club a actually ended up being to club feet that needed to be corrected. So wanted to give you guys an update. If you go to my Instagram, you can actually see a picture of her. My Instagram is simply at Betsy Pake. And guess what she’s had her weekly recasting. So her dad has been bringing her in every week, she’s getting recasted, where it’s slowly moving her foot into the correct position. But this past week, she actually had that procedure where they cut their her Achilles tendon so that it grows back into a more neutral position. Poor little thing, and it just sounds painful. But I’m so happy that her treatments going so well,

that she’s able to get the treatment truly

life changing. And so I just wanted to let you guys know, the update. And also just thank you again for being part of that whether you bought one of my coaching programs, or you’ve worked with me or you’ve you gave to beauty directly when we had that podcast episode airs. So thank you, and we’re doing great things. So just that should be something good to get you into alignment before we start the show. All right. So let’s get into this. First of all, I want to talk about what is alignment, because you may have heard this and you’re like I don’t what is I keep hearing this alignment alignment. But what even is that? So alignment is really where you are in a place where you feel really good. That’s like the basic of it. All it is, is getting into a place where you feel really happy and good. And the idea is that when you get into that place, you are much more aligned with who you really are, you are much more in tune with your inner being your soul, and what that really has in mind for you. I think that we look at the world, sort of like through a straw, and we look through this straw, and then we go that’s it. That’s the whole world. And until we are able to sort of move the straw away, and see that there is way more to see. We are constricted in our view. And so what we see through the straw is just what everything is telling us what everybody is telling us. It’s just the things that we see in the media. It’s the things that we see on social media, it’s the things that we see on the news. It’s the world that we see as it’s presented to us from somebody else, and that may be manufactured. And so when we’re able to sort of remove the straw, and look around and say wait a second, there’s way more here. Now we’re so used to all of our senses. And we’re used to using our senses, like our sense of smell that makes sense to us, right? Our sense of sight, because we can look around and see, you know, our feelings, like we understand emotions, because we all have emotions. So those sort of tangible things touching something like I know if I touch a stove, and it’s hot that I get burned and it doesn’t feel good. So I’m so used to and as a society we’re so used to those senses. But what if there is another sense that is more of a feeling of what is right for And what’s not right for me or what I’m supposed to do and what I’m not supposed to do. And I believe that we have been fed this straw, that tells us that we have to be on a hustle that we have to always be working, working, working, working, moving, moving, moving, moving, in order to be okay in order to be successful. If we really want to have success, we got a grind, we got to stay on it, we got to hustle, hustle, hustle every day, every morning, you got to get up on the hustle. There’s no rest, right? I mean, you’ve heard this. And that is a narrow straw that has been handed to us. And all I’m here to say is, and you decide what’s right for you, you listen to your inner being and you decide what’s right for you. But I’m here to just say what if that using all of those senses isn’t the only way to go? What if there’s a faster path to actually get what you want. And that’s by getting happy and aligned every morning, to the point where you have slowed down enough to the point where you’re in a place where you are feeling really good.

And you’re able to start to hear

to feel and I use the word here, I’m talking about sort of an internal hearing, in your mind, when you can start to hear what it is your inner being really says is the next right thing for you to do. So I’m going to explain this further. If this set still sounds a little abstract. But first, I want to give you an example of how this came to be in my life just a couple days ago. This isn’t the most perfect example in the world. But it is an example. That just happened to me. And so, and you’ve probably heard me talk about the beach on the podcast. And so hopefully this will kind of help you to understand. So I’ve talked about how I would like to move to the beach there, I could make a decision to move to the beach. But right now, there are lots of reasons why that that is not the right choice for me in all areas of my life. But I really love to think about it. I love to talk about the beach. And I love to pin beach houses, I love to look at decorating for beach houses, all of that stuff makes me feel really good, right. And so then I can move forward every day and feel really good and start listening to what my intuition tells me. And I believe that as I do that, it starts to move me closer and closer and closer to a point where the decision would be much easier and simpler to pick up and move to the beach. Okay, so this week, this is what happened. I woke up and I was not feeling good. I was not feeling aligned. I was feeling really, really desperate to move to the beach. And what I decided for me was that really was me feeling desperately, unaligned where I am. So something about where I was, was making me unhappy. And really, anytime we want something else, anytime we think Ooh, I’d really like to have that I’d really like to go there. It’s because we think having that thing or having that experience will make us happy. So I was feeling really thirsty for the beach. Like I was struggling. Why are I up? I just woke up like that. It wasn’t like that the day before. But I woke up that day. Why am I not at the beach? Why is this not working? What? How come I don’t feel like I’m getting any closer? Why don’t I feel like the things that are coming to me are bringing me closer and closer and closer to the beach. Now I have a girlfriend who is like an alignment girlfriend. And we get together for lunch a little over a year ago and decided every day we would try to get in alignment before we would take action on the things in our life. And so I messaged her and I said I need I’m out of alignment. If you’re having a really good day and feeling good. Can you still talk to me without me throwing you off balance? And she said yes. Let me call you. I’ll call you in five minutes. So we got on the phone. And she helped me to start to shift this. And the words that she said to me were like, how can you step back? How can you see that all of the things that have been working in your favor, are really bringing you closer to that place? Because right now you’re feeling so thirsty for it because you feel like it’s really far away. But why don’t you start to identify places where it feels closer. So I was like, Okay,

and so I decided that

I wasn’t going to and this was also her suggestion, I was not going to like get like Get down. Like I wasn’t going to be in a like a moment where I was like dammit what Betsy Why can’t you be in alignment like not at all. It was a time for self compassion. It was a time for understanding. It was a time for self love and for me to really do some things that made me feel good about where I was. And so I did some things I meditated and worked out in the afternoon. And, you know, I just did some things. And I started to feel a little bit better. So I could see that my actions, were starting to shift the way I felt. Okay. So that evening, I went to bed, I woke up the next morning, and I felt really good. And oddly, I felt really close to the beach. So whereas the day before, I felt really, really thirsty, and really, really awful, and really, really unaligned. And then I started to shift to appreciate the things that I had, where I was, how perhaps it was bringing me closer, went to bed, by the time I woke up, I was feeling really good. Now, I’m gonna pause here to say, I get it, if your issues are not, oh, I just want to move to the beach, I’m using this as an example. This could be lots of different things. This could be about your relationships, this could be about your job, this could be about anything that’s happening in your life. I’m just using this sort of benign example of the beach because something that happened recently. And I think it’s easy to understand, because it’s not too complex, right? I just unhappy where I am, I would like to have a different environment. Okay, so I woke up the next day, and I felt really good. Like, I felt really happy when I say that I felt really good and aligned. I just felt really happy. Sort of carefree. I saw the world as really happy and good. The weather outside felt really nice. And I was like, if I was the person who lived at the beach, who would I be? Okay, so then I was like I would be, I could see myself. And now I’m putting myself in that moment. So I’m putting myself visually in the moment. So I am sitting outside on my patio that overlooks the ocean, I can feel the ocean, the wind, I can actually smell it, I can feel like kind of the salty in my hair. I’ve just worked out. And I’m just like relaxing, and I feel really good. I feel super grateful. And I feel free. I feel really creative. So those are the feelings that I had. If I were to be at the beach that moment. And because I had done the work the day before,

to just like, find happiness where I was, I was able to get to a place where I could really identify what it would feel like to be at the beach. Okay, so now I’ve got those feelings. So I thought how can I make those feelings happen for me today. Now, if this is the first time listening to the show, I live outside Atlanta, Georgia, so I don’t live near a beach. It’s February. So like not the pools not even open. But I do live near a lake. So Lake Lanier is here in the area where I live. So I decided I was going to go to it was beautiful I was I get 71 degrees. And I was going to go and there’s this little restaurant that’s at the lake. So I’m going to go there for lunch. So Alright, so I’m in a good mood, I get like my day going, I do a little work because I felt good. I go to the restaurant and I got there and it was closed, it was not yet open for the season. So because I was in this place where I was like, oh, everything’s working for my greater good and I feel good. I’m not gonna let this throw me out of alignment. Okay, so when bad things happen, when things happen that you don’t want, how can I stay in this vibration? Now I’m going to pause this again to say I realize that just having this place closed for lunch is not that big of a problem, okay, but I’m using this as an example. So I was like, okay, they have all these chairs out there. So if this is for my greater good, then what could happen what’s supposed to happen. And I saw those chairs and there’s a chick fil a a mile and a half down the road. And I thought I’m gonna go get chick fil a, come back and sit in these chairs. And now I’m actually sitting outside like, overlooking the water and all the boats and everybody had their boats out and they were like cleaning them up and getting them gassed up and stuff because it was like the first really nice day of the season. Right? And so that’s what I did. I went and got my chick fillet. I was with my daughter, we sat in those big chairs, watch the world go by we got much more sun and just felt the air I felt much more a part of it than if I was like sitting inside the restaurant, right? So it actually ended up being much better in terms of giving me the feeling of being on the beach. Because if you remember when I was having the moment where I was like what would it feel like to be on the beach, or to be at my beach house. I was outside. I was outside sitting on my patio. So my world created that version of reality for me. I did not Have the vision of me sitting inside looking out the glass window at the water, I have the vision of me outside. So all of a sudden, I can start to see that I am creating the feeling that I wanted, because I was on that frequency. And I’m going to talk to you a bit more about frequency in just a minute. So, okay, so this is great. So off we go, I do a few more errands, I do some more work, because I’m feeling really good. I worked out I you know, whatever, later that day. And I believe that there are signs all around us. But when we’re really focused on the crap when we’re really focused on how things are not working out in our favor, when we’re really focused on how this isn’t where I want to live. And this isn’t what I expected, and I would be happier somewhere else. But instead, when I’m focused on where I am, I was really happy how it’s really bringing me closer, I’m seeing signs every day things are working out in my favor. I went out and I

i think i went to the grocery store anyway, I was on my way home. And as I came down my street, there was a beach ball. Now I don’t live near the beach, I don’t live near the ocean, I the pools not open, it’s February, there are kids in my neighborhood. So I would expect to see a basketball or I would expect to see. And the beach ball sort of rolled down the road in front of me as I rode down the street. And I felt that alignment. Like I brought that beach ball to me just like I brought that outdoor experience to me. And when I could start to see, this is so close my experience of being at the beach in whatever capacity that is I don’t have to know how I don’t know how I’m going to get to the beach, I don’t know, what kind of work do I have to do? Where I could live at the beach, what cut? What do I have to win, like, I don’t have to know any of that, all I need to do is get in alignment get in the vibration of being in the position I want to be in, which is having the wind in my hair sitting outside, right all of those things. So I wanted to share that example with you. Now, when I talk about alignment. Another way to say that is vibration. So every single thing is vibrating every single thing, your desk, your pen, this computer I’m working on, everything has a vibration to it. And in fact, our thoughts also have a vibration to it. So as I am trying to get to a vibration of the beach, I need to get my thoughts on that same vibration. Now, I’m going to put a link in the show notes. But you could also just go to YouTube and Google this sand frequency experiment, you could probably put that in and it would come up. So here’s the experiment. And I think this will help you understand what I mean by getting on the same vibration. Okay, so the experiment is that they take like a metal square, and they take a scoop of sand and they put the sand on the middle of the square. And then they put sound frequency vibrating through the metal square. Okay, so you got that. So it’s this square that’s plugged in, where sound frequency is coming through it, and they just put a pile of sand in the middle. And as they adjust the frequency, there are beautiful patterns that show up. So at 300 meg megahertz, I think that’s what hurts his sound, um, forgive me here. But let’s say it’s megahertz, I think so 300 megahertz, then all of a sudden the sand starts to move. And it starts to create like a triangle pattern. Let’s say for example, you can look at the video and see the actual patterns it would be hard to describe, but it is a distinct pattern that is formed. And then they change the frequency to 450 megahertz. And all of a sudden the sand starts to move and now it forms a different pattern. Then they change it to 1000 megahertz and all of a sudden the sand starts to move and it forms a different pattern. Every time it’s at 300 megahertz it’s always the same pattern. No matter what video you look at, no matter how much sand is on there, it is going to go to that pattern. Okay, so are you tracking with me so I put sand on there and it there is a vibration that creates a pattern. Now as the frequency gets higher and higher and higher, the pattern gets more complex. Now let’s say there is a frequency for the beach. Okay, so let’s say there’s a frequency for the beach and that’s 1500 megahertz, okay? So that’s the frequency for the beach, as an example, I could get a pile of sand. And I could look at the frequency for the beach, which is the 15 megahertz and the design that it makes with circles and squares and all of this stuff. And I could take my fingers and I could push the sand, you know, look back and forth and push the sand so that it matches so that it looks just like the 1500 megahertz. So let’s say there are two squares, one has got the 15 megahertz, and it’s vibrating and I can see the pattern. But I’m working on a scale of square that has 300 megahertz coming into it, and the sand is on there. And so the sand is trying to go to the 300 megahertz pattern. But I’m looking at the 1500. And so I keep trying to move it with my fingers, right,

so I keep trying to re

connect the pattern so that it looks more like the one I want, which is the beach one, which is the 1500 megahertz. But I’m on the 300. So no matter how much I move, I have to keep working to keep it to look like the one I want. It is a hustle, it is a never ending struggle, because the moment I release,

and the moment I step back,

it’s gonna go to the pattern of the vibration of the square that I’m on, which is 300 megahertz, and it does not look like the beach. So if I want to have the beach pattern, I need to change the frequency of the square that I’m on so that it matches.

And if I could make it match,

I don’t have to hustle, I don’t have to do the work, I don’t have to push the sand, I just have to watch it, I just have to watch. And all I need to do in real life is to listen to my intuition and listen to what feels this is where you’re going to step outside of those senses that you’re used to the straw that you’re looking through of the universe that says their sight, taste, smell all those things. And I want you to feel of your inner being what’s the next right thing

to do. And

if I’m on the frequency of the beach, the next right thing to do will start to move me closer and closer and closer and closer and closer to the beach. And I will start to see hints of this, I’ll start to see the pattern emerging a beach ball rolling down the street, being outside instead of inside a restaurant. All of the vibration that I was on was beginning to match my reality. Now, I have to continue to stay on that vibration. And so how do I do that? So I do that by continuing to meditate, continuing to think about what it would be like doing that imagining I’ve talked about that before in the morning, spend 510 minutes even when you’re in the shower imagining not as a movie watching yourself at the beach house, but as what it would feel like what kind of things would be happening? Well, how would I invite people in? What would my Margarita machine look like that’s outside? Like how what would my sliding doors sound like when I go into the house? Do you see what I’m saying? Do you see how that’s a much deeper, that’s a feeling. And when I have that it is creating the neural peptides in my body. That’s creating an actual vibration that is bringing it to me. Okay, so when I talk about getting aligned before the hustle, I’m talking about getting on the vibration of what you really want and just getting happy. And honestly, I was so happy that day now my vibration of it has has dwindled. I will be honest about that that day. I mean, I was so it didn’t even matter that I didn’t live at the beach. For that day. It just felt so good. And it was so fun to find the signs. Now, in the morning, we talk and you hear people talk all the time about having a morning routine. And I believe when you hear about the strict morning routine, everyday do this and this and this, then that’s a hustle. Instead now in the mornings, and I’ve changed my ways, you know, a couple years ago, this isn’t how I thought but I’ve changed my way. So now in the morning I go what feels really good, like Does, does meditating feel good right now? Or does that seem like too much? Maybe it’s bringing my dogs for a walk and just being quiet. Or maybe it’s scripting. You know, I talked about the scripting episode if you go to my website, Betsy Pake comm backslash scripting, that is something I use almost every day right now. Sometimes it’s listening to Abraham Hicks videos in the morning. But when I don’t feel like listening to Abraham Hicks, I don’t make myself listen to Abraham Hicks because Then that’s not in alignment with how I really feel. And then it’s pushing, and then it’s pulling me away from what it is I really want, which what I really want is the thing that we all think we really want when we ask for the thing or the experience, which is to be happy. So if I’m pushing myself into doing something that doesn’t feel aligned, I’m pushing myself away from really what it is I really want anyway, which is just happiness. So try and see if you can shift, it doesn’t mean you have to spend some 30 minutes or two hours doing some morning routine, it may be five minutes in the morning, where you’re like, I’m going to just I’m going to make my coffee. And I’m going to, like, put my hands on the counter and just breathe deep. And see if I can hear what my inner being says. And I use this all the time talking to my inner being and trying to figure out what’s the next right thing, what feels like the next right thing. And I’ve been doing this, I’ve been doing this with my podcasts, what feels like the next right thing to share. And that’s what come I’m not planning ahead weeks and ahead. I’m doing it each week as what feels like the right next thing to share. And my listens, and the people that are sharing the podcast itself, has gone through the roof, because it’s resonating with people, because it’s aligned with what it is I feel, and I’m supposed to be sharing. And so you’re feeling that energy of Oh, well, this makes sense. And I feel the energy and it’s good energy. And and you feel drawn to it, right, and you want to share it with your friends, because we want to share stuff that we feel drawn to with our friends. So think about that. As you start to move towards becoming more aligned before you do any work before you take any action because when you become aligned, you can start to hear your inner being, then you can start to take action based on the vibration

of what it is you really want. All right, before I wrap up, I’m going to throw one last thought, before we go. What if you lose weight, and you’re hustling, you are pushing you are working out every day doesn’t even matter if you feel like working out because you are doing it and you’re sticking to it. And I’m I’m not them, you do what feels right to you. But I’m just throwing this out there. What if, and you’ve seen people do this. And then they they work really hard on their diet, their focus, focus, focus, focus, focus, focus, focus, focus focused, and then the moment they stop, they start to gain the weight back.


And I know you’re thinking because their activity went down and they’re eating more. But maybe it’s because the vibration they were at was that of the person that weighed more, right? If you can imagine that, that sand. So soon as they stop pushing, they’re going to go back. So if it makes you feel good to do the workouts, do the workouts, if it makes you feel good to eat cleaner, a cleaner, but also work on your vibration around who you are, and how you really feel and how you really move through the world, at what size at what shape at what level of health, because then it becomes much more effortless. And I would guess that you would start to make different choices with food with exercise with where you park in the parking lot like little things you don’t even notice you’d parked farther away because you could walk and it feels really good to walk in whew, it feels good to breathe deep, because you’re changing your vibration. So now it’s not effort. Now it’s just becoming who you are. So I throw that out there as an idea. Or another example of how you could use this to really help make your life easier and fun and more happy and that’s all you want. Anyway, so I hope that this serves you. If it does, please share it with your friends. And if you need me reach out you can find me on my website at Betsy pake.com or anywhere all over social media at Betsy Pake Alright, see you all next week. Don’t forget you deserve to live a big life. Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband. That’s it

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