Expand The Limits of Possibility

Mental, Spiritual,
and Physical Freedom


The Art of Living Big

We must shift at the highest levels of our subconscious, altering our identity and beliefs if we are to expand outside of what we already believe is possible.


Clients describe working with Betsy as “life Changing” and “extraordinary”.

If you are interested in being a guest on the show OR you have a great guest idea, please let us know!

The focus of the show is self- development; talking about both spirit and science. We aren’t looking for entrepreneurship or business focused guests.

Betsy is both a NLP coach and a trainer of NLP so we won’t be looking for any guests that do that same thing.

Because of the number of submissions, we can’t personally respond to everyone but we will reach out if you are a good fit for the show and there are openings on the calendar.

Thank you!